Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 26, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 26, 1952
Page 6
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' 7 HOP I STAR, MOP I, ARKANSAS Friday, September 26, 1952 fttursdoy, September 2$, 195k HOPE STAR/HOP6, ARKANSAS racy hrivmgin Hand Not«! During hf« *p«. C, t5. Hfll f of we Hoi ftpf efi, U •ndoftiforirtB to lh» VISfrfi rtf rtrdtnnry li toflni «l0m» e«n be dons to fie ,*, PALMS* ; 6irlU«M«md, BfUt. 10 -— i- Ytot c«n but •ttWCrlcjr which lion ex- Uf), (Wd whof« they to *<% |mt ttmt the "iJmft.WahhM * _ ... . . unom' pftv«Hy and the ,.. --.,Jrf* i*'»i>«lt ttirW •U tfrflirtite nmount of In oltetiutlon, tmd'prnctl' ijVwy<m« Jinn n Uok account, iititt UWiUtty problem ,,\ *v«rf Ittmtr own* and, Cbuiequ«nlly them large land owner*, " the (inly capital- fifty 3<lt M iCurojxi snd the BfiHioiMlfd ^Hn .it, Th« Jrt- thp '•ifoptlNp'b* 3 *.ooo ; mil- 9A, t&wmw «MU' fraiflr* £• about 83 cent*) (no popti» i?0( 400.0W).' »chttB 30, *vory male un- W wehJM «f mlUlnry train- ;two,T««i"«,tmtil he u 30 W g««l into the riwrveM I)* rH* l* 'th«n rtttrod li»«r«l atttl hl» u'nJ« i,in4 OUMF tqulprnent " njtt)*' * •> ,-l»i iivW«d into 94 jrtth'Wty 67,000 J>opu \M it (J«v«i'ci{tfrt utttU ttovernnient cpn< '«rmy,, ouiWrtw. . JW lyjitiihii, «ov YiUrouJij ;th0r* are «ki( " ~ prlv»t«Jy own*d , nen-r.bid A chance •--' «t -up Into il tn Markets ty Thi AMOofitid Prtci Trnrtlng w»* ffllrly ircilv«» In H«t «r*ln pll* thl» mornlna nnrt m«»l trelriN dropp«tl « *>'<• "W nr» lo Z» c*nl* higher, Slnui<ri- cntllo flftrt whol<r»iil*! muni* atr moKliy uneh«n*p«i. Cotton futufffit vP^nml imchnngoo to M ctnl* a !'»'" lower., Now V«/rk N«in October Cotton 38.81; Dec, WM. ooinmodlty report, fur- niihed "by the USDA: Knrly nale* of IIOKH nt otmtcrn cornbwlt marhPti have bo«n steady o 20 o«r>U fllfilie! 1 . Th» btilk of ISO tn 250 pwinfl mtcfuirit nro hrlnuInK $20.50 to $20,03, Korly u>r*» wor« $20.05 to 20.75 pxci»pl 31f> hcnd nt cholff tilth yloWer* that rc-uclmd $21 ui ndlanapolt*. lond of choice $21 at OirinhH. Otlicr J I/O to HM pound l>utt'hiu',t have eachAd $10,00 nt Chlcugo hut oth- r ffllf* of NOW* have bulked down wnrtl from $10,29. Twp Crewmen Die in Train Wreck O0880. Mteh, — Two crow newborn were killed tofiiiy in the olllnlon of two Grand Trunk Wi'Ht- rn mixed frolKht-ptttittngctr IniiriH lv<! mllei w«»t of hnn-. No p»H»pn«crit on either train wore r«portod Injurncl. The tloud crtivv member* werv dwitUl«d on Wnrrun Dcoro, of Do. roll, ond Robert Morrlwori, J, of loyal Oak, Mich. oniment, olthotiuh thore In onu .So la lid t orflolul. Swltrt.-rliwid ha» over 400 newf mpern, one to every fiOO populu Jon, Ot potiroe mnny of theno nru nmnll wtJuhlluK or «eml-wonlf id!, MS praotloully every mnnl own h,«« « nawHpopnr — acncral y. In connection with u ramncn clui prl/itinu plunt, lleiilH are .low, For Intitanco, t IvtM'ootn ,hou»u runt* for nboul Of ri.ncK (upproxlrnuuily fill) per iiohtli, During the wnr, Swlt/erlnnd n ino time hud 700,000 men utidei >rniH out uf a total population o "uur and u hulf million, The bourd r» Were dourly Kuurtlucl. Ilitle Wftfl Jl»d to hitve Kwlt/ei'liiml u» u "Window to Un< West" und us the hod no outlet to the Alllim. and Italy bouulit all of lh«lr indunti'lal production. Coal from Germany to Italy plumed through tho nuHintiilnuUH UttU country ut the mtt< of one every flv» minutes, day and Itlghi* The Hwlnii are given credit lor Itandlnjj up to Germany ait well UH poHHlblo, In ontt of the only five coviu- n, t tho world whi't'is woman it.hSvo the vote, 'iinfl theru it ho partlOulttr tiKltatlon fur It. V\urn«fl ti«> "ktspt In their p)AO«," Thlii little story was toUt to m» nn 'tin ilHiHlhttlon, A nutn \v'd8' iMRChlnu hla wife to rlile it btdyele, Sh« fell off ami the wheel \V"«nt UoWfi In u ttinglu. Which du IhlnTt'tho hunbtind rtitihed to , Up? Ti)o wliuaW Thnt Is rltiht. Tllb SwU* «>'e noted for their thrift) -their cleanliness nntl their honwsty, nnd Justly *o. Thwlr crime t«lft probUbly 1st the 1iiwt)8t lit ihe WCI'lll, ' Altogether Uie Swiss view tho i>H»t with pride nnd lt»co thu fu- ur« with uonlidflncw. They do not mve the problemn unit vwicertaln- which face practically every dliet; country In Europe. Visions a Landslide for Republicans Adlai to Continued from Page One butors and channeled it to Stevenson. Stevenson ho* been peppered by Republican demands that he tell all about his fund as Sen. Richard M. Nixon, the GOP vice presid - dential candidate did in a nation- Aboard Kluenhowcr. Special (UF'l — Sen. William P. Knowlond f,n<- of DwiRht D. Eisenhower'sj v, ide television broadcast when a cr.mp.ittm advisers, said todny hoi countrover»y flared over Nixon's «;/•<•* ";i definite possibility of a McimbUcan landslide" this fall. He said GOP hopes have been improved substnntially by the '•h.-ippy outcome" of the contro - Rev. Thomm H, C*rion Uev Th"mnn U, Cnnon, Pnxlor of St. Jnmex Kplscopal church of Ittxnrknnii, Texiu, hun been tiMncted n» the principal speaker for thi.' Hi vised Stnndiird Vitrnlon Olbli 1 Ob*crvaneo to be held here Tutmduy, Hepi'Ttiber 30. at 7::iO P, M., nt the First Uuptlitt Chureh. "The Word of I..lfr In Living Language " which 1« the theme Of the cibr.erviirice, will be the tuple of his adores*. Mr. Carson IN one of the outstanding preachers of the south- went. Mi: Iw ehairnuu) of the (,'enlriit Committee of the Diocese of Otillns, und IK un the Board of Kxnmming Chiiplalno. Mr. C'lirsnn IniH been In chnrm? of xevernl Inrfje ICplncopnt Churches In Pennsyl- vnnln. Trygve Lie to Step Down as UN Head By FRANCIS W. CARPENTER UNITED NATIONS, N. Y., Ml - Seeri'tury-General Tr'yrtv« Lin hns, decided to step down from hist $'10, OOO'ii-ynr United NntloiiH post on Fob. 1, 1(15'!, ut the end of n three year exlenplon of his term, and retire to Norway. .Some day ho would Ilk*' to be prime minlnler uf that country.- Thin WIIB (llni'lnti'd toduy by per- ucin* Who know the wind of Nor' wtiy'si former foreign minister, lie hmi been trip lto,n.H of the •t,IK)U-niun U, N. Secretarial »(nr«> HMfl. When he leaven, he will Ret a lifetime pension of $10,000 a year, but he cannot hold public office until he has been awfiy from the VI, N. for five yenr*. Ut> now In 00. Lie's Intentions clinic to the fore lie U, N. olfleiiilH studied a draft of u stuff vitorgunt/.atlon scheme which would abolish the pouts of eight nHslstimt Seerotnrles gener- nl. each paid $22,000 annually und would crotito throe deputy secre- l:\rioK Hetu'i'til, eiifh at a conxld- (.rribly higher snlnry. He w«s snld to linve described thin plun HK M» "liiMt will und test- I'liient," He U known to he ex- irtMUi'ly ,aiixloii!i to have the Sucre- tnr|»l staff on n sound fooling bo- foii- ho le?nvcs. Sonic of his iiMHlatnuts lire not optimistic ti'bout tlw fate of this oltin. They foresee opposition from thorn? countries which could not expect to hnvt) o deputy under the nv-w nrrongiMnont There «lso Is a growing feeling among the small countries' that «ueh big powers as tho United States, BrlUiin, Krnnce and Hu.snln have too much of the Mi'avy in U. N. posts. The xmnllur countries SCPIM doUwniined to cut the big power roprciumtntlon in the Ngh hhickels as much tis ixisslblv. The plwn likely wilt bo dlnoussv|J. Ihen put off to thi which must choose t/i< vi-rsy over Sen. Richard M. Nix- i,n'i accnplancc of nn $m.23fi cx- pi.-!i«it' fund from a group of v. c ill thy Ca I If or n Inns. This feeling of optimism was >h,in'<l In varying dcgroo by other mi-mbprs of the KPnfriil'K iminc-d- i;.tc party. With pro-NUron tclcRrnms and moil flooding onttf tho campaign train all hands felt that for the moment at least the tide was urn[ riini! favorably. j Knowland lold a reporter that , until tlu; Nixon case hit the hoad- i lines last week ho believed that | Eisenhower fnced a 'terribly close j fiKht" for the presidency against \Gt.v. Mini K. Stevenson. I "Now, xincc senator Nixon's tele- ! vision explanation of the whole _ i thing, I think we've corno a long ! wiiyif, Kverythlni; seems to indi- ll). r );l assembly, j ci ,ii. that the vice psesldential noni- .nccessor, ; June's appearance brought him to originally; extremely favorable national' nt- $18,235 political expense fund. Wyatt promised that the stale - ment would be made directly by Stevenson. Wyatt was asked if Stevenson feared that publicity surrounding h!s fund and if the Issue "worried" the campaign manager. 'No, but you're obviously con ccrned about everything that come up in an election campaign that might have some bearing on even one Vote," Wyatt said. It has never been a secret that Sti vcnsori has asked that civic mined persons help him 'reduce the financial sacrifice" of men he recruited from private business. Blame Sailors for in Which Nine Died ALAMEDA, Calif., (UP)- 1 - Two sailors have been given a "cap- In In's rnast" and punished for in advertently touching off the fire and explosion that killed nine crew nifti aboard the Carrier USS Boxer in Korean waters. The Boxer's skipper, Capt. Mar .shall B. Gurney, Portland, Me v made the disclosure yesterday aft er the huge aircraft carrier arrived from the Far East for repairs. Gurney declined to reveal ^Uu; sailors' names because he ffaid'the investigation showed the accident was due to "human error" rathejK than negligence. "' The captain did not disclose the action taken against them but said they "teceived appropriate punishment." A captain's mast is a preliminary judgment by a naval officer of a violation of military Justice. If the captain funds the offense is not grave enough to warrant a court martial he can mete out mild punishment, SOCIETY 74411 ••twMn I A. M. and 4 f. M. The was hired In 11)40 for ii five-year tention," Knowland said, term. The five purmancnl meni- He said that another factor fav- bwrs of Hie Security Council-- thej oruble to the Heffttblk-nns has Drilled Stntvn, l''rance, Urllaln.j btf-n Stevenson's refusal thus far Russia and China, which hold the to make an accounting of the Vt lo power-- agreed unnnlmouslyi "gifts" made to top Illinois state on him UK a compromise candidate'appointive officials to augment lifter tl,<3 F.ast nnil West had j Iheir public salaries, turned down each other'.'! nominee.! "Dick made a complete account- Lie beium work to find Homo j ing. Governor Stevenson says he middle ground between the Soviet i won't" Knowland said. Union and thfc West. Often he was attacked from both (iiuirterw. In i reflect new optimism, and clearly June, IflriO, when the f'omimmlst j much relief, for what Republicans North Korean!* Invaded South Ko-' regard as ,a most satisfactory F.iscnhowor himself seemed to ren, Lie Hounded a blistering tie-j termination of the whole Nixon af fair, The general was much rnor relaxed than in the past few days he looked well rested despite his Mudoos campaigning of recen liays, Perhaps it was partly the crowd which greeted his every tur through Maryland, ending up will the huge turnouts i't Baltimore las night. Hut there have been bi munclatlon of the 1 North Koreans and demanded U. N. action. Moscow put him on its blacklist, mid Vetoed his reelection. ] The II. S. refused to accept any- j cue rise, insisting that the Hus, Minns must not punish Lie for (loin;! I MM duty. i i The assembly In 1050 adopted Ihe expedient of extending Lie's term fiif three years. There is mi' crowds before. The big reason ob hint uf his attitude toward a draft'vlou.sly was Nixon. in the event of a stalemate in the I 11)83 assembly hut his bid idcn pow ia to go home In February. 1UM. Discovers Way to Aid Chicken Growth- FAYKTTMVILLK (UP)— Dr, J. It. Couch, n Texas A. & M. colic re poultry nutritionist, has found that n small amount of methio- nine will increase both growth rate and feed efficiency in chlck- enr, Dr. Couch reported his findings at the annual Arkansas Formula Feed Conference at the University of Arkiinsas. The c o n t e r e n c e opened here yesterday with agricultural leaders, feed manufacturers. ;i|ul dealers attending.. Dr. Couch said his findings wore based on three years' research with the sulphur-contuinlin! ainino add. The methlonino, he said, produced a slight improvement in the growth of broilers, but u very def- inite improvement in feed efficiency. (The term" "feed efficiency" is used to denote weight increase per pound of feed consumed.) The research specialist said that cnly a pound or less of methionine is necessary for mixing with* a ton of feed. Larger amounts, he said, produced unfavorable results. The conference was to continue through today. Church Turns to State Department •WASHINGTON (UP) — The Churches of Christ have filed ai 6-page petition with Secretary of' Slate Dean Acheson demanding ac-l ion to see that Americans are guaranteed religious freedom in Italy. The evangelical group has been protesting the Italian government's closing of 22 chapels and alleged mistreatment of missionaries ond congregations. The petition urged Acheson to e that Americans enjoy the same religious freedom in Italy as Halans enjoy in the United States, s,nri to see that Americans are allowed to worship in Italy without "molestation or interference" from Italian authorities and that Church of Christ officials and members get long term visas to serve in Italy. The petition was presented yesterday by an 18-man delegation whose members said the apparent reason for Italian persecution of the Church of Christ has been its conversion 'of about 1,000 Roman | Catholic Italians. > The petition charged Italy with violation of its own constitution, its friendship treaty with the United States, and the United Nations charter. Don H. Morris, president of Abilene i Tex.) Christian College and .spokesman for the group, said department officials were "very hopeful" the problem will be straightened out. * BROS. FOR VALUES WOOLENS A TABLE OF WOOLEN PIECE GOODS — 54 TO 60 INCHES WIDE NOW VALUES TO $*.95— $2.49 Kit Carson is credited with delivering the first news of the. discovery of Hold in California to Wr.shington, D. C. The famed Damascus steel of ancient times was shipped from India to Damascus by boat and camel caravan.. A GROUP OF WOMEN'S AND CHILDREN'S SOCKS VALUES TO 59c PAIRS OLD STRIPE OF THE YEAR up to CoW Sttip* nylon* . l ij»,k « i-o": • ~ ' Yoyr choice of *&V?'» » •••-'••." .-,- SAVI ON A BOX OP 3 PAIRS- REG. PRICE SAII MICI I < PER BOX ^ M« IOX 5rol.20 15 denltr Run Proof New Full Shades Q»ua« 15 Denier F«tt Sh*dtt Save 90c ' : *' r,,:,*-' 1 •-•* Savt 90c JH'*t^P»M*« Save Me 51 Qauc 16 D«ni*r cw Fall Shades i 30 Denier lew Fall Shades ,4,6$ ^ 3.90 3.60 3.15 30 O*nl«r Economy N»w F«tl «IACI NNMIS SIMVfV «™it* & V r '__•" * GREATEST BIBLE NEWS IN 341 YEARS A NEW AUTHORIZED VERSION OF THE HOLY BIBLE. THE WORD OF LIFE IN LIVING LANGUAGE. You'll Want to Attend the Service of Thanksgiving and Dedication at the First Baptist Church TUESDAY, SEPT. 30-7:30 P. M. #- Join Millions of Christians in Inter-Church Services in Canada, Hawaii, Canal Zone and Every State in the United States. BIBLE OBSERVANCE WEEK SEPTEMBER 28 - OCTOBER 5 (Calendar Thursday, September 25 The Hope Country Club will en erlein with n Ladies Bridge Cover- j id Dish Luncheon Thursday, Sep-1 ember 25, at 12:30. Mrs. Charles | iarrell and Mis. E. J. Whitman! vlH bo hostesses, j Husband of Singer Blamed for Crash € lday, September 26 e Food Service Club of the llope Schools will have a social Ind business meeting at the home WASHINGTON — The Civil Aeronautics Board today blamed i "inadequate maintenance" of an i engine and "questionable flying h , ilvic ^increased with such intensity i technique" by " ' ' ' ' '' lie has more at stake in the) election than just the victory of! Gov Stevenson and the Democratic: tuket His speeches to the voters; will also be an appeal for vindlcn-j lion of his presidency. [ Truman had expressed ndmira-j t!on for Gen. IMsenhower. But that; was in the days before the cam- 1 poiRn began, before he had nj chance to see or hear the kind of; campaign the general would make. Perhnps because he's been in pol- Itirs so long himself Truman was tint shucked when Eisenhower be>;an pouring scorn on the Truman administration and talkinK about iU'ttinn rid of the "crooks" and "robbeiV. But now the general has made n political career of denouncing the administration in attacks which Nixon Shouts for Stevenson to Bare Facts By MORRIE LANDSEERQ SALT LAKK CITY Richard Nixon was l shouts ;nul nppl.ui*v speech hero hist ni:;rt promised ;i o o n n t o i- hjiJiinst the TVn-nrr.il •; him uf wninydnin'.', in :> ohecrs Jane FO- """ K^nh.nver I, outdoortiiR Sen. .._ «...,.,,v S o ,,,,.,.„,,„ ,, L u.i- iiuini'i technique by Singer Jane Fro- "" u ^iM-nnower is ouiooorn .f-.Mrs L A. Walker. 1221 South; man's husband for a plane crash. Tr ' fl '» that department, .lain, i-riclay nisht, September 20.; i,, wnich 52 persons died last April ' Truman has kept more < 11 : 7 ° clock - i A Pan-American DC-4. piloted bv "'""" "" thl< subject of Else' liopc Country Club will enter- laip with pen Huusv after the El |3o>-ado-Hope football game Fri- fay night, September 2G. Hosts hostesses will be Mr. and Dale Jones and Mr. flnd |>Irs. Jim Cole. Ladles Bridge Luncheon Held September 2i « The Hope Country Club entci- kiihed with a Ladies Bridge Cov|red Dish Luncheon Thursday, Sep- 'ehiber 25, at 12:30 with Mis. fhiirles Han-ell and Mrs. E. J. Whitman as hostesses. I .\ fall color scheme of green and Idnow was used throughout the |nlertnining rooms of the club. Mrs. Terrell Cornelius won first I-IZK with the second prize goiny Mrs. Lloyd Spencer. Third prize I/as won by Mrs. Kmmett Thomp|on. The cut prize went to Mrs. K. . Broach and Mrs. Lyle Brown. Mr. and Mrs'. F. T. Long of San Antonio, Texas, are house |uests of Mr. Long's cousin, Mrs. Harrie and Mr. Harrie. Mrs. J. S. Gibson, Jr. and Mrs. arl T. Houk have returned from trip to San Francisco, Calif. piloted by Captain John F, Burn, plunged into shark-infested waters off San Juan, Puerto Rico, April 11. Seventeen persons escaped, including Burn, who was married to Miss Fi-oman after he had rescued her i'rom a similar crash nine years earlier. Authorities said last April one of the four engines on the DC-4 failed and that Burn apparently was trying for a pancake landing on the water after giving up ai; effort to make it back to Sun Jusn airport with the engine conked out. Today, the CAB announced: "The board determines that the probable cause of this accident was: "(Ai The company's inadequate maintenance in not changing the No. 3 engine which resulted in its lailure immediately subsequent to take off. The Hei'iinliean c.in \ ice president, s;i>ins: "rouyh time" hi:n..rlf, I guns on C,ov. Adlai Democratic presidential He simUr of Sli-yeii---!'!! or less' chlorophyll candidate" isenhower Truman Set to Really Bear Down By JAMES MARLOW since the general began these tac tics. He's probably pretty mad inside, particularly with Eisenhow er's criticism of the administration's foreign policy. When Eisenhower was chief of staff after the war he certainly vas in a position to know something about the shqplng of that policy, even though he may have had nothing to do with the shaping. But if Eisenhower did have a hand in making some of the policy which he is now criticising, no one i: 1 in a better position ot know it than Truman. There has been speculation here, but not officially, that if Trumah is mad enough he may declassify .worninent documents to show what part some of the n-.ost active in this c a m p a i g n played in foreign policy. Gov. Stevenson, who hasn't been around Washington to contend with the Republicans throughout these past seven years, has been devoting most of his time to talking about the issues and bis own ideas as they would affect the future. But raking over the past was made to order for Truman who has had to live with the Republicans, In this campaign he can make that I his speciality. He has a knack tor'. it, as he demonstrated in 1948. ! de mantled a ft'li, pulilie aii ins; of the Illinois jj.iViTnor's oun special luiiil What Nixon rlcscril'ed as important speeei- to mo" drew ostimalid (1.00(1 people. It \ v .is liisM'Ifi first since rlyiii!', a\va\ from Wheol-^' 1 ' ing. W. Va.. yes\ rday with a 112; S to 0 vote by the Republican Nn- tiona! Comittce to rrlain him on the national ticket. The California senator said if .thore was any question whether he Would continue Ins attacks as;ain:;t crime and Communist.-; in the government the answer was: heV vc.- • frtp to rertmiblr- his effort. ' l-'i oiiuent applause jnut j ii.terrupted his speech in Utah's ! rapit.il city. There was foot stomp: IP,' i-nco. The li.tKXl fiiiuro \vns os: tim.ited by the owner ef the- rlnv. n ; toy :i ballroom whore Ni\oi\ i;ave ! his ;;'.uh ess. N';\oii announced he would deliv- .-. "oia.ior" t:\lk in Amarillo, toniuht on the danger* of sion from within. He is due :.t ti p. m.. CST, after cam-! HI lit Ojjden. I Hah, and Col- [ Sprinils. Colo. : :i. in his Sail Lake City ap ue. insisted a.taiti that Ste- i !.iy .ill ll-.e facts about his; ! luiiil lor Hinois state em-j Ihe American' people he added n uemaivl •is Hovernor call in n lie accountant as he heck his Sin.OOO where the money and \\ho's jiettlnii Poll Tax Soles Up in 3rd Di*t. Stevenson, the clorophyll cnndl date," Tho OOP vice presslrtcntlnl nom I Inec, without direct mention of his! ! $ia,WW fund, said the way in \\hlchi LITTI .V. HOCK. (,fl —'RetuiWIonn I Kisonhower handled the Nixon rase! ,-itinpnlR-. for victory In n ' bespoke his "sotmdju.kmcnt mul, K ,. essioni> , vlu , 0 nppnrently has j jjrtfit faith." A "lessermnn," ho rcmurki |'would hnvc snld: 'I don't care j Krosslnnnl District, ! what he did he's my friend." j Slrtle Amlitoi , ., Osel(r i Nixon eontlnued, remlln,: from a ln . rj . snU , y^t^-day tn ftt re i piopared statement: — I -'From the beglnnlnR he never! . , „ , .. .. 'wavered in his support of me as ,v'"like a full presentation of nil the friend mid as an Individual. he properly Insisted that us ,\ can dliiate for public Office 1 slmuM: tll!lMl y, M ' for hnvc come from Be ton nnd Cttrr,(it(, Henton County, \vhlc another 1,300 reeolpti. nlt<;«o been I«<i6d fafttf) 'pYl?' *(<f day's iet|Ue«st salrt Itumphrry, els inression.il vace apparently i si-.urred Ihe purclum> of poll tax!<'"u»ly Issued U.Tfit, i ivrelpts in Arkansas' Third Con-! 1 "" 1 ' <>nd tt,852Mn llunipihc.v snld iccclved l,2')f> In additional l.MtOO nrlalnatty allotted" It nnd lino orlnlnnlly allotted It nrtd t toll hns obtained P 000. ,<«»<• Aj'J mnko a full presentation of nil thoj Republican ,IncTt-Jo.vc«* of' ,,,,,! facts to the American people so) (HU-vllle is running-nftnlnSt ilu-re eould never he an question h<-nt democrat Jim Trimble was atv attempt to cover < otun-esslmml pout, The district Includes IS letted $10.1 If). 001) for the Blylhe- villi 1 base. Ctathini;-; said that tinder the appropriation bill this' amount must be contracted for by next Republican A l' ril Me said Air Force (ijTicials lold him they would ask Congress for additional funds for this and cllicr installations early next year. llUe:!,! conlri pay i i Kec, public ilnrm. didn't hiiv i Niv llil .'•: "All , slate se," r.iid Nixon, "the .;;i | eople will think tllllt Olle I'.miliilales fur the highest n l!>e K.nd lias somelbin;; j i .son has s.iii' he doesn't lo j-.i\'i' i'ut the names of .HITS tn the fund collected to .uses to state employes. .Is ui the Nixon fund, made I his order, .showed 7(i Crtl- ronti ibulnrs Nixon said he reive a cent of the money n declared there Is a 'smelly m Washington and added, l' tlie alfalfa «rown in the if Utah can't produce enough clorupliyll to make that Washington mess .smell swuet. "We need a man like Gen. El- senhiraer. willinj; to go in with a pick and shovel and clean out the mess. !t can't be cleaned up by * RIALTO • Today & Tomorrow • 2 - FEATURES - 2 ROD CAMERON "RIDERS OF THE SANTA FE" 'GEISHA GIRLS" Serial and Cartoon SUN. - MON. - TUES. DECISION BEFORE j\ DAWN f Richard Basehart /^ Gary Merrill SAENGER i^v^vH^i-^y 1 IKQMANG TODAY AND SATURDAY ITS FAME WAS WRITTEN IN MNIMOKEI ESTEUTA RODRIGUEZ HIIII !«»'»> nttmt ROCKWEU • PATRICK • SATES « HtlKIMIC MCIUO SHORTS: COLOR CARTOON ; Chap. 11, "Rndnr Men From The Miss Joan Nash is spending the WASHINGTON iff> — Everyone in! Nek end with her aunts and un-! the campaign is hopping mad but i |lqs. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mil-j the one probably angriest of all is! | the one who hasn't said much j i lately but will soon: President Tru-' I man. This is his chance to blow the WASHINGTON, (« — The Air Republicans out of their britches, Fcrce said today it plans to have ...... . . . will leave to- il he can. He starts his. whistle-! contracts let by January next year Light for her home in New Orleans |-stop tour this weekend. And he j fur the start o£ |nd will be accompanied by her | isn't Riving out any previews. Re' \riic and Mr. and Mrs. Paul Welch Lul'kin, Texas, and her father. lr. Wood Nash in Naeogdoches, |* as ' Mrs. W. H. Ro«c Contracts Let on Blytheville Base oh, K^n, who has spent the past ' uorters at his weekly news confer., ni>nth here with his grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. K. G. Hamilton. |College Notes ^largarct Frances Oliver, daugh- of Mr. and Mrs. Arlor Oliver ^Hope, enrolled ,at-Hai-ding Col- [;ge on September Is'a's a fresh- lan. She has selected a course If; study which will lead to the lachelor of arts degree in homo Iconomics. Miss Oliver is a grad- late of Hope High School. Hospital Notes ence yesterday tried to find out construction of new air base at Blythoville, Ark. It notified Rop. C.. Gaining/ and Sins. Fulbrisht and McClcland, Ar- never if oh would have been had a fair trial. convicted Pischarged: Nancy Ann Loe of tuckner. Mr. and Mrs. Gilson Ross of j'ekarkana, Texas, announce the Irj-ival of a son Sept. 25. fays Prison lelped Her to Be Actress \vhat he is goina to talk about but|kansas Democrats, that activation he told them they'd have to wait; and occupation of the base will de- nnd see. | pe nd on development!!. Its present He has from now until election: intention is to occupy the project day, about five weeks, to repay the| before June 30, 1954. Republicans for the blame and ricl-j In letters to the Arkansans the mile .they've heaped on him and I Air Force said that Army engin- his administration not only in the! cers have been instructed to pro- campaign but for seven years. | coed with planning. It said it had issued a directive to the engineers on Sept. 11 to acquire land for the base. Under Air Force plans the city of Blytheville will donate its municipal airport— a World War II. training base-*- and such additional! land as will be necessary. Gainings told a reporter that he understands the local interests will clo whatever is necessary ins the v.'c.y of acquiring the necessary wanted her to star in a "Madge land. Additional land is needed, Meredith story" based on her ex-, he said, principally to extend the periences. 1 runway. "I didn't want to clo that," shej Earlier this year Congress an-1 said. 'I didn't feel it would clo any i thorized an expenditure of $11,601,-! good. Money isn't everything." 000 for the base. The Air Force! told Gainings today that out of the Miss Meredith, 31, smartly clad in a watermelon-red gabardine suit mid it was "a technicality that my full pardon and exoneration have Julia Chester not come through." Umittod: Robert Vines, Pat-]. Majo1 ' stuclios don ' t want to l )llt Mrs. C. J. Rosenbaum, ol i I'll] ton. her under contract, she added, "until that's cleared up I But two majors, she added, As for the future : "I just want to develop myself as an actress." defense appropriations it has al- DOROTHY DIX Don't Waste Time GENE HANDSAKER ... _. „ Hollywood, W-Madge Mere- Dear Mlss Dl * : F ? ur yoa !' S , as ° jth says going to prison helped i m ^ " man , whomT l «-' rew , l ° lo >'' L a* an actress because: "I! In the meanUme, I have learned farned about women." I that no ls divorced and has no •My mother and three sisters ! Intentions ot remarrying. He has lore about the only women I realy warned me that waiting for him before," the brunette beauty to chan S« hl mlnd WOuld bid newsmen yesterday. "Through his opportunity (prison) - and I He does, however, occasionally show signs of affection and leads |ked to consider it that rather thanj me to believc ' that he may l ' eco!> tragedy — I am able to under-i |and vomen more. 'ut was quite wonderful, but iix't get me wrong. I wouldn't lant to do it over." iMiss Meredith met reporters at pe; studio where she has comple- I am 33 and he is 37, so this is no childish infatuation. 1 have tried going with other men, but they don't interest me. Ho'.v can I persuade the man to marry me or should I try to forget him? Do d 1 three "Fireside Theater" tele- vou think if l continue to impress « films due for coast to coast nim with m >' B° od intentions hu g over NBC this winter. i will learn to care more for me'' one she plays the waitress girl] ELLEN iejid of a confidence man who is j Answer: One of the most tragic Dry your tears, Ellen, and fwJe facts squarely. Where you can so clearly see a hopeless future, why expect miracles to change it? Better to wait for a good man to come along. End this aimless relationship before your heartache turns into a physical breakdown. There are worse fates than being lonely, and one of them is marriage to a scoundrel or waiting around pa- i tiently until he decides to cast you i off. Call the turn on him and do j the breaking up yourself. At least j your pride will be saved, and your j hurt feelings will soon be healed, i pfdrmed by farm life. In another the bride of a British official Africa. In the third she breaks Lvaly from a domineering mother. | The actress left the state worn- i's prison a year ago last July jfter serving 26 months there and months in the Los Angeles ounty Jail. She was convicted of "Ipiring to kidnap and beat up er former manager, Nicholas Gi- jiailis, and his bodyguard, Verne javfs. "5$v. Earl Warren commuted her year sentence after the Stale wastes in nature is the amount of love expended by fine women .>n men who are unworthy of even one good thought. Why despicable men have so much appeal to good women is a mystery that will, 1 guess, always be shrouded behind the Iron Curtain of human affections. Worthless Character Such a man is the one with whom you have become involved EUen. He is an absolutely worthless caracter, and you are being Dear Miss Dix: All my life 11 have been plagued with an ugly j nose. Where can I get information on plastic surgery? ANNE A. Answere: Either the general j hospital or the eye and ear hospital in your city will supply the information you wish. very foolish to continue seeing ult Authority and a state assem- j him and hoping to marry him. It ly subcomittee reported that she j will never, never happen. The present status of your relationship is naturally satisfactory to him. You are providing companionship, adoration to feed his vanity, probably good home-cooked meals, all without his having the slightest HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE Main 4 Country Club rd. - saJj*.**," i PAY Feature Canyon' Ply* Mi obligation to you. One of days, along will come a less submissive creature who will attract him by the very fact that she is less docile. She'll not be satisfied with the indecisive treatment that has kept you dangling tor four years, and wedding $4UJL will ring M 1 **_ Jl J?*L?L- -1 Dear Miss Dix: After three years I of marriage, my husband has ask-1 ed for a divorce. He is interested^ in another woman and I lold him i I wouldn't stand in his way. We | have been separated three months, j. Recently I met two boys and we j have become very good friends, j Would it be all right for me to ! date them? I feel I'm entitled to! a little happiness too.'I'm 19 years ! old. | M. J Answer: If promiscuity is your : idea of happiness, perhaps you j are entitled to it. However, il I would be very unwise to follow i these i your inclinations. You probably i 101' 3ssu/e4. haw want to make up for all the fun a too early marriage cost, but wait until your divorce is granted ' For one thing, if you are seeu dating other men, your conduct will seriously affect any legal claims you might m^ke to money nr nrnnoi-tt/ W^ !• or l«c. •>. 3*U Not Too Many Years Ago THIS WAS GEORGIA'S OKEFENOKEE SWAMPLAND», •••••••••MiMBMijMnt^^^^^^M|Mft^^MMCtM|JMMMiJUWi^MM^tttW s^^Bi^BBMK»WiWBKaBBMBKaSi^BPaMgBji!B IM^^H0»^MGnfKmNMMRW0M«OTI»«*^MWi,^SlMlli!iiuiiiMUM.UU.K.ll^iOTlLl]lll»^IN^^^ LAND THAT DEFIED THE PENETRATION OF TIME AND MAN! Vereen Bell's own story of a world within a world.. .the kingdom of the alligator and the c&ttonmouth- hidden in the heart of America's South-where the black bear, the panther and a lone girl once roamed-until a stranger found her and led her back to a wondering civilization! JEAN PETERS JEFFREY HUNTER CONSTANCE SMITH 2a ctNiuar-fox 1DERN WALTER BRENNAN .Tom Tully ROBERT UACKS » JEAN NEGUIESCO ^lUOUIS LANTZ Di r d Based on a Story by VEREEN BELL

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