Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 24, 1952 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, September 24, 1952
Page 8
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Fair Enou Fi <V • fiumOwt wunt M «i« AT rt««i»W» »tall«, 19 «» '• iee»ti«m 4 miiti north Prw^ftl Ofouirt[ R»»rt. A, W. Utt rhona ?-4fli». _»1M , »»nd, top FARM MIU-: Inc1ud<m 10" etc, mill, W »• 700 lb, mlxor, Cull Dr, Hogori 7-8810 or I SPORTS ROUNDUP .•y flAYLE TALBOT. 1«4 •y Klni Pasture* tyntflsat*. thr- Wl.coniln t In prl Broken Arm to Mend Nicely I PHH.ADELPHIA (UP) — Dr 11- Itfiurt Oopadw, team physician | r>f the Philadelphia Athletic*, pr->- PHILADLPIUA, MPT — Thi* wan dieted today that Bobby Khnnu' ] on( . that will «o down In the his\ broken arm "will bo » gofxl <\*'( r , r y of great hcitvywelght fights, new" when he resume* pltchlnu; There t.asn't been a gn?uter onej noxt fprlng, Mn the pa*l 21 year* to our certalnj "Any effect* of hl« Injury will knowledge. bo lemrtnrary," Dr, Gopa<U<' Going Into the 13th round ln*t snkl. "If he h»d suffered the In nl«ht at Philadelphia Stadium, Servlcn examiner fconnl on «u«Mlrl<m that «hu hiuj uST^-mw-^-uVtarih^midtoVuSV.. didn't "think Tlocky M.rctan. hnd: By ^* A«ocUted Pre.. limn »mc j «... bwfj Bb(c , 0 fln oarth|y chanc «. of winning jhc NAT|QNAL UEAOUE W L 95 55 «,.nu, a winner .n- permitted M'Cnrthy t« Ic-nrn tiw] itroog candidate for "player of Brooklyn New York St. Louis Douglas Works to Bolster Hog Defense By The Aitoclittd PrtM All hands but Baylor sally forth for football games this week end, and the boys In the Southwest Conference could see a long, rocky road ahead of them as turned Into hard-work. practice Phohf IOPE STAR '• •Itf" ' .' jlf ,.»» BAVfc half now) olaon pine lumber, hlx»d roofing, complete door*, window*, narrow flooring, M»e'« Camp, 8 mile* w«l Hope, C, K. Bolof. 24-01 Owner leaving town. 700 8, Pine. 2441 J>n£mCMA$ "now two wheel trnlUtr, 71V by tW by 4H' doep .with ffxtcrulonii, Coll 7-4400 between 7;30 u.in. and 0 p.m. or »eo ut 1B?0 South Kim, PC .033 .59 .577 .560 Rice and Southern Methodist play their delayed First. games of the Marciano Takes| Title From Aging Walcoff By JACK CUOOY PHILADELPHIA (UP) - Ho Marciaho, the brand new - hailed another Dempsoy" today becati of his slashing attack thaj bias wc-ight champion, was " ^ ,,,„ „,„., ..... 0 _.season with SMU getting in a Fri-j ga ii a nt old Jersey Joe Walcott ii day night jsame in the Cotton Bowl retirement. aRainst Duke's Blue Devils to start' the week's hostilities. »ilf hud n-IU< 1/cd the Rtnln Depart- ; tilt- neaitori. muit for thin fltlllud«<. Nobody h»»i dirnfed thnt the br>«rd did rn crltl-j Cl«« the .Stole- Department »o thus notion nitnlniit tht Mxumlncr Implied; thnt It WIIH H worn*' offcntns for her to toll. McCarthy the truth than for Uu> Stats Ih'pnrlinent to hnrtior pcr/ionii, Thl* alacrity to punlnh a loyal Notice AU« PBSBONS InterfiMod Jn ' nqusro dftlioo lesion* contact Andrew* At 7-3301, New beginn Octoliur 2, IOS2, 10-tf oft«rnoon neflr Mt*th odljl CHflroh or home of Mm. J. C, dlHWn, Liberal reward Leave nt Star offleo or tclnphont **"M Amorlcnn In In strong contract to thn prnrtlcv In »th«r known look* of Information which wna Ingltl- confidential nnd prlvnlo. Rebellion Quelled at Illinois Prison uns never a doubt of what had happened Jersey Joe, an admirable fiuhtpr in his finnl defense, went down as thotijfh he had been pole 41 110 .272 Schedule Boston at. New York (2) — John,. son ifi-2i nnd Burdelte (6-10) vs Koslo iB-7» nnd MagHc (17-R). B8 60 8« 63 84 «fl 75 70 00 83 03 H5 .426' Raiders, Border Conference power. .4971 The Owls open In Houston Sntur- 443, c i a y n i g ht against Texas Tech's Philadelphia at Brooklyn — Ilob- erts (20-7) vs T.nbine (8-3). ,,ynd. A left book caught him us, cinclnat | at S t. Louis - Raf"'• "••»• l)U L' 1 m .°'l"i S™; "ZlfensberKor < 15-13. or Church (5-9. CHKSTKR. III. . . , ,wn» insensible as his head struck, v< _ M(zell () A_ two-hour j l()0 „,,,„._ oml tncre wos never a • Otlly ',, nn ; cs schcdu iod. •ttmr K«H bnrroKe by Kioto police-, c |, iin ,. t . he would get up again, men and prison guards Tui-sdnyi f)u( (ls | on({ (1S he wf)s | n there night quelled n 27-hour re-bullion; , MroW | nK those six-ounce gloves, by 300 convicts nt M<>nnrd State; lh( , p n ppyOuy from Camdcn (javc m I on vs - 13th round. In lli»«rnnl cn»i>, Drow Ponrnon brottdcnnl on n Sundny night Just boforit tin* Supri'inc Court'* dvci- iiton iti the Hurry Urldgc* doportn- lion cn»p, a correct prediction of the rlwfinlon ntftiinst DrWgcm nmt the riHm<>« of thu dUnentlng )u»- lice*. 1 Irnmcillntrly wrote to the Ink- Chlt'f JiiHtlci) llnrlnn V. Stone, him thnl u plpullnu of Prlion. Three Inmates wore Injured '•! IN •«•«•» •• Roi« (pdyabl* In wh l»c In Hop* and n«lghb«. VENDERS ftifil Conccsilon help, Cohtiict t. Burku ul Collneum, Fulf Park. 23..tt Cattlemen Winter Ornzlnu, mixture or nnt| Cheat with Hprlnklti of H»lry 'Vclch nml Blnglotnry l*vnii. 13.78 per hundred pountU At farm. AUton Fa*U>r, 27 cut off, UwlRVlile, Arkiminn, Court det'tftlon* ly could result In kllllnga In the nuirktH and other illkit coupn. The chief ju»tlco, In handwrlUnn, replied at onco, requentlng mu to call on him. He said he wan "profoundly dlnturbod," 1 callod at hl» ntudy at hin home nnd w« agreed Ihat tho l«tw Juntlci* Frank Murphy was the probable dourcu of Poui'Mon'M leaks. Justice Stone Hold tht'i't- hud biH'ii iin earllor !n- in which tht> t-vldonce was convincing bfeauso thore bad In the vou- of one M«m>it*oti, N«va<Ja, ond Millw eow»« ii legislative committee to Inspect tin. Institution. policeman was Injured when a tear gas gun backfired. Warden Jerome Mimic o«- tlmatod damage to the prison at $.1,000. The traffic In filched documents and confidential knowledge has grown Into »n alarming menace. The Communists almost always not tho breaks nnd tho old Dies committee went to great pains to photograph its documents showing guilty activity by mane of the Roosevelt-Frankfurter cult when ^ appeared, for a time, that Eleanor HouHcvelt and her machine would succeed In abolishing the commit too. In that case, the flk-H would have been burned tit once, of the brolht-rn which caught 1'eui- •.„ tne d rnml ,iic Investigation of Tuesday's Results Brooklyn 5-0 Philadelphia 4-1 (2. ..,.,, . twi-nlght. second game 12 innings) | tht roaring throng us great thrill g,i. Louis 4 Cincinnati 3 (10 innings) Boston at New York (2, p.isl- poned. rain.) Only games scheduled. jt ls evul . to get at a the riot which began ut nuppei • n , ()1 . t ,, t . V erit. Marclano won the tlmw Monday ns prison authorities ! C hnmpion8hip Wnlcott won n re- nwalted the arrival this week <>fup ec t ),c hud nevor known before. He fought his powerful young opponent with a heart and a fury which were at times astonishing. Several times, even toward the end Wnlcott ripped Into Marciano with lethal left hooks to the body mid head which almost sent the new champion down. Only a wonderful constitution kept Uocky on his feet. That Is, of course, one of the requisites of a champion. FightsLostlSight By The Associated Press PHILADELPHIA — Rocky Marci&no, 184, Brockton. Mass.. knocked out heavyweight champion Jer- iey Joe Walcott, 196, Candcn. N. AMERICAN LEAGUE Pet ForlUnt 4 HQOM sportment. Prl- vuto both, JfiUotrlc box. No child rcn, Mf». Juilnon. no North Elm, ao-tt 4 room unfurnlHlunl Vp"ttyirn«ni, HarUwood floors, UuUt-lns. Private buth and. on- tronoa, Clo*« In. 207 Shovor St. phone 7-wae. ia •* Him and Murphy flat-footed. 1 be Hove lh(< chief Justice called u fTH'otlriK of the court and i»lthar ac cuml Murphy directly or otrong- Ij hinted that he was under SUN- t-lon. Murphy wns a cheap, night-club ypt; of Now Dealer, given to •oatlnti off.hlM mouth nbout court In hotel lobbies and boast- of Ms hot HckH of rhetoric In j., O r Older. l» opinions, Like Felix Frankfurt- r, Murphy would wrlto an Indo- opinion (>ven In concur- New York Cleveland Chicago Philadelphia Boston Washington St. Louis Detroit W L 00 58 .008 90 Gl .590 79 71 78 73 75 73 70 75 62 87 .527 .517 .507 Pill L'llium- ,-A Fighting in this same Mil Stadium where Jack Dempsey l his crown to Gene Tunney 26 yej ngo last night, ubeaten Marci , of Brockton. Mass.. wrested Other games Saturday include crown f ro m the 38-year-old Walcj Ti-xas A&M vs. Oklahoma A&M j on n knockout at 43 seconds of lit Dallas, Texas Christian vs. UCI.A at Los Angeles, Arkansas vs. University of,Houston at Fay- cUevllle, and Texas vs. North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Extensive workouts were scheduled at Austin today for the Texas Lr.nghorns, 35-14, victors last weekj over Louisiana State. Yesterday' the Steers went through light Urn bering up drills only. Five squad- men were out with injuries, none believed serious. No serious Injuries were reported ct Arkansas from the Hog-kloho- ma Aggie game at Little Rock last week end. Coach Otis Douglas said he was looking for remedies to defensive flaws that'showed up in the game and scheduled more scrimmage for today. Rice scrimmaged yesterday anc Coach Jess Neely said heavy work probably would be concluded today as the Owls prepared for the Red Raiders and their first game .41fi of the season. . Texas Christian's Froggies losers 49 101 .327 13-0 to Kansas last week, hnd a An explosive left hook that lowed a setting-up right smas dusky Joe to the canvas and m Rocky the first white heavyweid Champion in 15 years. By wi*> his 43rd consecutive profeswo -ictory. the swarthy, muscular ot a Brockton shoemaker becakj the first perfect-record king of di "The n 'left hook did It." decla^ the Jubilant winner in his dress r °A m crowd of 40,379 saw Marcid rise from the canvas in the f I round, after the first knockdown! his career, and come on throogS thrilling fight to victory. • | It was a tragic defeat for T cott in his second defense of crown, for he was leading on coresheets of the three offic when the knockout blow fe him. He had made a game dete of the title hc won from Ezzl Charles on a somewhat simJ kayo at Pittsburgh, July 18. 1 •' . *..1 rtnfr J. 13-lltle bout. Ariz. Lightweight champion Luuro' Solas, 133, Mexi- DK8IRA8LK unfurnlnhftd 4 room ttpartrnent (In duploxi- Plenty closet nnd built-in tubliu>ls modern- <40 por month - 8 Slovk from Kujiln*** dUtrtct, 4 blocks from Court llouao. Dial 7-3481 » to 0. , *Ml Count EXTRA. bodroom. Prlvnto on , Adjoining bulh, 801 South - - 33.3 R^QTIttoN for Sole CUPUJX ? rooms, a baths, 8 oa Maltu «n offer, / A roomM ana btttli a v> uw ' homo corner lot 70x140. Mak me an otter. thu Alitor Hiss "apparatus" Adolf <.„, knocked out Ramon Chinito Berle, ii typical Harvard Incc-ouff liberal of the Frunkfurter-Achesnn t-roup, testified that ii.v'^g-man" for Pearson had been obtaining secret information valuable to the Soviets out ol the Suite llepnvt- ment. Me did not name this "log- man" who might have been KVitz, lute of the Communist Dally Work- None of these revolution* in their urn iirouned even a whisper of in- Yung, 134, Los Angeles 5-non- Utle. SAN ANTONIO, Tex. — Bobby Dykes, Ifl2, Austin, Tex., knocked out Cisto Saenz, 152, Phoenix, Ariz. II. SPOKANE, Wash.—Henry Davis. 131!. Honolulu, outpointed Joe Velez, 142, Seattle, Wash. 1,0. Wednesday's Schedule New York at Boston (2) —Raschi (1R-0) and Gorman (5-2) or Biackwell (1-0) vs Kinder (9-5) and Parncll (12-11). St. Louis at Detroit — Pillett (10-13) vs Black (0-0). Chicago nt Cleveland —Krcllow (4-H> vs Lemon (21-11). Only games scheduled. Tuesday's Results Chicago 10 Cleveland 1 Philadelphia 4 Washington 3 St. Louis 3 Detroit 1 (night) New York at Boston postponed, rain. iKnntlon In the same nnU-McCnv U room houw lot 78x»4t) Sout FUJtOn Street. Make me an offu 4 »ctfl 3 room Uauutt city wate untf UglUi, Make mo un offu 40 BCros 5 room and bath modem hotow lUarh .imoks house, chick« nuwlntl water me an oftvr. Anollutr liidlvldual, once a,.? net™ meniber, 1 hnd told irio that 'tMirxnn MIUU an cmmiHnry to soo lim whfn h«/took of floe, offering » praitin him on the radio and In irlnt In return for exclusive news ipn. Thl» cabinet membor dc •lined the proposition. Jos«o Jones said that Harold :ke8 and Henry Wallace both (•ukcd confidential cabinet matter to Ptwrson, Ickcs, of course, wo as red ox Marry Hopkins or Iloose volt himself. And Wallace, afte uniting no tho Communists' cam! unto for president aiul ballyhooln lUiaulo's ardent deslru for peac*. anly now has found it uxpwdiun for jiomt' ocutilt reason, to adm that lu> wan mistaken. Hu Is'u pi? Mslont liar, however, as I hnv IJii.ved through the corroHpondem concornlng UU ruthless betrayal of two aclentltiU of tho Department of Agriculture In connuctlun with the Aklntlc expedition of Nicholas liocrich, hU purnonal gugu, or god- by PI-DKH which; took 1 voluptuous oy tn the susporislon t« » patrlo. ic fcmployec for warnlifev Joe Mc Carthy that the loyalty review board suspected the Slate Department of .covering up Communists TOBEY "ACCUSES DEMOCRATS WASHINGTON • 1*1 Sen. Charles 1 W. Tobey of No,w Hampshire, a Republican memb'or of the Senate Crime Investigating Committee, accused the Democrats today of dragging their foet" on breaking up organized crime. Demos to Study Strategy in State LITTLE ROCK, (M — Vote fiath- eiing strategy for the Adlai Stevenson-John Sparkman presidential ti'ckot in the South will be discussed here Monday and Tuesday by top Democratic leaders. National Chairman Stephen A. Mitchell is scheduled to meet With party spokscmen from Arkansas ime of it yesterday and Coach Dutch Meyer meant to pour it on all week. The Champion Frogs watched movies and heard lectures for two hours, then had a two- hour workout including scrimmage The Texas Aggies, happy over their 21-13 win over University o Houston romped through limber ing up drills yesterday and intend cd to get down to harder worl today. The darkhorse Mustangs ran through their own plays ant v. orkcd on pass defense and run nlng defense against Duke plays a Diillas. The Mustangs seemed t be rounding into top shape fas with injured players taking par in some of the work. Baylor, idle this week end, took it comparatively easy yesterday nnd set another easy day lor today. Players who saw little or no j \\crk against Wake Forest last week had some contact work. The Bears' next game is Oct. 4 against Washington State. fell He made a successful defol .nan hef ELSIE MACK TWENTY-SEVEN I Jeremy had not. ns they'd all ex- ED at thiclqchon pecteil, been appointed to replace off in an hour. Time Andrew Uurtton as chief of staff sit wait He nodded. He took out his pipe, plex.ty. 'Kwryowt Jeremy inun. produced . pack of cigft- to Qtt tho oppoOUmen "This time of night, one Awry wn't Jtremy '• cajlfcr., won>t mRltcr< " she PTID, KILL = R, D, fRANKUN COMPANY p, Dolony, Mummer as-at calls ? Pctu-Kun had one reporter on his, 'frl«• Waited until ho had his ptpeL/crpmy looks oio/ui. H« * bitterly stuff of "teg-men" who admitted tplng an( j tnon t, e said, "Jonesy, disnppoiiued although of course Ae tlint he hod b««n u reporter on the !" J n ythlng been snid lately about Isn't saying rnwc*. Dully Worker, and another who "*"•*- • e -- _.-... I «...„• ».i,« I»MAP down. Dls- v as exposed us a Communist party member In a secret Washington coll after he hud died. Th« first, Duvld Kut*. alias Karr, is still as- yoetiUed wltlt Pearson and with tht' William W u i n t r aub aiivurlMnit In NeW York which handles radio business. Made .ttl»hv«..lhejPf. Apply Mana, stance not n«c- •y, -Apply'ln pmon only, m£ *<* K Third. wanted. Top wages t tu»r»unding» . tatioiv furnished, to and from Thd Oaks Rettaurvnt. line, Iho wife o! Kat«. Rut Into th« White. House n* correspondent of a obscure New York weekly Greek- ge paper and was barred by of Oeiwrol Harry Vuughnn Pearswv hwd tried to plant an undercover auent on an official economic mission to Qreecy with rtodglng n,y share of night I Nance pvit tho letter down. Dts «WB ••« j o j a p polntcd j Ofti Jeremy . . . She wanted to cry. Hla world had •?duVwlth It, Jonesy." . I blown wide open. No. half his "Plenty," she admitted dryly. world. He still had Eve, "li hwd tlEhlcned on the pipe After dinner, she telephoned " - ... t ^ | m *annr she said Jeremy." not to "Altfr'thls, Jonesy. .It I don't Eleanor. ...... HJIV lake th« hospjtR' mes- "1 have your letter,' sh Ml you see they're left with "Mother,! I'm so sorry for Je n, we but my office nurse?" She could say it to Kl*anor. dW a view to thnt later entry or MONTH old houud uvwpy: ,WW» With Iwvm «*?*' •VW' 1 '*' f|ci Ho»» |Url|Ut, Wanttd to Buy TO BUY f>t inch rou|h e«*n into Yugoslavia when Tito and Stalin ww warm friends. Johnny Mara«w\ \v«« the immc- diato ajjent in the cancellation of Madeline Hat*' White House credentials. He got six month:) in Jail tw Riving contused information about his Income and taxes and yvas the ojnly person ot all those involved in the deep-fraese and perfume scandals who did go to prison. Maragw was expendable. Pearson's otU«r Red r*port*r. A»vdr«w Older, was tssposed by petflotlc American housewife who joined hi* cell to spy on traitors. Ait«r we d«tmnciaUon, Pearson wrote that he himself had ditcov- «r*d the poor, misnuidad'lioy'g uii> n»ttv« buyny oBJ*^,.^ ?> , 15;-™-^ haW her SJTOpathy fl v, ,eav. the ^'^r-rart'^wU-- «,- Eleanor w Ireland." Her ex- said again. "But I'm sure Evei had not change. The ad- something to do with it, Nance, of « hospital, Jonesy "How could she?" would b« good tmlnlng "I've heard t hi ngs. Maybe iur.ii «tr«ss. You had to hav» a they're Irrelevant, but If they rtMrtolr* ot facial expression* for reached the board's attention, they • ^ "jMurton. You had to took couW have swayed a decision. For smd opttroUtlo when K one thing, Eve made an awtui • - ? - - * u b«d? Will scene in Jeremy's office during the to . bright hour. h. had appointments imply mustn't go to pieces like lite. And Sam keeps telling me 'm stowing over nothing." You arc, dear." Well . . . It's good of you to call, Nance. 1 always feel better after n talk with you." Only 1 didn't say a thing of real comfort, Nance thought. I couldn't, jccauso I'm soared, too. She bent absently to stroke Tabitha, and glanced over at Kit. "Jeremy didn't get the staff appointment," she said. "Mother thinks Eve had something to do with It" Kit said reasonably, "I should think Eve would be all tor Jeremy's appointment. Wouldn't it give her social standing a boost?" "Eve doesn't care a scrap about that She wants just one thing. To Irart Jeremy. To hurt all of us. Oh. don't laugh, Kit I She'll stop Sam being elected mayor, If .she can. You wait and see." "By bribing the voters?" Kit asked dryly. "Or waving banners in a counter campaign?" "Kit. be serious." "You're too serious, Nance. Look ... A nine-year-old child la angry at being thwarted and threaten! to get even. Heavens, when I waa nine I chased my brother with * carving knife! As It happened, he was on the junior track team, and of course 1 couldn't catch him. The The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-4474 Or bring items to Miss Turner at Hicks Funeral H«me Imon L. Pennjngton, aged 50, died Monday, Sept. 22, at his home in Fulton. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. . . gainst Charles last July 18 in the stadium. Jf Walcott was bleeding froflT badly-gashed left brosv and fight cheek was bruised and s len. His white boxing trunks wj stained with blood, like a bu er's apron. Some of that came from a deep cut on Marciano's head and from a B at the inside corner of Rod' right brow, almost on the bridg his nose. . .Walcott, 10 years older tha challenger and 12 pounds hei dropped Rocky for a count of with a left hook in the first t and had him in groggyland in llth. But it was Rocky, scaling pounds to Walcott's 196, who forced the fighting in every ro| and finally took the crown which he was aimed during brief career of four years in ring. The exciting brawl attrac gross gate of $504,645, s largest in Philadelphia's history ranked next in the city of brotl ly love to the $1.894,733 attrac by Dempsey and Tunney. A gi tmtee of $120,000 brought the t jeceJpts (before results of mcvie take is known) to $624, That would amount to a net approximately $467,290, and a pi of $186,916 for Walcott and " 458 for Marciano. ... In the dressing room, Mai^J Felix Bocchicchio announced ' Walcott must retire dr "fight v out my management." Walcot nally said. "I'll have to go al Mrs. Emma Johnson died Sept 22. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Tyree left Sunday for their home. Milwaukee, to make Moses Muldrow of Mangum, Ok lahoma is visiting his son, Lam Muldrow and Mrs. Daisy Muldrow Elijah Taylor of Norfolf, Vo., is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Taylor. with my manager. He brought I this far. Now we'll go into ness." Going into the 13th round, three ring officials favored cott on rounds as follows: Rcfe| Charles Daggert, 7-4-1 Judge Tomasco, 7-5 and Judge Clayton. 8-4. If Walcott remains in ret| meat, Marciano naturally need go through with his 10-day ret| bout contract with Jersey Joe; first challenger probably would I Rex Layne of Utah, who recerl defeated ex-champ Ezzard Char| Rooky knocked out Lane in sixth round on July 12, 1051, Layne is now staging an impi] sive .comeback. U everyUrtM aM McLean, and ahe to SSW Cora - now. know. <*ra waa In the office when 5lOl-*«* U happened. She «ald Eve was next day, I'd forgotten what I waa so angry about I certainly dtdnt „ .. nurse the notion of someday sneak- niece, you Ing up on him with that carving Texas, Louisiana, Misslpoi, Tennessee and Kentucky. . - "*• Arkansas' national committeewoman, Mrs. Jack Carnqs of Camden, announced plans for the m>et- ing yesterday. She said national committeeman end committcewomen, state party chairmen and vice chairmen and secretary from each of the states hcve been invited to attend. Mrs. Carnes said she was told by Mitchell that top leaders ol every division in the national Democratic headquarters will attend. FIREMEN PREPARED MEMPHIS (ff> — Report on (ire at a Memphis Oil CompJ last night.' Equipment sent: Three pumpij iwo aerial trucks, chief's car, trict chiefs car. Cause: Smouldering pile ground meal. Equipment used: Bucket ol ; j t«r. fovtuaete error and had tried to him the ri«ht way, Pearson U«d here as he has in nutter*. He did not mention OW»r'« guUt mitU U h»d be«n IKwed u, official proc««din«s. Utkt U».e Older was d«»d, »« the war, the c«n«or«Jbb> feitftd personal l«ttcr« wrll- an oan't be trusted with, ftgitt know what Jojwiy M.W. ^Uave UutrucUoM tft? Slwmona, w«» drunk." Oh.' Nance felt ale*. HI wtttt out to hie oar Horn*, fve wa» aaiaep wben he antered Their room. H* could not MM bit to th« dajrknaaa. but he UN* ly MiM Vivien patriot, M 10 South gtttdcast them and waa wi*sou» «* her WlUwwt a Ught, he tot Into bed. He lay tor • liWg «j«e into the darkneae, Pownatairm, a dock chimed UM halt hour an4 he «»jw jShat u ha we* to b* *t it ww. Hi . "It oould be twisted to sound bad at a meeting of the hospital board, couldn't 4t?" Nance agreed that It could. Eleanor said, "i wish she'd never come to Thurstonla, Nance! Nothing has been the same since she oame-nothin*. Saw feeto It, too. He's on edge, these days. Worry ing about Jeremy, mostly. I hpp« he isn't heading for a disappoint. raent ,too, In the civic elections." -He'll b« elected." -Yes. if Bv* doesn't » • • -Now, Mother," Nance eald indulgently. "You ore worked up. couldnt poaalbly do anything fctti tMtV it wi* to I* «K tfct Bv« eoulont powttwy «« «nyw»«>* «» v &<&^M\^j&&s^* 5^BW «»S.^lJ»}^^'*i tl !SriZ knife." "You're trying to tell me IV» absurd to believe Eve has carried a grudge all these years." "Isn't It? Nance, why not break down fttti admit that Eve may have ttiarrt«a Jeremy becaus* ah« loved him?" ••She dftesnV "You mean you want to belUre ah* do*an't." Naao« fiushad. -Roiph a«r«M with ma. He says Eva U IncapabU of toviag anyoiw-" "Bolpta could »» prejudlctd, too." "you'd have me see her a plaster aainU" "No, I Just cant sw h«r ftl) black. No on» U, Nance. Nor all white. Eve must have something on U»« crwSt eWe, M »<4> «» beauty. Jeremy m»m*d, her, didnt k it" Nanc« r*cogni»e4 tha trap into ""^^U deftly U^.Wfe NOTICE! We are prepared to take care of your winter jxasture PMA orders for seeds ond fertilizers as well as toMlsiQrtq white winter shallots and White Bermuda onion sets Plenty 0f parking room and loading space at our new location where business is appreciated. WM » w* e a e tSf**^* 8 ^ SEED STORE 3101. 2nd The United States bought AlaJ from Russia in 1869 for $7,200,(T ILONDII AU I WANt TC>NlCMT (9 . ASUVSSOF BUTTERMILK- 'M GOING ON A NOTHINC WET?£ ALL O Pf?OUD Match 'Em Up ^HORIZONTAL 4Laughln| 1 • and Mike 8 Busy or —* 4 and fall 6 Time of year ' 8 and close 7 Hearing organ 12 French friend SSheepllke 13 Notion 9 Bid or 14 Urn 10 Italian city 15 Pro and —. 11 Bird's home 16 Those who 17 Notched a _»^_ frighten coin's edges 27 Partner 41 Outmoded 18 Hebrew 19 Weird 28 Plateau 42 and coll ascetics 23 Metal bolt 29 Jewish 43 English river 20 Place within 24 Orifice month 44 Network 21 Encountered 25 Monkeys 31 Annie —— 46 Intend 22 Heraldic band 26 South 33 Catch again 47 Unsophisti- 24 Couple American 38 Aims cated 26 Indigo mountain 40 Dissent 48 Formerly 3oTho7ce CUP Cha ' n ° r " 50 Full (suffix) 32 Experienced 34 Lead again 35 Old name for Urfa 36 Worm 37 Retained 39 Male hog 4fl Tnn 41 Pacific (ab.) 42 Ship's boat 45 Fancy 49 Possessive pronoun 61 Swiss river 52 Dove's home 53 Musical directions 54 Palmlike 55 Leg joint 57 Newt \ VERTICAL 1 Step 2 and Andy 2 Metalworkers 1 II ii i5~ 21 30 '« ito W b2 ib Z 3 14 % H Ii l& ^ Si 37" 5 ^ ^ 50 63 bt b P ^ 38 MS 7 ^ <!'i 32 3? ^ tb I/ 3~ ^ 8 IH ^ 33 3? 9 zT 41 54 57 0 Z8 f7 H 29 H8 2<j CARNIVAL By Dick Turner t. M. ».,. u. s. fa. on. Copr 195: I) NEA Slr,ic>. 1,1C, ,"Ancl it's ivit only genuine—rlt'i ilmulated and synthetic - besides!" SIDE GLANCES By Golbrqith 4d^i&,S ly Chick Y«un« rr%n ffiin; ccniRi wn LOOM WHO'S PINCH- OUT OUR WAY R. WllUam, By Mlchnol O'Mollty VIC'9 WJLLBTPIMR* IT* MARK, 5UN CLATTEfte OM tHB HE SAID IF DIDN'T MIMD HE'P RIPE AUONIG WITH US RE- SOU AO AHBAt? WITH „ WKTVCWESBNT R-]ANPHB i» re A AVUBPSJTBR! STOP AW GET TAUKIM7 WASH TUBES fc>E5PER^B FOR ^ WEOPLER ^NO Y PUT L-DOUNO IP LITTL& PUWK. \ CAM GET FH' OOPB RECOGNIZED i CRABBED TH' WORKS'. TOWN. BVBW ft STICK- WE GOTTA PULL TlW I TRI&D FIZZLBOl,., RIGSfr JOB SC0M&R HELPED BLOCK THE HOLD-UP HGBBV HOS5ES ^gEiff? OUR BOARDING HOUSE Wifh Major Hooplc HE'5 BEErvi TKREAT£NllMi3>\i JAKE MUST . LOSE HIS teMPeR FOR // HAVS 6UNK K VeARS.SUT THAT'S THE/I fKE'SPfMR FIRST FAST ORDBR / \ 1^ HIM OiMCE OP KoJOCKLES gOTH BOulS AND HER BUDDIb'S - < By idgdr VOW. O'VXOH'fcSW f| L BUGS BUNNY LET THIS WORRY r WANT FOLLOW INSTRUCT! FUNNY BUSINESS ALLEY OOP WOW/ THAT WA9 SURE ^^ Baj -*< WHEW! A, OUST , 50ME THUNDER AN'/^...,BUT I \ STORM WHIPHN 1 ) LIGHTNING! I'D AL- I GUE69 I JUST UP/ GA.PFRY, /.'> MOST SWEAR I 6AWI IMAGINED 7 THIS IS AMYTHINSI6E6 IN TIIIB'LU BE /T WOULf>»T MY IMAGINATION/ BE TOO SURE \eURE ENOUGH/I OF THAT, TH'GENIE'S FACE \ IT... THAT CLOUD... ,,-. ''^'••'• '>j have you that will tntr« men, votiri? I'm t dictate for office!'' CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS { WAT ACS you PCIH& IN HERE AMA1ZA KATHBR vnv-fVHi*, I4HT IT, NOT TO DIMPLY IHZPECT NUTTY CQOK IS GIVING u '' SYLVESTER.' WATCH OUT/ 600P MKSHr, "tfclUR MAJESIY/ I TAKR / I TAKR , P«.ESEMCe/ J Uf wo w J» rr vutCNt IT Nice**, amv HAVE SHOWN HJMT&TWg 00

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