Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 26, 1952 · Page 19
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 19

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 26, 1952
Page 19
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MOPI* S f Aft, HOPE, ARKANSAS DISPLAY 7do i»r laefc Wfl fit fflCB par Uwb . tot to* utor ar »hl»> on<Htoy we, Odvtflltlf* ttWV until » M< for Hoy. ?ve Iht flow M rt«nT» of. to »)•« " Phon« 7-3431 f STAR KQIM (pqyobl* In «*•, in Aop* and For Sole AT rtslonsble prle«* ftftrcfofd Butt, II to IS months oW, N«W loeutton 4 mllo* north on PWvttig Ground Road. A. W. Blor»«th ( Phone 7-4082, H-1M PKA ir«v«I, Cl«y iravel, «and, top loll, «nd fill dirt, Coll Jeuso Slrv «mir, Phone 7-2.W 8-9-1 M now) !>ulldlnjj* clean pine lumber, roofing, complete window*, narrow flooring Cnrnp, 2 mllon wixii Hupp. C, K. Holey, 24-01 < w. F'lni?. PRACTICALLY new two wheel trailer. 1W by »>,«' by 4'V deep with exton*lon». Cull 7-tlflO lie tweon 7i30 ii.m. nnd 0 p.m. »r let* at 1820 Sot i ID Klin. r.-:U HEL.UNCl out at cant. Our antique xtock. Hope Hobby MOUKU, 4 mlio«. e«»t 07. Open nil duy w Sunday. 25-31 Louit $••• Long Roign for Rocky I.1TTLB ROCK, I* - A guy thnl to know »ny» ihal n f w boxing champ Mnrclttno will wear th* crown nwhllft becfliixe "(hiMr ju»l tri-.i't fnony Ktxid owt *round " Joe Isiul*, former heavyweight champion, (ieflcrlbetl ih« Marelnnu- Jpnfly Joo Wnlcotl lltl« bout In New York TiiPod(,y n* ihi? I'M" IK* him (>ver seen "Mnrciiitio di|/?«n't tuivr> much In worry nlw.itit," Louis, mild "He 1 * ftlroiiif, liltM hard, anil ttikeii H punch good. Me floo»n't look t'loi KMH! Ijut he'd not nil H heavy-j wolHht ntr«>(l«. Thftf Jimt aren't tnnny good <mr>n nmjiMfl " Mil fltlld Ihrt (HlJy lllic'ly to fllvp Miircl nrr "(.'liirpnce MMI Football Gets in Full Swing This Weekend an- OUT OF DOORS with Bobcats Meet El Dorado Tonight at 8 Visitors Boast Coach Worried About Porks in Houston Game FAYETTBVIU.F.. W The Un- Ivoruity of Houston, n frjolhnll n«;w- (.•ottifr with liiftUini* iimbitlonji, roinc'* lien- tomorrow fur its first with tho Arkmi«;i!i hern Wiilciiit liiiitlrK'M trip, hi'iul In 4)0 In U TWI5L-VK Good I pump BUD. Prownr. 3 mnlo ton hound*. Ontlu Rt. 4, Box 117, Hope. Proving Ground Road. 2.1-31 By The Akioclntod Pr«*i AMERICAN LEAGUE W York I. 58 Pet .01(1 ,500 NKW guitar. Phone 7-S073, 25-31 1 DINING room nutte. See at Hotel Henry. au-oi NKW tllo Homo, 5 room* mid buth, Phonw 7-3D7I, Rlloy Lewiillen. 20-31 Cattlemen FOB Winter OrtulriB. mixture of put* and Cheat with uprlnhla of Hairy Vetch uiul Slnglfitiiry Peon, 13.78 par hundred pound* lit farm, Alston Fostur, 27 ctit off, Lnwldvlllu, Arknniitta." 24-121 72 73 75 70 W) 102 ,fl|7 ,503 ,407 .417 .320 B,') ill 71) 7n 7fl Hf'Htnn 73 St. Kuitl* 03 tkitrolt (JO FrldNy't Schedule Nttw York nt I'hiliidtMpldn —La- pnt (10-fl) v» Hynl lln-H), Wnnhlnginn nt Honlon field (12-H) or Shun fll-fl) intin (0-0). St, Lo\il» til ChlcuRO (12.0) vs Honvoln (13-0) Only unmt'K Kclu>Huli*d. Thursday's Reiulu New York 3 Hoston 2 Detroit 3 Si, l,oul* 2 Only KnirioH orhcdtiK-d. For Rent HtnuntMd, NevaUa, • ond-MMIW 4 HCXJM furnUhed npnrtmcnt. Prl- vnlo bnth. Electric box, No children. Mr*, Judson, 820 North Elm. 28.U 4 rqom un upurtnicnt. Hardwood float H. Dullt-lmi, Private bath nnd entrance. Cloie in. 207 Shovcr St. Phdtio 7-4480. 12-lf cHivTtiwuSwti'" npm-lmpnt. a rooms end Unth. Himtwoud lloors. 4SO' Edgosvood. Call 7 ;2Sfl7 of 7«2778 utter 0. 28-01 Brooklyn New York St, l.oulM 1. ,10 (ill 04 no Ho>ilon I'lttsbui'Kh Frldny'n Pot .1121) .003 ,r>70 .444 .417 Wanted TWO dlahwaihers, Apply Mnnn gar Dlumohd Caftt. jj^'*" 28 - 11 WAITRESS wanted!" Top \ Ploniunt iurroundliiKit .Trnntpoi latlon furnished to and (ran work, Thft 0»k» •RoilBur«nt Phone 7-8883, "-0 JSnSutnFaT^ Penn»ylviinl», Laavhjn uftoj-noon. Johnny Browi ing, Dial 74*47, Lost Wot, Amartenn, ' L, f ' a-u lnt«re»t<jd in 1 taiiQtu contact ,,vt at 7480J, N«w J?*?^ * IN, PttraUo. Piilr of «U»»»o*. dish-brown rim. In rod Cttll 7-3H93. rci NATIONAL LEAGUE W IM 01 117 n 11,1 75 7(1 07 114 OM HI] 41 IKI .I!?!! Schedule lit St. I.ouln — lliickw Ift-DI vd Stttley llfl-Hi PIlUlmrHh «t Clnelnniill —Dick son (H-',il> VH Jordan (0-1) or Per- iwnkl 112-1) i. Phllndflphln ut New York —Mt-y(13-131 vs Corwtn KM), HonUm at Brooklyn -- Wll.-ion (1213) va Ernklno (14-«>. Thur»d«y'« Reiulti 'Now York .1 Don ton 2 Hi, Louis 4 Cincinnati 3 Only Humes scheduled. lu'iivywcliihtii ..i niiy trouble :" H> «'""R iintl V.tt.nfA | l>'"-'kii. ; Anil, ArltiHixii!) Couch Oti'i DOUK- lu» S».VH hii'M "plenty *»."-rlod" thnl bin ll«/.orb;icl:!i will lose if ll'ey don't pluy better thim they dlci In rd;{lnK Oklahoma A. k M., OIK." of Moiiston'H MltiHourl Valley Cnnfcrt'iicr; brethren, l;t«t week. Houston, which hits an enroll- n.itit ot 1 l.lK)(l-tlii i'c timi'H an larite UK Arkiinsris'— but isi In only HH Cfvi'flth yunr of footbnll eompotl- lion, will he IrikliiM on a serimrl ttor.thwt'St Confrreiu-c eleven In an wimy weekend*. The COIIHUIM lost to Texas A. fc M. by only a touchdown Insl Salurdny. The 14111110, cxpiH-trd to nttrnct nboul 15.000 piiylnB customers, will bring together two highly rt'imrdud *pllt T attacks led by brilliant quarterback*. Arkansas has been working Ihls week on a defen.sc it hopes will holt the; pii.H.sInu of Coucar Quarter- buck Hob Cliitterbuck, who corn- Vkted !.') of 29 aerials for 208 yr.rdH njuilnnt the Texas AtiMies. The- Mn/orbuekH also will have lo contend with a quIck-slrlkliiH ground offonsc In which Clatterbuck Is aided ably by halfbacks | Ronnie Dietrich uiirl llurlttn U:ikl- ndtft' iiiui Fullback Paul Carr. Arkunr.UH had been lulu-led as a nuthlnu Icuin with only mediocm forvurcl imsBinif. However, the Porhcru' do-trvcrythinK field KIMH-I-- i\\, All-Southwest Ltimtir Mcllar. connected on 20 of 22 throws fcr III!) yards last week and tops tho •x in his ruzy.le-dux7.lc If'ii- Portor- v» Free PnlK« By CO CORRIOAN NKW YOHK W Autumn's nul madiiess, college /vwitiK 1 ! into full stride tonlqht and t(in<inow from coast to const with every major learn In tho Kchi"lu'ed to get Into netlon He.idrd by Michigan St.nto the Fla/or- ' No. 1 team in the pre>nca.-foii A<social' (I Press poll, the big boys will (lex their muscles aRiili-st op- ponrril." who, for the mo;l part. will not play dead when they ;;hnw up. Tonight's action also U ln-uvy wllh pome interseetlonal tus ;lo» th.it will have a bearing on tho final outcome in December. Southern California, which hns proton-: lions toward the Pacific Const Con- j hieitce title, entertains Nrrthwest-! cm "f tho Big 10-alrnn.st like aj Hose Howl game. i The result fhould give some in-! (in iitlon of how serious a challenge tho two schools can throw up! i.valn.-it the favorite.-! of til'.' con- 1 feri'iici's -- C'alifornia on tho coast (•ml Illinois in (he Midwuit. i California and Illinois, inciden-i ti'lly, ;,ppeiir to have oa.;y takes. Pi.ppy Waldorf's Golden .lears arc |:rehibitive favorites to trounce Missouri and Illinois goes against Ii.wa Stall. 1 , which proved tiirit it could score when It lash,.-d South Di.kotu State List week. frum an audience st.ir.clpoini, Handling a Dog That Freezes By JOE STETSON Dog Editor I There are some training methods that can be described adequately without going afield to country I watch the participants and dom- [ onstrute the techniques. The method of handling the delivery of u doji that "free/.es" is one of them, so when Al Conklin dropped in this drizzling Kail Saturday morning I just Invited him to sit down and relax while I shoved the logs on the fire around a bit and rustled another cup of toffee. "1 think 'freezing' is pretty much psychological," I began, as we both settled back. "I think a dog that Irce/e.i has an idurt that he can bluff you out of taking the retrieve from him and he plays the game. Once a dog has the handler buffaloed, he continues to do it and makes a real problem of it. | a( | mU lhat Onyx has mo "I've known dogs with 'freezing' j Tne blilck son o f a reputation with one handler to 'give' readily to another—the latter usually being more experienced and positive in his handling methods so that the dog knows that he won't stand for any foolishness." "Well," said Al, "I'll have to buffaloed sea cook just me and say's 'pull and it'll gel you.' I pull and he advanced .,;m Roth, 195 po;md:i, •i -id Dick Kcysern 215, to starlinf. Irckli? post ,-n:,. ,M the same tir u\ t''.r>-pi)uncl n.islcr Graves, who hi; loin a dnsfite-duty performer, was freed for defensive specialization. Also, Murray Elton, a top reserve last year has been promoted to a starter at left halfback in place of the fleet-footed Jack Trox- i 1;. who probably will play but is hampered by in Thr Ha/orbacks im<|ii<>siioriul>l> will bank hi-avily on the power tlinmts and end swcejis of Fu'lback Lewis Carpenter 2(K)-pound velera'i who netted 70 yards in the Ok'.u- honui AHKIC lilt. Douglas niiido a number of per- M nnel shltts this week with the. hope of HtrenttthenltiK both his of- frnse und his defvnsi.*. To speinl ap the offensive lino when Murehinno knocked him out In the 13th round. I.ouis also commented thnl Wai- roll "will never pul up Uiat good ii flnht agnln. The weather wtH ont'l. Jvist right for him, and other things added up to his advantage," Louis said. "Hut he still got knocked out." . Both teams are due lo be at t,r near full strength physieally. Tlu- klckoff will be at 2 p.m. C'ST. I'robable Starters Aft KANSAS: Knds — Bogard, Perry. Tackles— Hoth, Keyser. Ciiiards— Marshall, Dumas. Center— Walkins. Halfbacks— KUon, Sutton. Quarterbacks— McHan. Kullbiick— Carpenter. HOUSTON: Ends— Clapp, Hampel. Tackles— Lackey, Carroll. fluards— Griffith, Clunike. Center-- Chambers. Halfbacks— Dietrich Baldi-idge. Quarterback-- Clatterbuck. Fullback— Carr. ] aqic fragile I ^^ ELSIE MACK 1 ' •/ CotrlifiL 1181. V ELSIE tnr Kwlurrt (tvnrtlrtt*. 25-31 WanUd to Buy WANTED TO BUY One Inch rough green odk lumber — regular lengths ond tie siding. For prices and specifications Gurdon Lumber Company Belrpe,, Arkansas thw fnmed Dumiucu* UlutU's of anoluut Vliuet wurtt soim-Uines to si «.'d on nlftves and puttsvit the U-sis it th»y cut th» *lnvt«'s hua«l wiih- out being Lt 99! Notice " " NOT»CE "~~" THI PR08ATB COURT OP H*MP»T8AD COUNTY ARKANtAft IN WE MAtl'BR OF THE &u««nla known »ddr«ss of d«ct>d«nt: , 0, f I, Hoi», ArtuMua*. \\» «$ death: September H. IH CHAl>TBR ON AN KVBN1NG In Nov«mb«r, Jeremy cnmo to Now Vorh. Ntvnoo canto In from work, her checks tingling with th« dump, raw wind, And ihoro ho WM In Uie •I U Ing-room vvttli Kit., Nanco mood ft moment, mvito luul muUonlosa In Uio mnttll foyer. Then »lio moved Into tho room. "Hollo, Joromy," sho anld. "Svir- prlso!" • "1 had bustnosa In tho city," ho explained. "X thought I'd look you both up." "Usually," Kit remarked dryly, "all 1 rato is a telephone cnll bo- t w o « n your bualnetw nppoint- inottta." Jeremy lauRlicd. Kit said, "la your wife with you?" "No." "1 haven't seen her since ah* wus n chtUI. I've heard aho'a grown up to bo extraordinarily beautiful." "Yes," he said briefly ,»nd added, "I thought you might like to come for dinner with me tonight." Kit frowned. "I'd Uk« U Immensely, but I've arranged to see a display ot soapatone ornaments," "You and your Junkl Nanco, how about you?" Why not? she wtk«d herself. "I'd liko tt, Jeremy," »he said. They ate at a small Italian place—red-and-whlto checked tablecloths, spaghetti, long twists of crusty 'Do br*ad, red you rementb#r," N«nn nveni dated wt* wv thv HUi day of IMS, KdmUt«4 to pro- will of Ihe »bov« , »»xd the under* A contest of the c»u « «ff«ct«d wltblu the asked htm, "tho trip«jt» K«& York when we were children? How we dashed about so madly with the awful fear inside ur that we'd, Htittr haw time to M* U alll" His eyes were sober, "Yes, 1 r«- mamtwr." Nanco thought DttatwUy, I mustn't start the Da>Y<HHt*jn*m« ber game. I'll get hurt Sh« plunged into a bright reltil ot Mr days and nights, her work, her I friends, everything. Jeremy said, smiling. "You're Ibegiimlug to ae« U all, aren't you?" She nodded, a \if-VUt P«««l «t making him believe ta ber effer- 'But rm talking all t haven't f iven you aoout my«*lf a chance," «sid "The avmt I, »>P«UM»iX. She said unhappily, "1 suppose so." She added, "Mow is Eve7" -Fine." "And Sam anil Eleanor?" "Well. Father's knee-deep Into tho mayoralty campaign'' "He'll win." "Sure." "He'll bo ao proud!" "Ho'll pop his vest buttons!" They umilcd ut each other. It was easier, after that. They dawdled over the food, laughing, talking. Almost like old limes, Nance thought. Well, not quite. They took a taxteub home. Approaching tho apartment, Jeremy said, "Let's walk a bit." They got out, dismissed the taxi. Mint waa forming In tho cooling air. Wisps of It were at the curbs, and around the street lights. Nanco turned up her collar. Jeremy pushed hU hands far down into his pockets. Thoy walked without talking. Once, at an intersection, there was a near collision ot two cars, and Nance drew In her breath on a sharp little cry. He took her arm. After a block or so, he dropped It "Nance," he said, "Mother mentioned something about you ami Rolph Hllltard." It was dark so he could not see her face. She made a small murmuring sound. "I hope you'll be happy. Nance." She began to explain that nothing definite waa settled, yet. Then she decided to let it stand. Perhaps she would marry Rolph* At the apartment, site asked htm in, and-he said, "Just for a minute. To say goodbye to Kit." Kit wasn't in. Nance put away ber coat and hat, Jeremy heaped Bin on a chair, Ho prowled around tho room, examlng Kit's treasures. "She's got a fortune here," he remarked. "I think ahe'd trade the lot for halt a dosen grandchildren." "I wonder why she never married, after Uio Englishman?" M l suppose aha never happened to fall in love," (t was an unfortunate word. It shattered U»e fealing of easiness. Nance flushed uncomfortably, and J«r«my consulted his watch. He picked W Ids overcoat, "i won't wait for Kit. Say goodbye for me, Nance.** "How long ajr« you staying?" "Tni going homo tomorrow." Ho itooilioiding his bat. Their «y«« nwt, just for an instant- Etch • * * ' •' '" ***y. Go the big one will bring torjflh'e: a pair of old Ivy League rivals — Princeton and Columbia — in Now York. The game will be th_> weekly U levised contest of the NCAA s piogram. It will be b e a in e d throughout the country except possibly in the Philadelphia area, which may show .the Penn-NoUv- Uame fray. ';' Texas and Kansas will be out to prove their opening of last week over Louisiana Slate and Texas Christian, respectively, wore no flukes. The Longhorns meet Norlh Carolina, always loughies. an.d Kansas tackles Santa Clara. Texas Christian, the defending champion in the Southwest Conference and the favorite to wi.i it ; gain will be tested against UCLA The Horned Frogs don't figure to lose two in a row, but if they do, Texas probably will take over the favorite's post. But then that loop is so t-,npr> r.ictablo that the No. I loam changes every week. Kansas' victory over TCU came a 1 - a surprise and if the Jaylu.wks look good again, they might ,nakc it a fight with Oklahoma for the Big Seven championship. The Soon ers, play the University of Colorado, which should present no problem. The nation's sports writers and s-portseasters voted the University ot Maryland the No. 2 team before the season started but on the bi.sis of the Terrapins' Insl-clilth J3-10 win over Missouri, it's doi-.bt- lul if they'd be accorded the same spot if another poll were taken now. They will be out to rei',j:n ti'eir lost prestige against Auburn. looks see v. j if it were a pheasant i a dummy all I'd get would be j tail leathers." i "You're playing right into his j hands, Al." 1 said. "I think you i can lick the problem very easily and here's how you do it. "When you take delivery, run your hand under his lower jaw and press his lips against his teeth as you say 'give.' If he doesn't open up voluntarily, his mouth will be pressed open and the retrieve will -i'all in your hand "Praise him and pat him on the head with the other hand. Praise him whether he has delivered voluntarily or not. Be sure to com- maiv.l 'give' but once. If you make a habit of repeating the command you can establish the idea of Riving delivery on the second or third command instead of the first. "Above all never pull the rq- tiieve. This s L! ill encourage competition — and it the dog has a stubborn streak it will be amplified. Then too, it is very possible i that one reason why a dog maj j freeze is because the handler has i nulled birds through his teeth, ! thus leaving feathers in the dog's mouth. "They hate this, and if they have attempted to avoid it by opening up too soon and dropping the' bird prematurely they have been reprimanded for it. The only recourse may seem to the dog to hang on." ..*,•. .. ..„•'. "It all seems so logical and simple when you lay it on the line. 1 ' said Al. draining his cup and gel- ting to his feet. "This fire's pretty comfortable, but I want to get out and give it a try. If your advice works there'll be a pair of mallards for you come duck season and they should be delivered in pretty good shape." i Distributed by NEA Service) Big, Fast Team With Two Wins .Tonight at 8 o'clock the Hope Bobcats take the field against possibly the strongest foe they will meet all season — the El Dorado ' Wildcats of the Big Seven League. Both teams are undefeated but dopsters pick the Bobcats to go down in* defeat. El Dorado tangleo with a potent Magnolia in the opening game of the season and came out on the long end of a 27 to 13 score. In the second contest the Wildcats outscorcd Fort Smith 41 to 20. In the Magnolia game the Wildcats discovered a flashy point maker in halfback Bobby Bates who scored twice when his team needed it most. Against Fort Smith he scored six touchdowns from all over the field. So Hope apparently has to stop I Bates if they expect to win. Toj ward that end the Ensminger boys have been working all week and the Bobcats would like noth- instead of I j ng better than to make it three ..tJ 1 I " . . straight. Hope had a rough time downing Stamps 26 to 13 in the season's opener but had little 1 trouble with; DeQueen last week by a 42 to 0 score. Both elevens arc in good shape and a large group of Wildcat fans will follow the team to Hope. Tho visitors always field a strong team per man to 186 for the visitors and will .hold a weight advantage. Hope will average 1G3 pounds The Wildcat line tips in at 170 to. 106 for Hope but. the Bobcat backfield starts at 1GO to IfiG for El Dorado. "B" Team Is Beaten But Juniors Win Hope's "B" team took a licking at the hands of the Magnolia seconds here last night but the local Juniors had an easy time in downing North Heights of Texark.ina 27 to 0. The visiting "B" boys were very offensive minded and clicked out a 12 to 0 score of the Hope lads At Texarkana Hope led 21-0 at the half and picked up another tally .in the final period to breezp in. Mullins scored twice for thfl Bobkittcns while, Marlar- and-: Cox tallied one each. Fights Last Night EL PASO, Tex., — Charlie Salas, 156. Phoenix, Ariz., outpointed Nick Moran, 152, Mexico City, 10. VVATERVILLE Me.. — Doc Blanchard, 132. Cambridge, Mass., outpointed Paul Martin, 134, Lewis- j ton, Me. 8. before Aiwa, Nance bundles carefully on the table, "One of these days I'm going to be forced out on the street by the Cloisonne and the clelftware!" She gave Nance's tmck a sharp look. "Jeremy gone?" "Me said to lell you goodbye." Kit lifted her tailored felt hat, rccreascd the crown. "Eve telephoned, just nfter you'd gone." Nance turned around. "Eve ? Why ?" Kit shrugged. "Some wives do keep tab, 1 told her Jeremy had j been and gone. Then she asked for i you." j 'Me?" | 'You sound like a parrot, dear." | •But I— It's odd." 'When 1 told her you were out, she put two tuul two together in a very nlgnillcnnt 'oh!—and hung up." "It is odd," Nance said slowly. "Didn't sho leave a message ? For cither Jeremy or me?" Kit cased off her slices. "No mesaago . . . Nance, will you -alte Tabithn out? I've been on my feet all evening and a thousand devils are poking ut my soles with red- hot prongs." Nonce laughed. $he slipped Into ; her coat, picked up the Siamese and went out. How strange of Eve, she thought again. If U were Imperative that she get in touch with Jeremy, why hadn't she left a message? And If it weren't Important, why had she called at all? On a night in mid-December Jeremy drove towards his borne. He was tired, but fatigue was * small part of the pressing heaviness, the unyielding melancholy that weighted him down. The weather made him Irritable. A two-day blizzard had clogged the town's traffic arteries. But tho weather was only a surface aggravation of (he deep frustration. Looking back, ha realized this sense of despair as cumulative, starting—where? Or when? He didn't know. Por weeks h« h»d felt something wrong in his marritge. Well, what had h« expected, anyway? Certainly not the adolescent's notion of a p«rwapeut idyl! Thai *«* * lot, o£ malarky. No bride was ever the 1*861 you expected in the ftrst One glow- Ajxd l guess, be conceded with a wry grin. I'm oot the Ureat Lover ol Eve's dreams. No marriage, probably, ever lived up to honeymoon expectations. .ewtal things—the with today, «**t jfear, U»e year* after -—•M.obariftit'" CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE HE HAD almost convinced himself thiit his constant fatigue was at the root of It. He needed time off from the hospital. Tonight, ut dinner, ho htxd almost decided to ask for a month's leave of absence. Ho and Eve would go south, lie in the sun, and play, and make love. The prospect made for a lift of spirits. Now ho wns plunged again in dryr-vaion. A half hour ago, with a Uovr closed Inexorably in his face, he knew he'd been a fool to consider a month in the sun a panacea. He stopped the car. sank ankle- deep into the heavy snow, and scraped oft the windshield. Back In the car, he cautiously let out the clutch. The back wheels spun, found traction, and tho car moved forward slowly. Again he saw the door that had been closed tight against him, and again the white-hot anger rose in him. His nostrils flared, his hands strained at his glove seams, as he saw again the flat face in the doorframe. Mentally he reconstrut/'.ed the conversation. Brief, devastating. "Good evening, Mrs. Pcfersoii. Hoto is Jamie t" . "My son died this morning." She'd made a move to close the door. "H'aif, Mrs. Peterson. Tell me." "t tried to get you. Last niylit I tailed your house. Mrs. Ireland said that you were not at home. I left a message with her that Jamie had taken a turn /or the u-orse. }'ou did not come. This morninr;, Doctor Furlong came . . . But Jamie is ilcml." Jeremy hadn't moved, for moments. Jamie Peterson's symptoms h a d n't been particularly alarming. Fever, vomiting—never to be minimized of course in diagnosis, but actually not sufficient for undue anxiety. It could have teen nothing more serious than too much soda pop. It could have been, he thought abruptly, meningitis. The rapid development of lhat disease made it the quick killer. Coma, death in twenty-four hours, forty-eight at the outside. He'd check with Furlong in the morning. Could / fcar« dons soiuf thing t AnythiHOf The age-old imponderables, to nag at the doctor. You cut and probed, you felt pity and Irivupph, you won and lost—and e.ery time you lost you asked j ouraelf. \Vhy ? Could 1, somehow ? A degree in medicine d t d n't mok» you a worker of miracles. You had § measure of control over , tout yours was ootUie ulti- woman telephoned? ... He stood in the snow, quite still, unbelieving—until at last he had been compelled to believe. He had received no message, last night, from Mrs. Petqrson. There had been several calls during the evening. Eve had taken all ot them. She'd chattered interminably with one of her friends about the gowns they'd wear at the club New Year's party. She'd turned down an Invitation for bridge. "You didn't want to go, did you?" No, he hadn't wanted to go. And once she'd said, when .Jeremy looked up inquiringly from the radio as she came from the telephone, "Wrong number, darling." Casually, easily. number. Jeremy had stood on the Petersons' steps until the snow lay deep in the rim of his fedora, tufted his shoulders. At last he'd stumbled along the un- shoveled walk to his car. It was quite possible that the boy might not have lived, anyway. But lie, antl the child's mother, would have had the consolation of everything done within their power. If Eve had not lied about that telephone message . . . Things had gone far beyond that simple remedy of a month In the sun. In this moment of recognition, he saw all the eventual moments of Eve's lies and petty, pointless subterfuges. Again and again her lies would be between them. She lied as easily as she laughed. And In the end her lies would push them miles apart. Could you despise the lies without coming to despise the liar? The snowdrifts, hindering his progress, deepened his doubts. Twice, before he reached his street, he had to get out and clear the windshield. Then, at the corner, the car nosed bumper deep into a drift. No use putting on the chains. He got ms bag from the seat beside nim and walked the rest of the way. The only light was the small outside bulb on the porch. He snapped it off behind him, groped for a moment on the wall for the living- room switch. Eve's friends had gone, leaving their usual trail of litter and disorder. Ash trays spilled over on wood and broadloom. Glasses were on the tables, on the piano top. He moved one off the piano bench and saw the white ring on the polished wood. A beautiful, surf ace marred, a patient's telephone call ignored— each was trivial, each ot equal unimportance to Eve. Viaioaing Her tbrjjkg, when. went noisily upstairs, determined to waken her, make her face up to this thing tonight. She wasn't In their room. She had probably moved on with the party, to another house, to the Country club . . . Well, no matter. He couldn't have talked with her tonight,- anyway. She'd have yawned In his face. He would have it out with her in the morning. She wore the embroidered silk housecoat with the red cord frogs all down the front. For breakfast, Song Lee served them braised kidneys and bacon and tumblers of orange juice, and the sun blazed on whiteness o'ltslde and lay in narrow strips across the table. Jeremy thought, It all looks so perfect. Eve murmured, "You're not eating," ana heaped her own plate. She boasted that her weight never went above one hundred and ten, no matter what she ate. Jeremy said, "Jamie Peterson died yesterday." "Peterson?" Her brows matched the upward intonation. She cocked her head a little to one side. He looked at her and away. She wouldn't know, of course. Jones, Smith, Peterson. All the same, to Eve. Futility stung through him. "Eve," he said. "There was a telephone call for me from Mrs. Peterson night before last. Why didn't I get it?" "Didn't you?" "I didn't get the message," he said. Miss Graham is getting careless. You should speak to her, Jeremy." This call came after Miss Graham went home." "Oh? Then perha'ps Song . . ." "You took it. Eve." "I did?" She gave her head a little shake. "It's so easy to get calls mixed up! I don't remember." "That wrong number . . . IV'os It, Eve?" "If I said U was, it was." "Did whoever was calling say it was a wrocg number?" "Oh, for heaven's sake!" She pushed at ner plate. "Another cross-examination. I'm getting little tired of them, Jeremy." "1 just wish you'd be a little more careful with my calls. Eve." Her eyes went round and innocent- "I said I would, didn't I ?" "Yes, you said you would." "W*M. then- Do you think I'd lie,. Hwutt firs U* f ot up. "Yes. 1 UU(Ut you'4 stated rWoy, S«p»ember 26, 1959 •y Ctttek Young PtNNANT- I KNOW YOU'RE AROUND HERE OMEPLACE--- FOUND OUR RANTS NOW I KNOW HES AT HOME( THE BATH-WATER ^- IS STILL HOT 2AUN CAME OFF TH' BENCH AMD RAN TH' RIGHT I W WORLD SERIES? ARE VOU HOME? By Michael O'Malley oml Ral OUT OUR WAY MBUUO/MIT. PLIWT VBft ( <V\«r.SCOTT,.,,UW, HUH,,,1 /. THIS 19 MA«\1N SCOTT OP AlUtP NOT GOIN AROUND NJEW HE SET., T7HATAIN'T M YOU--IT'S JUST AM IMA6IMAR.Y CHARACTER. I'M DRAW IN 1 -BUT L GU^SS A GUY'S A FOOL. FOR EVER. HAVIW' WORKED AMY PLACE ELSE BEFORE eOlW'lWTOTHAT CARTOON) AT VOU« RlftHT. AW FIREP FeR,"T> HAP YOU X3ve< SHOT RTR. THIS ONE By Leslie 1 u UL RUM OVER (KNO \ OET'ER.WIZ WILTV! > WE'lJE HBfcRD HV. VOU HBR W^RV «OOM.l Cfr.THV 5HOULDMT LATE AT THE RIQQ&'. TIL CML HER TO COME HOME. VOU MUST 6E BlUVl COMB BUT m &FRND SHE'«> JlJSt LENvlWG t THS. PBCPI6AI- With Major Hoopla OUR BOARDING HOUSE 0AH/ I GOT PUNCHED, 16 WHAT/ YOJ 16 OUTA SIGHT KrJOVMS I'LL. PUT A PER THE WORD'S OUT YOD LOST A DID YOU YOUR FAC& LIFTED WITH A •stove POKER, OK DID 60M,e6ODY A-1AK& A BILLIARD MLXS VMlTH IMDIAM BOulS AND HER BUDDIES YOU LIKE REALLY HAt> Bs Dick Turner CARNIVAL (I HAVB A POSITION- STBr-iCtUINQ CUR* - FOR. tHEUM»T5D CRAMP YOUR .NOW STRAIGHTEN By Herihberger FUNNY BUSINESS ALLEY OOP OW3 AI4J5V aOlN&&*CK THERE IN. ARABIA? WEU.LU,YI55, BUT I'M AFRMD IT NW CAU6E YOU 6OME INCONVENIENCE. 3O2KY, BUT I CAN'T LETCHA DO THAT...CAN'T YOU THINK OF SOME OTHER ^V.'AY? NO..BUT I CAN' RISK THE: WORP LIVING ON IN YOUR MIND/ I'LL HAVE TO LOP OFF YOUR HE-:AD/ BUT WHY? IT CA.N' I DO ME ANY GOOV NOW THM VOU'Vt GOT YOUR Of. RUG BACK.' YOU'D RUB ME OUT 6IMPUY BECAUSE 1 KNOW THE WORD THAT CON TKOLS YOUC MAGIC CARPET? THAT'S HOW IT MUST B17 By Golbraith SIDE GLANCES wuven* for rain—the radiator'* Ittklng!" CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS UAND lrt£OUT«EEN We've CREATED HORRIBLE DUItANTI-WHlCiaE IDEA WAS GOOD WHILE IT LASTED BUT Wf HADN'r FIGURED ON LIv/euWORE TURMMGr THEM INTO OVERLV-MANNERED ICKIES/ rue VILLA&B OF KARAH— I SlMPLV MPOSSIBLE NOW/ SIZED MONST6R. At* ANV ARTICLE C

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