Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on May 30, 1928 · Page 32
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 32

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 30, 1928
Page 32
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! t ( Combined ire ews Service, Associated Press, United Press, and Consolidated Press PAGE 32 WEDNESDAY, MAY 30, 1928 M a' d 9 H 11 b. 7 Te I flu i HAIL BOARD V . PTiin rp nrw 3 n n m x, W i WlatataaW WUWIIj I BUTE DATA m. Six Companies Prepare Briefs on Wliarl Fees in Ifrarim to Decide v Cominisbion Jurisdiction Jurisdiction of the Ftnte Ttrii! road commlcslon over wharf rates and terminal tolls is unrler advise ment tod.iy ivilh representatives of three rnilrond companies and six lermlnal companies in the bay sec tlon nreparintr briefs on the sub ject. Tha railroad commission held Its hearinr yesterday tn the Oakland itv hall council chambers before Examiner T. M. 'Innnon, and testi mony was talcen from half a dozen Witnesses on the subject. Kxtenslnn of the commission's Jurisdiction over foreign commerce nd establishment of uniform rates for dockage and frclcht handllnK Is the question at stake. "And the decision is declared by Mnrltcl C. Bner, attorney for the Oakland I'ort commission, to be of vital lin fortanoc to the development of Oakland's harbor. JCTUSMCTIOV PKXIFI. The last session of the (date lelslHturc amended the state act to give Jurisdiction to the railroad commission over wharfage. In or der to comply with the net the three ma lor railroads, Southern J'aciflc. Western I'ni il'le a id Santa I'e, sulimitteil rate schedules, But terminal companies in Oakland and San Francisco refused to nuhmil schedules, declaring that tho railroad commlbsion had no Jurisdiction. Objecting companies Included the Albers Brothers Milling com-Jiany, Parr Terminals, Howard Terminals. Knclnal Terminals. Lawrence Terminals and the M. E. Clnlvnn & Hons Terminal company which operates l'lcr 48 In San Francisco. witnesses at the morning ecu- won Included W. H. Dawson, ns-aistant frelMht 'a;;ent. for tho Kouth-ern Pacific company, and J. D. Mansfield, general freight iiRenl for the Western Pacific tompany. They wero followed in tho Htter-tioon by lierno i,evy, . assistant freight nsrent for the frinta l''e; C. 8. Connolly, traffic manojrer for the Albers Brothers JMIIIItik com-puny; Charles P. Howard, president and manaper of the Howard Terminals, and O. 1 Oalvan. traf- manaper for tho M. E. (ialviui A; Rons Ucrmltiul company In Han Francisco. . TlX 1IMCAL TFSTDIOW. All of the testimony was hluhlv technical in character and deal! with the rates now in force union the respertivi eoinpanles cncnRed In dockage operations. U is claimed by Alarkcl C. Baer, attorney fur the Oakland Port romnilMtdon. Hint there Ih no sys-temallc basis for rate making at the present time, enrh of tho operators actio Inilependcnily with Hie result that thorn has been considerable rate slashing by the larcer "rWcerns. The condltior Is declared to be 'o m-rious that shipiiliij; firms In I.os Ambles, s;;in Hi .K, s;in Francisco and Oakland are affected and relief Is demanded. Tho City ,f Oakland Is not affected bv decisions on the railroad commission's jurisdiction, lor City owned docks cannot come tvltliln the Jurisdiction of the commission. Put tho port, commission Interested in uniform rales ami will submit a brief on this fcklo of the Question. Extradition Asked Of Thief Suspect KACTtAMKNTO. 'Mav in. , mute the tact tliiit lie" has r fus.-,! to pram two icchk-sik fur cxtr.rdi-tlon made by O.nernor Han ley .of Wash I !iKl on for the leturn of a pair wanted In tl,:lt m ,-,(., dovfinor ('. ' Voiirin has reipiested extradt-ion Iron, ahiiiL-tou of Jolin 'iM. f ox, held In -Tucoma, and wanted J a J,os ,Mm, l, f ,. ;l ,.,vr ehtrue. f, view of ,,.,.( r,, lipi'ii the pait f Govei,,,.,- Hartley Jn rfu';n;.' to ,.,. .M radii ions ktd by l'iea ori'oi.ils. K,,. ;itt,-r fire ion oidimisti.; ii, tin; matter of y ox. r- r&TABLISIIl'.D lo"'6 3 Schaflurt's Roofless Plate Can only ?( at I lie o I fiie J. B. Sc!ia(rii fjlliis plr'tc. (i;-,ve) by Dr. J. B. 4 eight yeais. ah fected since) is the of scientific study long experience, an always made to fit the tients exact needs. V.'i : Jn f . phone, or drop full information 1 Dr.J. B. Schafhirt. j : J $ ONLY ONE OFFICE 277.78-70 1 Fi-Di pai. Thi.Rf.RApH Building '. fon'.,r Uw hicr. folding) j KTH t.NLi ;X ASH1NGTON OAKLAND ' CALIFORNIA ! Ti.;.F.MI'.)N'c LAKESID6 24 t i' Hops '9:00 to 5:30 ' eel t , Friendship Ends In MRS. JESSIE T. McCRACKEN (left) claims that for 16 to MRS. MARY GESFORD 1 wo years ago, she complains in a suit tiled in the superior court, intc a downtown hotel but reused to pay her benefactress. Mrs. of the amount she says she spent Benefactress Sues for $5000 Says Paid for For sixteen years Mrs. Jessie J. McCracken, 3032. East Nineteenth street, says she cared for Mrs. Mary (leslord liOtt, 71, and was so intl- l mate with tier that, sbo called her Auntie Lott." Now hIic'b slicing Mrs. IMt for $5000. All that time, Mrs, Mi'Crnckon alleges, Mrs. liidt was nearly desll-tulo and alt boiiKh she actually lived with Mrs. McCracken for only five years, tho latter constantly patd her debts and sent her money in other placeH. she says. And for 11 years, sho declares, Mrs. I,ptt mad" repeated promises to tnko caro of you, for she was expecting at any time to Inherit a share ol tho "million dollar" Jen nings estate In UtlRatlon In the ChlcaKo courts for many years. About two years oko the Inheri tance came, amoiintlnn: to $07,01)0, CDIilB DENIES Official width of sidewalks ou Hin fa bio nvenun from Fourteenth Twenty-second street will re main at 1 I feet, It. was decided by Hie city council today when It filed petition presenli'd by a majority f property owners to reinstate the 18-fool. sidewalks. A pproxliimlely S3 per cent of the properly owners in the district asked that the sidewalks be placed irk to the old iS-foot width, aiming that there is no need of the change at this liine. jt. was railed to the attention of e council .that no .immediate w id cuius:, of V.San Pablo iiveiiuo is iiiteuiplali'd, and (be official nbllli ,,f 11 feet was established In onler to permit Installation of cr imen!, il lights on a line which will t be disturbed when street widening proceedings are stalled. The petition filed with till' rinni- il was presented by an V. Midir-v anil sli;ned by .'IS property u ners. New Grant School Dedication Tomorrow colioii of the Twent v-iiint h new a nd Grant .Summit : o'clock presided m ill take place ai iiW With exercises I1;. K. Slurr.lN, representing , 1. land hoard of education, tcli,, erected .at li o,,s of ', has seven rooms and pupil capacity ot .( V i I, s,,r,,. I ,.vr . :lb, v' I l i,,. '' ' 'r j . 'I l,e oev Giant school, together Iciimoum aim jenipioi, siroeis, i-'!:o-.., lb,- old Grant, building- on . I' .-oin.-iy which was sold by Hie I i ho ; d of re, 1 1 ion and then t oi u tiil'.ilt !j ; " I' t make way for biiHiins.s i e 1 " - i "i l : o t, oi t n e n i'v i ,o ism t . . ..M.U -"ake Place Friday at. J r ! Santa Rosa Lawyer M) T ' jl Left S38250 Estate fcj W jfi&y ii F. -v- ' lit..'.!, veteran Santa j jJWT I-' bit an est.-,.- jfW ' ' v:-..; o. h;s win tiled h.r Atiwflr n '"' I'-e ,.),, ;.!ho,s. I:v Hie jWWT II " Mf OMHdT jf Cisco i 'uia lay. I l needs no ijope I Joe r I 'r,: over of P.-rntn t!n I In u'..in on business. LOTT (right) while the latter repeatedly promised to pay her back. for Mrs. Lott's care durins their Aged Woman and then, Mrs. McCracken says, "evrryihitiir chunked." Mrs. bolt, went to live at the Hotel TiOtimlnKton, where sbo now resides, and failed to leep her nllened promises to her benefactress. Mrs. Lott Is a sister of Judge Henry Gosford of Napa; an aunt of Charles I'. Hunt, wealthy Berkeley resident, and Is related to many other prominent Northern California-residents, Mrs. McCracken says. Hoth sho and Mrs,' McCracken formerly lived In Napa and San Fra ti( lsco. The Miit was filed by Thornton Wilson, attorney for Mrs. McCracken, who says the sum asked represents an estimate of her alleged expenditures In Mrs. Lott's bebair during the years of their Intimate friendship, HE INDICTED r-OHTLAND, Ore., May 2!. W Joint Indicnnentn were returned today against James P. Cooke, president; Charles S. Ooodwln, vlie-presldent, and Howard F. I'hllpoll. secretary, officiate of the bankrupt bond brokerage house of Overbook anil Cooke company. .In Ibis indictment, tho three officials are charged Willi swindling patrons of their company out of about 20lt shares of stock of the I'lilou oil company. ltoscoe 1'". Hunt, who carried Hie account in the name of f,. A. Thiol; his mother,- made the accusation. Hunt said dial more than a year ago bo purchased throuph Over-beck and Cooke company tho 200 .shares of oil etock. Intending to make Ti is investment secure he said, be paid for tho stock In full, tendering liis personal check for $11,010. A month later, Hunt declared, he found that Hi" now defunct ruin, panv h id placed the entile amount of filock to Hie account of "J. It. Smith," said to ho a fictiiimis account, to cover losses of the company. Admiral Leaves 5. F. For Capital Parley S Kit A NCI Si '', May 30. Admiral Henry -. Wiley, com- 10. 1 nder-ln-ellief of the t'lliied Slates Meet, loaves tonight for Washington, 1'. C. lo take hin seat a.s one of the mniv admirals on Iho selection I rd which meets anniVMy to iwleel officers for pro-motl'lo to ranks of commander, captain and rear-admiral. Admiral Wiley cut -hort his islny in Hawaii e t lie fold lias been In -ltian- i nvi IS because of the convening of the selection board on June -I. w N" . needs no tTANDARD Oil COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA y r lit : yA 1 ' V'j j$ . y ' y , ' IN BO D U Court vears sh; cared for and pave monev Mrs. Lott inherited $67,000, moved McCracken asks $5000. an estimate vears of intimaev. TRIBUNE phohs. LEGION MEET DATES PIGKED STOCKTON, May 3lt. Official dates for the (9M departmental convention of thir American Legion hiVAr In Stockton have been net at August 13, 11 and 15, According to Commander Otto K. Sandman of Karl It oss Post of Stockton. .1. V. lJollabile, past commander of the post, is general convention chairman. The post hopes to bring 10,-000 hero for the conclave. Peach and Fig Men Charge Extravagance SAN FRANCISCO. May 30. Charges of extravagance in association management and waste of funds were made last night at a meeting of the San Francisco division of the Peach and Kig Growers' association and demands were made on the present salaried employees of the association to resign. Forty members of the bay district unit, attended the meeting and each aired his views as to tho conduct and results obtained by the association. Km 1 1 Gum1elfinger manager of the association, came in for a. share of the criticism. lie was accused of falling to earn a $1000 monthly salary, and of running up big expense, 'bills which were unwarranted. Dr. Frank I'agiie, chairman of the local unit, advised against withdrawal nl. this time. Tie said that present indications point to a merger of the many associations in California, mid a' more economical and efficient administration. Father Accused in Child's Wreck-Death SAN .TOSR, May GO. O?) The arrest of a father who forcibly iu- slstcit on his three- daughters a companying him on an automobile ride Sundav against the wishes of their mother because he-was Intoxicated, was recommended by a coroner's Jury here today. The youngest of the three children was killed wfion, tho autoniobilo was wrecked. Tho father Is Tycon Marion of Morgan Hill, IS miles south Of San Jose, and the child who was killed was Violet 'A years old. Two olhef daughters: Mary, 0, and Margaret. I a. were injured. Hallard wa.s arrested on a charge of driving v liile intoxicated. The father has not been arrested be cause, according to Deputy District Attorney John i itzgerald, there Is no charge on which he can- be effectively prosecuted. $35,000 Awarded For Loss of Leg SCN F15ANCISCO. May 30, Thomas H. Hourihan, furniture salesman, will receive $3;UIH for Hie loss (if his right leg in nn au tomobile accident, if the verdict of a jury in Superior Judge K. -P. Sliortall's court, is carried out. Hourihan was standing on tho sidewalk nt. Cc-iry street and Fourth avenue on March -, tOJfi, when automobiles driven by V. J. Pren tiss, auto salesman, and W. H. Fen ncssv, sewing machine salesman. collided in the street. the cars jumped the curb and crushed Hourihan against a fire hydrant. Neither driver was seriously injured. Nose Leads Officer To Opium Hangout As a result of the ability of Pa- troIniMi Andrew ltox to literally smell out crime." Fat Chew and Louis Foo, 311 3 Ninth street, are tn the city prison today facing chalets of narcotic b was patrol: all llljlislla i-haiees of violating the Harrison law. It seems that Pox ditt his beat and detected il aroma in the -air. Fol- witig his nose he traced the odor to tho Ninth street address, ' broke in and, according to his report, found a complete opium- smoking layout and six bundles of the narcotic. -W hile he was investigating tho two Chinese en tered and were arrested. . SOT PLANE SET FOR HOP OVER PACIFIC Australian Fliglitj to Start at Oakland Airport; Big Monoplane Gijen Final Test by Crev of Four All Is ready for the hop-off from Oakland airport for Hawaii tomorrow of Coptain Charles Kingsford-Smith and three companions on the first leg of a San Krancisco-Svdney flight In the. huge blue-and-silver monoplane Southern Cross. The total airline span to be attempted is 77K8 miles. With Captain Smith w ho will be flight, commander and pilot, will be Charles T. P. Ulm, relief pilot; Harry W. Lyons Jr., navigator, and Tames Warner, radio operator. Klngsford-Smlth and Ulm are former pilots of the Royal air force of Great Britain. Lyons and Warner are former np,vymen. The Southern Cross goes aloft today for its final test flight before leaving for Australia. The huge plane will travel by radio beacon, following the beam. If possible, to Honolulu. It is planned to make the take-off tomorrow between 8 and It) o'clock and a 2-hour flight to Hawaii Is to be attempted. The plane will then refuel, take a 3"'0-mlle hop to Suva, Fiji, thence 1700 miles to Urisbane, and the remaining BOO miles from Brisbane to Sydney. The trl-motored plane Is similar to. that used by Lindbergh, Byrd arid Chamberlain, Maltland and 1 legenberger, Smith and Bronte, Jensen and Goehel and others. It Is a sister ship to "Josephine: Ford," tho plane lu which Commander Byrd flew to the North Pole. The wings can be used for rafts In case of emergency. The wings carry 4o0 gallons of gas which will bo the first used during the long flight. Captain Kingsford - Smith believes the ship would remain afloat indefinitely in the event of trouble, and is carrying a short wave radio equipment to work with, short wave shore stations In case of accident. 5. F. Doctor's Death Found to Be Suicide KAN FKANCiSCO, May 30. Death of Dr. Dozlortf'. Keiiiley, retired physician, w ho died last. Wednesday night lu bis room at the Hotel Stewart, was caused by poison taken with suicidal intent, a coroner's jury l'oijnd yesterday. Three wltn esses l.c.'st i f I ed , Alva Bentley, son of tho physician, told of finding his fajher ill and calling Dr. C. K. Schwartz, and Dr. Henry Thompson, who afoo testified as to their efforts to save Bentley's lite. J lie physician's death became the object of police Investigation following the dlscovpry of traces of poison in his slornlich. Ammonia Drinker Barely Misses Death BK UK 10 LEY, May: 3n- A drink of washing ammonia solution from a ginger ale bottle nearly cost the life of John H. Hind, 63, 2310 Jefferson stret, today. Hind, think ing ho was taking a soft drink, swallowed the entire contents of the bottle, and became violently ill. (1. IT. Dillman. a roomer at tho same address, called police, who touk Hinds to the Berkeley General hospital. Alter prompjtV'use of the stomach pump, llind.vas declared out of danger. Lions, Exchange Club Ball Game Sunday ROSKVILLK, May no. Final arr rangernents for the annual benefit ball game between the Lions and Exchange clubs ot"this 1 city have been (completed and tho contest, will be sjtaged Sunday in the city park. Proj-eeds of t tie game will go towards tlio Boy Bout fund. Lions and Kxehange chili members held a joint meeting Monday in the city library where they listened to a talk by G. 1. Taylor of San Francisco. Miss Fie her, Sacramento soprano, presented several solos. Rezoning of Alameda Property Is Asked ALAMEDA. May. 30. A petition for the reclassification of property at 2'jr5 and L'257 Central avenue w ill be considered by the city planning commission at its meeting In the council chambers of the city hall tomorrow evening. C. K. Whitmore asks that the property be zoned for. business to permit his operation ot a medical bath establishment. Feel Stiff and Achy? To be well the kidneys must! thoroughly eliminate waste poisons from the blood. a stimulant diuretic, increase the secretion of the kidneys and thus aid in the elimination of waste impurities. Doan's have established a natioide reputation. Ask. your neighbor!, 50,000 Users Endorse Doan's: T. P. Culvcrsiin, 32S0 5th Ave, Sacramento. Cal.. says: ".My kidneys acted in such a way my rest was broken at n in lit and the secretions burned and were scant. There was .oreness and stiffness through my bark, and I fet out of sorts. Doan's Pills were just what I needed- and I felt a lot better after using them. I praise Doan's at every opportunity." Doan's Pills A Stimulant Diuretic to the Kidneys At all dealf60c a box. Foster-Milbum W Berkeley School Board Approves Budget for $387,892 Improvements BERKELEY, May 30. Announcement of tentative approval of a budget which calls for the expenditure of 3 7, f- for major Improvements in the Berkeley shool department during the coming fiscal year was made today by the board of education. Estimated income for the lDJS-l&liO period will be approximately Si', 175, 000, George 11. Sawyer, business manager of the board, declared. Included in the building program are the following items: Addition to the Willard Junior high school, $luo,UOu; four new classrooms for the Thousand Oaks schools, $17,00 0; addition 'of four classrooms to Berkeley high school and other improvements to be de Arctic Film Plane Party Rescuers Also Feared Lost Fear. Is felt at Fairbanks, Alaska, according to .Associate.! i-ress despatches, for the safety of a rescue plane, carrying a pilot and a radio operator, who left here Fri day on a search for a fox r ilrn expedition of two planes and five persons, one. of them an Oakland man, missing since May 13. The isoue plane was piloted by Matt Niciriinin, pilot, and carried Ttiohard Ileyser, a radio operator. The two Fox planes, missing for two weeks, carried Captain, Jack Kobertson, Oakland motion picture director and pliotogra piier, Noel Wein and B. S. Merrill, pilots. L. Virgil Hart, director, and Charles G. Clarke, cameraman. The Fox party left Wiseman, en route to Point Barrow, and since, they faded into the dim Arctic horizon have not been beard from. The rescue plane undertook a search through the Polar region with Heuser at the key of a radio transmitter. Ileyser was scheduled to send radio reports at certain CONCORD, Mny 30. Preparations are being completed for tho seventeenth annual celebration of tho Holy Ghost festival to be held here Saturday and Sunday. The affair Is to start wilti a parade at Holy Ghost park, when the crown will bo officially taken to . the church. There will be a grand ball Saturday evening. Tho following committee Is in charge: Henry Noia, Walteif Perry and Joe -E. Freilas. Tho program starts Sunday morning at 9 o'clock with a parade from Holy Ghost park to All Saints church, where solemn tUh mass will be celebrated. -At 15:30 a free barbecue will be served at Holy Ghost park. Miss Eleanor Somas will lie queen, Jejin Coreiai queen's maid arid Olivia Retten-court f lagbea rer. E. P. Jackson is to be grand marshal. jfa. Delinauency List Is Reduced ALAMEDA. May 20. Alameda's tax delinquency this year is smaller than a year ago, although the total amount of taxes due exceeded the total of a year ago by approximate ly $10,nao, according to figures made public by City Assessor Fred J. ('roll. The amount due for the year of 1927-28 was $5H7.48S.nS, of which $10. 123.01) stands delinquent. A year ago tho total delinquency at the end of the year was $17,820.21!, w hile the total taxes., amounted to $587,497.88. Nearly a. month remains for taxpayers to make up the delinquency of $10,123,119. Deputy City Treasurer Homer C. Dallas announced this morning that the final .lay for payment will be June 24. On the f oUoAv.i.ug-,day, June 25, at 10 a. m., the .property on which taxes remain delinquent, will be ottered for sale. Flames Obliterate Woodland Landmark WOODLAND, May 30. A pile of ashes is today Woodland s closest link to the halcyon past the days w hen the sport of kings was Woodland's sport. Flames destroyed the home of Hiram llogoboom, veteran horeeman, who , played host to sportsmen throughout the state when-the Woodland race 'track attracted thoroughbreds 'from all over the west. The house stood at the entrance to the track, which has been unused for twenty years. Crossed wires aro said to have caused the blaze. Loss is estimated at more than $10,000. CONCORD FETE PLANS READY DOES every day find you lame, stiff and achy? Do you feel tired and drowsy suffer nag ging backache, headache and dizzy spells? Are the kidney secretions too frequent, scanty or burning? Sluggish kidneys allow poisons to remain, in the blood and upset the whole system. Doan's Pilli, Co., Mfg. Chemists, Buffalo, N. Y. i termined later, including enlargements at Lincoln, Washington, Franklin. Cragmont. Jefferson, Oxford and Longfellow grammar schools; addition to the Burbank junior high school, to cost between $73,000 and $100,000. Distribution of the balanc- ' school funds is provided in th tative budget as follows: General control, $51,0til; ers' salaries, $ir4:'C,S7C; insti material and salaries of clei schools, $10(1, SX4; operation, $lui,-000; fixed charges, $21,125; auxiliary agencies, $ 17,500; correlated activities, $22,C07. . It is expected the completed budget will be submitted to the county authorities about June 20. Intervals during the search, but nothing has been heard from him for 24 hours, despite the fact that radio operators in the north and along the coast have been listening intently since the plane left for same word from it. Hope is felt that the rescue plane landed at Wainwright to await a break in a dense fog which is hovering over the area. Fairbanks, which is in radio touch with Kotzehue, reports no word of any of the three planes at that point. P.obertson, the- missing Oakland man, has made a specialty of arctic films for the last five years. He went into the far north with his camera in i)2 3, and brought back films showing the wild animal life from "the top of the world." The year following he and Fred Kelly went to Alaska, under special government permission, to make pictures of the wrecked plafte of Major Martin, commander of the round-the-world flight. E GIVEN GAVEL TOKEN CALTSTOGA. May 30. The members of .Gunoc Grange of Middletown paid a visit to Silverado Grange ot this place, the occasion being the presentation of the traveling gavel by the former to the latter. The visitors bad charge of the lecture hour and the following program was presented: Greetings to Silverado, Mrs. T. Dashlell; piano solo. Miss Dorothy Nowcomh; reading, Granville Lib-by; skit, "Marrying a Poetess, " cast Mr. Gray, Harlan Hunt; Mrs. Washington. Mrs. John Couey; John Jefferson Washington, John Couey; Caesar Jupiier.Wack Brook-ins; Napoleon BoriapaiTe, Ed Run-yon; Lucy Ann, Mrs. Hazen Capps; Bridget O'Flannlgan, Mrs. Byrd Copsey, Eilzn Jane Annette Brown, Miss P.ernice Brookins; monologue, Mrs. Pearl Newconib; Violin solo and dance, Byrd Hunt; old time songs, L. S. Snattuck: kitchen orchestra, Guenoc Grange. A banquet was served after the program. El 43 A GUARANTEE BUILOINO-LOA1 ASSOCIATION tinm state sum hvisim THERE IS NOTHING SAFER for vour money than a PASS BOOK ACCOUNT or a CERTIFICATE IN THE CENTRAL BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIA. TION whirli h a large Guaranteed Capital and Surplus together with resource! exceeding THREE MILLION DOLLARS (afe-ftuard-in r funds. In addition, every dollar loaned is SECURED by Real Estate. has been our interest rate for nearly 20 yean. We invite your inquiry CENTRAL BUILDING & LOAN ASSOCIATION WEBSTER AND I4TH. ST. OAKLAND 50c Club Breakfast Sacramento Valley Limited TO SACRAMENTO AND CHIC0 . LEAVES 8:10 A. M. Sacramento Ticket Office. 40th and Shnfter Telcphos Piedmont 0345 pok rrotrr t B CENIOAL AVENUE M JAI-AMEDA M mm Shorl viPy Line COIillTIL JURY LAUDED ffl.ll Verdict of Death for Six Rioting Prisoners Forerunner of Better Judicial Expression Is Assertion SACRAMENTO, May 30. The tury that tried nn convicted the fix Foisoni prlsoneva of first decree murder, without recommendation, for their participation in the riots of ThankPKivins Day. is a forerunner of a new type of .iuror and a hetter judicial expression. Governor C. C. Yoitwj said today in a statement at the capitol. "This verdict will lie a splendid thin;; for prixni discipline and is stronu evidence of a grow-ln" change In California court procedure. Tlio conduct of I lie entire trial reflects credit on tlio state and on the ol'l'ioinls. 3"ho prisoners were (riven a fair and speedy trial and the evidence; justified the verdict," tiovcrnpr Youiik said. opposes riCTrr.ES. His statement continued criticizing the tendency of court .officials to perm't younc: prisoners to basic in pulilicity that reflects Renor-ally upon California courts and procedure. lie was opposed, ho said to permitting court pictures of any kind. One of the ix prisoners nt San Quentin, Albert M. .Stewart, who turned state's evidence, hut must also hang for the murder. miKht. meet his end quickly, were he permitted the freedom of the death cell corridor with the other prisoners. In the courtroom, when Stew art denied making a plea for clemency before the jury, they smiled, and when tho same jury returned and found him equally guilty with the others they laughed at hla discomfort. Sf .M 1 OM IH'II.T. Stewart is permitted to exercise, In the corridor, but only when tho others are locked in the cell. Soon carpenters will enter to build tho scaffold and by a queer tvi' of fate Stewart's cell is the only ono from which It can be seen. A turn In the wall shuts oft the view from the others. I.lkewiHO Stewart is the only prisoner who will not, appeal from the decision of Uie .superior court. Attorney's of the oilier prisoners have already notified . thn court that they will ask for a new trial and if denied will take their appeal to a lusher court. Grange Votes to Build New Hall flEVSEItVII.UC. May 30. At a special meeting of the Grange Monda) night called for purpose of making plans to build, the members unanimously voted on erecting a new grange hall. Mrs. Will 'Hose, Mrs. John Ellis, AA'alter Leroux, .lames Patrick anil W, V. Griffith were named a committee to eecuro ' plans for tho building ' GOING NORTH? GOING SOUTH? f. ftp Hs N(.i i,i s sin mi i.o 922.7: Itoillill Trip VZS-X Emma Alexander 3 p. m. Today H. F. Alexander.... 5 p. m. Thura, Admiral Benson .3 p. m. Sat. NKATTI.K VICTORIA H. F. Alexander , 5 p. m. Sat, Emma Alexander 6 p, m. luei. I'OHTLA-MI Admiral Peoplea 6 p. m. TNira. Admiral Farragut 10 p. m. Sat. All fares jirsliclnss and include berth and meah. Special fares ' for round trip. FOR PAIITICL'I.AKK 400 1.1th Street dfikliiml SIMHI aKMI UnlverBllT A llcrkeley 14 PACIFIC S.S.CO THE ADMIRAL tINB TO THE ORIENT If RCUHD THE P WORLD PRESIDENT LINER LEAVES EVERY FRIDAY AT 4 P.M. CRUISE to the South Seas Hawaii Samoa RJ1 Australia On ships especial!? denned for tropical travel Seven wonderful weeics, San Fran Cisco lo Honolulu, Pago Pago. Suva, Sydney tad return S616 Firrt class, round trip fart" S565 Intermediate 6rst class, round trip Other tours into the South Seas via Hawaii ti attractive low fares. Saiinfi from San Ftancimt June 14, July 5. 26 MATSON LINE Hawaii tootb . Australia 21) Market Street. Saa Franciac piemai.!MaaA 9' -DOLLAR I H STEAMSHIP LINE ( MramnwiNuyr. wthirttenthst Mi "mi.i.'!iri'ifir'.'!'2?iiii B ilk T J

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