Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 29, 1952 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 29, 1952
Page 10
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tun, th» will h«v« mwe Nov. ,^ frtMrilt *M In* lMl arid NWM*J» thin IHMKSHI for.Cflllfor Nixon opponen , ' Kir ho Would necop , in, ft c»mp6l«n Prut. Markets Prttt Oralni iltimped « bit In radlng lod»y hnffiro reiil«t»nc<» howti. «nd »oy*xmn» dkl ill- better than the majof *•?*»• ill, M»8» w*r* *te»dy W 11 Ctfll* ll*h«r. C»UI« were »le»dy In M» Cdnti hl«h«r, «nd whnlRnnle ment waa rnontly unchanged, Cotton future* opened 4fl cent* n bolo lowtr tn 20 c«rnt« higher, Today'* Commodity reprirt fur by Ute UBDA: nro »allln« at *l«ody to 18 hlRhcr for the rnont purl at FRESCO HOft STAR, KOMI* ARKANSAS .„. .,,j..._u-.u.. L ^, -t t.ii.--A» ^^, ... lilk.!. , Monday, September 29, Ntwi Britfs mldweu mark*!*, with urenler oU vnne4i fit «m« or two point*, Karly »al«» »( 100 to 250 pound "iirly It will to a Wolf Booite/ club mtMfrtfc at the City Hull tonight at 7 o'clock. The clrclM of Uw 1»Mnbyt«rlan ' '-'-""- — "-- boll worms are present If Arkan- group was organized to oppose a «.a*. Paul H. Millar, chief Inspector "minority leadership" in the farm » ivrr v nrtr-K i*u fe.,,ii.r»l "' lh<? statc plant Boartl - said yes-1 bureau, They claimed the farm bu I.ITTI.R. RUCK, IIP— htjuirrci, t< r lnsppclor g follfld t hc pests', i«>au was supporting cuts in foci- «?r»son open* In Arkansas Wednev wlth|n 2Q m ,, cg of thc ArtMm , M ; wa i f arm Sllppor t in opposition to ._. "ay- * u " " , dal * ki " ""^ .""V^Ii border near Texnrkana tht* week.! the desires of most farmers. , flon limit of elKl-.t squirrel. Last- , „ ,, , , t , „ i ,„,,„„ Cmr,* Mm. F. B. Wnrd. -Jr., Mr* year tho po»«Hion limit was 16. ~~7-~Z Caudle said the farm bureau hslflm-, mi». r. . „•..'„...;•> . • . . — ! A _„!-,..I*..-^ rZm^m.^m "SCCks to RO to Washington to CUt your throat from ear to ear." 39,1952 HOM Still, HOM r ARKANSAS Jack llaricll, Mm. Br»'l Bright. j ( ,i two dans' bag. Thc open season. AgflCUltUr£ GfOUpS * hlTr«Mtd<llOfTh«!»li$? Row |0M U htre St JOMJ* - -* •'•-'yfortaMttttuirtt J_ iottort. Tent ehlfd ' -jwll tike not tof m Ed Lavender, Mr and Mr«. Owe '' "" 1 " D * c ' " Developing Feud ir.lt. fc* ^e»*rrt—bur St. joM ^ ChiW*iMU*J. SO t.W«t f— SOCIETY 74tti ••twttn I A. M. cntf 4 P. K. lilL. o'clock for Bible Study, Tutlday, 8«pUmh*f M There will foe « special iwrvlc* it the First MfcthodUl Church at Tu«d.y tvenlnK '" , to oU.erve have bulked from lo HI, Most market* hnv» »n top of n round $2), but hns r«nched |2l,2fl, flow* ahm-cd tho unln*. Mont flfU -lieHlna downwnrd frorr II0.SO, Calls General Continued from Pnuo Ono curlty the b««t place lo rind It Is in lull, "Above nil, let mo aifk you; Do >OM want lo nvtiM a ih|M world war? Then you'd bniler look out. Tho Jtepubllciin putty neemn to be lJj)l«nin«t to tamo Hlrnnxo Hclvlco AO fnr HR foreign policy In cor> MAGNOLIA, ijfi — A delegation | GRADY (UP) — A full-fledged -, fwi-et lolntlv on Won- M * le ' D "'* D(mmiU1 * nd °' "• P(i>!1 ' of 31 Louisiana sportsmen and con-jf, nid developed today between the, Mlh* Church nt 7^15' ch * y were amon « lhol ' c fr °T Pr<rS " servatlon official* met with thol Arkansas Fnrm Bureau Federation cott who saw tho Third nintrl'rl. Arkansas Wntcr Polutlon. Control i rtn( j the newly organized Arkansas: Livestock Show parade In H-ip* 1( ;ornml«*bn. h«.-re Saturday in an. Agricultural Asiioclation. | Wedncudiiy. i (-{fort to inspoc*. salt water seep-> p' ;lr ni Bureau President Joe C. 1 ___ ; 0(( ,. intxj Corriln Creek. j Hordln struck out in a bitterly- \ Tho T-oulsiann group, said fishj w orded stiilernent at Rec.ce Can •r: bc'lntf 1 killed in :i Lovilslnna! t)i C| w t lo was named temporary! rpservn by salt water drain-; rm.gidt-nt of the AAA's organiza j into the stream from the Col- u,, r ,al mectinfi "Ore yesterday. i 1 don't predict any great fu-j | Floyd Jamf!! of Ruston. La., oncjt»u-e for the organization, because' i of six Louliilnnlans mimed to co-ii don't think thc farmers like to KnovrMJ' ("'rate with the Arkansas Poltition j be milked," Hardin said. ' CommUslon in ending the seepage, j HO added that "Caudle needs iti sold tho polutlon could be con Mr. Mrs. Mrs. R. P. Hornby nn't C. Smith III of ittunii V«r«ion of thu Bible. Thwre win i>« *p«clal rruulc by the Community Choir, a ««rm<m by the Ru 1 ', |jnr- ward WlllintriK n( Tcxarknnn and nn nddro»« by Dr. L. Wllllwrnn of Ounchltn College Bible Department of Arkndelphia, W«dn«sd»y, Octobsr 1 Thflro will l»e o pot luck «uppc«r t thc Pri*»byl«?i"lttn Church Wi-d. esdny (»vpnlri«, Mrs, J, M. Syden- tlfkor of Hrir/li will b« tho pankvr, MatiR< Roynton of Mr. and Mrs, W. C, spt-nt Wedncuday In Texarknno. Trumnn niticl that Adlnt Steven *on, thv flomonrutk' notnlnee, hrm evt'rytlilntf required for tlui pruni rtrncy "*re«t ubiliiy, In tilvll Kflvornrnvnt. humility nnd for th« common peo lite." An for htii own (ulmlnlHtnillon "l|w record In .-. *• isiS. ^ '* & & $' jULA.A.^ ,»r crviihed the CominiinU in thin country," >v »t,kl, 'And wu've Hto'piied Uvo .qc yun«» o( comtnunldm all over the jr« »aW the Co.mrminUU "hnv utoppe'l t'olft In Koron" on they "hnven'l crodned nnolhtt frontier slntB. nnywhcro In th warW." He iinld iho upeelnl uroupw KlM«nh«w« Mr*. A. W. Hudson and Mi.u Kloine Huditon rnotorud to Hi/t prlrifld Weclncttday for the day. Mr, and Mrs. Tom Dewoody nr.rt luron saw thc Rodeo In Ho|io on Wednesday evening. The Wcrtru'sdny Brldgd Club Will ric-el Wndnenday ufternoon at 2:30 i the; home ot Mrs. Ousn McCnu- illl. There will be praymr meeting t the Church of Niuurene on Wed evening at 8 o'clock. rownfteld. Texas huve joined ! n | e jcimore at Jones Mills Sept. velr dnughter, Judy for a viill;?.!, was refused Saturday by Cir Ith Mr. and Mrs. Hcrvcy Bctnls, | cult Judge Ernest Mnner. ______ t __ ! , ______ _ 0. l-ojjnn attended the Synod! LITTLE ROCK, UPI — The Nn- ict Injtionnl Infantile Paralysis Founcla- On Wedn<>«day evening at thc lr»t ilnptut Church llt«rr«; will bu in officers und tt-uehnrs meeting nt 7 o'clock, pruypr und Bible. study »t 7:-15 and chnlr prtictict ut 11:30, Mid week services will bey In a 7'.«IB on Wedru<*doy evening n tin; Church of Christ, There will be prayer moetln und Blbiv study ut 7:30 p.m. wit choir pmc tic it following at th Flint Christian Church Wadncsda f Arkansas U. S. thnt met ..title Rock last week. Mr, imd Mrs. Lindell Loc have uturried to their home In Monti- ello after tt visit in Prcseoit. ' V t In . Tho "power lohhy" which "wntitu to do nwny with lout oo«l jittbllfl. power," ' i, TlHs '»r»ln spttcuUitltiti lobby th»t 'rt»Wt >wnV tho fnrmor Ut th(- prluo of Ot« OropH ho rulsott. tho rBilrotirt-- "lobby" ihat'n it»,y«ur in North A D«koth— «n«l toulh nnd noil (>«utniii thv Si, Low r*«co Soowny tto you eon't «ot ftqlght rftl«« down." 4, Tne vuitl suttilo lohhy "thai to uougtt everyone who » xo live >n," Mn. Charlie Scott Ho«tp«« to '47 Club MrM, ChiirUo Bcoit was hortton i« mr.inlH'in uf the '47 Urldge CUi til .her IHIIIID on Tliurtuluy jfte ii'ion. The jjuity rooiriH worw decnrtitet with (itTiiMQomi-nU uf i-o»tM ut Men, Fnink Gilbert won Iho l.iilh scum prlste, Mrx. Dudley Oor- iluu thu club hluh ncuru prlxe w\U Mrs, U. A- Wurrvn the traveling prlxw, Mr*, Thulium fliiry, Mrs. Boytl Arnold, Mrs, Gilbert mitt Mr*. Al- fortt Htnilh III of Quton liouge. Lu. trolled if two unidentified operators would return the water to Its KeoloKleal formation in the ground, normally standard procedure In oil fl( Id operation, (the new organization) more' than : the farmers do." | The AAA lenders said the new Mr, nrnl Mrs, Bobby Duke MALVKRN. i*l — Ball for 24- year-old Doyle Whltten. charged witlv first degree murder In tho ofi fatal Nhooling of Ill-year-old John ! linn state office says 23 new cnso:i uf poHo were admitted to Arkansas hospitals during n 10-day period ending Saturday. Mrs. Martha Hlstson is confined LITTLE ROCK. (M — Four fed- ernl gin trash machines will bo n h Hope hospilnl with a back In- operated in Texnrkana rind Mag ury. i nol'ln this week to determine if pink Colon Troubles Often Serious FREE BOOK—Explains Causes and Related Ailments .. new, FREE book contains many diagrams, charts and X-Ray pictures of rectal and colonic conditions. Write today. Thornton & Minor Hospital, Suite 2119 "' - ~ Lindwood, Kansas City 3, Announcing the ... SID ROGERS BUICK COMPANY (Formerly Roger Clinton Buick Co.) 207 - 209 East 3rd Street I wish to take this opportunity to announce that I have purchased the Roger Clinton Buick Company in Hope. I invite each of you to come in and see us, and when you want complete Buick Service and parts be sure and bring us your car. SID. ROGERS* Calendar |<ji|6nilay, September 29 . Circle No. 5 of the First tfhcdlst CHurch will meet Mon- September 29, at 7:30 p.m. ,. he h6me of Mrs. Kenneth Pow- |»Jl!wHh Mrs. John Gardner, Jr., rs. Lamar Cox as co-hostess. JT interesting program, "Ambas- dof for Christ," has been plan|i<W by Mrs. Sam Strong assisted Mrs. J. W. Franks and Mrs. E. Patterson. The devotional be given by Mrs. Howard By- 'tj, A good attendance is urged each member is nsked to bring icr new year book. r, P. Singleton, 714 East Second, on Tuesday afternoon' nl 4 o'clock. The program will be on "Japan's Youth" nnd will be in charge of Jo Ann Ensminger. All members are urged to bring their state mission offering. program will be on "Newspapers of Confederacy." The Ambassador Class of the Garrett Memorial Church will have a business meeting Tuesday night at 7 o'clock at the church. All members arc urged to be present. Food Service Club Meets September 26 The Food Service Club met Friday night. September 26, nt the homo of Mrs. L. A. Walker, South Main. Ni".v officers were elected for the new year. They arc: Mrs. Ola Smith, president. Mrs. Dale Ton- nemaker, secretary-treasurer, Mrs. Tom Trout, reporter. A program committee composed of Mrs. Sam Belts, Mrs. Vernon Holli-i and Mrs. Bryant were n pointed by the president. Refreshments were served to the fifteen members present. The next meeting will be held in the High School Cafeteria in Octo ber. Mrs. Crit Stuart and Mrs. L. A'. Walker will be hostesses. >Tue*d«y, September 30 Jorkers Sunday School Class of Jarrctt Memorial Baptist Church ?ill hold their regular monthly heeling at the home of Mrs. J. L. on Park Drive Tuesday night, I'cptsmbcr 30, at 7:30 with Mrs. , ' R. Nccce as co-hostess. AH ncmbcrs arc urged to be present. The LaVora Murfin Girls' Auxi- fiiry of the First Baptist Church •ill meet at the home of Mrs. W. Wednesday, October 1 The Gardenia Garden Club will meet Wednesday, October 1, at 2:30 in the home of Mrs. S. W. Miss Billie Jane Thomas Weds James T. West The wedding of Miss Billie Jane 'homas, daughter of Mrs. Jesse Strong. Jr. with Mrs. James Pilkin-i Howland Thomas of Hope, and the ton and Mrs. Howard Byers as co- 1:lU . Mr. Thomas, and Jnmes .Ter- hostesses. Each member is urged lt ,;i west, son of Mrs. Charles A to attend this meeting in order to \\-est of Hope, and the late Mr. make plans for tne Show. Thursday, October 2 Fall Flower West, was solemnixed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Talbot Feild, Jr. on Sunday afternoon, September 2H. The Reverend S. A. Whitlow, The Pat Cleburnc UDC will meet Thursday after noon, October 2. at 2:30 at the home of Mrs. Jim O'Neal. The SAENGER LAST TIMES TODAY w(iy«ii trying "to ]|«hti Mid, i ^ wlilch for up nil Uto )if, urivUeKO UI^UPH frum tho tn tho China lobby, nnd " jflb»od tQHoUiur behind party." elennwl up norvuptUm In , wlioitevvr I've •Mrt^tilHK.*)! on tne Nlxou fuwl or on thM\pfth* Oov. Artlni atuvehstm tho D«inocr(»tic pr»«ddentlnl nominee, ho u»wd to uUruct men iw «|.|»Wlvo po»t» with tho lUinolH dtato government S»)«rkm«n •' m«<«o U « point nil my were Kuosts. Member* pri'Ht-m In- chidud Mrs. B. A, DuLarnni, Mn. Cherllc Nelson. MM. R; AV, Reynold*, K. R. Ward, Mr*. 0. W. W«tkihs, Mr*. J. T A Worthlnjiton, Mrs. tt. F. Ynrbrougn, Mi'«. Oordon wnd St.ra. Warren. A dcllMlufut unlnd course wan Burvud by tha- ho»le»8. Rainbow Qurdtn Club Hat 6«pt»mb«r M^etln^ The Rulnbow Garden plvi.b met Wednesdny afternoon nt a: 80 In the hom» of Mrs. O. H, P«jieh)y wlU) Mrs, Sup t umber mt'utlnj(. ArJ i annemefttii of Lue, co-hoHtcfis lor the marl llf« to.'HWt wm* of my monvy Into *. l'v« bought «ovenm\ont v »nd thoy'vu maturod. I've tanuruftco curtlftc»u>B a n d they've M*tur«d." «« ho can find time, the •aid, hv will akdawn 6f hlH lilcomu fov Ml ^ww, M Gfov, . An ftrttcle In yestur- •York Times, Sparkman - K(VM » general pletvux> of hl» «i\»ncl»l Th» «W •thc«l» ptlnolpnl u*set«; t* iiAivttanou ot WO.QOO about bonds golda, and i'«|ie jusmlno formad » ctihirful Background tor (|it> six? »wen mombsrn who \vero presented with miniature corBuuys. The pn-skk'nt, Mrt), PBW*I>II H*nry, presided. Tho minutes were Ito Devil's Own Domain! Jean PETERS Jeffrey Walter HUNTER-BRENNAN EXTRA: NEWS & JOE McDOAKS COMEDY!! * TUESDAY ONLY * AUTHENTIC ROSE BOWL PARADE and GRIDIRON SCENES ! ! ! ••^ • ***• w 1 iCX/ '*'™ ) 'W - V* f' ROSEROWL ^ llorring MM fUTflllVr't MARSHALf. •* CTDRYf. 4 THOMPSON VERA MILES • NATALIE WOOD pastor of the First Baptist Church of Hope, performed tho ceremony in tho presence of members of tho family and friends. The couple took their vows before an altar in the living room which was arranged with a white wrought iron kneeling bench nnd floor baskets of white gladioli. agninst a background of lighted white candles and smilax. Throughout the reception rooms were other gracc.-ful arrangements of candles, white Rladioli and stock accented willi green. Recordings o£ traditional wedding * RIALTO • Today & Tuesday • DECISION BffORf DAWN ^ IICHARD BASEHART GARY MERRILL music were ployed during thc cere* mony. The brtdc. escorted by her cousin. Lieutenant Lyndel L, Thomas, came down the stairway which was decorated with festoons of Miiilax tied with white satin ribbon, and silver candelabra holding lighted white tapers. She "wore a ballerina length gown of white lace over satin, fashioned with a fitted satin bodice, The finger-tip veil of illusion fell from a cap traced with seed pearls and rhincstoncs. She carried a white Bible topped with u gold throated white orchid, Tho bride's only attendant, Mrs. Ben Turner, wore a ballerina length frock of orchid nylon ,iet over taftetn and carried a bouquet of Vanda orchids. Her headdress of orchid not was trimmed with ers matching her bouquet. Mr. John Cecil Weaver of El jJorrido attended thc groom as bust man. Lieutenant Howard Cobb o' Hot Springs lighted the candles. Mrs. Thomas, mother of the bride, wore a dress of navy crepp with matching accessories, with a shoulder corsage of white gardcn- | ias. Mrs. West, mother of bridegroom, chose a dress of deep aqua crepe with matching hat anc black accessories. She wore tt shoulder corsage of white garden ias. After the ceremony thc guests were invited into thc dining roon by Mrs. Ta'.'oot Fcild, Jr. The bride's table was overlaid with a drawn-work linen cloth, and hat a centerpiece of -candles circled with white blossoms. Thc thru tiered wedding cake and punc was served by Mrs. John Cec; Weaver and Mrs. Frank Schooley Mrs. Zach Stone was in charge o thc bride's book. Out-of-town guests included Mr and Mrs. Zach Stone and daughter. Connie Jane, of Prcscott, Mr. Tttl- bol Fcild, Sr.. TcxarkanH, Mr. Al Williams, Tqxarknna, Lieutenant Lyndel L. Thomas, Ft. Hood, Texas, Lieutenant Howard Cobb, Hot Springs, Mr. and Mrs, John Cecil Weaver, El Dorado and Mrs. C G. Wieman of Arkadelphla. For traveling thc bride wore a tailored suit of nnvy wool with matching accessories. Her shoulder corsage wns a white orchid. After a short wedding trip, the couple will live in LJUlc Rock wncre Mr. West is on the sla* ol the Arkansas Stale. Board of Phar- DOROTHY DIX Worthy Plan Dear MlSs Dix: I am 19, my j not have another baby. We would iiisband is 23. We have been mur-|iikc to adopt tt baby sometime led three years and have a little'soon while our little son is still iny 17 months old. We hud our t young. We think children should I'cond child two weeks niio, and j'grow up together nnd we both love it 1 lived only eleven hours. 1 van j children. Mv mother-in-law doesn't want us to adopt n bnby. She thinks wo will always show n preference for our own, While my husband and I know that It will be more natural for us to care for our own, we still think we cnn love an adopted child. My doctor has ed them home for a visit. Mrs. Aubrey Collier, Jr. nnd children have returned homo uftur U veeks visit with Mr. and Mrs James McDowell of Forth Worth Mr. nnd Mrs. Carl H.ibnrts anil Wr. and Mrs. Henry Morton wore .he Sunday guests (if Mr. nnd Mrs. -iiilher Sulton of Toxurkana. Mrs. Leon Davis and daughters, Judy and Joyce spent the week end in Fnyctu-ville with Mr. nnd bund, dlvorco courts would go out Mrs. Buddy Mclver. While then- tlf business In no time, Liability Insurance to Cast More LITTLE ROCK, IJft — Liability In yurance rotes for moat Arkansas car owners will take n.htke linmed lately, the National Bureau of Cns unity Underwriters ot.New Yot'k lly: don't be deterred from your fine plans. Dear Miss DIx; Bob and I have been going together for severnl offered his help In findlus iv baby | months. He Is 17, I nm 14, Ho tor us, JOAN M.jcinlms 1 should prove thnt I like An.swi'r: Yours Is one of the most! him by Riving Up all my other heurt-wnrmlnn letters 1 have had friends. Since I cnn only seo him in quite n while. It nil young pen- once n week, thnt mentis 1 would pU> wore as conscientious and as hm-e to give up nil other dates, thoughtful as you nnd your hus-1 Should 1? UAUBAUA they attended the University of Arkansas niut the University ol Houston football game. College Notes Tho College of Fine Arts of Texas University hns announced its spring honor roll, according to Dean 1C. W. Doty. In the cum Inude ampin ot magna group is George Thomas Fraxier, I'ormorly of Mope Births Mr. nnd Mrs. Don Westbrook ot Tcxarknnu nnnounct: the arrivtil of a 9 Ib. 2 (>•/.. sou, Ciiiruer Kimberly Westbrook, on Snlurdny. Tho inn tcrnal grnndpnri'nts Mary: "This Is my daddy's den. Does your daddy have a den?" Betty: "No, he just growls all over the house." —Ann Skinner Submit jokes for this column and win passes to the Kialto. For every joke used, the person submitting it will be mailed 2 passes. Jokes must be limited to M words or less, and must be suitable for publication. Leave at theatre boxoffice or mail to: Manager, Rialto Theatre. Mr. nnd Mrs. C. C. Kimborly of Austin Texas, nnd tho pnternnl jjriindpar- cnts arc Mr. nnd Mrs. S. A. Wi>sl- ; brook, Sr., of Hope. • .•.•>(,.11 oi Nofei> Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. J. W. Putter son, Hope, Lllo Richiirclson, Hope You Should Succeed You hnve n fine Iden In your wish to provide your son with n sister or brother, nnd there Is absolutely no renson why It should •ol be successful nil nround. Your iiinther-in-lnw Is dead wrong In ,<cay II wouldn't work, since it hns proven gratltylnuly possible for many n couple in clrcumatnncos simiinr to yours, I would ndvlst- you to wait until your doctor snys you tiro physically fit to tnkc on thi.« ndded responsibility. The ro- cont loss of your own bnby has doubtless taken much greater lol ol your health than you. nt tho moment, suspect. Tnkc your lime, but don't Kivo up the Iden, One of God's srentest bloasliiRS, nnd one which, strangely enough, ninny people don't believe, Is thnt wo nro not limited In our enpnelty for love. Though you probably will Answer: You tire much too young to be lied down to one boy. Don't let Bob'a selfishness deprive you of nil the fun n teenager . The BtiTcau said the ffttt f ion WHS necessitated by ft wide movement to bring rates into line with tho rate ot Accidents snd claims. , n«tp chnnfteg,- the Bur«*U will not be uniform in A b\it will vary nccordlrtjf t ord in dcrlgnnted nroas. Private passenger ««r r»l n\nln unehnhgcd In MllleV *t bul may Increase from elsewhere for combined .try and property The lncre«se for comblniid njury nnd property" dA|' ommerclnl cars range*: o S4. In the Ft. ulnskt County, rftte hlk« nerclnl cars will rlso f?|(ifl 36. The bureau snld tho rate Ions npply to.rnhia for basic Jill 'overngo. This marina protoetb'"' o $R,000 tor bodily Injury to? person, up to $10,000 for bodllyj ury resulting from ono acc(< nd up to $8,000 (or property Be. j You shouldix't feel •prove" thnt you like should hnve. compelled to him, nnywny. lie should tnke your friendship for grnnlecl without ox- neting unreasonable promises. Donr Miss DIx: I nm very fond of iho boy I go with, but ho insists on kissing mo Ih the rnovlos whenever wo go. 1 don't like this, bu nm too bashful to tell him no. A, B Answer: You nro quite right tc object: Howover, slnco you hav nlreiidy permitted him lo kiss yoi in the movies, you'll have n bl ot n job convincing him thnt.yo 1 really do object. You must lear to mnke your conviction eleni even though you nro bnshful. To him you won't RO with him ngnl unless he behnvcs ns you wlsl Linda WhilU-n. Uosslon, Tlu-oilore; j m ,. s n bout the two youngsters. ll'l H'Vl.:, Itiuvifjiijvivt !*•>"-"•'."j ....• nlwnvs hnve n shade more nffeft- H <> niny not peeved for n whllt ion for your own child, It Is the ljl1 ' he'll got over It. actual cure nnd roaring of n baby .Released Hy Ihc Uell Syndicate tl-.nt endears it to pnrents. So you will learn In lime thnt there Is almost no difference- — perhaps there will be none — In your fuel- HOUSE DAMAGED CUMBERLAND, Md., Ifl —, house wns badly dnmngcd'nnd, 38 ,| freight cnrs svoro upset wh<Jft 'Cj* Bnltlmoro nnd Ohio K n II r 0,'ft' freight trains sldoswipcd ,nt no i>y North Branch yesterday, , No one wus Injured. -oi i in ig and Going Bob Hyntt, a senior at Austin College, Sherman, Tcxns, visited his family over the week end. Mcsscr, Washington. Discharged: Mrs. and son. Gary Uywain, Trxnrkana, I reeommcnd for your rending n Uilson Hoss |, on | t t| 1r ,t \ WK \\ w full approval of l. ;!, Mope, Mrs. and sun, Itruce Jbdgar Juris. I Uui'scy iVlc.'ine Bornier, llopt. 1 . jMr. and Mrs. Hench-ix Spragglns ot Hope unnunuci: thu arrival of Branch Discharged: Mrs. R. M. Briant, Hope. the Child Adoption Committee. U is called "Thc Adopted Family," is published by Crown Publishers of Now York, and sells for $2.50. Tho authors, Florence Ronilell and Ruth Michaels, have written the book In two volumes — one for the parents and ono for thc child. You will find tho work most helpful. Good luck to you and your fam- HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 4. Main A Country Club rd. MONDAY "THE ADMIRAL WAS A LADY" — with — EDMOND O'BRIEN WANDA HENDRIX Today _ After, i A or wh« trci« occui itart to work in i*cond« (a ., •Iknliio or cauie mlxInK, no lyntcr needed. J candy, anytime, afty where, Alw«; Tumi In pocket or punt. 0« roll today Mr. and Mrs. James McDowell of Fort Worth were the week end guests of Mr, and Mrs. J. S. McDowell. Mrs. McDowell uccompnn- InUrnationnl light-duly pickup models available with 6'/5, 8 and 9-foot bodies. GVW ratings 4,200 to 8,600 pounds. Ask about AD-A-RAK attachment to increase pickup body utility. Better roads mean a btftor America by ley, A . by Mrs. Lee; 8»>cr«tury, Mr». Nat Woov th« Mrs, Gnrlai^d fore \v»a i«ogr»m leutUir for ; tlje Blternuun und lutl In- formutlvo yuU on "Bulbs." Tho; WHS followed ^IU> a bulb by memberii, Coffee nnd cookies were svrv«4 by the hustemii during the social hour. Mr. Jack Couper, Mrs. Roy Stain ton, Mnr«nret Phillips, Betty and Danny Undsuy attended the BTU School ut Beech St, Bap « 158,000 home in tw on which -about hulf tlst Ohxircl) In Qurdon Wednesday ovunlna- ' BECAUSE GAS HEAT produces constant and easily controlled temperatures, it is ideal for industrial processing. With an optical pyrometer,,the engineer above measures over 2,000 degrees of heat inside a barrel-type test furnace. NATURAL GAS VITAL TO U.S. PRODUCTION This furnace is used fa. (Jetennine the correct degree of high temperature heat needed for specific processing requirements, such as'annealing stainless, steel alloy pipe for a particular chemical plant, j U> Al«>. built in' 183? *tttt paid up taem nwr »« t ooo , and* .OJwvvolst, MidbU he „ ru Mr«. L. U Mitchell was the W*d nesduy «u«»t of her mother, Mr*. L«u Robinson in Hop«>, Mr*. G«org« Wylle, Mrs. Jot the Republican* op hi* fttfert* to 4m|»rov« W» rw.rgatt »y don't waut he aU«\ K«t rid of went to Wok tt around as a "Th«y juit FREE' $UOOTube Pile Ointment Hundreds of products essential to daily life and national defense are produced faster, cheaper, and better because of natural gas. This superior fuel, delivered to major industrial centers from Texas Eastern pipelines, plays an essential role in turning out scores of products for better living and stronger defense of the American people. Because natural gas has qualities superior to other fuels, engineers choose it many vital production jobs. With gas h^at as their basic tool, they can design equipment that .(1) produces more goods at less cost, (2) improves product quality, (3) makes possible cleaner automatic processing, (4) is capable of more precise heat control. No other fuel is as versatile, fast, clean, and controllable as natural gas. Texas Eastern feels keenly its responsibility for furnishing contract quantities of gas every day to customers for their delivery to consumers in homes and industry. Pick of the '/2-ton pickups! V i V When you're in the market for a H -ton pickup, it pays to look hard at the pick of the lot—International. Here's real-truck muscle in every part-to give you that extra drive for the tough jobs; extra years of thrifty operation. Here's the roomiest cab and the smoothest ride you can find in any truck. Come in and see all that International has to offer you in a light-duty truck: • International light-duty trucks -H, H, and 1-ton sizes, 115, 127, and 134-in. wheelbases. Body types include pickup, stake, panel, Metro, utility, and others. • Silver Diamond all-truck valve- in-head engines give that extra power .when you need it. But just as im- portant, they save you plenty on gasoline and maintenance. • Unmatched handling ease! International's Super-steering system makes truck driving child's play. Wider front axles make possible a full 37° turning angle for easier handling and better control! e Comfo-Vision Cab—roomiest, most comfortable cab on the road. Designed by drivers for driven. Wide seat holds three with ease. One-piece Sweepsight windshield insures perfect visibility. New green-tinted, non-glare safety glaae available. and Accessory Organs not Adversely Affected by Smoking Chesterfields FIRST SUCH REPORT EVER PUBLISHED ABOUT ANY CIGARETTE International panel trucki, Vi and '/4-ton ti;« with 7'/2-fool body ore available In a lilection of ten attractive colori. A responsible consulting organization has reported the results of a continuing study by a competent medical specialist and his staff on the effects of smoking Chesterfield cigarettes. t * A group off people from various walks of life was organized to smoke only Chesterfields. For six months this group of men and women smoked their normal amount of Chesterfields —10 to 40 a day, 45% of the group have smoked Chesterfields continually from one to thirty years for an average of 10 years each. At the beginning and at the end of the six- months period each smoker WM given a thorough t 4 examination, including X-ray pictures, t>y medical specialist and his assistants, The e 't pi!' ination covered the sinuses as well as the t ears and throat, __ ; The medical specialist, after a thorough j ination of every member of the groupi,| "It is my opinion that the ears, nose; accessory organs of all participate amined by me were not adversely six-months period by, smoking t provided." ' " ' /. Inl*rn9«ienal H, or* available whb 7h o«d tVt-H. MIT9lrUTtC $AS industrial equipment has speeded tto pcoductio» of super bajapk* rock^B, Hete an eugiuaer silver-braaas with fas & baroolta $UQWS with model furnace bow steel pan be hardened, softened, or tempered nHb g«s heat. Roi teAVUig tite furnace is MtW WWPMtNT for gas raeet white-hot. equipment ( ring of radiant burners into water faetov. is bewg constantly ejperungnt with ~ ve) iwt gear is lowered fgi complete information about any International light-duty truck, comt In and MW VI— TOL E TEX COMPANY HOPE, ARK. > i, '. * (YOUR DEALER FOR CHESTERFIELD- I liilON Cj «****

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