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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 2

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 2

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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'f'T gPalttanti CtKttttg APRIL 23, 1929 A DlWrV Dl A KTIT CTI TlMTnTKiri rUPT- AYPfYTF RFFTtVRF' fR ASHS 7- Jn i I UI llTVii VJ1IVLJ vw I J--J IX VJ. vj V-j'M 4 T. nrnnnvrivm I estsiaiion itu lu'l fxnmanrp in rne i l.iic i.kii.i i iir uun mui ii in ii i it i 0 iiiiiihiii hii i ii 1 1 Li! 1 1 I L.II -U DR. SAMUEL EZRA CHAPMAN. 81.

nd MRS. MILLIE: WINTER GERDES. 59. wno have filed notice of intention to wed. Dr.

Chapmanwa a drummer boy in the Civil He ha ix children and 18 grandchildren Mrs. Gerde hat been a widow for J.J year. She has no children. For several yean past Dr. Chapman and Mrt.

Gerdet have made their home at the Beulah Rest Home, 4690 Tompkins avmueTRIBVNE photo. CRACKING OF WHIP-OVER HEADS OF LEGISLATORS FAILS TO CHANGE STAND PLAN SEEN AS COMPROMISE i i i I Despite Alleged Attempt at Political Tyranny Assembly Bars Reqonsider-' ation in Phone Probe i'ji F. MOITORET. HI WRECKAGE i i V) Passenger Victim Wai Describing Scene When Collision in 'Mid-Air Brought Ships to Earth 'iT COS ANGELES, April 2. UP) The notes made by Cecelia 16-year-old reporter for the "Phoenix Evening Gasette, one of Six killed In the collision between Maddux air liner and an army fclane over San Diego Bunday, appeared in print today as her last Mist Kelley, a passenger In the Jlner, was making notes for a tea-tUr gtory of the flight.

Just before ha fell to her death. Evidently ttht waa Jotting down key words to be expanded into an account later. JCha Jotted words were: I "Sea galls white. Gobs. De- fcttwera.

I A. shops. Other I Mlanes, Fleet. Army plana. atnntlng.

Near Mexico, lakes. Red particles of earth. Shining i Uc tea. Water. Golden path of afternoon ann.

Green amooth tlace." i nh nninm AflflAd ther. A UB fri-hers found the notes in lha wreckage of the plane ysster flay. i Ban Dieeo Air Board I Blames Army Pilo! OTES FOUND I if, i i V. 1 MJ of Berkeley, who voted against the resolution last weeK, votea against reconsideration. Morgan took an active part In the debate.

"Members who voted to table this bill have been unjustly accused," he said. "Senator John son, when governor of this state, established the railroad commts-sion as we now have It. The newspapers In favor of thls.reso- Iution are the same that backed Johnson In establishing the railroad commission. "I am very much In favor of the railroad commission. This particular Issne Is now before the railroad commission.

Do the attorneys who are membcrsof this bouse ask that a case be dragged out of. a lower court and placed before higher court before the lower court has given its decision?" LIFTED FROM TABLE. The resolution, tabled last week, was lifted from the table by a yote of 32 to 23. But the motion to reconsider lost with 40 ayes and 83 noes. Assemblyman Harold C.

Cloud-man of Berkeley, who resented the charare that a Dublio utility lobby had Influenced his vote agairist ths resolution last week, explained that the circumstances surrounding the battle over the Issue had made its real merit secondary. Cloudman received no word from home before the resolution came up last week, but In the interim was asked by City Attorney Sinclair of Berke w-u (. BAN DIEGO. April 23. Kaveral Investigations have been ley to reverse nimseu.

"The fight In the assembly over this resolution was not strictly on Cloudman. "As introduced, something might be said In ity favor, or at least, in the sentiment it But there might also be logical reasons for opposing it, if By ANTHONY SACRAMENTO, April 28. Cracking the whip over the heads of legislators, for political or other purposes, failed when the as. senibly late yesterday voted down proposed recpnslderatlon of the resolution to ask federal interven tion In the telephone rate case In California. The measure.

Introduced bv the San Francisco delegation, was defeated last week, in spite of the worthy sentiment even Its dppo- nents admitted It contained. It urged passage by congress of a measure introduced by United States Senator Hiram Johnson, which died at. the last session of congress. CAMPAIGN LAUNCHED. Immediately on Its defeat a vig orous campaign was launched -in its behalf and against members who had voted against ft.

Forces closely allied with Senator Johnson maae tneir influence felt, and a flood of wires' and letters beran to reach assemblymen who were In opposition. Whatever merit the resolution had In its orieinal ob ject, that of aiding the bay. cities in ineir ngnt for just telephone rates, was lost sight-of when the measure was made a political football. Some of the communications reoeived hero were unveiled threats against tho political fu-tare of nsseinblymcn. The Alameda county delegation, only one of whose members voted for tho resolution last week, was singled out for special attack, nnd attempts made to reach tlieni from the "folks at home." All this activity began after the measure had been defeated.

No word urging support of the resolution from the East-bny cities prior to that. The resolution bad been regarded as a special San Francisco move. But after Its defeat East bay Influences (cot busy. It Is known thirt "Mike" Kelly, Oakland po-llticul boss, took a hand and City Attorney Preston Iliggins of Oakland became Interested. PARTLY EFFECTIVE.

5 TPhls campaign was partly effec tive, as far as the' Alameda county delegation. was concerned, although insufficient to change the final re Assemblyman Eugene Ro- and of Oakland, who had voted for the resolution last week. M. J. McDonough' of Oakland, who was absent last week, Walter W.

Feeley and William w. Hoffman of Oakland, and William P. Jost ot Hay- ward, who had voted against it last week, went on record for reconsideration yesterday. Assemblymen Roy Bishop ot Ala meda, who was absent at last week's roll call, Harold C. Cloud-man and Albert Henry Morgan Jr.

Plan. For State G. O. P. Reorganization Passed SACRAMENTO, April 23.

-VP) Chaos In conventions in party state central committees in California may be lessened and internal riots may never occur again. It was de clared on the senate floor Inthel passage of Senator J. M. Inman'; bill reorganizing and governing state central committee and their Inman presided when the bill was called up for action, and Sen ator F. F.

Merrlam of Long Beaoh, now chairman of tho Republican for no other reason, on tho ground that it was Ill-timed in that the congressional resolution It asked congress to adopt died at the last .1 Civil War Drummer Boy Announces Plan to Marry session of congress. ktartad as a result of yesterday airplane crash In which six persons lost their lives alter a collision Between an army plane and a hue Jladdux air liner. Th Ran. Dleiro board of air con trol has already announced Us findings, placing blame for the srasn upon i.ioui. Xeefer, pilot of the army, pursuit plane.

Maior General John I Hlnes, feommandlng the Ninth Corps area lot the army, wno naa oeen areoiu imka an investigation, feeoted here coon. Brigadier Gen oral R.lnh II. Van Daman, com mending the Sixth brigade and plso commanding Fort Rosecrans, Wnd Malor K. B. Claggett, air of ficer for the area, who have been to investlKUte the affair, here.

Major Claggett, arrived mt Rockwell Meld a few hours be fore the fatal collision. At Rock- i well Field, a board composed of Malor J. H. Houghton, Capt. J.

Stanley and Lieut B. B. Dallas, haa beeA formed as an investigating body. nnimiKncn orriciAI. too, Inspectors J.

G. Nail and R. Jasen, of the united Htaies am-Tvartmant of commerce, arrived from Los Angeles to represent that department, in mi jnvesi.igai.iuim. fMAanwhlle Coroner Schuyler 8. Kelly, officials ot the Maddux Air lines, ana insurance auinonuea investigating the accident.

The Inquest will be held Wed- Besday. InveaUgatlon of the wreck 'fchowad. it is said, that yellow yalnt of the army plane was ground into the metal of the Aladdux plane on top ot tht pilot's compartment, and that there waa a large pool of Aims to Check Recklessness By Motorists Eleven Measures Passed in Senate Tighten License, 4 Insurance Methods. SACRAMENTO, April 23. OW Legislation designed to minimize reckless driving by motorists and to protect the victims of careless drivers was passed by the senate late last night.

A series of 11 bills to that end were enacted and sent to the governor for his approval. Speaker Edgar C. Levey of the lower house, and Assemblymen J. McDonough and Harry F. Sewell authored nine of the measures, Included in the series passed was one providing that should a driver fall to pay a liability Judgment within ten days the registration of his car might be suspended, and before a new license is issued to him he shall be required to pay and to "give evidence" of future ability to pay damages to the ex tent or isuuu ior one person in Jured or killed, $10,000 for more than one person and $1000 prop erty damage.

The measure also provides that a record of all con victions for reckless driving or driving while Intoxicated be endorsed across the back of the driver's license. Two of the measures provide de tails of how the "evidence" of ability to pay shall be shown and requires that an applicant for mo tor vehicle registration shall state to the division of tnotor vehicles whether or not he carries liability insurance. SEEKS RECONSIDERATION. Senator J. M.

Inman of Sacra mento gave notice that he would move reconsideration of A. B. 69Q which makes the state, counties and cities liable for the negligence of officers and employees driving publicly owned vehicles. Inman objected after the bill had been passed, declaring such a measure would "bankrupt" the political sub-divisions ot the state." The owner ot a car is made 11a ble for the damage done by an other driving his car with his "express or implied permission" under the terms of A. B.

696, and appli cants 'for chauffeur's license are required to submit a statement of any conviction under the motor vehlole laws at the time he makes application by provisions ot A. B. 697., A safety bureau Is created in' the division of motor vehicles by still another of the bills, and the last of the series provides that should person operate Ills car after the license has been suspended he shall be liable to a fine of 31000 or imprisonment of one year. F1HE, POLICE EXEMPTION. Assemblyman H.

F. Morrison's bill exempting' firemen, police and ambulance drivers from liability In civil actions for damages caused in accidents was passed, and a measure by Senator J. C. Garrison of Modesto prohibiting red lights, other than a traffic danger signal of some sort to be display e4 on or along a highway, was enacted. The sleepy solons then approached one of the veterans' -program bills, passing a measure providing for the creation ot a state emergency council of nine to be composed of state officials, one American Legionnaire, one Red Cross members, one transportation representative and two members to be chosen from business organisations.

The council is Intended to organize and plan to meet any great emergency that may confront the state In the future and function when that emergency arises. TWO APPROPRIATIONS. Two appropriation measures mtt with senatorial approval. One measure by Senator Ray Jones of Marysville, appropriates 3150,000 to "enable the state to get out of the land settlement business at Delhi and Durham." Jones stated that enabling legislation had already been passed expressing the policy Of the state and that his bill pro vided the finances necessary be fore the state can withdraw- from the two projects. The other bill by Senator In man, appropriates $12,500 to be ex pended In clearing the channel of the Mokeliimne river.

Inman stated San Joaquin county would be required to match that sum to complete the work. Senate Passes 1 8 Bills in Night Session SACRAMENTO, April 23. OP) soions of tlie upper bouse of the California legislature came baclt last night, stayed In session until nearly midnight, passing: 18 bills, Among the measures accorded passage were: S. B. 350.

Inman. annronrlates 112,600 for clearing the Mokelurnnp river channel. 8. B. 687, Handy; makes the three fish per day the bag limit of steelhead trout on the Eel river in district two.

S. B. 201, Christian and others, creates a state emergency council of nine. S. B.

493, Ray Jones. aDDroDrl- ates $150,000 to enable the state to withdraw from the state land set tlement colonies at Durham and Delhi. S. B. 782.

H. C. Jones, permits autopsies to be performed on de ceased inmates of state hospitals when it Is deemed advisable. Minor Marriage Law Amendment Proposed SACRAMENTO. April 23, UP) California law prohibitng minor marriages where It conflicts with unwritten law Is likely to oe amended.

A bill introduced by Assembly man Bradford Hi. crittenaen oi Tracy, under which superior courts would be empowered to authorize marriages between minors "in extraordinary cases" was given a favorable recommendation by the senate judiciary committee. No person too young to come under the provisions of the bill. The present legal age is 18 for A of la TYRANNY ATTEMPTED "But following the failure of the resolution last week, the members of the assembly were subjected to a. campaign of at- tempted tyranny In which poll-tics discerned and any legislator of independence naturally resents.

The attempt of group of chain newspapers to crack tbe whip over the legislature has failed, and it would fail just as surely were It exerted In behalf of measure of unquestioned merit. That Is not the way to effect legislation, even good legislation." The outcome of the fight Is- viewed by observers here as example of how not to do legls-y lative politics. Love came late In life for Dr. Samuel Esra Chapman, 81, drum-mee boydn the Civil Wav and now a retired physician, but not too late for him to win the heart of comely Mrs. Millie Winter Gerdes, 69, Dr.

Chapman and Mrs. OerdeS filed their notice of Intention to wed in the office of the Alameda county clerk today and the doctor smilingly admitted that in the 63 major engagements and 111 skirmishes he took part during the Civil War, he fled only once and that was In the battle of Bull Run. sir ULPUff Vote on Debenture re Plan It Expected to Be Victory for Hoover. (Continued From Page 1 presidential campaign they ean hold their lines fairly Intact. The attitude of house has given administration leaders no cause for worry.

Leaders consider It certain that the house will reject the debenture plan overwhelmingly and that It will pass ft farm bill substantially as was reported by the house agriculture committee. A final vote on the farm bill Is. expected in the house thls'week. Tho senate is not expected to vote on Its bill for ten days. COMMITTKE VOTK8 TO DELAY ACTION.

The senate Immigration commit- teo today voted to postpone indefinitely consideration Of bills for repeal of the national origins provision of the Immigration act, and opponents of the new Immigration quota basis announced they would carry their fight for repeal to the senate floor. Senator Heed, Republican, Penn. aylvania, made the motion to aide-track the bills for repeal which proposed action In line with the views ot President Hoover. His mo tion carried, 4 to 8. Senators Nye of North Dakota and King of Utah announced they would go to the senate and move for discharge of the bills from Jurisdiction of the Immigration committee.

Such a step would force the immigration controversy before the senate. The resolution for dls- harge of the committee Is expected to servo as an early test of strength on the question. Seven More Measures Signed by -Governor SACRAMENTO, April 23. (P) overnor C. C.

Young has signed seven more bills. Among them ere the following; SB 771. Handy, providing that ohool money Intended for conduction may be nut aside for three years, but must be spent be fore the first of the fourth 'fid. GaiTiMon, repealing an ct which vested in supervisors' power to fix rates for commercial water other han municipal or 'r)js power now rests with state railroad commission. SB.

4S4. Young, providing that tnoxe employed in "civil" or congressional government service be included In the absent voters' privileged eluss. SB 311. Handy, providing that school boards shall furnish transportation to. all secondary pupils who must "travel an excesslvo dis- innre.

-inose llv(ng within limits were formerly, barred. city Judd Named New Hawaii Governor WASHINGTON, Aprl) 2J p) President Hoover today aniftrunrod the appointment of Lawrence M. Judd, of Hawaii, as governor of the Hawaiian Islands, succeeding Sdvernor Wallace R. Harrington. twhq, -he added, tq -retire.

TO TEST POWER l'J" JTixing of Exact Figures of Total Tonnage Would Be Agreed Upon at Some Future Naval Parley (Continued From Page nage of categories, and compara tive freedom of -construction with In each category. The situation raised by the am bassador's proposals Is expected to be presented the cabinet officially tomorrow. It was pointed out here today that there was not a single discordant note In the welcome which the British press accorded Gibson's suggestions. French Press Lauds American Proposal PARIS. April 23.

UP) The French press almost with one accord today praised American disarmament proposals as broached at Geneva yesterday by S. Gibson. Ail newspapers qualified the American ambassador's statement of Washington's views as "most important." Japan Sees Hope of New Naval Compact TOKYO, April 23. Of) -Ambassador Gibson's speech, at Geneva Is cautiously hailed in high naval quarters here as a welcome indication of the general character of the disarmament position of the Hoover administration and a significant promise of new, prospects of new prospects of a limitation agreement, i A navy office spokesman assert ed that Gibson's speech waa a hope ful gesture rather than a definite plan of procedure and that Japan must wait concrete proposals be fore defining her attitude although naturally Indications of America's willingness' to amend her 1927 position would be studied carefully. Britten Denounces Gibson's "Surrender" WASHINGTON, April 23, Ambassador Gibson's declaration at Geneva on naval dlmltatlone were described today by Chairman Britten' of the house naval committee as a "complete surrender" of the principles advanced by American delegates at the last Geneva conference and "another naval victory for British diplomacy." "British statesmen havo persist ently refused," he said, "to agree to any plnn whereby we might build the typo of cruisers best adapted to American usage.

When we propose limitations by categories, we are preparing the way for another disastrous conference which may easily be more serious to our national! defense than the Washington agreement has turned out to be." 4 Florida Fumigates Autos in Pest War ORLANDO, April 23. Of) state's fight against the Mediterranean fruit fly has extended to nnpfilnc motorists. The state plant board, in charge of eradication work, has ordered all automobiles and other vehicles passing out of the quarantine area to submit to a disinfecting process, The plant board's plan calls for spraying the Interiors of r11 ve hicles with insecticide. It was pointed out that the disinfectant would be harmless to either persons or automobiles, and that only flies or fly eggs would be hurt by the process. Company Denies Rift With Lindy NEW YORK, April 23.

C. M. Keys, i president of the Transcon tlnental Air Transport company, denied today ft published report that Col. Charles A. Lindbergh threatened to resign as technical chairman at a meeting of directors' last Friday.

"There is absolutely nothing In the story. Keys said. "I would know if anyone would. I was at the meetimr." Lindbergh was reported to have threatened to quit unless his friend Major Thomas Lanphicr be permitted free reign in developing the air and rail transportation of the company. City Clerk Jailed For Firing City Hall HOT SPRINGS, April 23.

tP) Fred Fowler, city clerk, Was arrested today on a charge of arson after an alleged attempt to burn the city hall. The building was damaged to the extent of about 135,000. An audit of the city clerk's books had been under Way for several days. Lady Aster's Niece Tells Betrothal LONDON, April 23. 04) Formal announcement was made today of the engagement of Miss Joyce Phipps, niece ot Lady Astor and daughter of Mr.

and Mrs. Paul Phipps of London, to Reginald Orenfell, son of Arthur Grenfell. The date of the wedding was not announced. Chicago-to-Nome Plane Reaches Yukon WHITEHORSE. Yukon Terril tory, April 23.

UP) I'arker D. Cramer and W. H. Gamble, who are flying from Chicago to Nome, landed here Saturday evening. They came via Edmonton, Alberta, and the following British Columbia points: Prince George, Hazelton, lelerapi, CreeJt nd Atlln, Judge Hardy Takes Stand fi jr? "I tried (V run when Irs.

Gerdes first saw me," declared the doctor, "but she nabbed me before I could get away. Dr. Chapman, who has Six children 18 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren, by a former marriage, said that he was a member of Company 124th Ohio Infantry, during the war. He came to California In 1877. Mm.

Gerdes has been a widow for 11 years and has no children. Dr. Chapman and Mrs. Gerdes have made their home during recent years at the Beulah Rest Home. 4690 Tompkins avenue.

Own Defense From Page "What was that theory?" Assemblyman William Hornblower asked the witness. "Our theory was that Mrs. Mcpherson and her mother, Mrs. Kennedy, had conspired together on July 18 to hold memorial services to cover up her disappearance," said Dennlson, "This theory was substantiated by the story Mrs. Sielaff told.

She later changed her story, whereby Instead of a conspiracy between Mrs. McPherson and her mother to hold the memorial services, it be-oame a conspiracy to cover up a naughty act on the part of Mrs. McPherson. DECLARES GRAND JURY NOT DECEIVED The witness said he had no knowledge of any activities on the part of Jjjdge Hardy in employing detectives to go to Long Beach and Carmef. The Judge, however, did make a statement concerning the case in the office of the dish-lot attorney.

"Why did you send for Judge Hardy to make that statement," asked the prosecution. "This was before Mrs. McPher son went before the grand Jury with that mischievous deception. Of course, the grand Jury was not deceived by her story. Neither was the district attorney's office.

Judge Hardy felt that we should look for kidnapers. We didn't believe there were any. As he had criticized our office for not locating tho kidnapers we decided to bring him in and find out what he knew about them." Under the rame of F. B. Wilson, young Tilgham was serving a sentence In the Tennessee prison for attempted robbery ot a Memphis bank when he escaped.

The elder Tilgham, known as one of the most fearless peace officers of 'wild west days, was shot and killed in an altercation with Lynn. It was the first time In his forty year career as an officer that he had been bested In a gun play. At tmn time Tilgham was marshal at Cromwell. He had been marshal at Dodge City, and a United. States marshal in Oklahoma territory.

TA-ffln was frlpA for tha alavlnfl? but was acquitted when he pleaded aelf, (defense, it A 4. I I State Solons Session to Extend Beyond May 1 0 SACRAMENTO, April 23. UP) The state -assembly has passed a resolution' setting May 10 as the date for adjournment of the legislature. The senate received the message of the lower house action without comment, but it is generally conceded that due to delay caused by the impeachment trial of Judge Carlos 8. Hardy that neither house will be ready for adjournment until ten or more past May 10.

Neithr house is yet half through its legislative calender. Legislation creating two other 1 1.111 1 V- yiuvai. iiio uiu vy senator trl. Jones of San Jose provides for the appointment of a commission to study the California school sys tem during the next two years and the others by senators Rochester. Nelson and Jones -creates a com mission to revise the codes of the stale.

A resolution directing the fish and game commission to cooper ate with the commissions of Oregon and Washington and the United States department of fisheries in seeking some method of recti. state central committee. met lth senate ap. In His (Continued as Martin. She was to collaborate with Martin In finding 4 woman to pose as the "Miss in the Mo.

Pherson kidnaping case, she said After meeting the mini, Mrs. Sle- laff testified, she discovered that he was Jack Woolley, who she said was a cousin of Roland Rich Wool-ley. According Id Jack Woolley's tes timony today, ho did not meet Mrs. Slelaff in San Francisco on July 30, 1926, the date named by her, Only a short cross-examination ot Woolloy was made by the pros ecution. They asked that he re main In attendance at the trial, however, so that he might be called later if necessary.

E. J. Dennlson, deputy district attorney of Los Angeles, who had a leading part in the grand Jury investigation ot the evangelist's kidnaping, was the second witness called by the defense attorneys. Dennlson declared that Mrs. Slelaff had never been told by the district attorney's office "to keep Judge Hardy's name out of thfs oasa as much as CASE DROPPED ON "MISS STORY He testified that Daisy who rented the Benedict cottage to 'Kenneth G.

Ormlston, and Ralph Swanson, a grocery boy who delivered groceries to the cottage, had testified before the grand Jury. The case against Mrs. McPhcr-son whs dropped after Mrs. Slelaff had made a statement "en tirely changing the theory of the prosecution," Dennlson testified. fclood under pilot a seat, i Several wUik'nscm reported to-, flay that the bodies of both pilots dropped out before the big air liner crashed Into the ground and turned over and thereupon tho theory waa advanced that the big metul monoplane was with-yit guldunco as it spun down So enrtli, Willi one wing point-.

ng almost straight upward. The dropping off ot the none xootor, after the blow from the r. awlftly moving pursuit ship, Is thought by some to have, thrown the plane out of balance and sealed tta doom and that of its occupants. BURP1SKI AT STUNTING. Inspector Nail arrived late last hlght and remained at the scene of wreck until after 4 a.

m. today. JThe report of tho department of commerco officials, ns well as those of army wen) Investigating the crash, will bo lorwnrdcd directly to Washington. Both -MaJorA. Snend.

com-itnandlng ottfor of Horkwcll Field, and Commander A. Clement, aide to Rear Admiral Afliley Robertson, commanding tho Eleventh naval district, stated thnN no official reports had iicen made to them coneernlns: tho molestation of commercial transport nlanes by aervico filers. Willlaru Van Dusen, aecretary of the air board, doelared yesterday that complaints of low altitude stunting and the following 'of commercial passenger platiep ia4 been made to his board, but that the members were1 IkIiiIpsb unless the number of the offending latlng and controlling salmon fiBh- ing was passed to the assembly by the upper house. Senator Will R. Sharkey of Martinez sponsored the resolution.

Bills Fund Tied Up 2 Years SACRAMENTO. Anrll 23 Trrf- the measure. Ha had also. introduced Jegislation along -'similar lines and had collaborated with Inman in perfecting one bill for passage. The new party state central com mltteo would be composed of 672 members, the members) of the party convention plus three committee men that each delegate might name.

Holdover officers, assem blymen or senators are included in the convention. Certification of membership in the committee must be filed with the secretary of state It is pro vided, and no additional members can be named. Proxies would be required to have been signed be fore a notary and once signed can not be switched. Sacramento is named the con vention city. New S.

F. Harbor Control Measure Is Introduced SACRAMENTO, April 23 VP) new San Francisco harbor con trol bill was introduced in the senate late yesterday by Senator Roy Fellom.of that city, who has failed to get legislation transferrins control of the port to the city out the upper house committee on commerce and navigation. Fellom's new bill provides for the creation of a "San Francisco port authority," proposing to take ad ministration of the port out of the hands of the bdard of state harbor commissioners. The "port authority" would Con sist of three members to be ap pointed by tne governor, and they would have power to issue state revenue bods whenever it was deemed necessary to finance the of new port facilities and for tho enlargement and improvement of the harbor. Introduction of this measure Is generally accepted as that defeat of the bill giving San Francisco control of her own harbor aknowledged though It has never tied up for two years and aggregating 140,000 may be released to public service, through bills passed by the state legislature at the Instance of Senator Will Sharkev, and sent to the Governor for approval i Two years ago the 'W" proprlated $40,000 for the purchase Of land On Mt.

Dtahln a nr. rt. Fugitive's Quest to Avenge Father Lost by 15 Minutes alpals for park funds. The aptft-o-pnatlon act stiplated that double the amount appropriated must ba raised by rivate subscription before. the money woud be available.

Un- der the new state park act, such used when an equal amount is raised hv was given. Secretary Davison Orders Strict Probe SAN FRANCISCO, April 23. Jlajor General John L. Ilines, of the Ninth Corps area, today announced that before any action is taken in regard to Sunday's fatal air craffh at San Xiego, a thorough investigation of 4 the affair will be made by officers lt Rockwell Field. The Inquiry, according to Hlnes, Jwill be In charge of Brigadier Oen-fnl R.

H. Van Denman, of Fort Kosecranz. Hines today received orders for tho Inquiry from F. Davison" aHHistanf secretary of war, and forwarded them to Van Denman. 8ix persons, one of them an army pilot, the others pusNenxers in a scrlption.

DAVENPORT, April 83. i OW "Young Bill" Tllgham, who escaped from the Tennessee penitentiary a month ago to avenge the slaying of hi father, Bill Tllgham, famous frontier peace officer, waa on bis way buck to prison today, his quest lost by a scant fifteen mlnutCR. Tllgham. well known here, was arrested by Marvin Roberts, chief of police, a quarter of an hour before Wylie Lynn, a former federal prohibition officer, who shot and killed his father at Cromwell, five years sgo, arrived 'on a bua. He had beard Lynn was a passenger on the bus and waa waiting for him two guns.

The new arrantemAnt lease of the funds, It is said. rajaro Kiver Mouth A Bill Passed SACRAMENTO Monterey1 counties succeeded in securing of a measure providing $10,000 state aid 11 mouth of the Pajaro river between the two counties. r- Cleveland of Watsonville and Maddux air liner, were killed in the crash. Maddux officials declared tho catastrophe" resulted from a mid-air collision that came when jyie army fliers stunted too closely! ton 4 ft Ctrl 4a the big snip. Agon ofe tfaa Mat CftstvJ I.

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