Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 30, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 30, 1952
Page 6
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HOf t STAR, HO ft, ARKANSAS iltlon , •btrt win H* JOtli din- lofl a* an 1n< wflh Kdete- If iHI PRESCOTT NEWS Tu»*d»y ( l*pt*mb«r 10 •fhore wl» he « *P«I*J Bt Iho r*!r« M*thodlst Church »t liM Ttiwwtny r-vwlng to observe the rplfl»»« of Will 1)9 JtpOTli'l mimic by 'hfl ( (ttuttlly C"hfilr, o mirmwi by Howard Wltlliimu tit oml an nrtrfrc»» by Hr of Ouiiehltn Collf-ft* kanft D»'|)«rimcril th« Octob«r 1 wJH bo a i'«t Presbyterian f.1iurch Mrs. J. on M. of nraif.ll will he »ht» Thr> Wi>dnn*day Ilrlfluc Club will rti«*'l "n Wfilnfs'lny ndi-rii'Min nt 2:JIO In the home of Mr,t. Ousm Mt>- Cwcfclll. Thwo wHlvlwj prnyor mf*fltln« ni tlu Church of Wii^nrcno on Wed. ni?*dny evening »l fl o'clnVk. pr»»*fH Include* Mrt, A. 8. Bu- Cbnn«n, .-Mf*. H, L. BitWt, M«-i, Vninort Fore, Mm. ImoN 0««, Mr* C O, Gordon, Mm, t*« Mwrt- 8f>m»ry>Mm B. M. Hharp, Mf*. iturke ShfHwi nnd MM, ff. J. Wll A dainty dwrt courne wn« iu»r v«l by lh<> ho»tf»», Mr. And Mm, .Uctt Coop*r, Mr*. Loroy PWIIlim, Mr*. Roy Stain ton, Mm. Wftftlity MfuUey, Jamci Roy Phillip*, and Unnny Llndney nt- U-wkxl tho BTU Tralnlnc fklwol nt thd tteifeh !«. Bffptltt Church In GurrtBn Thiif«<J»y evening. Mm, Floyd LrVcrMl of Hop* wfl* thc TlHirnflny «ti*-»t of h*r ftarenU, Mr, unrt Mm, tra fonvl*. Mm, Charlie Scoti »t»»nt Thurit day In H«pe »« thc guunt of h*r rric,thf»r, Mr*. George Wyllp. g|& * * • Democrats Hold Another Unity Meet Trial of THrtt Is Postponed litre* Oft— The trial of persons charged with first murder in the pol*on tk-nlh ).''*t November of a fUvervalo cite A'fLANTA, (UP) - Dumocrnttc "everything hn.i boon wo It Ing until parly chieftain* from »tx Southern!Mitchell get* here." »Utt«* gathered t<xln/ for a tmcrmri- Mitchell, who will orrlvf hero to- fitrategy conference In )<•*« than n|r.ii>ht, rlld not indicate wbni would to Mi>k an I'ffi-ctlve mean* of! (4* taken up at the conference hot dUorgnnlzod Dixie UfgMhcr.J it wn» virtually' certain that Byrne* Tli« council of wiir wa* nummnni'"" 10 """' 1 ed by Notional Democratic chair-: nwl Mnybank s rnuh Stephen Mitchell uppnrvntly to dUcu»f the defection of Cov. Jtirnct ¥. Byrne* of South Carolina of Klsenhowc-r resignation would he .dlsctl*s(;cl. Byrne* an Id IPM thnn two we»k» :>i;o.ttm( he would support the GOP who announced he would Viippoit: i'iisi«!entlal nominee while May Republican presidential nominee i Hmh broke with Democratic Pre»l- Dwlght D. Klucnhowcr nnd the rr- of Sen. Unmet K. Muy- in a On Wedno«day evening nt the First Baptist Church there will ho nn offlcprs and teachers meeting dl 7 o'clock, pruyor »md niblo stu- . d,v "I 7:<in wnd choir prnolleit nil °" (l n«v, and Mm. Clarence Johnson and Mm. S. IV OPP motored to Tcxnrkonii Thursday for the dny. MUl-v/^fik »orvlci'« ?!<I8 nn Wwlnesdny Church of Chrlut, will l>i»«ln nt i nt. will tin prnycr and Hlblc Study nt 7: 110 p.m. with Choir prndleo following rtt lh« Fir si ChftaUlm Church on Wfulnnsdny Mr, end Mm. A. Mnrllndnlo, Jr. (Iron »nw Inn rodeo In Hope un Thtirtulny evening, W. F. Donmnn, W, F. Denman, Jr., nnil MUn Hosuna Milllman upcni Frldny In LltU« Rock and visited Mr». Clinton Hnrrctl who It; n pdtlen! In Baptlut HospUul. Cox ?i*j SBSKt > y. Acivtrtlwd Oatpbar 2 Tho choir of thp Proiihylcrlon Church will owl ThurHdny evon- Inn nt 7i30 for Iho the* PronooU Lions Cltm will <m Thurxdny nt fl; 15 \t,m, nl riroedwity llrilcl In plnco noon hour. of Mr. fcnd Mro, H. J. Wilson Bhtertaln Cnnantn Club Mr. and Mm. John P. Ilopn were tho Friday Mr, and Mm. John A. Davis. Dr, nnd Mr*. N. H. Nelson hove hnd n* tht'lr Kunntg, Mr. und Mrs, Leonard Nolnon of St. Louli, Mo. Knox n«»ml« U-ft last week for J.nwTMici'Vlllo, N. J., where he will uttpnd the I^nwrencevlUe School, **! 0»M/( fA. DM I of the rilut- nildjon Cniinntn Club WCVP entertiUttPd on Wcdncftdny cvettlni! by Mr. nml Mrt, II, J. Wltnoit In ihhlr home on tlm f.'tilo - llnnil. Avilumit flowi-rn in colorful hu«'s dceoi'oted tho rooms nrroiiuod for tlm plftycrs. Jll«h itcovo honom for tho mm- Jnu SVOIT hold by thc men. At the conchtHlon of the turnips ohorry |>lo nnd cuffcc won nerved to Dr. and Mrti. A. S, Huchiuum, Mr. .and. Mrs, C, n. Oordon, Mr. and Mrs, W K, Dt-nmnn. Mr. «htl Wr« C. It, Moore uiul Mr, ami Oox. Mr. nnd Mm. llermnn Ackcrmon of North Lllllo Hock announce tin 1 r.rrlvnl of n daughter, on S«»pt»>m- ber SO ftt HI. Vincents Infirmary, Llitle Hock. Mrs. Thotne tlestor- ly nf Prosrotl l;i the maternal bunk ID-SO fn.rn the nfitlotml f)nrly Pl (lt '"rm. Deoiocrallc commlilro. Mltrhcll ririnouncfd yc-ftr-rrlay in Mttl* Rock. Ark., whi-rr lie WUH nt- tfddiriK a similar conference «t «»«v«>n xoulhern states he would m*et with party lenders from Al;i- hunui, Clrorniii, Florida, North Curollnn and Virginia here tomor- rtiw. Pre«umobly thc Little Rockj mopllnj, stuycd behind closed • door*, took up tho statements <<<I Oov. Robert F. Konnon of Loulsl- j ana end Alluri Shivers of Texas i that they would support tho COP proKlilcntliil ticket. The Importntit Democratic MCI • ulnn.i r-nmn ti» the Hopubllcrm party 'mustered its »tronne«l effort uliic'p reconstruction dtiys to rx • plait the brejiku In thc previously nulid Southern rnnk.i. The OOP has launched n vigor- inii, gru**-root* drivo to capture Ulxle'* vote wnd Elsenhower, who hue already whistle-stopped through the South, will npeuk at Columbia, S. C,, today before an cstlmat ed 76,000 to 100,000, In c o n t r n n t. the Democratic southern <;ampolgn IIDH been mlM but parly leaders oxpre.ised conflrl- enct ttiut (omorrow'ii meeting with Mitchell would horiild the Htnrt nf tift lilt-out effort. f!eorg« Stewart, secretary of the C«ir(i.lu Demoeratie 1'wrty, suid Candidate Adlal Stevensftn reported dispute over thu Eisenhower to Make Issue of Smith Charge NEW YORK t^-Ocn. Dwlght D. Elsenhower will make fl campaign i«fi«? out of O«n, Walter Bedeil Smith's fiSHVimption that the Com munlsts have penetrated every U. S. security agency. The Republican presidential nominee will try to throw the Democrat* on the defensive over the Crtmrrtunlut question In his whistle- flop Midwestern tour which gets under way tomorrow. fieforo a plane takeoff for Columbia. S. C.. the Republican presidential nominee worked on a _ speech aimed at throwing the Deni- 1 ocrats on the defensive on the the Centra! Intelligence which he heads. owner has been postponed Indefinitely. Circuit Court Judge Hal B. Hor< ii«on said yesterday he took the action due to the pregnancy of Mr*. Vanteen Dean Smith, 29-year(.Id widow of the dead man, Harold Dcnn. Others charged are Clyde Smith, 23, Mrs. Smith's present husband, tind Vnmis Eugene Mote, 45. DID YOU KNOW THAT: Your Liability to the public is a constant MENACE to your FINANCIAL security? Don't wait until you are faced with a damage suit! Protect yourself now with a COMPREHENSIVE PERSONAL LIABILITY Policy. Protects your family against the hazards of personal liability up to a limit of $10,000 for any one occurence for a premium of-only. $10.00 per year. . . . ARE YOU PROTECTED . SEE , :. ROY ANDERSON & GO. — INSURANCE — 21 OS. Main Box 405 Hope, Arkaniai 'ommunisl question. For his text, the general took he testimony of Smith, an old omrade in arms, in Washington yesterday that Smith assumes Communists have infiltrated even The Wand of Formosa hi population of eight million, o fthem refugee* and N*t soldiers.. STOP ACID INDIGESTION You'll waht to attend the Service of Thanksgiving and dedication at the First Baptist Church Tonight September 30 7;30 P. M. „ A new authorized version of the Holy Bible. The word of-Life in living language; Greatest in 341 Years t _ bh color, ft" nti* CunB*ta Club Bot«rtaln«d By Mrs. W, F. Otmmnn Mrij, W, I 1 '. IK'nmiin wn» hotttcs»» to mcinboi'8 nf the UtoO Ctiuiislu Club nt hor hoiru< on Thursduy i.tlurnoon, Spider lilies mid UUumlng In Uruo«ful nrrnngnmontii were pine i'd nt vnntnue uulnls In thc rooms, Ml'*, Fred Powell h«?ld hluh «corc honom for. Ihe nfUmtnon. Mv«. W. P. Cummln«« timl Mr», Lowell wort* «upit». Mumbers hl« name w«s t«k<m off the ballot in on<? county fuMowlntl n court «c- (km InvolvJnu his ballot f<H>, Tho petition filed yoaU'rdny wns #ign«ifl by 1040 voters, with SO r«j« (iulr«tl xtndor OUR Sell at regular price Wednesday the .119 CALF 'ftom Billy Hair < Third District NTGOMERY T'reBCott fi-lotulii of llortiee Thnrn ton will r« i nri*l Uuit )u- bi nerlunaly ill In nn Kl Dorndo liospltol. Tho condition of T. C. McTtno, Jr., who IH crlUcnlly III In Texur- Kritui IHtHpltnl, renuilns unchongcd. Chicago Ball Player Held on Rape Charge CIIICAOO (UP) — Jl»» Rlvern, ChlcuHo White Sox rookie center- JlelUer, will Uo urralgncd toduy on R t'hargo of rwplng u ai-yunr-oW Koldler'K wife. Hlvera, who, dieted thtt'charge by) iidmlUwl Intlmucle* with thw woman Saturday nl«hU w,u» re- unsed Irom custody «tt«r pogtln« j $.1,000 bund Monday. The ai-year-old bull ployor, who spent tho niuht In jail Sunday, was to abpunr In Felony Court before Judge Jay Schiller. Ho w»i» >c- fcompniUod from court y«Htcrdoy by ula estraniitul wife, Miixlnc, who flew Iverc from St. Louis. Rlveru wug ttn i «»ted Swrtay, »t iht'bnHpftrk after tins won\i>n w«i tukirn to the club dugout unii pointed him out" to tvuo dolectlvos. Her tii'slmnd, u private stuttontd with KUlh Army Headquarters here, rt- jxn'tod the'easo tu pollco. Tho -woman nd Hiveru .uKr<r«K) an most parts of their »t<irl«a but he deitlv<t forclnu »U way Into her Before this year, if wanted a big-car ride. a high-compression engih^ ...a complete choice of t i interior-exterior appointments ... or a curved one-piec,e windshield and a car-wide rear window, had to pay hundreds of dollars more. Now you red to take care PMA fertilizers fertilizers. \uda onion weevil Th«y told police they met after ht' wlvltitlad and u il»« which she WAR Ivadlng lunuod forward, cnuj- ln« hor to drop a pouKuut. He |.tokod \ip the package und, escort ed her hoinu, Situ i>uid otter he insisted on en- tcrinn th« dpttrlmont shtt deckled to «nteri«iii Utin> uud when he be- can\»> too iimoi-ous, «)itt waa too fvliihtiMiiHl to use |thy*tcal reslst- unc»'. Hlv«rtt' said he tiki not use fwce. lUvorft, wh<» served « tour-year Sfi>tcnci> for attempted rape while hi th« Aruiy, w«a purthaaed by U\p Whttv Sox last year from 8e> uttlc ot lh.o Pacific Coast Lea«M*. 11* later w»* «uld to th« Brwwnn, and re-purclia^etl by Uw WUHe Sox this »*»»(«». White Sox oMleUls at New York for Uu» WorW Serifs were un»v»U- uUit for cuiument, but a elub nxjkosnmn «al4 iw action, would b« taken k»>- th» club al tiiis lime. Industrie! School Escape*! R*»ok*n DUMAS (*^-Ptt«r thtit FORD offers all these features at no extra cost It's the one fine car in the low-price field. Take 10 minutes and "7V^'jM)^^.i| ; :'Ford/Ydii ! ;U^ ' '''•' : * v .'. ' ' '. ' . s - ' ./ ."_".. you can pay more but you can't buy better ffPP^wp^fffssf-sn, w ^?WfSw^ipP ' 4> S*»tcm6tr 30,1951 MOM STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS •," • j M&vfrt . »' \< V ' £S~ r '$<\ .»(' ("'i ,,i. > '' v' 'V*, />*• r SOCIETY 74411 ••tWMn I A. M. «nd 4 P. M. Vendor * ; / September 30 punday Schoil Class of |tt MemorUl- Baptist Church ld '.Jthbirt re^gu.lar monthly home.ot-Mrs( J. L. 'Oh Pftrfi.priye iTue^day night, jr ,30,, »t : 7:30 with Mrs. <cccc as co-hostess. All tmbcrs are urgod to be present. 'he LaVora Murfin Girls' Auxi- gram October 29. Mrs. Sam Strong opened the pro gram with all singing Onward Christian Soldiers followed with a most inspiring devotional by Mrs. Howard Byers. Mrs. J. W. Franks and Mrs. very their H. E. Patterson gavo informative talks using as theme "Ambassadors fur Christ" after which Mrs. James McLnrty. Jr., and Mrs. Strong presented thc skit, "Presidential Ti- , , %y of the First Baptist Church!"?" b " n « ln « out the P°' nt Ulal meet at the home of Mrs. W. Pf Singleton, 714 East Second, on Tjcsday afternoon at 4 o'clock. [ ;tne program will be on "Japan's Youth" and will be in charge of Ann Ensmingcr. All members ; urged to bring their state mish offering. h e Ambassador Class of the •ctt Memorial Church will have la ^business meeting' Tuesday night l-ati 7 o'clock at the 'church. All | members are urged to be present. Wednesday, October 1 tThe Gardenia Garden Club will ; meet Wednesday, October 1, at f ! 2:SO in thc home of Mrs. S. W. pt|ong, Jr. with Mrs. James Pilkin- and Mrs. Howard Byers as co- hostesses. Each member Is urged to attend this meeting in order to L.mikc plans for tne Fall Flower ! .Show. "" cimbe l> cUt;r ambassadors f,, dcvotmg more time to I ' S ours ' Man Seeks to Brighten Up Reading Rooms By STAN MOCKLER ST. LOUIS, Mo.. (UP) —Stewart W. Smith, whose determination to "humanite" the library led him to premit-readers to bring their dogs and smoke their pipes while browsing, has only begun hi3 campaign to brighten public reading rooms. Smith, director of St. Louis County's modernistic, glass-enclosed library, has installed readiuB tables ol his own design—-clover-leafed creations that put each person nt ;i different-angle from his neighbor i,nd give at least the illusion ot ,. Thn avcrnge - pcVson , ukos lo . sit down with a book without being plate to thirty members including I , crr , wd) , d ,„ ; . Snlith said . .. Ancl lhal five new members, Mrs. D. L Gucrin, Mrs. Jerry Graves, Mrs Raymond Peace. Mrs. Harrell Hall Mrs. W. L. Clark, and three visi tors, Mrs. Neal Crow. Mrs. Clifford Ellis, and Mrs. A. H. Futrell. , and Miss Sally Hardcgree of Commerce, Texas, was the week end! guest of Miss Jo Beth Rcttig. Pfc. and Mrs. Jimmic Walters i average person, rather than a j doubli'-domed intellectual, is the person we are operating this service lor." Other widely-copied features of the informal county rending room are sharply angled bookshelves that utilize all the daylight and leave fe\v dark corners. The shelves are identified with wooden block-lettered such offhand descriptions as "thrills and chills" for mysteries, "coke and shake sot" for bobbysox L'ooks, and 'lollipop set" for thu Thursday, .October 2 p »t Clcburno Chapter of UI3C will meet Thursday after October 2, at 2:30 at thc homo of Mrs. Jim O'Neal. Thc ^program will be on "Newspapers ; .ouCoiucdcracy." The Girl Scout Community Com- T' : Malttc,c will meet Thursday morn- g at 10 o'clock at the City Hall .tot their regular monthly meeting. ' Th.c Jett B. Graves Sunday •School Class of the First Methodist jurch will have their monthly pot pk'supper at the church Thurs- jy night, October 2. All members e urged to be present , Saturday, October 4 -,; • i» - The Hope Mu?ic Club Luncheon .Will be held--Saturdays-October -1. •at the Hotel Barlow at 12:45. -,,.„.,.. ' kids' stories. of Fort Riley, Kansas, are spend-; Smith n;ls climinaled much of thc me a lU-day leave with Pfc. Wai-1 book . lu , 0 p in g drudgery of thc li- with another of his own in- ter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walters. Hospital Notes Chester Court Docket CITY DOCKET John L. Welch. Drunkenness, For felted $10 cash bond. Woodrow Mulctrow. Drunkenness. Forfeited $10 cash bond. Willie Lee Criner. Assault and Battery, Forfeited $10 cash bond. R&E Director Charles Bower to Resign til-\r>\- .«,,-,, ^,, . RO<-K, (UP) Charles . . Lee Dismuke. Assault and bat-!"' Bowore will resign as director tery. Plea guilty, fined $25. ]of the Arkansas Resources nnd do- James Todd. Assault and battery , veiopment Commission Oct i') to State -v b ,or K ,ni, u d Industria, cense, Forfeited $5 cash bond. | l '»incil of West Momphis,' Willie H. McLemon. Incorrect Uo\vere announced his 1 parking, Forfeited $1 cash bond j lio " last nir.ht. lie said ' he Will James Todd. Disturbing peace,; «ccopt Pica guilty, fined $10. DOROTHY DIX ; iiCcept a post as Industrial engineer " jv>l the new council formed bv busl- - s Odcll Aaron. No City license,; lu ' ss men of West Memphis to pro- Forfeited $5 cash bond. ' ' James Grimes. No Chauffeur's the area's industrial develop. license, Forfeited $5 cash bond "I am limkini; forward with itv Hoy Leo Franklin, Clyde Smith, . terc.st to Ilu; challi-nge of this now " brary novations, the atidip-charger foi dispensing books to subscribers. The librarian on duty merely slips a file card out of the book's Julia Chester j jacket, and dictates the borrower's Admitted: Mrs. Ed Turner, lit Ijiiame und address on a dictagraph Hope, Mrs. H. J. Altom, Hope ; record. Later, the cards are Discharged: Linda VVhiUeii, or Rosslon. Mr. and Mrs. H. Hope announce thp son. J. Altom of | arrival of a i Branch Admitted: chocked and delinquent notices can be sent out after a quick playback of the record. Tho library building, converted from an automobile sales room and MTvice garage, still has thc equip. mcnt and grease pit in thc rear. Mrs. Jack Hervey of: Us 10 bookmobiles, are serviced Hope, Mr. Orville Powell, Hope, Mst. Don Powell, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Dorothy Jeanc-s, Hope. Mr. Hope and Mrs. Jack Hervey announce the arrival of baby girl on Sept 29. Clubs end repaired there by a crew of automobile mechanics. The bookmobiles are one of the library's I most important services to thc of I acini-rural county. About 700,000 a | books were loaned out of the trucks j last year. i A husky, bald enthusiast of 47, 1 Smith applies the approach 1 of a | sales manager to thc library's pro ; ; ..The Catholic Altar Society will •sponsor a rummage sale Saturday. "October 4. at the Nc\y Theater, BuildinK, South EJm., Anyone hav |.jng rummage ;0jr 7-4582. please call 7-2715 j^Mrs. .-•• :Mrs, Kenneth Powell :- Hostess, to Circle 6 . - . SV WSCS Circle 5 of thc First Meth 'ndist Church met Monday, Scptein- '' 29, at 7:30 p.m. in the home of Kenneth Powell \yith Mrs ''•John B. Gardner Jr., and Mrs. La 'rrjar Cox as co-hostesses X.Thc meeting opened with all : moi"ibers reading in unison the gbai of the Woman's Society of Christian Service closing with pray 'fijr For Others. Mrs. Claude Til jfty, chairman, presided over tho Business session at which time re- ..-|K>rts . were given by the Chris- yjwa Social Relations 'chairman Mrs. Kenny McKcc, Membership, Mrs. fidwln Aslin, Publications, Mrs. pcxtcr Bailey. Mrs. Sam Strong, secretary, reported nine, members .with a perfect attendance record "lor thc first quarter. The chairman urged all members to attend the .community-wide Bible Observ pncc Service at the First Baptist Doyle The Doyle Home Demonstration He was a librarian at Fitchburg, Mass., and Lincoln. Neb., before Club met Tuesday, September 2, injeomini; here but in his two pre- the home of Mrs. Mark Jackson. | vious assignments he was retricted After a short business session the 1 to the ancient library traditions and Olin Whltley, Jesse J. Carter. Running Stop sign. Forfeited $5 cash bond. on car, Forfeited $1 cash bond Odcll Aaron, Dec Stuart. Speeding. Forfeited $5 cash bond. STATE DOCKET Robert Lindscy, Petition for Pence Bond of $200 to insure his good behavior in reference to the ArKimsns Laws on intoxicating liquor and beverages for a period ol 12 months, Petition granted: bond to be made by Oct. 13. J. C. Bryant, M. T. McGec, W F. Medlin, Overload, Forfeited $25 cash bond. Morris Laudcrmilk, Assault & Battery, Plea guilty, fined $25. Walter Burton, Speeding, Plea guilty, fined ?10. Clem Howard, No brakes on car. Plea guilty, fined $5. Francis Delaxesqucx, Aggravated assault, Forfeited $50 casli bond Joseph Clifton Johnson, Grand Larceny, Plea guilty, Held to Gra nd Jury, Bond fixed at $750. mley Williams, Giving an ovur- dratl, Dismissed on payment of costs, cneck paid. C. A. Oiler, Driving while drunk Dismissed on motion ot Pros. Attorney. C. A. Oiler, Assault & Battery. Dismissed on motion Pros. Auor ncy. Walter Burton, No State License, Dismissed, J. V. Single, Giving an overdraft, Forfeiture on bond. J. V. Slagle, (Jiving an overdraft, Forieiture on bond. J. V. Slaglc, False pretense, For I'eiturc on bond. CIVIL DOCKET 1 post," Howere n , nV(MV w;(s M>r.rccs and Devc said appni|llo( , ,„ thp ,.,.. b - v ent f'ommls- s »' Mi-Math last. Jan- I'i'ry. Prior to the appointment he I served as industrial director and Washington reprcscntatiw of thc commission. IV M. Darns, president of thn newly formed council, said it would he incorporated immediately its a non-profit nrj-ani/ation, lie said that West Memphis "has decided to develop an aggressive, program nf industrial economy" and that we (eel fortunate and .mighty Leave Home Denr Miss Dix: My problem concerns the' Atmosphere of our home. I an) unmarried, living with my parents «nd brothers. 1 am a very nervous person, nnd a great worrier. My folks are good, nnd well meaning, but they are antisocial and easily Riven to arguments among themselves. I don't ;eel. free to invite friends home. Since I never know how my folks are going to behave, \\orry over my home situation Is milking me fiiul U difficult When I try to uilK, to my mother, she misunderstands me and acts us it 1 was trying to muko trouble. S. H. AiiMver: Your trouble seems to be entirely of nervous origin, but whether it has all originated with your family, or Whether some of U j has been Induced by outside worries, is impossible for me to do- cide. A irnnk discussion of the problem with your doctor or minister would yield more tangible assistance. Learning lo live with one's family can olten be o difficult task. .so nervous that I to do my work. proud to have Uacus said ness men of look part in Mr. llowere,',' Ihnn 100 busi- Memphis moie West forming the council lint! contributed $ in, 00(1 for its work and, he said, the council expects t<> raise this fund to $25,000. Other officers of the council are B::v L. Garrison, vice-president Ki.rvin K. Phelps, secretary-treasurer. Members of the executive ccmimittee, in addition to the of- f-ccrs. ure A. W. Oliver, W. K. Ingram, ,1. C. Johnson, D. W. Rod- Kirs, W. H. HuiMlliansen, D. J, Sow,' i'ie, and Jack W. Rich. live Labor party's key National Executive- Committee and ousted Recreational Leader had charge of a program demonstrating thc use and advantages of family fun. The hostess served refreshments to the eleven members and four children present. The president appointed a committee to plan a fam ily night program for thc first Friday night in October. Westinghouse Starts Spa Plant HOT SPRINGS, (UP)— The first load of concrete for Westinghouse lamp division's new multi-million dollar glass plant at Lake Cath-] customs as well as outmoded buildings. Here, he started from scratch while thc building was still under way, and put his revolutionary idea in full swing. His most radical step, permitting dogs in the building, has had no- embarrassing consequences. "We insist they be housebroken," Smith said. But just to make sure there are no rugs on the gray composition- floor. French to Repair Fields for U. S. Use PARIS, (ffi — French officials say eririe was poured today. Ground for the new plant was j that repairs will be made on sche- broken last July 28 arid levelling j dule, or with "very slight" delays, and cscavation work was com-! to defective runways on three air pleted two weeks ago. Ditmars- Dickman-Pickens Construction Co. bases in France U. S. Air Force. assigned to thc the contractors, saidi American officials said Saturday months will be re-i that U. S. jet planes had been un- Church Tuesday, September 30 atj house lamp division, including tho ?:30 p.m. the WSCS and Wesleyanj big lamp plant at Little' Rock. Service Guild union meeting at the church, Monday, October 13 at 7:30 p.m. and the Week of Prayer pro Little Rock, at least 18 quired to complete the new plant. I able lo use the fields because thc An official of the company said runways were soft, crumbling 01 construction will go forward im- badly cracked. The fields arc al mediately at tho 30-acre site of the j Chaumont and Toul-Rosiere ir Eastern France, and at Laon-Couv ron in Northeast France. A communique from NATO's su r.reme headquarters near here sair responsibilty for NATO airfields rests with thc nation in which the field is located. new plant which will manufacture Class bulbs for the entire Westing- In 1951 Canada produced over 90 million pounds of molasses. *SAENGER RIALTO Kelly Bros, of Delight vs. J. H. j iood, Action on note for $188.72, Hood, Action on account for $7.8y' i'ricd, Judgment for Plaintiff for $188.72 and $7.BU: notice for appeal Kelly Bros. vs. Martin Wilson. Action on account for $83.47, Tried Judgment lor Plaintiff for $83.47— Notice of appeal. Markets Hie party's No. 2 old guard leader, former Foreign Secretary Herbert Morrb'oii, from the group. ReKiills announced today from- secri'l balloliiii: gave the Ik-vim forces six of the seven seats allotted on the 27-memlier Executive lo local Labor party units. One time Chancellor of the Kxhequor Hugh Dalton was the other Attlee man unsealed in the test of strength between the . Bcvaniles iiiul the party's moderates. Tile Attlee forces still counted on the backing of most of the rest of the comiUee. but the vote for the local, or constitutency, seats 'was considered an Accurate reflection of the feeling among socialism's rank and file members and :i clear indication of the fiery Welshman's his fiuht to crshlp from it is nevertheless, one of life's first requirements. No matter lunv. different your outlook may be from incus, no one in tho whole wo;ld will ever be as close lo you as your own relatives. Blood Is thicker than water. As a member of a large family you must learn to ar- ccpt their failings, make tho most of their virtues and adjust your own temperament to communal living. Any attempt to evade It will lead to ultimate unhnpplneas lor you. Don't Make It Permanent However, 1 do feel that a turn- poiary .separation from your family would be good nt the present lime. Don't try to make n permanent break. Why not get n job In another city for awhile? This 1 believe, would strengthen your own independence, which seems wwiik, would give you a bettor perspective, on the family and living your own hie. I'or a while will certainly u- waken you lo nn appreciation of ,\uur folks. There's no need for you to quarrel with your parents over the .separation. With the help of your doctor nnd minister, they can easily be convinced that your heal th requires a change of environment. New work in n new locnllly should produce results, If your trouble stems chiefly from home atmosphere. Should this drastic change fail to, bring about an Improvement in your nerves, psychi atric treatment Is Indicated. Instance, when we ntc out, It she meets a friend, sho'll stand and talk for h»U nn n&tr or more leaving me stranded, She doesn'l oven introduce us, Often when 1 call on her she'll extend the same treatment, engaging In dome no tivlty or talking t6 someone and leaving me on the sidelines. D. 8. Answer: While It's possible that your girl friend is simply Ignornnl of tho fundamentals of good manners, her actions are more indicative of a terrific ego that Impels her to put everyone n round her In an Inferior light. Most erroneously, she believes thnt her own position Is thereby exulted. It Is -*• but only in her own eyes, Marry Mich n girl only If you want to spend the rest of your life basking In the reflected light ot her radiant personality. Such an existence, I wurn you, con become .very boring, Denr Miss Dix: After 27 years ot marriage, my husband, who has never good'to mo or our four child ion, left mo and went awny — no one knows where. For the first lime In the 27 years, t have pence, though It's hard for mo to get ever, by beeomfn n mart led matt. , divorced, think you wlsfyKtii nttt Irate now ett toM youfseU in the working 1 Released By Ttie Boll Inc. HOPEDRIVM THEATRI «, Main A Oduntry TUESD4T **. "It Happtn« On 5*h Avflni . — with — DON DE ANN HARDIN< ] have met n man of 51 who Is married with grown children. Ho elnlms he wants to divorce his wife nnd marry me when my dl voreo Is granted. Do you think I would be doing right to marry him nnd have what happiness 1 can for the remainder of my lite? B. M. W. Answer: Your llfo certainly hns not held much happiness so far Married at U to a man consldornb ly older who mistreated you tot 27 years, your situation callu for th nothing .but pity, You can be thankful your husband left on his cwn vlll growing strength wrest the party lead Attlee and Morrison. Denr Miss Dix: How-can I den with n girl who Is lacking In coi slderntlon? I am a young man o •J3, -going with a girl two year younger. We are very fond of encl other, but she leads me Into th most embarrassing situations. Fo By The Associated Press Reports of foreign demands for corn and wheat brought a stcad> lone to grains ill early morning trading today. Hogs are mostly steady to a little lower and cattle are mostly steady. Wholesale meat is mixed. Cotton future opened unchanged In oo cents a bale lower. Today's Commodity report from the UaDA: Hogs are selling mostly steady lo a little lower at corn belt markets this morning with declines ot around 10 cents at East St. Louis and St. Joseph, and 25 cents at Sioux City. Omaha on the other hand is steady to 25 cents higher Ihc bulk of the 190 to 250 pound butchers are reported from $20.30 to $21 although some early suies at Sioux City have been down to $20.25. Most markets have tops around $21 in a range from ?2U.tis to $21.25. NEW YORK — Noon Oct. cotton 38.49: Dec cotton 38.01. New Power for Be van Group MORECAMBE, England, W Aneurin in Bcvan's left wingers won new power in British socialism today. They gained two more seats on SAVE-42,. ON FAMOUS Dorothy Gray SPECIAL ORY.SKIN 4ft ^B J\tf% 0 • \/\J ."•'125 R80UIAR1OZ. tl.MltZI. KiouiAR 4 or. MM nn... LIMITED TIME 0^fLY... »o slock up on this famous extra-rich emollient cream. Worb wonders for dry skin and normal skin parched by tun, wind or weather. *•*»*»*» Attend Open House Wednesday, Oct. 1 from 2 to 6 p. m. Pollc* WwUttted Uw U»m WWlftktr. It, Moun4»j» Horn* Kttuwth ftrow^, IS. UUl« »SUt» Pwuvwii-, li. Hot Sprint* *nd Barney Baker, 18. Ark<MltJpUl«. i»;. 3.?j£* !' "^ j* -fir'Ji. AT O— Saow UA to ' Today Only LAST TIMES TODAY Brand New . . . Just Released! The Year's Best Football Game! Beautiful Authentic Rose Bowl Pardae & Gridiron Scenes! NTHE^ behind the fabulous thrill spectacle! 5 MARSHAL!, VERA MILES -NATALIE WOOD CMADTCt '20 Minute Color Novelty, "The Seeing Eye." 9r1Vll I *« Muvical, "Jtn Garber and Orchestra r ' Submit jokes for this column and win passes to the Rialto. For every joke used, the person submitting it will be mailed 2 passes. Jokes must be limited to 50 words or less, and must be suitable (or publication. Leave at theatre boxoffice or mail to: Manager, Rialto Theatre. WEDNfSOAY & THURSDAY T|i«i POWEB * Mri* HAL • suite MchAIiy . * THURS. • JOHN P. COX DRUG (0. DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS t««aiy te ti»i i mht.llh* »0|ior, ^ you! Aft«r| •ymjitomi I ' ew«)i»oy«i •I dlr*el*il. If you eni';itf pl.tii. brlno In m® ; mt$ Ki' accord: Thc hardships yoi have until you nru on youi eel lire nothing compared to UIOHU ou have endured HO long. Don't add to your misery, hovv> DRUG 225 S. Main Would You Like to Do Something Nice Today for Someone . t You Think a Lot Of?? ^ Had You Thought'of Sendf a Gift of Flowers...... "'' - : '';; : i|ii •' . ' ' -"-*.'ij*J*,Sis»™ FLOWERS ARE ALWAYS Send a Bouquet of Lovely Fresh Rowe Or Select a Beautiful Porte'd Plant Or Order a Pretty Corsage Your Florist Will Help You The, Perfect Selection (Sponsored by Neff Brbtrf We are proud of our newly redecorated and equipped shop and invite you to come in and see us. We are offering this special for the month of . • Regular $12,50 Cream OH PERMANENT Special for October. . $8.50 "THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN 1'owr firtt Full «*•«* «rm if Ion Mesh with MIDNIGHT SUEDE A* shown In Black Suede •t Right ONLY 6.95 OPERATORS VIRGINIA FOUNTAIN GUAQYS BUTUR DOROTHY GltBERT HA2§U AgRAM . Ben«<jlctjn In m,

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