Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 23, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 23, 1952
Page 6
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j^fs^^my^ < "~ »" i s' , ;. v' , <• , r , i &!& •' >r „'•*!»* HOP! STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, September 33, 1952 il Ndtf ** to ill* t»xp»y»ifn in Oil* p»p0rM)TO.4o 6f tft« People • for by At- »ndrt tlUn for tlh»f»rnt IMn Act (fn uc nnd i), council. <»} ~<»j»tho pro »r,ftrc Inter thp «im«' ptir h(tr«iifidf«r nhall «om. with fOf . pui'ohoslni! ' ojefffey M the Detriment. ,1 POnPORR OF ACT. ofnlitn ; ^ct In to P* of Autcftnoblltfti tnd ieo!flcillfn<rHr Khali be raffle* bro»d to permit competitive coming within a competitive price grmip, turn «* Chevrolet, Ford, Plymouth, *te., and would-tnll for »Jx or sight cylinder, » piiaengeiy four door *«l«n, not IPKK tftoh 114* inch whpfllbim), not !'»«d Ihnn 89 brftku homo powfr motor, utonrinrcf equipment, etc.* GROUP NO. 11: Hodd mnchln- (try, provided thnt iln«l« unit* of may b<» purchpftmt n« provided rfi) bfllow. ! 'In puwnnning rood mnohlnary, f«), j nomt'firlalure and upccltlrntlorn com-. «hi»ll bo (diffidently broad lo permit rwnpoUUVo bidding In equip. m«mt tfonortilly coming within a >rl«*(T Mrotip.) NO, 18: farm Imple- both motor driven nnd non- motor 'driven/ except Uint tingle unit of *iiiy typo of farm Implement may be pUrehl!B<'d n» provided \ \n NO, I'll Jfnrm tools, wlrct »-,. rrwhod of ptirchn«lnH, Of,NC board!, emm- \Usltmo, or oilier ugpnclM d4V«rnmlh|.; provided; tp.«t$nifr'PfovMon of thin bo Interpreted to npply ireme Court, tho Oenorni i,0f:to!'«»iy unit'of loetu rteht*. MMQ PltOCKBURK roocdurOK nhnll b« sy nntl-nlt purphnxing or offlcort In IKO fmrob««i rtnli, suppliPH, amilp. urflttoe, -nnel othor uon COMPKTITIV85 d, RKQl/UUfl- , Jn .making pwrthuno of IUc'8 for ' „ i] jSdA' 1,000.00, ftH' .bl^l hich tho Invl ffitniH to known com- of the particular in t)io timi<» , <for w t)i<> inll.tlunt , tf,eon»pfewc}u!» cut of to l«« for l'0> th* .effoct will Ufl t MP, to o tlnie , it tfatallW llntn on 'fill* In IP iu\d in Ml nt . and Invlttillmi in bid furnliihoU on v<!qti«*t, nnd b*» malml will of types which can udv«nc<j ot GNOUP NO, H; Cement, »nnd, crunhBd »ton«, ting, bl. mnttirfnlii, etc, NO. in: Hardware, a«OUP NO. 10: Pnlnt, painters' NO. 17: Plumbln« nml olr i im(lllionlii« nnd surmllc*, mill nnd , •pROUP NO, 10! Electrlciil «qutp- »r(ent, HKhtlnR flxturfln. rcfrlKornt. i/ig wiulftmont, elttctrle writer «oo|. t't'», v(?iHlletln{t nnd exhuMst fwnd, Btippllfid, etc., except Hint unlm of equipment mny bo ft» provided In Section 4 (11) foclnw. • . . Oltoui* NO. 10: Acelylcnp. o^ y«tin, cnrbldc, wetdlnjf etitilpmcnl hrul niippll«n, otc. GROUP NO, 20: Solid Ftiel». GROUP NO, an Lumber, mill work, »ii«h, doorn, roofinK nuppUfi«, etc. CIIIOW No. 22: Plate meet, reinforcing BtetM, Btrucliii'iil meet, Btettl bur* nnd flntn, tinoUI 1 NO, g;i! Morclmnt plp«», conerclo pipe, forninat<<d metnl, vttrlflwl clny, t-nst Iron pipp, elf. O11OIJP NO. SM: Toblrwnro und iitWinllH, owns, rniiKOM und (IHOtIP NO. 25: l-'lro fl«h(lnB ' Oil Fiver Spreading in N. Arkansas Rainy and Cool Is W«ath«r Forecast im.N' trucks on th< And they urn iron- (;irrU"-'i fit)' i I,t Tamr>a T fir ( w By The A«*oel*ted Pret» j v..t* snrpri^rd la ; t Rnlny nnd cool weather covered] pounced MIX .n (i tnru area* from tho Rwklen to, trucks. the Atlantic Seaboard fxlny whllrj "Some trucks •<,,,-,> ! It was plwasnnt in the Western! „,.„....,,.,„. PkAtNS, i^ — Oil! (tt«li>»t. I fever i* ftprcfldlng In North Ccn-j Ti'mprraturett dropped to frccz-| tffll ArkaniBd following'rumors rif'lriit In sorrun Mldwont rcgfon* early! "hot di«v«»lopTTinnl«" nt n teat w)l tortny. Some warming was In pros-i In thol xnctlon, , pert for tho North Central nlaU'f The well U \hf center of th«i''. v loinfu-roA 1 . | W '/!», of th« RW , Station •«, 10! I<«'n fell »\nnn thi> Middle Allan-: North, 0 Went, White Comity. j "< Const while showers w«ro ro-; The drlllem, t>c*p Hock Oil Co., • l.ortod in Mkhleiin nnd Ohio and of Tiiliin II. C. Woodruff, (.'nun- j p:»rt» of New Mexico nnd West; Ing, OUIn,, nnd ftiiymond De-'l'i-xnw, Cionerully fnir wcathpr wru i r» ported In other section* of tho! cuiirilry. ' : on the side of tl'.e r lights stilt on." bo ••; tu /fit" ns if !h'-v "•(. for it." Cl(>;»r wr;t!h"r ,-ii -n t>, 20 piii.!-, tn ,M|M>t .".i Tin- i'!-2n>i n.v.,. >:,!•„ Sept. to. Thru- .>,<•*'... ro ul i if, 1 ' :, r<X ' i'nti:it:<!(i of even parked' ad'( with thi?! Knowlandand Cain May Get Possible Call kansas legislature. JudRc Francis Cherry said yes- tcrday he pinoably will start the study in October. He didn't say which states he will visit. The Jonesb'iro judge said he pccially was Interested in methods I erf tightening collection of sales I taxes. Cherry left his Little Rock' headquarters yesterday to spend I the remainder of the week at his; es .| Jonesboro home. Jinnoy, Ado, Okln , declined com-! mtml but the Ark<mmi« Gim'tloj >'«nt8fd»y reported lhe»e develop-! m«nl»! | 1, Oil ocotits w-ro barred re • j conlly from tho premium), | fnrmpr» In tho men with offers toj buy thi'ii royiiltlwi, 3, No-trptipOHilna slun* hnv.-J the mnnufflclurpr, »E) EMKHGKNCY PtmCHAS- E8, Dofdunatetl Purchnnlng Offie- (tils nre nuthorlzed to mnko cmeru- ttncy purchnun <>f M<pplk'>L i«f(ulp- mont, or contracturu) 'services without competitive bldn and without rnitpecl. U» iimount of cost or typo Of commodity, when urgently needed for Imtnodiule doltvery dtn> 20 Attacks by Red Army Turned Back By ROBERT UDICK ; l.t. John .7. Wrny. K i M"., sjlid he w;is rx litt | M <• Ills trillr i-fiit. , "Th.it w:>?( my t.'r.t i:. . ..id iiist niv-,1 1. ",-ind i i. iTjibfr <nv (li.-it. 1 i 1 1 '.VUl I lit bf •A-illin;; (. j .i'P if I f--!>!l!(l .'I ,' t.-i ' i ;' ry tin••"." \ A-2C A!II;C|. .\I.ir;il< i Ci'.y, s;iiil "'I'/ ,,,•;:..-, j w!:crc" lfi-.it ni-,li! "It v,n-i lii' ( > !: ( ii!!i York i SKOUL, Koreti itlpi —• Commu- i flint .iiildii-rM launched 20 probing ! uttaeki: ncrosH the Korean buttlo- I front today, but tj. N. troo|j.i bat! lored then) buck with arillory. : mortur and machino KUII fire. j to II btma fldo emergency nrlsinK! „ Sl f "'""•' ''«:•«""« cnme In the; from unforo»oen or un»volduble '• I' 1 "" 1 - 1 ''' I''" ; "ea, four came around , cnmie.B. For thu purpose of thin!. i-H-artbreak «ld«e northwosi of the. Act, litl <WU>r«i>n<.'y U defined n»: i Punchbowl and three were on the Any-Nltuellon nrlfiinu from nny I I'-n»l-f>ntriil fmni near the rocky i peak called "Duke Ihe Oook's Cus-' tie". ' j An 8!h Army briofinR officer said 1 he believed the probes were just "hfini.'i.sini; actions." '. The (1th Army announced that: Allied ground troops last week In-' Iliclod (he fourth highest casualllosi of the year on Communist forces.! Somi« C5.3S2 neds wore taken out' "f action, incliidlnii I.lifill killed. | I.-I-IZ wounded and 32 captured, a crop of -ino from the procedlti}!' weels. The record for Ihe year v set durln/.; the first I wo weeks .hinuary whys more than H.fioii Communist cacuallios were inflict- Congressbmol Pressure Tried Caudle Says to n*- Boiird <jf Ihls OHIIHO whcroln hunum life ar Stnti' property Is In Joopnr- fly, or other crn^rKenclfii tlitflnod UK mich by thi< Supreme Court of ArkaniKi*, Is hereby doclnrccl In bo (in etrnureoncy within the of thlt Act, und all sui-b ptirchflKCM nhnll b<> subji't-t vii'W Mild npproviit by (hi 1 cfllnbllnlK'il under Section n Act. .Heotlnn 5. IJOAHD OF APPKAI, KSTAU1.IKIIKD. ThuStntc Auditor the Attorney Cit-ncnil nritl tin- Ckiv- crnor Hhnll citnipdiio n Hoard of AppiMit to wnU;h nny n««rl«vcil blddor nitty iipp<;nl nny decision imulo by any r'lirchn.NlnK Offlcltil 111 uwunllnK coulnict.s under SIH-lion -I (A) uf thin Act. Notice Untt plOti*St will bi< filed uiu.'it be t'lvcn In wrlllnit to tho t'urrhnsinK Of- flcinl «l llu- Hint' of the opening i,t WA.SHirs'fiTON. 'ft — T. .-.i'dli.' tes'ilicd tnd iv fiat rcssidii fri:i|iiet-,!ly tried nti? his judWeitirnt. on l;i> a.-ics nnd (ithcr r;-ii:ii;ial also tuld l.atia-:-; that a Wliib li'r.v called him in t' 1 1 to postpone a ,'i St. l.ouis l>u..:ini CUlOtll' NO, 20: Lionise , InulKOf!, lllNilinin.'i tilld modlilil. (UUJllP NO. '.'7: ('MOM Job* licit flihcrwlsii oovenid by liuv IlliU fur wblch firohlteotn' or i-o '"•' l)l( '"' '""' - Hllrl) notice shall In Rlncors 1 plmiti nnd siipfirvlfili.n nr« M'^feclctl In wrlllntf ami filed with not vised. "'»' Atlornoy Oenoral within seven- j Ii OHOUP NO. 8(1: Any natural ro- j tydwo bourn from tho time the biets oxiructed or nnnovod on n I w< ' ro opeiunl. In the event protest filed by nny bidder, awarding of contrael shall he hold in abeyance until «ald proteHt lui.i Ixion hoard and fuljudlfiHed by said Hoard of Appeal.- The findings of sold Hoard hull bo finuI nnd tihnll be bindlnj; on till parties. Section U. , FORMS. HECOnns, AtNW AUt)Wn-J'HOiW3nURK. In order- to secure uniformity of pro- t'Citure, nil necessary forms for cbilsliiH und contrnetliiK Mhiill ;)o sUuulnrdl/,od und proscribed by the Stuto, Comptrollur uiKhlhe State (Ht SUI.T T10N linsia. I'llltrilAfiKS AS A RK- Ol-' 1NKOHMA1. SOIJCITA- Of QUOTATIONS, Pur- of Items In nny of tho Bhpwn ubove which nrc es« l to iMiHt IOXN than $1,000,00 In tlu> ii«Mi'««ttt« may b» mudo by the <l«*l»mitpd I'tirchnsliig Hfflclitl fl'oin tl«» lowest nixl best bid re- t'OlviKl n.i it remilt of Informal wn- Hp/iot(oi\ ut l)klx from' ul leust bidders. »B sot of corn- . "th titUlltlon, ulnglo imlto of specified Itiims of t'nulpmo forth In' vnrlous elns«e« mndUtrN' fa Section 1 «A> mny bo purehiiKtsil fratn tho nntl b<>st bidder us a i-tmult of in- lormal kollelliitiiin of bid* from ul least throiS prospective blUdt-m. <o jnma i ASICS.- FROM MANU- NKT* STATE Tho follovvlnn cln»»pg of (ipTnuiotllUes mny bo purchnsed front tbe • nnnnufiirturf r this fluthoriwrt UtKtrlbutor «t iHiivtuiiHHl In the manufnuUir> w'* or '<tit)tributor'» «»iubUshod r?et Stiito Price lilsls without formal sollcllulloit of bklu; GROUP NO, 1: Offlue machine*. <n«ch|ne», type- . ; ldr purpo^tm* of beiurttU of volunio 4r<jhft»ln« Omelul* in Witt U« held for of (41 4 <AJ for lian thirty tiny* '•* Mf do. c»lfulmli\({ ttttchUKtii, uud tobvilntUtft mn< chtnc*, motion plctur« txiachlncs, equipment, o'tc. NO, 2: L.uun)«, electric (all typcjtK GROW NQ. 8: Bulk plant of isasolihe,-oil, ifrca ,,. when piu«h«»ed at oatabllkhed link wnnon nrlcoa provwiliaK ut ,ln»e of dittiiytfS'y, . CWOUP NO. 4t Cennlna ma- clilnery cunt, etc, GROUP NO. 5; tir«» ft»\d tubes nnU imtoniobllti baltwrle*, OHOUP NO. 8: Kqulpm«t»t ro- pair purls, , ^COMPBTITtVE PUR. The fvillowlnu-types or nature nra svieh'thut eo«>. their not be visetl practlcaUty, tttwl ix«\ed l>utTh»»tt\a Offlclttb aiv, therefor^, authoiixud lo mttkis such iwol\an>« without soUcllatlon of >td«: ORQUP NO, 1: BooH«. subscrlp. Uon« t<> journals, p»p«ra. etc.. Aswclatlons, etc., motion picture «Jm, ttiiM strtpt, film me,, photograohy, photo- rapldo iiuper and ' »il\o.toi{raphic »: AR uMUttM and ORQUP NO. 3: Servlcft station ql gw&oliRVt oil, and GROUP NO. 4; Piojwrty U\siu-- ty •' r ^ ei1 ' OOaip NQ, ?i Vliw*«»jfflr wssvlw NO, 9: Begat* service* «T' Uv^stock and on South Koroati Knldiors of the fith llepublie of Knroati Division solidified their rniitriil of "tVaillo Hill" northeast of the Punchbowl, which they lost .y.rtonby tn North Korean':, but rocanttirod afler |.i mrs ol bitter fiiihlini;. An estimated 117 N.irth Korean; were Killed nnd :t2a wounded in the netlon. The air war yesterday was h|«b- •15s By JOHN L. 8TEEU WASHINGTON (UP) — Scns.i William F. Know land of California j and Hairy P. Cain nt Washington ' .'H,'.iiT'd jirfimltu-ntly today in rapi-j !:.! ;;j)«<-iilation nhoul a possible sue-! < r ssor !ii Kir-hard M. Nixon as He. I i Mbllrnn vice presidential eancli-' le if hi- M ! 'its. Also iiicntionod — admittedly as Ioni;-Hhot Hiiess — was Sen. Hob- A. Tnft of Ohio. Veteran polili- observers doubted that Taft. J v.ould accept second place on the' ticket headed by DwiKht D. Kison-] I'ower. Hut they saw an outside ' chr.ncc that "Mr. Republican" j ini;<IU ylr-ld to an appeal to help! held liie party together in an hour I ol crisis. I fti'ijorts from I.os Angelos th.'it, Mi.xoii will withdraw from the GO! 1 ! ticl-.c't found no immediate conflr-j i'.anon l;ere. In fact, some Rcpiib-' liean organization "regulars" pro- Ifssefl confidence that Nixon will remain in the race. j Hut they acknowledged thnt they v,-cie si ill waiting for the final WiM-rl on Nixon's fate, which proh- aHy \\-ill be spoken by Eisenhower after Nixon's "tell all" broad- <:i-t to the nation tonight. Should Nixon bow out. Chairman Arthur E. Summerfield is expected •o call the Republican National Cnmmittee into emergency session at once to choose a replacement. Under party rules, the committee (.an either make the decision on its own. or call a special national convention to nominate a new vice I-residcntial candidate. OPEN ALL NITE BEFORE OR AFTER THE LIVESTOCK SHOW FOR DINNER OR JUST A SNACK THE OAKS HIWAY 67 WEST — CITY LIMITS .. Agent octirns jointly, subject to approval of tho Attorney CJeiitM'tt). linmedlfttoly ii|>on prepa- rfltlon and Issutince of a purchase Uoeument or u contract fen- pur- chliHltiH, «ll' papers reliitltiK to the trnttdictlon, Including bid pro- received, Hhnll be transmitted to tho Ktute Comptroller with n eorUflento ottachod showing compliance with thla Act nnd cltliiK the iippllcublc section and pant- Of this Act under which the procurement action wus taken, Tho State Comptrolter Is tiuthorlml and directed to refuse payment of tiny vouehcr covi>rln« n purchase which h«« nut been properly att> thenticHled. AH documents will be proitorvcd either In ori«luul or on microfilm- In the Slate Comptroller's Office for n period of three yews, All such records In the State Comptroller'* Office shull be public records und shall be open to public Inspection (hiring all normal business hour,*;, Section 7. OFFICERS AND EM- PLOVKKS PKOmUlTKD FROM CONTRACTS WITH OWN DE- PARTMKNT, Any officer, agent, employee, board member, or commissioner of any agency of the Stttte Is hereby specifically prohibited from having financial in- tore»t or pcrsonnt beiu>ficiid inter-, directly or Indirectly In any contract or purchase order for any supplies, materials, equipment, insurance, or contractual service Used by or furnished to or purchased, from tho agency, department. Institution, commission, with which such person is connected by employment or appointment. Section 8. SERVICES OF STATE PURCHASING AGENT AVAILABLE TO ALL AGENCIES. The State Purchasing Agent may render purchasing or contracting services to any other State Agency upon the application of that agency ami with the approval of tho State Comptroller and the State " Agent. Section 9. PENALTIES, Any person who violat** any provision ol this Act shall b* guilty of a misdemeanor: and shall upon convic- tl«m, bo punished vherefoi-by a fine not, to exceed $100. Any person who is convicted of a misdemeanor under this Act shall, for a period of five years be. ineligible- for appointmeiu to ori «mpioym«nt in any position in the Stttte service, and if he t* fin officer or employee of the State, shall lurfolt his office <w; tfositton. Se?«wi 10. SEPARABILITY, If ttWy provttion of thit Act, w the. ap- ol such provision to any r circunx^ance shuli be iav»Ud^ Uw »m»inder of this and the »ppUc8f^on of such pro- persons or those as invuUd, shall lie en ship- od IRQ I'lv •spokosman the H-26''! by Allied Sabrejets. Tho brouKht the Sabre pih.t.s' .September loll nf M|C,s to , r )0 M-KJ.i Destroyed, four probably do.strove<l and 4!l dnma«od. Tho total of '|(r> f'Ciiuilod (be war's record. ' ' n-21'.s unl.iiidod Hourly 100 tons O f ino-potnul bombs on two militm-.v '.npply areas oi«lu milo.-j north of Pvanijyanjf. the North Korean cap- Ha last night Photo roconaisnneo indicated war material had stored In the areas awailini- front to the front. H-2li nlo.hl bombers destroy Communist vehicles on main sun- routes. :linu bombvrs swoopinp low over North Koron are takinf' on incronslnfj loll O f Comnuinlsi i>"PI>l.v trucks because of belief chosen nnd hotter trained fi'iws. an Air IMI disclosed today. S" far in September, have destroyed 1.36-1 Red trucks carryliiB vital war supplies from the north down to tho battle h,,e This month's total is Inritor tlvin (hi oomblnocl total for July ;md i AliKUSt. but Is smaller than Juno's i Ihe steepest destruction claims' wore niiido in the final days of UK,] ! when from 4.0WJ to 0.000 trucks | Were knocked out every month ^A spokesman s:,id the nth Force is carefully solectiiH- it': crews for the H-lUis and Kivini; them intensified trainiiiK. The up' turn in the number of trucks destroyed recently also is due in part to the fact the Hods are putting boon put up around the well, which Is almost on tho Whitu-liutopen - donee County line. 4. Neighbors said more than 300 "visitors" drove by the well Sunday. Automobiles from Oklahoma. Louisiana and Texas were among them. 5, Rumors wore circulating in Rcolojjieul circles that a favorable j showing had been found. Pleasant Plains, in Independence County, is about 75 miles north- cast of Little Rock. The southern part of tho stalo has boon tho only section to produce oil in commercial quantities. in -ti ;i!i. persiui-j i*'.i tiiV f»M"-| did." j !' President Trn-j Ma!!he\: dm • | i;\ an effurl to| in :ljiiitie!i;ent nf ! St. I .n nis busi- the Air by which r. i Dcparlinenl. Hep. lso.it in;: (I: r lawmaker.* 1 ivpurb in .lustiii- Depurim "entirely improper.' Caudle said seuat sentntivos earnr to i'l'Huecl with him i which were under ;i • iion. "They tried to judjinioni, di-ln't Koatiiuj. "Well they t,'i!l,ef sivoly at timi'.-." . IIH.M' official. "\'i -, Caudle s:iM one <il man's feci-olarie-;. nelly, called l-.im a case inve.!vin;i nessman, Irvin-: . : ;:u-b Caudle told th- e,*i Hurry Si-lnvinmier, 1 lawyer retaine.l by S personal friend of hi-: vlminei' bad .••offered tack. Caudle addr-tl thnt he anpr'e'.-eil tho delay ;,!i!uiu'.;h C. na;-!ly had not ,su;>pliod any i-vidi'iice nf Scl 1 - \\iimne; 's condition, Hubs.'<|ui'iitly, alter re)'o;itod ;ilto:npts to keep the case from coiti.y to t>-ial. Sachs pleaded ;:uiliy -ind v,-a-: fined $10.! 000, Can,lie said. CaUiliie, a l'roi|':e!it witness before COM'.;r>'s^io:i,i! in\-r •lii'aior.--, has previously testified: .1. Several coii!.:re.-'--i':ien ii.'-od influence !u IH.-||I srtil,.- cei-l:'.;n tax cases. 2. IVp'-.ty Ally. C,,'.]. Peyton Kurd, W!HI vesitjnod in AU-IUM, !:hl. w;.s !is.si;:ned to batidle sorveral CHM'S (.'.i' die slinr.id hrive h.i!ulli'd. Cherry to Study Highways, Taxes • LITTLE ROCK, I/PI — The Democratic gubernatorial nominee plans lo study the lax, highway and motor pool prtiKrams of other states iiK an aid to preparing a program presentation to the 19fi3 Ar- Stay beautiful ' -.^ 4Cu*.tte.-L. < .*___ — by avoiding monthly looks No toll-tale signs on her faco liccauie cramps, jitters bother her Why Ionic ulilcr, worn out, jittery f,,r •' or .1 cluy,i c.a,.h nmilth? Why | et everybody know your urn,, is lii-iv? TliniiHiinils of smart >Mi-h uml wonifn luko n little Cunlul each ;a.Y lo lu'lp l,.ul,l new i-neriry «,nl re«i»tnn«' 1 hoy look. u«. «!<•«], better, feel less unit less misery carh month. Home even BO (hroiuih |i.-n,i,Ui without initn nfter n while. Si'y lovely nil iiiuntli-mk your .lealer for Cnnlnl MONTHLY CRAMPS CHANGE OF LIFE Can You Answer These? ] — If your car ran into someone's home, could the homeowner legally hold your car until you paid for the damage to his property? Yes. the homeowner could secure a Writ of Attachment on your cm*. 2—If this happened, would your Automobile insurance help you recover your cor? The insurance company which* insured your car against Property Damage Liability would immediately provide a bond for the car's release, and then defend you against the homeowner's claim. 3—Auto Medical Payments insurance will pay (up to policy limits) the doctor and hospital bills arising from injuries to any person riding in your car. Does the coverage extend beyond this? Yes, it covers injuries of persons while in, upon, entering or alighting from your car. 4—Last year the fire loss in the U. S. set an all time record high. Was the lost $300,000 000' $500,000,000; or $700,000,000? Last year's fire loss was $H71,'10. r >,:)00. FOR COMPLETE PROTECTjON . . . SEE ROY ANDERSON & CO. — INSURANCE — 210 S. Main Box 405 Hope, Arkansas LAUNDRY CLEANERS TOO IMPASSIONED DALLAS, Tex.. UMM Jacksort Ini-.als. -17, :iiipi dtiwnto\\ii Dallas str.-ei . tordny clad in ;i:i Air Fon-v- 11:11- ! fon« repleti.' with '.nodah; aivl : nuiile an iii'p:issivu;e>l speech abmit how lu' o.irtiod "more mod.its than; C'.on. l)i>.t !: |'».s MarAriluir," Tlu-:i j he offere'.l pencils and ra/iir! He was chp.ri;ed wi'h ii!ipcr.*'on:»-[ tins an Air l-'orco sei ;;e;iiit. TO HOPE Somfone-f/re Amazing, Better Kind of Dry Cleaning -Cosfs No More than Ordinary Cleaning! the lmosi all white i-a.- thvUl^h b.ibie ured colors ew boiti babies in !u,\e blue eyes, al- iii seine nl ti'.e col- ,u-es li,i\e eyes ot other ai birth. vWoft «l UU* elreunvstwwet ft i« The First National Bank Cordially invites you to see the Unusual Currency Exhibit On display in it's booth in the Coliseum from 3:00 P. M. to 9:00 P, M. each day of the Livestock Show Sanitone Dry Cleaning removes more dirt, spots are gone! Original color is restored in all its beauty! Careful press lasts longer. Yoji can tell at a glance the smartly dressed men and women who insist upon better Sanuoae Dry Cleaning! Clothes cleaned with Sani- tone feel like-new again because Sanitone restores the original finish to fabrics. You feel the difference at once when you put on a Sanitone- cleaned garment. Sanitone Dry Cleaning leaves your garments fresh and clean. Perspiration and other unpleasant odors are gone and no dry cleaning odor remains. All apparel comes back to you fresh, crisp, like* new! Try it yourself. See, feel and smell the difference. Vfi ' ! ta » " x' , September 23,1932 HOPI STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS SOCIETY Pnon. 7^481 ••twtcn I A. M. and 4 P. M. ilendor fuesday, September 23 lie Cosmopolitan Club will 'meet fesday, September 23, at 7:45 at Hope Country Club. Hostesses be Mrs. Royce Smith and Mrs. Robison. -haptcr AK of PEO wil mc-t Icsclay afternoon, September 23. 13 o'clock at tho home of Mrs. |nneth Powell, 7U2 South Hervcy. fho Washington PTA will have first meeting Tuesday night, member 23, in the gym. Plans the year will be discussed. teniber 24, at 7:30 in the school auditorium. DOROTHY DIX Thursday, September 25 Refrigeration Used in Heart Ailment MIXNKAPOUS (,11— University rJfS^/u«a"lv h T ."iSlSnccY'i'.V.y'TcdS t" ^h"i i ^ **\ ""'' ^^ >» "" m, ..u. U,,«y_proccMC. _c< n ,- ».e of hU_c« m ,ro,« nK inleres, ",n|fc ^^r^l-.'^rr Hughes Sells RKO Holdings to Businessmen HOLLYWOOD A Righting a Wrong Hour Miss Dix: Would you loll 10 hew I mny be able to help my brother right ;i wivm; ho eoinmit- Millionaire ted" Two' von ho wrote his i.venr-o|<i njvl for a heart operation. The Hope Country Club will en-1 Aflr1 ' ;ln anesthetic was admin- tertnin with a Ladies Bridge C(.\-er-: lsto "' d - tho littlt? K' rl<s tempern- cd Dish Luncheon Tbur.sdny Sep.' 11 '"' u:ls dropped from the normal tember 25, ut 12:30. Mrs. Charles Han-ell will Oil* /"s n- * j-i i ' lv ll IV( * »u n RKO Iictures Corp. producers nnd I eel ins dccUion distributors of motion pictures for $7,093,942. Purchasers nro a group of Calili (ii-utilees to 81. This slowing ofjforniii, Texas nnd Midwest buri- arrell and Mrs. K. J Whitman c "' c »latK'n eiuiblcd haltinR the flow! nossmcn headed by Ralph Stolkin m " lil ' lnlr ' ie;ili;-o Unit he did love | ^ hilbmly nnd ^™ r . ill be hostesses i ''' l ' 1 "" l! 'hrousb the heart for 5'i i 34-year-old Chicago mail order mil- IUM ' iuut lha! tlu '. v '' 1>llUi »"l throw i f< "! yo " lo su * pprt * i minutes, or nearly twice the safety i lionuire. j nway the four \oar:i of steady "'ViTi. AU ' u' accept- and answered cor- k-isbiui; him success in whnt- mii;l>t undei-iako. they would hnvc n benuliful m«r- ri«Ke. L. 11. . A \\eek ni;n he went lo she her Answer: While npprcctatiiiK nnd admiring your determination lo help your brother find happiness. 1 most earnestly deplore your methods of dointf so. First of all. you lire tnklni; a lot for granted in ns- sumin« that tho girl, whom I shidl call Lots, Is still In love with vinu brother. He trenled her most there Is no reason thnt she married jluv.it under ordinary anesthesia, i The sum covers Ihe purchase of i ( '°" lp ' ln - v ™ y brother is willini: to Tiie temperature reduction was j 1,013,420 shares of stock at $7 uer'''" illulllill s I" make it up to i\er. ai-nnnplished by wrapping the; share. This amounts to about a i h | l 'l ' 1% '" S lu ' "° lll "!'-«''' lla -' ; llu ' The members of the Intermedi-; smidl patient in a rubbcri/ed blan-kiO per cent interest "• <> "- l ' lt; ' 11 However, I feel that it Methodist Youth Fellowship Has Family Night Supper in the studio Wednesday, September 24 the Patmos PTA and school ard will meet Wednesday, Sep*SAENGER TODAY ONLY ate Methodist Youth Fellowship 1 k( t with .sections of rubber tabing! Recent reports said Edward Uurli and their families were hosts Sun-1 ue'.ween its two layers. An alcohol! and Robert Hayes of San Antonio day evening at a family Night: ''•ixturo, cooled mechanically to Tex., and Ray Ryan of Evansville' Supper honoring tho Junior-Senio-.- i "ear the freezing point of water. | Ind., would be associated High School faculty. i was then pumprjd through the tub- j htolkin in the deal. The young people? had a skit de- i i'U' for about two hours. Hughes, who owns an aircraft picting an old-fashioned school; '" addition to the 17.0 degree plant, an oil tool business and a wroni; for her to slay with her husband, know in;; she cannot love I two. and she is doing him an Injustice She only married because with she uas bint. If she r.ave my j brother another chance. 1 am s with Billic Joe Yount teacher. Mrs. B. C. Hy J! Color by ONECOlORj lf: , NOAH BEERY, JR., r , " /;/. '*: EXTRA: LEON ERROL COMEDY SPORTS NOVELTY WED. & THURS.! inc DENVER- RID AND EDMOND O'BRIEN STERLING, HAYDtti RIALTO LAST DAY • Charles'BOYER DARtyELt "I ordered a dozen oranges, but you sent me only ten," the housewife complained. "Part of our service," the I 'grocer replied. "Two were bad, so wtf saved you the trouble of throwing them away. — Richard Greenhaw Submit jokes for this column > and win passes to the Kialto. For every joke used, the person submitting it will be mailed 2 passes. Jokes must be limited to 50 words or less, and must be ; suitable for publication. Leave I at theatre box-office or mail to: i Manager, Riulto Theatre. acting as; teiniicralure drop, the child's pulse big interest in Transworld Airlines /alt. choi:-. l ''' u ' lo11 f»'"i» 120 to 70 and oxygen i issued this statement on tlic-trans- director, led the group in hymn ">'eris of her body went clown SO! action: singing and Mr. Koyce Wcisonbor-j l 1 ''^ t% ent. | "The buyers have assured mo ger was moderator for an open! ' 1 ' ll ° heart continued to beat even that they will pursue a program uf Jorum when problems of Twelve• ; though veins entering it were; topgrado production of motion pic- Fifteens were discussed. A 01 iei I ( ' !osr(i - A ' one time during the- lures for exhibition and motion pic- worship program followed witli a \ hour-long operation the child's tem-| tt.res. Markets Se\b,-a u pnci Whnt About Her Husband? However, even assuminu ihnt such Is the case,, your brother has no right now lo change his mind about tho ulrl and try to bieaU up her marriaHe, There Is a husband involved, loo, don't forget! Ills roll is somewhat more important (ban that of an Innocent bystander, lie married Lois In>Rood fiiilh. and is certainly entitled lo something iMore than a quick dismissal bi cause an errant suitor returns lo the scene. Your brother cannot Hunt our wronfi by comnvltttntf another. Hi vocal solo by Carolyn story ana j I'eraturo dropped to 79. Scripture and meditation by Linda j . J:)l '- 1 ''- J"bn Lewis, associate pro- Moore. Jackie Moran played taps I 'essor of surgery at the university Officers of the MYF attending | waslasji were Joe Polk, president, Pat Me- Gill, vice-president, Marion McQueen, secretary, Carolyn Lew-1 Klll '«ery fellow. by Dr. Richard L. Va- "They further assure me their plans encompass a strong policy of distribution in this country and throughout the world, utilizing the alien, membership, Bobby Kay Turner, recrcalion. Other intermediates were: Dick Broach, eo. head boat surgeon at the hos-jfull facilities of the world - wide pual. and D. Mansu Taufic, a I RKO distributins organization." RKO Pictures Corp. is one of two cessary, Dr. Lewis estimated, in this case it would have films stemming from Radio-Keith- Orpheum Corp. Hughes still owns von possible to cut off blood cir- 929.020 of 3,114,913 shares otitstand- Moran. Steve Crain. Koyce Woiscn- \ ^"'ation for as long as ciKht min- nip, berger. Jimmy Jones. Susan Davis Linda Lee Gilbert, Carolyn Strong. Linda Polk. Juciy Watkuis. Carolyn P K ' halted for more than throe min- j dio-Koilh-Orpheum. or 24 per cent — in RKO be ballon fo moo than thce min- Theaters Corp. This corporation Is ilo.;. Normally circulation cannot! the other firm growing out of Ra- Story, Billy Joe Yount, Charlotte ClarK, and Linda Mooiv. Mothers wiio served in the ctinmg room were: Mrs. Wade Gilbert, Airs. Herbert Lewallcn, Mrs. 1'uiiiy Piumley, Mrs. Joe Polk, and Mrs. Weir Owens. withoul serious brain cell in-1 Stolkin is no ncwcomver to Hol- .Hivies. lywood. He headed screen associ The child had been born with a I ales, which produced the Dean .-mall hole between her two heart! Martin-Jerry Lewis film "At War fictions. The normal blood flow: With the Army". wus upset with the result one sec- j Friends say Stolkin is something I tion overworked and enlarged. Tho, c.f a financial wizard. He is said | ci.ruliticin, known as an intcrpatrial to have parlayed a $lf),000 loan into in e.u-ly tradmj! today. Wholesale i treated Lois shabbily once, aiul me.ils arc steady to a little lower, i there is cerlainly no guarantee that HOKS are mostly 2!i lo fill cents I he wouldn't do it again If he had Ih higher. Cattle are steady lo weak j chance. t'ottoti lutuies opened DO cents' The best way brother can right ed by the XJSDA: i r to all cents higher comodity 'report, furnish- Ho selling II) to fll) cents higher at the major eastern corn- belt markets this morning Early sales ol UK) to :MO pound butchers have bulked from S1H) to $20.50. Karly lops were $20. 35 at Ibis situation Is to stay away from Lois entirely. Ho should give I be girl a chance to find her own happiness and be, In turn, should \\\ about rebuilding his life., with n little more consideration for others Dour Miss Dlx: Six years ajjo, at the ago of 34, I fall deeply In she has sufficient strength of char- aeter to overcome his weaknesses Patience Is your en so. n thnt department. not the answer In Straighten your backbone nnd get away from him. Donr Miss Dlx: At 16, I have n crush on n boy 15, who, however, looks and acts more like 17 or 18. My parents won't let tne go with him Just because of this ago difference. Otherwise they liko him » lot and both families nro on very Hood terms. M, A. H. , . . Answer: Slnco, In nil respects, tho boy is so nlee, ftgtr make mueh difference. Ycd I a very sensible outlook on,flit' nation, anyway, and I thlm* {! parents can trust youf jt Doiothy Dlx answers that (ome up in every In leaflet D-15. "Whnt Dating-. 1 " TO obtain n copy", a 3-rent stamped, self«nddl envehipe to Miss Dlx, C/fi newspaper, (Released by Tho Bell Syndttfftl Inc.) • *' College Notes •Miss Belly Murphy, a Hope senior at Arkansas btute Teachers College, Conway, recently participated in the "oid (.Jirl - JXew u,r. wedding, a ceremony wiiu,: uintuo the older women stuuenls ai ASi'v. and the new girls on the camL'U.-,. Miss Murphy, who is a ii,eini<e. of the Student Christian Association council, sponsoring organization for the ceremony, was tho oridegroom. Empire Industries, which netted him millions in mail order Chicago and Kasl St. I.oiii.s and $2(1. till at Indianapolis. Sews a iv selling downward from $18. ail at Indianapolis and East St. Louis. Tito Will Pay Visit to Britain lil.KD, i.-Ti defect, may bring heart K'li'.ii-e and death. Afler the heart had been cut I ness. Much of this he put into open and the detect remedied, the j Texas oil, where a lot of Hughes''! .small patient was placed in a tub ! money comes from. j ol valor boated to 114 degrees. Normal temperature was restored ir. •!•.) minutes and 11 days later (Iv... ;;irl lefi the hospital. The oper- •.ili'in \\;is performed Sept. 2. Marshal Tito tentatively has accepted Prune Minister Winston Churchill's invitation to visit Bril- This was disclosed today by British l''oren;n See. Anthony I 1 ,den Cominq ana Going Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wilson attended the wedding of Miss Harriet Whatley and James Freeze of Tulsa, Oklahoma, at Lewisvillo Sunday afternoon. to Try to Break Own Record By HUBBARD KAVY Stevensons Find Many Relatives iny the Union's fi\-e-day visit to Yugoslavia, where he has held u busy round of talks with the' leaders of the West's Communist ally. Eden nave no expected date for the visit. However, the Yugoslav Communist Party Congress, originally scheduled to be held Oct. I!), WASHINGTON Ml — Gov. Acllai Stevenson's sister portrays herself at secretary of the "I'm related tc, Stevenson" clan and says so'was |jo.sipeue.| suddenly last week many relatives are turning up that I until Nov. L' and there lias been "we could be elected by our own I speculation Tilo might make the kin." j trip before that latter date. Mrs. Ernest Ives of Blooming-j The visit would be Tito's first ton. 111., exhibiting the same type i departure from hi.s country since of wry humor that the Democratic the break between bin government love with a man my own ago. We were very good friends until a yiiar ago. when ho mot another lady and fell In love with her. He has been seeing both of us during the past year. I am still true to him. He claims he-doesn't know which of us he loves. Do you think he might get tired of this other woman If I'm patient'.' Worried Answer: It seems lo mo you have wasted several years In futile waiting: why prolong your misery'.' If the man was seriously Interested In you, he wouldn't take up six years of your life without even mentioning marriage. That's proof enough thai his tactics are those of a man who will not be pinned down to responsibility. Tho now lady-love will go through the same experience you are suffering unless Aboard the Yacht Monsoon Ml—i !' omi " ec . for P rcsid c n t has used Mrs. J. E. McWilliams, Mrs John Keck, and Mrs. H. E. Patter son were judges at the Howard County P'air in Nashville Friday. Deep sea diver Otis Barton has decided to try lo break his own record. Sotting forth today on an under- !-er,s photographic expedition, he announced thnt he might as well attempt a mark for future divers They judged house hold arts, jun- \ lo r.onder: one mile. ior and adult division, baked pro- I This 'headquarters yacht and the ducts, flowers, home made furni- j barge Cherry Picker, whicn car- lure, canned foods, and education-i ries the two-ton diving bell called al booths. in campaign talks, bad her own listeners chuckling last night. She made what she termed "not u speech — just a little talk" in addressing the North Carolina Democratic Club of Washington. The Stevensons have ancestral roots in the Tarheel State. Earlier, Mrs. Ives had tea with Mrs. Harry S. Truman at llic. While House. and the Coinini'orm early 1U4H. Lean meat contains about 7!! per cent water. HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Main & Country Club rd. — TUES. & WED, — "MISTER 880" With BURT LANCASTER DOROTHY McGUIRE the benthoscope, will meet today Ml ' s ' Ives ' sc ! id s ? '"""^ Stcvc " near Santa Catalina Island off the « on . a !' e , , wr " ng *™ Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Gilbert I .Southern California coast. There of Bearden were Monday night j tho equipment will be tested in guests of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jones i water a mere 2.000 feel deep. To- and Ronnie and attended the Music! irorrow, Barton will scramble into Springfield, III., that brother at the letter Revue Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Edgar Juris, IU 2, Hope, Mrs. Earl Latshaw, Fulton, Nancy Ann Loe, Buckner. K. L. Powell, Rt. 4, Hope. bis six-foot steel sphere, along with] oxygon tanks, a telephone, lights i :.nd cameras-supplied by Life magazine to try for rare underseas pictures. To be tested chiefly is a new stool cptale with is 5.500 feet long. It has n breaking strength of 42 posed a problem to secretaries until they figured out that he should be the one to handle them. "Now they just relay them to me," be said. The ancient Egyptian cubil was 20.62 inches long. objectives on this expedition. I'lus the new mark. "Some of these fish maybe down RIALTO * T/MELY A? T6DAV? $f* MM/ACS OPRGY QN W&MW SMUTY TUMW Woke Up Mr. Mrs. America.. * ..„ , w pounds. When Barton went _ Discnarge'ci' 'Jimmy" Dodson ofi ricwn 4 " r '°° fect '" 1949 ' ne uscd a >a mile or so," Barton said, "so 1 .- .... ' . . j cable- which would support 28,000j might as well go after them ana a ! Barton's deep dives will be made; new record, too. After all. when ' sometime this week south of San! you're locked up in the bentho- Clemente Island, wher the water, scope and in the water you might is nearly 7,000 feet deep. Pictures of fiery dragons—fish with luminous spots on their sides as well be down a mile as 50 feel. It's just as safe." , Most of us aboard would not — death's head fish and other gro-, C ven get into the benthoscope if it tcsquc.- creatures will be Barton's we re safely anchored on dry l^nd. It has an opening about 14 inches iii diameter. Barton goes into Ihe Springhill, La. ball through this hole feet fim. Then a quartz eye an inch and a Mrs. R. M. Briant, quarter thick is bolted on-and curely held with 12 large nuts. This Branch Admitted: i Hope. | jy what Barton means by bein.. Discharged: Mrs. D. E. Lively j locked in. Even a Houdini couldu'l and baby, McNub, Mrs. Mattic possible get out of the benthoscopc- Bennett, Hope. ' without help. i fore's Value f SINGER Third District Livestock Show in Hope — Sept 22-27 look as smart...as you ore/ SEWING MACHINE hiaelfcxpvl person trettion ot your wear seamless stockings insure back beauty for /our legs with seamless 15 denisr nylons, $1.50 V ^ Today is Someone's BirthdqyU Remember Them in the Most Thoughtful Y/ay ,'^i With Lovely Flowers \ From Your Florist *• ? J ; A Beautiful Bouquet H 1 *An Appropriate Corsage <• ^ A Pretty Potted Plant ' "' / M Flowers Are ALWAYS Appreciated And Remember: Your Florist Can Handle Your Out of Town Orders, loo, When You Can't Be There to Say 'Happy Birthday' (Sponsored by Neff Brothers)/ Attend the Third District Livestock Show Sept. 22 - 27 BEAUTIFUL CLASSIC.,, Wonderful, wonderful Tommies'.. .the pojamaf that lo«^' like a dream, wear like Iron I Superb tailoring! ptoi ojllht, extra fealurei that have made Tommlei famouii cally tlzed In Proportionate! to fit your height, erly styled by Harry Berger, with a gay iqllor-GoJjjjjr j In bright contrast. Shrlnk-proofff, pretty p9»lels, 32 to 40, proportioned to fi), • all covered

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