Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 27, 1952 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 27, 1952
Page 7
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"A, M. *M 4 * M. idB^Jra s« Sr"»: mi cO"ho«e»», p.m. Paw- and MM, i'iJ*v»t»n(ti TPUB off»»n»lv« ^Ol Olflll Of Opfnlna orl<( Cnmmiinim will be flrwl thin week end. The of (h* propBgnniln «un« m«rk iho'flrMt pho*" nf n n*<w Soviet taellcnl ixmmill on the /nlicd flinlfls, ntaotit 30 rounltlfH wme of Mr*, Jf, vt Tuemifly night, .. » In ordor w JPUFPflH v ^ mf 7> /*' " . ', ;'fiM'«i*«*» ! « u) ' ic&. by tin bk Od Sri^Gping , n inert in,South ', .* ^ Communist Peace Offense Is Expected Nixon Picked Up Votes ly WILLIAM t, «VAN N«w» "f n «l«nntlc By WAftftttN OUtT.AHdillA CiY, OMa,, — Soma of Ben. Richard M. Nix- im'» cflmpnlgn flfdc* wt-ri! confident todny th*t the n«-p"blicnn vice prcKidcnllnl nomlnfn h»» gained nupjJort from IhP dttackd (tn M» »lrt,23« oxponne fund and hi* cmo- tlnnnt twlevbtlon upecch oxpialnfntf It, The younjt Cfllifornl" wnator v/on cheer* at Am.nrlllo, Tex., l«»l whon hit char««d that "th« by the Truman Democrat* lo tho ll«|p|»nd»i" "out- ii«hl, downright theft in tho worne Nixon's dtrn(«?«l5lii bnned their fc"iin« that he M galnlnn xtre/iRth on the Increased crowds and «h- "f>« h« h«« rc ror-noom. w poumrinii ~ uujij..j ( . 0(ved „,„„ h) , ,| romll uc » A»l«_..fid _thaw _»mli n«,^nn< i l« ilt)r nnllonwW{> TV ml I-alln AmorJca boivicrlnie thn| tle h((|) hB(J f)(] iiolfkf - dclo«WPB hi.vjj >i aH«om.j rfom (he mw , u [|( '"? «u, '","' f p !l al ii ,,, m V rui f'hovf niven him a warm w«lcomo M China, to.do-Uw l>ldtln« o i , h(K ( , untt , mJ|U| Dw|ght D> JP Mogn.tw.PtflpInK nxlu In lhl« \tuwnhower, "vimllcutiid" him at itent eiimpjilKn, j \vhei«lini« w Va The countrlos "rrprcsontcd" by *' ' ' id Communliit"ln*plrf»(l iMaunian oVf n (Kiptilniinn of morn thiui n Illlon "tid fi half pooplc and cov- two-third* of tin* I'urth'H «ur- ace, t ^ • MI f ft*d * ft** t&ftfe wftfe • who uitlmittly left We bees*** h* wanted to marry someone else. The other woman I* a fine per- ftcfl with an unquestionable char- nctcr. She trust* thin man implicitly. He does have a person nllty that would charm anyone — as I well know. Should I tell her v.-hnl t happened bWween us? I do not want to tell her out of resent- m«H or hurt, but I know the man from lUNl'UR and JKAN PETERS in a romantic embwe, JOlh Ctntiirr-lWi "LURE OP THE WILDERNESS." Tcchnicolot Starts Sunday at the Rialto for thin aBfimilt w«»ro con- octert In July, grwlur Soviet uiild- duo, ni the cottforoiien of tho (irmminlst World Council of Pooco n Berlin. Tlip-P«lnln« moetlne In « urtaln rttl»or to the »tiinhty puftco ff«n«lvo which ruitdwn tt« climax ft In Vlcnnn with ti world con,* Th.pro l« Hltlo doubt thnl tha of 1* M^i'l In with tt-f to minimon «n dort«i'«*»« of the Sovlfl floitinninlst Oat. ft, tho fl«'«t «uch con- In HI ycurs, o iimjui- ftllaok In In Anln. Orio In the ex|) tUInn of. Amwlcnti throtmh dninaitft to Ainr-r Th^ oththuhlMt (Iniulniillon of all Awla. luf lhe> Communist will uM evmi be xiitlnfled with that, In h« fut\H'i< lira iilnn.i fur ilomlno Ion of Ihv Middle Kaut, Afrleu Hial South nnd Ccnlrul Amwrlen. Hyi'n Is wluU wilt lakit plurn In i-lpJntf. viml*»j' much noloc. Tito "ConKreflB of I'milntma h of Peace In Asia und tb( of tin- t'ni'irii 1 (itpun" the"mouthful UU« of (hid mcnliuit -WUI Uutlfmly tulgpl rntulgtloiiB nn fclluwM: 1, Aiiulniit MMiillllarljialton of ipon. Uemanillnu wlthilriiwul of nil occupation f or c P « inveunlnii niH'U'u:i forcpH now there under upptirutf treaty) funn Jnpnu. 8, ABOlnst bttctorloloHicul wtu 1 tat'« un(i w««pon» of matt* Ot>slnic> tluu. For the outluwli»(i ot w«r. nroiv rlvod horo early today n fow houm nfHT tolling the Ar/j- illlo uudii.'ncu and n xtatewld* ra* dlo niidl»i)0(), "I Hay tho Texm it Co (folng to help the throw the Trunian out of WiiHhlnKton noxt November," HI* bid f</r Tcxnn' 24 olectornl votcn wax penned on hla opposition to federal control of the oil-rich tldolantls. Gov, Ad In I E. Stevenson I Mo Ui'inoti'iilic pr«*U)ontial cpiutl< dniu, brought down tho wrutli ot 1'cxnn Gov. Alan Shlvors and mout of iho party orKdnl/ntlon when ho Indicated he was f»£ fadoral con- tl'Ol, NUon wunt through a back- 'diili) yuitUTdoy tbut ot SHU l^ak« City at U II.ITI, (MOT) untl «nd«(i when hU rhurtect'd plane taniiml hore nt lli'.Ii!) u.m. (CST) tody. During tht> <liiy ho covered four »UU«», tra,V' t-loii 1,300 inlleH by pUmo «nd auto, nnd inudv t-lxht Himuchc-w, five unworthy of her and will Answer: Vour Intention* may be >f the best., but the girl will never laten to your warning. Your ov/n affair Is over nnd done with, and bero's no use evoking it for n Mile purpose. If there were any Setting of Soenger Film Everyone who likes adventure and excitement, who thrills to the beauty of scenic splendor, who has Grup romance and will find great reward In "Lure of the Wilderness" new Tec- nlcolor movie which plays at the SaenRcr Sunday and Monday. "Lure of the Wilderness" takes NEW QlttJBAttSr t* - Th* *** president at tbe LootoWtw— ahsas Divlsfott. "" nnd GM AssttcUUon Charles H. Murphy Jr., president of the Murphy Corporation of El Dorado, Ark. .. » Murphy, th* youngest president ever to head the association, fc n director of the Independent troUum a«soHU»tton of nnd a member « Committee ot Uft nomlc Council. assurance that the girl is sensible you into the spectacular Okefenor enoufsh to profit by your expor-1 ('^ Swamp^of southern Georgia, •cnce. I'd tell you to flo ahead and ' '" """ " ''' try to save her from an unhappy marrlngo, but you must be the judge of the possible outcome. Do not sacrifice yourself needlessly. to the screen a new background of natural grandeur, a region which rivals the jungles of Africa and Brazil for treacherous undcrfooting, discerning sounds and primitive life. The film was actu ally filmed on location in Georgia Dear Miss Dix: My mother in , slats that I be at home at ton I ami captures the swamp in all its o'clock when I have a date. Myj beauty and grandeur, boy friend's father gets home latej Given its name by the Seminole so'we never can get an early startj Indians centuries ago, the term for the movies, ball game or any j "Gkefc-nokee" cnn be translated as other activity. Even thirty minutes! the "Land of tbo trembling earth" extra would help. BEVERLY j deriving from the fact that this vast area of apparently solid depth the Executive Akansas Eco. , ... Vice presidents elected at the group's closing session here yesterday Included R. G. Lawton of Magnolia. 'Ark., rind W. H, Rector of Little Rock. The great pryinld of Cheops in Egypt Is the. only survivor amottg the seven wonders of tho anclen world. Answer: Ten-thirty Is not an unreasonable hour for homecoming, but the extra thirty minutes probably wouldn't satisfy you very long Couldn't the boy's family make a concession on the other side of the, program, and let him out a bit earlier? iUCIIAKD "MASIillART question* two (icrnun prisditcrs in (his scene from 20«.|i Century-Fox's -DF.CKION IWORf! DAWN." PRESCOTTNEWS Ills 4, Foe "pcocttful Holutlpn" of tUo] Koreort eontUot and, othoi- contllcU 1 tluH»alci),liig workt ponce, 6; ffot rtevolopm«nt uf Interim- tton^l tcado on "the bauls of ««»»$»»« (y nnd mutual uilvnut«H«," for Uo- vwlypraent of cultural rolntlons «\n«t»H. lifttlonit, lor »tops Uvln« htuiultu'dB of nntlot)«, win bo uutl three Impromptu, pmitram today culled for here; unil ul Tiilaii, Okla., Ntt«4hvllle, Tenn., imd Knoxvllle, 'lYnn., before o MiKliilijht fllyht back to WuHhInuKm, Iti'pulilli'uiiH hope llu»y rnny rap- turn Texas, Klin»nhow*?r'H birth. by thulr Htund oti the touchy Intuit*. Nixon ui'Kod the open air crowd at the Amarlllo Kuli'isrininds to vote lor. .ICIwmhfiWiir, "who bO' lli'Vt-M In tho soyerelun rights of the nlnU'it" ill) tf.luUiiulH. Nlxuii'n udvisers, who once privately fea'ml the llfl.li.'iS expense lunil liuililimt tnli|hl not only cotil him hid Vice presidential nomlp'tt- Uon but possibly sink the GOP ticket, were openly Jubilant over tholr candidate's "iifter-whoollntt" vecepllon wbereever he went. Sunday, September 28 Tho Pioneer rnectlna of the Pros- bytorlnn Church will be held Sun- dny lit 4:30 p.m. The Youth Fellowship will moot at (I, Supper will be Hi'rvi-d by Mrs. t). \,. Mcllnu and Mrs. Berry llostorly. Denr Miss DLx: I have been mar i-!ed cloven years and have two children. Since my husband came home from service, he has changed considerably, but I have been able to manage with him. However, three weeks ago his mother was found dead, which was a so- slor y- vore shock to him. Since then he has done nothing but ait around. I can't get him to talk at all. MRS M. D. is actually a semi-floating island. The movie narrates the talc of a younc girl forced to live with her father in the treacherous swnmp for eight years and Is suddenly faced with the wilderment of returning to civilization. Almost completely primitive, she is more at ease roaming the alligator in Tested swamp with bow and arrow than facing the outside world. How her father and a young Georgian who falls in love with her brings her back to civilization provides the drama and suspense of the Mrs. Edward Bryson Honors Daughter Mrs. Edward Bryson entertained with a parly at hor homo on Tues- dny afternoon honoring her daughter, Mary Beth, on hor seventh bir,- thday. Upon arrival tho gupsta were There will he a Young People's given pink nnd blue party hats nt the Church of Na/arene Sunday at 7:110 p.m. Sunday evening at II:.10 al thn First HiipU.st Cliureb there will be U Trtilninit Service meeting. lifter the gifts weri 1 openod tho l.ink and white birthday cake top- HQPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Main A Country Club rd. SATURDAY 'Cavalry Scout' PLUS "Big Timber' // SUNDAY--MONDAY he Admiral Was a Lady" 1 I'd with candles held with ininin tiire nnimals and ico cream were server! from ;i larfie table on tho tcrrtice. Kavnrs were balloons. .„. _— i in OK- names I.intla Scott was The Yuuth Fellowship r>f the! winner in the candy hunt, PeKRy Methodist Church will meet Sun-i Warren and Helendale Ledhelter (lay at 0:30 p.m. jwon Ihe pu//le conlesl, and Nancy llilli-ry won' the pri/p for (hi- tail nn the donkey. Claswes for Young People of the Church of Christ will he held Sunday at OM5 p.m. JHJ rJOSf BOWl S'lOR i Labor Dollar Breakdown Ordered WASHINGTON, CUP) — PresU mil Trumnn today dlrocted the federal Trade Commission to i»ke an unprecedented ".special nuch of the eonsunv«r'« dollar goes nvcvtlgnlion" to dotermlue how nuch of the consumer's dollar noes, or lobor, profits, mnterlul, illatrl- jutlon nnd this like, Mr, Truniun »»ld such Informa- ien will be useM ' "In settljlmi obor disputes" whero lubor anu nnnnjemonl usually present thulr >Wu fljiuro*. . . He said the data nlso Is needed r show how much of the consum- (r'» dollar goes to the farmer. Says Red Officers Helpin* Chinese SEOUL, Korea, W — A North Korean security officer who («lo ho Punmunjonv neutral «one und urrendered suld today he saw ibout 10 Russians dressed In Chiu-sc Red uniforma nt the Sinulju ah-fleld across the Ynlu Rlvor !rom Manchuria.' The officer, U. Lw> Dong Yup, old Allied uowspoptu'inaa In on utervlew that this was in June, 1851, and ho understood that U»8J? had Installed antl-oircratt guns. Ho said, h« did not Icnow whether they roiuuln«d to ftre them, Communist goals thwarted Uy American \vaj'W«iVters and aggr««- Rose Garden Club Hns Pall Meeting Tho initial fall meeting of tho Rose 'Garden Club wa.< hVld Tuesday afternoon In the home of Mrs. Ilonan with Mrs. Bryan Mrs. E, Adams co- Rltchio and liootossos. The business meeting was presided over by Mrs. J. T, WorlhinRton. second vice president. The various committees nave tholr reports. Mrs, Everette Ward nave an interesting program on 'TUilbs niut Tubes" carrying out the clubs theme for the year on Horticulture. Punch and cookies were served by the hostesses during tho social hour. There present. pinnlnf! twenty two flwsts RA's Meet Tuesday The HA.'s of the First Baptist Church met Tuesday afternoon at the church with seven members and their counselor, Mrs, l.croy Phillips, present for the last moot- Ing of Ihe church year. Johnny Lnnjjlt\v opened the mooting with prayer. Billy Loomls. Am- )«saador In Chief, had charge of llm Home Mission program. Those tiiKUtg part were Johnny Laugloy, ohn Crane, William Roy l.ynn, Sonny Lindsey, James Ray Phillips nd Blll.v boomis. After the Dixie Jackson nfforlng 11 r state missions wore taken Mrs. hilUjw closed tho meotin^ with irayer. Refreshments wore served by >Irs. Nat Woosley. too. de4lli\g with such mot- iors 'as InUtmV'PttHlstanl relations, m*tloivul lnd*8W>d*nco of countries In NovU» Afrlpft ««d th« Middle VJast, ugauist yei)xmi.arl*atlon of Wt.m«vn Clermsivy and for a united dt>le|atlon Oormny, »nd so o»j Thi» u'resentw (row I'MVlu Anvprlca esui be to SIOIV r«»- The Pulping «»»* agency on nounces that d«te§»Jl«*s wW ^* present from Mexico. Guatemala Colombia, Salvador, Honduras Chile, Peru. Kcuwtor »«* Panama. ( rh« work of th« J»»c« coogress is cut and (Irlsd. U has b*en de cided well in advance, and the pre«eut will be led »boui » nos» by the Comnvunls tj the sessions. The qammunteU »r» i«b»« to squeei out every ouns^ <|t from this effort* t use U* p»rty congress *> by wUl Little Lenauo Winners B & PW Guests This season's Little Lenfiuo cbom pions,: the "Beeps" wore honored on Tuesday evening by their sponsors, the Prescott Business nnd Professional Women's Club, at a steak supper at tho Hotel Lawson. The seventeen 'Beeps' and their coaches, Hllmnn May and Dale Spradlin, who wore feted were: Purtle, G. Fore, Herrinfi, West, G. Barries. M. Sullivan, J. Barnes, T. Pore, Jarvls, Goodwin, Simpson Weoms, Stowers, Mnrlar, P. Sullivan, Waters, F. Fore, Thompson, Evans, Ward. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tompklns were also guests, and Mr. Temp, kins as p.uest speaker, spoke to the group on "How to Become Better Ball Players," tie also gave the I'ooin, "Casey at the Bnt." Mr Tc-mpkins presented u ball and bn to two boys in a drawing for the lucky winner. The Little Leapu. 1 championship trophy, which was presented by tin Prcscott Baseball Association, wa shown Id the Little League chnm pious at the supper, and will b kept by the B & PW Club unti next season. Mr. Thomas Buchanan. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cooper. Mrs. Hoy Stainton, Mr>. Leroy Phillips. Mrs. Huv Luomis. Nancy Buchanan, Johnny Luiiclcy, Margaret Leece and iittendrd the Baptist Training Union service t\t tho Baptist Church in Guidon Monday evening. Answer: Give your husband time to recover from his mother's passing: one doesn't recover from so severe a shock in a short time. If the difficulty continues, I suggest that you have him soe a psychiatrist, The Veterans' Administra lion will suggest one for you. Dear Miss Dix: I am very much in love with a boy 21., throe years older than L We wont together over a year, then broke up and ihe married sornoone olse. Now ho and his wife are planning a divorce. He wants mo to go out with him, but I don't know whether to wait until he has the divorce or not. D, C. Answer: Better wait, or you'll OP one of that vast army oC women who are patiently eating their hearts out waiting for men to gel divorces that somehow or other never do seem to materialize. In the meantime, look around for another boy. Don't waste your youth waiting for a vacillating, and not oo worthwhile] young man. Released By The Bell Syndicate, Inc.- 1 ' ' It is estirnatcd that two out of ive school children are handicapped by inadequate but almost always correctable, eyesight. Announcing the . . . SID ROGERS-BUCK COMPANY (Formerly Roger Clinton Buick Co.) 207 - 209 East 3rd Street I wish to take this opportunity to. announce that I have purchased the Roger Clinton Buick Company in Hope. I invite each of you to come in and see us, and when you want complete Buick Service and parts be sure; and; bring us your car. SID. R©GERS / / Mr i. C. P, Arnold Jr. Hoit««« ta '3? Club Dalhuis oitd spider lilies in graceful drrftU««inentV dccora-vd the ionic ol Mrs. C. P. Arnold Jr. on Tuesday afternoon whan she outer- aiu«i members of tho "M Contract ?lub, The lii*h score award was won >y Mis. Frank Gilbert. Boyil Arnold was a guest, Mrs. C. H; Mooro Stale Huard of DAR Little l\nck Tuesday. attended a meeting in !"lub members present included: Mrs. Turn llenus, Mrs. Oeorgo por. Mrs. Jack Harrell, Mrs. ?r»nk Uultom Jr.. Mrs. Archie Johiuou. Mrs. Mark Justiss, Mrs. Q. G. Hirst, Mrs. D. U McRae Jr. Mrs. D. L. MeRae Jr. and Mrs.,S. O. Logan spent Tuesday in Texarkana \;i(h T. C. McRae Jr. who is ill in the hospital and with Mrs. McRae. Mrs Allen Gee Jr., and Mrs. J. I.eland Lavender of Hope were Wednesday a. in. visitors in Pros toll. We Are Noiv Licensed A. V. John Pittmuit. Mrs. and Mrs, Gilbert . ty dessert course was ser- vt><J to those proseut. Mrs. Arthur Turner and Mrs Burgess spent Monday in Hope where they entered Nevada County exhibits in the District Fair. Mr. and Mrs. V. D. Wartham of Qiurduji were the Monday guests ot "Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Buchanan. DOROTHY DIX 00X Friwd Objects Dear Miss Dix: For the past two and a hsU years I have been going steady. In the near future I VJaji to go to college several hun- drtid mites aw»y where I will live on Uxe campus- However, my boy f i tend objects and says if I really lQV«d hij» I would change my V> a coUef t close enou DRY CLEANERS i $0 t£|t | could live at borne. » thinks I should do so and sa,ve our majrriaxe Do Answer: I think a boy who is mure concerned over the money >ou can save than over the educaj Uon you receive is a questionable matrimonial prospect. If he U willing to sacrifice your best in- teivsts now. what do you think your chances are of having any «»^epei\deace alter marriage? You thm^il over. Some lima .fhis sign is the symbol of our new and better kind gf Dry Cle^Qing Service which we are proud to offer you. We »,re now authorized to use SANITONE guaranteeing spotless, odorless cleaning, finer pressing and the utmost care, in the handling of all garments— our equipment, plant facilities and service have been approved as. meeting the standards of Sanitone Dry Gleaners everywhere, Tb.is famous Dry Cleaning Service costs you no more than ordinary dry cleaning, so call or come in today and let us sh.ow you WHY we are so proud of Sanitone, NAIIOMAUV WOHO FAMOUS SWilTOMl DIY NATIONAL LAUNDRY - CLEANERS Phone 7-27 M fit / % -, ,~ * ' 'L • * H? ^^VK .V*Na ITS i svflggp *$&•?• Minnesota Mix MUtONTAL 3 Philippine MlriijesoUi SHandUrs —ed the JEntrtaty Union in 1858 7 Point a Adjust weapon Landed property Cause to remember Balance (ab.) Christmas J?D ark 14 Forest creature 17 Symbol for nickel 20 Horsemen 8 Minnesota is one of the States 9 Girl's name 1 Skills i figure i Pedal digit ) Sheaf lit is (contr.) t Withered I Genus of ! herbs I Apple drills I Drone "bee r Heart ; {Abstract being ) Mimic ) Bowling term I Dispatcher r Limbs »Witticism )Foot part |1 Snooze i Greedy king „. (mvth.) $4 Burmese wood sprite •5 Masculine appellation 1 Spotted 49 Expunge |0 Choice part Si Hardens |2 Drunkard VERTICAL |1 East Indian herb J 8 Horn CARNIVAL 22 Warning devices 24 Not one 38 Most U. S. 25 Combat iron ore comet 27 Musical from instrument Minnesota's 30 Without (Fr.) —-s 31 Prattles 39 Alleged force 32 Electrical unit 42 Disorder 3.4 Oiyfe 43 Alone 35 Click beetle 46 Salt pit 36 Network 48 Cant 10' <B ^ 13 29 It W m By Dick Turner ; T. M. R<(. U. 8. Pit. Off. !>/ NEA S«rv!o«. Inc. the way, does your wife know your* out chasing —- -..T— . • \ . other Mtonuny ' -•• 1 SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith thi my , WATT" I THINK 1 SAID TAILS,] l NEARLY^MAOE^ A rjafofcLE T MlStAK HITCMSOAT •^WP^*lp8S. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WIIHom* VIC FLINT UHH-M / A RATTLER..' THOSE PEADLV THIN<3fi HORRIFV ME.' By Mkhcicl O'Molliy and >«l vie VWT* wsun COMP JNSUIIANCE \PWJV OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hopple 1 HEARO you AMD ^ ,TAl^& ^TASED AtvJ J; KEMDERED JAKE HORS. O& ^ COMBAT WITH A F?|GHT/-~-BUT tT" i 11 \ryi* AAr-_ »A^"\rT>*- -Yi I f\ •. 1 "T/Myp— (•Arst^ -^ »'—»WL—w INTRAMURAL -u'lvxcs/^i VIM i n r\ fsior\ I i r-*~~s'uj IT HURT ME- MORE fHArxl 3AK! -~ MOT OMLV ARE MY « r u'Kliiru'i ce, AAAIAACO t2i vr i . L. I IY\ U*4/^ V lfc-^1^* y; TOURMAMEMT//? DID HE TIE A <''BOY 5COOT U Kr^OT If' YOUR A •*<- NO t C-»NUY (°vKE A KNUCKLES MAIMEO, S MY SPIRIT Dl?OOP6 . /V\T »KIKI I LJKUUrl UMDER THE MARK ^*C /* £v IK\ v*~">v j Ur- t-^UM, f-s '^-^ VMHO 5L6V^C/-yM? Ul<i ^•i"'. *O(TV ». * uncr MOURr4PUL., I SLAD<«TOR=.| FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger I 1 '|| ''li-fi'll I' C«pr. HSIkf HUS.nlci, Int. > T. M. tig. U. S. ftl. OH. °-27 •»«• « \ "He'* going to be a vote-getter all right-^h»'K thrdwtnc I hltt Uicons alrABHul't ' * his kisses alreadyl" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By FIASH! Tue. iri-WHKXLtS HAVE- INVITED UMCKlfS To A _ ftAce , CONFEREtKE' ^•27 I CX3MT GET IT/ W CHICKS SND t> <X>ME RIGHT OVER AND WEAR THE SUDPPIEST RAGS WE HAD/ m % *%% • .. ^ % 5COTT. * ,». «n, ^OWH PUNT H? L)KI • TAKft A LOOK ATTH(|9MAP. A6 >OU KNOW, TMBUB HWB 11/' NMII THIS TMBATSR WTW^WTOhV Mt, *C«5TT?i «NI 7 ur i nn viu i imcr wwKll THSPTTOUIClfiSVVITHUA' ^ .•H*P~U> K>"V->'^ ••V-r-4'V-r. frarciyn t»»li.»^!!B{tffii!^'TM. F '"J3l WASH TUBES 602 BESIDES, TMESPON'T WBU.THBV V6 ByUillo ^^•'i^ «»«"* 'vir^ir^i^fv*^ I VT^' ' DSWl ITtoOVBRTHB'l JU» ^^^NT6L.BBHl^lp^ ^OPMNTINGIJ 1 UBiniflBltilHii .^MRTWC'IMWHU A ^.'-W BQuTS AND HER BUDDIES By Ed 9 or BgF<pr BUGS BUNNY |gU',js^S8 & lt'.ir **r£ m ALLEY OOP 'it-^S^tyM *#* *»**H»i*«r>v**'tMW>f** k ^*r«<^, MYSTAR5.OOOLA, THAT'S NOTOTMIC! /" OH, NO' COP'S GOT HIMSELF/ WONDER'' CAUGHT IN A J WE CAN'T HOWUMG f\ SEE WHAT •xvSAND STOKM,' /.'\ GOES ON! 0-27 WE'LL TAKE OUR PROBLEM TO ' MAYBE 6OLVG [ LET'O ,,,,,, IT..,HOP ONTO V GO/ ' HE CARPET.' ; BYTH'WAY, / NOT A "SUV."' SENIH.WHO I IS THIS GUY \ WOMAN/;:. -: *'#£&1 . , \YEftA»_ WOMAN; ONB,,,AI».._ , ~ J WICKED/ / i 'trvcri' • .•»*«,'*• CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer .h^l RPWWOMTHS /WAKTI4N Y IP vpu WANT TO^ESTHE PtACB/AAlAJZ CO/ME v4t<?N<? WITH"I^. vvg WONT 9B HEP &BAM. £ * .b

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