Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 17, 1894 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 17, 1894
Page 4
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John Gray's "CORNER" *N SHORT LKNUl'HS IN BLEACHNO A\D UNULKAC1IK1) MUSLIN, BKS1' PRIM'S OK IMF- MKKNT 1'UANOS. OUTING CI.O Til, MS. -HIKI'ING CJIKCKr KTC, TIIHSE AKK SHORT LENGTHS THK HKsr DAILY JOURNAL Pabllsuml ("very diu in the week (except Moniliiy by tlie LoiUN.-ti'OB.T JOCTWAI. Co, Price per Annum - • - $6.OO Price per Month - ... BO THK OFFICIAL PAI-KK ot- TIIK CITY. I KnttTi'i. port IVst i iii;itfor lit the T.OKIHIS- S. IMS | SATUKDAY MORNING. MAKril 17. LINCOLN'S FAMOUS Tile That W»a Fearfully Wonderfully Mado. HAT l)0 '^' wns u "- violls l " know thi; contents ' of tho hat, which hi-uincd to promise as inui'.h to ilium u:; a. hut in the hands ol Miajitl piTfyrmcr. and FROM IIKUJQUAKTKRS. NOT SH MMVOKN IlKMNANTS. UOMK AND SAVE MOSEY. •I cilVK KHKSH[ thins:," I f, Henderson & Soas XIANV FA«:T»,'K»JH» OF FURNITURE, UPHOLSTERS. Mo. 320 Fourth Street, UOGANSPORT, IND. Jlos 5,7 and 9 Finn Street, It's the Part of Wisdom. Oluvi'lnnd credit tor Otlt! id a democrat yesterday, "lie has rrnned tho pyrp of nioro blind men thnn .ill the doctors in the country. Ihnvo Ivon blind rayaolf lor twor.ty-fivn years and now lean see as well ns anybody " TIIK Jourim! culls lUtcntion to tho stntiiruout of Rowoll, published in this ir<$iio. Tho Journal is proud of its rapidly tocrt'titltiK circulation. That is the most substantial public testi mouial that can bo <jiven. It hopes for continued favor in thu oyes o( the public and will certainly do all tt cun to merit it. Kurroi: 0 O FESTON. of tho Times, the prohibition arena iu this county, attended the Prohibition convention at Indianapolis this wetk and during his absence tho boys cot the paper out Ono of tho most conspicuous advertisements reads. '-Go to SebastianV for a pood mug of beer," and tho ques tion is, who did It? Tlmos niaj be Bard and mono; close bnt lkM« UIIIIKS nave their compensation. We can MM jou watches and will, nt verjr close figure* to K*t th* money. Come and see what you can do wim little money. I am nnxluiu to sell not otto watcb«« but ottutr good*. Diamonds, Clocks MrerwnrA, Spectacles and Novelties. I ADI iC*nl forths Lytlx Sate and Lock Co., Cincinnati •Wo. Call and see ft smug sample. D.A.HAUK, JKWKI.EB AND OPTICAN. DID you ever notice the dignity Of the town clock? The Elgin strikes one-two.three-four-five-six-seven; the Cleveland clock saya cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo; tho cathedral Bounds, one— two—three—four—five—six —-seven. Tho town clock impresses you with Its one two three-- four — five six -seven. F, M. 30ZER, D. D. S, DKNTIST. 10 "Hale Painless Method" used in t&e fllJIno of leeiB. JtTfloe Over state National Bank . urner Fourth and and Broadway TIME TABLE THE Pharos olHee furnishes the chairman of the Democratic city committee. The democratic city com. mi tie, under Pharos Instruction, Indi. ciitos that H does* not feel able to win in a fair, square fight, and attempts trickery. Thia is not a new thins; to Paarou politics, ltd policy has been deceit and misrepresentation, and tt has not yet discovered thal'lts reader! laugh at its bungling attempts to mis. load them. TIIK Indianapolis Sentinel says: Wo are highly gratified to find our- folves BO llb(-r*)ly qu ted by tho Lo ganaport Journal, but would bo K 1 "" to see Its promis-d proof that agricultural implements and other machioery arc not sold cheaper in foreign coun tries than at homo by American manufacturers. Our esteemed contemporary still avoids an issue. Tho Journal asks H to flilirm or deny tho original proposition- IJoos tho Sentinel assort thnt these goods are sold abroad cheaper-' Jllntory l>oon Not Siiy Whoro tho "Rail Slillttor" Cot It, Hut H \Vii» M»de in Orilur— Oncn It Wiw Uxeil nn H r»it- Olllrl). Tliern ;IM; ('.> HI^, ! J of funny iucidcnts reported of >;r. l.inndn's bat to make it "falil"-'! in sorifj aud illiiinined iu t.torV-" I 1 '"'' I'NUinplo, it .served as a football on the nijjht of his election to tin) presiiK-Jicy. when tbo ladies of the old homestead toslilied the.irpleu over his good fortune. Tim scene would have done credit to the great game that was played !;^l Thanksf/ivin^ between Yah 1 and I'rinci.'tmi on Alnulmt- tun tlebl. This is tbo story us told by an eyewitness: "A few of us ladies wont over and helped Mre. Lincoln prepare n little supper for thi- friends o[ Mr. Lincoln, who hud been invited in u> hear the.re- turns. Uvery half hour or so \ve would pass around coffee and cakes, About one o'clock in the morning- enough hud been learned u> warrant tbe belief that tho Hail Splitter had been elected. 1 think it was when we heard the news from New York, The men rushed oil JJr. Lincolniind shook- his hands, while sor-.e of the women actually Imprg-cil him, and, 1 might as \vell admit it, I kissed him. "Then some one wont into the hall aud took from the rack the old silk hat that he wore, mid which was as long RS a joint of stovepipe, and about as shapely to my mind, ami it was thrown up to the ceiling. As it name down some one gave it a kink, and then the women joined in the fun aud we played football with the hat until it was an iudistinguis-hable mass. We were simply beyond control. What a ridiculous scene it would have been to one looking in without knowing what prompted it. "H was all tho more so, so far as I •was concerned, for originally I had been a Seward woman. While the convention was in session in Chicago we were waiting to hear tho news. It had been arranged, ia Cttsa Lincoln received tho nomination, to flre * cannon. My nearest neighbor was a Mrs. Dubois, with whom I had several friendly GEORGE CMiLOS DKtXhL. of , •J-fi*- >•<•"• K'Utiir „„.! ,l| Ilmltr( , r I'inlHili-i|,«'-i I., .filter. The people, of i'liiUidclnliiu :iro not likely, for tiie next !',,i-t,y .11- Jjfty y,. :l ,-.s nt least, to noli: any radi'-ai change in tin- [Kflii;y :uid iiji-lliod.s nf the i'nblic l,.'ilfjvr. lieurgi: \V. I'iiiKK Drcx.-I, whose, iianu: now a;i[iear.-> at ilu; head of '..he i-ditorial colnnni:; n.s ei'.itor an publisher, although a yonnj," man, who nti{^llt' th(.'ref<'l'r l;c M:pj>ONi-<l 1<j inrlnlc Inward the methods of more modern journalism, was specially educated for Ills j-nsjionsi bl« position by Mr. r|iil[] s himself. The intimate personal relations which e.vfsC<'il bcl •.-.'(•en Mr. ChiMs and Anthoiiy .1. Ure:;i'l e-;ti-ndod also to tin; son who was named after. ihe editor. He has had (lie best possible opportunities of imbibing Uie spirit which g-iiid<jd Mr. ( 'hiMs and gave the Ledger its great liniini-ia! success aud Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latert U. S Gov't Report^ Baking ABSOLUTELY PURE iiiauV. on (.his question. Amonjf iniiiiy other thinprs done may bo mentioned as pn.-l.icnlarly impor- t-iinl. tlio adoption of the fimun'lments providing- for tho cstablisliiiifr of divisions and subdivisions in status hav- in;/100 and SO members, respectively, tho authority vested in the (.'xccniivo <;ommitt<'r'to r<.'V"k<> tho certificate of league dubs in the interest of jnvve.nt- intf fradulcnt representation on state boards, and the iiddi-d duly of thi> transportation rommittoo in tatii- i charge of ONI iimuor of iveovpri!)^' stolen wheels. Tile elian^'i-s made were, as far as I e:in bi! judged now, for tlie bes:. thinks Chicago Hearings. They will H'ive the Ji>:iym- greater si'ojie and in tin- mill result, in mncb ffood for t,ho motnln-rn themselves and tlio frre.'tt public as well. With a most excellent hut of exeutive officers to Carry out the changes, the results ean bardly fail to be gratifying from the very first. iimi his party wen 1 in power KI\- month- tin- wretched condition of affairs that existed during l^K'-.liaiKiii's lidiimiistrH- tion was paralleled. This siiifjnlar co- iiicidcii'-tf I3)fiy )>o nl tr Jbut;ibl<; lo othrr cause 1 ;, but, it will be oitlionlt, •.,> make the American workiii^mcn beii'.'ve that t!i« threat of forciuf fruc trade on th<: country is not ro^pon.siblo fur tlu. present iluproRbiou. They ju«,tly arpin- from observed fscts that the country V.-HS invitrialily prosperous iniiirr pro- lection, :tnd t-!iat t]je very shadow of l,nl;miU;d foreign culii\iiMiv'u>!i i., s«f- iid«-ut to paraly/c in(ii!>iry. -San l-'r^n- cisco Chronicle. Dr. Kilmer's SWAMP-ROOT GKomtK V,'. its wide influence. l)HV:X)--.l.. It was urranjf HARNESSING "Proposal THE OCEAN. d a g-oorl many years ng-o that to (juorge AV. Childs Urexel should be intrusted tho great journal whose future was a matter of such deep interest to its proprietors. Tho 7iew editor is about twenty-five years old. Il« ii un orphan and iuherited a larpe fortune on the death of his father last summer. He wits married in November, 1(501, to Miss Mary 8. Irick at Vincentown, N. J. Although tho wedding was a very quiet oue, it attracted a (food deal of attention on account of the wealth and social connections of the proom. Mrs. Drcxel now occupies a prominent position iu Philadelphia society and is distinguished £or her tact and beauty. CYCLING LEGISLATION. LOGANSPORl «>CT BOCSD1 (too Tone Rxpn», rtnlli ............. ?:«lftm ft Wwne Aocm., eiopt Sondu .......... Kao B m 1M City t Toledo Kx., raopt Sunday 11 1C a m ttUntlo Xxpnu, dsilT ............... 467pm lowmmodiUon for Kut ..... — .......... 1:18 p m W«T BO¥BP. tip«M, awir ............... ....1028am odBtloD tot Went ..................... i2rH> m , «c»pt 8uDdM ........... ;,. 8:48 pm utaf«ti*.io«m.,exept Bandar ............. 600pm IILouU b, dally ....................... lOfflpm ••I HlTcr Dlr., l,ogmn»port, W«»l sue. IMtw«*n Iiofanipor* and etolll. •An BomrD. MtOWiXlMlon.LMiTe, uwpt Bnndaj. 10OO a m monodrtloo, loan >__•• " <30pm WVBT BOtnVD. tmanMMoa, attn, «xc«pt Sunday, D-.10 1 m o, utlre, " " 8«»m Tbe Pennsylvania Station. liFennsulvania Lines? "Trains Run by Central Tfmo A« l-fll.LtlWH : * DiUlr. t nuily, ijj£c*!pt Stimlwy. ^nw I^HANHl'OHTTO LF,AV» AhlltTI Bradford «c4 Columbiu ........ •12.90am * s.ooam Fftl «delphl» Mid Mew Yoik...»12 80 a m • 3.0u t a, BtoimioDdindClnolnDBtl....*U00*m . 1.16pu' l.t.4aun> ;•'& p D )i! -I 1 ) p IB ,.. Ctown Point and Chlcogo. ..... • M5»ro *\'l.'Xntn JUchmond und Clnclhn»tl....t C.Wam down "olntdndCtilumn ...... t *HO«m MBn*r Local Krt>l((tit ............. f7.'/!0»m Bcxilo 4 mid Gotuinbas ........ \ tl.no am J(ontlc*l!o and Effnor ............ f a^)a m Iodl»n»cioll«»nd LouU»lll*...«il4B i> m . Btohmoid Hid Clnclntmtl...*13.EOpui • l.Mpn Bndfor I nod Colombo*. ........ * 2,3ii pin • 1.26 p a Philadelphia and New York..* 2.2(i p m • 1.26 p m If M tlwv.o aod Bffner ........... 4 •* M i m f 7. -A p 111 Chltwr ....................... • l.So p ni • 3 16 k u Obtwcn and lutprmwilate .• All) p m «12 20 p m ••komo >n<l HleHnmnil ...... t a »' Pm tll.io a IT Wliamac AocomoilBtlon ....... t 4.nopm + M3pm Htifon Acocrno^ atlon ........ t •'' ^ p m t 1> -10 n BJ 4. A. MoCULU>CttH, Ticket iawji Lcwamport, Ind, TIIK Lafayette Journal, having boon a party to tho soll-out down there, at tempts to soothe tho consumers thus ly: Tho sale of the gas plants has been consummated. The Lafayette consumers of artificial and natural gas will nowpayttonoy Into tbe bands of a foreign company, It is known, bow. ever, that local Interests will not suffer by tbo change, while the Increased financial recourcee guarantee a supply o' natural gas BO long as it is possible to secure it from any part of tbe Slate. AND the oltv hue ro deed for Erie avenue.—Ph f o* The Pharos know* that theolty took a title bond and did cot want a deed until the conrt record wae corrected ItknowBthls becauee it a matter of record. What its object Is In misrep resontlnfr the democratic council the Journal does not know. Beam voted against the Erie avenue purchase ana had tbo other four democrats and Mayor Read done the same U would have been defeated. They were in control and are responsible if a mis take- was made. This is a Pbaron uttuck ou democrats and aa such wilJ bewatchod with Interest. VANDALIA LINE. train* JLe*T6 Loganiport, lad. FOB THI HUBTB. M, », tt. 8nn. 10.U A. tt. Jot St. Jowph. ~ £ D.40 P. H. " Bsatb B*oil FOB THI 80UTH «ii, to. SOD. 7.M ^ it yor nm HUM nndU. ' I Time Cud, «Mn« til tnUnt MM i loll mionwrtlon H to mo itoaib MH, «te,, • dtfff 4 C, EOGEWORTH, Agent. JHP .>u «uUu»>irj HDlrd. Under protection, and mainly alncu tho bnucmjun; of the MoKiuloy law, tho manufacture of silk velvets and pluehes nan grown very rapidly In thin country. Wben the present admlnls tration came in there were six large mills in Pennsylvania, two in New Jersey, four In New York, tbreo IB Connecticut one in Rhode Island and several others nbout ready to start, IB three Instances the machinery bolng actually in place. The industry wag thoroughly established, jet the McKiniey bill did not Interfere with the Importation of a high clan of. foreign jfoodi. The reduction of d u tie* made by the Wilson bill will kill thii Induttry dead and give foreign manufacturers entire control of LINCOLN AND HIS FAMOUS Tir.n. spats during tho cnmpnipni pricedin,T tho 'norainn-tion. 1 licurd the cannon hhot. and thu next moinvnt I s;uv -Mrs. Dubois mnninpf across tlie .street. Sho bud boon nialciiif, 1 -11 .shirt for her lin.s- bund, who \v;is ubout thu si:'.o of this hlte Jiiii^u David Oiivis, so you in;iy have sonic idea of thv si;a- of tbe irar- mnnt she- \v:is \v;i.vin^-. Sin- ni>ln:tl into the house iind Ihuuited it in my faee. It uuidc mi: mad. mid t ^:it, down and bofpin er3'ing-. Tlu; fj'iini! \voin:iii put her arms around me, bey^x-d my pnrclou nnd Uisscd me. and froin that tijins \vt! u-ei-o Linculn \voin(M). She took ])iirt in the football mutch," As if not content with ?u's (! feet -I or 5 incliL's of {fitnnt stature, Lincoln had his now historic hat made fully a fact bi;*h, with a brim almost as biff as a. southern sombrero. It seems ito have been a combination of a ! I styles then in existence, and in thi&rt^pcct it reflected his own early experience in having 1 been u store-keeper, soldier, surveyor, and finally a solicitor. It was a veritable "joint of stovepipe," and its remarkable and romantic brim made it alike serviceable In rain or shine. It might linvts been called with propriety a "plug uffly," after the name ot tho mob iu Baltimore that threatened him in bis journey to tbe capital, During Lineoln's pi-rat debate with Doufl-la.s that hat fairly loomed into space. The smallncss of the lattcr's stature caused him to be nk'kti.'imud "The Little Giant," arid when Liucolu Ktood beside him with his hut on the difference between the two seemed all but immeasurable. Representative Springrer, who hails from Lincoln's old bonus, knew the lint well, and in speaking- of it recently said: ">Jr. Lincoln's hiffli hut was tho mot indispensable thing: o£ his whole outfit. In it ho carried all his valuable papers. In fact.il w:is a sort of lilt- racli. Hern were all the briefs of , hi.s various law eases. Curiously enough he earried the aeeounls iri his hold iiii:l that is wiry lie lost .M> Hindi money. Had he reversed tlie process ;md kept his accounts in bis hnt and. tho eases in bis head hit wmild have been betliT olt. Ilis hut .served for his tiutclifl on a journey, rind all tliut «-a.s needed besides this were his widdle- bnijK and his horse. It was larjfc and capacious, and a, pren.t many documents and data could ho crowded '"I- 0 it without, seriously discommoding 1 the w<-arer." lint Mr. Lincoln had still a better use for bis valuable tile, which seems to have had more virtues than those rehearsed in tliu nursery tale of "Jack and the Jfean Stalk." When be was postmaster at New Sal-mi his bat bo- came a most important pjirt of his office equipment. A,s hoon as the mail was received each duy the young postmaster would put the letters in his liataml Chttnffe* In Mil* MjiriHgcmrnt of tlie of Amerlr»n IVlivolmcn. The Louisville meeting' of the national assembly of the league will pnsn into history as the most important that it has held for years past or to come, liarnest and careful discussion was given all questions of importance. In t-pitc of the faet that tho meeting 1 was held over a-dynamite maffaxine, to speak Ijjirur.itively, there "'crc no iin- •Hcemly \vrnnjTles. A word, a look almost, would have precipitated a warfare of words, but the delegates to Itultii a Onin Itctwern )r«- IKIH! HnU ticothind. A bold scheme forobtainiuKmeehan- Seal power for industrial purposes has lately attracted attention in England. It eon templates tbe construction of u dam fifteen miles long 1 from the northeastern coast of Ireland across "North i.'hrvnncl" to the extremity of Cintire, Scotland, and putting i" several fratew and watcrwheels, to be worked by the tide. Owing to tho greater depth of the Irish sea, and to the freer conr&c afforded west and tiortli of Ireland, the tide comes up from tbe South Atlantic by that route and Hows southward thromrh tho passage just mentioned lon£ before it can jfet up there on the oast side of the preen isle. Moreover, the (Julf stream, or rather the drift from it. bathes the northern part of (Jreat liritain more freely than the southern, aud a portion thereof is «li- I' CIIAULKS H. L.USCOMB. [Juut elected presWetii of '.lie I* A. V7-1 Bcemed. to realize, the uselessness of any such wrangles, and happily steered clear of them. Tho dues were raised from SI to 51.50. This action will certainly result in n decrease in membership, for awhile at least. In the long- run it will undoubtedly result in a better class of members, if not in larger membership. Moreover tbe move was an absolute necessity. The report of the auditing committee showed conclusively that the Itapne stands to-<lay in a position ot bankruptcy, It showed us well that Good Koads hud cost tbo league in actual money paid out of the treasury over $1(3,000, and in contributions over 8K,000, or considerably over Siil.OUO in all, for wliicli there is ooUiing- to .show to-day but a magazine that is losing money on. ('very issue. It was the sentiment 01 the assembly that the work for ffood roads must lie cont.iuited, but that tho cost must lie reduced. The mu^a/dne will be tent in future only to members of t.he league who subscribe for it at eost price. 00 cents. Tliu loiiff-;i|, r il;L(,ed ijuestion of barriji^- uc-j.'roe.s from membership was carried. • M will be subject for comment for a .short lime and will then bo forgotten except as the growth of the loas'iie iu Uie south recalls to mind the Ocrht ihn smilliorn wheelmen LOCATION" OF TIIK ri'.OrOSKn DAM. verted southward by the ,Si'ouisheo;tst, I so us to make a continuous current. j it is said, flowing down ihe North | channel. Here is a jrrervt deal of , power g-oiri^- 1.0 wastr, and tbe .New i York Tribune thinks if-is not a seuse- | less proeeedinp to consider the; practicability of iit.nmnc 1 it somehow. American enterprise ,-it Niagara has set the whole world thinking of such matters. Tlio dopth of water is four hundred and seventy-four feet in mid channel; but most of tho way it is much less than this. The proposed "isthmus"—for thnt is what the engineers call it—would be about three hundred feet wide, and the inateria for it, it is thought, ujiffhl bp obtaiuei from tbe hig-b bluffs at the Irish end. The estimated cost is ten million dollars, and the time named as necessary for construction is three years. The current flows at six miles an hour roost of tho way across, and nt some places even faster. It is taken for granted that the power developed by this means Tvould be converted into the form of electricity for tranfiinis- sion, but there is some question as to the localities in which it would be used. On tho Irish side of the channel thfcre are no largo towns near at hand. Dublin is one hundred and twenty-six miles away and London three hundred nnd sixty-five; Glasgow, in a bee line. is seventy-five miles distant, and Edinburgh about fifty more. I'rot«r,uon Vrrtat rr*» -ra«e. In 1692, as a result of the passage of tho McKinley bill, new textile mills befi-an to spring up all over the country. Kcw woolen, eotton, silk and other mills g-ave employment to »n increased number of men, and prosperity reigned throughout the land. In November, 1892, Grover Cleveland was elected'on a distinctively free trade platform. The sucof.-i* of Cleveland and bis party was Uie signal for the abandonment of all new tcztilo enterprises and the closing: up of many that had been successfully conducted for o»rr.a «-orcof j-cars. Jieforo Cleveland LAIWHN BOWBHSMITH, Marysvillc, Ohio. GIVEN DP TO DIE! GRAVEL & KIDNEY COMPLAINT, A Marvelous Cure! "Porflevcml yeflrs I suffered intense pftln in my baclc and Fide. 1 hud no uppctito. My *tomuch was sour and could not digcot food. My bowel* were tender and tonftlfmted aud 1 was weak and completely run down. I tried all the doctors In my town without benefit, They called it <ir»vol and Stone pas 1 - ing throuirh the Kldncyn^ itud said J mn>r die. J took Kwuinp-Uootiind after using; tw,i Iwttlcs found it w-iin liolping me. 1 kept Hitht <m v,-it.U it mid panned gravel as much us « Jflrjre goofc cgK, which 1 send you herewith. J worked liiird all Summer aod to-day nm perfectly Hound and well. If anvdoiihr tlie truth, write and I will answer tho fill) particulars." LAJ1OHN BOWEHS.MJTH. !'i^"J«fc Cll«F«Bt*e— TTso conU-nU ot Oo*. AM Qnultli 1 . It I'm ur\> not hcndlMI, Urag- *l girt wJI) rcfuud to you Uie prwo ivurf. "In-mild* 1 eiildr to noltk" frrc Will tllyusanrtsof Tt- Dr. Kllmrr&Oo., Htn^hiunton. N. V. At Vrucfflnu, (lOf. Mil tl.OO *lir Kiimer'b TAUILL.V LIVER PILLS the bc.-t. 42 pi !s, 25 cents. manufaotureri entire owHroioi w taWa btroll through the village. The American mwkrt.—Indianapolis Jour- vi u nger8 kn i w that ho w»»a perlpa- nm1 r'totic nest offlce, ajitl, of course, overv-' n *l- Mwarded Highest Honors-World's Fair. Has made many friends. Why ? Because it is the best and cheapest lini-;; mentsold. It kills pain!;: o is sold by all dealers for 2 Jc j : i • Substitute »re mostly chup initl- < i lion) of good articles. Don't tik* l , them. Insist on R'cuinC SALVAT10W < * OIL, or you will be disappointed. L*NGE'S PLUGS, Tht 6r«t T 2O PER CENT. ilW*nd enrntxl and paid for (bo month of February to our subscribers. Our record In «n»ur- i)a.«.s(>d DwwmhtT divldt-nd 21 pei cent. Jann- arj dlvMi-nn 'X wt ami. Kohruary DO oer ceni. Miurii-cntti dyiMliaiU 1 now beme r-rnicd. t* I" til nor mo- Hi on h« nmde by Inrcstlnit $30 to 1100 In our syndicate plan of HpnculrtUon. tfo«'t For circular- THOMPSON * COMPANY. Hauters nnil Brokera, i» Broml«;i}, Now York JOSEPH ciLiorrs STEEL PENS NOS. 303-404-(70-«O4 r And other stylrs to suit oil fcflwrfa. THE HOST PERFECT OP PENS. The only Pure Cre«m of Tarttt Powder.-No AmmonU; &» '< '^-0 v " - *' ! ' 9 V. H. LOCKWOOD, PATEN F LAWYER, DOE. MmkrtStreieat, Indl nnpolln. ProottOBln all warts Mffilly Talld p&KutK •rautiUy procured on nwwnaole terms. Kxp«rT afau£b r ^nmn In the O^TICA. Write (or Inr rraatlon. STORAGE. For stor«R« In large or «m»li qvantltlei, ftppl; to W. D. PRATT. Pollard & WiUoa warebovM.

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