Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 30, 1952 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 30, 1952
Page 9
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. , (n.r ^v»x, w '*• L<L.L£&L """"fci « iv- ^ •W^^'2rm%w^»A,'j. ' *< ,'* %* ,.....„...... „ ,„ j*^«, V^Wi*^ Jr-r , irf ^ *•<*'» v ' ,« _;*f}iK, •s ' * « »*• » ' f H ARKANSAS tftbStitiM ~ II Bl prlcw, ft«fnt«red i. »« to 18 months eatton 4 rail** north if Ground Hood, A. W, Phfln. 74M1 MM FI6A land, tap «U»fc. SAW h*lf (R«ckin« building* IWW> delft Mne lumber, gol nbted roofing, complete doom, window*, narrow flooring. M«c'« C»mp, » rtittw W"t "°POE, IfoWr, 24-01 *uie. nt Hotel Buroc plR* 13 week* old, K«lii6niUjln. B"D t.lniik 4, oi»«t ot Hope. 27-31 GOOD Grocery 8U»ro fct Ornydon /nlhony Lumber Company, A pnylfi* proportion, plmiw 7-W70 37-3 MODKHN 8 b«droom hou««. Floor , - »tti« tan. Clo»o to Nice «il*hb0rho«rtl. 217 SON SPARE tIMB Refilling and c"H«cHn* moflfiy from our fivt>t«nt lll«h tirade hut machines In this «r*a. No npH(ng! To qualify. for work you muni have cur, references, WOO e/Mh, secured )>y Inventory, We it Bin and in»(nict you * hm»r» n <md tu l)u«lnr»i, ymir will nttt up » MOO monthly with very fffWjd voUlbllHlPH o( taking Tigers Host to Chomps Friday Night Friday nl«ht the Yt-rBer Tl*er« Will p1»y hoit IP ttw 1951 Stntn Ch»mp!on», Jone* High of North Litlla Jlock, In City pstr SPORTS ROUNDUP . iy OAYLE TALBOT. By WHJL ORIM8LKY NEW YORK >iiurtl. pot : inan spread formation. Yeilville Plan* Turkey Coll Cftfltftft* Wfifl.Income lnO*n«|n| accordingly, For Interview; _1n* chid? phone In application. Box "C" e/tt Hope St*r. 20-3t flgefi are ex- Nothlnu dowa lot I» clear. C, K, Bol- 30-Of 4 BpOM' house with bath. Jown with ibsde tree*. Good d«n spot* N«J»r ITsIr Park. CoHttmtn , i : /, : _.-;; .M.V . ,**tM. FOR Wlntir Ora*lng. mixture of Oatl ohll Cheat wttli sprinkle of tfolry Vetch and Slngletnry I'40», W.7tt ptr hundred pounds ut farm, Aldtori foster, U7 cut off, UwUvillfl, Arkannan. • . ' 24-121 , ForlUnt .J.J,,., ....HiM'UPM 'ijliH.i.1 - -r II- 4 ROOM furnlftiied a^nrtmetit. l l rl- vute Mtn, lUectrlc box. No child, ren. Wr«. Judion. aao N^rth Kim. - Yanks Have Rest Edge in Hurling By DBN OL.AN NKW YOHK. i*) — If plU'hlnu motinN nnythlriK in n World Sorlcn, nnd U imuiilly do<'», the New York Ymikun* arc off lo n head itart In their (|ii(.'»t nf n fourth conm-c-u live wCM'III'* fhnrTiplonthlp, lliiiid(.(i by their blu chief Allie HuyiKililii, tho Amni'lcun oorned run leader, C»»t»y mound Atnff, 11 xtrong, l« n well tedUtd erinv an Ihry prepare',,for Ihc- first Rrimn iiMHliiiit th« Brooklyn Dodgers tomoh-ow 'In KUbeti Field, , , Rt>ynnkln who bet'time a 20-gome wlnnor for thi; first'tlitie Ihli den- CO'-,, along with Vic Ra»rhl 100 nd 'ttrtdlo' Lopat 109, the other probnhlu Ncrli-n nlortom And John- nySo In 11-0, nro nl IboliiK count «'rt nn for licnvy duty. The Dodgem pitching corp«, too li» well rented but there'tho ro«»n» bianco i'iid», Joo'Olnck, their phon- oniennl rnoltle, drew the 'opening iinmc im«lHnmcMt «naln«t ncynolda on tho Htrcnuth of hU ex record In relief. But the fontbiillliig Nc«ru hurier, who pout ed •« 154 record during tho Inlo in, mudw only iwo nturtfl Hln n(l iippuiH-iincOH nnd contplutcd oni! H<»m<-'- Going tho dlHtuncu h<iiH been one u.( the ililnKH tho membem on the Hfuoklyn Stuff huvti been unulile In do nt 8 o'clock. , Tho undefeated peeled to piny before one of th«« Inrgeft crowds of the teuton. A lection hn» bi;en r«icr»t'd /or whlla fan*. i Lout week i-nd the Tiger* pn»»cei thi'lr way to ti clone IK-IB victory ov«r Merrill HlRh of Pino Bluff TrnllliiK I'l t« 7 In the third period tho Tiger* come to life in the final jiurlod to win. Wllilnms'H) climax•id n 7} yard drlv* by to-ctlni( n long puim to Pttvla. In the final {fuw ccciindH Wllllnmion ouuln con- with Johnnlo Shnw wh«'| Somebody was bound lo come up Maryland way when thoy!*!th It in this modorn day of plc-j The Ice Mnn Comelh" every-! lure tubes. . . South Carolina's! know« th«? refernnce l» to'Couch Rex Enright introduced a; jack Scurbath, the Tfrropin.s' cool new formation to eastern fans qunrUrbsck .... "Ictt-msnV U the HC'.V last weekend. nickname for Scatbith after, was the "TV" cormalon . . ^ out last mlnu'tte-.y)ctorlcii.uainecoek» lie up in a T and then S . .*- t*. t ... tf M..-»U r*AMA1tnni tJLIl,. YELLVILLE, (UP)— YellVillc will present the seventh . annual National Wild Turkey calling eon lest and turkey trot Oct. 24-2jth It was announced today by W. K, Madden. Mndden the event. Bob Whitncr. Little Rock police" j iTion and the current notional wile Thn turkey calling champion, •••'*' u " hand this year Is commander of the The Negro Community JL St will be to defend hl« .. . i.ver MWtourl and Auburn in nut- shift to n V. North Carolina i . . . The atmosphf-re ; scout, Jim Gill, says Texas is perj :W<»eonftln tangle in the week's you can depend on the Lone Star headline tfnmo. . . These bitter Big! staters doing things a little bisiier Ten nntaRonidlB have been playlnK i than anybody else. . . The Long- M) yours with neither establishing I horns have not one but three cap- a cleancul superiority. . . The; tains and they have not one but jrrlcK score now is 12 wins forjtwc telephones from the press box Illinois. 12 (or Wisconsin and four: to the bench — one telephone for lies. . . . The rivalry has been knot .each platoon. » '"«' ~- to " |h»r one team managed to win two Casey's Bat Order Could Again Change By ED CORRIOAN NKW YORK (A1 ~ A fellow probi Then Princeton i>\nyn Harvard Nov. fl four former Tigers will llu-lr allegiance a hit confused. Kick All and Dick Pivlrottu are in Bar vard's Business School . . . Two of their teammates, Dave Hlckok nnd John McGllllcuddy, are in the llcrvnrd Medical and Law schools. Three years ago at Portland, Ore., Oregon State upset heavily favored Michigan State. 25-20 . . . Next Saturday they play In the stadium and there's one Stater who will be alto get even. . . He's Joe Doug Trying to Get Hogs to Play Football By The Associated Prttt Southwest Conference grid elevens looked toward week end games today with heavier svorkotits on tap and a few injuries. It looked like they might all be able to go at barring practice- Injuries Luke Baptist of ailed Hev. K. N. .„ pastor, and Sunday, ternbar 28, he itiade his first After Sunday school was over, r Thdmbs Martin took the lead the prayer service which- was cere and enthusiastic. Soon thd bused from Ihe surrounding (Jomm unities began to bring In the members and friends from other churches. Mrs. Ellen Powell presented a very nice letter welcoming the new pastor and his wife. Everyone enjoyed the services. An excellent dinner was prepared at the home of Mr. Burton. After dinner General Hill, who was accidentally nirt in a car wreck, was visited l^» many. dc(|iuMHly. Only Carl Er M-d hits hurled n complete us muny UK ten times. HOP, who hud 11 victor nnd only two dpfeulH, went till the wiiy on vluht occasions and I YminK BHIy Loes 13-U come up with seven complete jobs. pitchers, hnve shown on the other much belter RuynoltU a with 24 complete «ntnos wfts tops 13, Uipi\t, 10, and iilso \ycll; :WP there. '' i.~» submersible fabric Wnter cannot a bluxlnx: sun 4 room unfurnished KorUwood floor*. Prlvatn balk) and en C!0«« In. 207 Shover St, furnlitlu'd ap»rtm«nt. and ' bath, llurdwood Cnll 7 0. 85-01 coated with rcsln. cuttk It: nor will uln it. Mlddltltrooka Ofoc v ry. Phono unfurnished opart* ao-3i furnUhed bedroom In Beuutywl 30-31 ,'room unfuv ot 1103 See MU» LUlle Mid MWdlttbrooks Gro 80-8 ably cmild go down ax n *eer If he named the batting order the Now York Ypnkeen will use in the open inn tfume ; of the World Series ml the Brooklyn Dodgers tomorrow. The Intent available figure on the number of different batting orders profi-HBor Casey Stengel bus used In the course of the season is 07 one! he said toduy he still doesn't know how his team will shape up in the firm contest. "1 really don't know yet, and that's the best 1 cnn tell you," mid the skipper us he held court for the press, "If you want to mnke It up, RO ahead. Gene Woodling probably will bat fourth and yo«l Hurra fifth—that ID if Wood ling plays." Woodllnu who hit n robust .311, has bti-fi bothered on and off with .1 groin injury for tho [inst three week* nnd didn't pltiy much dur in« the Instt week. The chances uru hw'll be In, ihoutih, with some sort of special brace. Casey Also is a little concerned about second baseman Billy Martini who has a wound on his right knuckle. But he said .'he thinks When cause of a his eligibility. usually means ulmply putting in Bob Fleck at tackle. . . . Fleck weighs 256 pounds and is a one Columbia's passing ace, didn't go to the Lions as a football prospect. . . . He won a national scholarship lo Columbia, carrie out for practice one day and there evi-r since.; Syracuse ball team. idle last week, was sure against Washington State's nt full strength. If train- oneration tnus I '"6 "injuries were avoided Monday. .Mitchell' Price I The Bellrs drillcd on plays-they is an alrminded foot- The Orangemen are can't question the KamencsH of the club." Someone asked Casey why ho declined t,o use Ebbets field to practice, he said with his usual sly wink: "We can practice hlltinK homers In the Stadium just as well us there. Only problem over there is the wall. My outfielders can practice taking caroms off that during uir Wednesday batting practice." Manager Chuck Dressen of the Doditors is doing is trembllnR in arivuey— if he is freiKhleued of the Y links For a fellow whose pitching is vveful to put it mildly, ho i.s doing little worrying out loud. He decided to have the club work out today at 1 p. in. lESTl in the using a chartered plane for the Temple game next Friday and the Michigan State conflict Oct. 18. . . thwarted by the 7-7 tie with Penn, Notre Dame goes after victory No. 400 against Texas Saturday. . . . Vanderbilt has one of the nation's txpcct to use against the Cougars Up at Fayetteville, Coach-.'.OU« Douglas said he was ".trying lo get the boys to plo;y a little'foot' ball" for Arkansas. He', met, with I the Porkers in secret session Monday after implying he would re sign if they didn't snap out of then lethargy. . . , Following the meeting, the team worked on timing and got acquaint ed with some TCU offensive play for-their game in Fort Worth Saturday, i, •'• ' Winlcss Texas Chrisian, defending champions and pre-seasqn fa- will be You know." all he rl«ht. continued "I iihould have rested Borro at the end. When 'n fellow has to uatch at lonat throe n duy— that's the kind-., of «amea they pluy now ridnysH'c deserves u rest. But' 1 dkln't rust him. youngest teams. . . There are 13 ireshmen on the 48-player squad . . . Freshman Don King married his childhood sweetheart two weeks j r.go and became the eighth Clem; son varsity player to join the Bene-' Funeral services for Pfc. Levest- or Marshall was held Sunday, September 28, at St. Paul Baptist Chur dh. Burial was in Commlng Cemetery, with Hicks Funeral Home in charge.- . ' Mrs'!'Pearl Walker, aged 83, ; died at Ther'horrie'in pzan Saturday,' Srfl terribqr 27, Funeral arrangements are''incomplete'. • • diets. Don didn't even have to go out and hire u sinner for his ceremony. . . a teammate, Andy Smalls, filled in. . . Andy, a de h-nsivo center, is quite a crooner. stadium instead of 10 a. m., as it was scheduled originally. "Might us well get used to the shadows at the time they're play- lug the games," he said. Chuck's pitching plans are com plicated, but nevertheless, he says he's going to be guided by one I undo mental rule: "To win." ho snkl, "I'm going to use anyone except the pitcher who i- scheduled to go the next day. 'This team hasn't Rot as strong » I hnvu to use three to win. n bench' us my three previous pe-|dc. It. Tf I hove to tiso four or iiaiit winners, but you certainly. live. TU do that, too. BUT SAM knew, when he walked off the platform of the , Krejby Park High school inulltorUlm th« rollowlng nlBht, that ho had made a poor showlnv -against Toiii;lft(^>' land, A few moro nights llha this, he t h o u K h t, mahtng hl» way Uirough bacU-slappingn and hand- shaUlncs to the streot, and I m«|W as well concede U>o election. Bill was right, ho thought dejectedly. Something had gonf* out of him. The spark. ' Hfe'd 1 lo|t his gift tor swift repartee, hlc alert MM, his knack with Innuendoes. And tonight he'd loat his Uinpcr. He hadn't oven ; managed an' tov ve clincher when Rowland, ooiUeating the a»|vlsablUt* cf bxitlding a new closed market, had stated, 'The town has bridges build and sewer* to Install; not In a iioaiUon to.bulW ntonvn menu." . -. .,-,,. ; - ^'''v-v" -"-.,, His heart waw't In tb» ca»- paif n any tonjt4^ w ;:». Something was happening to h^i son. Sam didn't know what It was, hut he didn't like It, He dIdAtAJK* U at all. Maybe it ha had a heart* to-hearl talk with the hoyt put Jeremy had sharp qiHUs th»«4 days; you couldn't get neat Mia on anything that mattered. PW; haps Kltanor couW ftnd a way of approachuvg him. n was a brt«f and dubious buoyancy, Bleanor was as dW»^s*t»ntd aa M ovar jerwuy, and as h«ipl«s* to do any. thing about The fey 4rovt Kit and have beep door of the Carver street house, and the mantels and arches bristled With evergreens. Their spicincss mingled with tho good odors of Hattlo's cooking, and the tree In the living room was polka-dotted with lights. Everything as It al- Vk'ays was , , , but R'plp'h had Jeremy's room, and Eleanor was thin- Mr than In October, and Sam's salt-and-pepper thatch was all white st the temples. , Kane* wondcrtd If Jeremy and Kvo wire coming for the family dinner tomorrow. If they did not, It would be the fleet time Nance qould remember Jeremy not being home for Christmas. Once, tils first ye,ar at medical school, he'd had the chicken pox. "At my age!" he'd" groaned over the telephone, "It the spots aren't gone, I'll be qbarantUted tor Christmas!" But he'd made it, on Christmas Eve. -: Rattle fixed drinks, and Nance said, lifting her glass and smiling at 8>m. "To Thurstonla's new mayor!" ^ haven't been elected yet," he reminded her. His tone was an attempt at Joviality, but there was Nance had an abrupt recollection ot Eve's incompetence at other sports. Swimming, golf, riding, tennis Eve had tried them all, Fights Last Nigiit By The Associated BROOKLYN— Leo Press Sala, vorites to repeat, reported no in juries after their 14-0 loss to UCLA and may be at their best form of the season for the conference, open er against Arkansas, loser • last week, 17-7, to University of Houston. "'. '.. ". Southern Methodist; priming for Georgia Tech after a , 14-7 loss,to Duke, had two quarterbacks side- to have ' them Wreck. Coach Ilusty Russell 'said, however it hurt not to have QBs Duane.Nut and Benton Mussliewhlte.' able to work out this week. • ' Only injury of note among ; the Mrs. . Verdie L. Joe spent tho v/eek end in. Little Rock visiting 'relatives 'and friends. Mrs. Mtiry, Council has returned to 'her home in Fort Smith .after spending several, weeks visiting iei' mother, Mrs. Timmic Cannon, and cither relatives. f^ The-Rev. F. K. Powell has returned home after attending tho National..Baptist Convention in Chi cago, • Illinois. Donora, Pa., outpointed Norman Hayes, 10G, Boston 10. CHICAGO — Billy Noble, IBS'/j. Grand Island, Neb., knocked out Phil Sanderson, 174ft, Chicago 2. NEW ORLEANS— Nelson Levering. 139, Omaha, Neb., outpointed Kid Centella, 139, Managua,; Nica- Rice Owl line-up was an ankle Th« Band M otnclis of sqhool will meet High Yergof Tuesday nighti September 30, at 7: 30 'p.m. Airmembers- are urged to be present.?.'. .••; . ' . riiRiin 10. SALT LAKE CITY Bob Dun- jap, 179, Salt Lake City, outpointed Omelio Agramontc, 192, Cuba 10. SYDNEY, Australia— Freddie Dnwson, 140, Thomusville, Ark., knocked out Walter Haincs, 143',i. Brooklyn 9. sprain sustained, by Halfback \.Car Johnson. But Johnson's injury, is expected to be all right .Hn a day or two nnd Coach.. Jess N,eely thinks he may send;a full-streriglh outfit up against Louisiana State- Saturday night. . Rice beat Texas Tech of the Border Conference, 34- V, last week. . •'"*''.•, Coach Ed Price's uhiver'sifj' of Texas Longhorns, meanwhllfe,, were also expected to be in top Shape tor the' conference's glnn\or game of the week — against Noire Dame Saturday. Guard Marv'ln, Le'ath and : "Canada's, average yield per aetj ivp, at tobacco, in 1951 was 1,203 pounds. ' . . I y. 1 - ,'.'-•-•--• . , QuaVterbaCk T. Jonos had minor •Injuries, that were not expected to keep''them, but of the big game with 'the" Irish. Price had only praise for Ills/team in its 28-0 win over North Carojiha. ; -Th'e,Texas A&M eleven had-'plcn t'yVbf. pep for Tuesday night's b.ard workout* for tho Kentucky sami\<W 'Saturday night. The Aggle.S,,; fresh fi.om a ..14*7 win over the'. Oklahoma A&M outfit, had only one in kited-: man...He was tackle 'Larry WinHtoi who suffered a sprained ankle 1 , against the Porks., and .-who ' s said would be ready for Monday." M Y«u'U win. Ftttitrl" "01 courte he wtn." Eleanor those tirst weeks she'd gone about svith them after her arrival in town, and she'd been a novice at them all. Yet ahe had trjed. so hard, juat aa she was now, with a stubborn doggcdness that seemed to Nance disproportionate. Why, Nance wondered, If she's so enthusiastic about outdoor sports, Hasn't she become proficient at them before this? Lack of time, or opportunity! U struck Nance with a jolt that there were inter- ludea in Eve's life which none of them knew. What had Eve's life been—apart from that one year ot marriage to Steve Raymond—before she came to ThurstonlaT Eve saw them, waved, staggered over to them. •' : "Hello," ahe said. She careened, clutched at Nance's arm to steady herself. "I feol like a tool," she said. "And It looks so easy!" •'You just need practice." Tm here every afternoon—" She broke off, bit her Up. She finished almost sullenly, "For the exercise." •'You an» going all to bulges!" Rolph cast an admiring glance at her legs. He said to Nance, "Let's •bow her how., shall we?" They CHAPTER THIRTY -TWO HE TELEPHONED, towards noon. Nance said, "Jeremy." and took a firmer hold on the receiver. He was not coming for dinner; Eleanor had already told her that. "Merry Christmas, Jeremy," Nance said, her voice pitched a little high. Kit caught his name and came up behind her. "Hollo, Jeremy," she boomed at him, and firmly took the receiver away from glance. Nance was Indignant, Kit had no right! Then she saw that her hands were unsteady, and ahe forgave Kit the intrusion. But was she fdrever to be unnerved at the sound of his voice? She went out to the kitchen. Hattie was spooning juices over the turkey. Nance. Nance." Nance hugged her. lose me." She added loyally, "Nor Jeremy." r£ ate'ri't enough doctors to "You'll never faonvjione- quickly and easily. Nor ope. y case. -i.- i over another man's ....,_.. she did finally .get Eleanor shook her head. .'.'• ITHrlong, he diagnosed it as irien.m- On Monday, Rolph put hlmsttf Ms,- (Hricouidn't do fnyth ng, . . . -I *-._<__ _»_ .n_ u ^_.1 •".*— I TkiiA>wi«> siniilrin't, navn AfTrtPI* ' - reo and his car at Sam's disposal for Jeremy ( the day. Jeremy came, loo. and the onj have r either, 'tfo.. savq.d the child. ine u*y. JC . C ,,,, w .. . . three men went off directly after «M«»he ;MsW on blaming Jeremy. ' ' for "A fine bird," she told And basted with wine. breakfast. "They won'l Eleanor said. ' wiches," "I'm so sniffed with twrKey and plum pudding." Nance sighed, ,"I don't care If 1 never eat again,* In the middle ot the mc-rnln she strolled into the living room modeling Eleanor's new mink coat, Sam's gift. .'•. .\. It's a beauty." she said, ye E » l fa 8 - I'd be bitter, too, I suppose. ••" ' " stop talking as If fault! The thing's proportion. .1 Janet McLean." frowning. "Who took Peterson's call? His office .after "The'n' Jeremy, or Song Lee, It too bright and absolute. *«•!• NWW UM»W«W. >»<» °>» &M* ** *:*? 8am too quick and reassuring, - . .-. . . . _ .. JJgJJQjJ as they took their headed for the river before dinner- "U»t Uro» wa wtrt to W*s so eontdent *wd sure. Nor IffllanoR to talk to each other about tt er , but not , joined hands and glided oft. five watched them, her eyes nar» rawed. Presently she s t u m b I e d »fiei> U)«w with choppy, unsure strokes. Nance and Rolph whisaed her, one*, twice. The third ttme, en they snomed at her with thumb* as* fweftugw* UnKed to the "Stick wp HI" sign ot «n, »v» stopped. Then the afcack and took eft . „ and N|w» to go home foe, "V - > ic--i' wak«»<J I a wave ot She'd uodded. feow* tor Christmas?" if, -s«m« mra, 1 Bolph, »»»afor« tt»t . you can akat* (or miles atonf to» •i-gm_ |M^| wanAtt^ul*^ TJT% FWIWIR* han4 Jtr«p»y bravely testing th« JS - .iringth, wd ah* ttwWly »»• hi»iloatcfel»g *trok» tor -" ' waa tetv*. tos, tn« _ «f0MMhPir%i'M«t *S«jggsa *' l»tfl mr man M» He's Had his leg cocked over the side of the pan all morning singing Sweet Adeline!" Nance laughed. "Anything 1 can do?" 'Yes, run along and be Cerberus the punch bowl, before Rolph and your father sample it to the dregs," Eleanor said, and Nance, aughlng, went Into the living room. The two men were Involved In a discussion of the smoke menace. Amused, Nance saw that a cigarette and a pipe were smoking like factory chimneys. She listened for a minute or two, and then, feeling restless and vaguely out of things, the went upstairs. To her studio in the attic. Everything waa In Immaculate ,.der, and sh* was touched, She sank down on the fringed hassock. Echoes ot voiws wer* in the room. H*ra, and Jaremy-a. IfWll ohooys ww a 4MlQ> Jmrgmti- And it it *o«s tjjf t'Q pfcA; U »*/ 8h» plUAgftd to«r jw* tote he 5 hand*. The halo na4 toppled and smashed IRU a thousand pieces. Was tiwrt «yer a halo thaKUdn't? s a e. , ; .... ....„,- ing her chin Into the 'enbrlnbus I ,'Th*y 00-ked »f each other, '" "Ev irM shawl collar. Eleanor said yes, U was,;wi have I put it on It was a jok Uetwe ot-today. us. i was to wear it tographers came' to tsJte ot the new mayor and- n She said abruptly, "There wp«'t *e w any pictures. Sam Isn't going ) to ta any |IH.lu»ra. »«. f- » ^ I^J win the election." -Mother!" "Before It began," WfasiftR said ••the thing was lost 8am "But-" '. -Nance, did you get ft-flMl. _. at Jeremy when h» stopptfl *JT thla morning?" • . ' Nance nodded alowly. $* |»4 seen his gauntness, the ' ^kwV,by;noW.tb»t »" «h* r ' d(B.wfN».to chip away at the S' tfhdon of hla work. She do a damaging thing like ; a telephone message and it from Jeremy . . y . up «nd met Bieanor's •m them saw proof P* W her surmise. Kancf away. < sal«, "It's becaus* your r is worried about Jeremy so Indifferent about th« (4ik«warmneu Is defeat-" etched from nostrils to «o«tk ~'Be hasn't tost," Nance said, corners, the tautness. "¥*§, "yet, 1 * put her mind disproved the; -Thaft what's wrong with fMs, 1 frill f ooa) OfttlmUm le»iny tftan bw weak; ?SPt. '.", ^^J! - . ___._„ „ l^tb* 1 ^?*^^^ tuts&aallsMf Mid vwUMtrsbie. _ _ and few iffipaM whites! Well, she was right; Mo ont was wholly wrieg, or right, all the Ume-'Aad what appeared pp<av t9 crttlflUm from one angle looked abovs repxoach from MMih«r» Her friends had said. "Nance, ifa ouei ol Jeremy. To wu practically at the altar! I and unfair.* Wat U wpaknew In Jeremy to bimi turned to BveT Perhaps. But : ela« couW be have dona? up bia love for i<ve, ignore It. - tt dldnt t«W? " Mi Nance took o« toe «lnk MM. laid it across a chair. -Sam ba» been hearing odds and ends « gosalft About Jfre*y> t « atArted with the lines dliiner. But soon began the 15 : - t -* 1 .; fioinfftij§tjiftfi pit flgurf^ii fprd. awn lagged a ttttia farther beWwl, too far tie? aattng why 4er*roy beard the wbjsfere, to* ne'd lost interest In his work. be wouldn't take *nergejie? »igtt at the hospital.* "Oh. i know it's fantastic, AJM) yet there must bS) «HMtAJnf M »r And then there vat the P«t«rto« case." HI sounded wry tlrad. | to niWt Nance wanted was to btft M» dolnsi. Oh* there ™^ -»- - 3; ytw^« ^"^* '•iiUjtw way of pinning Sam's .**» •¥* 4eUh«nM9 jj-.^f »! ^ . Syi)W J,l I'B-ilSJIF^WB^ f Jtapli v , , iteptonW 30,1452 •iOHOfl HOM i ; > t K x M s A s &&i&js>4,, r ,, H; ir-?J8 Screen Actor Answer to Previous Puzzle s HORIZONTAL a Proportion 1 Screen actor J "evotee S Observe « Pester 11 Expunged 13 He has portrayed mnny • roles 14 Bird dog 15 Makes into - : law 16 Pedal digit 7 Aye 8 Parts of circles 0 Drunkards 10 Gaelic 12 Let fall 13 Demigods 18 High mountain29 Interpret 43 German naval 20 Eaters 32 Fellow of the leader 21 Dinner course Royal Society 45 Greek •17 Boat paddle " Freeholder lab.) 19 Compass point' 3 SallmR vessels.34 Wanders 46 Mouthwor 2'O.Arranges in 24 Station (ab.) 37-Osirk-hlike 47 Lampreys •battle form -25 Direction bird . 49 Mule nickname commune 46 Mouthword 24 European nnclv 27 Parer 30 Pollute 31 Quicker 33 Flowers 33 Whims 36 Rounded 38 Parts of ' .churches 30 Serious discourses 41 Bitter vetch 44 Diving l«rd ( $» Female rabbit '4SPlay over til Venerate 54 Chargers 58 Beast '56 Years between : 12 and 20 57 Acts ! VERTICAL j 1 Frankenstein 1 is one of his j known I roles I 2 Mountain I (comb form) 26 Ceremony 40 Gumbo 50 Paul notices !6 Son of Selh 41 Formerly 52 Conclusion (Bib.) 42Netwdrk 53 Contend 1 II IM, It iO ii HB it ib 'i it i _ M ^ Jr * • | ^ W 5 1 ^ ^ m Ml ~ ft; n y ^^ 3H IM r b n '% ''# 'f'S' ' *'/ 11 15 31 tm .'->;' '< •''.'/'/ t.1 53 b ^ zz i5 iB %. yj. __. " 'i m & 19 « r 26 I'" m YS&, si 0 9 W Nt 10 k T 30 CARNIVAL By Dick Turner S'Tm not swre I can get you a larger d«»k2 How about a :'WMtob«ik«t?V — SIDE GLANCES •y Golbralth iy Chlek Yo**| OZARKIKI «£** ( LET ME JUST GLANCE ^—(^ THPU IT DEAP r—• r'cuouDY AND > COLDER WITH ( INTEPMITTENT - SHOWfiPS* OUT OUR WAY By j. R. William* UIKB X MAV ear X T.,, ) JT& MV WAM?v COLL APS C.£T HIS MEALS BROUGHT TO HIM AM 1 GET WAITED OW HANP AN 1 FOOT.' WOM- PER HOW LON6 HE'LL GET TO STAVOUTOP SCHOOL', THE LUCKY VJP.LL, I SEE THE DOC'S AT ALVIM'S HOUSE - 1 GUE&S THEM SPOTS OM HIS FACE MUS1A BEEN MEASLES, AFTER ALL. HEALTHV, EVEN) IF X DOM'T C>ET WASH TUBM 7 THANK VOU dOMJCH. \| 8IUI.VI I'LL BE MORB \ CAREFUL ABOUT LEAvINO TO &p «V»T$ * i M* > cJr*MMiKW7i -V WITHOlir MV KBV5, V STWRS.BILLV HURRIES TO UNLOCK TMB FROMT DOOR. BORW THlRTy VEARS TOO 5OOW OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoeple jGlRLS/.T'AfA CHARMED BV YOUR VISIT/-*-UMf MV TASTSS ARC SIMILAR PHIL 6PlTAl_MVi|6 MIOHT eveW MAJOR HCJOPLE-, T AhA M\SS QOILP ASiD THIS 15 MR6. VJE "THE LADIES-ACT-NOVM LEASUR VME WAt-iT TO KMOvJ HOVJ WOMEW YoO'D APPOINT TO YOUR CABlMET IF SUPPORT VOL ,V FOR BOufS AND HER BUDDIES CASIMBT H **-,'. LL*V— T, M, fttf. U, I. r(t, OH. '- BUGS BUNNY AAOTHERHOOD TOO* HERE COMES BUGS, WITH THAT TOUGH KIP CHASIN' MIA/ VOU KNOW WHAT . > <?r"7^—r "TD PO/ J r ,,,,. .. FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger ALLEY OOP 80 HB'6 BRINGINa VOJ A THAi'i.VOU J YOU OL BAG? I SAID WEx^~^xTV\O-LBGGEO BUNDLE 6TunO / GOT COMPANY/ TH' Bifi / 6O \ OF TROUBLE,.,HERE'6 COMIN' UP I WHAT? ) M5UR <3UA66.,.TAKe TH' WALK/ i^ . ^ A SANDER AT 'tM/ "I got it for her so telephoning won't lnt«rf«r« with washing the dishe$!" CHRIS WELKIN, P|anet««r FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS VANB ANC? I CAMS TUB L.QCXTIQN ^ur WA* AN . ACeiPgNT,,. HAV 1 JUST YESTERDAY we WERE SWIMMIN&- I SURE *— TONISHT WE'RE FBeeVNSf I AU OF PS4P,,, LOOT CHAT, CHINK-

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