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The Houston Post from Houston, Texas · Page 2

Houston, Texas
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Tuesday, May 16, 1916
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2 . HOUSTON DAILY POST: TUESDAY MORNING, MAY 16. 1916. " Write Athletic Ti3DEN Iron UOUSfON AI REMEMBER, YOU SHARE OUR PROFITS Our new profit-sharing plan is worthy particulars. It means a saving to you. ; 209 Prton 161-1221. Main St. A NEAT PUMP with exquisite lines, in patent, gunmetal and black kid; turned or welt soles. This fine pump is available in three grades $350, $4,00 and $5e00 303 Main i MARION KING WILL ! HELP 100 FRIENDS 1 . . 2 Sack In Ohio Tells About Florida . , Climate and Other I .Things. " " On account of the Florida Climate Mr. King, a well known boat owner of Cleveland, 0., went to Jacksonville to try and recover from a case of pneumonia that left tilth weak and debilitated and with scarcely any heart action. His home In Jacksonville Is 210 Cedar street. Mr. Ring gave quite an interesting Interview as follows: He said that lit had enjoyed the climate very much, but it did not restore nim to health, he, however, had found one thing that had and it was natural vitalitas. "It has put me on my feet and I now feel strong in very way." King says, and he adds: 'Two dollars Invested In Vitalitas has done what thousands of dollars have failed to do before. 1 am going to return to my dear ones at home a new man." . Mr. King also stated that he would probably send at least one hundred names of his friends from back home, - whom lie knew could be benefited bv Vitalitas. ?nd money enough td purchase a supply oltlietn. as h wants, to see them get , tlie benefit of this new product, Tjicre are thousands of people throughout the Rotith who are jest as enthusiastic about Vitalitas as Is Mr. King. There is no medicinal product that Is doing so much to banish chronic indigestion, rheumatism, biliousness and nervous debility as this natural remedy. For sale bv all druggists. Advertisement. i VILLA LEADER AND BANDITS KILLED BY U. S SOLDIERS Fight Occurred Near Rnbio Ranch When American Detachment Went to Buy Supplies. , (Associated Prist Retort.) LAKE 1TA6CATE, Met., May 15, (by wireless to Columbus, May 1B.)-Three bandits. Including Julio Cardenas, a Villa leader, were killed today In a skirmish with an American detachment near Rubio ranch, 20 miles east of here. . The Americans, 12 strong, under the command of Lieutenant Oeorge S. Fat-ton, comprised an automobile detachment sent to purchase forage.- The bandits fifed on Lieutenant Patton and his guide after they had alighted from the machines and were approaching the ranch house. The Americans employed to prevent the escape of the snipers, and Lieutenant Fatten returned the fire, wounding the ! bandits, who, meanwhile, fled through the rear of the house. Overtaken later, the Mexicans engaged the Americans in Hfle fight In which the three Mexicans Were killed. There were no American casualties. The bodies of the Mexicans were brought here and buried. Papers in their pockets revealed their Identity. MLjUES VALUABLE IN CAMPAIGN. Wart Able to Carry Supplies Into Country Ntt Traversable by Wagons. ' (Associated Press Report.) . PIKLD HEADQUARTERS, May S (by ' motor truck to Columbus, N. M., May 15). Tht value of the army mule, which wavered when automobile trucks In the Villa chasa demonstrated their adaptability for mountain transportation, has been vindicated by the results of this campaign. , In transporting supplies overland to the main bases the automobile trucks have proven much superior to the old mule wagon teams, but the mules, as pack anl- mala, have gone beyond the truck lines into country where no wheeled Vehlclu yet Invented can move. The mules proved more hardy than horses in the hard bandit chase. They were better able to live off the country 'without loss of strength. They ate al most everything except rocks and one kind rfrope th 'ope the Mexican -. horse hap ,la rmt. Belim IMS Absolutely a Removes Intligestioii. One package prove3 it 25c at all druggists. E tf ESGTED . f i-r; Ave.V - DASEDALL GOODS Balls, Bats, Mitts, Gloves, Masks, Uniforms, etc The Rawlings Texas League Ball is an official ball and is the best ball cm the market Send us your orders. for a copy of out , Baseball , and Catalog. - .. ' ' h- & Steel Co. BAJ ANTOKIO of your consideration. Come In and get .. ' aM BANDITS ROBBED TRAIN BUT SPARED CARRANZA COUNSEL Eight Killed in Wreck Near liexioo - v City Judge fcouglas Wat Not Molested. : AtsoriAti Preii Retort t SAN ANTONIO, Texas, May 15. Pas sengers who arrived today at Laredo from the" south report one of the boldest train holdups that has occurred ill some months, with the killing of eight persons and the robbery of many thousands ef dollars in the new Carranra currency. The tralh with the private car of Charles A. Douglas, counsel for Carranza In the United States, attached at the rear, left Mexico City at t o'clock on the afternoon of Thursday last. Between yueretaro and Empalme Gonzales at 2:30 Of th next morning tne passengers were awakened by a sudden jar and a terrific detonation, followed by a volley of rifle shots. Outside the cars was a party of bandits shouting "vtvA Villa," ahd firing continuously to frighten the passengers. The engine and four cars were derailed and the engineer, hreman, helper .and Ave other persons riding on the tender were Instantly killed. The bandits entered the second class car in front and worked their way toward, the rear, robbing ail passenger. A paymaster of the El Oro Mining company lost 136,000 in the new CarrahsA currency and an American named Hill lost) $3000 In gold. There were aboard two lieutenant colonels and two major paymasters of the Carranza forces, but they were not recognized by the bandits, as they had removed their Uniforms and all Insignia of rank. One of them even feigned death and lay full length in the aisle while the bandits were robbing the other passengers. Two prisoners guarded bv eight soldiers were released, leaving with the robbers. The arms of the soldiers were taken from them, as they made no resistance. No other passengers aboard the train offered resistance, fearing instant death. The express car is said ,to have contained 1,000,000 pesos In the new currency, but owing to the desire of the bandits to get away hurriedly or from ignorance of the contents of the car was not broken open, although it left the track and rolled down the embankment. A strange (feature of the attack was that the private car, containing Judge Douglas and his party, was not molested In any way by the bandits. MEXICANS PLAN RAILWAYS. Orgsnlit Hundred Million. Dollar Corpora-. tlon In Yucatan, Houston Post Special.) GALVESTON, Texas, May 15. Mexican Consul Juan A. Mateos received the following message today from Mexico City, via Vera Cruz: ,; . ' "Governor Salvador Alvarado of Yucatan, one of the most progressive officials In the republic, has organized a company with a capital stock of $100,000,000 Mexican gold, Which will have for Its object the improving of communication and the building, of railway lines in the southeastern portion of the country, which has been backward In improvements along those lines. The federal government contributes half of the capital and the State government and capitalists of Yucatan contribute the remainder. A comprehensive plan of improvement will be carried out. "The secretary of the department of finance published a statement Saturday showing that from August of last year to April 30 last over $47 000,000 of old paper money had been Incinerated. Forty-six million dollars worth of that paper was burned publicly today, the people of the city turning out to witness the bonfire. "First Chief Carranza has Issued a decree lowering freight rates on all articles of prime necessity, In order to facilitate the movement of food products, especially corn, from the producing to the nonpro-duelng districts. "General Benjamin Hill hat been Appointed military commander in this city, succeeding General Mlllan, who will take the similar position at Vera Crux. . . i to. Arraign colonel morin. Mexican Held tt Ringleader In Plot to ; Have Hearing. (Associated Press Report.) KINGS VILLE, Texas, May 15. Colonel Morin, in jail here as the- leader of a proposed Mexican uprising In Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, probably will be taken to San Antonio Wednesday for a perltmlnary hearing before the United States commissioner, it was stated by officers here tonight. - Arrests continue In alleged plot and While the number of Mexicans taken Into custody is net known here, it is reliably stated 27 men are in the Kleberg jail In addition to several arrested at other places. It Is said additional arrests will be made tonight and that practically all the leaders In the plot will be under detention before Tuesday night. T E D F REE Mi. AND MRS. H.P.COHEN METHODIST UNION . : TO BE DEBATED Northern Methodist General Con- , ference to Discuss Question. Committee Seport Favored Separate Conferences for the Negro Members Committee to Confer With Southern Church. (Associated Priii Retort.) SARATOGA 8PRINGS. N. T., May 11. The proposal to unite the Methodist Episcopal church and the Methodist Episcopal church. South, Which have been separated since. 181. was made the order of special business' at tomorrow's se.l Sion of JJie general conference. The report of the committee on educa indorsed the proposed unification, it recommends that the general conference be the supreme governing body of the reunited church and thajl the plan ef unification be extended to any 'other Methodist bodies that may desire it. SPECIAL CONFERENCE FOR NEGROES. The report favors the organization of special conferences for the negro membership df the church, tueh hegro conferences to be represented at the general conferences. Under the plan suggested by the special committee An federation the hoard of bishops would appoint a commission of rive Dtsnops, ten ministers ana ten laymen to confer with commissioners of the Methodist Episcopal church South, the Methodist Protestant church and othor Methodist bodies in the United States to Work out the tentative plan and report to the next general conference. ' The Episcopacy committee recommended the retention of the Episcopal residences at Washington, Boston, Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, Denver, Portland. Ore.. Chicago. Cincinnati. New Orleans, Chattanooga. Buffalo, Omaha, Atlanta, St. Louis, Helena and St. Paul. The residence at Kansas City. Kans.. would be transferred to Wichita, Kans.i mat at Oklahoma city would be discontinued and new residences established at Pittsburg, . Pa., Detrtit. Mich., and Seoul, Korea. Foreign Episcopal areas would be continued at Zurich, Buenofe Aires and Pektn and the Foochow resi dence would be transferred to Shanghai. The conference voted to recommit the report without instructions. SOUTHERN DELEGATES GREETED WITH CHEERS. The Rev. E. B. Chappel of Nashville, Tenn., fraternal delegate from the Methodist Episcopal church, South, in an address urged an early amalgamation of the various branches of Methodism. Bishop E. R. Hendrlx of the Southern church, was Introduced to the conference today and was greeted with prolonged applause. Recommendation that no change be made In the, discipline of the Methodist episcopal cnurcn wnicn i members from dancing, ol which prohibits church laying cards and attending the theaters was adopted late today by the committee on the state of the church by a vote of 113 to 43.' Tha subcommittee which " recommended that the prohibition against these diversifica tions announced it would submit a report to the conference. A reDort submitted br the rnmmltten on Episcopacy to the general conference of the Methodist Episcopal chtlrch today prepared the way for the Immediate balloting for bishops of the church. . The report recommended that seven bishops be chosen. This Is an Increase of two over the tuesent number. One nf (ha timv bishops is to be assigned to Korea, and the other Is to fill the new Enisconul residence at Detroit, Mich. FUNSTON FORMS HIS PLANS FOR BORDER PATROL (Continued From Page OneJ plaint filed By the district attflrney W connection with alleged thtl-Amerlcan ar ticles published. The actldrt was bas6d particularly on accbunt of An article which, it is charged, Characterized Mexican citizens of San Benito, Texas, who have offered their services to Governor Ferguson if needed in controlling the .Mexican border situation, as "traitors" and "black Americans." The action also seeks an Injunction against future publication of similar articles by the paper. AIRMEN GOT BOMB DEVICES. , Aeroplant Machine Guns Alto Reetlved at coiumnus, r. m. , (Associated Press Report.) COLUMBUS, N. M May 15. Aeroplant machine guns and bomb dropping devices arrived here today for tht use of the first aero squadron. Army aviators hert denied any knowledge at to Whether the planet to bt tent into service in Mexico are to be equipped with the devicet. The corps hat been Working for several weeks with new Aeroplanes in an attempt Id bring the neet into condition for field service. It was stated tonight that none of the machines are yet ready for Mexi can service. Of the attack on a s hi all hodv of Ameri cans at Rancho Rubio, 20 miles from Lake Itascate, the field headquarters offered nothing to supplement press reports. However,, it was pointed out that the attack indicated that small bands of tha bandits still are scattered through the territory occupied by General Pershing's command. a aeaaune was urawn aoout tne base arsenal here today. It waa said that a suspicion that incendiaries may have been responsible for the recent fires at Fort Bliss caused the added precaution here. Troops to be distributed along the bor der passed through here today from posts In the Northwest. . v VILLAREAL MAKES DENIAL. In Statement Declared Ht Had No Part in mitigating Glenn Sprlngt Raid. tAssacieted Press Report.) NEW ; YORK, May 15. Ahtonlo I VlllareaL , Mexican statesman, . who de clares he It "persona non grata" with both Carranza and Villa, And that he is a political refugee In the United States because of his efforts to maintain nation al honor and dignity In his native coun try, issued a statement here today denying any participation in recent raids along the Mexican border. Anybody who knows my political career will understand that It is im possible for me to, have been associated directly br Indirectly, in the preparation of the Glenn Spring! raids" ths state ment reads. "I havt condemned, and condemn nof, with all . my energy, the acts of the raiders of Columbus and Glenn Springs.'' RAID VICTIM FOUND ALIVt. Lost Trooper In Woods 35 Mile North , or Boqumat. ' t, ,' (Assvcietei Press Repirt.) V MARATHON, Texas, May 16. F. Bun dtnls, the jost trooper of company A. Fourteenth cavalry, waa found today by Champion Wood, A mining man of Bo- uillts, wandering aimlessly And half dead rom thirst and exhaustion- in the woods 15 mllet north of BoqUiUai. Wood, whe was en route to this city, placed Bun-danis. in , hit automobile, ahd upon hit arrival here turned him over to Captain wmiam m. smart of the hospital corps. tiunagni! was. one of nine troopers gar ionlng Glenn Springs. .When found ha was demented and his clothes were tattered and torn. Cant a In fimni-1 mi 1,1 hia patient will bt AH tiff -in a few days. - CHRISTIANS SPURRED BY ROCKEFELLER JR. Multitudes Merely Marking Time, - He Told Y. M. C. A. Call to Armiin Practical Service sounded in Speech at International Conven- .:- ; tion. . . . ( ' .. ' -I . tAttorttted Press Report., CLEVELAND. O., May It, John . D. Rockefeller Jr. addressed today's aettion Of the international convention of the Voung Men s Christian Associations of North America, urging a campaign to be called "The EVery Christian Man At Work MtWeraaoL Multitudes of men whose names appear on the church roles as' Christians art merely marking time, said Mr. 'hocke feller, like soldiers parading the streets In dress uhform instead of rendering ac tlve service like the men in soiled And disheveled khaki. "Christian manhood. I ke muscular or menial power. Is only to oe maintained hu Ita iiea 1. "1 fill linnn thA ministers of thli land to rouse to action that vast horde of Christian men enrolled in tne churches but seldom seen toe pews, who are- onlv waltine lor some service which requires manly qualities in Order to oe again Drought into active relation wun the churches. The day for the preaching of a gospel looking toward the prepara- on 01 tne individual for A passage to me Kies on nowenv beds or ease nas passed. and,may it never return. WOULD DRAW ON INACTIVE ARMY. 'The inactive Army of Christian men will bt drawn Into Be .!',. tht more quickly when they have c ..'e.ce repognlzt tht brotherhood of man at C" necessary eorrollary to the fatherhood of God. An Interesting and unique argument recently advanced for compulsory military service in this country is that the sons of the well to do families of our communities might thereby be thrown into close con tact with the eons of the working people, so that the creat tan which too often exists might be bridged and as A result of dally association in common tasks these two clssses of men brought to see that the difference between them is superficial rather than inherent. As we face the great Industrial prob lems which are arising daily, it seems clear that the only hope of their permanent and Satisfactory solution lies in the widespread acceptance of the doctrine of the brotherhood qf man. When men of widely separated stations are thrown together, come to know each other, to Admire the strong and manly qualities 'Which they see in each other, when they are working Side by side for the advancement of1 a -common Interest, then And then only does personal distrust, hatred and misunderstanding give way to a spirit of fair play, justice and a desire for the common good." Accomplishments" of y. m. c. a. praised. Mr. Rockefeller paid tribute o the sue. cest of the Young Men's Christian Associations lrt havthg "done more throughout the civilized world than any other single force in helping to bring about co-operation between Christian men of different denominations.'' It was to be profoundly regretted, he continued, "that Christian men should SDend a moment nf time h ounce of strength, a cent of money in contending among themselves lrt regard to uiKir inuiviouai interpretations or scrip -tual meanings, instead of unitinc- together under the common standard of the cross to oppose with a solid front the hosts of darkness." In launching the nroDosed eamnoien to put every Christian man at work Rir. Rockefeller proposed the appointment of a special secretary of the International committee of the Voung Men's Christian Association to-have chttrre nf taking, and he outlined some of the general requirements of the organization. "It Is hard," he said, "to conceive of an single effort whlch'Would go further toward revitalizing the churches of North America and reviving the interest of men In them." . II. S. SOLDIERS WILL GUARD SOUTHERN PACIFIC BRIDGES All Structures between San Antonio and 1 Paso Will Be Safeguarded 4 ' ' ' l Associated Press RePort.i SAN ANTONIO, Teias, May 15. Every bridge on the Southern Pacific between here and El Paso will be guarded by American troops, It was Announced to day at General Funston's headquarters. That railroad parallels the Rio Grande A great part of tht distance, and Ita immediate safeguarding is to be one of tht first moves in the proposed redistribution of troops. BROWNSVILLE, Texas, May 15. A considerable number of Mexicans are patrolling the Rio Grande opposite Hidalgo, Texas, 65 miles west of hert, with rifles, according to a report received at Fort Brown toaay. xnis report was given to Consul J. J. Gftrza by Colonel A. P.-Block- som, with a request that an investigation De macie. - - - Renewed activity on the part of Aniceto Plazana and Luis Lie La Rosa, alleged leaders "of the Jexo revolution," also was reported. BRICK MAKERS PLAN TO FORM "AN ORGANIZATION IN TEXAS Representatives of Many Brick . Firms of the State Assembled at Galveston Meeting. (Houston Post SPerial , : GALVESTON, Texas, May 15. Step loking to the reorganisation of a State association of brick manufacturers were taken this morning, 'when there Were gathered at the GalVez hotel representative brick men from vafibUS partt of the State. Formal organlz&tioh was hot perfected At this meeting, but Max D. Almond of Corslcana was authorized to take Up with 'other brick manufacturers not present here today the matter of definite organization of a Texas State asso elation, to be finally perfected at a subsequent meeting, tht time and place to bt later announced. . There was formerly A state organlza tlon of brick manufacturers, which hat been Inoperative for several years. Brick men around Dallas And in tne northern part of the State, however, banded themselves into an organization and at meeting about three weeks Ago the North Texas association . decided to make an effort to extend the scope i of tht organization to South -Texas and to form a State association. Tht meeting here today waa the result" .. Tt Ftftify tht System Agalntt Summtr ,. -. 4 ... Htlt. . ..... Manyusert of GROVE'S TASTELESS chill TONIC makt It a practice to take thla old standard remedy regularly, tb for tlfy the system against tht depressing tf feet of summer heat, as those - who are strong withstand the heat of summer better thatt those who art weak. Prlct 50cf. Htdge't Ice Cream it btttf. ' Par .iet terviut (none t'resluu JO.i, (Adv. , VeeeeeeeeAiMMWwwMMNetfeAywwMWM MWWMMMwMWWlwwwaHswtwwMW ' RECOVERS HEALTH , m RECORD TIME Buffalo Business Man Eeeovers Health From Plant Juice and li Happy. A rrtat fcnet.lUf ,n llhii till "Stomach trouble it 1 tht curst of tht American people." Nln out Of every ten people wt meet suffer from ttomach trouble In some form. A chain It only as strong at Its weakest link and the weak link with us seems to be the ttomach. In other words, you can not be a well man or woman with a diseased stomach. Plant Juice, the new herbal system tonic man ufactured from medicinal barks, herbs and fibres, stands without a rival as a remedy for the Ills of the stomach. It often relieves indigestion and dyspepsia with the first dose. - Following Is tha signed testimonial of Mr. M. C Folger. who resides at No. 84 VtctorlA Avenue, Buffalo, N. Y. He says: I had stoma n , trouble, nervousness and indigestion (or some time. My food would ferment in . my stomach, causing gases to iorm ana t was more or less bloated, t Wat Very nervous And restless and. could not sleep - at night. 1 had tried different kinds of medicine but nothing seemed to help me. 1 had read In the paper' about Plant .Juice and the cures - that were being effected by its use and I decided to try it. I have up to the present time, taken three bottles and am feeling fine: in fact- can aay that 1 am entirely cured, and 1 will give all praise to. Plant Juice.; riant juice is sold in Houston at Rouses Drug Stores. Advertisement. CASEMENT PLACED ON TRIAL CHARGED WITH HIGH TREASON (Continued from Pifte OneX N iglrtal expeditionary force to France, fee wAs taken prisoner In September, 1914. The attorney general said Bailey had related how a large number of Irish prie-onert had . been collected from various prisons in Germany and placed in A largo camp tt taniDurg. mere iney neoia u in' dresses by Casement who tried resses by Casement who tried to Inflame their minds against the British govern- ment and persuade them to breaK their oath of allegiance And support him in Mr nrn!fta(i xnfHltlnn to It-Aland. The attorney general saia casement described himself as the organizer of the Irish Volunteers and impressed upon the Irish prisoners In Germany that everything was to be gained for Ireland by Germany winning the war. Those prisoners who joined a brigade he wet at tempting to form,. Were promised bj Casement, the Attorney general asserted, that they would . be sent to Berlin as guests of the German government. In the event tnat uermany won a sea oat tie ne would land the brlaade in Ireland to defend that country against England, And If Germany lost the war, the German government would give each man 10 pounds to 20 pounds sterling and free passage to America. SMILED AT STORY , OF HIS FAILURE. . , "This is the plan conceived tn 1915," said the attorney general, "by. the man who in 1011 was begging Sir Edward Grey to convey his deep appreciation t6 the king of the honor of knighthood which had just been conferred on him." When, the speaker added that Case ment's offer was treated with contempt by a vast majority of the Irish prison ers. Casement smiled and glanced toward Baliey. - . . Sir Fredarick Smith ' then described Casement's alleged machinations In Berlin with details of his trip by Submarine to Tralee; ,wherS he landed on Good Fri-Bay and a third man named Monteith who Is still At Targe. He also told of tne sendinx of a shin with 20.600 rifles from Germany to Tralee and of how this ship was sunk at Tralee and tna crew cap tured. ' . -, The attorney general here introduced a dramatic touch by havlnt brought Into the court a- green rebel flag, which he said Casement had brought from Germany to Ireland. For a moment the prisoner sat with eyes fixed on the floor, refusing to look at this emblem of the rebellion. Then he glanced up at the flag and smiled derisively. Most of the time during the Attorney general's Address he sat with his elbow on his knee, stroking his beard a characteristic pose of tht prisoner ever tince his incarceration in the tower of oridoh. He appeared ohllvloUs of his surroundings, but occasionally be glanced Up quickly, showing he was listening to the proceedings. in his efforts to raise an Irish brigade among prisoners In GermanV to tight against England, the attorney general, said, tne prisoner bad met with little success. Such men as he wort over Were set free, provided with green uniforms and received rewards. ... PRISONER WAS - ' IN HAPPY MOOD. When the attorney general declared that one of tht Irish prisoners had struck CAsement in the fact on being Asked to join the brigade, Casement smiled in evi dent amusement. Bailey was one of tht prisoners reduced . by Casement, the attorney general said, and was made an officer of the brigade. The attorney eeneral said r.semont was found eoncealed in what is known locally at McKinna's fort. He gave the name of Richard Morton of Buckinghamshire, kiiu iub wuupituun .as max ox an autnor. He was seen to droD a nanir which con. tained a code, including the following: "Await further lnstructldn. H da. elded to stay. - Further ammunition and The calling of the witnesses for thn crown began Immediately after Sir Frederick concluded his address. ' Sir Roger began to take A more lively interest In the proceedings. He seized a pad of paper which had been provided for him and started to take notes of the testimony. a statement irom Bailey waa read by the attorney eeneral.- BnlUv mM , Joined the Irish brigade at the Suggestion of Casement to see whether it would be possible to get out of Germany. After a visit to the German foreign office, he said, he was told to make ready to depart and was taken on board the submarine u-i. I TOLD OF LANDING ON IRISH COAST. When they sighted Tralee he Vas told the visit was in connection with the volunteer movement. He waa transferred to a collapsible boat as the suh. marine beared the coast. The boat over turned as it reached the surf. H han to wade ashore and then went back to the boat. . .Bailey said -he And Casement reached Tralee, and that Casement weht Into th shop Of a newt tgent and - inquired whether the commanding. officer had arrived. He was answered . in tht negative. Bailey -then got Into tht motor car in which he Was Arrested. . Alter the formal evidence had he.n given by the police as to the reading of tht charge to Casement and iialley in the Tower of" London, , Casement rose and said: , i . ... ' -, , , . "Well, that man footntln in Rsllsv.l Is innocent. I think the ihdlctmeht Is wrongly drawn Against him." casement then offered to tirocum mum set to defend Bailey, who said ha wtt wunoui means. , - The first witness-w John fcnhln.r, 6f . Belfast, formerly ' a eomoraJ in th. medical corns. taken tirtnmiAr ' in th early stAges of t tht war, and recently released. Ht said that . of 4000 IrlRh prisoners gathered At Limburg to hear Casement's exhortations, between 60 and 60 Joined the Irish brigade. Robinson first saw Casement in' the prison cAtnp. He was wearing civilian clothes. SAID .CASEMENT"""! . . SPOKE OF BRIGADE, "WhAt Wat ht.adlhgf Asked counsel for tht- prote'cutldrt. ,-: i- . 'Spouting About tht, Irish brigade." Robinson replied lrt a rich hMviia. is. said Casement promised the Irish firis " eih.ii u mejr joined tut tier- iiitiii rw n rr'rl n t i Convenient Whe'n you carry n umbrella or your arms see full of packages, you will appreciate the convenience of a Convertible Bracelet Watch , The' very newest in Bracelet Watches with silk moire at-: tachmeht J fashion's latest, at attractive prices. Round, plain polish, guarah-. J. y;: $16,50 Octagon shape, plain polish, guaranteed for 20 CIO Kfl years ...... . . y 1 0i JU Round, engraved . guaranteed . - an AiA ati& tor years. ,- un Vim sale at..;.... ...... y-tuiuv Octagon shape. 14-k solid gold, S,;,o?.$35.00 Octagon shape, 14-k soiidjjold, a?g"7.d:..?".f,a. in fiEN Ft HARLESS DIAMOND IMPORTER ' . 819 Main Street Houston, Texas rasns, and passage to America it uermany lost the war. John Cronlh of Cork, formerly a pri vate of the Munster fusilllers, corroborated Robinson. Court then adjourned for lunch. According to testimony given wis afternoon by Daniel O'Brien, another Irish prisoner, who wat at Limburg dur ing Casement's visits and who afterwards was exchanged, Casement Was hooted Out, of the LimbUrg camp. Borne members of a Munster. refcitnent struck Sir Roger, and several prisoners, in cluding O'Brien, were punished for it, the witness testified, their rations being cut down. . . . . O'Brien said that after casement leu Limburg recruiting for tht Irish brigade was carried on by art American priest named Nicholson. . i .. While most of the testimony pi tne day concerned Casement, an , occasional question was put oy me - prosecm-iou for the purpose of Hplng Bailey with the revolutionary movement.. . '. ' Witnesses answered that they sAW hiiti at Limburg in the uniform of the Irish brigade. " , " , , While Casement Wat busy taking notes, Bailey sat In-the dock tike a stone mart, scarcely ever changing his rigid position. Ihortly after t o'clock tne nearing Was adjourned unul tomorrow. Extreme Weather Over Texas. (Associated Press RePbrt.) FOR r WORTH, Texas, May IB. Re-orts from West TeXas towns tonight in'-IcAted weather extremes In the past 24 hours, which established records for this season of the year. At Gainesville after a Seriod of excessively high temperature for lay the thermometer fell almoat to the freezing poini. - nrownwoou reponea It's "Old Style" but it's New- You will like it . too What? Ask Park ' Brooches- '.- ; The very last word in beautiful new-and highly artistte Brooches, . v Elegant "green gold; very, latest in jewelry art, ' Engravfcd' Crescent, 31,25 . at ' i . ... t , Oval shape, engraved, at ..M....V...V.... Friendship Circle, engraved, at ... ....... Friendship Circle, four pearls $3.75 Fancy mounting, green gold with diamond, ": tfC Cfl for Dainty little Wishbdne ... 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HARDWAY & CATHEY Better Be Safe Than Sorry STEWAfcT TITLE GUARANTY CO., Ground Floor SteWrt Bldg. similar weather with almost blisiard conditions prevailing late tonight. A hall storm did much damage In tht vicinity of Dallas. - V'

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