Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 25, 1952 · Page 18
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 18

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 25, 1952
Page 18
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ffal&#£ Hiunbei of Word* Up to IS 16 to 20 21 to 25 26 to 30 31 to 35 36 to 40 If to 43 48 to 60 411 AH * A s OZARK IKI VfHATTA B»fMf\ VWtKS. 'COfAK TH* %V' ME 6ft)N'f EVCM B trBWHCED OFF MY 1 I fH«OW TO THlRO-flUt }[ ftftEAK fiTWOG AS > -AND AS \ SltOf$ IN \ ATSCCONO c • BASE.,. TH KIDS STRCAKIN FQRHOWE/...AND TO' PENNANT/ fly Michael O'Mallcy and Ralph Lane •y t. R. William* OUT OUR WAY WAIT, LET Me GET IT. BUTT YOU J AM? 5INC6 THEN IV6 JUST RN-\HAt7ONA.YTWO SUSP WITH 1 CALLS, K7TH WRON6 /AWC70NB VISIT--A /WAN 56LL ANYTwiwa BLwy HOW Aee sou AT ANV KINP \AWY KING> IN OPTTIC- (THAT VVILU ULAB ? / SKEAK TME YOUR SKILL. MAKIMC" A PE CK OP •COPFEB dROUNPff S-TAV INA MOP 71 LI. GET «T OFF YOUR THEY ALL COME OUT WHEN GO TO use rT.sc WE'LL, PUMP IT RK2.HT NOW/ ui Stor.ff TICAL ITMAV PRINS VOU LUCK.' .("•r;::r™rrrr—CT«4 thtm «Evw (contr.) » Mountain nymph ymilfj mmure 21 Ratio , (h«f,)I08Iriiltnf vole* soflonwh road In II Lobk oikihc* 32 Hftrdeit ot 19 Worm prooloui ,81 Chamber stones poltiltHCudBol 39 Mftlt drink aUiWine me«iur«8fl O«M of TriMte 90 B«ver»M 28 Veined gem 37 Twilled 40 B«r«t 41 follows orders 42 Indian weight 43 BaklnK chamber 44 Nevada city 4« Bred 47 Domestic ttavo 48 Bamboollko gnu 51 Silkworm WASH TUBBS WHERE'S X NSXT DOOR. vOU SHOULD VlRTv: I ON VOU'LL HrXFT* WORK F&5T! FIND THEM NONAGE TO LEAWE T OKA>Y. I'LL TRY, CrVTHViWZ HER BRfcG &BOUT YOU TO &CELLA,R WINDOW uw- PASTV,,>ND MEET TH 1 K16VJ>£' TH' LOCWIOM OF WILTY ? 7 THE RlGQS'l HOW vOU FIXED LOCKED! I'LL PO TH' REST \ REPORT TO W " IF THEY PIAN TO BE O-^T ANY THRU BUT IT'LL TAKE TIME TO TH 1 UK/CUT OF THEIR HOUSE! HEfcTRlCVCLE, WOO THE HOW FOND ALL BECOME OP VOU'. GIVE VOU A, MICE CUT1 BUT IF YOU LET DOWN, I'LL — OUR BOARDING HOUSI l JAKE'S DAS1CIM6 fH(" I "3-UW HArtO// ; \ -~r6H/M.L W6 f I VdD FRii^EDCs!, '0 v.G IS TH£ A? r.} CfttU tH6 FiR6 ijS. Hl^ EVE —l& "•"> --nrJft / f k'MtiCKLr-A'^'-l DSPAdTMerCiT "illTUAT BROTHERLY My Edgar Martin ROulS AND HER BUDDIES GOOO ViOV\ftN>.\ 0-AU.OP OVCtH VVtKiW 0V By Dick Turner BUGS BUNNY GIT TH' P06>6E, •SHERIFF...THE V WENT THAT- rVWAV/ E HIREP CICESO T'RAKB UP TH' WANT 60ME-THINS, ) 5KIP IT, KIP... 0ue>e> * ./ SKIP IT/ LIKE HE'-S PUVYIN' COW&OV3/ By Hershberg$r FUNNY BUSINESS ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamlin WHEW; BYGAC* KY, GENIE, r OONV •KNOW r«3\V I'D EVER ATCHINP / AH,NE5, \OU IP \OU HADN'T TURNED UP! ( SO I HERH. : BROUGHT NOD BACK VOUR MAGIC CARPCTJ WEl.L, [GUE5G NOT6O TH^TWK^Po VOUVE GOT ( VOU ST\LL YOUR RUG \HkVE THE BACK.WHAT5/ MAGIC WRONG _i WORD.' NOW?' . .OH. BUT THERE THERE'S NOTHIN' / AND I'M GOING / ON BE DONE /C TO DO IT! ABOUT THAT/ ^V': •-. • V* }-:-:M IVi^i«rnid to drivt, Elwood,»think It's tlm« houwworkl" •y Golbrolth "8roth»r! U that turn tlrtdl" CHRIS WEUKIN, Plonohser By Russ Winterbotham FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS satis u*v? stxoMK 8QREO ON MA&>... AT THE SPOT OH TME CHART 1 TO HAVE KO CHOICE U'WAT AEE v <tou OONY MWP IF I KEAO WHILE- CO WHAT EWNMSTEC. IFtOU ALCPQNTNMMO MB CAU.lM'VOU MISS BUTH>—AHOKi*ees —^tou AU. is Oft- TO TAKg PPf*. By Carl Anderson \T| MA-HA-HA.' A A NSW MVSTERV !i * , I ]L ^A i L If Aft»H«ft» CLASSIFIED Adi Mutt Be In otfiee Day Bete** PubUctU** WANT AD RATES AH Ham Am Am Payable Hi Advanc* But Adi WIN B« ActtptM Oviw Tb« T«t«phon« And Aceomo- dation Accounts Allowed With Th« Urateritanding Th« Account Is Pay- obto When Statement l> RwxMrad. One Da, 45 60 75 .90 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 Three Days .90 1.20 1.60 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 Six Day* 1.60 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 One Month 4.50 8.00 7.50 8.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY One Time .......... . 75c per Inch 3 Times .................. 80c per Inch 6 Times .............. 50c per Inch Ratei quoted above are foi con* wcutive insertions. Irregular or iKIp- date ads will take the one-day rate. All daily classified advertising copy will be accepted until S p.m. for publication the following day. The publishers reserve th« right to fevi»B or edit all advertisements of. fenng tor publication and to reject any objectionable advertising submitted. , Initial* ol one or more letters, groups 01 figures such as housee or telephone numbers count a* on* word. The Hope Star will not be responsible for errors In Want Adi unlese errou are called to our attention after FIRST insertion of ad and then ror ONLY the ONE incorrect Phone 7-343 J HOPE STAR Star of Hop* 1199; Pr«M 1*27 Coniolldated January la, 1V2V Publ.ihsd every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. I. Palmer, Pmldmt Alex H. Waihburn, Secy-Tn*. At Th« Star Building 212.214 South Walnut StrcM Hope, Arkamai Alox H Woshburn, Editor & Publish*! Paul H. Jonti>. Managing Editor 'rgc W. Mosmer, Mceh. Supt. M. UQVI&, Advertising Manager .. .w^ijnd closi matter of >i Hoptt, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1197. Member at the Audit Bureau •• Circulations Subscription Rates (payable In advance) By carrier In Hop* and neighboring towns — Per Week .25 Per Year 13.00 By mail in Hempstead, Nevada, latuyerre, Howard, and Miller court- Month iiiiej f/ianths Six Months One Year , All other mail — One Month Three Months six Monlhi One Year , .83 1.60 2.60 4.50 1.10 3.25 6.50 13.00 Nat'I Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc.; 1602 Sterlck 8Ida., Memphis 2, Tenn., SOS Texoi Bonk Bldg., DolTos 2, Texas; 360 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago I, III.; 60 E. 42nd St., New York 17, N. Y.; 1763 penobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 1, Okla. Member of the Associated Press: The Associated Press is entitled ex- :lusively to the use for republicatlon of all the local news printed in thit cioci, as wtll as all AP For Sola AT reasonable prices. Registered Hereford Bdlls, 12 to 18 months old. New location 4 miles north on Proving Ground Road. A. W. Biorseth, Phone 7-4982. S-1M PEA gravel, clay gravel, sand, top soil, and fill dirt. CaU Jesse Sinclair, Phone 7-2559. S-3-1M FARM PEED MILL: includes 10" Pnpec mill, 60 H. P. gasoline engine, 700 Ib. mixer, scales etc. Call Dr. Rogers 7-5310 dr 7-3511. 23-.?t SAVf half iRecktng buildings now) clean pine lumber, Kalve- nized roofing, complete doors, windows, narrow flooring. Mac's Camp, 2 miles west Hope. C. E. Boley. 24-61 7' FRIGIDAIRE. Practically new. Owner leaving town. 709 S. Pine. 24-31 PRACTICALLY new two wheel trailer. 7',<r by 5Vi' by 4V/ deep with extensions. Call 7-4469 between 7:30 a.m. and G p.m. or see at 1820 South Elm. 25-3t PRESCOH NEWS AMERICAN LEAGUE W L Pet New York 92 58 .613 Cleveland 91 61 .599 Chicago 79 72 .523 Philadelphia 78 73 .517 Washington 78 75 .303 Boston 75 75 .500 St. Louis 63 87 .420 Dbtrnit 49 012 .325 Thursday's Schedule New York at Boston — Reynolds (19-8) vs Hudson (10-12). St. Louis nt Detroit — Littlcfleld (!-,">i vs Newhouscr lfl-9). Only games scheduled. Wednesday's Results New York 3-R Boston 2-0 (first game 10 innings) Cleveland G Chicago 0 St. L'ouis 7 Delimit 4 Onl> games scheduled. NATIONAL LEAGUE QUITTING BUSINESS SELLING out at cost. Our antique Stock. Hope Hobby House, 4. miles east 67. Open all day on Sunday. 25-3t TWELVE gauge pump gun. Good condition. Prewar. 3 male black und tan hounds. Ontic- Douglas, Rt. 4, Box 117, Hope. Proving Ground Road. , 25-3t NEW guitar. Phono 7-3973. Help Wanted VENDERS and Concession help. Contact T. Burke at Coliseum. Fair Park, 23-31 Cattlemen FOR Winter Grazing, mixture of Outs and Cheat with sprinkle ot Hairy Vetch and Singletary Peas. $3.75 per hundred pounds ut farm. Alston Foxier, 21 cut off, Lewisville. Arkansas. 24-12t For Rent 4 ROOM furnished apartment. Private bath. Electric box. No children. Mrs. \ Judson. 220 North Elm. 29-tf DESIRABLE 4 room unfurnished apartment. Hardwood floors. Built-ins. Private bath and entrance. Close in. 207 Shoyer St. Phone 7-4486. 12-tf EXTRA nice bedroom. Private entrance. Adjoining bath. 801 South Main. Dial 7-5837. 23-31 NICELY furnished apartment. 3 rooms and bith. He^"'o floors. 420 Edgewood. CaU 72367 or 7-2775 auur li. 25 Brooklyn New York St. Louis Philadelphia Chicago Cincinnati Boston Pittsburgh Thursday's Schedule Boston at New York (6-11) vs Hearn (14-7) W L Pet 95 56 .029 90 CO .000 86 G4 .573 «5 66 .536 75 76 .497 G7 83 .447 63 87 .420 41 110 .272 — Burdettc or Cor win Cincinnati at St. Louis — Hille (5-7 )vs Wehmeier (9-11) or Chambers (4-4) . Only games scheduled. Wednesday's Results New York 11-8 Boston 0-2 Philadelphia 9 Brooklyn 7 Cincinnati 6 St. Louis 1 (night) Only games scheduled. By The Associated Press International league Best-of-Seven Finals. Montreal 6,Rochester 5, Rochester leads, 3-2. Southern Association Best-of-Sev- cn Finals, Memphis G. Mobile 1. series tied. 2-1. Wanted Home Study Course COMPLETE your high school at home in spare time. Diploma. No classes. Texts furnished. Write for free booklet. American School, 2905 Alabama, Fort Smith, Arkansas. S-ll-lm Notice ALL PERSONS interested in sciuare dance lessons contact Andy Andrews at 7-3301. New class begins October 2, 1952. 16-tf FOR SALE Four Good Gentle Saddle Horses, One Saddle SEE . . , Tom Wordlow Phone 7-3639 — 7-3833 FOR SALE Honie grown recle«ned and tested Singletary Pea Seed at Gentry Implement Company, 610 8. Walnut St., Hope, Arkansai. PMA ORDERS ACCEPTED. CHESTER McCASKILL TWO dishwashers. Apply Manager Diamond Cafe. v A-20-tf WAITRESS wanted. Top wages. Pleasant surroundings .Transpor tation furnished to and from work. The Oaks Restaurant. Phone 7-9922. 23-Ot AS MANY as 3 riders to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Leaving Sunday afternoon. Johnny Brown ing, Dial 7-4447. 25-3t League Leaders By The Associated Press AMERICAN LEAGUE Batting — Fain, Philadelphia. .329' Mitchell, Clcvlcand, .321 Woodling, New York, .314 Kell, Boston, .311. Runs — Avila, Dpby and Rosen, Cleveland, 101 Berra, New York, 95 Minoso, Chicago, 94. Hits — Fox, Chicago, 190 Cleveland, 177 Robinson, Chicago, 174 Fain, Philadelphia, 173. Home runs — Doby and Easter, Cleveland, 31 B,erra, New York, 29 Rosen, Cleveland, Dropo, Detroit und Zcrnial, Philadelphia, 28. Pitching— Shantz, Philadelphia, 24-7, .774 Raschi, New York, 16- C, .727 Reynolds, New York, 19-8, .704 Garcia and Lemon, Cleveland, 22-11, .667. NATIONAL LEAGUE Batting — Musial, St. Louis, .337 Baumholtz, Chicago, 330 Klusze- iVski, Cincinnati, .322 Robinson, Schoendienst, St. Louis, 189, Runs —Robinson, Brooklyn, 103 U. Louis, 102 Heemus, St. Louis, 01 Lockinan, New York, 97. Hits — Musial, St. Louis, 190, Schoendienst, St. Louis, 19, Adams, Cincinati, 178 Dark, New York, 174. iome^ Runs — Sauer, Chicago, 3V Kinor, Pittsburgh, 36 Hodges, Brooklyn, 32 Gordon, Boston, 25. Pitching — Roe, Brooklyn and Yuhas, St. Louis, 11-2, .846 Black, A. A, Gordon Honored on 90th Birthday A. A. Gordon was honored with a dinner Saturday evening at the Lawson Hotel by members of his family in celebration of his 90th birthday anniversary. It nlso mark ed the birthday of his grandson, Ralph Gordon. The table was centered with n red nnd white cnke embossed with the dates 1842 - 19.i2 in red and flanked by burning white topers. Bowls of red spider lilies were placed nt intervals along the length of the table. Rod and white place curds nnd white napkins covered with "The Gordons" In gold marked covers for the honorees, Mr. nnd Mrs. Minor Gordon of Kilgori 1 , Mr. and Mrs. Oeor gi- M. Blnke. Mr. and Mrs. Gcor- «c Edward Uluke, Jr.. of Dallas' Mr. and Mrs. Krank Martin nod Judy of Dallas: Mr. and Mrs Louis Sawyer of llokenwald, Tex., Mr. and Mrs. Brad Scott, Helen Ruth and Mary Agnes of Little Rock; Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler of Magnolia; Mrs. Ernest Parham, Pamela and Ricky of Camdcn; Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Gordon, Mr. und Mrs. Andrew Gordon, Mr. and' Mrs. Dudley Gordon, Anna avid Ellen; 'Mrs. Hoss Gordon, Jack and Clarence III: Mrs. Ralph Gordon, Alec and Douglas. • The invocation was given by Mr. Gordon. Each one told nn interesting antcdote oC theiv child hood days. , Miss Helen Ruth Scott hnd chnr ge of the guest book. Mr. Gordon was the recipient of many useful gifts. Mr. Ralph Gordon was presented a white birthday cake topped with thirty- five glowing candles. Following the dinner an ripen house was held in the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Gordon for close friends of the family and honor guests. The rooms were beautifully dec orated with arrangements of red spider lilies. Punch "was served during the evening by Mrs. Emmett Purham and Mrs. Ralph Gordon. was the guest Sunday or his son. Charlie Dews and fnmlly. ^ Mr. and Mrs. Howard Burke and *' lu.rko spent Sunday C: Sheridan, 'ItMKBUHH —— I r TATTLE D S. Dtekinn,n of Little Rock L^, of fot)lbft n export* v,as the weekend fluent of his mo- bi , m1 . fncert ns they lm«,t ther, Mrs. Sam nickhwon WPck for nnolhe r crack «t the winners. Hope Picked to Lose to Strong El Dorado Duke. Texas Christian over UCLA, Southern Stnte over College of The o?.arks, Arknnsaa A, tt M. over Henderson, Cameron. Okla., over t.ltllr RoCk JC, Arkansas State Teachers ovor Louisiana College, ovef dort, Sltwim ville. . Etuttjsft over blieM, W phis over Oaecttta, Do C|t Fair view. Mr. and Mrs. Donton Robinson "( Texarknnn won- tho guests Sun day of Mrs. Mettle Robinson nnd Mr. Jim Woods. Hernia wore of Mr. mul Jr in Fi Mr. nnd Mrs. T. M. tho wookenrt guests Mrs, Fndjo Cruvons Smith and were IUM home hy their Rrnndsop, Chnrlrs Cruvons, who is their guost this u i-ok Pnt Combs of El Dorado wns the weekend guest of Mr. and Mr* C. II. McSwnln. Mrs. Comb* n^d •Inn remained for n longer visit George Soott of North Little ROCK spout the weekend with his par LUIS, Mr. and Mrs. Wren Scott Mrs. Scott, Monty und .Inn accompanied him home after a weeks visit in UK- Scott homo. Mrs. Alfred Smith III and son. Hiimlolph. of Baton Rouge, arc tlu- guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Hnmby. Mr. Smith returned to his homo after u weekend visit. Mrs. John MoGIll of Arkndo!- phia lius been tho ijuost of friends und relatives. Tonight at 7:30 the llohnit • "B" squad will piny the Man- nolla Panthers' "ft" liovs in a nreliminary before the Hope iiiul 1.01 Dorado mime here tomorrow nlRht. Stnte over Ellington Air ''';;;;*„.„ . imi«i*iu«. Mnlvern over Catholic. Hot UOtS OH BlOCK SrrlnRs over Nnahvllle, Little Rock BLYTHEVltittE, Iffl I over Baton ROURO, North Little thcvllte Junior <Mlgh So Arkansas'j-N'^k «ver Camden, Faycttevllloj WI)Tt,Av(U put•; ' 'ovor Snbiaco, Van Burenn over on Ih^-IIno w^ ! Rotters. Harrison over SprlnRdole, 1 Marked Tree WrilHlit. > Fi,i'rt-st City over Brlnklry, Jones-l 'flic Pftft'Sblifes )mv j Ixiro over Helenn, Arkadelnhla over! stfalght gatnes slhee . I Preseott, Smuckover over Bonlon, nnd they haven't been Russellvllle over Conway. Fordyco In that string. ' " «<« Mr. nnd Mrs. .1. H Bcmis hnd as their weekend yuosts, Mrs Lillian VaiiRhn and Mrs C. \V. Me Kelvy of Little Hock. Mis.s I.oyce Stewart of Little Hock has been the «uest (.f hot- mother, Mrs. Dob Stewart. Tho concencus of 15 nowspnpor sports writers nnd radio sports- enstors who made seloolions for Tho Associated Pros li\t wi-ek was only 67.7 • per oont uorrocl. They called 21 xnmes right nnd 10 wrong. But it was the opening work of 19.12 for most teams, and tl\t> sol- fotors hadn't hnd a chano<> to sco the griddors under fire. Their batting average should («o up this! week. The scribes and broaiU'iiston: agreed-100 Her ceiit-on six college iind high school games oomlnii up Friday and Saturday. Those srlor- lions are Arkimsas ovor llouston Rice over Texas Tech, Texas ovev North Carolina, Kl Dorado iu n | i ever Hope, Pine Bluff over l-'l, Smith and Toxarkima, Sprlnghlll, La. Here's the way the majority sees tho other games: COLLEGE Texas A. & M. ovor Oklahoma A. & M., Southern Methodist ovot Lost IN/Parade. Pair of glasses, reddish-brown rim. In red leather case. Call 7-3893. 25-31 Strayed or Stolen 3 MONTH old hound puppy: White with lemon ears. Reward. Contact Ross Bright. 23-31 Wanted to Buy Haul and Spread SAND or CLAY $1.25 Yard Pea Gravel, Clay, Gravel and Fertilizer Available. RALPH SAUNDERS Phone 7-4683 or 7-3174 MATTRESSIS or m»d« Into lnn»r**rtM Wprk Gu»r»nUU — One Day t«rvl0* — DAVIS f vrnitur* & Martr«M C*. 119 t. Elm Street Phon* Something New . . . Non Cancellable HOSPITAL INSURANCE 48 year old company. Good in hospitals anywhere M. S. BATiS 8. Elm Street Phone 7-4454 Attention Lodiei It it time to jet out U>OM Fall Clothes and briny your «Jter» Pent to RUTH'S SHOP quick »u,ri*|»«tf WANTED TO BUY One inch rough green oak lumber — regular lengths and tie siding. For prices and specifications write — Gurdon Lumber Company Beirne, Arkansas Memphis, Mobile Are Deadlocked MEMPHIS. Tenn., (fi — Memphi. nnd Mobile, deadlocked with a paii of games each in the finals ot the Southern Association playoff, clash thc-ir last game here tonight. The remainder of the series wil be played in Mobile. Chick Tommy Fine and Mobile- Mel Himes, both righthanders. wiJ probably get the starting nod. The Chick's tied the series with a 6-1 victory on a pair of third inning homeruns and six hit pitch ing by Tommie Kurd last night The little righthander, who h«< ii 12-12 season record, also con nected for a double in tbe sixth driving in two Chick runs. ' Memphw w«s good lor nine hits off tore* Bear Hurlers— Mik« temish. Bob Ludwick aa4 F Waters. S»nuny tfockf and lalpb Rowe were the Memphis circuit cloutere Mobile's Uw Mr. and Mrs. Lee Renfro Celebrate 5Qth Anniversary Mr. und Mrs. Lee Renfro celebrated their 5Uth wodding anniver sary on Sunday ul'ternuon from ? to 4 o'clock with an open house at their home on Route 4. Early fall blossoms und potted plants in graceful arrangements decorated, the rooms. Miss Frances Wooley and Miss Norma Ann Renfro had charge of Hie guest book and presented the guests to Mr. and Mrs. Renfro. Mrs. Renfro wore a shoulder corsage of gold chrysanthemums. The guests were invited into tho dining room where the refreshment table held the gold and white wedding cake topped with yellow and gold lantana and Inscribed 50th anniversary in gold. Miss An nie Lee. Renfro presided ut thf punch bowl. The white individual cakes topped with jjold roses were served by Mrs. Ike Renfro, Mr. and Mrs. Renfro. receiveo a variety' of lovely" gifts. Fifty guests called 'during tho appointed hours. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Yancey and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Cornelius of Gurdon were, out of town guests. Mrs. Lucille of Texiirknna laiests of Mr. Bin. Elgin and Bonnie were the weekend and Mrs. Thro Kl- Visiting Around Ar I . .J^ttrt.i LIVESTOCK. Arkansas' Fastest Growing Cask Only 12 or 15 .veins mro. llv«stock tlldn't amount to much IK Arknii'tmn. Hut (tiilny I I'M rimii!ii|{ neck nnd neck uilh Kins: Cotton! That nimnitl Livestock Show In I.illle Uock In (hi- Call Ims "topped tin Immvst in llvrslock |»ro- ducllnn. I I'D licim t \ n!ui|f>«nm« Inllif to create now farm prosperl^'. And R|ic«k!ii K of held Arkeiuaii enjoy » lermicmtc deer null! Imvholii Tlmt'H iircU MM slop to figure on tltfci nil wolfnvti "'" " •"•'"" li>S'J, ttnitftlSMc» ftrttvrn roii/iKHtniii: /iie.vvii'A'tt i, fynimht Hitihlin^UttHKoe^^fm, ^,iW sixth. Ray Dabek doubled, went to third when pinchhitter Wadu Browning flied to 'center, anc hustled home on Forrest Jacob's infield out. Pleasant Weather Is Promised By The Associated Press Mure pleasant weather was promised most of tho country to- tiay. Slues generally were eloar early today except for ijj.ht shower in Southern Lower Michigan, Northern Indiana and Northern Ohio and In purls of Maine. • Summer weather continued over- most of the Western states. Coolest areas today were in this Eastern Great Lakes region, the North Atlantic stales and in New England. On Loam Last Year our Mombors averaged more than $4G per bale on loan equities. Do You Think Cotton Prices Are Going If So—Use The Loan—Sell Later! Horo's all you do: ' , , .,,,,„; Bring warohouio roeoipt and sealed iampl«i fo me and I w)ll cla« your cotton and make you a full loan with no waHihg your part. •• • • • no " s 'r^^. C - 1R . . . "•'"•w^;i^ If you hove green cards I will use them at the basis for your loajip" : K§ Remember when^you have your loan" with "Mid-South (Cflffrll^ ton Growers AssocJaMon your cotton is aJwayi In position lo iej||^§| quickly on any market risos. , '"'' ; ..'.itl^iS Thousands upon thousands of farmers using the Mid-South^ st|l plan havo made money every year. No'mehfiD9>sbIp:fee~ft|f*f i>f annual duos. Lot me explain how the Mld-South Loan Pl«r'ls8 works. If wo do not trade, we will still be friends. • , v ':;f|f Our Job Is To Serve You! ;"';;; MID-SOUTH COTTON GROWERS ASSOCIATION U A. E. STUEARTS SPECIALS Mr. Howard Harrell arid Mrs Winnifred Walters of Little RocK were the weekend guests of Mrs J. C. Stegas and Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Hamilton. Mr. George. Dews of Arkadelphia Brooklyn. 15-3, .833 Wllhelm, New York, 14-3, ,824 Roberts, Philadelphia, 27-7, '.794. 1.79 Regular ZIPPER Note Book 2 Pints for ALCOHOL 29 Special MAXWELL HOUSE Coffee 81c Giant Pepud«nt: 2 for. Tooth Paste . • •, ~. i* • All Regular Carton 'j. i Nancy Hanks Kieffer. 2 No. 21 Cans, Hff£ showing of Purlae's HtW 91*9 990 FILM "The SEDGEFIELDS STORY" HOPE CITY HALL 8 P. M, TUISDAY, SEPT, 30 Watch Clyde Morton, America's top bird dog trainer, tr»ie »ed condition chaappiee bird dog*—with » WMife iaish showing actual scenes from (be Nttional Championship Trials as Morton win? (h« 1952 championship with thif country's King of quail dogs—-Paladin. Be sure to be on hand to view this fuU- length, full-color cctioo movie. Courtesy of Purina Dog Chow JUN) local Purina dealer. Feeders Supply Co. tit Fk^i«7- LARGE SIZE OXYDOL 29 FULL CREAM 25 Lb. Sack FLOUR 1.89 Armours Dexter * Tropak BACON 46' Thick Rib or Fancy Chuck BEEF ROAST' GIANT SIZE POST TOASTIES 12Borsfor P&G SOAP Carnatioji or Pet Lqrge Cons MILK SMOKED > : ? : JOWL SQUAI6L FRESH LEAH Til FRIDAY,, .'%, JUB ^B^l^j/j yy|

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