Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 16, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 16, 1894
Page 3
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A STRANGE CASE, How an Enemy was Foiled. Tho following graphic statement will be n-;i(i with !,,«;M- inn-iv.-it: "1 enimotdf-si-rlfw 1 1,,- numb, crvi-i.ynonsn.tlan Uiatoxlsiod in my ;nvn-i >j»mN ami Irss. I had to rub ivnd bunt tKwo parts until they wero sore, toovpnvmie in a mVa-im- the (Wcl feeling that had Ulfen i.,«si-.slon of idem. In addition, I *i«<l a ,1 rauci- m-aWnvv* In my buck ami «.rpmiu m) 5 *,-,NM«.-.MlH-rwHli an lufles.*] 'iihle Ki|ni' fvolliitf l" my stomach. IMiysiHiins sail it wjix.Tvi'i'liiK paralysis, from whl< h. fti: ™r<l- liiit toUu-ir unlvi'raa! conclusion, tfiurc Js n» rilii-f. Onco It fastens nfiin u person, the* •inv. It, c<mllnufn It* Insidloiw prupross uiitu '.; Vfiiu-lii-* n vital iwltit uud tho suffiTor tiles. Surh w;vs my nrosju-ct. I luul been cloctorlnir ,y>"r indiiluUfiteadlly.but with no |>ur- •ic-ulnr liKiifllt. wliiui 1 saw un nrtvisrti.-eiiii-nt J (ir ilflifs' Ke»(orat(vi> Xcrv/nc. prm.-urt'O « DOtllB luul began usInK H. Murveloua «s 1 1. may «wn. h»> » tow days Had pas .-.td bM'" ' ,-vt.ry Ml of tliati-rei-py foollnn Imd '«"»>- .inrt there hnw not bcsn ovi-u the i slid u-»t indluuilon of lt.s roturn. f mi<v ft-ol aj M.,n n» 1 ever did inul ntw« guinea ten ± , I in VrW," JhoutfJ. I }"'d "m rtown from 170 to 137. Four others huvo used Ur. Mli"v Ki-siomtlvu Nervine on my roi-omon- d'ition.and It huKbw., assfttlsfuctory • nt heir iMsMiw In mine."— Jiimi-s hniio, Li» 14 , u . 0 .- "• . , ' " list'** JLM in nil iii% —vi»"'v."> *fc«"~i -— -Or. Aldus' Kmtomtlra X«rrlno i.i«> -- drnKXlsls on ft Mtwlllvo Kuantitco, or sent direct by tbo Pr. Mile* Medical <)o.. KlkUiiri. l,,i, or, receipt of price. I wr bolt Io. six houliw for *S. express prepaid. 11 Is f tuo troui .opUhtea or dangerou* drugs. Of all human troubles, Sleeplessness l» the moit dfitretslnt f 3*««ger, thirst, malaria and bodily injury may be borne for a time, and while borne may be ovet come, butsleeples*- ness crushes its victims relentlessly-* it kills as a scourge kills. Just as there is nothing that can take the place ol sleep to restore en...^ in the human body, so there is aethiag that can take the place of Dr. WHEELER'S NERVE VITAL1ZER >n making sjveet, refreshing sleep possi- "ble to n«rvous sufferers. If you lose sleep from any cause whatever, you need it. PRICC, 8I.OO A BOTTLE Inquire of clruegists for free sample. If not found, write us enclosing five cents /stamps) for postage. The doctor gives < - — free advice to any nerve disease sufferers. AH welcome. The J.W. Brant Co. Makers ALBION. MICH. We offer $500 loftny physician or chemist who can niiow otherwise, < morphine, opluto comlrxf , ot »ny ibormfnl drnK. Sold by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. It's tte Part of Wisdom. Times mar be bard and mone; close bat *»M«thlnBihiive their compensation. We can <Wll jou WHtcUen nnd will, at verr clos* n«nre» to (Cut ttn> moner. Come and sec *U»t TOU can do •dtb little money. I am »nx!ons to sell not •nlj natenea but other goodi. Diamonds, Clocks, aursnraro, Sp«.-«aole» and Novelties, I Bin **»ut lorthB Lnl»3.il«t\t\a L<KkCo., Cincinnati -96J9. (Ml and sew 8 small sample. D. A. HAUK, JEWELER /t.\'D OPTICAS. JOSEPH CILLOTT3 STEEL PENS No*. 3O3-4O4-/7O-tfO4, Anil other stylis to suit all hands, THS MOST 2EEFECT OP PENS, DAILY JOURNAL FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 16. Three mules for sale cheap. Call at Dleckman, the Grocer. We »hoir the finest line ol Imported dress patterns,—Golden Rule. Are jou going to bay & new carpet? it eo, come and see us. Greatest variety ever shown —H WUer & Co. The Babj'a Best Friend—McLlan's Onion Syrup gives immediate relief and cures croup, co)d8, oolic, and particularly vomiting of curdled milk. For sale by B. F. KeeBllng. Only 25 dents per bottle. We have heard men say "I would glve|500to have this approaching baldness arrested and a healthy growth of h&lr produced," This desirable result will rarely be brought about at trifling expense by the use of the B*oeJ»lor Scalp Curer and Hair Pro. daoer to bo told by agents in this city. r,UMU\M\N V\TAU.Y Hl'RT. Joseph II. Brown a Pun Handle bnikt'inun was fntally iojured at El wood Wednesday mornlnp. He was leaning out of the window of his cabooeu signalling 1 to tho ooeineor when tbo train was in rapid raotloo A box oar on a siding was juat In the nloar but, was not noticed by Brown. lie was caught by the projecting car and iojurod about the head and shoulders that ha Is not expected to livo Ho ia a single man and was taken to Centorvllle north if Richmond wbero hU relatives live. Pan Handle engineer C. H Flllmo'-o has purchase! a house in Woodlawn addition aud will shortly remove his family there. Pan Kindle engineer F. M. Williamson Is lying Blck al the residence of hi* fathor-ln-law D. D. BarneW north of the city. Idavllle Observer; The new railroad time table ia loudly anathematized by the pjbllo around here. There is QOW no train passing here from 2:50 one day to 7:13 the next. Alter today the cost to the company of running one of the Pullman dining cars a month will be ISO less than it has beon lor several years. The em- ployes have suffered a reduction in wages equal to that amount. Sleeping oar employas ic the Pullman service will also be affected bj the cut of salaries. There was an unexpected Increasa Jo eautbound shipments out of Chi oago last week and in consequence there are hints of rate cutUog. All the roads, however, repudiate the charge. The shipments amounted to 86.965 tons agalns 67 940 tons for the preceding week and 83,768 ton§ for the corresponding weeit of 1893. Twenty-five tramps boarded a freight train Monday night at the south yards of the Grand Rapid** Indiana road at Grand Rapids, and on nearlng Wayland, tools possession of the train, terrorizing the few passengers and trainmen. They overpowered one passenger taking his money and gold watch. The conductor, on reaching the caboose, orderod the tramps to give up their plunder and got off the train. One drew a revolver on the conductor, and toid him to get out of tho way or he would kill him. The three tralnraon were n.ulted In tho Bame manner. The police authorities at Kalamazoo were notified, and on the arrival of the train fourteen of tho tramps after a fiorce resistance, wero arrested. A large amount of plunder was lound in possession of the ganp. Unalli of Dr. F. A. Slinlt*. Delphi Journal: Dr. F. A. Shultv. diod on Tuesday mornlnp at tho advanced age o! sixty.aevon yearn. Dr. Shultz was born in Dacatur county, Indiana, Marcb 0, 1827. and moved to Delphi ia 1861. He was married In 1855. Deceased was among the oldest medical practl cioners In this part of the State, having been constantly la the practice since 1854 He had at one time a large practice In this county, but In later years his health and physical condition have been such that he at- ended only cases demanding his personal attention. Dr. Scull/ was noted for the kind, ness and tenderness of his nature, and no service to a frlead or patient was too much for him to perform. His death cast a shadow of gloom over tho community, andhla name will not soon be forgotten in Delphi. Tho funeral services will take place this afternoon at 1:30, at tho late home of tho deceased, Rav.J. A. Max. woll officiating. The liO«U Hiock Farm Of Goihen, Ind., has purchased of W. H. Bownan, ol Follcrton, Nebraska, tho champion five-year old race blal- Hon, Ontonia, 2:07.|. Thi a record was made in the -Uh heat of a winning race, and is tho fastest 4th bent ever woo by any stallion, either trotting or pacing. Ontonlan is a royally bred horse of the Wllkes family, and is a full brother to Online, 2:11, the champion two- year-old of the world. His sire is Shadeland Onward. 2:18{ the sire of the champion yearling, Belie Acton, 2:20.v, oto., and his dam, Angelina, has the honor oi having produced the fastest average rate of speed of any brood mare In the world.' Ontonian, 2:»7V will be kept by tho Leah Stock Farm, of Goshen, Ind., for breeding purposes, and anyone interested will do well to write thorn for particulars. i ftertUe ball li> OTor, nth) Ibe break of morn, After the dancers leaving, after the stars are gone. M&njihe&dliachlnt, If youbutknew U all, Take Smltli'i Bile Beaiu on retiring after the ball, Aak lot SMALL size. Mrs Hll Mrs Eva A MiiunrUnble Bit of Folk l.or«r. Abraham and Lucy Hiidebraod are still Hvinqr, alihouRh they arc In poor health They uro respectively eighty- two and eljrtuy .years of ago, and have boon married sixty- two yeare. They fcoltled near LukoCicott in Carf* county. Ind., in 1831 and have si-en their doBcenclunxa lo tho fifth generation- There arc four pairs of twin- In HnUgo Following la their — can it be matched in Cass county? I Abraham and Lucy Hildebrand II. A. W. riudebrar,d. Mrs. R chard Davis. Mrs Jasper Fisaer. Samuel Hlldobrand. Mrs. John J5anta and David Hildebrand. Ill Wiliard F. Hildebrand, John H>ens, jr , (twin), Albert debrand (twin) Mrs. Win. Boar, James Basher, George B Davis Davis, Mrs, David Kisser. 'Jharlea Davis, Frederick Davis (twin) Frank Davis, (twin), D*vld Davis. Amaxsa Strait, Infants Strait (iwins) Maud Fisher, J. L. HUdebraod. Mra. Hai- leck Flsbor, Mrs. Frederic Mater, Mrs. Parsons, Buford Bant*. IV. Earl Hlldobrand (twin) Pearl Hildebrand (twin) Infant Htldebrand, Orpha Hildebrand, Jessie Hildebrand, Lucy Hyens, Hattie H Idebrand. Grace Hildebrand, Tonev Hildebrand, Mrs. Julius Carney, Orpha Bear, Richard Boar, Nina Bear, George Basher, Miiton Basher, Fannie Davis, John Davis, Bthel Davis, Charle* Davis, Nellie Kisser. Joseph Rleser, Sherman Rleeer, George Bisser, - Rissor, Infant Davis, Pearl D*vis, Jesuits D-wis, Jeflemon Davis, Ethel Strait. Pearl Hioey Harry fliney, Clinton Hlnoy, Nellie Hlney, Edna Strait, Hugh Hildebrano, Bert Fisher, Harry Mater, Earl Parsons, Buoy Parsons, V. George and Alto Carney. Th« T«mP«r»nf« ncetlngi. The down town temperance meet- Ings attracted another large orowd last evening. The attendance has beld up very well In these supplemental meetings indicating a most encouraging spirit of enthusiasm ID the local temperance movement. Last evening the audience was addressed by Hon. W. T, Wilson who raade an exceedingly Inieresttag talk along the line of the influence of the laboring class In raora' reforms. He pointed out the power of this element reminding them of their influence exerted in various ways since their general Or gaoization here, and urged them to unite upon moral movements and exert their combined influence for the right. Mr. Wilson's address wa i very mLchtothe point a d enlisted tho ympathies of hiaMarge audience, and gained tho closest attention. The meeting will be addressed this even- xg by Rev. Dr. Marsh, pastor of the Baptist church. The Colonel Ooc»C«lllinr, Camdun Expositor: Colonel William DiOffonese Pollock, Uenpeck's pool. historian and orator, gave ua a very appreciative call bright and early last Monday morning. Ho was en route for Delphi to atralchten out the county commissioners and congratulate Mr. leherwood on his appointment as postmaster— Billy Is one of the vast multitude that expects a deputysblp. The Colonel tolli of a hard experience the past winter but is a more devout democrat than ever, and says that It Is a gross injustice to and unfair to place the present hard times as a result of the administration. Billy (B still ambitious and la steadily mounting his ladder of fame that he bas been building since Christmas Day, 1889. The wild still blows through his luxuriant whiskers and a broad ripple of spring sunshine still plays about the corners of his Grecian mouth and twinkles in his laughing, lustrous oyes. O, Billy, Indiana's proud son, there is no other just like The Gun Club Hhoot The tiogftnaport. Gun Club bad probably the most Interesting shoot of tho season at tbo range yesterday after, noon. The following 1 scores were made: Ton Singles—Suell, 10; W. Hays, , ; R. B. H*yu, 9; Reeder, 7; Scott, 3; Moyoahan. 4; Thomas, 9: Miller, 5. Five patrd—Saell, 6: Snolt, 3; W. Hays, 4; R- B- Hayes, 9: Moynahan, 3; Reder, (i;Thomas, 4. Twenty-five bird race—Snoll, 14; Moynahan, 13; Beamor, 3; R. B. Hays, 8- Soott. 4; W. H. Hay*, 20; Reeder, 14; Shell, 14; Sample. 4. Five Blagles—Hall, -5: Hays, 3; Thomas, 2; Snail, 6. Fifteen singles, unknown angles— W Hay«, fi; Reeder, 8, Monyhan, 6; SeeU 9; Shell. 5; Scott, 4. f 100 Ilemrd, $100. • T Mf85*& SM^8MBS4S ^^^ffi*®S&°$J$P& nun roa. tra ff known to the modlcal fraternity, nrr n constitutional (llsew. rwjulfn B nl treatment. Hall'3 Catarrh Care Is , .ol the "TStero. thereby <li»tn,ing niir of the disease, nnd ovlnn the pa- ttant" twnrth M building up tho constitution and 5»tln« fimtim'ln dolns Its work. Tim proprte- hiwVHO m»a f*lth In l'» curative powers, Till* I* Free AdrcrdNlne-Don't Head It. Ft. Wayne Gazette: Much ado has been m»do about Al Kubman. /&lla L>tlo-Niuholuu8. his wlfo, UDQ another woman. Thoj 1 Hi t in and out of towns in th:.-j 'oealil.v ilka weaving shuttles and ovury move they make is chronicled io neBrailonftl newspapers with douhlo luadb botween the lines. Al nod Zulla oujoy ibis; in fact it is just what thoy *abl, fi-eo aOverlUl'g, buv why they want it thev alono know. After tho quarrel of Al ar.d Zollft tho Wayne hotel io this cUy Tuesday night, they wont to Wabash and fought like cats and dogs, aa described in our telegraph columns, this edition. Mrs Ellii Weatherbv, a widowed aleter of '/, «lla, took an interest in the fight Kuhtnaa and Mrs. Weatherby oame to Ft. Wayno yesterday morn, ing on the Wabash plug 1 and walked about the city all day. They took dinner at a down town hotel, and were seen walking along Calboun street at 4',30-o'clock engaged in low, earnest conversation. They took the Pittsburg No. 9 train, west bound, last night, presumably for Chicago. ' Allan In lurorrlRible. UuQllDgton Herald: A* fast as Al Van Dyne gets out of one scrape ho is into another and the question is where is he finally going to bring U P ? In refer' log to his arreet bore tbo Wabash Piain Dealer says: "He was recently released from custody at Logansport on his own recognizance and on promise to remain in town. Ue immediately skipped, however, for parts unknown and was only retaken through bis own foolisaness. He was bragging before a crowd about how be knocked dowr the sheriff ol Caiis county and made his escape by out running A lot of deputies, when the sheriff ol HuntinRton county, who happened to bo in the crowd, laid fcU band on Van's shoulder and said, .ounfrmanl guess I want you." Van's courage quickly vanished. He was taken to kogansport Saturday night hy Sheriff Homburg, and Monday afternoon, wag sentenced to two yeare, but was released on a floater." fhS?SS oflw One Bindnxl Dollars for anj rase l - .Jit SLSto cure. Semi for list of testimonials. !ddr£«i Y- J. CHEJfEI 4 CO., Toledo, 0. ff& druggist*. The Bee Hive will willingly entertain you by showing you the many novelfies for spring:. The Peddler Tells You, possibly, that Pearline is too good tor oalinavy uses; he says, "of tf course it's nice mou^h for t\ ck-licaU: tilings, but \vhat I y have is just as ^uo<l i<>r ,scn;b- ^ b'nii>, scourm:;, etc.. ami is ' cheaper." Now. we say this: Pearline is the bust to use ior everything, am! the. best is the: cheapest, in the end. It iloes its \vork M.IJ better - more easily, more quickly, I more satisfactorily, more safdy. Pearl' ine is cheap enough for any use. These imitations are dear at any price and for POOR MEN IN NEW YORK. Dented IMphi Journal: Bert Wills, of Bur. Itngton, applied Ior liquor license at the term of commissioners court just ilosed and met with vigorous opposition from citizens of ihat town, re. suiting in the commissioners refusing to grant the license. He has now appealed to the circuit court and the case will come up at the next regular ierm. The same thing- was done last year but the court granted tho license. This time tho opposition think they have a stronger cane. Ktdo, Iltde, Ride. Those who contemplate riding a strictiy h fro grade bicycle tho coming | season should wait until they see the 22 pound Remington rink racor, and 26J pound road racer. Guaranteed !or any sized man, nnd over ail kinds of roads, at UB.VIIV TUCKKK'S. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Read the Bee Hive's advertisement. New Easter kid gloves at the Golden Rule. The Bee Hive's trimming stock is a /east for the eyes. Everything new In our dress goods department.—Golden Bute. Received yesterday—6,000 rolls of new wall paper, 5 cents a double roll. —H. Wiler & Co. Wo propose to do good business. Come and learn prices on stylish dress 'oods.—Golden Rule. Mr. William Winn and Mrs. Susan Hall were married at Lucerne last Monday evening. Dt. D E, Dolzell has moved his dental ollloe from 4H to 416 Market strbet, over Mrs. Bruggatnaa's store. If you decide to take Hood's Sarsa- parllla do not bo Induced to buy any subitltute article. Take Hood's and only Hood's. M. FornofT's orchestra will go to Kewanna on tbo 27th lust., to furnish ,be music for a. big dance to be given at that place on that date. See the crowds that are buying their Easter dresses and wraps at the Trade palace. No wonder, such beautiful foods, and prices a mere trifle. The ladies of the Christian church will serve supper Friday evening, March 16th, at the home of Mra. Jordan Tyner, 925 Spear strett. Supper 16 cents. If you suffer from aleeplessnes" why not try Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vltalizer, the great discovery for nenous diseases and sleeplessness! Warranted, Ben Fisher. Miss Florence Hathaway. fifteen years old, of Peru, took morphine to relieve neuralgic pafns, and it proved to be an overdose. Her condition was not discovered until it was too late to give rellbf. A note was found after nor death on which sho bad written, •Bverythiug is turning green before my eyes; I believe I am dying." She was a neico of Dr. Alford of Peru, and her home wal In Milwaukee, Wig. The Exception of >'le»'t. Indcnm at tb« Stitt.loir Holixo. Out of the bliick sliwlow ol the :»lley, likuatfcatbafs wlnff. c-urne llm liesd of tho line of men ;i.crosf»O:ib >4ivirt to the lv.isum«nt. j?»U! of tlic stutinn-lim3.se. The rtoni-imin now developed .-ictivity. He lieu- at tho first in-.in in tin? line, and catching his shoulders. Hung iii'J» ten foot awu.v alon;: the p;neii)«jnU VGito'U of lu-rc," savl he- "a-a-a-li, g-ive me no talk. 1 krww yer. You was here hist night l«il, nnw, or I'll g-ive yer my foot. And .yon. too; fjit. now, and don't let me bu<: vtr uny Wore." As his eye rested on each familiar face ho leaped at the be:xrer of it> and. pave hii*> ;i luiook or u twist tl)»t sent him sjiiiining out of the line like a top. -Them's old soaks, that's been l\f.re br- fore," sniil he in explanation, "and we don't tuke 'era ii they're reirulars. There's not room enough for them tfcut deserves, a lodging." I suppose-those poor devils were tho- most to be pitied of all the men 1 saw that (lay. What under heaven they wore to do if the station-house spurned them was indeed a question. Hut they were spun out of sight and out of mind. Down in the brightly lighted basemffnt of. the station-house the German and tho doorman iinud up the men in a crescent-shaped file with many a curt order to "turn your face this way; let's see your face, man." The manner,of the policeman was rough, his tones were sharp; but it was only 8 manner and a tone. Tho New York policeman is a professional man. His business is adopted for life, and familiarity with the conditions in which he moves renders him decidedly busiuesslike. As for the men, those who were jerked out of the line like calves in a cattJe- yard. simply hung their heads and sluifllc.il away like calves. Those who were tul'nitted to tho station-house anil ovilereil about moved dully aud mechanically, as if they wore rcitlier helpless than stupid, and had made up their minds to pay t!i:it priVc for^ :i lodp-iiig without complaint or resent- Thev were new to such a place. They were not tramps or professional lodgers., Seven in Ion wore such men as one is used to seeing about the •wharvus, or carrying dinner-pails homeward io the uptown streets at.sup- per time. They wore unskilled laborers, with here anil there a man not so easy to place—a countryman, perhaps, or a man from a distant city. They -tood with'their beads up and their eyes moving, to tako in everything around them. The Gorman patrolman began at the head of the line and asked for recruits for the workhouse—a new departure in lodging-room practice. "Do you want to go'way'?" ho. asked of each. "Do you want to go 'way?" "Do you want to go awuy?" How these unfortunates understood him 1 don't know, for I had to have his meaning explained. The fact was that tho department of charities and correction has determined in order to relieve tli« distress and I lie pressure for lodging room, to send to the workhouse on Blackwell's island all New Yorkers of several years 1 residence who have no liomes aud arc willing to leave town for thi! winter. The strangers are to be sent buck to the places they ha.il from. "Do yon want to go 'way','" "No, sir." "J)o yon want to go 'way?" "I don't mind." It was a longshoreman who spoke. "No, sir:" "JN'o. sir," said others m monotonous NOiieession. Then a second man, who might have long been a truck-driver, said ho "didn't care." And a. third fine, a yoi:ng fellow, answered: "Yos, if you please." There wci-e boys in line—.it least two lads of seventeen or ciR-hteen years—badly off, but yet hotter placed than ii they had ten cents with which to get into tho average lodginghouse.where thicvesare made :vs if they were factories for turning discouragement and poverty into crime. "What do you want to go the island for?" J asked the man who had been a longshoreman. "Well, sir, what else can I do? he replied. "I have no work and no money and no home. I buried my wife five years ago, and I have no children. I've "been here twenty-five years, and I understand f can be took care of for the winter—till times »s better." Some one slipped some silver in his hand—for tobacco on the island.—Harper's Weekly. A Won iff y- Trottcr-Sny, cholly, whafll you have to eat? Waiter (aside to Trotter) —They'r« sewed in the stable.—. Sltrvlml '.Notice. As I am desirous of relievin(f Mid ourlufr sufferlnc humaniteof cawrrh, liver complaint, rheuinfctiam, dyspepsia, and all diseases o! a nervous and debilitated nature in either etx, ua*tt March 25th. I wi» treat a)J aBIcteA with tho above diBoases free of chwge with toe exception of a very BBfcll fee In certa in cases for modiclo*. I do this for the benefit of many H»r MifTarera who *re in need of treatment and are not able to pay »y former price*. J. W. MeanoCL, M. »., ». M. & **•'*, 4 11' Broadway. Louaniport, lad. The breath of a chronic catajrrk pat lent is often so offeoslre that ha iieooms an objwct o? dUguat. AfUr a tlmo uVeeratlo* seU in, the ipvaCT bontis are attached, and frequently destroyed- A- constant aource ot dU- C9mfori Ja the dripping of the p»ru- lent secretions Uto the tbroat. •one- times producing inveterate bronobltli, which U OBually the exciting cause of pulmonar? dl«eaao. Tbe brilliant results by Ita use for years psat properly desSznate Sly's Cream Bfclm ae fcy far the beet and only remedy. Call your druggist for it. Tli* BIiilwiut« Excursion tickete via PenneylTanla lines- giiod returning until July 'Mb. The special low ra* excursion ticket* to Sun FfEodfco, San Diego, liO» Anfjclcs, San Bei-cifdlno, and other California points, now for sale via Pcna!jylF«nia Moos will be good ro- mrnicg until July IS, 1804. Excur-. Zionists can select any route from Chicago. For particulars apply toj. A MeCuMough, Ticket Agont, Logansport, Ind. Is your asad cloai ? Have ^»u a irood grip on all your interests and a boundless energy In your blood? You can bave both if you observe the precaution to taka, when retiring for th« niffbt, » dose of Smith's Bile Bews. By the time you pet to work next day you will tool M if you could * 1 a train of cars. Besure to got the small size. _ The Wlmb <;ntlti«d. Vou Ueive often wiabed for something- to take the place o! pllle. Now try a 25 cent package Simmons' Llrer Regulator powder. Take it dry om. tho tongue or make it into a tea. It I* pleasant to take, and give* quick relief — two good r-ecommendatioms. Karl's Clover Root, the new blood purifier, gives freshness and cleaweM to the complexion, and cures ean»tip«- vion; 25o., 50c. and |^ SoM ^y B. F.KeosUng. Kemp'* B»i«»ni will stop «h« oaugb I %t onoe I Quaker headache- capsals givo re» Hot in ten minutes. WONDERFUL! The Remarkable C'ure of an Ar- Ifiinsfts City Street ;Com- inissioacr. 1 h:ii an attack of La Grippe tlie 18Mt of December, eomiJilestod «lt& tonslMIs; via o to my bad one week. Tin physicians pwe My breathing was ve r y lafwred; find * smo srnsatlonattlmes;my chest and lunjts wer« T*tT sore. Phelt)'s"Kou:C" renedy helped m» «*• Br8tdose:tliesorcn>isslett roj cbeit tlmttt ln- ; was well in three <laj». The »U»Te to r MwJf>slns)m;j)e,)iMtJce to this naeOtf- P.U.FUNHt, Arkansas CUy, December 30*. Four "C" IMS cured Asthma, Broncblttn, monla, nnd Unrated Toiwultls. In compodtlM it Is DfFfSRBNT, itxtaat rowiutrm, Md AOTCTB' IntacttsasDIVTKRRENTfram <««r other l«n« remedy «s roolrtssss Is dUlezenl from ria«*r. » ISJlKKVKLATIOX. BB>T OF ALT. TOD VOX *» RISK The KSSKNCK of tlio contract l«. fo»t "f" MCST filVfi SATISFACTION or money remna«4. BEN FISHER.

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