Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 16, 1894 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 16, 1894
Page 7
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R R. R, SEfiDY RELIED The most certain and safe Pain Remedy In the world that Instantly itois the moHt excruciating palnu. It is truly the great CONQUEROR OF PAIN and has dono more go»d than any known remedy. FOR SPRAINS, BRUISES, BACKACHE. PAIN IN THE CHEST OR SIDE HEADACHE, TOOTHACHE, 9R ANY OTH ER EXTERNAL PAIN, » few applications rubbed on by the hand act like magic canning the pain to Instantly stop. CUBK3 AND PKKYXNT9, Celds, Coughs, Sore Throat, Inflammation, Bronchitis Pneumonia, Asthma, Difficult Breathing, Influenza, ,rmmm,,,m, HfinUlt, 8tli1l«. gwellli* of UP Jotiti. P*l» U Buk, t'fcent or LlMtn, The application of the BJ1DT B1LDSF to uie •art or part* where dlfllctiltj or Win extoU «tU afford «u» and comfort. ALL INTERNAL PAINS. PAINS IN BOWELS or STOMACH, CRAMPS, SOUR STOMACH, NAD- SEA, VOMITING, HEARTBURN, NERVOUSNESS, SLEEPLESSNESS, SICK HEADACHE, DIAR- RHOEA, COLIC, FLATULENCY, PAINTING SPELLS are relieved in- atantly and quickly cured by taking Internally a half to a teaspoi nfnl of Ready Relief in half teaepoonful of water. MALARIA. CMJls and Fever, Fever and Ague conquered. There li not a remedial agent In the world that will core Kever anil AKU«- ana all other Malarious, BHlou, and other Kewri. aided bj Radwaj's PBI», so qnlcklj as Kailwaj'n B*ad» Eellel. Price 50c per bonie. sold by druggists RAD WAY'S rv PILLS, for tlit nre of ill dlMrftn ot tt« 8TO«- iCH, IIYKB. BOWKIS, KIDHUIS, BL1DDEB, SlBTOl'8 U1SKASK8, HUPACHB, CONSTIPATION COSTIVKHtHS, 1HDI8K8TIOH, DTRPSP- U, BlLIOtWnWH, mil, IHfXiMMATWN •r THE BOWELS, PIU>, OKI «U <««•*•• •»U of Oi» liUrail TlMtn, Firtli wetikk nulnli* no Mtrc.rj, »l»er«li tr DKLKTK- glOtS DKl«S. _, Price »•> rent" r*r t>ox. Sow b> all Drogguti. HAOWiY * CO, 8» Warwn St. N. T, IVBe cot* and uk for HADWAT'S. Catarrh COLD IN*THE HEAD rtlltvtd lnit«ntly bi on« ipplieitlan ol Birnty's Catarrh Powder FwuWH.Cu.uxllan U. a AppralMr-i flwr«. Birncy Catarrhal Powder Co. 1M8 MASONIC TEMPLE. OHIOAGO. OT.rrwlwr.lw gold w B. K. KefillJiK and J. L. Banjon. Lf . Ind. CRANK OR GENIUS? Annrtwnblo Luxtitlvo Bnrt NRP.VE TON IU. Sold t>r Druggiattor Moot by mol!. 2&C..6UC., nd t) .00 pel 1 packuRO. S:\raplcs free The FnvorltO JOflTB MWTII fortlieT«ithmdflre«tii,»a IDA llUf fot Sale biB. IT. .ANTAL-M1DY.3 Tbcoo tiny Capwlcs aromipcrioi, Ito Balsam ot Copa\l>*, ~* ICiibcbs and Injections, J They cure In 48 hours t?.ve Jgame diseases vlthonl iv" Ivenlence. SOLO BY A!. 1 C. D. Moshor's Plan for Cross- Country "L." Ronds. tllp COD»t:-il.'tlOo Propo^oil iin tin- Wli««l I'lnii-Kii-rtriciiy I" " Motive 1'owoi- — ClilciiKO to NrW Yurlt ill Ton lloiirH. C, D. Moshcr, of Chicufo, who has undoubtedly given moro thought to tho subject of elevated electric roads than liny other roan in tho west, is out with two Interesting pamphlets on the question. % The first is devoted to the subject of H proposed United State.i government blcyclu-whccl elevated railroad, which the author and Inventor olalmH would connect Chicago and New York in ton hours and make tho trip from ihe Atlantic to the Pacific in thirty-six hour*. In his prcftice the writer says: Such a »y»tcm ol public oonYoyancss ndoptefl to tbu Kovornaisot for ibo people of the Dnltod bum would »at» innually milllOM o« doll»r> to »b« producer of industry and to tho oon- •um«rs. who »ro the peoplo. By adopting thli plan ths mlllloni th»t »ro now putd out by tho people In exorbitant rates to railroad oompa- cl» would bo distributed among tho ilxtjr million pcopla of ibo United Sl«te» In ten HK>us»nd ways, in tjuliaing homoi, Increiiilcg the products of Industry »nd In «:« v»rlou» pursuit* of life, ln»te»d of paylnR 'out theie many millions every yc»r Into th« cone™ of Amorlc»'« (treat r»llro»d monopoly, whoio kd otn(!l»l8 recelto neurly asgro»t8»l»rl»» »« th8 presMont of the United. States, und tue 8tooUliold«r« receive orory year a Urge rate of louiroH-. on .Ibiitr .vyatcrcd itook that woiUd mulcu »n honest corporiiion bluiih wllh »hamo, Tho following sketch outlines tha plan: . As can bo readily seen, the peculiar construction renders It absolutely impossible for tha train to leave tho truck. Thus should tho promiBed speed of 2,100 miles in twenty hours be obtained safety Is assured. The construction of tho road would be of tho strongest material, while the heavy columns of enameled steel would be set in beds of cement, rendering them as iolld us tt rook. The rlgfht- hand sketch represents the our going through a steel framework. This steel framework U only used where curves are encountered; they forming tho most perfect nafefc'uard against Curve accidents. The device between the two ears represents a »y»tem of pneumatic tubes for tho carrying of telegraph and telephone wlrem. The following extracts »ra made from the la the best remedy for all complaints peculiar to •women. A XEDICAL BOOK worth DOT.l.AKS, sent for 10 csntt In Sealed Envelope. ifChrist $1 T'nr ll'itllo at BOc. Trial Si/.o sent by nwil. Lottcrs for advice Marked "Consulting Department" me aocn l>y our physicians only. :o».riioa/( MEDICINE CO., H. (.:. CiiMiiAii, Scc'y, , Uulaniazoo, 'ii. PITS. PITS. PUS. 1 AM HEADQUARTERS FOR Ml Kinds of Paints If you nre coing to use any Paints COMB A^D 3Ei3 ME. 1 keep the Iav v ;e4 a»d best stock of Paints aud Painter's Supplier in Indiana. I m ke a specialty >f this line ot goods and am ia a vhape to sell you any- thiugin the 'inefor ta? money than i< is possible far rny competitor- to do, No Matter How Large or Small a Quantity of Paints You Want Come and See Me I WILL SAVE YOU MONEY. B. F. KEESLING, SOS Fourth St. LOG A. NTS P >RT, IND. BEFORE. %^&^ ,^^'*% :> AFTER. FOR MEN mm • ?t-T/M... tKfKKiiiiMitnt. n»«*kjiii BICYCLE WHEEL KLKVATED IIAILHOAD. pamphlet as best showing the inventor's ideas: The Ruvernment clPVuted railroad should ho conducted on » grand ami liberal noiilo for Ihe best iDterotU of tBo pooplo to *!ncour»uo lndu»- trv In every lino of business »aa to bring tho land under tho hlgheil swto ot cultivation and traiuporttn the shortest »p»eo ol tlma all Ihe products of mo couairy ut cost to tho bent markot places oo tbo Klolie, By this dovlco It la siiKk'ostod for the government not only to own und control all the ole- •»»tod ruilro»d lln<j». lint w owu ivnrt control all tho wutcrwav transportaiion oonvoy.incos not only through tlio United Htaten, but ocean »tei»mer HUBS Hi** ""'' a *™y tho proJuou of America to tho best inurkot places on tho globe lor » nominal ejcponnu to wn^l It oo»ts the p«o- pto now. Ills proposed toruu ihocovornmcnteloTated tallroaJa by electricity for lend thau ono-half the expense nurraco riillroftd.s aro run, and save lor thu people tlie mllllonB ot Uollurs that are iiiYL'KU'd In »to»m onpinon by railroad com- p^ntys. The bloyclo wheel cluvuted ralli'oiid oars are to 60 buili wry light »nd cntlroly out of spring dtcclttiuUhin cryntal p:»te glass, with «plr»l sprliign botweou each rar, which will prevent a BuclJen ]nrk or Jar irhen tho our stopa or nUrt>, with otiior spiral aprlnrj3 adjusted under the our bodice m »"ch a peculiar way und manner tho trains will not multa any noLsn, un.d will (jivo tho pusaeujfurs n charming aeoaatlon movement whon Uyiin tlm.u.ili tho air like a tlrdat theratoof ono hundred and fifty mlleg an hour. From this subject tho other pamphlet br.inehes out into thu question ot government control of warehouses and the tcle-rrapii and tc-bjplione. In fact, Mr. Mosiier takes tlio utand that it in the (fovurnmenfs duty to tisHUmo control of tiling necessary to tho transaction of tlio business of tho American people, and in doin<f so offer tho best devices at the lowest possible rates. That the writer is :> ulo:;o studerit of economics is evident from his handling of the subject, which renders hislUtlo books of ffrcnt value usifle from tho sclontifio Writ tiioy contain. Mr. Moshcr is uow ncgotistting 1 for patents in this and foreign countries. T:ir H ailUTll « »!» liolin Qu irrrt.;->. In a small town in New York state n lady rccontl.v en.ira:,a>d for her riH'e.j,. lion t'io sorvices of thu "Hlankville Maiiilollu CJuartewu." Upon the statvd Uay tin oo diii-kius ;tpp.'ftruil on tiie KOciu 1 with baii.JDN. I Why," eried the hiwt:-Ms u;,'liast, "I ! —I n/,i^'i?il t- 1 - 1 JfarnlMiti Quartutto.' 1 ' Vavstmi," s;>i(l L.iiJ luaJer. "VVo's Mrt>. Kuimyrnun-- .loiin, wiiun was j tho first jolcn on til..: uiutiier-in-liMT m.'i.le'.' Mr. Ktiunymau— \Vhuii Xuah went Into Ihe lU'U iintl loft her out. — i'uck. * Hill otuun. ui tu« a^wwo ." Dm*-*. ~ protection to the sheep as against dogs. We have received our Seeds for the season of 1894, am> have them ready to sup- sxhss b% 8 ?A m N e ai n T d H e ^ ^*&Stt^ clean goods. We have a full variety of Gar den and Field Seeds also Flower Seeds. We have also a full line of Harness and Carriage Goods, and a full line of Turf and 5porttn| Goods! In fact we have everything chat gols with a horse and carnage Don 1 forget the old place, 424 BROADWAY L^^ I i ^ r k^ • • •**• * » ^ - - - - — * Geo. Harrisoij. WANTED—GOOD WORKERS To Canvass Mitchell's Garment Cutting School. E. Mitcliell, 216 Third St.. Logansport, Iidlana. Or, J. L. KICHARO8ON, State Agent, Indianapolis, Ind. OrtLU ON .U «Jn WflLKER 6c RftUOH. .»20 BROflDWflT, FOR flNYTHINO YOU WrtN f IN [F IN NEED — ISaxter, he of. tnc "Saints' , was accuHtomod to imprisonment, so that it gave him little uneasiness. His (jreatest misery whon in jail was to be deprived of fail booka. Get your Letter Heads, Bill Heads, Statements, Envelopes and everything you need in the printing line at the JOURNAL OFFICE. Beady In afewdoys Came to Chicago' JOURNAL READERS LOOK OUT FOR IT- Greatest Sensation OP THE NINETEENTH CENTURY- THE FAMOUS EDITOR OF THE REVIEW OF REVIEWS WM, T. STEAD OF LONDON The most remarkable Gguro of reform in uidilr-rn civiii/ttior), who-" books have been sold all over the Ent,'linli «p<>Hkii>tf world HY MILLIONS. Has Written this Book for America SELECTING CHICAGO AS THE TYPICAL CITY OF CORRUPTION AND OF GREATNESS Truths are told an they have not 'wvn t.oM since *.' ilHIS T CA.UE TO PAL.J3STIXK. And cno evils known to modern life ar<> skut.ohe.l like vipers and their chief abettor* are nanied o;.eiJly withoiit. F^-«r.l in person or consequences. Supply yourself at ooce with this great, book. Sou.liu your urder ac once, as tills will be tlio most a«lverti*e<l ftoofc, by tlw ri.mnodnfions and laudations ot the press, that hag been ittsued in this totMitry. .STRIKINGLY ILLUSTRATED SPLENDIDLY KOUN» NEARLY 000 PAGES The Journal in pleased to announce that it hft. «»«ure<J a UT K T mi:ul>er of -opies of the first edition of this wonderful book, which wit) lx- siiun>««5 aa It is off the press, and will be sold to Journal readerH a? »* Sow n pric« as possible together with one coupon clipped from this paper. K-> one should tnlss reftdiog this great book which contain* »tartHn K lasts never before presented in such a graphic manner. Watch for the coupon which will be started iu> uoon «* the books arrive. HELPS OVER HARD PLACES Solace For Tired Spirits Are Ail Afforded In the Superb WORLD'S ART FAIR PORTFOLIOS THEY ARE WELL SPRINGS AND A PERPETUAL DE1JGHT. To Secure Byery2\iture.Nambejr 256 MAGNIFICENT ART REPRODUCTIONS. COVERING 256 EVERY FEATURE OF THE FAIR These Views are the Most ARTISTIC, AUTHENTIC, ACCU- These viewsare ^ PART READY HOW TO SECURE THESE SPLENDID PORTP'X, >S Bring or send 6 coupons of different dates, from page one, with 10 cents, to the Portfolio Department of the Journal,-*hd you can secure any Portfolio the week after the is ue of each number. In sending do not include any other business in your letter but state paruc- ularly the number of Portfolio wanted. *d dress, PORTFOLIO DEPARTMENT JOURN \ LOOANS PORT, IND u X

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