Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 23, 1952 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 23, 1952
Page 8
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/?<'* ' *"* " *'' ..„.'«* ' i #t /* HOPS STAR, H 0 P 6, A * RAM S A S f ue$dVy;5epfdfvibcr'2$, 1952 ; September 23, CLASSIFIED Ad* Mull fie IB Om«« D«y Before PiibUenliW Lost AD RATES 1. 3.00 2.90 1,00 1,10 4.00 4.80 0.00 ,. 1.20 1.80 1JO 2.10 3.40 170 8.00 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY >o .„„.„„.,„ 70a p«r loch '|m«i ,.,.«,.,..„,....„ DOC p«r men .,, ,.,. flOo per Inoh it»» qwolM atMv* or* fw eon* ' * iii»«rtltmi. Irrwular M tkip- _Ji *flf loHf IH§ WHrtlaf roi*. dolly clouifitd <wv»m*ing copy •>* wixtpltd unni 8 |»m. (or ttllMi th* (oilowirm day. i>Wbtlih»n r«*rv« lit* right h» oc »<)ii off aavtHlMtrwmi of- foe publication oml to r*|*et , «b)(rttitmobli <tdv*rll«ln0 «ul>- j«Wt tnitloli of one of mare Ittttri, ttWpftm* numbtn eeunt at ont ^ Star will not bt rupon* |»r trtofi In Went Aih uni»«* , on) , cdllw) to our 'MflST mwrtion of tw ONLY the ON! ad ant) phone 7-3431 STAR H*P* tv*ry wcaWoy dftnmoon by sun ruBLiiHiNa 0. •C. ,*, Nlm*r, fNi H, Wmhbwtn, IMV^T » Th* liar Oulltfirt* )4 leulh W«!HM( iir**l ( Hep*, Afh«ni«» , M, Ull«r fc M»n«Bl«i Ult»r *li M««h. lul. A<tv«tll«ln0 Ail tt Mai«h ni«tl«r »k»n U*7. »t id* Avttflr CtttuMllom *l ptlon Rot»i (poyobta In att- in Hop* ami ntlghbaf* ail in Hftmmtfetui, and MUlw cowv ,. <«.ao ...... i.io ,„„ „„„ 9,39 „>., 4.80 ,.„. .,., 14,00 '•"**" "" oi t ihe Aiwtioitd (*M in •otitiw m» ft ttM M»« M repu&liCdtlOfl , twol n*wt pririiw m trtu Vrt.ll U» Oil AP Strayed block inuru iUjtt qr early Svwdu »U»d cull t-2480. Gentle Saddle i, One Saddle SALE itol««n«d ind Mir'fjM. l«od i»*nt Coi For Sola AT reanonoblo prlcct, Hereford Hull*, 12 to III monlhn Old, New locfltloh 4 mlloi riurlh on Proving Oround fiond, A, W B/or»oili, Phono 7-40112. 8-IM *EA jirnvol, clny «r«vpl, iinntl, top noil, And fill dirt. Call Je«*<> Sin clnlr, I'hone 7-2.W9. K-3-IM O^ij fi If ml 7 orirnU) rili,i i"l I'.KOWM l>. uih mod for) Cnii fit filnr Of.j IMI7, 20-31 In nnrt i'sif, nrnr Mcth horn"? at Mm Bobcats Face Rugged Game Here Friday Marciano Is Favored in 'anight OUT OF DOORS with ii.i t<-«i 111 M,il <il(|rc tl'l trfl nlc<>, HI tic fun, bllmld, itnNtfc. mm non-h. •). /Inn lutH, IxMiiiilful ynid, imvi»n Jxu.-nti'd Hi 300 Kant i;jiH Shown only by oi»|iuii,i- dill 7-asOI. FI.OYD POrtTKni-MKLl) ft SON HJIlt HISDHOOM hoiijtc, Miii'dwtiocl fluori. Cni'port. l-'ertccd bnekyard Clo0e to hljjh «chool. I'lmrn- 7-1510. IV-OI MM i?iiviu"lMIU,,7""ii'icluiu-'ii ifi' JPnpoi- mill, fiO II. 1', Kiiwilirtf I'liKlnn, 700 Ih, itilx<!r. etc. Cull Dr. U( t «ui'« 7-Sflld Help Wanted ATTHA'TIVK POSITION (•UK WOMKN t'ciini/inf! work; full'or i-iiijil infirm-; no sell- h" ii|j|>c<>i liili-il fioni !!,.-», (live iiu<«, p. 'i 1 1. VKNI)l';ltS f.VjMtnct T Kair PHI Is Jtllll MJi PKHSONS InlnrrtRtfrd In M(iUttro (IMm.'(i li-p.ioim coniiict Andy Andruw* nt 7-MOI. Nmv t'lftsu begins October 2, 10,12, ifi-tl Home Study Course Huhnol nt ymiir. Muh homo In Mptmi tlniO. No clnHHOs. Tfcxtn Wrlt« for fret) booklet. School, 'JlHIfl Aliibmrm, Foil Smith, ArkmiKao. S-il-lm For Rant Bums Almost in, American Race Still Hot BY RALPH riODIEN AM 8pt.rls Writer JiC'llillll \Cil!i l-XUt'CtOI j-.»iin»-nii!c Hirliiy in thi> O(i(lj;crs' '-SnlilioiiKL- but If'llll- Will !*<><•< •A.-ii'l I of UK- si'-iiioii lii'iT- I-'rti'l'iy (iluniir i wh'-n ilu- Ml Ifurailo 1*2-31 j thr v "Muj Sov'-n" lii'iiu; au un(i«'f(.';»'. i rfl n-f'i cl to IliiiiiMion.'i St.'iiliuiii | ill B o'clock. .. . .. j A-. ii.-iii;il lln- V.'ililrnl.i :ur lonrli-'J i iii ! 'l hiivi- litter,illy itrnri|i»rl Uvo | njipr.iicnti thi., Si-iniin the flrvl. | Mnt!i|i)l|."i iind tli'-n Fort Smith : S|iorllrii( u liU; In iilsini.'. line tin- I Vls(lur>. Illivc riilii*' lip witll ;i lt< ..'. . Sdisiitlim in Illicit I lobby f!,-it,-s ; who hii-i sriiji-d niiii- lou<:li<lii',vii-i : uln-mly, : Th<; bi«({i'Mt Ill-Ill ill till- Holjral ; Will ksllOJJ tills Wci'k is |l|-<ltl;«;tuill ; lor tin- tc.un's pnasur. Vv Ith little ; linn- In i>irk ;i rt-rt-lvi-r iniiiiy Hob- 1 cut iii-rinli hiivc brcn inturccptc'l 1 in tb" fir-it two c.jiiiu's iind C.'o.-ich | Knuinlntii-r Is trying to Iron nut j this wciikiu-.'i.i, I fop*' I'diiH 1 uut of tho DoQiu-cn ^fiiitiK! In fine ,sliii|u- nnd biirrin^ jinictlce .InjiirioH .shoulrl be m full stn-fiKlli l-'ridny ni^lil. Yestcrduy'.H workout WIIK jiossiljly the- bt-.st of tin- Keii.tun. Tlu» oll'cnse. lookiid | shiirp iind tx.rhuijs tin- blutjesl pro- I blein is developing scinie means to rclKnj'' f «toppln« the fleet Kl Doi nclo niookly-i! h "'" u while thej Meiinwhile. the Hobcal "D" boys By MUftRAY ROSE PHILADELPHIA iffi — Champion Jersey Jem Walcolt and dy- Itorky Miirci.'ino anxiously Thote Oadjett on Shotgun Muzila By WARREN PAGE Shooting Editor Being primarily pump action and I • (-red .it the glowering skies todnyj autoloadiiiK shotgun rihooters, A,•!« tbr-y roarked off the long hours j mcrican sruuiothbore f.ins have al>"i- their hornldcd hnnvywviKht title i wnyj had a problem of sc-k-ctinu dash in Municipal Stndlum. the proper choke for such a nun's A li"iit rlri/./.|c dampened the single barrel. Kneinily City last • |H- Kt/ii-. '.'oriee-!!»lon help il'i' lit Collsi'iiin nlyht and pnrly lodny iind the fort-rapt wns for rain tliici'vli moat of tlu> dny. If it uiin-J 1,-itc loday and n post- pi.ni.-liii-nt i-i ner-essiiry, tho 15. r< im-.t boat will be put on tomorrow -.-. Ith .sl:"ii)bv i Alliu.oi.ili ..„. ., „ I.':•'!'> p. m.. Kastern Slumlord Time-"! ° 1H ' tl '' v.-on't be shown on home telcvl-j J ' c ' |1< -'" U;rSl MI.II, it will be l)eained via a closed) (ii-'Miit to a record number of 50 j the.-itei s in l!l i-ities coast to coast, j N'ew.Knaland ihoatcrs and those In i Die I'hiiail.-lphla ni-fa will not bo! Thursday an additional iilo. the fight, startlnK nt , BLONDlt in mi the iicUvur .Sunn; K'.n.f'OO t in-i: fxpoctrd to vs. u,''!-" slniSK prices 140,000 spectators view' thi; "youth in the theaters at niri.tiini! up to $4.80. possibility of rain brought to! lh<> lu.-^vywi'iKht title scrap' A double gun which Is bored with n choke combination of Improved cylinder In the first barrel, modified in the second, or even modified and full choke, will work out fairly well in covering the great majority of shotgun situations But the U. S. shooter has devel- ncc for multiple shot and he has, also found that low-cost production methods can be applied to sound pumps and Kcml-autos, but not as well to slde-by-sidu double guns His natural interest in the single bar- reled repeater develops an inevitable (jueslion — which choke to choose. l-'or mosl people whose budgets will just stand the purchase of a trombone nclion gun or an autoloader, the purchase of an extra the snozzle on a fire hose. It achieves exactly the same effect in exactly the same way. From bore or hose diameter It squeezes down the shot, or the water which is pushed through it by pressure from, Cincinnati l'"!ween Gene Tunney^and Jack i ljnl ' l ' cl or sel of extra barrels and Dempsey in this same huge bowl fore-ends busls the budgets back jusl 2(1 years ago today. Gentle-1 Tho ' r demand for a cheaper sche Uivojtn pn-imreil in nMebriite thej will tanyte with the Magnolia i iliiehliif, of Uie I!lfi2 National i ond.s here Thursday night at l.erii;ue pennant, the New York! ''> Hnniinons Stadium. Ynnisci'i; mid Cleveliiml Indhmsl " -- man Clem- lifted Mault.'i'V. crown in a in a beiivy downpour the Mnnaasa mc for foiiKht 1 ^ un lls( -' ful for -'"'I 1 has bred single-barreled kinds of shoU whole family 7:30 battle; ownpour that drenched) K"«»c''y has bred a whole family gilists and the 120,747 1 of highly practical muzzle gadgets [fans. The customers shelled out' Tlle f" 117 -"'- 1 " devices serve cither ' ihi'ir scr.tp for Amrrleiin ROOM furnUhftd fiportrncnt. vtilo bath. Ehtoti'lu box, Ko rhiUl- rcn. Mrs. Judson. 2'Ju Not;th Elm, 211 .if J'ii I room upnrlnu'iH ll.'ii'ilwoi.id fkunsi. llullt'lns. Priviit. butli iind en- trnnt'o, Clowe In, 207 Shovet- St. Phonn 7-HitO. llMf Tin York lUlH' (lec.en I'lH- tllor;.- to iijiil ih'iv Itl'iH. iM(l!IH|<el' tilulfU't:!, ll'iHllll(t tllO Nl'W Ciinittl.-i I|,V six |JI|lili'!S with H cc-cn ;!riiiH>jt to K'>. need only Top Radio Programs victoi'y (ilant defe.it i JJ (P( , it their first flat! Charley Oreji.ion's out;- c'itn clinch Die titli! with- a bat. The filmttn me<.'t lir.'ivc:! In a twin-bill Wednesday: NHC -- 12 Strike U ftich. . ,C.'BS 12::i() n. m. Yonii|» Mnlono. . . . ABC —. !) a. m. My Story Drama. . .MF1S II ii. m. Curt Massey Time, . MIIS Ci.'ime of Day Network l^.-:iO p. m. I'liiladelplun at Brooklyn. " ~ i eclleel 40 per ItOOM housf, K!) nrn>B pitstm i JKtfvlriclty, w«'M wnttn. iij nuii- tuit. Phono 7'3?fl<). 10-tlt rials, t, OH W. AV1C. C. SlK room houao. [,,,. Ons block Oylowby Sehooi. H'"! v , isi'i'ncos I'nqulrod, I'lioms 7-23-li! ! " or 7-:i3»0. :!'.)-31. St.: i'' Ili f"i 'i-nnoii while Die Dtidjiersl lllis series, the Yanks invade illl the Phlliidelphia I'liil.-i i ''lit l<Mfi;jiln enjsatlement, th Giant:; ni'lit wllh BOH- cl!-:'-;»i||;..,-. W |ll flow 111 i. t the (ilimtH hnliR on • i|i to Hilly l.oes or - 1'iii' nml Jonny 1'lntlier- >.,\liii(.-i.l to Ntiii 1 !. iii.:niiiHt the I'l'iilll l:i»nu< ihi> biH'on, •'lite, the Yiinks. inirstiiK a e lend cvi-r lh(r Indlnns, In- ol' lite HoNton Hud H- s;an\e series while i$l.Rn.-).7n — n record then — to : i\ itne.ss Die trmendous upset. j There won't be anything close | to tliosc figures tonight -- If Ihe j boul noes on — but it will be the j richest heavy weight promotion slnco the Joe I.ouis-Waleott re; turn on .him- 25, liMB. , Co-promoters ,11m Norris and I liernuin Taylor look for n crowd ol :'i(),(ioo mid n gate of between | $')JO.()0{) and $000,000. Walcott will cent of the net while tin a-.l-year-old challenger will receive 20 per cent. They'll get the fame percentage of the theater-TV Mid movie money. The swarthy, powerful, undefeated e hall e n g e r from Brockton, 1'liil- .idelphia for three games. They will face Bobby Shunt/ Harry llynl iind Alex Kellner, the cream of Hie Athletics 1 pitching staff. Manager Casey Stengel plans to .vhool Johnny Sain, Vic Haschi and j Mi ' ss -- I'c-mnincd tin- favorite to de n second-line pitcher against the I Uirono the 38-yoar-old as the big Hed Sox with Kd l.opat, Aliie lU-y-I '-'-itors took the rubber bands off nold.-i ai.d liaschi working againsl! I'^'ii' "efty bankrolls. The latest npftrtment untiit'i\lKhcd Ui> duplex)- -t room i niniforn- $40 per nionlh • 5 isi from- buKlnc«H dtsirlrt. 4 bi Iroiii Court Jlou8i>. Uiiil " 0 to (I. EXTRA nlcw bcdi-ootn. l>rlv:it: trunci!, Adjolninc. buth. Bill S Main, Dlnl 7-ati:i7. Roa] Estate Tor Solo 1 ao .ACHfifTiudr f imi™ riii... Toll- 1 dout. Itileclrlclty. USHS, um; burn j uud lonrtnt hovtst- with efcctrk-t- 1 ty. All feiu'ud ami i-r»>»s triicod, Fine water, li iiillort fmm Itopo, Ark., On highway -- MchuDi bus and Hwal lUiut«, \Vhit hood, \MU $(\' This tn (Mr ciitiirtilin the Cbioiigo :•; a Uvii-}.;aiiH v ;:rt. -i'S U'irrovvt'd the g.ip i> (..'lit' f'liltK* 111 l:aU'ly '-il t.'--' ti-St-,' to ,1 OX! '• -C.'.<.: l,ti.'t;\.-il Tiger* 111 '.i'i'V Hi cither lcai;ui'. tin- Yiniku an 1 in th'.' iu: won't lie easy. Kills Hudson nnd. Mel l'«r- ii ln^st, are schoduled New Yorkers. Aftei tlil: A'S. The Indians have only f on r games rcn\'ii',v!:ij.; aiui their three iJ-liamo wl:\ner.':-\Vyn:i, Bob I.einon and Mike Ciarcia-wiU citart all i'uur Big .Mike Oarcin ».;i::-,s for In.i ion! triumph todii\^' f.t-ir-.w :'.!;! \\\\} l;u-e the VV'hi'.i.' So.-: V.'fli'.-.-iday. The Iniii.uis are idle T;Hlr.«lay ami b'ri- d.ij . They clo.'.o out HT- Sfiison in l.j..-trn!l with Mingle i;nint'S Saliirduy aiiil Sunday. Wynn limited the Tigera to five hits yesterday in posting his 23rd \ it-tory. i.ud.s boosted Rocky up to an li to ") choice. ! The odds didn't bother Walcolt — : an underdog through most of his 123 yenr career — nor did tho j writers' picks. Boxing writers ', I'hi'iiped for the youngster with '. iho explosive fists by a belter ' than li to 1 margin. Jersey Joe tjot a chuckle out of this, rcincm- uering how wrong the majority of the "expects" wore on his successful June !"> defense against Ezzard Chart.-; in the same stadium. The old guy is supremely confident lu- will hand the crude but or both of two purposes by do- sign, and a third more or less by accident. First they make it possible to change the degree of choko construction in a given barrel. Second, they may be designed to vent powder gases sidewards or to trap them in such a way as to reduce recoil. It is an extra bonus that the biobby mass of the muzzle gadget, perched out on the cnrl of the smoothbore barrel, offer. 1 : a quick visual pickup point very handy in fast gun sighting. As far as schemes for handy choke changes are concerned there are only two basic methods, matter which of the half-dozen commercial shotgun schnozv.les you prefer. The mysterious choke in a shotgun is nothing more or less than 400 ACBK slock farm. Thi'ee muni Mud blithS, electl'ic'lty, \VOUM*. 300 MOros o|>on, 100 tiiiib«r nil (weed, la suod, 11 imltts from FLOYD POHTKWFIEM:) \- SON 10-tH 7 r«iunt», S b;ith:i, a 5th tuul Pine. Malu- cur nsn Time Li(Jl'^ / ~J CoWMrtt. l»M, k; ELSIE Mark. Ol»lr(b*it»<l l>v Km? Knnt l in* nn offer, iY $1.23 Yard 8 rooms tuul bath a now niodoni lioum . coraor lot 70xMO. Mako »\« an otfyr. \\ roon\ houso tot 7:i\'.'-tn South Fulton Slrfcet, Mako mo (in v>(r«.'v, 8 room U«hU, houau city wo an otter. 40 neres (J room nwl l»«th modern Ivumo .liariv ,s»u»ko lun^«,«, chick- on housto, runntng water thuniRh laud. Mako mu an utter. R. a F1\ANKUN COMPANY A, P, Polony, Muiutj;u A-l'ftt in Shop, 409 E Third. WAITRESS wanted. 18-tf Top wagtjs. tatluw tvu'«l«he4 to otia from ' Thj» Oak.* Restaurant TWKNTV-FIVES I3ASINU Into hin own drive, Jtii'omy t?uw that vll ihu house— es-ivo for his ofllco w I n g— w a s ublui'.o witti HglUa. Sonic of I'vc's fi'icntl.1, probably, for dinner. Slu- lintl mudu fi'loiuls (|iilckly — not the wlvi-8 of tho doctors to whom Jeremy luul Introduced hor, Sho r^iuul thoiii iKiHng, she suld, with their lulls of baby's formulas niul nursery nchoola nnd stuff teas, I'Jvc'o tricinls wore Ihe bright, nniiuiiitg jUnlion-wngon sol slu* met ui tho Country club. A prosperous crowd. Fun-loving und trrcs|>on- Hibk'. Tlw nicn \voro sulosmen and junior oxccAiUvos, ui\<l must of them more Inoiu-y than he, Jeremy d, Their wives wore pretty, vv<Jll-drc»iied. They ttilkod of movies. dunces, clothes, parties. Kve enjoyed tUc.iu. Joromy found them sly dull. came at him from Uie UviiiR room. Scumnmo ssit down at tho. piano, ami tht^v sang, "Happy birthday Vo you, Hup|»y birthday to you, Happy blrlluiay, tlcur Jewmy . . ." " Kve, in ft K o w n with an un- Obashod plungo of neckline, came o v o r to him »n»l put her arms around him, He klsapd her lifted, parted mouth, ulthougU ho always felt lilto u foul doing Uila in public. "How litd you Know thta was my birthday V" h« «sked her. "Thta came," She moved away, brought & card, tossed U to him. Kve always opened his mail. It Irritated Jeremy, b «t Kve shrugged niul :.aa If ho had nothing to ke«p in UK.' dark, vvluvt did it matter? It wasn't that at nil, h« tried to tell her, but he couldn't make her Slray«d or Stolen J*Qtmi v ol4, hound puppy: \Vhitu wttfe ItHpion d*r*.* Reward, Coi«- 0r«#<i«»94 to wy MM Ij»voind«o»e»nted, pink roses, Eleanor always wc«i in to; curds like thta. The verse in- Bia.» wovild be a be«rts-»nd-flower« sentiment, loo. Eve had probably howled v.ith glo* over It, ••There's a card from Nance, too," sh? said. it WAS » (^n<«nd-mU dra\\^ng of a ioa$-l?g£<K) htron. ptp« and all. with muyHo dri(tias up u«o l«uej« i» Itt" someoae aaktd- keep this up nnd mako n ntg'ht of It. llo wont to tho Ultc-hun. Kvo luul hlreil n Chiiiom- cook, S o n'R I'CO. "Darling," sho had Wftllqil to Jeremy. "SonR spcnks betlaP Engll? 1 ' Hum I do!" He'd boeti njilf-niwisod. "What did you expect, pidgin l%ii};li:ih and a long queue Y" Kvo had poutod. But slip kept Song Lee on. Ho wns an excellent cook. "Dinner ready, Bong'. 1 " Jeremy asked. "Yea, sir." "Then 1 think wo'll have it at onco," "Yes, sir." Jeremy smiled nt tho Chinese, whoso nlmoml-shapud e y o s re- vealod nothing of what he thought of tho hubbub tn the living room. They wero Ringing ug" 1 " and the pianist. Jci-emy thought grimly, \viis no Iturbl. Ho winced at the discords, shrugged faintly nt Sonjs Li>e, and turned to Eve's guests. Ho glanced at hla wutch. lla'd hiiva to oat and bolt. Kvo wouldn't like that, bin his office hours were from seven to nlrie—or ten, same- tunes. Perhaps there was something to Eve's complaints about being neglected.. But so were other doctors' wives. Jeremy wished he knew tho answer; there seemed none, unless tt was more doctors and more lime for « personal life for ,all of them. Still, Eve must have known It would be like this. Dinner was noisy, Jeremy, conserving his energy for the evening's work, and already feeling the strain of eight full hours at the hospital, fell buffeted by tho laughter and unamused by the bright; tails. There waa a roar of protest when he got up, after coffee, and said they'd have to carry on without him. "But you're the guest of honor!" Eve protested. "My patients don't know that," ho told her. "Nor care, particularly," Eve pushed out her lower Up. "Thcrt ought to b« a union." Th« ol4 catch phrase. His mother and. K*n00 used it at times like thl»,tQQ> Only differently, somehow. They fc&»w how tt waa with him. T**y n»P»cted th* Oath of Hip* ji*. >!*&$« few* memonsAd It. bo Nnnce had said, T/icro nil); compromise, can there T Nnnco understood. He doubted if lOvc had ever hcurd of Hlppocra- toa. I'.s'o hud a One surface gloss; she diligently read the best sellers, knew who was playing In whnt on Broadway, subscribed to the right mngiiKlnes. und collected albums of the c I n R s i c s . . . although she preferred Frankle Carl to San- romu. Her tastes wero neither fastidious nor Independent, her perceptions wero blurred, her knowledge neither deep nor diversified. Jeremy didn't mind. Sometimes, seeing her scurrying to keep up with the opinions of the Joneses, he felt a sort of tender Indulgence. Ho did wlah, though, that, sho realized a doctor had a'Cer- tain amount ol responsibility, to his fellow men. He switched on tho office lights ntul lowered the shades. He worked alone, evenings, Hester Graham, the registered nurse, left at flve unless he specially asked her to work overtime. He glanced at Uie appointment pad. At 8:45, Donald Urquhart had an appointment. Jeremy's Ungor, running dto w n the list, stopped there. Simon Urquhart's son. A year ago the boy had collapsed with a tetany caused by an acute calcium deficiency, and now he suffered severe migraines. Jeremy wondered Oeetingly who'd be the research man to get at the root of migraines. But his mind waa only half on the boy, more, at the moment, on the boy's father. He thrust aside the nag of uneasiness over the attitude of the hospital board members. He was shrugging into his starched jacket when the buzzer rang to announce ms tlrst patient. He worked steadily for an hour, noting with satisfaction that he was running almost to the minute on schedule and opt, as frequently happened, lagging b*hind- At this rate he'd be throug* by nine, tn time to rejoin Eye and to*r friends. She'd like that. Personally, ht thought, rd like nothing better than to go to bed. I'm tired. He tiearj a commotion in the waiting room. He frowned, murmured an apology to the patient whose blood count ht bad Just takdh. and ope*ed the door. Bve ww in the **«iai room. dangerous challenger the first lick- inn of his career. Although Walcott has repudiated statements he made to reputable newsmen that Rocky will be an easy mark, there is no doubt that the champion and his followers are looking for quick knockout. Trainer Dan Florio says, "Joe will knock him stiff in the first round." Charley Goldman, Marciano's little trainer, predicts Rocky will win "somewhere between the sixth and eighth rounds." For the record, the fighters gave out v.-ith the usual "I think I'm going to win, Otherwise why would I be fighting?" Almost everyone in this town agrees this fight won't go the limit. Our pick is Rocky in six rounds. behind, until snid shot or water- emerges at slightly increased velocity, and is a narrower stream One type of choke changing scheme varies the amount of squeeze clown by using a set of springy lingers at tho gun muzzle. Then like the chuck, on a bit brace, these are squeezed more tightly together when the tapered bushing ring over them is screwed down. Simple, no tools to carry or extra parts to lose. The second type, evolved for at taehments where maximum poten tial reduction of gun-kick is plan• nod, uses a sot of interchangeable[ choke lubes, some of which re- j quire tightening tools, some not i These.- tubes may project outward from the body of the attachment. j altering the gun's length and balance as they arc shifted, or they may be identical in weight and in outer measurement body. All these shotgun attachment." work, but none of them will work Xioj for sour apples when improperly installed, when the bore bchinc them has not been honed straight to standard diameter, free of al! built-in choke. Hence in trying to make an all purpose gun from a slide actioi or an autoloader by putting n shot gun schno/.zle on it — a complete ly practical move — be sure tha the installation job is done either by tho manufacturer, or by a gun smithing firm he's willing to name as a qualified installer. (Distributed By NEA Service) New York Cleveland Chicago Philadelphia Boston Washington Pt. Louis Detroit Tuesday's Schedule . New York at Boston — Sain (n-fi| vs Kinder <!>-5>. Chicago nt Cleveland Dobson (1.5 10) vs Garcia 122-101. Washington al Philadelphia -| Masterson (10-7) vs Shant/ (21-7 St. Louis at Detroit (nirfht) Phi!| lette (10-13 >vs Wight (7-1D. Monday's Results Cleveland G Detroit 3 Only game scheduled. NATIONAL LEAGUE W 94 fill 85 83 7!5 GG G3 41 Schedule New York (2) —Js son (6-2) and Jester (2-i>) or I dctle (0-10) vs Koslo (9-7) and Mn| ic (17-8). . Philadelphia at Brooklyn (2-lwl night) — Drews (13-14) and Sinl mons <T3-8) vs Locs (13-8) or Rr| (11-2) and Rutherford (6-7). Cincinnati at St. Louis (nighO-l Perkowski (12-9) vs Miller (G-2| Only game scheduled. Monday's Results No games scheduled. VV£ LfARN TO DOWONDeRFUL THINGS IN SCHOOC-- 'SPECIALLY IN ARITHMETIC <•' S*, THE DICTlOMARY WEIGHS D .TWO POUNDS AND IT SAYS ON THE COVEf? THERE APE A HUNDRED THOUSAND WORDS IN IT jtOM STAB, HO By Chick Young Screeft Actress Answer to Previous Puzzle Brooklyn New York St. Louis Philadelphia Chicago 3cston Htsburgh Tuesday's .Boston at I, . r )4 00 G3 65 70 82 85 110 HORIZONTAL 1 Other woman in "Weekend With Father," Virginia 6 She is a actress ll Zeal (pi.) 4 Diminutive of Alonso 5 Sliowy 6 Earns 7 Kimono sash 8 Waistcoat 9 Arrow poison 10 Heating device 13 Twisted anew 12 Fur animal 14 Mortgagee 13 Yalc blue 18 Students 21 Card playing Fights Last Night By The Associated Press CHICAGO — Toxic Hall, 191 CVl cago. outpointed Larry Watson, 17| Omaha 8. Brooklyn — Rocky Castellani 1| Luzerne, Pa., stopped Jimmy lie ring, 158, New York R. Brooklyn — Ralph Tiger .Tone l;i3'/2, Yonkers, N. Y., oulpointij Sal Di Marlino, I.i3, IlnrttlT Conn. 8. MIAMI BACIT, Fla. —CarmJ Eusilio, 149, Syracuse, N. Outpointed Baby Williams, lf>3 : | Havana, Cuba 10. 15 Ascended 16 Life-saving station (ab.) 17 Game ragout 19 Beverage 20 Frozen rain 21 Wed 25 Vouches 30 Pen name of Charles Lamb 31 Exist 32 Pause 33 Jump 34 Names (ab.) 35 Feminine appellation 3G Doom 38 Change S'39 Goddess of growing vegetation 41 Girl's name 44 Facilitates 45 Mrs. Cantor 48 Antenna 50 Endurer 52 Smarts 53 Taciturn 54 Small sip 55 Stringed , instruments VEUTICAL 1 Drop 2 Rainbow 3 Biblical name 28 Domestic slave 42 Philippine 29 She is a Negrito oo u supporting 43 Goddess of 22 On the discord sheltered side 31 Toughens 45 Roman road 23 Narrow inlets 37 Glacial epoch 40 Low sand hill 24 Entranced 38 Attack 47 Wiles 26 Soviet river 40 Lampreys 49 Interest (ab ) 41 Spar 51 Crafty 27 Lease 1 II 11 Jfa iU 35 36 11 5Z i>4 Z Z2 «Z 3 13 H Z4 IV S n 70 .-.' ' r . '•'••'/' 37 3* 14 IZ m. 51 34 Itt 13 l|> '//• ' .. ''.' •''•• t)0 50 « b •.'''','• '/'••' '//s. 38 ii> 7 r 2b « 35 i| 6 V) 27 45 9 28 Id 10 Z9 17 - 23 Riviera Holds Stolen Base Lead ST. LOUIS (01 — Fleet-footed Jin Rivera of the Chicago White Sox holds the American League stolen base lead today. Rivera stole one base in yesterday's game against the Browns, giving him 19 for the season and one more than Washington's Jackie Jensen. Overconfidence Coaches' Worry MAGNOLIA UP) — The Soufhe State College Muleriders -pre ing for their Arkansas Intere giete Conference opener hero S;| urclay — were warned against ov confidence by Coach Elmer Sm yesterday. Smith told his charges that "tl year's team doesn't travel on 1 year's press clippings." Southern State hasn't lost AIC battle since October 7, 19 when the Wonder Boys of Ark s< - :s Tech dumped them. Southern State opened their season with a 6-0 win over A batna State Teachers on Sept. CARNIVAL Dick Turner CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX BEHIND EVE, through the door leading from the annex to the living room, Jeremy saw Eve's guests. Tho party had reached stridency. Someone was tapping out chopsticks on tho piano. The radio blared, A quartet In a corner was doing Down by tho Old Mill Stream. Jeremy strode to his wife. "Eve." he said urgently, "stop this. Go back to the party. I'll join you as soon as 1 can." "1 want everyone to know 's your birthday." He heard a snicker behind.him. He grasped Evc'd arm. The tray slipped. Glasses crashed to the tlor. The decanter did not break, but the stopper came out and a dark mulberry stain spread over the carpet. Jeremy had the scalding sense of humiliation he'd experienced tn nightmares, discovering himself on Main street clad only in his underwear. He took Eve by the shoulders and thrust her without gentleness through the door. The key was In the lock on his side. He turned It. He picked up the wine decanter, set it on the table. He evon remembered to set It on a magazine so that U wouldn't leave a mark on the oak surface. He stooped awkwardly to the fragments of crystal. "Let me," Cora Leigh, a patient, said. She bad a magazine In her hands and she began carefully picjclng -»p the pieces and placing them on the paper. "Thanh you." «aW Jeremy stiffly. He added. "Watch your hands." H« went Into the other room and closed the door. He sat down behind Ma desk, and his hands gripped the chair. Then, automatically, he continued with his work. Dismissed one patient, summoned another- A* he worked, bis mind was leaping ahead to the Inevitable sequel to tonight's incident Gotsla. He couldn't hope to strmgto tt tt waa too choice a morsel to Keep, Com Leigh would mention U at her uncle's home, probably. Andrew Ctrluui wouldn't llk« it. And CarUon would ait in oa the tesaton of the ooa.nl meet- lr.£ to choose his successor, Don Urqufcart . .. Jeremy was faiHy ceftsta hla was the giggle b* h«4 .heard, Po« would repeat the Otay, with emteiustuiM&li, at in his disfavor. Eva hadn't been drunk. Jeremy know it in a flash of certainty as delicate and tangible as those which sometimes came to him In diagnoses. But surely she knew what a thing like this meant to him, with the appointment coming up? He had seen her eyes. They had been clear and sober, and something else. He did not yet attempt to define that other thing. But her eyes had not matched the slur of her voice. "Darling," she murmured, when he cornered her with It- in their room after midnight, "it seemed like a bright Idea at tho lime. The Mahomet thing, you know,,. You wouldnf come to the party, so — " Incredibly, she shrugged and smiled. She saw his eyes, and sighed. "I guess it was rather silly." Silly! He said grimly^ "Eve, the Leigh woman, Carlton's niece, was in there tonight. And the ' Urquhart boy. That moans Carlton and Urquhart, and heaven knows how many more, will get versions of tonight's Incident. Do you see what 1 am getting at?" "I've said I'm sorry," she said, and yawned. "Jeremy, I'm terribly tired." "Look, Eve," he said with weary patience. "I know my work isn't important to you. That's all right, if you want it that way. You married me, not my profession, gut It happens to be Important to me. A month ago I'd have said it waa a sure thing I'd get Carlton'a place> Now "Now?" Her voice waa tow and strange. She had taken off her gown, and her back was a smooth wnitc V above her slip. He frowned. "1 don't know. Something's happening. I wish to blazes 1 knew what." He dug into his pocket for a pipe, put it back as the telephone rang. eve lifted the receiver. TM? . . , One moment.'' She b*ld the receiver against her breast. «The hospital," she whispered. "Jeremy, it's after one. Let me teU them-i" He took the Instrument (run her, spoke briefly, cradled the receiver. "I'll have to go, Bve." 1 And then, "Eve . , ." "How many times have you lei; the hospital think I w*a not available in emergencies T'» b«r mad« wo*. " "Oacfi *y«* wfcit *»* '* $ * twfiM [thought It odd I've had so few emergencies these past \vcelss." "Don't be silly. You're not th< only doctor on call." "You haven't been giving m all the messages." "Oh, stop," she ordered. He said, half to himself. "Y< said one's the truth didn't alwa; pay. I thought it was one of th bright, meaningless things, for laugh." "Don't be a fool, Jeremy." Sh did not raise her voice, and h thought It odd that he should hea stridency In it, and shrillness "What harm if 1 do tell the you're out sometimes? They cal at the most ungodly hours! An you let them walk all over you! He was reknotting his tie. Ang. pushed up In him. Controlling i left him weak. And that wasn' good. In an hour a life would b m his hands. Keep your mind o: that, he counseled himself, holding down the anger. "Jeremy," she said softly, com Ing over to him, "don't go. Stay with me." He wanted to. He wanted to stay here and take her in his arms. Bui he said gently, "I can't, Eve." t Two hours later he left th" operating room. Doctor Ireland," called a nurse at the diet kitchen door, as he went towards the elevator. "Drink this," Gratefully he gulped the hot blach coffee, hapded her the empty cup. He, did not know her name. Perhaps, anonymous in a white mask, she had worked with him In the operating room. He smiled at her and went to the elevator. * On hia way out. by the ambu" lance entrance where he had lefi him car, he paused. He stood i moment in Indecision, then about faced and walked into the glass- partitioned* office of the admitting department. "HI, Jonesy," he said to the uniformed nurse at the desk. She was idling through a .„,,„ Wine, She said, "Hel|o. Doctor."! | "J thought you worked da Jonesy. How come you're doing graveyard stint?" "Telfer ran her hand thro' , the wringer of 4 washing machine. 1 Jonesy explained. "So Sinun and I are doubling up. We ab have a spare girl for emerge MfeA this, | don't know wb»J. *> «? two o< ua sot Jg$k 9* '*'Why, no, ma'am, I wouldn't call him a bottle baby! He ' gets his fpod out of a can, same as everybody else in the Jamih/1" SIDE GLANCES By Golbraith " '• I so vou DIVIDE } i f TWO POUNDS BV ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND '< AND "SOU GET THE FRACTION ~"- FlFTY-tHCXJSANDTH DID YOU A \VOF?D \VEIGH5 ONLY \ ONE FIFTy-THOua-ANDTH ) OF A POUND?. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William* WE MUST-- BEERCANS.M BECAUSE MUCH LIKE A PILE OF RUBBISH LAyiW HERE IM HIS- E-EAUTV BEAUTY SPOTS TILL SOME LOWBROW HAS ITJ <v- •*/. ^'>V--''~«,--BciJLXA,vfA, iM.uT, '^tfofy'p W-^-^i £*• w^\^}^[\.^ .-I'"' M I \ I ' ' ' v v ' ^ l] i ,' "\">- /s/ J^ ^ ^^ \^\w^^ ' ^-^ "^^ ^-. THE TIM DAISIES OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople VOL) STRlPf-:.?o AN "'"( D<?AT IT, JAKE'.' TOM&'T? ^ tMfTN, A'AO:5/-A DOWN >DDR SfTAZEM U' ^ - - - * fl?r£ R£5ID£Nr S / ^'R^ee// (5 yS\ ^.eMEA\SeR,FATHER C— / \ ISN'T KERe MOVsJ To PUL/1 ' EA6V, LIK£ </ } M£ OFF >i?L!R WATTLED ACRO^ST) 1 NECK Ai ME DIO -SALT,CRICK r/ I \Ml4tNj Vxl£ ^MAM A { CANJCHOF?,,../ " " FUNNY BUSINESS •fi<:3*.'..-- •' -Ij*- ' ""> • y? 5 * -';. v^^5?Srr •£'*'* :^S 7 *^--^ ''^f''''-: *"- fr * ' By Her«hberger •<^ *2^ 5 * 5 ^?^sfi»#£» i o^fm o J^?- ~j' •'"' ' \.^. f \-~: -,^ ft^ri. - *-/ .-, r*. y. 3-;-^4^ sz ^^ '« just like a boy with a new toy—his kids are in col- ! tege and he can use the car again!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS WWI By Blosser HAS --.•.-..JISE'S "A DXre WITH A WHICKLE OK ELSE * ULTIMATUM f _LEMMB SEE HCM— A"^ ALWAYS BOWS HE MEErs A U&y/ I YOWWW/- MY K^IBACK/ *> rV-^C7T^#/;< ii) .*.• :'; ARKANSAS " ~ '""• rfrrir-- i j| Of ARK IKI ^ STICK/d I*-**********)"***.* Pj " ~ " ' rfWwAHtawij »f»« •* Kt&TSjg TtRINfr, y&ACt " ( CLEANED VIC FLINT By Mtcttael Q'MaHcy and Rttfpft B»ETTBK NOT SHOOT, FUISIT. V s'ou PON'T WANT TO MUST A PRETTY fllPCL LIKE: PB.ACME-5.' M2U WON'T AWAY WITH 7HI&, WASH TUBES By Leslie tii we vjese LUCK.Y, BILL. 5-HOP ABOUT 10:30 WIGHT REND COMIC BOulS AND HER BUDDIfS Hy Edgor Ma BUGS BUNNY MATE T' OPEN ) TH' OOINT - -S CWY/ ALLEY OOP THERE HE \ I HOPE HE D.OE5N'T V TOV/, //> . GOES, BACK ] HAVE TOO MUCH /H7V'•'"••' / '• V , TO ANCIENT / TROUBLE FINDING ^' ^'; • x f ,•/. i:'..>' ^ ... ('''-.'I. r- '* - /'/" i -) LOOKIM' I--OR IN A PlACG I.IKE THIS? NOTHIM 1 ANYWHERE CHRIS WELKIN, Planeteer .. _MyH0AP EXAM I Ngp FOR HOT L. I$T£N1N& TO CHfH.lt>,., MAV&B THE, CAK&Q —i HENRY f$ |-¥*fr r * ' i ,w s ,$•»• i »'',^*O «

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