Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 29, 1952 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 29, 1952
Page 13
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V. ^ T. *' '' ' V* 1 -' -i- 11 1, HO i t A ******** , $4f»teiijtef £1,1414 MTO for Sole prlc«i, Ri|lit«r*d oU, n«w toeatlon 4 mlfti north en Proving Ofound ftotd. A. W. BWn«h, Hioti. 749S1 B-lM «rav»l, top , . , , «oll ( Bftd till dirt, C»n J«Ma sin- olalr, Pkwna 7'2SM. 8-3- 1M 8AVB half (Recking building! OOw) clenn pine lumber, gftlve 6lMd roofing, complete doom wlndowi, narrow flooring, Mac'* rnllei went Hope, C, Pour Highway Dtothi Jn Stott dtrd on By fh« Ai«ool«l«d At lenft four porvonx HouiKfid highwayn lhl« wp*-k tnil to brln»? the «tnt«'» violent rleAln toll to 13 for ttitt wcuk ending la*t A M-yenr-nld l.ouUlnnn Np*ro, Yankees Are Favored to Take Dodgers By JOE REICHLER NEW YORK t* — The SPORTS ROUNDUP ,»y OAVUE TALBOT. NKW YORK, - Far be lt Irt/rn art olrl National League part-j )*nn to offer fal«o hope to ello.vi (lifers of recent yar«, but this i • the :w YORK W. -ine Amen-! ft|(ht bc Ju)ll posslb | y f.lnnfe Ke*«i> of Fnrmcrvllto, w«« can champion New York Yankee*! WorW Scr|c)) wh) , rt , , AC giv,. those Injured fatally In a a-enr colll»lonit«Jay ruled « nolid «-3 ( favorite Wj Amf ., le an jjea'«uer» their lumps. WVvp bt'cn looking over the Dodgers' retard for the season and a number of things near K\ Dorado yctlerfay thnl to- overcome the- National lured riln«- uthor per«on», 8talft;Clinmplon Brooklyn DodBcm In the; Bill Mullock Hold the ftccl-40»t production of th«- m<xU.TO, tletii *>c«suiro<I on Hljfhwiiy K, Hole*, nlNINO room unite, gen HI Hotel 20-flt NEW tils Itomo, 5 room* and bath. 7-8971. Durpc pl«« 18 old. R<m«Qhr«bl«. Dob Llnnkor, JJI«hWuy 4, ituit ol Hope. 27-:ll OOOO Grocery Store Ht Omydon Anthony Lumber Compnny, A puylng propoKltlon, Phono 7*0076, 3 H m >-e*t«»rd»y. ' W*«ine«day. Mr*, Murrv A. Cobb, M, died] NMtrwr manner - Casey St«>iv, In a Hot'Spring! hospital after »h«!*«-l of »»« Y«r>fc«*« or Chuck Drt*, v»» itln.ck l.v u car while croming: *«n "f th<- D<,d(i«r, -- l,a» officially, - Hot 8i»rir.«» »tr.)«t. Polldc »ald nnnwd hi* .,|..mlng dny pitcher, but wt>» th« first'IfulU-ntlons wt-re that whlc».|fets unelf-r way: whi( ; h m||]|ht brlng cheori lhe prl n ("HHHt W1HJM W 'J*TMi*t T w -w »ti^ ••• -•» • . . i l-fflc r.umy In lh« city In mor« nnlrt, ,-md H, r k.y,, 1 All., -t Jo, would open f«>«tlvitl(>s (it 1 p. m. M«n.ley N.gro dl«i; |KST, .nl^ Kt.br^J-'Irl^ AUhm,«h thun two in H V < mre'"»oVk : "T«'»pH«Tor'ln.";il »"»rk* the H K hth tlrm- v. •ufferod Srilurdoy night' ki"? have purllcluated In clpftl one of which is the strongs Indication that they no longer roll over .-intl piny fleud when thc Rom>! nv(t routfh, but Rot routJh, •. thernNcrlves. The' last time our champions were ovit West, you mny recall, thr ft. Louis Cardinals than a depot stove- a Musial, Fain Best Hitter of Majors Rochester and Kama* City Tied KANSAS CITY tjf\ — The Rochester Red Wings and the Kan! »as City Blues are tied at one vie- in their Little World lory aplccf Serlc*. Rochester shoved across four — A ti-ns in the seventh inning yester day to come from behind and edge the American* Association Blues 5-3 After tonight's third contest the best-of-soven series between the In ternational League and American A»»oclntion playoff winners will ' or the fourth of thcj Ferris! Fain of the Philadelphia Athletics | repeated as the hitting champions | of the two circuits. j .' Not since 1014 when Brooklyn's!"'.,, and Detroit's iiwnfall In the seventh. Thc Jim Russell had limited Ro• to five bits Koing Into the nnd his team had a 3-1 Takes Time Out to R«od Mail i WASHINGTON, Sen. Richard;! Nixon took time out from his c paign M Republican vice-prea tial nominee today to catch with his senatorial mall and pi prre for thc finSI pre-election dm Nixon plans to spend today ad tomorrow i n Washington, wnel Republican' National Committl headquarters still is being floodr v.'ith responses to his dramatic ~ dio-televlsion appeal for ft pu verdict on his privately— raiS| , expense fund. I He plans to leave Wednesday another campaign tour thalAv take him through Virginia, Ma land, Delaware and New Jers| during the latter part of the wo OOP headquarters said mail 3 bedroom liounc. Xloor , attic tun. Clone to •eno0l, Nice neighborhood. 317 X. 18th. PORTKKFJELD & SON 20-flt jtiriol when hi* c:iu leU Iliwhway 03 ne«r WrlKliUvllliT. He wu» Idt-MtifU-d n» Vondy 'Hunk*. Legal Noflcii ~IP1ROPO»BD CONWTUTIONAL AMENDMBNT NO, 48 ; BE IT RESOLVED by th« Senate of tho Hlnt« of ArknnmiR nnd by the HOUKC of Representntlvc*. a Mnjorliy of All the Member* a fall »i.Tl<!* l» the pant do7.cn yr-ard, and cnlnK to I'r.s. The DoilRi-rs knocked . tin; foi.rth llinif foi' thi> Dodger* th<? •iff four stniiKlH, . . , , , , , Then they went into that five- IUS2 rl«Mlc will ImW Hpeclnl lnl«-r-: lrs hcre w|lh the G , antsii nt. The YunkoM, for the wcond; , ,,„ lh t , h lime IP hUtory, will be «unnlnK) ' ' foi Ihtlr fourth micc«'fi*lvo world: _n. The Uodiior* will th,.r-fifth triumph on. .^x'ijj; 11 ,; five rifVcmnU In as many at- ^^"7'^;;;:;^^ ° r I3 ' on watchetl thc , u. , "''^.'u I* j ifclrnichl vi-ar havo the two league." 1 right In on the lead-; ^ ^ -^^ champ|on . two suf . 1 ccsslvc years. iMni?Kio. Hank Saner of Chicago copped j worthwlle successor to Joe Dl - Cattleman FOR Wlntpr OroiUntt, mlxluro o( OuU'anU Choat with iprlnklo Of Hairy Vetch and Hingletory P«o», $3.78 per hundred pound « *t (arm. Alston Fouler, 27 off, Ivowlnvlllc, ArHnnio*. cut For Ronl 4 ROOM furnl«h«d apartment, Prl vut* buth. Eloclrlo box, No child* ran. Mr*, Judson, 220 North Elm. 204f J3ESJKABLK 4 room iinttimlnhvO 9701. N *hr»a<i. ftnlr of Hordwood floor* IJuilt'in*. Prlvutu bath and en CiQie ln< 207 Shaver Bt N|CEL.Y (uratihed apartment. room* and bain, Hardwood noors, 430 Edgewood, Call 7 2807 or 7-3773 aftvr 0. a.VOt Kloctnil to Kach Home Thorclo: That the following l» hereby pro)0«ed n» nn nhiPtulmont to tho :onrtllutlon o( the Stnto of Ar- knn»a», and upon being submitted to the elector* of the State for np- »rov0.1 or rejnctlon at the next gen- ornl olocllon for Ttepreiientntlvc* nnd Sennton, If n majority of the elector* voting thereon, nt nuah on election, adopt mifh umendment. the xarne ahull become a pnrt ol the Con*tltutlon of tho State of Ar- I'asp thc pressure tci thc vanla The Nation, League entry ^r| ^^J'-V^hed the Phillies to UK. »r.l time since 1MB will «n ; toj ^J, ^'^, whilc , t ls qullc thi pwt rcanonably wt-l «»»««« »»| lruc tha our heroes built up the cuiitpnrad to their r v«U. Oorigcr* cinched the f «K The Au » s K ' . ttportment. Apply nt MWtllebrooks Grocery, Phono 787-31 BOOM liounu. Klcctrlclty, water. AUo pa»turt>, Halt rnltt, city Urnltt. Old, Highway 67 -Sftlit, Ho» OUlenple. 20-Ot to-wlt: SECTION 1, CornrrtUilon Created — Member* — Pow«ri. There in hereby created n State Hlflhway CommlMloti which shall be vested with nil the powers nnd duties now or herenftcr Imposed by law for the administration of tho Stale IllKhwiiy Unpnrtmrnt, together with nil powers necessary or proper to enable the Commission or uny of Ha officers or employees to carry out fully and effectively tho rouulatlonx nnd laws rulutlntf lo tho Stule Highway Department. SECTION a. Qualifications and Appointment of Member* — Termt of Office of First Commission. Within ten days nfter tho conven- UIH of the Oenoral Assembly of the StHle of Arkansas In the year 19IW, tho Governor, by and with the ad. vlco und consent of Uie Senate, shall appoint tlvo persons who ore qualified doctor* of the State to constlUito tho State Highway Com- irtUnUm for tcrmii of two, four, six, cl«ht and ten years respectively. Muslal. first baseman-outfielder, fought off a late-season rush by! the National League runs batted Chicago's Frankie Baurnholtz to; in title with 121, but was foiled in rcil down his sixth National; his bid for thc home run crown League crown, thc last three 1 when Pittsburgh's Ralph- Kiner mt FlralKht, with a .336 mark. Baum-ja 37 Saturday tor a tie. It was holt/ hit .325. Musial won in 1951 i the seventh straight time Kinei with .355. i has either lied or won outright his,----- --. .. n m inion. F»in. Philadelphia's scrappy first: league's home run title, a major »V|i'^^^^lJ.. lv f..J!!:::! l I l .l si.ckcr. wrestled with Cleveland'*'league re-cord. Dale Mitchell during the season.] In the American League, Clevc- but always managed to stay one land's Larry Doby hit his 32nd action to his nationwide radio-1 explanation of his $1B,000 oxperf fund last Tuesday night is si coming in at a rate of 35,000 lett<[ a day. Thus far, the committee said estimated two million persons ha expressed themselves by telccttal telephone and mail, and tho^al in his favor is about 350 to one. The London, England, Librq has six million volumes and Oogcr* cnce e « , h cx c ()f lnc stl . Tuesday while the Yankees had to, J- enuallv in evidence that »•« v'« p /«i".r-. l "° -!?• }}Kl ^ K IcMWoS Krfli 't^' tin clime of the campaign, tliice years, the National League ] liurvlvori were sorely pressed rinht| down to tho wire. n five or »lx g«m« In thl. best- four-of-scven, The second game, ulito lo be staged In Brooklyn, will uo on Thursday. The conflict moves to the vast Yankee Stadium few weeks when tho he-wolves were howling around their door. That is, perhaps, the most hopeful sign. For another thing, the Dodgers were remarkably consistent when one considers the contused state of their pitching for mu>th of the season. Maybe they tlon't have any pitching, as some jump ahead to wind up on top of the American League with .327. He copped last year with .344. Mil i«.'ll finished this year with .323. In the American, there was a three-way deadlock for third place at .311 among the injured George Kelt of Boston and Gene Woodling of New York and the sensational Mickey Mantle, the Yankees' American Leaguers but out . J Mlockn from tovvn 8, MBlnl Phone 7.3806. 20-31 NICK 3 room wru*un»lnhcd apnrl> ment. HM> 8. Main. _- The tot-ing so up» red- dl»h-brown flm» In red leather oboe. CftU 7.3803. MS-at N[»roe wUltu on collBi 1 , May hnYe'lpit> collar, if found notify Frank Turner, Ht. 1, Hope. ^ • ao-at Wonted to iuy ANTED '0BUY Onench rough flroon ook lymter -r* regular Ifrlflths or«i<tl«4ld hg. For prices and specif ICQ t ions wrlt« — 'Gurdon Lumber Company ,; ? 5 Arkansas M.I,H.lpWont.d pointed .-iluUl bfr determined by.lot, Tho CommlsHloners to bo appointed from the State at lurjtc; provided, however, that no two Communion* era shall be appointed from any nglt! Congressional Dintrict. in tho event of rejection by the Senate ot a person whoso name hn» been »o submitted, the Governor »hall within llyo doy» after re- oelpt of written notice from the Secretary of tho Semite of such rejection submit the name of another appointee to fill such vacancy. In the ovitivt the Governor should within live days thereafter full to nppolnt or fall to submit to th4 Senate, for confirmation tho name of «ny person to be appoint- t-d, tho Senate ahull proceed to innko the appointment of Its own ehalec. ; SKCTION 1 Termt of Office of Members. Upon the expiration ot the foretlQlng terms of said Com- ivUaskmDrs, a successor shall be Appointed by Ihe Governor In the muniUM' provided tor In Section 3 tor n term of ten year*, which term of ton yearn shall thereafter bo for each member of tho Com- mUxlon, SECTION 4. Removal of M«m- bert — Hearlno — Revltw and Appeal. A Commissioner may be removed Uy U»P Governor only for the some cause* »* apply to other constitutional .officet's after a hear. Ing which may be reviewed 'by the Chancery Court tor the First District with right of appeal therefrom to the Stifumtitt Court, such review and appeal to be without presumption in favor of nny finding by the Legal Notice M?ROP08iEO~CON8TITUTIONAl. AMENDMENT NO. 41 BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representatives of the State of Arkansas and by the Semite, a majority of All thc Members Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: That the following Is hereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, and upon being submitted to the electors of the State for approval or rejection at the next general election for Representatives and Senators, i£ a majority of the electors voting thereon In such election adopt such amendment, the some shall become a pnrt of the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, to wit: SECTION 1. That tho Constitution of the Slate of Arkansas amended modifying Section, Article .7 and Section 3 of t rnent No. 24 of said Const so an to provide for the elcc . a County Clerk In all of the said counties of the State,'as follows:*"The provisions for the elajetttin ot a County Clerk upon a population basis ore hereby abolishafl and there mny be elected a County Clerk In like manner us a Circuit Clerk, and In such cuses,> the County Clerk may be ex qificlo Clerk of the Probate Court oMych county until otherwise provided by the General Assembly." This Amendment shall be In ful force and effect upon nnd ufte home run yesterday, to win the homer crown from his teammate, Luko Kastcr, who bad 31. game in 90-degree temperatures Cotton Deal is slated to hurl .Rochester tonight. Art SchalUl . Will be on thc mound for City. claim, somebody must have been there with that rosin bag. The Dodgers cither were in the loud or were tied for the top on all but 111 days of the race. They held undisputed possession of first place from June 1 on. They never were more than 21 game;; oft thc pace, having trailed the Giants by that longest lead, 10' ^ Aug. 25 and 2G. games, on eltf APPROVED: March 20, 1951. Secretary of State C. G. HALL May S thru Oct. 27 (80 times) Legal Notice League Leaders By The As B oclnted Press NATIONAL LEAGUE BATTING— Musial, st. Louis, 330 Onumholtz, Chicago, .325 Klus/cwski, Cincinnati, .321. RUNS— Homus and Musiul, St. Louis, 105 Koblnson, Brooklyn, 104 JUTS— Musiul, St. Louis, 1D4 Schoendienst. St. Louis, 1117 Adams Cincinnati 180. HOME RUNS— Saner Chicago nnd Kiner Pittsburgh, 31 Hodges, Brooklyn 30. PITCHING — Yumas, St. Louis 12-2, .857 Roe Brooklyn, 11-2, .840 Wilhelm, New York, 15-3 , .933 Roberts. Philadelphia, 28-7, .800. AMERICAN LEAGUE BATTING— Fain, Phiadelphla, .327 Mitchell, Cleveland, .323 Mantle and Woodling, New York 'r.nd Kell, Boston, .311. RUNS —Doby, Cleveland. 104 Avila, C 1 e v e 1 a n d, 102 Rosen, Cleveland, 101. HITS— Fox, Chicago, 192 Avlla. Cleveland. 179 Robonsin, Chicago nnd fain, Philadelphia, 17fi. HOME RUNS— Doby, Clov?- | land. 32 Easter, Cleveland, 31 Derra, New York, 30. PITCHING — ShnnU, Philadelphia, 24-7, .774 Roschl, New York. Hi-C. .727 Reynolds, New York, 20- a .714. AMERICAN LEAGUE W L Pel New York 95 59 .617 Cleveland 93 01 .G04 Chicago 81 73 .526 Philadelphia 79 75 .313 ! Washington 78 70 .50;! Boston 73 78 .494 St. Louis 04 90 .415 Detroit 30 104 .323 Sunday's Results Washington 5 Boston 4 Philadelphia 9 New York 4 Cleveland 8 Detroit 2 St. Louis 12 Chicago 1 NATIONAL, LEAGUE Brooklyn St. Louis Philadelphia Chicago Cincinnati Boston Pittsburgh Q L 9li 37 !)8 GO 87 77 59 01 Pet .027 .571 67 .565 77 .500 85 .418 89 .418 has «W«n U> this aurroundinn counties for full t time rc^MtotaUve* «»« Ho Investment, Home Good jn«tet«*»ry. tor 6dvttttc«m9nt, c^o Ho»t Star. 29-3t SPAHB TIMS jt*$tinf mwvey from our tlv«-c»nt Hi«h Grade jut wachUws IM this arva. No i»Wn|l To quaiUy tor work you mutt bav« r*t»r»nc««, 1600 Governor ur the trial court, and provided further. In addition to the right ot confknuUion Kereinabove reserved to the Senate, the Senate may upon the written request of at least Flvtt.tS) of Us members that « member or members of the Commission should be removed Ui«refrom, proceed, when in *«*< slon, to hear any and all evidence ptitwent to the n»««aas (or removal, "the member or members whose removal Is so requested •shall bo entitled to be h«nl in the matter and to be represented be Sonata by leg*] Oouustl. These proceedings conducted by session, may uld inourtwr or by * conducted by PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 43 BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Representative's of the State of Arkansas and by the Senate of tho State of Arkansas, a Majority qf All the Members Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: . ; Thut the following Is hereby proposed as an amendment to tho Con- Assignment. stUution of the State of Arkansas, and \\von being submitted to the electors of the State for approval or rejection at the nest general election for Representatives, and Senators, if a majority of ,tho electors voting thereon, at such; an election, adopt such amendment, the same shall become a part of the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, to-wlt: _ Amendment No. 18 to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, adopted by the electors of this State at the General Election held and conducted on the tlth day of November. 1938, Is hereby amended to read as follows: SECTION 1. It being most apparent that privately operated factories, Industries and transportation facilities are necessary for the development of a community and for the welfare ot its inhabitants, an annual tax of not exceeding WM per cent of the assessed vaWlan of all taxable property within the corporate • boundaries thereof may be levied by cities of the first and second class tor the purpose ot providing funds to be used tor the acquisition of sites within or without such, cities ana for tht^oftsiruction of such sites, of 1 *» «nd other facilities, for or sale, for the aforesaid or tor the amortisation ,s bearlnj interest at not tour p«r c«nt per an- 42 112 .27; Sunday's Results Brooklyn 5 Boston 5 (12-inninj! tie, called darkness) Philadelphia 7 New York 4 Chicago 2 St. Louis 0 Cincinnati 2 Pittsburgh 2 Hawk Quiz 9.:35 Chuck Foster Orchestra. ABC — 6:30 Lone Ranger 7 Henry Taylor 7:30 Rex Mnupln Music 8 Jazz Beat. MBS — 0:15 Dinner Date 7:30 Crime Does Not Pay, "Love Is Not All" 9:15 I Love A Mystery. Top Radio Programs NEW YORK (/P) — Listening tonight: NBC — 7 MacRae Show "Annie Laurie" 8 Donald Voorhees Con- oert H:30 Hand of America 9 America's Music 9:35 Dangerous CBS — 7 Suspense with Charles Buyer 8 Radio Theater U Bob lor the next three days and back again to Ebbets' Field for the sixth nnd seventh games, if necessary. The records, of course, substan tlato the Yankee backers eloquently enough. The vaunted Bronx Bombers move into their 19th .«rios with 14 triumphs, 12 in -the last 13. Three of their triumphs buve come over the Dodgers, in 1941. '47 and '4U. Both clubs have good power, a tight defense and a strong bench. The Yankees, however, boast the stronger and better balanced pitching staff. Pitching scarcely can be regarded as the Dodgers' forte this year. Tuesday times: NBC — 10 a.m. Strike It Rich 1 p. m. Jane Pickens Song. . . CBS — 12:45 Guiding Light 2:15 House Party. . . . ABC — 9 a. m. My Story Drama 1 p. m. Mary Targaret McBride . . . MBS — 10:30 a.m. Queen For A Day 1 p. m. Say It With Music. WANTED Local distributor for the new MHI Refrigerator Defroster Every housewife wants one. Ends messy job of defrosting forever. \ Reasonable floor stock investment. 'Earnings $10,000 yearly up. Write Post Office Box 422, Little Rock, Arkansas num issued for such purpose*. SECTION 2. When petitioned by not less (ban ten per cent of the qualified electors residing therein, Ctty Council or other governing bSy <* *«y «wcn cJ *y.j**H, c«U tor »» »l«$tton to b* h*14 jtot^j mor* tban ninety days the; NOTICE! v W^ ore prepared to take care of your winter pasture PMA ©rders for seeds and fertilizers orders for seeds and fertilizers. Shallots and White Bermuda onion sets. DESTROUXOl corn weevil control. Plenty of parking room and loading sppce at our new location where Business is appreciated. NTS NOTICE We take this opportunity to announce that we now have EMERY JONES MECHANIC in our shop, and invite you to come in and visit him. For complete auto repairs bring your car to WYLIE MOTOR (0. E. Third & S. Walnut Phone 7-3421 "The SEDGEFIELDS STORY' featuring CLYDE MORTON nation's top bird dog trainer and PALADIN 1952 National Champion Be sure to see this big, new Purina bird dog movie. Over » ' year in production, it's in full color and packed with train* ing tips and entertainment See Clyde Morton's ywround training program build a champion right before your eyes —as Paladin wios this year's National Championship . crowa In a smash finish! FtfiSltOMitCf 8P.M. Tues. Sept. 30 CITY HALL Fi Monday, 'Sop» < >n > b e r 20, 19S2 l' 1 '***' 111 ^* 11 *^***^^ <•• «i* * ILOKDII ^&J?^* HOM STAM MOM, ARKANSAS BAY roft DINNER'TOMOPPOW ly Chick . —H You ^. HADN'T. OEAI?-. ) 1 LIKE PAY. < i AND ALL THAT, } C BUT you KNOW t?~-; HOW CONFUSING IT IS AROUND HEPS AT SlJPPEPTlME- OZARK IKf • ~~ *~ w —"s^w j f •+} >,cv r ^^TSE FtD-.wHYiTs < c *s *» Cn^f THE WORST *L.fe*v K s All in the Family HORIZONTAL 3 Female 1 Father children 4 Mother 4 Ethical 8 Grandma's 5 Prayer enclin nickname C Spirit J2 High note of 7 Blackbird Guide's scale 8 Orntings 13 Portent n Grade 14 Unusual 10 Song 35 Australian 1 1 Disorder ostrich 17 Ornamental 16 Eye metal work inflammation 10 Comforted 38 Spectacle 23 Please '* 20 Notions 24 Pain 21 Cousin Hcnry's25 Brother nickname Charles' 22 Dregs -nickname 24 Deeds 26 firma 26 Rplnto • 27 South African hill 1 Z ^ A •* e e c * nswer to Previous Puzzf* e . e 1 A j e A N T U • R e € \ t * 1 5 P >> R < A 9 \ e * A M\ f fcs R B t T A H > D E R S V A T N K T 9 H O M E M H 5 * T R e A T e R t$ CA M E IF* M 1 O P A|l_ R B T 9 C A 9 T A, N e T A C O fy e & o u 0 A 1 N-V 9 \ R B IM 9 T 1 f U N t T B P u E Nl O R fc. O e bi B I? O S4 A T e e L. A 1 t R 1C a T b 27 Metric weights42 Slate 28 Minerals 43 Mouth 29 Cushions ulceration 31 The family 44 Snip ' dog 46 Allot 33 Imitate 47 Musical 38 Amatory instrument 40 Snow vehicles 48 Title 41 Waits 50 Constellation H 5 fo / 18 c > 10 II 30 Dairy product 32 Aunt $4 Firmer r 35 Labored 36 Worm 37 Woody plant 39 Lichen 40 Asterisk 41 Large 42 Male relative 45 Greek letter 49 Endured 51 Arabian garment 52 Among 53 Ceremony 54 Another name for 4 across 55 Occurs 56 One-spots 57 Observe VERTICAL 1 Profound 2 Sister • CARNIVAL By Dick Turner •-''Are you sure this Mabel you want tattooed on your x«heit ain't Mabel OToole of Flatbush?" SIDE GLANCfS By Golbroith 0 liFv- /•" ~'^ 7*~- *• FOR VEARS I've J 't . BEEN UNOEP TVlE IMPPESSION THAT . THE BEST TIME TO ., HAVE SOMEONE zL\ FOP DINNER WAS AT s^-rasi SpssSi*) \Asv-. :~:3c. *•" j.t*\ * •* r ii-" 1 "* •-s£3.sj552 is&m 55««*«" SBS!«PAS! \ HAo^HANce SOON A3 WON TH 1 PENNANT., TBUYYUH. - SO JERRY AND I CANQ6TOOINQON,. OUft WQNEYMOON/ OUT OUR WAV By j. R. Wllliami VIC FLINT AIMIM' TO GIT >NE O 1 THEM HARD CARS. WHERE VOU CLIMB OUT OF A WIMDER.-- THIS Diae>iw OUT.' PLIMt IH9 HAKC 1 TO BELIBVB, BUT BVfiM TMCXJ6W THE THIEVES HAVE PULLEt? . __ TM& THEATBR PW•, MANJV CtJRriMiS C»V- V— .. •— . Wd OKIE HAS BVEM J/ ANP THE. TH&W. ^Z^L PCUCB? fly Mkhoel O'MolUy _ Ot? SOUfif ftAST \ tMAT/THRV JO9& N A ROW, THEMJ SMOULP 96 LIE LOW POB A6POUT \REAPvPOR TEN CWVS. THE 1 LATEST OMB WBBK _ r yW," / /7^ A\ ,[<:». I»C. f M. 1««. U, ». ft\ OH WASH TUBBS OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoaple iAD/JAKe t TRULY X REPeMT^f OMLV (\V^GRf=AT RE5P£CK ANJIM& STRUCK MY BROTHER l\ FER MARTHA K6ERS M& '^ AM6ER.' 6OT YOU AL-5O < ; \ FROM ^VOINSINT YOU • <• Yr -. /.iUST REGRET PROVOKlMG // LlKe A •SVsUTCHMAM'S '•' ' ME TO IT/—MOW IT'S / ; l LArJTERM/-«-AS FER ^—^~i MOST E/V\BARRA6SlM& ) \ YOO 6&IM' PRESlDe^T, niriTlSTO CAlvVPAlSNi S \ BUD, WKO' 1 """- 1 '^ -^ feVjr^ U C VJITH MY ARM INS L I PICK AS K -^"^ v A SLIMS FRO/VV ^\ V MKfABeR .. ~ CONTACT- \ \ CHARGE OF _>_PAVJM *• ,r- e TlCKET6?. OH, BIU'/i WOULD VOU T VBS'M HELP ME *v MOWEWT, \ RIQSSl LOCKED Olir, AND JULIA THB LfKTCH ONTHATPIRSV SCRSBW l& BRO KBN. IP VOU'O GET IN UNLOCK THE FRONTDOOR IUB& GUD TO By Leilla THI<* WU5T iE IWt. TAvKB A flBCOMD TO *B& IP < • BotiT WKBR! 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