Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 16, 1894 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 16, 1894
Page 6
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Tin 1 job was to be done neatly, aud to Inolc <is tliough it hud been an acui- ileut. Now, .luan wus tuzy, drunken, good fur nothing and all that, but he was not the man to commit murder. Gome*, therefore, went away disappoint oil, while .Inan proceeded to rc- latu what had liappcncd to his wife, Anit.i, swearing- her to solemn seureoy, for ho fiv.irevj the overseer and would not for worlds have this mutter get, bc- youd bis household. Alas for a woman's oath! A dny hart source pusscd ere Margarita knew all, ;iml h;ul she not boon discreet enough to keep the secret hidden from her fiery young husband there undoubtedly would have been bloodshed. At first she was vfery much disturbed and exceedingly anxious, but ns the weeks and months went by aud Manuel's position at the mine Continued to improve she deemed that the overseer had forgotten. It was not so- however, for the hatred of the man still smoldered and waited hut nn opportunity to break forth. One day hid chance came. On tho side of the mountain there was a little notch or shelf, from the center o^ which pushed a cool spring. The sides were covered with foliagn ami overhead spread tlio branches of a tarffe tree, sheltering the spot from tho burning rays of the sun and inviting to .Miintifl, you ii.iv These words, *o wen- to Don Gomez gall 'in' 1 wormwood. He look them nsliUleless than his illMiiissil. Hut 1,'iUr rep IlKin tJiis w;is tlio thought that hi.s -defeat was Jiisolil riviil'-s triumph. Then awoke ti> full Ilium? Hio ssiiolili-riu},' five <if his hate. Hi* swarthy face gww livid, and his eyi's Hushed with a b.-ih.-ful /ire. Having put- on his foninal hut with n. lijrlitcd candle wicUwted on the. top, "M^iiiiii'l .stopped into the bucket ;m<l was lowered down tho sl;;i£t. Tho signal for ascent was the shaking of a, small rope, one end of which was held livthu match-lighter uml the other liy the overseer at Die pit's month. Silence veigiu'd. and the horsemen Blood wnitinpr for the- overseer's signal. "Now! Now!'' shouted Don (lomo/.. mid instantly the horses were loost-d nod the circling apparatus quickly drew the bucket to the surface. "Great. Clod, it's empty!" cried the director. paling beneath the sudden shock. "Quick! Quick, men! Down with it- nsyon value human life!" The anxious men needed 110 urging: before In; had finished his sentence thfi bucket wiis ujjain on its way downward. It hart proceeded only a do/.on vai'ds or .so, however, when the rnar of the explosion WHS heard, and a clou-! 01" smoke and dust was driven violently up the shaft and filled the palera. •\Vhen this had cleared away the men stared at each other with faces pale with horror nnd dismay. "You villain!" cried the director to Gomez; "why did yoiidothismurdevon tiling!" "He shook the rope'. As 1 live the rope shook io my hands. I am not to blame." The teeth of the man chattered, and his frame trembled with nervous agitation, while his eyes studiously avoided those of his interrogator. Without, another word Pon Jayme seized tt shovel and .sprang into the bucket. Two of the miners followed. and they were lowered to the bottom of tlio shaft, where they set to vaork removing the debris of the explosion. expecting' at every dig 1 of the shovel to unearth the mangled body of the un- lorttmate young man, Leaving them engaged in their humane occupation, let us see what ha-s actually become of the object of their Manuel had just lighted the . ; While JVstin;,' to rcvoi-i..,- hj s .stri-n:;'l.h '. Manuel began to tliiuk thai, iwrhaps. after all, liistroiibli'-s mi^hUm-n out to his most decided ailv;nii;,tr,.. Tin: San Adrian mine was over t\v,> hundred years old. It; had yielded iin immense •fortune to its early projHefoi-s, ami then for KOn:e frood reason ii;uJ been abandoned. There was a tra- 'flition of an ancient soralion or adit which had been driven at :L vast expense throng'' 1 tin; mountain to effort. the drainage of the mine. Diii-imr < h- jnany years of the mine's abandonment this adit hud, of course, been neglected. Its external opening had become closed, so that now nothing- was kno wu of it but the mere fact of its existence. .Should the passage in which he now stood be the lost adit, it would save the present proprietors an immense expense. i lie had walked, as he judged, nbout fouv huudred yards when he reached a barrier, a mass of earth and stones which he nt once set to work to remove. riyiug his long 1 knife vigorously, and caring nothing for toi-n nod bleeding hands, he nt luupth came to a large flat stone. Overturning this with a strong- push he was temporarily blinded with a flash of i'le:i.v sunlight, which poured in upon him. lircaluing a prayer of thanks to his protecting fiaint he lore his way out and looked around nl i iml from :iromuf llui cor- iUi 1 tin; I'.xliiiusU-d niiituh- PACKAGE-** tkt C SUM* f* red on wt»ff»r. Is Quickly Absorbed Wasai Passoft-es All iys Pain and infiamnv.inon- .'-lefjiattxe S,.rss .Protects thr? Membrane from .5e sea ofTa^i; . Mnd Smelt. AT WILL CURE. HAY-FEVER A ;,;iril<:in Is ituwn^j into #w.t\ ;i<n;."l! and '• "Kltf jSKOrHSKi, *i *'*enuiot..Xeif York. Indapo a well of flDAPO TBI OKUt MHDOO MMEDy nnxucH TK» Anon UODIt, OtC., ?t> thrunken or^j«a«. t tor ti r Mt(U>ai>eB, vUei vlffor nmlBlza M.«aO auleHlfSat «urt»y rmtarM "I ACCL'SK BOS OOMKJ OF HIS MURDER." the traveler to rest in its refreshing v»LD br '-•• Pound St., fUli.f, Wholeul* Dniftiet. 3'* ' : fttiM (DC ute oi INDAPO i \IND. V^ANTED. 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"There is to be another blast to-day," he replied, "and the overseer wishes to haro it fired while the men are at din- ! "Santa Maria!" she exclaimed, while a shade passed over her bright face. "Oh, my Ufanuel! why will yon not give up this dreadful duty? My life is one of constant terror for you. Better to bo a simple miner at six dollars than risk your life as match-lighter at sixteen dollars.'' "There is no ilun^er. my little heart," replied the young fellow, frayly. 'So thought Pedro Bravo, and so, match and turned toward the Imclco.t when lie sa»v it shooting 1 away up the shaft. Instantly the murderous treachery of his old rival (lushed upon him, A f.<rribl« death .starnlhiin in the iace. Suddenly ho remembered that yesterday the workmen employed In tliis shaft hail come upon a small side cut, or passage which they had not yet had time to explore. With eyes made keen by the horror of his position he peered eagerly around, and .soon lie espied an opening iu the rooks throe feet over his head, and just large enough to admit hi« body. With n desperate spring he clutched the jagged edge, drew himself up and tliroug-li, nad ruHlier'l headlong 1 down tho passage. "WJIT cm vw DO Tins MURDKROVS Tiroro?'' claimed in surprise, "who would have thought It—the very spot where my little wife meets me with my noontide meal. Here h»ve we been hundreds of times within reach of our fortunes, and did not know it." Meantime the news of the accident had spread .through the villag-e, and at length it had reached the oars of Margarita. In a frenzy of agonized ei- C'lteraent she hurried up the mountain. Don .layme after an hour's fruitless search had just 'ascended the shaft when he was accosted by the frantic young: wife. Where is my hnsbnml?" she ox- claimed, in peremptory tones. . "Oh, I Icnow it is nil a joke to (riffhten me. What have I done that you should torment me in this way? Tell mo, sciior, JD God's name, where is my husband?" "Alas! scnoni, I would to heaven that it \vci-o nothin;«m<>vM,tmn a joke,' 1 replied the ilircctor. "It is nrrforf.ii- nutely too true." "]')wul: lV:id: Thi'ii ).o Ji:is born murdered:" sin:cried. "It wasJieverhis own fault that In- w;is killed. .My Manuel w:ts nn ili'UMlc.-ifil. no ivckloss fool. Show nu: th',' munli'i-c'.- ih::.t, 1 may cat) fur venffeamv upon him'." "Mv poor s'ii. 1 !. tlioiv is uoinnnlcn-r." stiii! tho dirootnr. soothingly. "Tlu-rc was oai'i'li-ssni'ss, but no crime." ••I'll not ln-lievo ill" t?ho sprcaiued, • tin- liot ("reolu Ijlocid ilushinfr in her checks and hor eyes llashinp Ci-e. ".My Manuel was no sot, no madman, to throw away-bis life like Juan Value/,. If he is dead I accuse Miguel Gomez of hisimirder." Here she pointed at the overseer, who cowered beneath her glance. "Look at the villain, look in his fac« and judge. It was but a year «£o that tie offered the curgudor Pedraza the position of captain of the pallfjry if bo would come behind Manuel and push him Over the Rineonada. Speak, Juan Pedraza, as you shall answer to the great God for it, is it not so?" Juan Pedra/.a, a wretched looking creature with haggard face and bleary eyes, croaked out a trembling 1 answer in the affirmative. Then ensued a painful silence, which was presently JKT iili'. lijjhUT I'lilin 1 ^ wi-;irily n;i towar;li iniin-. '.I'ln- sijjhl "f Ouini-x. iipprnai'liinp filil sjK-nl wilJi ilj-;n\-(i ktiili- bronchi M:LIIUI;J In ;i Muldi-n Mop. M) that \vln-n tin- <- r u'i\\ y ivroU-li liiriu-i! |-,is c.V'.'s fill! n.hr:i'l ho -.:iw (In* lii'dr.-ijrulcd, inot.ion- la;* f^irrti nf his victim, U'ilh jin.h 1 , fact; HIH! turn and bl«-''(liii{^ hiiniis, s1aiiiiin^ r ri.'flit in liis jiiith iiiid st;iriii|j ;it him with ;jn i-.xpri;.--sii'll i'f !,'lv.lsll_y ill- tonsi'y. J''or ;in jn.sl.'iut 1.!jt- wn-'ii-licd Go:m-.y. stofri (r:i/.i!ijr ut the sight, bc-fiirc hiru, n.nii then with .1 tcrribU 1 xlirirk )io llcwli-ithe ^dp(^ of tho proi-ipice and dash<-d lK-aflli"in^ into t)ir> awful abyss, H. WESTLEY. Two.Mlnule C'linlK wtUi Olrt .)»rk. "Wlit-n I was a boy T wasn't allowed no freodom a' liberty the way you boys is." said Old Jack. "I wasn't, (rave no time for w.-istin'. an' most o' my yotinf? days was spent wra*tlin' with booV 1 1'arnin'. I P"t ti-aohcd 'most every-. thin'. Th«ro was jogfr(>rp]jy. 'Myt how 1 did study jogRorphy'. Couldn't stump me on notliin'. J JtnoweiJ where thf imrriil /.one were. I knowed whU-h wen- the> ti-mp'rancc zone, an' when it nmne to artio and nntartic re- jrions. you i;ould of sol tlie globe a- roljit)' 'Jong 1 th<> floor an' J'rf pickont one from t'other seven times out o' ten. I Rfnild l>ound Itlylio an' uv the products o' \Visconsin »n' f>an Francisco thoi'o worfTi't no beatin' me. 'Rif.hmt'tic, sarni 1 \vny. Twicet two iviis alhis four with me.— though I couldn't reckon good in long diversion or frictions, feoraohow I'd git my remainders mixed up with my quotients, an' what's two-fifths plus nine-fourths eka) to stumped mo. Hut none o' they was my strong p'iut. Not one uv 'em. I was smart in 'em, hut not great. As my teacher says, says he, to my m»: 'No. ma'am, Ole Jack ain't grejt on flgr- gcrin', nor likewise,' says he, 'in joggejr- ph3'in', but in grammar, ma'am, that son o' your* ain't nothin' short o' a Naypolcop Honeyparte in short pants!' An' gi-artimar, which 1 ain't never shirks'!, boys, )ir«* made me what I are."— Harper's Young People. Wh.t AU«d Him. They say that the mountaineers of Kentucky, Tennessee and adjoining states have no sens* of humor, and possibly they have not. Be thftt aa It nay, as I rode by a miserably poor hillside farm one day, on the headwaters of Big Sandy, T saw the farmer sitting on the fence chewing a bite of: long jfreen very complacently. "Good nlorning," I said; "how far is It to Faashaw'a mill?" "'Bout three miles In the way you>« got to go," he replied in a whisper. Another question or two brought tb« same whispered answer. "What's theroaiU'r?"Iaske<3. "Have you got a cold?" "Xo, mister," he whispered again, "tain't that. It's this yer farm. I've been livin' on it fer fen yers. an' the land's . v> (iern pore I hain't been able to ruise my voice on it. for tho last five." -.--Detroit F-'ivc 1 1'rtsti. :; . .;vr^, PR3FUSE, r-U^LU .ird IKHEGUUR .T.'. JATIQN. 1':•.?/."., " mailed free. Vj(..-T.R CO., AC»nt», 0*. For FACIAL BLEMISHES r will remove, Frwk)r-« nipIo, RUckhckd*. oili px illoili pxirbri, Sallow- umpi, Wrlnli oilier skin blom LOUKONTBGKEAX The ffftt HVln food *»• Tisiur llullrtcr. will mute , _ . __ yon BemitlfuL 10 cents *na tills dfl. for n box of etjm font nod face powder. Free. Free. Free. MRS, NETTIE HARRISON America's BcEiJty Doctor, 26 «c«r> struct. Sin FrBDcIkco, <M. 301 Elm Kt. CiDctnn&tf, Ohio. 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Encountering nothing he turned very carefully and i,warn twice the distance in the opposite diroctioii. Again he failed to touch frround, but deeming it better to keep straight on than waste his strength in Vnldr-/. Ah! when I think of poor Jucsita weeping over his mangled body 1 grow very fearful, Manuel." "They went to their work with brain muddled with aguardiente. It is not so with mo, sweetheart, and, besides, I hope some time soon to be captain of a to loll choice YOS*. I/IBBU4L "S4t*BY "or~"COMMISSIpli PAl > WBKKI.T. FERSUKANT KUd PAVING VO-KTION8WGOOD «B». SPECIAL INDUCK- YlVtS TOBKOIMHiaS. EXCLtrSIVE TER- BIT )BT OITKIf ir DIcHRED. Write at 0008 Hot (arm* c» Tfte Hawks Wtreery Co., Rochester, N. Y. WORLD'S PARLIAMENT or RELIGIONS! Cut thin oaupon oat and keep it un. wl you have fttredelx aim liar couputxg, ^be n brlnjr or Bend thorn together with ^ J 00 f9B OiOTH KDmON, $8.50 FOB •<BKier MDITION to tho office o( TKE D1ILI IOUBMA.L When fOm will noeire kbit m»f nlfl. Mat book. one day bo an administrator—an overseer, nnd a rich man like Don Miguel, whom you rejected." "Don Jnymo, tho English director, arrived this morning," Manuel said, presently, ''fie seems not ovorpleased with the working at the mine. It is whispered that the overseer is likely to lose his place." "Ah, that is good news, indeed," replied Margarita, her face brightening. "I have always feared him, Manuel, and hate to see yon in his power." "Why, little wife, Don Gomez is very mine, and who knows bntUiat I bhaU swimn) ; n g arO vmd at random, he did so, and after traversing what seemed to bo fully a quarter of a mile, ho finally touched the further wait. But, alas, it rose perpendicularly far above his head antl offered no promise of escape. As bo coasted along testing- its height by splashing water against it, and finding no apparent dp- crease in its height, his heart grew faint within him. Chilled with the ice cold element, and scarcely ahle*to move his exhausted limbs, he was on the point of giving up, when reaching out his numbed lingers for a final kind to me. But for him I should not | touch of the cruel wall he found that now ho match-lighter. But, there, my time is up, sweetheart, and 1 must return to my duties;" and so, with her kiss on his lips and her warning 1 to bo careful ringing in his ears, ho went merrily up the mountain. Beaching tho galcra, or great shod surrounding the mouth of the mine, he t found the director, tho overseer and wveral others awaiting his arrival. . "You »t letst •««» to be punctual, they encountered vacancy. Next moment he was standing in a passage about six fc"t wjuarc, the &oor of which, being slightly below the level of the water, formed the bed of a tiny "« 8TIMON 'AL8 published in I behalf of Hood's Sarsapirilla. are U reliable and worthy of confidence as tf jjro» yvu nott tmfcd neighbor. is a serious charge. It \a not forme to judge, but I foci it ray duty to place you under Suddenly ho saw Umt tho passage ' broken by Don Jayme. terminated abruptly in n sheet of "Gomez, he said, this water which spread three feet below. Unable to check his impetuous course in time, however, he plunged over the sheer edge, and with the ronr of the explosion ringing in his cars lie sank benenth tho surface. Figuring that ho could not, be more strokes arrest. Hero, Perez, and you, Francisco, take charge of the accused and sets that he does not escape." "Stand bade, you dogs'." ye'.ied the overseer, drawing his knife ns they approached him. "I nni innocent of this man's death, but I'll not remain to have my life sworn away by mad and drunken scoundrels. Out of the way, both of you! 15nck, I Bay!" Before a hand could be laid upon him lie darted through the door and fled swiftly down the mountain. On he sped, ever and anon half turning CEREBRINE (HAMMOND-, Kitnut of tin 1 Brain of th« Ox. LOCOMOTOR ATAX1A. N. Y. Veuroloulcal Socirtr, 5foiti"g April 4. 1(503: "Aciuiewas iirpsontivl of JXICOHOTOR ATAXU whicb h«d ixwn treiited Mtb tijpodor ntc Injee- t|(in» of c^RKaR NE. Six iear« n(?o tho patient. a man iip-d 4ft tout bfgan to suffer wltli aoubie vision. This, Hfl«r sevural moiubs of trca'mn'it, luul <llsRp[jear<nl, and for a tlmo to" h id been Quite w«ll. The tsplcal Bjmotivms o£ 1 icomotor a «il» tlicn ci)in« on; com jlet* loss of knw ]erki- «Iiiirpp(il(ifiliith«lB(,'s;8t,-«Ic«iilt Wfl/1 ru rnod; limbllliy to stand with .IIP eyes closed; (llfflcnltr In «vacunt(nx tti^ blnddcr MI<| bowtl«; *>ii)«) pow. r losl; (i minso of constriction ar nud tfte mint. Trexaafnl WvisU"K«n jibout ten HE DASHED HKADLOSO INTO THE ABYSS. "ALL 13 AT A.V END BETWEKX VB." his head to see if he was pursued. This he was doinsr when ho new-cd the . nco nn(i consisted of « dullj- hrnodprmlc Injection 01 CERE iltiNK ( ttaromord) live drops, cninblned wUh a Ukp am-nnt of vfrtter. Improvement verj mu kfd- sexual linctl HIH perirrtlr r^stired; complfto control ov-r bladder and boweK und Blmrp pains IIHVP dls;i!>p«ir«t uenerat litwltb Im proved- able to run up nnd down stairs, and could stand flKiAy wlta l)l« fSOf closer!. NootDer tmiinimt, employed. Improvement Rr.idual »nd EPILEPSY. Dose, 5 Drops. Price L 2 dractims i $2.50. Where local UriWRlsts are not sup ;II«I with the Hiimmoml An.inui Extracts, they will IK" mailed, eogotber -l tn «H wlstliiu literature on tie fitib. lect, on receipt of price, by THK c. eiUJf iiu riiKsicAi. CO.WPA* r, W.shliigloi, I). <'. r ^/'Address TV1E AMERICAN TRIBUNE. - TIIK FAMILY C1FCI.B I'ArKK, - '"'riljune Building, - INDIANAPOLIS. Is»- A LADY'S TOILET Is not complete without an ideal POMPLEXIOM U jpoivrjEH. mm PCZZONI'S Combines every element of I I beaut}- and purity. It is beauli- f fying, soothing:, healing;, heaitk-1 I ful, and harmless, and when I j tightly used is invisible. A most I delicate and desirable protection ( 11* the face in this climate. Ineitt upon having tbe IT IS FOR SALE EVERYWHERE. QUAKER CATARRH CURE • "* I. rt;-Trrr*t (mm \V. oiVer ieme.il*v ^ Vi^t a raiilT, powd*f, pftkK, »»iw» »r »»«h. MliSttfamilMioMofnirtictoi.^-™!^^...-*!!*^!!.* Ut»«« III. iVMoMi «r» f-r CtTlKKU. 1, apptM /JJmrll/ to KK of dlKMC »Hh-» s«h of cn!H>n. .line 111 s I mm.-i!l«dy ilnorbBl Knd qulcklr eftro « "J^ W v, u.',r ial nct.on i» fell Jl owe. Il riraiiKl Ac nsMl pM»(>E>. Allan I«««»I»»- t,,,""|lMhtll';Sor«.Rrtl»n-« T«SK unit Smell. iKlkfW ttU I* IttdmtUttft, M 1>.U. |ln« !«•. nr k; Mil- 9UAKER MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. ST. PAUL, MINN. For sale In LogftMport by BEM FISHKB, Druggitt LOST MANHOOD RESTORED. " SPANISH IVKIC VE«lt Ar.VS" (lie \vondcrf-j|rcr«-Hf IftM villi ,i wr'iucn RuaraiKcc to cnft:,il ""voiis JisMscsMich ™W<;ckNat- nry Issue! l>.i'n J'ower.L').-! M.m)wi>d, N vlillr Loixwio.-n, Evil DreMM I ack n( Confidence, Ncn-ousncss. Lassitude, ail drams and lojsol poJJJS c/ '.lie Cenciativc Or f znf in cither v:x caused by over cwrtion, yotltbirt c-nrs or «ccs»ivc use of tobacco, opium or Kimullnts which soon lent ' wrou AMD *rr*« USINO. lo I nfirmiiy, ConMimpiion «nd 1 nsanity, Put up convenient to c* vc^t rocket Sent ^V nvu! in plai.Tp,icJ.-aeff IP ajtytiiaftss lor |»•, (or «?S. rwlttiwy«Swd«""i !"•' 1 "l«5 l JE¥r?flifrH6fl"S2? JBCBflJi Cifcojar i***cftr AocressCPA»<lwi* n**i«i (•••liiw* ™»» For Mle In I vguiport by But Fonr«. DrugffMJ

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