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The Junction City Union from Junction City, Kansas • Page 2

Junction City, Kansas
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THE JTUNCTION CITY UNION, MONDAY, DEClLMlJEfi 17, 1917. if Doors Open Afternoon at 2 COZY "Chorus Practice. Everybody who can sing and is willing to Join in making the Christinas of 1917 a real Community is asked to be sure 'to meet at the League rooms, 116 West 8th, promptly at (Tuesday- night for chorus practice. Please don't forget; be sure and come. JUNCTION CITY ASTONISHED BY, MERCHANT'S STOKY.

A merchant relates the following: "For years I could not sleep without turning every hour. Whatever I ate caused gas and sourness. Also had stomach ONE SPOONFUL buckthorn bark, glycerine, as mixed in Adler-i-ka relieved me INSTANTLY." Because Adler-i-ka flushes the ENTIRE alimentary tract it relieves AN'Y CASE of constipation, sour stomach or gas and prevents It has QUICKEST action of anything we ever sold. Miller druggists. Orders were issued Saturday that until further notice no men from ir I boon Open Evening 6:30 3 It Sam Zieglc'r was talking with a Kansas City firm yesterday over the phone and the Kansas City man stated it is estimated that there are over two thousand cars of coal tied up in the yards of 'that city, as well as many hundreds of carloads of freight.

It has been impossible for the trains to pull the regular tonnage and get over the road Books are most acceptable as Christmas gifts. Popular copyrights, fine stories, 60 cents each; new books on the war, late fiction, dainty books and booklets. Picture books and story books for the children. Trotts Book d20 The Olson photo Co. has opened a studio on West Sixth, adjoining Sam-mie's Cafe.

The firm now has studios here and at Army City(, and maintains here a large finishing department, located over tho Sargent drug store, where the 'pictures and dodak. films are finished. The Daily Union 1 week 1 dime. According to the Salina papers, it now comes out that the country bank the motor robbers were to hold up was the bank at Milford. (The plans were to another auto near Milford and rob the bank.

The robbers in the new Chandler with the glass top 'would then get away from the town and when a few miles out change cars and let Mr. Simpson go on in the glass top ear, and they would go in another car, hoping to have the officers spend their time on the hunt for the glass top car. Christmas program and box supper, Olsen school Dist. 11," Friday evening, Dec. 21.

Ladies, please bring boxes or d2l Mrs. Bertha Read Phipps, of Kansas City, daughter of Mrs. Mary Fox, of this city, has issued an attractive card, designed to be given by mothers to sons iu the service. They contain space for a photo and several appropriate verses. The Dally Union- -1 week 1 dime.

Not (iiile Down and Out. Many a man feels that he is down and out when as a matter of fact he still has in him many years of good service that can be brought out by proper treatment. Stomach trouble often makes one despondent. It hits him where he lives, saps his strength and energy and makes him feel like giving up. Give him a few doses of Chamberlain's Tablets to gmprove his digestion and invigorate his liver and bowels, and in most cases recovery is prompt and effectual.

Mr. and Mrs. George O'Malley and family of guests at the B. O'Malley home on Sunday. WIYIE BLACKWEU Ai'lKiB EVANS VtLYNjjUE tLE "4 World All-Star Feature With CAJJLYLE BLACKWELL 3 MADGE yilriii EVELYN GIJULEY In Tine ir' New Direct Delivery Service their Friends, and Relatives: Splendid for the Soldier Advance Booking PARAMOUNT ALL STAR ruesoay, mabtibdom of phylip stbona MILDRED MANNING and Wednesday.

win ace mdonald i In'' "Til PRINCES-OF PABK ROW" VIVIAN MABTIN A KISS SUSIEV i CHARLEY CHAPLIN Friday in 1 "THE IMMIGRANT 0 Ui BLUEBIRD SPECIAL" aaturaay. tnK because lie gefs your gift of candy or cnocolate promptly fresh in perfect condition. Splendid for You because immediate and perfect delivery of your gift is guaranteed saving you time, worry, trouble and express, parcels post or extra charges. Before- you forward Candy, consult us about this Service. 'It, takes but a tnoment to leave your order.

for Soldiers, 1 9 43' 'Ht a pound candies. 1, box is incidental. Camp Funston will allowed to ride oh passenger or' steam trains out of the camp. This will keep all the men from leaving for the week-end for Kansas City or other points close by. Secretary Stotts, who for the past two years has been secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, has enlisted in the army and has joined his organization.

Secretary Stotts has been an efficient official and has "Worked hard to (make the organization here one of the best In state. tj Croup "Our little girl Is subject to frequent attacks of croup," writes F. O. Strong, Calpella, Cal. "I always give her Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, as one or two doses of it Cures her." This is a favorite remedy for croup, as it can be depended upon and is pleasant and safe to It contains no nar cotic.

1 Frank serving a sentence of 30 days on a bootlegging charge, has beed parolled and 'sent home by the county Burr' became ill while serving his time and his condition was such that It was deemed advisable to place him where he could get proper care and he has recovered sat ficiently to be sent to his home near Fort Scott. APPLES FOB CHRISTMAS. Compare these prices wllh those charged elsewhere. 1 Fancy Jonothans, $2.00. No.

2 Jonothnns, $1.73. Fancy Roman Beauties, $2.10. No. 2 Roman Beauties $15. Also have barrel Mtoirk.

Some damaged apples that will do for immedi ate hse. Will he sold Very 1 I ER'S OLD 130 YV. 7th St. 1 Phone Miss Mary; PaSy; 'who has been the gucr.t of her sister, Mrs Levi rfet'urpefl 'tbherlhome in Kansas City. Why Not 'huy a copper clad range for, wire jlWateii Aid to When you have a fullness and weight in the stomach 'after eating you' may know that have eaten too much, and should lake one of Chamberlain's Tablets' to aid your 'digestion.

I Buy your Xnias: candies and nuts at the Arbor. d23 3 3 r5 I rS c3 1 rrrva JL Every given aids your United They cost $4.12 MILLER BROTHERS ,000,000 TOTAL, RED GROSS HOST HMS LIKELY TEN MILLION GOAL OF BIG DRIVE EXPECTED TO BE DOUBLED, GIBSON PREDICTS. BOY SQOUTS TO JOIN WORK Merchants In Country Districts to Make Campaign In Automobiles to Win Support for the Army's Right Hand. "Make Red Cross membership as universal as citizenship," is tho new slogan of tbe Christmas membership campaign committee of the American Red Cross for the Southwestern division, comprising the states of Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma. From the enthusiasm with which the preliminaries of the drive, which opens Monday, Dec.

17, continuing until Christmas eve, are proceeding, officials at Washington expect the original figures of 10,000,000 new menv bers to be doubled. In fact, if there are only 10,000,000 new members added to the 5,000,000 already enrolled officials will be disappointed, according to a message received at Southwestern division head-quurters from Harvey D. Gibson, general manager of the American Red Cross. In Gibson's letter he said officials would not be surprised to see the total membership for the nation on Christmas eve reach a total of 25,000,000. According to John L.

Johnston, chairman of the campaign for the Southwestern division, the drive in many counties already Is under way, especially in the rural districts. 3,000,000 Members Wanted. The Southwestern division, under the original quota of 10,000,000 members, is allotted 2,000,000, but Chairman Johnston predicts bis division will pass this figure by 1,000,000, apportioned as follows: Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Already- th hesfdqiuaVters tho Southwestern'; division' membership committee to assume the aspect of a military, headquarters iiFioni' Jjt'ifelvfeJeb'-'Vhef'e 'iflOi Crosa: armies already have i''gOflb lover the top" in the big drive messages are arriving reporting progress and asking for supplies. From counties where tho intensive campaign has not begun, but where committees are making detailed plans for, their the both by letter' and telegrani; for supplies, clr-, culars, posters and, general information are1 even more numerous. An corps of stenographers is.

kept 'busy forwarding issuing directions find sending telegrams and letters. The storeroom at division headquarters carries the similarity to a military base even further. Every mall and express delivery brings parcels and boxes of supplies from Washington, circulars, posters, handbooks, buttons and window cards, the ammunition to be used in the big drive. What Service Flag Is. One of the most striking emblems of the campaign is a transparent window card, designed as a service flag.

A large Red Cross on a white base is tbe central figure. Smaller crosses for each additional member of the family who becomes a member of the Red Cross can be added to the One of these card service-' flags will be placed in the window of every home where a. membership Is obtained. On Christmas eve it is planned to have lighted candle placed behind thesjei flags. If the canvass equals tho expectations of Red Cross leaders there will not be a home in the division Christmas eve that does not have one of these flags In the window.

Boy Scouts Are to Join. Boy Scouts are being organized to gain memberships. School programs, signalizing the coming of the holidays, will have an appeal for the Retf Cross. The work ofhe children, Red Cross workers feel, will be an Important factor in tbe success of the membership drive. 4 In country districts merchants with wide acquaintance among farmers are devoting their time, or have promised to do so, making auto trips throughout the country, stopping at every home and urging every member of the family to take out a Red Cross membership.

In some cities a census is being taken of every block, number of houses and apartments in the block being registered. The Bquad assigned to a particular block is given a number of service flag cards equal in number to tbe number of families in Its territory. Every flag a worker leaves in a window is counted as a victory on his score. Every flag he brings back Is chalked up as a defeat. In other cities merchants have promised the assistance of their clerks during days of Christmas shopping.

Every 'purchaser will be urged to include a Christmas membership among the gifts for husband, wife, brother, later, parent or child. Mrs. Joseph Boiler and Mrs. A. Reddlagton have returned from a visit with Mrs.

J. A. Philter at Leonardville. Kan. 2 701 North Washington Phones We recommend Huyler's $1.00 'The value is in the Candy.

The "i fH Yr-; EVANS J. Mr. and' Mrs; U'illiam' Talboti of jla: vanii, jOuliaiJ'Wi'lH Xbk felt' be gilcsi Mrs: a. Burns' on West Eighth street. Mr.

ana Mrs. Talbott are now ou their way to California, where they will spend the winter months, and will then go back to.NewTork City to make their homo. Mr. Talbott," who for the past fifteen years has been president of the tele-phone llngjt in Cuba, has sold his Interest in the Island and will retire. IA Mestage Sauta Clam.

All children in Junction City whose fathers are absent In the service of their country will please leave their names and addresses at the office of The Union on or 'before the 22nd, as Old Santa Claus has commanded us to extend them, their mothers and sisters, an Invitation to a Christmas tree, loaded down with good things to eat, 'in Eagles' Hall, Christmas Eve. The children of all Eagles, and their parents wiU'coiiBider themselves, as a matter of course, especially invited. (113 COMMITTEE. Down at the police court this morning on the desk of the court sat three little bottles of lemon extract, the last In stock of a supply a man arrested had in his clothes. He stated that he was due for a drunk and thought that lemon extract would give him the sensationthat is, if he could drink a sufficient amount.

When taken in tow he said he had drunk a dozen bottles, and there was nothing to it. Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," lecture by the pastor, Christian Church, next Sunday, j7: 15 invited. d2i On account of the men at Camp Fnnston not being allowed to go home Christmas, Junction City will no doubt have the largest crowd of strangers here in history. The relatives of the boys are coming to spend the day with them and if the weather is nice there will be a big crowd. Real Estate Opportunity: Lot 19, block 13, Ogden (across from city park) will be sold at sheriffs sale at 10 a.

Tuesday, Dec. 18, at the court house, Manhattan. Appraised at $1,500 and will be sold for not less than two- thirds valuation. A splendid oppor tunity. w6-13d4t .0 Mr.

and Mrs. Uake Kettering' left yesterday for Corpus Christi, where they will spend the winter. rid of Catarrh, yon must drive the disease germs out of your blood. Splendid results have been reported from the use of S. S.

which completely routs from your blood the Catarrh germs, for which it is a perfect antidote. S. S. S. is sold by all druggists.

If you wish medical advice as to the treatment of your own individual case, write to-day to Chief Medical Adviser, Swift Specific Dept. Atlanta, Ca. 7 .1 ea pa mi irh -a i 1 Gift racnea. 11C ill jracTioir ciTi daely psios published each Evening except Sunday At 118 West Eighth BL 'Memlier of the Associated Press. The Associated Press 1b exclusively entitled to the use for republication of sews dispatches credited to It or Dot otherwise; credited in this an ft also 1 the4 local hews published herein.

JtlfCTION CITI WEEKLY UNIOH Established 1861 ,1 Published every' Thursday. JOHN MONTGOMERY SON Owneis and Publishers. Barry E. Montgomery, Editor. Entered as second class matter at the postoffice at Junction City, fender the act of March 3, 1878.

Telephone 66. MONDAY, DEC. 17, 1917. Meet me at the Smoks 11 i In the hur'ch of the Covenant-Protestant Episcopal in this city there has been placed on the wall in a conspicuous place a roll of honor, on which hs been Inscribed the names of i the men'of the church and congregation who are now in the United States army. Their names are' as follows: George Clark Rockwell, John Clifford Hodges Lee, James Vance JTuirphrey, Harold De Loss Cortland, Dr.

Frederick W. O'Donncll, Benjamin Gillispie Rodgers, Lester Clifford Ber-, want, Charles Edwin Strickland, Vin-cisnt Grant, Charles O. Hall, Chauncey P. Dewey. -o One ef the largest and most complete etociks" of Greeting Cards ever assembled in this selected from the most exclusive dealers In the East, now on display at Trotts Book Store, prices from five to twenty-five cents.

d20 Jack Turner, who came to this county in the Matter sixties with the lata Mr. Streeter, and who lived here until ten years ago, is back here visiting his Jack for years lived on the Streeter farm "down in the a $5 United States Government Bond for Christmas Instead of a Gold Piece loyal American be glad 'and proud to receive sueh a gift. Everyone Government to save' some American soldier's life. States War Savings Certificates are the finest investment in the. world.

in December, 1917, and bear 4 per cent COMPOUND interest. They are. better than gold. We Can Supply You For Christmas First National Batik Central IationafBank Home State Bank All Choked Up With Catarrh? Why Continue Makeshift Treatment? Union State Qvings Bank bprays and douches will never cure you. Catarrh is annoying enough when It chokes up your nostrils and air passages, causing painful and difficult breathing and other discomforts.

ut the real danger comes when it i-eaches down into your lungs. This is why you should at once realize the importance of the proper treatment, and lose no time experimenting with worthless remedies which touch only the surface. To be 111! iliiii ill ill.

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