Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 17, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 17, 1894
Page 3
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DREADFUL PSORIASIS Covering Entire Body with WUlto Scales. Sii(Turing Fearful. . Cured by Ciitlcuru. 'Mr disease {psoriasis) first broke out on my left iiboek, giHviuliiii: aiiroiw my IIIMMJ, and almost covcnnfr lay face. Ft ran into my eyes, and the ivhyslclun WM afraid I would lose my eyfulRht ilticelhef. Jt abroad nil over uiy Iwail, anil my ___ hair all full out, until I wan ontiroly IviUil-ueiulcil; it then broke out on my amis and •houlileM, until my arms wore (nut one •ore. It covered my ODtiro body, my face, head, •nil ahouMers balnc tho worst. The white scAbu (ell constantly from my lieail, alioi liters, anil »nin; the nklu would thicken and be roil and very Itchy, and would crack arm bleed if scratched. After upcniline •rainy hundreds ol dollars, I was pronniinvou inonrnblo. I hcanl of tboCm-iccRA HKMKIUKS, anil after usIiiR two bottles CtmcL'UA Kiaoi.- •fKtrr. I could «co a change; and after I had uk«n four hottlos, I was almost cured; and when I bad uaod nix bottle" of CCTIIXUA HE- IOI.VKXT, one box of CUTICCTIIA, and ono cakn uf CrrricuRA SOAP, I won cured of the dreadful ilineue from which 1 had siin«n)ii for live years. I cannot express with a jion what I suffered Iwfora nslnp; tho KKMKDIK*. They saved my lifo, »nd 1 feel it my duty to recommend them. My hair In restored as good as ever, finil so is iny ovtuilffht. Mk». ROM KELLY, Rockwell City, Iowa. CUTICURA WORKS WONDERS wonderful skin cures, Wood imriflcrs uml humor roiuedles. Inspires confidence. ThoyaltorU insuuurulli-f iindspeeUv i:uro of the most torturinir, anil disllnurinc of itehine, burnine, ncalv, skin and scalp diseases. They cleanse tho blood Mil skin of every cniii- uon. Impurity ami ilisoasn. and c.iusiiuuo tUO jiiontclfucliro treatment of modern tunes. Bold thronnhout tl™ world. I'rlro, CuTicvllA, Me.; £OAP, -in- ; KKSIILVKNT. *1. ivr-rsi: Dr.co *. Cuiuv, Bole I'roprk'lors, Uosion. lo» to Cure Skin DincM^," in»!U.'d fre«. Pi I FLEB, blackbeml', red anil oily <l;ln prevented and cured by CCTICI-BA BOAI-. IT STOPSTHE PAIN. Dnckacho, kidney pains,n'eaknosa, rheumatism, and miisiMilai pains re- iirvrrt in 0110 lulmilo by thitCntl- ur» Antl-l'-ln I'linter. 26c. DAILY JOURNAL. ^SATURDAY MORNING. MARCH 17. Hew ball at Patterson's. Plenty dreiiedoblolreBi-Rothermel. S«9 the Calva veil at the Boe Hive. -.Something new. Three mule» for lale cheap. Call «t Dleokman, the Grocer. Bead prices on spring goods lu our advertlsement.—Golden Rule. Juit opened anew lot of capes and jacket* for today's trade.—Trade Palace. Our cloak department Is fine; everything entirely new at the New Fashion •store. Engineers jackets and overalls, both for 50 cents, just half price,—A. G, Jenklnes, assignee. New shoes for Easter; choice of all •JS-ftO and $8 75 fine shoes $2 89 for a few days at Pilling & White's. J. E. Orano, the architect, it receiving bids for the construction of the masonary of tho proposed Home tor the Friendless. J. T. MoNary severely burnt his right hand yesterday afternoon while assisting at some repair work at the power bouse of the street car line. If you suffer from sleeplessness why not try Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Yltallner, •the great discovery for nervous dls. saiea and sleeplessness! Warranted, 'Jen Fisher. The Baby'* Best Friend—MoLlnn's •Onion Syrup gives Immediate relief •ad cures croup, colds, colic, and particularly vomiting of curdled milk. Hot sale by B. F. Keesling. Only 25 cents per bottle. We have heard men say "I would give $500 to have this approaching baldness arrested and a healthy growth ol hair produced," This desirable retult will surely be brought about at trlllng expense by the use of the jfcoelslor Soalp Curer and Hair Pro.-Jucar to ba sold by agents In this city. ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Now sblrta nl Patterson's Attend our |2 89 sale.—Filling & White. It will pay you to visit Harry Frank's store today. Big spring sale. See advertisement, —Golden Kule. Many pretty spring wraps for today's trade at the Bee Hive. Two dollar Fedora and Derby hats, spring shapes, for $1. at the Kraus assignee sale. No shop worn goods at the Beo Hive. Everything fresh and new at the very lowest prices. Dress goods and trimmings, the finest ever shown in this city, at the Now Fashion store Tho latest Fedora "hape spring hats worth $1 SO, go for 98 cents, «t Harry Frank's challenge sale. Oar new hosiery, glove* and under, wear (or Easter trade has arrived, and examine—Trade Palace. Two hundred dozen men's socks, silk heel and toe, worth 50 cents, for 26 cents, at the New Fashion store. We offer 100 dozon Everett blue bib overal s worth 75 centa, for 41 cents, at Harry Frank's challenge sale'. Low prices and correct weaves and styles, IB tho cause of the boom in our drew goods department at the Trade Palace. Latest spring stylei In shoes. Cloth top shoes, pat, of. trimmed shoes with big buttons, worth |3.50 to $3 75 Your choice $2.89.— Pilling & Wnlte. For Sale—Dark sorrel horse, six years old. Sound and gentle, well broke single; not afraid of cars Price |95. Inquire at Singer office. Tho commissioners yesterday received bids for tho construction of the Crawford ditch In Bethlehem and Adams townships and the contract will be awarded In a few davs. Lost—A "Vandalla line" mlleagn book, bearing name of E. E. Cleve. land and daughters. Same Is no value to anyone but tho owner. Finder will leave at this office and receive reward. Party Wishes to Rent—House with modern conveniences, about ten or twelve rooms, convenient to business center. Might oonsider the purchase of property. Leave word at this office. Dr. Tanner will lecture at the Ninth Street Christian Church Tuesday evening, March 20, on his fast of lorty days. Admission 10 cents. The proceeds will be given to the Sunday School. Papers for the admission of Ferdinand C. Regley, of Daer Creek township to the hospital for the insaro at Long Cliff, were made out yesterday and he was removed to that institution last evening. Mrs. Nancy L. Pierce died at tho borne of her daughter, Mrs, W. C Custer at No. 61 Bates street yester, day morning, at tho advanced age of 83 years. The funeral will bo held Sunoay afternoon at 2 o'clock. The six weeks old Infant of Mrs. J. W. Haskett died al6 o'clock last even Ing of lung fever. The funeral will be held ai 2:30 this afternoon from the residence ol John Glosser. C18 Wabash avonue conducted by Rev. W. H. H. Marsh. Tho caso of the city against Wm, Loftus, who i» charged on two nounts with selling liquor to a minor came up in tho Mayor's court yesterday,,,but was continued, the State not being ready for trial. The defendant's interest are being looked alter by Fred- orlck Landis. When Your Watch or Piano NEEDS REPAIRS Do you let a blacksmith or carpenter tinker with it ? No. Better let it alone than do that! How about your nerves—your very life prop? This delicate mechanism gets out of order, and who sball repair it ? There are fine mechanics who cannot repair watches; there are good physicians who cannot fix up the nerves. Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vital- izer is a safe and positive cure for every form of nerve debility and nerve exhaustion if used faithfully according to directions. May Be It's Just What You Need It ii, if you suffer from Chronic Headach* Sleeplessness, Debility or Prostration ! These are warnings—if neglected mai ' to Paralysis, Epilepsy, Apoplexy, or In Our Vitalizer does not stupify—it -' builds up—cures ! We oner $500 k 0 n"d? y The J.W. Brant Co. Laboratory, AlMoa, Mfcfc. Or4*0«yM..NMrY*riu Free sample for convincing trial of any druggist, or direct from us on receipt of 5 c*ntl (stamps) for return postage. The doctor will give free advice to any who Mkit All are welcome. ,_ One dollar a bottle at druggist*. . When Ml found write n*. For Sale by Ben Fisher, ?11 Fourth St. 'T'HE best investment JL in real estate is to keep buildings well painted. Paint protects tho house and saves repairs. You som>-iimes want to sell—many a good house has remained unsold for \vant of paint. The rule should be, though, "the best paint or none." That means Strictly Pure White Lead You cannot afford to use c/icaf paints. To be sure of getting Strictly Pure White Lead, look at the brand ; any of these are safe: "Anchor," "Southern," "Eckstein," "Bed Seal," "Kentucky," "Collier." FOR COLORS.—National Lead Co.'s Pure While Luad Tinting Colors, These colors nru sold in onc-por.iul cnns. «ich c-iii IrtiiiK siill'x-icnt l;j ii:it 5i ]mi:nib of Strictly Pure Wliiic U-:ul ihc tlciir.il sliatlu; they nre m no sriiso Kflny-niixi'd prnK h't a combination ofiv.Tfi-cUyiwre rolo-s n the hamliesl form to tint Sl'ii-tiyl'iirr While UM<I, A cooil ninny thousand dollars have SUCH •avcrt'iir-opcny-owncrs by liwinu <iur book on pnmlinn :in-l rnlor-card. Send i;s s postal caul and ect 1'oth free. NATIONAL LEAD CO., New York. Cincinnati Prancli, Seventh m.il rrvcinan AVIMIIIC, Cincinnati. Tbe Democratic Oonrentlon. The democratic city committee has fixed the date of the democratic primaries Thursday April 12th and the city convention Saturday A|.rll 14th. The law requires that the nomination shall be certified at least 15 dava before the election and as the election Is May 1st this Is the last date upon which a convention can be held. It IB an unwritten law, recognized In almost every -community, that the majority party shall make the first nominations that the minority party in its weakness may at least attempt to profit by the mistakes of its oppon- aute. In the selection of this date the democratic committee haa violate^ thin unwritten law and shows that it has not recognized that the people of Logansport no longer indorse trick* ory. The same element which attempted the fraudulent gerrymapder seems to have brought about this unfairness and while it i« not a (erious matter it shows tho spirit of those dictating It. The action shaws that the majority Is tricky and cowardly and dares not go before the people In a fair and mnnly way. It shows also that the majority party has learned nothing by Us experience and tho people should be on guard. A campaign opened thus gives little hope for fairness or a recognition of tho rights of others later on and little hope for the rights of the public if success should happen to reward trickery The Track of ProgrrM. In all tho scientific advancoment which has been made there Is nothing which has attracted more attention and certainly nothing which id of more vital consequence to all than that which has been made In tho treatment of disease. There are thousands of sick persons and invalids all over the country who have until recently been unable to avail themselves of the most scientific medical aid. Through the thoughtfulnese and kindness of that groat benefactor of mankind, Dr Greene, of 36 West 14th Street New York, all those suffering from any disease may avail themselves of his great system of treating and curing disease all over the land through letter correspondence. Peo- plo can consult him by letter absop lutely free of charge. Dr. Greene is the moat successful specla'lHt in curing all nervous and chronic diseases; bo Is the discoverer of Dr Greene's Kervura blood and norvo remedy. Ho gives most careful and explicit atten. tlon to all letters received by him and writes the patient a full description of the case. Tbe D< ctor uses nothing but harmless vegetable remedies and baa had wonderful success in curing disease through letter correspondence. Send for one of his spmptom blanks and ho wll write you a fullr escrlptlon of your disease and give you advice in regard to its cure, free of charge. (100 Bewud, (100. The reader of this pftwr will to ptaaial to learn that Uiere li at least one dreaded dlnmoes thrt Ktow hi" been able to cure In all Ita ntagea SdttoMTcatarrh. HallN Catarrh Cure l«Th« onlrDMl-lva ewe Known to the medical frirtvnity. Catarrh bilD« s conrtltotlroal dlneuwi, reoul™, a BonJlltattonil treatment. Hall's Catarrh Core la taken totamaUr. «ot"i« dlreoU ' on ttw blol)d "^ Sucut lurlaoes of ih« Mitem. thereof dertro.ing Se foundation of r.he dlneaae, and OTtnu the patient itrVngth bj building up the oonKltutton and aiMrtlnVnature In doing Its work. The proprle- tom have no mu«h filth In ji« enrattw powers, Dollar; for any owe ISr^old bj drngglntl. Smoke Y<mr Lift la thVtrothfal, Ktatiln* title of a little book that tellSaU about No-to-bao, the wonderful, harm{««. oDiWJrrinn) tobacco habit cure. The cost IgMning and the man who wants to quit and ?m? iSni nophj leal orflmradsl r & u»lng "No-to-biicX" Sold bjB«n Fisher, Book atitare, orbr mall free. Address, The •Mrllag BtmedV Co, Indiana Mineral Springs, 104 _,_ - H»ndl« Fmetorf Wood for Smle. Handle factory wood delivered to anfrP*ft of the city., Mall orders to Hillock & Plttmtn. Handle factory. bn^Toleflo 3fc, orP,,J. Ktmnwr, Femllj flonrll.Mnun.—B The Pan Handle pay car will ar. rive today. Master Mechanic Pennock returned from the East yesterday. The Wabasb earned in the first week of March $225,600. a decrease &t compared with the same week of 1893 of 19 100. Tho YandaUa is making propara- tions to put several work train- on the road. The Camden gravel pit will be opened up next week. Alvah Myers, tj>e well known Van. dalla baggage master, and wife are rejoicing over the arrival of a daughter which wan born Sunday morning, Mar :h 11, 1894 at their homo in South Bund, Ind. Pan Handle engine 369 has been repaired and will leave the (shops today Until she came here she was In service in the Chicago ya du but it Is said that she will be sent to the Loul ville dlvlsio .. Sam Cutshall a passenger conductor on the Eel River division of the Wabash who lives in Peru was In the city Thursday evening to be initiated In tho mysteries of the B. P- 0. E. Years ago wben the western torminus of the Eal river was here Mr Gtushall ran a local freight between here and Butler. Work has boen commenced on iho construction ot the Cblcapo & Southeastern Railroad from Anderson to Muncle and the road wl 1 be com pleted to the latter city by July 1st Superintendent Moore positively denies that the road is owned bv Cal vin Brtoe aid s»ys it will not be absorbed by the Like Erie & Western. It is probable that the Indiana, Illinois & Iowa will this year be extended from Knox to Michigan City, via Hamlet, North Llbortv and Wa'k- erton. A surveying partv has 1 just completed a surv v of the proposed extension, and General Drake, ono of the prominent men of the company. IB quoted as saying that construction would soon be begun on the extension. John Church.a Wabash section man has brought suit against the company for f 10.000 on account of injuries he received. He was on a handcar which was struck by a freight train during a heavy fog on Jan. 1.7. The grounds of tho suit are that the train was not a scheduled train, and the men on the car did not know that such a train was on the road, consequently took no precautions ag*lnstlt Evansvllle has toon selected as the place for thi- Switchmen's Mutual Aid Association to hold its annual meeting. The convention will be held in May. Usually there are about 1,000 delegates and their friends In attendance. It Is hardly probable that so laree a number will convene this year, as the organization is not as flourish. Ing *9 a year ago, the depressed timas with the roads having caused many changes, and so many men have been thrown out of work. The largest railway station in the world Is situated in St. Louis, or will bo as soon as It Is completed, which may be about July lat. The building is to be dedicated July 4th. It covera aix city biooks, or an area of 600 by 700 feet. In Its construction there has boen consumed 12,"00,000 pounds of steel, 2 500 000 foot of lumber, 3,000,000 DnlU, 100 000 cubic foet of stone, 5 000.000 brick, 200,000 roofing tile and 50,006 square yards of plaster Ing and coat, including the ground on which it Is built, $4,000,000. That S',. Louis bas thP largest Union Station in the world, and much the largest, Is beyond all controversy The train shed covers 12 acres and will shelter 200 passenger coachea. TUer Proteit. Tho cigar makdrs of the city have prepared and signed the following memorial which will be forwarded to Washington. It Is self explanatory: To the Hon. D,mlnl W VoorheeJ, Chairman of tin Finance iftmiumlttee: DEAU SIR; Wa, the undersigned oigarinrkers of Union No. 215, Logansport, Ind., do hereby moat emphatically protect agalnBt any increase of revenue on cigars, and most respectfully request that you use your utmost endeavor to prevent the same. The clgarmakera koow by actual experience that they, and they alone, will have to bear the burden of any In- oroaee in taxes on cigars When the Increase of Internal rev- enuo on cigars was adopted before, the clear makers mjt an immediate reduct on of wage's In an amount equivalent to the increase <n the rev. enue. If 8 *'d proposed increase be adopted the cttrar makers o' the International Union of America will consider the Democratic p*rty respon B t 0 le as that party holds the power of governmental legislation. B-nnker'fl Carminative Balsam, the great stom .oh and bowel remedy. iMttU working wonder*. For lale by all drnggUta. CEJSTIiniS Paine's Celery Compound the Remedy That Makes Peap'e March is, in fact; the first month In , Indigestion yields to the year. j care In January stands first in the calendar ! pound only for convenience of business. No* Is the time to get well! Through the long winter most men and women do not taste fresh air or drink in sunlight oftener than once a week or once a fortnight. a raktonaU*- taking Paine's celery COM, .. Liver and kidney troublM will not persist when only pure bl<Mi flows through these important org«M. The cure of diseases of the stomach and nerves by Paine'i celery compound starts at the very ciu*e of the trouble: thin, watery blood aid It Is no wonder so many hard work- i jangled, shaky nerves. ... J A _„ A nrvMnnnW omitm** TVi t\\ 1OO F»f1 tt f\t f"H7«P* Ing men and women approach spring with afoelitgol weakness and debility and a languor of mind they can not shake off without the assistance of a blood purifier and a true food for the nerves and brain. Beyond a doubt the best spring medicine is Paine's celery compound. With its use diseases loosen their hold in the spring. These are tho favorable months for attacking rheumatism, lumbago, nervous diseases and weakness of the digestive organs—and Paine's celery compound cures them where everything oUe fails. The most eminent professor, and a man of tremendous experience, Prof. Edward E. Phelps, M. D., LL. D., discovered the formula for Palne'e celery compound In the famous laboratory connected with the Dartmouth medical school. It is the remarkable outcome of the century's study of blood and nerves, and their close dependence upon each other for health But remember the time worn text: "Spring comes but once a year." Take advantage of the favorable season. Thousands of overworked buil« men and hosts of plain, hard-working people are today strong and happy whose lives were lull of wretcbednew and weakness before trying Palae 1 ! celery compound. Disorders of the liver, stomach a»d kidneys can now be thoroughly drlre« out of tho system by Paino't celery compound, tho remedy that makes people well. Attheflret indication of nerT«u» weakness and a "run down" oondlti** of the system, tone up the 8to«a«k wlih Paine's celery compound, regulate the nervous system and nomctth the body by this great Invigorator. Try It and be convinced. One of the best known young me* •( Holyoke, Mass., Mr. J. E. Moyett. given above, write* whoso likeness is frankly: "Ihavo taken Patne's celery oc pound and found It to be the medicine that I have ever take». I felt weak and run down and couli Mt eat anything In the morning, also bad a vomiting spell every morning alter getting- up. I took part of two bottiei Get well and strong and free from the I of Paine's celery compound and feel allmtnts that come from poor blood j better than I have for a year cheerfully and worn out nerves. Changes In the blood and nervous tissues take place very rapidly at this time. In March and April the blood is most capable of throwing off Its ImpmUlos. Purify-the blood and invigorto the nervous system with Paine's celery compound. Hard times and overwork are best met with Paine's celery compound. recommend it to any me. My wife i» taking it now tor weaknew. es and nervousness, and it helpi her very much. Tbo druggist where we trade tells my wife that Paine's celery compound outsells any other mediotee that they keep." That Is tiie story from one end of the country to tho other; became Paine's celery compound cures. Four "C" NothiDB in the -whole history of Medicine can compare with the success of "POUR C." It Is the ONLY KNOWN specific for LA GRIPPE. It removes all Its DRKADKD und KTiL effects, inducing restful, natural sleep. ONBDOSK will frequently remove Pleurisy pains. ONE DOSK has time and again relieved a cblld suffering with CROUP. Four "C" has cured Asthma, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, and Ulcerated Tonsilitis. Im composition it is DIFFERENT, is WORK POWKRFUL and ACTIVB, ill fact it is as DIFFERENT from any other lung remedy as molasses Is different from vinegar. It Is a REVELATION. BEST OF ALD YOU TAKB N» RISK. The KSSBNCB of th_e contract is. Four "C" MUST GIVE SATISFACTION or money will be refunde by BEN FISHER. OvufclM »*•*• ** «»»*•••»«•••• Will (top titt OMfk Special As I am desirous of relieving curing suffering humanity of oat liver complaint, rheumatism, _ _ sla, and all diseases of a nervou* a*d debilitated nature in either sex, «HU March 25th, I will treat all w.ith the above dlseasw free of with the exception of a very fee in certain cases for medlolna. 'I do this for the benefit of many sufferers who are in need of and are not able to pay my prices. J. W. MERROLL, M. D., D. M. A Atfi. 411 Broadway. Logansport, !•!Karl's Clorer Root, the new purifier, give* freahneii and r' to the complexion and ouret< HOB; Mo., Wo. and |x SoW fcf B. r.Keoillnf. Quaker keadaohV oapnilt fti" *** lltf la tin KliutM. luipeiden at Patterron 1 *.

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