Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 16, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 16, 1894
Page 5
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DUNLAFS Celebrated Hats. Stiff, Soft and Silk. SPRING STYLES! DEWENT THE HATTER. OBSERVE! The announcement of Tucker & Young THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. | Their New Spring Goods are ready for inspection. Special attention is called to their $20.00 suits made to order. Yours Truly, "PUCK." PUREST BEST LESS TH AM H ALP THE- PRICt OP OTHER BRANDS , HALVtS,IO* QUARTERS^* SOLD IN CANS ONLY DAILY JOURNAL FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 1C. Bead the Bee Hive's advertisement. Beautiful swivel illlH at the New Fashion etore. Mr. B. Schmltt returned from New York je«terday. Dr. John T. Litton of Bunker Hill, died Wednesday, aged 90 veara. We invite evrybody to see our laUst styles on draperies.—H. Wiler & Co, To see the proper things lor spring it Is necessary to view the Bee Hlve'a •tuck. The largest assortment of millinery ever >hown la the Northwest, at the New K*«hlon store. Mrs. Anderson has been granted a divorce from Alfred L. Andsraon, By mutual agreement the defendant was jjlvon the custady of tbe two children wbo are with his mother at El wood. Tha W^bash Iron mill at Terre Haute has resumed operations with a partial force of men, who accepted a ten per cent, reduction In wages. The Southern Iron mill, same city, will start up next week under similar conditions, Three hundred cltl/ens and twenty- four hounds participated in a wolf abate on the Godfrey reserve, near Montpeller, and a grsy wolf, which .had been shipped from Dakota for that purpose, was killed after an exciting obase. Too wolf killed one dog and orlppled several others before giving «ip tht battle. YOUR NAME IB PBDfT. Hem* of • Peraonml Character CUD- •erniDK LuKKiieparlem and 1'lu'lr Prleiidn Andy Uublor was at Montlcollo yes* terday Sylvester Seybold went to Gas City yesterday. Henry Horstman departed yesterday for LOB Angeles, Cal. MlBB Grace Armstrong of Camdon Is visiting in the city. Mrs. Rev. E. S. Soett Is vlalttng friends at Indiooftpolis. Mr. Ben Martin has returned from a ten days trip through the South. Miss Etta Finoh is entertaining Miss Grace Thornton of Crawfords villo. Miss Louisa Adams of Toledo, is the giiest of Mr, and Mrs. W. M. Grit IBs. Mr. Holla Cooper, of Kokomo, is visiting la the city, the guest of his sister, Mrs Dr. J B. ShulU. Mrs. Ed Messenger who waa visit, ing at her former home hero returned yesterday to her home in Delphi- Mr. Frank Riley will depart for Washington to enter upon his duties as pro >l reader in the government printing office tomorrow. He is shaking hands with his frlendB preparatory to his departure. Master Armour HefBey celebrated his seventh birthday yesterday and in the afternoon enter'atned in ft very pleasant manner quite a party of little folks at tbe home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Heffloy at the corner of Fifteenth and Nortb streets. Cotuproral*r<l, The somewhat sensational damage case of May Murrey vs. Martin Moke, tbe Miami township farmer which was detailed at length in th««e column? a few daye apo was yesterday compro mised out of court. It is understood that the defendant pajs the plaintiff $200 and pays the costs in the case. What changes will occur in their social relation Is not stated. ]t was not a pleasant case and U better settled out of court if this will prove an end to it. _ TH« tloivm War Commends itself to the well-informed to do pleasantly and effectually wh'ai was formerly done in the crudest man ner and disagreeably as well. To cleanse thee stem and break up colds, headaches and fevers without unpleasant after effects, use tbe dellphtfu) liquid laxative remedy, Syrup of Figs. S&tln striped satlnes are tho latest effects in this desirable fabric, to be found only at the Bee Hire. THE UIIEWEKV S.Vl-E. The roliiinbliiu Ilrewlntt Company ol Luunimuorl In (bo Frnneni Owner or lh« Hrewcry Platit-Tlio KecelviM- DUclinrircU. Yesterday waa the day announced for tho consideration of Md* for the sale of tho plant ot the Logansport Brewing Company. It hud probably been arranged long ago among brow- cry men just how tho thln{, r should go and the deal which starts a netf era in the uncertain life of tho local brew«ry was arranged with little difficulty. The purchasers wore Chicago parlies at whose head Is Mr. Ferdinand Krobs who Is understood to be tbe buyer and who will move horo to asBumetbe management of tbe plant. The plant was bid in bv the syndicate and upon the court's approval of the sale Receiver Walter A. Osmer, under* whose management the brewery has been operating for some months past, wa» discharged. The syndicate M. siimed tho 'mortgage of $75.000 outstanding on the plant and paid in cash $5,070, thus taking the brewery »» ft figure slightly more, than $80,000, which la some thousand* dollars more than the appraised value .of tbe plant, which was appraised .as follows: Plant, ,fCe,70C: chattle property, cooperage and manufactured goods, $0,700; notes and accounts held by the receiver, $4 000. The plant IB considered good property. Among brewers It rates high and its "good will" was deemed a valuable consideration, While Us product was not able to enter successfully into competition with near by breweries tho plant was considered good and full of hopes. The syndicate therefore enters upon tlao Held believ. ing it fraught with possibilities. This is shown by the active part taken in tbe now company by Mr. Eugene Prager, the former president of the Logansport Brewing Company. He ie one of tbe incorporators of the new company. The papers were yesterday filed for the incorporation of the Columbian Brewery Company of Logans* port. The Incorporators are Geo. A Weiss, Ferdinand Krebs. Eugene Prager, Henry Brookmeyer, jr., August C. BInz. By this new deal Mr. Krebs Is made the manager of thte company. Henry Brookmeyer and August Binx will be the superintendents. Mr, Frank Bin-/. retain^ no connection with the plant and wiil' : , remove from Loganepprtj' probably returning to Chicago. Mr Krebs. tbe new manager is a very pleasant gentleman. His resl donee In this country is a matter of very recent years, but he has "caught on" in the true progressive western spirit to the methods of doing things over here. He is a man ol money and a keen speculator. It was ho who brought the celebrated trained menagerie of Hagen becks to tho Mid way Plaisanca a year ago which venture proved probably the tnoKt profitable of any on Midway, It is thought and predicted that under his manage- mont the Columbian Brewing Com pany of Logansport will prove an unquestioned financial success. Hit by • Club Last evening upon, complaint of Mrs. Fannie Davis, of the West Side, Prosecutor Klstler issued a warrant for tbe arrest of Frank Koaki, also of the West Side, whom she complained had assaulted her so» with a club, inflicting injuries upon hie head which promised to result seriously. Armed with the proper warrant the police secured Koski and placed him in jail. The assault is all ged to have been committed on account of a personal grievance and considerable excitement was created In that neighborhood by reason of the affair Koski will have a bearing today, and the matter will be sifted. It Was HUbwmy Babbery. The rumor concerning the recent highway, robbery of Mr. G D Custer. proves to be a fact »nd proof, as strong as holy writ, is produced by the gentleman in question who dei-crlbes the scene as. It was printed upon tbe strength of the rumor in the Journal yesterday morning. The police have reasons for suspecting certain parties in this connection and if Important arrests do not soon follow justice will have failed in the matter. Highway robbery should be pquelohed There <s no room for it here. This is not the place for such praoiioe. Brlns- tbe villains :o justice. A Bin Ditch. , The conniy nommlbflioners have C p»ni.i-d ui pmltlun for the Sheet* c!n«h, Kj.:»vlnfi which lb>re WHS suSh •!,:,.'v.i ,-oinoortirHnee and the ap iuiis n*vo been adopted. This ,:lT»:;i.- H-'.hlehem. Hnrrlson, p l( ..,:•>.> ji:,d JiffursoD townbhlp* H -<. hii ujii.rH'i-iment places Its cost n\ $80 (Mil)' Tbti total length of lbn ditcn with a!, i * brunches will be 57 miles. • nilllDpry "••« »" «»»«!•. Grand opening Monday and Tuesday at the New Fashion store. . i •""• j p,,, j on IN." ASSIGNEE SALE OF RESERVED STOCK, The entire reserve stock of Shoes and Rubbers, including spring? goods ordered before the assignment and stored on the second and: third floors of the Otto Kraus Clothing Store, making the line Again Complete, IS NOW ON SALE in the Shoe Store adjoining thfe Clothing Store. EVERY BODY CAN BE FITTED. The stock Js much the largest in the city and the quality and va>- riety the best. ALL ODDS AND ENDS have been sold, leaving; best Shoes unsold. SftTFNTS UU bHil 1 O 1.50. Choice of all for 5Q CENTS UU Vi^ll X U> The sale of OVERCOATS on a six month's credit at HALF FORMER PRICE will continue until all are sold. The Hats and Furnishing Goods stock and Trunks are stm complete and seasonable, being composed largely of Reserved Stock held back in order to first close out all strictly winter goods. A. G. JENKINES, Assignee* For sale at Auction. I will sell at auction to tie highest bidder on Saturday, March 17th. at 2:30 p. m.. the two-story 40x60 barn, situated on the West Eod addition to Loganeport. Terms to suit JOUN R. KENNKDV. Handle Factory Wood for Hale. Handle factory wood delivered to any part ot the city. Mall orders to Hillock & Pittinan. Handle Factory, on Toledo 3t., or P. J. Klmmer. ADDITIONAL 10CAI.S. Orient Lodge No 27), F. and A. M. cocfers tho first degree tonight. The attorneys in the city gas caee In the Supremo Court have received notice that the case has been set for oral argument April 4th. The Illngworth caae has not yet been decided. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Pryor, of Jtf- fereon township, celebrated the twenty, fifth anniversary of their wedding yesterday. The event waa made mom orablo by the gathering together of a large party of family friends who assisted the estimable couple in celebrating tho day ri^ht royally. IniportHig inrui. "1 once sjiw," said it lloston tourfol, "an imported form, the soil as well as •the products bci.ug absolutely foreign to the surroundings. This was in one of tho coldest parts of Manitoba, where 1 was entertained by a family which had retained its love for milder regions and crops. The bill of fare waa necessarily meaner, but some of the vegetables were so bright and |?rei>,n -that I coulii not help asking how'they were preserved so \vull. To my surprise 1 luarnod that they were cultivated in a garden patch or a miniature farm, the soil of which had been brought, from warmer regions so as to insure i» fertility not found in' the region, of. ice.. The ve;r>!tablcs themsi-lvus h;id been prown from imported seed ;nul ou'inff to the eare and protection they h;ul had they were a, perfect luxury. The expenses of convuyinj* the soil in bar-. re lti such a lonir distance, would prevent any but comparatively wfiiUhy people from trying the experiment,, but my friends had made it n hobby. The only oilier caw of earth importing that. 1 have met with is th:il,.'.done by {he shah of Persia. The tni'diUons of his country prevent his trailing on foreign soil nnil when hi; make-; :i trip in foreign nations his attendants carry a supply of i'ursiiin soil, some . of which is plni;e<l ir> his shoes. ;i. py.iet.icv which : i^u.Hints for tin; ^''-ai i:iL-oiivenienee , 'walking always iitijjuars to his majesty wiion abroad ''—St. Louis Globe-Democrat- , .. A Hnrnlnjc to Pliotodripliet- Kuoiiais, evidently, not a.paradise for photographers.'' Every amateur pliotogrupher in that country has to communicate with the police, and secure a license. But that is only the first difficulty. If .-he happens to be gden Bhotoirraphihir in the n«n,xtyqf a fortress he stands a chance ol being dispatched on a free excursion to Siberia, whence return tickets are not supplied. Of every picture taken a copy must be given to the police and nno'ther copy filed for reference; and the police have the right, at any time of the day or night, to enter your "dark room" and examine everything therein, as well as to search all your photographic paraphernalia. Furthermore, all dry plates have to be imported, and each box is opened and every plate es- umlntd. The (i»me"oT-K»Tlcwfrn.- A new R-amc is brought out this winter 7iiodeled after the old one called consequences. This is called "The Reviewers," and is played as follows: Every member of the party is provided with a sheet of note paper. A writes the title (real or imaginary) of a book, folds it down and passes it to B, who (jives it an author, covers it and gives the paper to C, who adds a motto. D writes an opinion of the press, E a second, nil that has gone before being unknown to the players. The writers then change places and papers are passed round once more, so that there may be fresh reviewers for each paper. Finally the papers are read out aloud. —St. Louis Globe-Democrat. A Fin* After-Dlnner Speaker. "Col. Drown," remarked a chappie, "is the finest after-dinner speaker I know of." "Why, ' said his friend, in some astonishment. "I never heard he had any ability in that direction at all." "Well, he has; I've dined with him several times at various places, and ufter dinuer ho always says: "That's sill right, my boy, I'll pay for it." -Detroit Free Press. Why lie Lacked Style, Housekeeper—Now, you just get out Tramp—You shouldn't judge of me by me disheveled appearance, mum. I came to town in a Nleeping-car, and neglected to lee the porter, mum. -N V. Weekly. LOOK HERE! If you want to buy cr sell a house arS. lot, If you want to buy o(- pell a farm, If you want to buy or sell a store, If you want to trade city property tea- a farm. If you have any cheap houses for stsle., Call on M. M. GORDON, Room No. J and 2 Spry Block, Kcgansport. Intl. VOB IMUKCTBK. I will to a candidate tor Treasurer of thp ell t or Lomruport, subject 10 tlK wUl ot tbe Hopub!: can at} Nominating ODnntutlon. 0. B. SAKOHKT . Lorantport. IniL, FeDruar* 13, 1KH. I will be a eaDdMata lor Tmuiarer of the cu>of Lojjanaport, subject to th«i will of the Kei,:ii:'. • can (JlT Nomuiatliie OaoveolXn. A. LONO. Logansport, 1ml, rebraarr It, IKi. I will be a oandldRte tot mkmluMou fcr.fu«. offleeotCltrTnworwt jiiAJert to the wlllortht B«Dubllflan Convention. J. D. ALLISON. Loginsport, Ind., rvtraaj 19,18M. I will be afandfctaM lot TNttiaMr of liu'dlr of Loianiiport, wb)«rt to IMwiU of the Ik'.^u!:- UcanClt}KomUuilag Contention. J. 0. (Cr) POWELL. Lofcsnsport, loa, March 6. JRM. *j« ••* KklB OiiUuent Ie a certain cure for Chronic £c Eyes, Granulated Eye Lito, SoreKJ plee, Pllw, Eczema, Tetter, S Rheum and Scald Head, 26 cent* box. For sale by B.- f. Keeelicg, for putting a boreo in a condition try Dr. Ca*;'* Cumin <»-. Powdera. They lone up the »>«ti -i aid dlgeBtlon, cure Intts of appttr.e relieve constipaUoD correct kim,,.-;, diiordera and deetrpy wormb, »;;'-. -i; new lite to an old overworkt-d hur-e. J6 cents per packdfe. For xa!. • B. F. KeeBllup, dru|?«1« NOW THIS IS A FACT Carl W. Keller & Co., the Merchant Tailors, lead them all in the Spring Trade. LOOK AT T3EIR PATTERNS. A sk any man in the city the wa v their clothes are made to fit a *u then know the truth. CARL W. KELLER & CO 311 Market St. 4 >»

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