Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 24, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 24, 1952
Page 6
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—Sen, filch. I4«A vJeb whd lo.t hlf flMftefat fltfttiU to * !* lh«,WlW iUtJpOfl imuui«" eommi (Aid Towflitnd fyM in th# ltd ! view, to NMftfliffcMd B«t f HUon'* fin- lUt ndht, "I» <<>. * he id lfM . d jSy D?mocrnt ton T __._ ' nnul.II- rail. Alt of thPtn cxpr«(!SP(l fc/v'l £ - « v > " wnoUh«flrUdly-nn- inint«l, OOP nn« , «0itt Umt « of the '' the he* 'ever * ' n why on the odd 'ait •Nixon's >eql" )ON WHiTBHeAO t),, (f|f- Lant Mt Jn thin ,clty'8 .1 t>1mo»t hypnotic •Mw fp&U |6t a volte pAdWi jolllltiiil honnty bolt* of Snn. Richard )!<» hod dotti- .. ink ftMiliQOO lft$ from A Kroup Ho Md hot afiSL^ls: mto t f e;Hatt ,jvi»t "'W, tton, ,l for i-OOP ^ * • *du 4 1- T „_ ,^j«hitt(<or. f*l:>^ ferti,t« ^ &H HOM ITAH, MO^t, ARKANSAS , S*ptember Charges fly as Voting Fraud Aired MELBOURNE. —Opponents Markets NEW YORK (M— The Stock market carried it* recovery movement Into the fourth straight ROS- »lon tndny with railroads out in front. Louitianians to Boycott Party LtTTLK ROCK. — Louisiana 1944 ,1948 j • /TV f I /TT ) \ iPULUNQ IN THE VOTES— Nowicharl obovo ahows the popular vote for the two major political pfertltf llnto 1110. The Democrat! were second bent until Franklin Roosevelt was. elected in 1038. 1 burlnf the 1930 election, the Democrat* entabllahed on nil-time record in vote-getting with more , than 87 million Vote*. The maximum vote 'tor the Republican candidate to date is 22 million votes ! tor W««^U,yyiHJ« }n 1MO. Irt the putt two elections the OOP has narrowed the «ap, but^not '" ' to o,ufttHt D«moorftU trom.the White Hpu$c. •- ••— '"**'"' nil a candidate /or tin. ftmt -tio ti insn • vvhoae liuncnly unit Inti'Hi ity ha* be«fi qvii'Btlont'tl. . ."' Thorp wn» only iho Round of thf> of tint Voice,' Th«r« wns no Neman carrylnu tho Kimntur. Only llu» voice. The son of fuco« nturod tow tin I tho platform UK though iho voico W«H comlnjj from the apeaker'u iQ»trum. .That ia why I urn horn tonight, l.wunt to toll you my aid* bt-'thv onso, , , " . Tho voico wont on. On tho Dpoakor's «U\a*>, Sen, Tnft IpftffU through u lilllo bin ok notebook, IJo fihutttod i|ome> import* in hU hnndK, Ho JoUml down a ts»w IIOJCH, Noxt U) him, Son, John "W, Brickcr *at with folded anus, fhvn HrlektM 1 looktid around him on Umttjju U-ylng to rood whnl wnn in the 8«n ol fnooi. '' There wit'n Imrdly « movement, A liny flag waved from sld* to lido in *)ow motion In n big women'* hftnctit, A man nibbed' his thin, A head turned slowly to look nroiind. B«t there* w«s hUnosii no «o\indy rhlnute ttftor'inlnuto, B qvm front, o a mull boy sleeping LUK! hid *yi» and lookod up nt lha Tvomnrt beside him; probably hU. mothor. ftut she WHS »o Intent on thtt voice thut »ho pnld no hcctt W 1^«f boy,' M«* wohl bock to n -korlouj study o( hi* finger*. Acros» the tuUlc from To ft, a Bray-hatred woman ml In an mil- bf froten ^onoentrutlon. her, ovcry f«c« w*» n Ad-la i Rejects Continued from One TS tihnuldn't b<- required to . fl- Bon «nld, nor hnve nthor jttiito of- flt'Uila known who him boon rucelv- j !li> did not Hlvi- tho breakdown iii I'xpi'tidilurc.s nf tho eontrovcr- NlM $111,2115 fund in hi.s talk. But he ri'len.sod an mulit ropxirt from in n hotly-contcstPd rncc for utato rcprescntotfvc hurled criminal charge* against each other yes tcldoy a* n CJrand Jury began iti prob,-? of on alleged voting fraud Jr. Izard County. Tho Jury, acting under orders from Circuit Judgo John L. Bled »oo to lift the cloud of suspicion from the county's returns in tho! August Dfirnocratlc pjrlmnry, hoard r:nly one witness yosterduy. But outside the Orahd Jury room, the two principals in tho contested rcpresentatlvr; race, R. Dlalr and Arthur Harris, pitched nngry chdr,bc« of law violations at eoeh other. Blair, who lost to Karris by 30 volog In the primary— tantamount tc election In Democratic Arkansas — declared that 300 Illegal ballots l:ad been printed in Missouri and used to his opponents benefit. Harris countered that Blair, who had nerved two terms In the House, attempted to bribe election Judges and hud otherwise vio- Intcd the state's corrupt practices act. Harris' charge was contained In a cross-complaint filed in Circuit Court in answer to Blair's suit contesting the, outcome of the primary voting. The Blalr-Hnrrls race generally in.creditod for the fact that Izard County cast nbout 3,500 votes !n the primary despite tho fact that It Issues less than 2,400 poll lax receipts. .This discrepancy also caused a second election contest, in whid Sen. Y. M. Mack of Mnoreficlr has charged that Sen. Orville Chen ey of Calico Hock won nomination on the basis of illegal Izard County votes. The Mack-Cheney dispute is to bo heard by Jiiduo Blerlsoo begin hiius Thursday. No dnte has been sot in the suits involving Harris end Blair. In .his suit. Blair charged tha "300 rxtrn ballots" printed at Thayer, Mo., hud been used In Gains were mostly In fractions H 1 "^" 1 ^ 1 . to around o pint but some pressed I on to between 2 and 3 points. Losses were , largely fractional. will be represented along with five othrr Southern states a> a Democratic party strategy conference nnd Tuesday Barnes. Arkansas sixth sUt* to be Louisiana's Dem o c : Kennon has said he wl the Republican ticket in Ngyerh- ber. Gov. Allan Shivers of Texas also has indicated he would|bacr the COP ticket, but Texas « represented hereby Speak' the House Sam Rayburn an< Hilda B. Weinter of Segui Grains advanced a bit this morning In parly trading, but they couldn't hold the guins and soon slumped to near the previous close While hogs are higher. Wholesale nents arc unchanged to lower and cattle nre mostly steady Cotton futures opened 25 cents a bale higher to 15 cents lower. New York: Noon October Cotton JD-Ufl. December Cotton 39.00, Today's Commodity report, furnished by the USDA: Hogs are selling steady to as much as 05 cents per hundred in the east half of the corn bell Mostly 200 to 280 pound butchers are selling from $20.50 to $20.75 or more. Early tops were $20.75 at Chicago and Indianapolis and $20.00 at East St. Louis. Sows are around 25 to 50 cents higher with early sales nt Chlcajjo and East St. Louis bulking from $l(i to $10.50. Demnrr.-ttir national committee' woman, said Frank Ellis. Louisiana national committeeman, 3d- visi-rt here today that he and William .T. Erifksen, vice chairman til the Louisiana Democratic State Central Committee would attend. It was the first word from Lou- j isiana. Previously acceptances for' the conference with National Chairman Stephen Mitchell had 'been received fnom Mississippi, Texas, Tennessee and Kentucky party leaders. Arkansas is the ___" L i could grant tno government right of entry for the constitution work. It is this plan whicn it is believed Mi-Moth discussed wilh Pace. tionai committcewoman;"?;.- WHAT€VER YOUR COOKING YOU'll FIND , HUMKO UNSURPASSED/ ITS AUVESETABL6I McMath talks With Pace on Camp Robinson LITTLE ROCK (UP) — Gov. Sid McMalh was due back from Washington today after conferences with Secretary of the Army Frank Pacr;. Jr., on the status of Camp Robin- OPEN ALL NITE BEFORE OR AFTER THE RODEO SPECIALS J/2 CHICKEN — FRENCH FRIES HOT ROLLS ill 98c HAM STEAK (8 Oz.) FRENCH FRIES HOT ROLLS THE OAKS HI WAY 67 WEST — CITY LIMITS whnt. i 1'riro, Wtiterhousc nnd^Co., . Jic- iunlantH, showing: Toliil dlsburs<;ment of $in,l(ifl87 CHICAGO in') — Aide* to Uov. Adlnt 14. Stcvunsoii appeared today to hftvo. Ignored n demand that . '; tfovflrnor withdraw from el which directly. $0,102.15 went:- to NJxon pre&ktentlal campaign In view of disclosure of u private cnsh fund he promoted to help pay part of fiomo stiitc sulfu'lc-s, C, WayUirjd Brwk«, Illinois lie- |)Ubllt:nii wulimal unmnlUfommi _jtA-<-»i...u-.i..s--y_ g senator tfQm : MBie di'innnd yoitteV' S«if Ih ; hvl«llffi''t6'Sti-|.)lu«n Milcltell. chuinniiii ••flt- ; ;tho Domocrntic N:t- tlnrturCotnmltteo; "1 think that's rldlruUius," wa.t Mltchpll's reply to newsmen In Wuithtntftor) asked him If he would dt'rilnnd. that Stevenson withdraw. He siilil ho was not colnti to Ulk nbout the fund because Stevenson h«d'rn«dc> n ittntomcru about It. 1 Mitchell nnR'Xtomandvd that Son Richard.Nixon of California ri'slgn s RcpublleWl' vice presidential itulldnte because of the $18.235 iHitrlbuted by n group of Cull- orivla bus^wssnu'n to supplonioiU i« government income and ox- wise l\ind*. Stev«n*on hns ncknowlt-daed that u collected a fund to imminent tute salttrlcs of soni oof his ap- (jlntlve off Jeers. However, ho snld (ore was nothing secretive or im- nbout the fund. The largest sinjtle Item listed was $4.237.54 for engraving 1(1,500 Christmas curds In 1950 and 25,000 In 1951. Airline, auto nnd hotel bills MRST OP THE KTBS fAUM SERVICE DEPARTMENT 1PION JUNIOR :k Showmanship t Awordtd Tonighf at DISTRICT ;(^CK SHOW \ } 1 UttlllHTIOTHUMDArON ' NIW» - 12,10 f. M, ^. ^iiV - -tr - ( 'l Vi ^KVd* i». &»^ •; >;f i' fc* ^SiVJ Will Meet tr Mr. and |;2,llOtl,5'l. Mrs. Nixon totaled Former Peace Officer tho .run-off primary. He also charged Dial no list of votr-rs was kept at Oxford, Harris' home box, and that 270 votes wen; cast although the township Issued only 83 poll tox*receipts. Judge Bledsof told tho Grand Jury that, "the 'eyes of Izard County are upon you ns well as the eyes of all Arkansas," "The law-abiding citizens of Izard County are looking to you to return Indictments," he said. 'If ycu do .your duty, Izard County can bo proud ol you and thankful for Uuv.work you have done." The only witness hoard yestor day was Bradford Govan, publish t«r of ,ithe, Melbourne-. Times. MONTICRLLO, (M ber, 1951, Charlc Ford, a former pence ufffi'c'r here, was convicted on n si-cond degreu murder ghurgo nnd sentenced to n year In thr penitentiary. He was eonvected in the slaying of Bunynn Wlgley, April 14, 1951. His lawyers appealed and won r. reversal of the sentence and new trial. Yesterday a Circuit Court jury found him millty of manslaughter and sKMilfUced him to 18 months. .son. Hnnry Woods, executive secretary of McMath, said yesterday that the governor had talked with Pace about the fate of the World War U training center near North Little Rock. There was no official word on details of thf meeting with Pace <ut it was understood that McMath a plan which would re suit in the building uf some $2,000,(00 worth of railhead and ware house facilities at the army post. Camp Robinson was deeded to ho state of Arkansas in 1946 but the government held a reclaiming privilege and reports were that the government plans to exercise- tho claim, not to reactivate the camp, but to build railhead and warehouse facilities and put the army post on a standby basis for use in event of a national emergency. State officials said the government would not havo to reclaim the post. The state, they said, Miracle Cushion Holds False Teeth Tight ' Eases Sore Gums Good Showing in Oil Test PLEASANT PLAINS. UP) — Firs reports coming from Deep Rock Oil Company's No. 1 sample well near here indicate u "good gas "Showing" but make no mention of any oil traces. The company's Tulsa, Okla., headquarter* said yesterday that a 4-hour drill steam lest surfaced gas in three hours and 45 minutes. The test recovered 105 feet of {ins-cut "drilling mud with good odor and It burned," the report £a id. There has been no oil discovered in Arkansas north of the Ouachita River although there are several t;as producers located in the Arkansas River Basin in which Pleasant Plains is located. The Deep Rock well is the center of N. , of the SW, section 4 10 north, G west, White County. Goodbye Forever to Loose, Wobbly, Uncomfortable Plates Snug Denture Cushions are-a triumph of science, a sensational new plastic re-lining that ends the annoyance und irritation of loose, badly fitting false teeth. Absolutely harmless to gums or dentures. No Sore, Irritated Gums Sore, irritated gums are eased at once. No more chafing of wobbly dentures. All tender areas are gently cushioned. 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But Sparkinun. in Grund j.lana, Nvb,, retorted; 'Nobody hat accused me of gutting $18,000 ami I haven't any ex- S«0. Sparkm»n said his wife had worked 10 .yews awt "««rnod t-vory dollar she ever got." Ho added thtt he has never us**! all of th« money allotted him (or of- lic* expense, any ing. "1 tuvu back I10.0QD io »13.000 *v*ry year." iator* »*c«jve *SitOoo annual- for office und operational *it- wr Hud »Upve n $15,txw a«l»ry. Nixon did not»lv* n break down ot his $50,001}. Jte cwntcniitHl there were »ddi- tiunal political d*m»nds "taxpay- in swlow* thought w intro- Wll'l Wf r« they Uiinldnx? Nu one Vut lh»y poUld »«y. But ho on« in U»«t feitt couW ««Cttp* the electric th»l h»W the audience lor Duty l»MfK«d- Nixon toid » fi»ol a do«. Dodge trucks are built for greater maneuverability, easier parking, less driver fatigue. Turn in tighter circles, thanks .to short wheelbase and wide front tread. 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Walker, 1221 South Bin, Friday night, September 20, k 7 o'clock. ||Dosmopolltan Club Meets Country Club Tuesday - f'Thc Cosmopolitan Club held their Sfcfit meeting of the new club yeai 1C?the Hope Country Club Tuesday light, September 23, at 7:45 with Mrs. Royce Smith, Mrs. George pbison, and Mrs. Jim Case as hostesses. Artistic arrangements of autumn Il'ftwers were used throughout the plub room. vMrs. L. B. Toolcy, president, pro- pijjcd over the regular routine ot business. Mrs. R. E. Jackson acted asp secretary in the absence of lErs. Teddy' Jones. •TMrs. Kelly Bryant gave a sketch Ion 1 some interesting facts about life of William Howard Tall, |At':book review on "Sudden Glory" iy Cid Kicketts Sumner was pro- filled by Mrs. Lawrence Martin. t t'/rhc hostesses served a salad |;plate with coffee to seventeen s present. Coming and Going Mrs. A. E. Slusser will serve as a hostess at the UDC Reception at the Old State House in Little Hock Thursday. Issues Out, Personal Points Flame By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON, Wl — The presl- posed to be a sober discussion of dential campaign, which Is sup- fcsed to be a sober discussion of the issues, has been suddenly side swiped and knocked into a ditch. Fmgei-pointing is the main nttrac lion now. What Gen. fclisennower and Gov. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Collins art- spending this week in Stephens with Mrs. Collins' brother, E. H. , Stevenson have had to say in the Alford and Mrs. Allord. i P^t few days on the issues must j have sounded to most voters like A small orchestra, offstage, while Mrs. Wylio Williams has return-i charges and counter charges about DOROTHY DIX Too Popular Dear Miss Dtx: I'm 19 and rather B novice At "playing the field." I've never fcctunlly gone steady, but never Hated more than one or two boys In the same period until rec*ntly. I'm overage In every tvay except that I'm always very happy and can't help showing it. I have a wonderful time no ed irom a visit with her sister in McCaskill. expense funds got the spotlight, j Personal business and private | lives have become so entangled in Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Willis and j the campaign that the original children have returned from a visit! issues from now on will be only with Mr. and Mrs. Leon Willis and | part of the campaign. There's a iamily and Mr. and Mrs. L. 0.: chance this may turn into one of Jones in Liberty, Mo. ' the bitterest campaigns in history. Voters, many of them, who Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Rogers of i lll »»Kht in the beginning their only Hope and Mrs. A. M. Covey of Ore City, Texas, spent last week problem was choosing between the candidates and parties on those . .., .. . .. ^, visiting their son and brother, "'''a" 1 '' lssucs - now wl ","" d thcm ' Woodrow Rogers, and family of sclvcs lnflui -'» ccd ^ attitudes, pcr- Brownsvillo, Texas. They also visited in Mexico. Tried, fined $2.>Noticc of appeal. Jess Porter, ' Reckless driving, Forfeited |25 cash bohd. The following 'forfeited *25 cash! bond on a charge of OVERLOAD: M. Tullis, B: J. iforncr. W. H. Forsythe, Frank Daniels, W. Wit- Hams, E. Shipper, Hubert Whltten. Lee Helton. Assault and Battery, Forfeited $25 cash bond. D. W. Jones, Fishing without n license, Tried, fined flOO-Nolice of appeal, Mrs. W. J». Clary. Fishing with an electrical device,' Tried, fined $100. Notice of'appeal. W. J. Clary, Fishing with an electrical device, Tried, fined $100 Notice of appeal. George Stephenson of Durant, Okla., spent Friday night with his and fa- sonal revelations and perhaps more public disclosures. No one can predict the turn they'll take. Sen. Richard Nixon, at the very moment he was pleading for his * SAENGER I.. • Today & Tomorrow • MIUMMD TUT WHS MNLT UNDER A GLOW •F < eiWSMOKE! _,., EDMOND O'BRIEN' STERLING HAYDEN • DEAN JAGGU j. CAIIOU NAISH • lAUDA EUIOT urday and was entertained with a fish fry Saturday night at the homo of his brother-in-law, T. J. Hartsfield. He returned to Durant Sunday morning. TV audience, did htS tcvenson and his vice presidential running mate, Sen. John J. Sparkman, into the flypaper. When tho disclosures about Nix- r.r.'s e.xpcn.sc fund— $18,000 donated by Californians— began to break . j • * i lclst week, Stevenson suggested no r erSOnOl Mention one judge the Republican vice I presidential candidate until all the Mrs. G. E. Coop is improving , [ ; , cls W ci-c in. following an eye operation at a Stevenson's forcbcarancc didn't Tcxarkana hospital. pi-cvcnt Stephen Mitchell— his own hand-picked chairman of the Democratic National Committee— from trying to make political capi- Branch tnl out o£ Nixon's dilemma. MilAdmitted: Mrs. Martha Sasson, ! cncl l demanded Eisenhower fire of" Prescott. Nixon. Hospital Notes matter where I go. Now I think my exuberance has Rotten me Into trouble. In the post month or so I've dated nine differ- out boys with very different personalities — nnd they all kc cumins back! I like them all, but nin in love with none. Somehow I've managed to interest each one of them. 1'vo never kissed any of them or let thorn become nt all familiar. Four especially have me perturbed. They seem to be Dotting too serious, nnd have suggested that 1 go stondy. That I am not ready for yet. Still. 1 don't like to keep dating them on the chance that they'll think I'm holding out encouragement. They are loo nice to treat lightly. This letter may sound terribly conceited, but it is all true, and I nin just as surprised as anyone at my sudden acquisition of so many boy friends. A. F.| Answer: Seldom do Kirls of pop-j uliu'-ity have problems, but your' lelti-r is proof thiit tin slate in lilo' no matter how desirable, is without its thorns. The facts In your letter certain^ twild have been presented in « most conceited manner, but you write with so much charm th«t t am sorry indeed that the ehtlve epistle could not have been printed. Not Your Fault There Is no way you can prevent boys from being attracted to you If you have the personality to draw'them. Naturally, you don't want to cut yourself off from dnt- tn« altogether, and you are being completely fair with all the boys by letting them know you believe In multiple dates. More you Cannot do. If they .want to continue dating you for the sake of your friendly companionship .intl «ood humor, that's their privilege. 11 Involves no commitments on your part. Just be careful not to mnke rash promises until you aio sun: you have found the "oiv und only," not a thing you can do to relieve the sihtatwn. H youf son hasn't the gumption to sUnd up for his own rights, no one can give It to him. Dear Miss DIx: My son is married to a shrew, and my husband and I are heartbroken over him. He hasn't a word to say in his own house and can visit just whom and when she permits. ' li. T. Answer: Unfortunately, there Is- Dear Miss DIx: The other night I had a date with a boy 1 have admired for a long time. We went on a double date to ft movie, and then to the beach. The other couple began petting ami 1 let the boy kiss me. Now he Isn't even friendly to me when we meet. I would like very much to be friends, nnd win his respect again. Answer: You are learning early that boys can be very contradlc- i lory characters. They use all their ' charm to urge a Rlrl onto n pet- I ling spree, then are disappointed because she yielded loo easily. Its a wise pulley to reserve petting until you meet a boy you really cure about. Since you ordinarily don't reach this state on n first dale, It's best to save your kisses for Inter occasions. A girl who yields too easily never earns the respect accorded the lassie who has learned the value of resistance. Tho b#by ot . jr only about «n ( ittCtt Jtefig if HOPE DRIVE THEATK >. MAIN A c«un(ry til .'.>„._.... ..Js.", ; mrlr ' i " ni » i jj^- i $ "Mismi f WO" ^With.... , v ; BURT LANCASTit DOROTHY Me< (Hi-loused by Tho Bell Syndlculu, Inc.) Polio Fatal to 4th Member of Family MILWAUKE, Wis., I/P1 — Polio has struck the Leo B. Linneman- stons family its fourth fatal blow in nine days. Barbara, 13, died tonight. Ten days ago, the Linneman- stons parents took a drive in the country with the seven of their eight children who lived at home. They were looking forward to the time when their oldest, John, 20, a Marine, could rejoin them. The next day, Sunday, 16-year- old Paul was hospitalized with bulbar polio. He died on Monday, the day his sister Lorraine, 4, became ill Lorraine died Tuesday. Mary Ann was stricken on Thursday, the day of Paul and Lorraincs double funeral. After Mary Ann died Saturday night, the grieving father, said, "A person has to be afraid to wako up in the morning." Sunday morning Barbara, 13, awakened with the headache and stiff neck which had announced bu'bar polio three times before. She died 12 hours after Mary Ann's funeral this morning. Although there is more life in cold than in warm seas, there arc more kinds of life in the tropic seas. RIALTO TODAY AND A THURSDAY ^ SKID OW AU SEATS 50c Court Docket CITY DOCKET Carrol Allen, Drunkenness, Forfeited $7 cash bond: spent 3 days in jail: Robert Lindsay, Drunkenness, Forfeited $10 cash bond. Minnie Jenkins, Booker Jenkins, Drunkenness, Plea guilty, fined $10 Jesse Brock, Possessing untaxed intoxicating liquor, Pica guilty, fined $50. Edgar Williams, Possessing untaxed intoxicating liquor, Forfcit- FO $50 cash bond. Rosic Watkins, Possessing intoxicating liquor. Forfeited $50 cash bond. Robert C. White, Driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor, Tried, fined $100 and five days in jail: driver's license revoked for one year. Tnomas E. Allen. Driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor, Forfeited $25 cash bond and ordered to servo one day in jail. Ervin Dodson, Mclvin Stuart, no Chauffeur's license, Forfeited $5 cash bond. Jesse Brock, Reckless driving, Flea guilty, fined $25. Howard L. Aldcrson, Ellis Stafford, Johnnie Phillips, Hazardous driving, Forfeited $10 cash bond. The following forfeited $5 cash bond on a charge of NO BRAKES ON CAR: E. W. Wesson, John Williamson, Augusta Walker, Eddie Wyatt, Clyde Martin, Jack Nobles, Chas. Stoggins. .R. C. Kingsby, Improper parking, Forfeited $1 cash bond. Bobbie Lcggett, Illegal parking, Forfeited $1 cash bond. Bennie Flenory, Speeding, Forfeited $10 cash bond. The following forfeited $5 cash bond on a charge of SPEEDING: Frank Livingston, Hubert Stroud Walter Nichols, Bill Finchor, Eu- feene Guilliams, Clarence Conway, Rjobcrt L. Money, Mrs. Lamar Cox, H. F. Hart, A. G. Martin, Gerald G. Times, Donald Brown. • Lylr McMann, R. C. Kingsby, Running "Stop sign", Forfeited $5 cash bond. Isaac Young, Madison Fisher. Assault and Battery, Forfeited $10 cash bond. Chas. McPherson, No city license, Forfeited $5 cash bond, Bennie Lee English, No Chauffeur's license. Forfeited $5 cash bond. E. W. Wesson, No State license, Forfeited $5 cash bond. Dora Kenn, Incorrect parking, Forfeited $1 cash bond. The following forfeited $1 cash bond on a charge of IMPROPER LIGHTS ON CAR: Booker Williams, Louis Clarlc, Fdward Burgan, George Wiljis. Q. K. Coleman, Augusta Walker, and Prince Beasley. Billie Lee English, No driver's license, Forfeited $10 cash bond. The following forfeited $5 cash bond on a charge of NO DRIVERS LICENSE: Gerald Dickman, Sammie Lee Stuart, Booker T. Edwards, Richard Turintine, Boaz Tolliver, C. L. Garner, Augusta Maxwell, Joe Johnson, Thomas D. Galloway, E| more Stuart, R. C. WUlJams. STATE DOCKET Mitchell Moore, Grand Larceny, Dismissed on motion of Pros. Attorney at the request of Pros, wit n*ss. Paul Cornelius. H. Stevens, Indecent exposure Forfeited $10 cash bond. Jimmy (RedJ Fereell, Reckless i ^tfft; »• ^* » " ' -.i"" 1 ' s^l^k^.^^' £& NELLY DON FALL FASHI NEWS'! suit, above, of acetate and rayon. Reverse fabric give* dressmaker look to soft jacket. Grey, brown, mauve. 12 to 20 and 12/a to 20/,. 19,95 Fall-flavored pUid, right, with soft sliirt top, easy gored skirt. CJaley and Lord gingham in rust, green, wine, navy. 10 to 16.14.95 .Here's proof that "good b knows no price tag". i^pH p«r new . «.., vj$^%&$$$m fall collection by Nelly Donfthe designer who V specializes in the kind of fresh, authoritative that look smart from coffee to curfew, So well-mad< * J * h ^* J **** 1 "* u *and beautifully fitted, we give them top bUling fe; ^^^^^ quality an«J fashion at a down-to-earth price, ' ;; Soft-tailor *ult, center above, new look of eolor ?hot with '' Spectator cuml, right, to wear » » drew, t lightweight topcoat. Fine acetate and ame-mutam, fc r«J, beige, gr«€», 10 to 20 and 10H to 20^. 13.9* ^i^i-i,;-- KOnif'!-!f-^K^;jt'>xXK:

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