Morning Oregonian from Portland, Oregon on February 14, 1877 · Page 3
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Morning Oregonian from Portland, Oregon · Page 3

Portland, Oregon
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 14, 1877
Page 3
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JwJg*Shattuck has deliroicd (he fol'owing NOT£S PRO Our regular oorrespondent, writ in | fpopi · Our occasional correspond*n', 1 wr ting from '|I^^^Sa-ir: ; ltMtSIl|gft |E.-**· 18 ff- \i3l4^*fM$«S^Pl^' thinks »g {; may «° Replace urder date of F^bru4ryr3th, send* ;h« atot«-poln|; aiiderdate of Feb.-2th, Mnda ijfeygH^^^^^^fcjpilj^BjiBBBB^t prJffft of inteiritflfrtomanv of our readers:'. the following:^ '" \ 4 , ; j i the Mio wing! v . · ^- - ' | | a ? ^ ~ : · · ! " ' - fci'the Circuit Courts "'the State of Oregon Fruit and potatoes abound in this market. Weather cold. Snowed this morning aboU K-iviv»ii...i;"' : :*'*·**· ' for Mnttnnmah nonritv. Danford Balch. -Iiin- TOI,--t.-un _ _ ' ; " · . - , . . , · · * , , ? _ an inoli_mnnKir norm. t of Xerchanditt *i for Uuitnomah county, Danford Balch, -lMn- Wheat atlll «»fiM^^^^^^"*WftW*K:fp- ; rf --f-«-.i*~r- -r- ; - b intown frorn 8 mcofl ,,.. -'·· rji"**n'-(iofrn(i*rit3i: «'«··-n-i»».?. ' . . !. 5 .j . . i . . ;. ., __m, n ir jj Mission claim ! M. P., son of W. IP. Wateor, the artificial loccasiona sun- stone man, came" from Portland bwe.wbwe ·*?"·" .TSIsyr*- ·'"? ·-Qj^«g ifii n( j4 m ' «i* -iH #·'?. w '. : f ! : B, Monday afternoon, · T ^ ^ hav j' ng ^ tried b ^ore iedfl^idfl»h^|ffjlnfl® courepJthotaMf itiry, (the parties cxrr«sslv week - . ·- a time the 1 wind rniide waiting a jury) and the allegations and woofs The rains sti i continue will ; that port. Asmall and argument of counsel having been heard shine. -eommwoiagoodpticejin this «» inch^-gorie by rioon . ' " 7 ! -i Pathei ~ Union meetings held-lin the chunjh this frvatlon out- - ' - !· T i' - TUT n *a i intends remaining. There is not a house empty in The Dalles t . ,, , _ ,, l!;tr , . belwe «(; ! i^a;Octobor't«,iU.1870,andt]iecoiirt!not Fresh butter very scarci. A'good ripening . There is not a house empty in .he Dalles iit tie mail* toi b®i i; fully aayfaed what ;odgraent ou^hs to for a dairy ^ , that a family can hye in. Bugmcai prospeols UW-JI. __ _ _ i dirv .Tri¥eWrnV«n5dri'rtn;^be T .'«endered herein, having'reserved/ue de- "A few flak» of snow fell last Sabba h in 4 ro favorablfl for nMt ycuri Point. Tihe craft, while cjsion, now, at this time, the court -JaviiiB fliisi vldnitv I i The ineolinRS at the M. E. Cb urch contiaue p/ : 4^ i^^tiM^4toni$f--!!^id«i^tlieifta$Mr l and..-b«nR:fnllyiidvim ,, ., _ , . , , ..,, .j . , ,! ... in interest. The church waa so full last night Ud ca^ized^O^tan- ^JBMeTgwmisesVflh'33 as-facts: ! Prof. Hewitts child id recovering from the that many had to go away, not being able to --1«-- »«^i.'ttig'waS " T^rst^hattlie plaintiff is a son and one of scarlet fever. . . - . get seats. ' · - , - · danger the leirs at-law of Danford Balch, deceased. (J. Settlemire sold his residence last \i?epk at ? A man named Shaw was biirlec from the §9-"S%-;WJ!^??fe Th v^?0 /f Balch. Senior, jlain- reasonable figures. | . M. E. (Jlmrch to-day. He came from England . iwHicb hac just Hn^ rather died intestate on the (th c a|r of steamboats are doing i a lively business on O n 0 vcar ago. Was taken with :ongestion b^fe , »ic 0 October, ISSO.leavrng^widowandScW.dren. the river at t h s time. . « and died. b ' Batch, Senior, ''Tlio benefit I deri\% from its dal inralttimle." . ' f reaium at lilttSwro ah i ir alum at Union ooanty Fair. Tho . . hotel, kept by Mr. Frot.k. is The Columbia Relief Hose:Co. here will I I o^e a benefit to a departing member of the of"GcTober,'l850; and cliim"ed'the"landTiider Mr- Bantz, who was injured by a fall some torapany, C. A. Minsi.iuer, in uniform, e drawn away, a' tho.provision of the donation law of Congress days since, is Mill quite ill. i Wednesday evening. See the MacUlM for yonrwlf. and belter* not i believe the defect of th^oW W.leeUr 4 Wllnon 8bnUI«-?l6e level wltj the'Hjk, ind patent O« - s '(.ripju* of ell co en he ieedle bar. itt who "I now recommend U^icluslvel; »nd..comlder ,01 time qf his death, 11 j ; Despite the of jSth September. 1850. and the amendments Rev. J. H. Koqch, agent of the Willamette A merry parly .of young men and ladies H superior to crery otter icWdy *Jbie l tl ttujftarjoldtheshipno theneCO, and made[due notification an: ire- University, w»3 in our city to day. ' siartcd out with a four^iorsej atelgb. The H C .' . », «t«A,,--w «* ..-,._,,. .,-,,.«.,...,.,..E ,!_=._.._ _^..,-,,..._ ... , ,^._., TheHon j ; r _ Rowlan Fd, state Supermten- T,ait r sot stuck in the m«d and had to come -. · J. T. OAMPIT! *. p? , spent souie days in ithis place last week. A Young People's Christian Association has the residence ^ )een orgatiizec. in this plwce with Mr. Gastpn ofite^if^iS^ying. oh, «ridcdltlvattonoiid tract by said Balch, Mlresident - ! ' ' ' I. 1 -'.'*t«^tf''iik/*««*W»l "N^li/Bl «r«ktvt ma An, at\A filn1 i n rltn I 4im4 "lffina a.t.-T)i*n_ n · i - g nloin, pre«ott, 11 POR^TKR AMD DBAX.WH ,1859. =-.{-^ii'?--^ i.^u^; v-Crthf viiv;«-^ ^----' -..?· ; '-;^ liR :ill.«jrf:-^; j wii|r^A; :s^t;;:q^:?! .,-5" : J'ii -·:_: :.' ;1 -' -·--·.' i -JMt'-l*"-'-":/." J t£-'J:'-^.:'- ·*. -···.::-.'?:.;? CoK^"t Reaioni for · Grand Conspicuous among t.Uo highest example* of BUG- Three prayer meetings per day in our bit)' cess which the present century can show la Hostel- isides regular service in two of our Churches t cr ' s stomach Bitters, i Tho record of (a triumph!), each evening. over disease i« to be traced In the ^rltt^h acl;no\¥li Wild ducks'and geese ftre so abundant .hat- edgmcuts of thounands who have experienced its i«n«1 tnsiid widow and heir^.dated Inl» 11 ^«»f«»"«» »·» cuuiiu Bl | wuiuu juuy «TMwu ·,,,, Q a atem»l»,tbo WeM Indies, isguea LO oaiu wiuow aau ueir^yaieu jui. it, .. m f v for n *AW rlnvn -. · · . t l . .1 1872 ' i ior,a ew uays. . '"rope. Tho reasons for its unparMieieu BUCCBIB nre ~^.*~~~.«~».. Fifth--That Danford;Balch, Sr., in his life- President Owtoii has rented the upppr part B0 g 01 ,tone8, The»ccnmnl«cd eyldoacoof ncaily f one ! fiirttier than time, to-wit: Sept. 1st,! S57, made con vjyance of S. MUlers inck building for the use of (the mTty yeare Bhowa thBtlt igacortain remedy for - - - *"^ie,:iriter of said tract of land by way of mortgage, ;o 8. xoungleonles Associaticn. - ·. ,j,»larlal disease, »a well as ils surest preventive; it.and'it S. Shaffer, to secure the payment to sai-l SJiaf- The Indians tried yesterday for drunken- tb«t it eradicates dyspepilt, constipation, liver that sitHi^'vlilaable ferof the gum ot $^00|raa interest thereon at ness, before the Recorder, were sentenced to 5 complaint and nervousness, eoniittraotia'tenacncy YjiK^aiLprn. the rate of 2i:^r cSfc ger tBOnth, whi« LSUIU days' iruprisoniuent-in the county jail.i. 5^teS28$Sr toWeeble ^and cheSS 4 ^ * - * " ' · ' Jsaadueadi'd'reWBincfaunpaid'at the tii»e o£ . .···· ·;. · · ^ = i , mind whUettlnvlgowites tho body. , : ' · the death of said Balch. I SUPHEMB COURT PaoOEHDill«8 4 , . ..-- ... ,-;--rt , · · - ^ S A ^ T ^ p A v P e h 1^18771 '^..n» ^a^^»,« aRiiflay OrADril, lo«U( was uuiy appoin ,eu iia- . ^ALBM, iurapA,\ ecu. ip, louu fasTcnod upon the lungs no humam-powar-can in'iBiBWiitbrocth'e estate of said Danfow:3alch, T.[, e foltowing dectoioas have been an- gav.e tlo°p«Ucht frotf death, i wy *lso say that v fitnlbr, deceased^ arid Cnly qualilied as: such ,. ° ' j -| .. about flay percent, offthowi whollle from ttfli.dlK- .^.^^^ .tf,. HionhnVva rh« Antirf it- tha "Onnceu. . /*-. e«te can tr»CB the C4UM to a negk-et«d couch or Perry W. Davis,'appellant, va Frank De- eold. which mi«hth»ve Ixwn cured«flbot- ^iKi^itutehav, wSS^'yfr *·£?»* kum.respondoatiatfrmec; opinion by .em., gngfiMff^^ c.U"./':?t-«Ii · .^ts.vs ,:.'l^TfcjWi*/_ *.'.-iii.-i-wi-jU*; ^»uk in'^Hn ^AVtinn'^r fli«t ninndri/iTi ij. .1. · . .1 . . f , . - j - : ··. . ^ _ , * · ,j«_' · ' «w »tnff U with you. We he cash to any person or .use JParton't Purgative «i ii--!»j *«*S Moiildh«v« J tee«i ^l^lM^ci.': ^W188fi^ ^S siouOWtt* wer^duly ^Sgi 'Oooli, senior, admuns-.rator , atson, respondent, vs R. C. Janion, V ancerln consequence. of abundant baa ad- or furtber.parUculari fire ^._ ... isaid aJdministraJ»^:« dayoftdtober, 1862. Siatli--That Jie defendants are in posses- of the premises and lied Un roni aaio^I tbroughTsaid deed to Lewis Oile, ' '^J -i|nistr»tor'ssale. ^.--, -.,,. - . , : , . ; L . eiiiti cu^uinjin. Dotliln. and tnerWIU (ast.M 'JbomasDcaly;Respondent, vs John O'Brien, long as the breWJivlaMs, and thu'bteilhitwlf will -·"unt-j-reyeraed, opintoii by, J. .,; I never be tainted. ' i _ J _____ . i _,_^_^t^ ·-"Tpfldcitt, ,:'Jts! : jt: :'0joth i ; ; HAOAM'S MioiioLii|Bjtut'prc«erve« and restores ed; opinion by McAr- ! tho complexion; removes frcetlei. .tan and «»iiow- ' i ne*r, l mak«gth$iktniofl, white uidde" J. Williams, applioMlon cannot be'deteeted; ·! Co. appellant; a thur, J. *·'··· ·':· - ' · J. A. Bai ey, respondent, I4P.UUAU1D t««VJ *M t*«*wtj**M - - « · V * i * * i t. t T»_l '/"I T ' ' · · m i i i i i i i i i . ,- -- · ' ' i described in tbi? com- appellant, alLrmed, opinion by mai.y. J. . Lvon's lCATHAiab*walte»b!»ulifuL glowy. lui- APT comolete mein\ con- E. Arrigoni, respondent, vs A. H. Johnson, urtant hair prevoiitsits falling out or turning gray. , CooTsenior aJnimis- appellant? at rmed. opinion by MoArtbur.J. ltha.»too4the test of 40yean, I» cbarMlnlgly iid deid to Lewis Gile, A. BT. Johnson, appellant, vs B Arrigoni, Jertto»e4,«aaB»«tto,riw^^^,u^ .; n i»t».» nr 'a »io nanondeni- afflrmct,. opinion by McAnhur, ··^·^·^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ xSnw, alias Mifa$ from rStork, dfatwU-Tlittthe defendants are enJt ed to undertaking denied TUB co van. nwt m tuta ead aHtctlon w»| recogn xe IK MJEMOHTAM. ' , * At a regulM meeting of Gerv*U Grange o, 140, held on Satilritay, February 10th, 1877, the following preamble and resolutions were nanimously adopted: ( ' ] WHKXEAS, 11 has pleased tbo All wlw Creator Of theiUnivcnu U temove lro%ouf midit,; v dea-h, . NOTICE. S ii · A!3 *i * '^ Hal Jurt neetrwl a*tW «upply of INFANTS'WARDROBES. Turns* vt ' BI»W. JUU WW1JWARD CttflELL, MONEY, REAL EST, 4SD , t . '? Ad|o«*rn«416T«**tay n**'«t«»aa hour " Frt 11 o'clock; ·X ·WTft. PartheuU default. Provldeboe, Which hM remo tic circle tlio husband-Mid looked for.counscl and guidance, . ,,, _ · rSesolved. Tint, as a token of ristcem to our do- QeorM W." Jobncocl: oo- Watted brother, tho Grtngc be draitedJ and {ho QM T «P ..·».. , TM.,TA.__,. gj mbertthori0 f wear t ho nu »i badfeW mourn- »"» or ! ing for thirty i «y» ' , Beiolval, Th»V an; attested c}pr of I bete reso a- brother and mat to tho State and cour ty paper* for publication. , PM.WQQ3UEY, V^.: , default and c c- C. M. (iatter; d«Uu.t and INSURANCE BROKERS . ' ____ · o d xnd Currcnc." Bought and - ^ V HOW. - , ! . N.lgitujrf, a...*. c.u«tei, .ltd ^ifi. r | idwUds'meati Taken. jttdgraent. , ^ T T. ?. Thompson ts Winfield Peters et al, ." 'defao-t and dccw of ,, , - r , , _ _ a .,..,,^T, Yg'Annje $ c hellanl; 5e AN FOR FlllCTKO. Committed. THE AF- Legal Pi 'era Drawn. Ackni NotaTw,PubU«'ana!"Coinml!»loncrol LOYI ( * j-Jj, v /\ nxr..on«-----*· -- »· r\nnox nAs jwnr REMOVIO TO-'BTEOW- »«r. : TMiDinKft i *»«:···:·-· tQO,r. Mason, Two or more of Hie surgeons of the National offlce Wuhi«ftoB end rirrt »treets. l| ^tiSL-g Boi^S*;corn* Snwein^ Aider pwnd^flooe,'a*« l«-iitti4*-!ttiiBina* .0atman vs John Oderkir £ ; § a rgical Ins itute will visit Portland, Oregon, M VportUn.r O«gBtt. , «»B«fc ;^!^HTpf^ ; ; TMl'Bi«'dlBf^ «kfc«rl«JM* ;tATE«M;v** .;·«»· ta* los'ure. , , , I rooina at Cosmopolitan- Fotel, February lie , I '·feTdSt ff -| - . .. ^eSS . " '" v J,^.Ll "'" f: · . · /' «»g» »·uMp«d;»U'i th« Wrt!ta« ins IgljtMa-tionkl jurors ordered, nth and 21st, incUiaive, whcio they wfllle ; ; ' r j * , , D^J^ITI^LEF « .O,i :i; ,/yr; :^ ^J?"^^22£"?S^jte^ le Saturday morning. ulcaaed t6 see their manv o dwtients in Ore ' ]_L ,,*.-«».« rHyssljoliian and ^.ursr poix' gSSySS SSnIS?j2JLSS» f i2£ HATHAWAY SHIRTS. THK CKLK - ' f 1 i fimi» ·'lecture fault r rtfcrwd to O. DeLathmatt Oi decree of foreclosure. e . Ve,qirewr~*iBljtJic^-^- 1 1 ,-., T , made returnable Batarcay morning. pleased to see their many o d- patients in Ore. f " » ,;!'! ' l Wm.J. Kelly ippolnte^l bailifl. gon and Washington Terrilorj andasnia ! »y a rough passage Qnuid jttry Burned four true m Is of n- new ones w ra(l y fcei ,t j^ their interests to , ,, dictmeot. , , avail themselves "of this opportunity to te It Open his new fltatoof Oregon va James Mathews; .arceny cu r«d at home. This lustration is unrivaled '.- from * dwellfngj defeijdatit arwlg*ed a n d . jrt t he world, in the cure of deformities, a. ,,«.,,,, , A ^ ,J|mMB.Stoddard appointed as,coto»el; al- naralysis, piles, Ustula, o, c. · They wi 1 Orated IIATHiWAT SHIRM made to ,. v lowed untjl-to morrow'jnorning to ipleatd. odng with them apparatus for all kinds of n, i K «i.i.» a «ft»/ * w»te of Oregon w-HCl* Emory; douvic-ed. defortntties. ordflr Til please .CWl ana leave 11 3 easier «ie^ ^ jfawjgjy oj, two counts; sentenced by the -- r i , ,,. »Qrt ?o two yeara'imprisonment In the State Hayes an J Tildcn ii-en ire alike Twelcume me«SU«) i»rCYlOU8 to FCllI'Uary la^ll* til» »pji%wr.t ptigou OB g n | C0 uut and^to .tbree yi-ars on ttt the Central Market Coffee Stand, , ""·" f s second. v J , r ' r --· · ' -, , (Wednesdajr) ' State'-of Oregon W AhYun; Jar»Dyta a Twenty-five dollars saved by buying the ToKie rooms. , stow defendant ^arraigned nMJns V. Swd- New White Sowing ,X[acliine. Office with^ho *· ·- - * A-.W- _»_«C.S««£«JI 4*t Ajifnvtrt *ia4ibfVhAii T^l ._«.BIA«. 1 tit Intuit- nl-Hn^^- W if-' um?m« »*tf l ,p|»rt» opened twh«th«jf»aipt H%w»y, te atto»bilii«o'» Block, has on linnd will i*ir would request ffly frlendH to contluuo the same to arge asiortraent of flao f'lrars. Chewing »ncl my nutcc-ior in the bu«tues», MISii ,'AKKEU, tho , I tbow, ander ,he caro fM%«f|^^'^ ^ artot Tie returning board of Louisiana should ry Pabre's lunches and be happy. TaeNew White Shuttle Sewing Machine is twenty years' experience in the i are festival on the even- he.jinWwds W bei ap- of aa organ for their CHANCE A WELCH, Ueiitiit*, : Office--FIRST 8TRKBT, (Odd Fellows' Temple.) CHAS. E; BRAY, of Mualo, MABX JOU(iE\SE\, x lVd. HO WortU Front 5tr*«tiiP*ra«iid. Ogu * i. . ' ' " ' ' ) "'£.,,«" i'd.-il- 1 ;*!-- .-' CHAS. REBSTOCK fc CO ~ · - )t good 2-buttoa kid gloves at SI a pair, Teacher of the PUno, Violin, Guitar aul AMERICA'S FINEST W-1I8KIE8, aotheBmponumof Fashion. T _^L..c»^?^V.«n, M ,,..-., StoMwak Old Fasfclon^opper Whisky, i Nelson Co., Ky. · Snow Jill Flro Copper Bourbon, REMOVED.--Tha office of the Howe Sewing Machine has.! been removed to Betk'i brick J.bflratlj jfttronized, baHd»ng. Second at bet Morrison and tamhill. Ptof ' Largest and most elaborately fin whed ma- cbine m the market, cheapestaac best. J ' " First street. Cornet. LCITO orders at SHERMAN A HYDE'S, or at residence, cor. Fourth and Morrison streets. j . I.BAVK*. Kcmember t is tlio tioio or ycftr i t CoucJjs Colds ftntl TA jft to Consumption and other Tl 1 ro'at arid juni? Ijlueasc. BOSCHF.E'S GEKMAN Bvitur lias b'coii jsed in this uelgliborhnod for he past two or tbreo .-^ · ,. -.., _ ^ ,, ,. I/-LI, years without ftblnclo failure to cure. Ifyoiilmvje favorably with any For a nice fitting suit you are respectfully not usod this medicine yourself, EO to your Drutt*St ·· *· invited to ins^jeet tbo recent Im jortatrons gist and fek him o Ils wonderful succesa 0.010UK 1 --^ ' recently opened by Becfc Waldman Tjey icusto-Bere Three dosos will rallete the worst caie. W « ^ . 1 ",,..A ,,,./,,,. fin,, otnrtlr nf crnnrla wli rh in. If JOU llBVO I1O fdltb la atlV DleillOlnO. JllSjt llUV a lave a very HUB BIOLK. 01 goous, wn LU ju Sam p le ggtiie of BosdiiFF f s 3EnjiAN- DVKUP j"or etudes an elegant display of furnishing goods 10 cents and try it Regular B(?O bottle 75 t-cnts. [·mporter^ of Foreign Wines Liquors. b Ot|iot of Jnllui Dri��l'*r SONOMA VINEYARD. : 1_ , i ' · ,. ;- WAEuELEE'S , «n ( .jit -U« B Calf ^ Upp«riiU»«lcUUr. riiMi, !!·!·«, ft r '' .1 would will ugly jave'given on hundred dol- im t : M. la^e. uonua. U' ? · 'it hl» ctt«a tae aiwc twa« ir ...a i - '- . - . t - . · fu For tlbe'lELJiox trie Bmttery for 25 Cent, V)LTAI ·'LJiTEB Is wwrtuled.'wi Iho reputation a ' Dr. Colltu, 1M inventor, an oM, -ph jMlclan, to bo Cbe.beK platttf la tho world (rfniertlclte. The union oftli»tir(Jp««t mccic*! ageati via ; Wectrieltj am .. lleclcal \iumi If , . _ . , . _ _ . ___ (hi* remedy 19 rtok.Arenio** a»ca all cimUv* Gonouttds for all «x ternal A Acb««»J»d fttlnt. .- ,Oti\lla*t»-^GO 'doinrv^dtofc VOLTAIC P like told and morel wanted. · witb. I want *em lo-Biorrow ··(, :f po«tWe. Infcatto. YonnV-'"' ' ' the P*JO*«Ur of Sorth of Ulned them upon' kyoraU-e tmu anjl'ls MUttf line quantities.; *. medlcnw U »t thus »eom- m«ud» Itoolf .««niio«; be too hiji-y " * Onoyiart«r*e'«eiu. . : \*:i'ztfi* Sold by all .intttiiU for »c««*.fnt -an receipt of ZS twelve, careni 1 *«fl» ·*!·» p-ati PBO ^^11011 AL C^UDl TO H19 EKW urtt nie«ta. wtnuiee ' , ORSOOIf i ^,t aua 3. gtrowD wr ir nt and Ald«r . .. , Ueildcncol corns r Seventh mil OplleW irtreetai 0 Dee HotiMf. 9 to iy A.M vana P f and 6 to «P.H. . . · - - - - r - . . , OR. J. 5. PlLKlfc A fine stock of ArOflcUlEyeJ f. -pt. --l?»rrlnl».'s uSml- tatter Dram a- V oiJical Gen tlemui »: Itadras Lo his rotlier at Worcester. Hay, 1851. CONKOISS^URd ! - ' I · lAnd applicable o EVERY VAUIE'i' OF DI8U. toat tbellr U hlf lily eg-- !ln Jndl* mi Is I Prrato Kiyaaii DT juIie«,^eaUeaMnorPi(ii«i 1 "-'--il-jy'n:of U«,40^ p«iwJT5»a4»d tt . as the C«raa ^rt^W^^yi^l^^ i tt t of, Aswria, is ia the city Centennial Flasks of Noble Whisky MJC not 101 r.^ vr.wt». ooeage or generation, but for alltimoln the public oat, Washingto te* a afaW Sold in lots to suit by 5|l(llatd -·-·M-,--'·-·. »'y *0 r * fcw \»ndcliuyvflr,J9 Front street, Portland, i Witt *art hone this morning.. · ,See the New White Shuttle Machine, the TM°u i^ ,"··*· , MOTICE. taking . xrfliien o£ that place, is greateat invention of the countiy. Ol4ce, 1^3 that his been bestowed and would bespook for iia '~ ! U£ lost the use of his First street successors a ronttnuunce-of tliA same. .» v, «v V v » _ __ . Both UR ^ BAKBEIl NICKL1N, are gentlemen .n ror Mi^i- T H.E MOS^ RELIABLE A^PUQATION (or THE dcBtrucllon of parasites Infecting tlie'Jleeco, and for thoprevention and cure of Foot Hot, Scab, etc., etc. , ; ! FOR,SALE BK T. A. DAVIS CO., ; 71 irrout Street, Portlaud. fcl(]'2m , Captains and pilots will note th l fltct that in every way eompeteut aud worthy of uny epiill- }Q, connected wi|h p e ter Wilhelm has fatted up two rooms for dento that may bo placed in tlioui, and as such I _,---* 1 reached here t lew especial use at the Foantam, corner Ash wnj*?* 10 "^* TMcommeml tbemWm^foru.ei DISSOLVTIOK OF COPAHTNEllSHIP. «, afid are stopping at ,,,,,! p lrat streets. Number of English papers ·*"*'· on file, including the Shipping and Ittrcantile -.; who for a long time has Cazctte, a 48 column daily, published at Ltm- · bnsin««s manteer of the oon. : to Jortland^ His connec- _ ,, , r~z ;--' L J " ^ raten(J - fe **· ·£ ^SA^^ 1 ^'. ~\ f '"- ACHES, P'AISS, Ciiti.Bi.AiNS, etc It can be iad ^Rf^ I APFOHITED. o-Jhe Doctor't office until he has it ready for tje market, "he Doctor will send a bottle by n, President of the express, w a boi of his Salve by ^oitofice M, Portland Fire De- £**, 60 cents each, expressage excra. OMNES PEOSINT. ...,, T^7Tut»trr. WM- * FUNDER . rpHE UNDERSIGNED HAVE TqiS DAY DI8- 1 solved partnership In tho Merchant Tailoring and Furnishing Goods busiucra under the lirm and iiawejolNelpieycrA Utter. Ttio business will be carried on by, U, NEiaEYER, who alono Is authorized to- collect all outatfindinVaceoutiU and notes i Ankeny's Mew-irarkelTbeater Block a " d wh ° vU1 pijr ^ Wlls Portland Oregon. , . ' · Pure Dru^t, Cbomlcnl* aud · Portland, January 16,1877. Portland S » bco«ri, s Mill, arc agitn C *= U ^fe MI9B . A east side First street, between and e of dust i*)ten out IT ,, e a s s i e irs s r e e , eween a t V n *»«y» J- 8hno», A B. Taylor, bpecial attention given to Women and table covers loleancd land pressed. Mattresses Bcoured and repicttd Hills-- head of Jefferson ut. .^»ji -n- Tjie Medical Institute of Dr W L. A.dams, ;, ««*, Hohhan, oOrncrtJf FiraF and Salmon streeh. will be -, i iH removed to {food river in a fe,w mor tjs Till .Temple, lien chronic diseases Of men and women will be treated in .Portland, AS usual. An ace 3m- Mnduou at,, *«t. Fourth «nd V ftii, North stdo, . lished lady assistant to give baths to ladies constantly on l)»nd a well selected stock of H1T- nd'iBsfSttin their treatment always in the MANHAiS All orders for j.lrDrcalng prof pt- fflfcfc-' i c i* i ir attended to. ! fe8d5t : offlfcfc- *, i hai following .Httwj" " " u j .i* * tiw-markct rfbrd*, · · r ] BIQNAT0EE Is on EVER.TM 30TTLE. PRICES. JO IS DUNCA'« SONS, i avi9dlawlyiW . ^ : ..'EW YOtK. prDay Serthcrn Pwlflc £ Hrwul EVERDING Jtf T? DEALERS j'y . o-rrcE.» HK IE . AJ». , S traw, Ob. ITRONT ASD ALDBR SC*-, mutual eonwj^it.'Jtt srow. Ca- ' ' ^~ collect all and will c own narte. '^i^^^lu^U-^^^^'-W: Jw ^#ut dlwolvcd fcy UwupotUUou wlllbC glv«i» from KaU«iJ» Ktw a^r^J^-SSSffiW Ta^,W^ n \^^^iS^, K ed, all ^Uanil?innud»^M8,»aVl J«t» flrm^ V ^PPfrto/-;-^-.^ i; vf'i : -^i:^:fej/;t.-.- J ' : ; , : ' It *tu · ·-»..·-- iv.-. .4..-' .*'. !,,-. i».* :_ _--.- .,_.T»__ .« * * - . i.,. : - ! - . ·; - - . ' W - - - V - - ·* W ^MtM' · . - _ opiicctaii rebuana QnnuU^M8 and will coi UDU8 Ut bunlues* h own narte. I '····· . i" ·· TBC3. ujiilothij .. ,. 'If.DEHj TM BSoifvN.; : .Viij. j»'i!iiw; itridtot ; ;f.^H3SJpCC!^i J»»'t-aVi»MUan. ' ' INEWSPA'FERr

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