Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 17, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 17, 1894
Page 2
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ly Can't I be Well? MUST I ALWAYS UK AYKAK A\l> SICK1A". Tlie.sc ar<' Sorious Questions ibr Wanv SiilU'i'i'iS" 1'orsums. Here is n l><-liiiito and Positive Answer Troiu tlic 15es>t Authority. You nro not in perfect health. There is a weakness, a pain, or a tired fouling, your blood is bad. your nerves are wo«k, or some organ in tho body is out of order aud you uted building up. Don't neglect such a condition, for delay IB dangerous. You can get well and have perfect health jus-l as well an not. The following letter will tell bow. It was written by Mr. Dorman Brit'ffemai', cneofthe most prominent business nen of Hardwlolc, V».: •'Sometime ago I contracted a severe case of nervoua debility and throat disease I was ID such a oer. rout slate that I coulc not write my own namo and could cot feed mysel ! without dropping my tood, my hands trembled to. "My nervous system was complete'y prostrated My throat was also seriously affected* so that it disct urged blood. It became a question whether I was to live or dlo. I was in such n state that I was obliged to give up my builncss, "I baa epells of spasmodic coughing and doctors said I had catftrrhal bron- obiils I could not eleep well, ae my builoeaa was always before me. I would choke up and wheeze badly. I employed many doctors, but the; did me no good. I heard of Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy and knowing it to be highly recommended, deelded to uto It. I immediately be- fan to improve under ite use and am BOW well. I advise everyone to ute It." Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy is the surest and quickest cure for disease known, and It is jn»t tbe medicine jou want. It is especially beneficial in the spring when medicine always acts most quickly. Everybody needs a spring medicine whether sick or well, and there is none which hae tbe curative powers of Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy. It positively and completely cures nervous anil chronic lit Is purely vegetable and harmless, and ii the discovery of Dr. Greene, of 3» We§t 14th gtreet, New York city, thcrmoit lueoektful specialist in cur- iny nervoui and chronic disease*. He ea'Vto consulted free, personally or by letter, __• • ; _ •fecnaiaiiiiu QuUkl) Cored. Three days ii a vtry short time iu whleb to cure a bad case of rheum a- tiani; but U can be done, if the proper treatment is adopted, as will be seen bythe followicg from James Lambert, of Xew Brunswick, 111. < I was badly aBleted with rheumatism in the hips and lev*, when I bought a bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm. It cured me in three days. 1 um all right today; and would insist on every one who it afflicted with that terrible disease to UPB Chamberlain's Tain Unlro and get well at once." Fifty cent bot- ties for sale by B. F. Kecsllng, druggist , ChiMh«rl»l»'il Kje nd Skin Olnln<>nt Is a certain i.ure lor Chronic Son- Byee. Granulated Eye Lida, Sore Nipples, Piles, Eczema, Tetter, Sail Kbeum and Scald Head, 25 cents po> box. For sale by B. F. KecsliDg, TO HOUSE OWAKRS. For putting a horst in a fine health) condition try Dr. Cady's Condition Powders. They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure loss of appetite relieve constipation, correct kldnej disorders and destroy worms, giving •ew life to an old overworked horse n centn per package. For sale bj S. F. Kei sliop, 'druiiglet. At tertho bull In orer, atte the brrt»;of mom, ItterthrdaneKt* leaving, after tbe stars ars (one. •MuaiiesdUa<lilnf,tf}oubaikri»w It all, Mn Smllh'i BU» Boni o» retiring tft«r th« ball. Jitkfw SMALL ilze. HART IS HANGED. The Gallows Brought Into Use at Rookford, 111. For the Cold-Blooded Murder of His Two Sislers, John Hart Pays the Full Penalty. JOHJf IIART. retired and slept soundly until he was aroused at 7 o'clock. Three guards were with him all night and he talked freely of his Impending doom. Protected Hti lanoocno*. "So help me God," be declared to his watchers, "I know nothing of the crime that I have been charged with. Mv mind is a complete blank on the subject. I am not afraid to meet God and will die feellnjr that I am morally innocent of any crime." He ate a hearty breakfast and smoked several cigars afterward. Theonly request he made of his brothers was that they take all of his old clothing and personal effects and burn them to prevent souvenir fiends from cutting them into pieces. About 1,500 persons wit- neued the execution, which passed oft without a hitch, Showed No F««r. When the procession which escorted tho doomed man to the gallows reached tbe scaffold Sherlfl Burbank led tho prisoner to the deathtrap, over which the noose was swinging. He placed a chair for Hart to sit down. Said the lavter: "I'll stand." Without a tremor Hart stood erect and faoed the crowd in front of him. There was no perceptible change in his demeanor. He moistened his lips occasionally, and his eyes wa idered from one part of the yard to another. When offered a chance to say what he wished Hart replied that on the advice ot his spiritual adviser he would THE MUBDBHED GIRLS. •ay nothing. Sheriff Burbank placed the noose abouthis neck. Not a tremor was observed and the murderer was outwardly not affected. The sheriff then hound him with three straps. Hart offering no resistance, and a long white shroud was pasted around his form and a white cap was drawn over his head. All wan ready and the sheriff stepped back from th« deathtrap. There was an inatant'* panse, avrful in its intensity. Then there was a dull, grating Jound, : and th« death-trap fell at 11:0* with aloud noise, and the body of the murderer shot downward. His neck was broken instantly. mi crime. (.Th« orjms tor which H»r.t w»« ejeeuMd WM ibt moit ktroelou* ever committed, tn thli p»rt ot the state. On September, •.,!•*, Hart wma tloneon the f»rm « miles »««t''bf Rookford with hli mother »nd two liitert, M»ry ud Nellln .During ,th« »tiomooB,.»h» mother left tbu house .for • short time, going to th« potato p»tcl In the ren of tho residence to get' some potsi- tees for the evening meal. No sooner had his mother left tho house th»o John Hurt called hl» ulster Nellie to Ihe b*rn. Killing her that tho gnuiiirj floor hid sprung » le»lc and wus letting out* Into the Dwement oelow. When the unsuspecting girl h»d reached the bottom of the basement steps H»rt turned on her, »nd »Jter shotting her Heveroly forced her to drink p»rl» green out of » nottlo. Ho then struck t»ron the h«»0>wltti » hammer and shot her In th« utomach with a revolver, luavinnher on the fluor for doad. Ooinc to the front jard where li!» clilor nl.ttor Mary hud boon rocking In a chair Hart shot her four timea dftor » struggle TbiiL Uift tho porch bosm«ared with hlood. Wlicn tho victims were found M»ry was dead, bui Nellie recovered sufficiently to dictate n ilylug statement which was admitted as evidence in the trim and doubtless convicted an evidence In the trial and doutttlcsa oon- rlcted the murderer. After completing bis worn Hart changed his bleod-surined clothes, and mounting a owlft horse rode to Rockforu, whore ho wss arrested in a barber ahop. tho mun who xhnved him Ju«t telling tho murderer of tho crime when the police entered.] Child's F»ce Torn to Shreds. NEWMAN, 111., March 16. — A mad dou was killed in this "-ity Thursday afternoon by Marshal Foley, but not until it had badly bitten the W-year-old child of Mrs. John Anderson. . The child's face was torn almost into shreds by tho doff, and no donbt, had it not "been for the timely appearance of a man with a club, the dog would have eaten the child. . . Fera»l> Barflar »e»te«oe*. «JIPOKIA, Kan,, March if.—Hr*. Delia the btautttul bnrflar to 1!V TIIK TCOPE. ROI:KKOKO, I'll., Jl:irch 18. — John Hart was hanged here, the drop falling 1 , lit. 11:04 o'clock a. m. Hundreds of poo- j pie flocked from all sections o£ tho ' country to witness the execution, and tbe streets in the vicinity of the ^ jail and stockade were blocked two hours before the hanging 1 took place. Hart remained up and visited with friends until 4 o'clock o. in., when he Tnki'il m ii>'cM! I , iiruvi' lli:irv.i|!ii:'.!i 1 ""ril.iv.--, In I..H!UlJ;!i,,.i ; Dy tllu 1ILKAU "" l;m.l!V 1 !i.MMfl':>. ' 25 ^ent.o r. Box, ; Imt iniu-rlil !y i-uo^m.-.^JJlSj ^'"i'™'.'.. "."',',,'!' ' . LMdniMi 'n U li"<!-' fill 1 t»" v.!i!.--i)n Unit I .• v ., Wit'-- <!l'S£E u ivlclo ruiieu ol'ci- . .. i,liilii:«.nmltimt. thoy linvo wvuil i" m, M • 'iiiFiirnrH ;r.it lacroly ODO but. »i:iu.,y j;n(.io..!., ..i i Covered with a Tajtsleit 6 Solublo Coaliin., 'Of nil ilrufBlHts. I'rlco 25 fiinl:. =. b,,.-. , N.itf 1'ork Bnnot. nor. " \\TToin wiis tracefl tin- ffoirt watch stolcu from Aliij. tiood, pleaded (fuilty and was sentenced to two and one-half years iu tbe penitentiary. Uralu, froTivioun. Kto. CutcAao, March 19. I? IK30B— Prices Htoady. Quotations art) as follows- Winter— Patents, tii.80.'j|S, 111; stmlghm, low KradOM, W.5091.7U. Spring-Patents. 13.40 »8tlO; straights, It30»^.0t)i Bakers', 11.754* 1.20 low grades. ;l.*Oo.l.W Hed Dog, H.K& 1.60: Kjo, >2.404k2.&a W H CAT— Moderately active and steady. Cash, 66uf>6So; M«F. MtfMjjc; July, W)4«697(c. COB N— Qulo t and s leady. No. 3 and No. ! Yellow Hue under May; No. 3. 3\'o and No. I Yel low SJ«o under May; May. BTJffcSTJtc; July, . OATS— Fulrly active and uteady. No. 9 cosb, SO^ic; May, WXttllc; July, !mj&28;Sa Samples In good demand and lower. No. 3, WmaaiXo; No. 3 White, S2Hi»JJ!ic; Na *, UQKSi;; No. 2 White, 88&O81C. Miss POUK— Trading fairly active and prices steady. Quotations ranged at HO.87HQll.iO for cash regular; llO.BT^iaiLlS tor May, anil Hl.OOttll. 17!» for July. LARD— Market moderately active and steady. Quotations ranged at 11703,980 for cash! »0.67>4ra«.ii6 for May, and I&.66.U.A.M for July. . LlVB POL'i/THT— Per pound: Chickens, 8S (c; Turkeys, &AIIC; Ducks, WD. Oeeie, WCOOO 00 per dozen. BUTTEK— Creamery, ISA^Ici Dairy. lld!9o; Packing Stock, SiilOc. OILS— WlsoonrtP Prime White, TWc; Water Whiw, 1V,c: Michigan Prime White, «Ko: Water White, »o; Indiana Prime White, |i(e; Water Wtilte. 8Ko: Heacfllght, 176. test, 6^0; Gas- ollce, 97 deg's, lltto; 74deg'», 9o; Naphtha, 03 deg's, 6«c. ' LIQUORH— Distilled splrlui steady oa tbe baaia of II.lt per gaL for nnlihed goods. Niw YORK, March I*. WBIAT— No. > red depressed.at the opening subsequently recovered on good clearance* from New York. May, «1 IS-l&ttMHe: July 64OMli,o: December, W T-19O59SO. COKK— Na t very dull aod weaker. OATS— No. S dull and nominal' Track whit* State, S84M!c: track white WeiMrn. »«4Zo. FaovisiOK*-Be«{~S>e»dy; family. ll.Mf> 13.00; extra mesa. I" W. I'ork— Steady: new, mess, llt5031SOO; family, 118. 80314.00; short clear, tia.BuiilB.Mi Lard— Qnlet and steady! prime Western »t«am, 17.10; nominal. Live stnck. CRIOAQO, March II. Hoae— Market rather active but somewhat unsettled. Opened &a lOo hlRher. but a weaker feeling developed later, and a portion of tha advance war lost, Sales ranged at K20W 4.06 for pigs; M.DtUMTi for light; K 28 4 MO for rough paoktnx; 1145^4.70 for ml^ed, and M.45%4.70 for heavy packing and shipping lots. Ci'JTLl — MarKCt moderately aotlre and prices well maintained. Best grades 69lOc higher. Quotations ranged at $4.71)^6.06 for choice toeitra shipping Steers; 14.00(3)4. M ;for good tocbolce do.; !3.»3'(ta>J for fair to good; flSOSa&'i for common to medium do.; K.7f& &20 for butchers' Steers: K.4&81IO for Stockers; tai»'rJJ»5 for Feedern: Jl.BO»l»i for Cows; K.M^S.M for Heifers; II.ODaaOO for Bulls; I2.o0a8.76 for Texas Steers, and iZiOQ 9.W for Veal Calvoa. 1'robIDltton ConTentlon. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., March 16. — The pruhibitiomstB m state conventioii here Thursday adopted a platform fuvorinff protection to American industries, government savinjrs banks, pensions for disabled veterans, equal suffrage and against contract prison labor. The following state ticket was nominated: Secretary a' state, W. W- Taylor, Dana; au> dltor, JohnTJ. Hann, Indlaoapollsl treasurer, Addlson Hadley, Heudrlcks county; attorney general, Clarence Kessinger, Vincennen; superintendent publlo Inntruotlon, E.' A. Dovoro, ot Merom oolleirt, Sullivan ooun ty; clerk supreme court, William M. Koss, Winchester; »taw suv- ilstlclan, William F. Little, shelbyvllle; state geologist. Prof. Elwood Kemp, ot the Bute Normal. Her Dream Prored Tme. BBAZIU Ind., March 16.— About a week ago Mrs. Fred Kelly suddenly and mysteriously disappeared from her home in thi* city: Thursday she returned home and grave an account ot her strange conduct. . After her husband left home she laid down and dreamed that her moth«r in Olaster, O., was dead. She left at onoa lor Ohio, and. 1 when she arriTedshej found her mother had died at the very moment she had her strange dVenm. Heavy Failure In St. ixiais. ST. Louis, March 18,— Felii H. Hun- toke, doing business as Ilunicke Brothers at 706 Lucas avenue, aud dealing wholesale In hats, caps, etc., made an assignment to W. C. Jones for the benefit ot creditors. The failure w»l caused by pressure of a claim for $11!,000 borrowed money. The assets are about STB.OOO; liabilities, including tha claim, about 1175,000. Herbert Gladstone llenlxcted. LONDON, March 16.— Herbert Glad- atone has been reeleetcd to parliament as the representative of West Leeds, without opposition. The reelection ol Mr. Gladstone was necessary, owinfr to the fact that he bad been appointed first commissioner of works after relinquishing his position as parliamentary secretary of the home office. Vetoed. BiiOOKLVS, March 10.— Before departing for Buffalo to attend tha annual dinner of the Republican League club of that city, Mayor Scheiren fi' e d his veto of the alder- matic resolution directing that the Irish flag be displayed oa the city hall and the municipal building on St. Patrick's day with the stars and stripes. A Fatal , 0., March 16.— -Henry Mellen was almost instantly killed by attempting to jump from a graTel wagon behind a runaway team; He wts thrown som« distance, all fh ting on,'hl% beat NOTES OF THE DAY. Charles Goodc celebrated on Thursday hi* 100th birthday at Pattovillo, 111. Governors of the Bunk of England at the halt yearly meeting found tho institution to bo iu pood condition. James F. Izlur (dem.) was elected congressman from the First district of South Carolina. Thu corutfr-stone was laid at Colorado Spring's of the industrial annex of tho state asylum for mute and blind. Three bandits, supposed to be Mexicans, robbed tho stu^e conch running 1 between Sherwood and Ozena, Tex. It has been decided by the y. M. C. A. of the University of Illinois to erect a hall at Champaign costing-120,000. John Bugluy, of CbicajfO, is at the bead of a company which i« building a new railroad to the Wisconsin pineries. Mrs. Margaret Mayer was arraigned at Racine, Win., charged with poisoning 1 Ker first husband, Herman Groenko. Chioigo baseball players will meet the Grand Rapids, Minneapolis and Detroit nines in exhibition games in April. It in now probable that ft provision will be made in tile tariff bill alioUsh- Jug reciprocity in trade with other countries. It is said that Huntington has secured an option on the Panama railroad, the price being between 15,000,000 and »6,000,000. Will Lane was killed and Tom Lane fatally shot by J. S. Noel kt Mooringsport. La., Thursday. The negroes refused to pay rent and attacked Noel when be demanded it. Jooblm to H« Tried rirn. LAPSING, Mich., March Id.—It was decided in the circuit court Thursday that Secretary of State Jocftim will be the first of the persons indicted by the grand jury and that he will be tried ou the moat serious of the three offenseft with which he IB charged. The case is let for Monday, April 0. Great Britain May Out Pearl Harbor. LONDON, March 16.—Advices received from Honolula say that President Dole declares that Hawaii may cede Pearl harbor to Great Britain in the event of the United States proving unfriendly to th« provisional government. T»D«SS««'S Chief Justice Daad. NASHVILLE, Tenn., March 10.— Benjamin Jamns Lea, chief justice of the supreme court of the state, died Thursday afternoon »t Brownsville. Justice Lea was fll years old. He had been in ill health for some time, Ohio Ml»«n Will luturn to Work. 8nilN«TncLD, O., March 18.—Ohio Southern officials have received authoritative information that the 4,000 striking minor* of Jackson county will resume work Monday under the old contract, ' Ithode Islaud Republicans. PBOVJDKSCJE, K. I., March IB.—The republican state convention was held here Thursday and placed in nomination tho entire ticket of last year, with Go-7. I). Russell Brownjis governor. A >«t»l Illow. CRAWFOnnsviLLK, Ind., March 16.— Wednesday evening at Ladoga James Starko, a farmer, struck John Tinken- broker, a prominent lumberman, over the head with n. club, inflicting a fatal blow. The men had quarreled over a sule of logs, and Tinkenbroker was struck when his back was turned. Genuine Gallantry. The steak was tou^h, undeniably uOUfrb. Kvun the landlady noticed its resilience! wlitrn the boarder Ktruclc it with his Icnifo. "Madam," lie inquired "t length, "did tins stake emanate from the llosh of a cow?" "1 don't know, really," islio n.'phi'tl. witii eonsidi'ralili! <:mli;irrasMii(>nt. "May I ask." he v.vnton, "il'ytm will iliscwr :infl in form me'."' "\Vh.it dHTercncu does it make?" This rutliur indifi-rmni.l.y. "A (jri-at donl, i:i:i''am,'' lioanswcrcil, pclit.uly: "I have a Cow adverse re- marks'to make on its a;rc, but you must know, my regard for the sdx would prevent, ray making them if this were of the feminine gcndi-r,' 1 <»nil tliei-c came a lonjf p" u « e all(l thc t;at ' ter of knives and forks proceeded.—Detroit Free Press. Sheep u» Ileast* of Ilnrdnn. In the northern parts of India sheep an; made to serve as boabts of burden. ' The monntttiin paths umontf the foot- j liilli of the llimSilayas are so precipi- | tous that the sheep, more sure-footed I than large beasts, are preferred as burden carriers. The load of each sheep i» from sixteen to twenty pounds. The sheep are driven from village to village, with the wool still growing, and in eaeh town the farmer shears as much v.ool as ho can sell there and loads tho sheep with grain, which he receives it) exchange. After his flock has been sheared ho turns it homeward, each uueep having on its back a small bag containing the purchased prrain. —Prot John Tyndall's fathm was <n shoemaker in an Irish viLa?e and lived in very humble style, occapyinj? rooms in the rear of his small shop. Bat like many old-time cobblers be had more than a share of learning and wan witty and sarcastic in argument His son was sent to the local (frammar school, and one of bis old chums there was M. C. Hennessey, now a Rochester shoe manufacturer. He says that young Tyndall was an effeminate boy, who gave little promise of living- to be seventy-three years of a.gc. —Cincinnati Times-Star. , III. HublM. Dissipated Son—I mean to abandon Yny habits. Stern .Paronx—Are you sure they are not abandoned enough already?—Tex- M Sittings. Tb* tnud ot Promts. Is the mlgktr West, tce,landth»t "tlolcled with u h»e laughs a harvest;" the El Dorado of tbe miner; the goal of the aitricnlUiral eml«rant While It teems with all tie element* of wealth and prosper!'!-, fome of the fairest and mo»t fruitful portions of It bear a harvest of malaria reaped In It» fullness bj those unprotected bj a Biedlclne safegnnrd. No one seeking or, dwelling In,, a jimlMlul localllj l» »afe from the Boourue wltfcont Hosteller 1 * Stomach BHtts. Emigrants bear this In mind. ommerctal travelers sojourners In malarious districts Hbould carry Rbottle of the Bltter.s in the t'adltlonal gripsack. Against the (ITecM of exposure,, mental or foodllr overwork, damn and un«folejome food or water, It Is an In uillble di-Wnse Constipation, rheumatism, biliousness, dyspepsia, nervousness and low of riiitu are all remedied b> tills genlnl restoc*- New Hank Itrady to Upeii. MxKTJK8ViU,B, Ind., March 10.—The organization of tho Citizens' national bank was completed at a rnecticjf held in this city Thursday evening. J. F. Cunningham was chosen president and W. S. Frazee cashier. The capital •took is 1100,000 and the bank will b« opened at once. Increaslnff It* Population. GRtKNBiiuRO, Ind., March 16.— Thi« city made a great jump Thursday in the matter of population, the county commissioners having 1 decided to annex a large portion of contiguous territory. Over 180,001) worth of taxable property is also added to the duplicate. KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting tho world's beat products to the needs of physical being, will attest theyaluo to health of the pure, liquid laxative principles embraced in tiie remedy, Syrup ot Figs. . Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, tho refreshing and truly beneficial properties of n perfect laxative; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fevers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to m' lllon8 ,? nn( | met wfthithe approval of the medical profession, because it acta on the nia- neys, Liver and Bowela without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by.all drng- gisti in 60e ancf 11 bottles, but it it i manufactured by the California Fig Byrop Co, only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrup of Fig», and £ing well informed, you will no« accept any substitute if off«ra* Tbe breath of a chronic catarrh patient is often BO offensive that ho becoms an object of dlcgusl. After a time uloeration sets in, the spongy bones are attacked, and frequently destroyed. A constant source ef discomfort is the dripping of the purulent secretions into the throat, eone- times producing inveterate bronchitis which ia usually the exciting cause of pulmonary disease. Tbe brilliant results by Us use for years past properly designate Ely's Cream Balm as by far the best and only remedy. Cali upon your druggist for it. Tbe Wl»h Gratified* You have often wished for something to take the place of pills. Bow try a 25 cent package Simmon*' Llrer Regulator powder. Take it 4rj «n the tongue or make it into a tea. 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Large- size 50 cents, _ Children Cry fw Pitcher's Castoria. r*r Over mnr Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup hae been used for over fifty years by millions of mothers for ibelr children while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, so/lens tbe guma. allays all pain, cures wiud colic, an* is the bast remedy for diarrhoea. Iv will relieve the poor ,little sufferer immediately. Sold by .drugglfts IB every part of the world. Twenty-five, cents a bottle. Be sure and aak for •Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup" and take no other kind. children Cry for Pitcher's Castor la. A Horrible K»ur**« Aeel4«t Isadail} curontcle in our papers; alsc »he death of some dear friend, whc ,has died wi»h consumption, whersa*, if he or she had taken Otto's Cure for throat and lung diseases in time, lite would have been rendered happier and perhaps saved. Heed the warnitg: If you have a cough or any affeotlo* of the throat and lungs call at Ben Fisher'*, 311 Fourth street, tole af«it, and get a trial bottle free. Larg* ifee- SO oent*. Wha« B»*T w»» sick, •»• §»v» ber OsOetls. Wh«n she was a Child, ah. cried for OaMorta. Wb«o she beoam« Ml* ab. «*•* to Wbsn •&• bad CUldrtn, As jravo California Fruit Laxative Is Mtur*'* own true remedy. It combine* the. mediolnal virtues of California trulto and plant* which are known to have a beneficial effect on tho human tystetl. Although harmless to tbe most delicate constitution it is thorough aid effective, and will afford a pel manent oure for habitual constipation and the many disorders arising from a weak or inactive condition of the kidneys, Hvor, stomach and bowels. For sale b> all druggists at 50 cents a little. Children Cry for Pitcher's Cattortoe "floral Kub|'< F»rt W«ne. If you are reduced In vitality or strength by illness or any Other cause, we recommend the use of this Old I^ort Wino, the very blood of the prape. A grand Woio. for DUi-afnir mothers, and those reduced by wasting disease. It create* strength; lm> proves the appetite; nature's .owe remedy, much preferable to dnifft; guaranteed absolutely pure and over 6ye years pf age. Young wine ordinarily sold.!* not fit to «s> lulf^f* having this standard bra*d, It, oottfr nd more. $1 In fu»rt bottles. B«t* iled by Boyal "Wleo »'., "»•'--•>FM tX* '• *«»••: '"••:

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