Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 16, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 16, 1894
Page 2
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USED BOTH INTERNALLY AND EXTERNALLY. POND'S BTRACT Subdues Intonation. Relieves Checks Hemorrhages. PAIN Invaluable for Catarrh, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Piles, Chilblains', Sore Throat, Inflamed Eyes, Toothache, Earache, Wounds, Burns, Scalds, Old Sores, Crip, Colds, Hoarseness, Bruises, Female Complaints, Etc. SOLD ONLY IN BOTTLES WITH BUFF WRAPPERS. »fc-«!mll»*f tattle tntloirf In Boff Wrapper), TESTIMONIALS: Piles. con- -" I have long known its valur in bleeding pile*. It U the prince of remedies irf all forms of beifi- "-Dr. A. M. COLLINS, Cameron, Mo. —" Haw b*en turn tuflciet ft * from severe colds in head und throat. Tried rooit every known remedy. Pond's Extract relieved me wonderfully, »nd has effected almost a radical cure."-FREBEKIC E, F1NCK. New York Ciry. —"It acii like magic in ophthalmia _ I like it so much for sore e V d"-Rcv. M. JAMESON. —" I strongly recommend Pond K Extract for lameness and use it comtamly."— MICHAEL DONOVAN, N. y. Athletic Club. ^ —"Pond's Extract ban been used with marked * benefit by our inmates id many cases of braises andI has always •roved very beneficial."— LI n I-E Mb- TERS OF THE POOR, New York City. —" Had my left hand severely „ burned, «nd losl tlic u»e of Ircf by us* of Fondas Extract in twelve hours'"-Mrs. A SHERMAN. N'ew York. Hemorrhages. —"Am troubled *!th Hemorrhaffea from luncn. and flnrl Pond's Extract the only rtroedy that win control them." — GKQ. W. WARNEK, Scranton, P». The Hon. JOHN C. SPENCER, late Secre' •" '" taryot ttieTreasury-, wrote It fi i remedy perfectly in- taryof W«r and Secretaryot ttie Treasury, wrote .is far back as 1148: ' "'""" valuable." SKn<l fof •wMook (maiM ffft). It wM Ml you all about It, USE NC PREPARATION but THE GENUINE with OUR DIRECTIONS. POND'S EXTMCT COHPMY, 76 Fitto Mvanut, Htw fork. FIFTY YEARS IN A UtLL. Urlcasn of* lll-Vrar-Uld Clilnrs« I'rls. oner. •VANCOt;vtji, H. C, ilaroh 1.5.™The . steamship Empress of Icicli» hus »c- rived from the orient brhitfine the fol- lowlntf Chinese advices- The Diurio do Manila, ojt th« ISUi ultimo has ihe following cxlraordiuary paraKTapli: "Mariiino SiAotuftna, u *uul.vri of AJbuy. u-fco w«» born in too year 1777, unil IH coiwciiUcriUy 1(7 years of age, W«M -ril.smiswd from tho boBplMl of Ban Juin An Dins yoxter day. OJit tiaahuum mnifieir.a ul»o ye>ti-r- •dny hifl IOUK tetrn of ircprlsoomrtil of. flfty-cl^nt yoard, which vw u cumuhitivo xentcnuo for bin Ibroo oacup«:< from prison. Tho unfortunate man on being r;nt uwit; from the hospital req.uo»Md that h« nhoukl bo pcr- .mlited to remain la trto place. tieeUi£ that It •waa lmpos>«lbl« for him to ciwn his living '.brough oulice." TILE JUAKKtii'A m. Kte. CHICJIOO. M»roh IB. If^OITH — Pri409 4teody. QuotutioctH are lU follows: W later— Paten W, fc»a3>15; s lowKr»den, UMftl.W. Spriiig-Patfats, KM •8.60: »tr»lKht», l«.SO»i.oC: Bakers'. ll.76.j» IW: low grade*. ll.40i«I.M>; lied l>^ tl.35a 1. 60: live. i'i40«J,5u, WnjtAT— M<xlor»«ly actire tnd lower. i":ash, Ufi^J^- Majr, 67H<tfMN°; July, Mi 4 a«Jc. COKK— QuUtftnU eaulor. No. -and N'o. ^ Yel* low l^c under May; .No, 3, J^u and Na 1 yellow iHc- under May; May, Sf7!;(B3T?{c: July, BUTCHERING DERRICK. flow to Construct » Frnme Which SaTei Uuch Heavy Lifting. An excliaajfo gives tho accompanying' illustration of adorrlck useful ia butchering one beef or one has as well as a number of them. Tho derrick is constructed of .three sticks of strong timber, 13 feet long. Tho roller for windlass is 4 feet between bearinga, and is .'1% inches tn diameter. The best way is to have it turned from sound maple or other touRh wood. A blacksmith can make tho hoolc» and other fixtures. For a, nurobei» of hogs use a strong pole or » scantling; suitable to hold the OATS— Fairly »ot(v« »ncl einler. No. tt qa<0i, -JO^u: M*y, Kh«Ul4fc: July, '<«!,a-^ : ,c. Sampletf la good ilern.igt! RuU hJ^l»T. No. 3, «W-j((».1H»c; No. I White, i2''iOJJ J .ic; No X No. 3 White, 33«4i»4c. Na FOHK—Trtdlnit fairly nctivo und prices higher. QuoMtlonfi raneciJ at lW.IHttHI.2t> foroaih regular; UO.»T^tfH.llS lor May, aud •ll.003kll.ia for July. LAHU — Market moderately active and higher, Quot*Uonn r»nir«d at i&«iy,Kt«.ny, lor cashi *VWl»*«.i«i4 torM»y, und »«.,W14,u.8.10 for July, I>iv» Poui,THy— Pur uound: Chicken!. Htt So; Turkey!, 6Vi*«c: Dutk-i. Hjl&c; Ce«u. U.OOB&00 per dozen. BUTrtH— Creamery, ISS^c: Dairy. A HKKHICK Pott BUTCHERING. •weight, by restinjf one end on the derrick and the other on a crotched post .or a trco \vith a crotch in it For one hog or beef use tackle In top of the derrick, in the usual manner. ,, OIW— Wl»coiixln Prime Whltt, 7'ic; Water White, 7'/iC: Mlchi([an I'l'lmti While, «!ic: Wn- Mr White, »o: Indlnna I'rlmo White. 8140; W»tar White. »Vc: UouilllnhT, 175 tent, n^c; (Ha- ollne. W de(['», !H,c; 74 dt-u's 9c; Naphtha, M llfg'l, 6!ic. LiyuoHH—ulsUlloil aplrlLs iteady on th* bajilfl of il. IA pt.T Kal. for UoUUod Koody. NBW VOIIK. March IS. WHKAT— No, ^ rftd dt-prexsed. .May wljent broke the lowest reoord. apulct rHllfng to 01?ii<9 t»Xo: July. t)4 l-l«384«c: Uanimbor. W,tit~0c. CORN— Na 2 weak with wheat. Mny, 4as-ll O43o. July, 44 ]-)»a<J'»a OATS^NO, i qulut but wr-nkcr. May, :wva 34?ic: tr»cU white HtuU', aH'a-r.'e; tratik whits Western, 3*a.Ku. f'liovisJONS-ncef--Qiiiet; (umily, UI.OOQ j I4.0U: extra roiws. W.uo. Fork— Stoudy. new ; m»»«, IRWA13.UU: family, 513 I,0'it\4M>: .-'liort ' Clear, IliWtfllW Lard—Quiet: prime Western sl«am, 17,10: nomliml. ; LIT* Htock. • CHICACO. March )5. MOOR— Market active and Hrm. All parties buying. Prleeit 9e higher. Sales ranged at <4. 15 04.06 for pigs: M-4iV44.rO for light-. H20<£4.:iS for rough pockluB: H.Wi,<X> for mlied, and HMOiM'/i for deary packing und ahlpplng lot* iB— Market fairly active »nu price* Qooutlona ringed at H.TU.'nt.aO for i&olM to eittt ihlppluf Steeri: H.OoatW for rood to obolo* 4a ; M. »IU 10 tor Mr to food: How to Itfuke Moult for Fl(l. Where a foerl cooker is not at hau'l, a slop or mush can easily bo made -for pips as follows: Mix thoroughly equal parts by measure of coarse corn meal and wheat bran. Place one g-al- lon of this in a candy or other large bucltet. While breakfast cooks heat a pot of water to boiling- and pour over the mixture in the candy bucket, stirring it completely so ail will be well mixed. I'll t a cover on tho bucket and lot it remain until evening, when a nice bucket of mush is ready for the pigs. Thin with milk or water and yim have a nice mess for several pood-sized hogs, llepcafc the operation in the evening while supper is cookinpr and another feed will bo ready for the morning meal. —Orange Judd Farmer. A Cure for Oreiwe HenL Frequent washings only retard the cure. Apply a poultice of slippery elm, wet with a weak solution of carbolic :icid, renewed onco in twelve hours. Continue this for several days until all fever and soreness has subsided, then dry the letf thoroughly »"d apply the following twice each day: Powdered acetate lead and oxido zinc, of each two drachms, vaseline two ounces, inlx; dry the leg morning, night and before applying. No after washing is required. Continue this, also the tonic powder, for ten day* and the leg be well. BLOWN TO BITS. Terrible Fata of a Dynamiter in Paris, He Is Torn to Fragments While Trying to Explociu a Bomb, : n the Church of La Madeleine. AN'H'HKK Utn'BAHK IX I'AKlet. .March 1-5. —A dynamite out- •Tilt tlit,' .straw ot wncui, oats ami o:u- 5uy. l-'lu.x sl.raw is nsxt, best. .Slmvi- is ffnoil bfcdiling tor yiMiiijj pigs-, ami if it is >'.iit up thorn is nothing- better. Jt is even hotter than dry leaves. If slniw is used it must be changed every day, while stover will last for several days. The-order of values for the different Straws should bo.; first, s\.ovev; second, (lax straw; third, rye straw; fourth, wheat straw; fifth, barley straw; sixth, out straw. The basis of this classification rests ou the liability to pack together and ou the injurious effects of fungoids. Every farmer is lamiliar with the fact that a sheaf of oats or ., , , -. ., ., i i barley if bound a little damp or green rage involving the death ot tlw alleged } ^ jn ^ ccnter; ^ *; . mother said she breast ami shut liuld me l.itrht to Her her eyes. .She eonl who threw the explosive missile was committed about i:45 p. m, in- sklo ir-o chief entrance of the famous I Church of La Madeleine, in addition to j killing the bomb-thrower, a number of people) who were in his vicinity at the time of the explosion were more or loss severely Injured. About the houae mentioned a loud •explosion was heard inside the church. A crowd of people immediately rushed to the church and in a short time the interior of me church and the Place do la Madeleine were in a state of great •confusion und excitement. The people wbo were the 8r»t to •rush up the step» leading from the place to the main entrance of the churcli Hiicceoded in entering-the building aud found it filled with smoke, and from the inside could be heard the fihrielw and groans °* apparently a number of wounded people. Djimnuter Blown to Pieces. Near a small door on the right of the main entrance the people who were first to cuter found shattered human remains, lor a titue, owing to the smoke und excitement, Che people who made this discovery did not dare to penetrate any further. As the smoke cleared aw»y and the people regained their presence of mind, it j •was seen that the remains were those j of a man who was terribly shattered by ; the uxplosion. Upon the body of the j man who had been blown to piecea , were found a number of papers and a portrait of Ravachol, the executed anarchist. When the smoke had cleared away and oxiimination wns made of the of wheat is less liable to such bad ef- fccta, and a sheaf of rye still less, while a shock of corn fodder will scarcely mold in either case. These properties govern their value as litter. —D. A. Kent, in Rural Life. OUTHOWLED THE PANTHER. It Was Only • Habj'e Voice, but It Wai -Not a W«e Hmall On* by a l.nn* SI flit. "I never saw a wild bear or panther, or even a wildcat in my life," said tho colonel, "but for all that I saved my««lf and mother from a panther once, and before 1 was three months oM at that. "This was a good many years ago, and of course I have no personal recollection of it, but J had my mother's word for it, and that is enough. We lived in the wilds of northern t'ennsyt- , Artega& , L ibbey, o f t h e gutweme conn, •vunia then, where my father owned a. i ., j , , .„ "vi . i not think ot -anything else U> d Whether she pressed mo a trille if tig-lit or not I c.'in'f, say, but somolio or other it Kccmcd to strike me th; things weren't running :w smooth i they ought to be. :md 1 jr:ivc :t kick and iv squirm and let those famous lungs of mine loose. .My mother used to say that when that terrilic yell of mine broke out in those woods the panther couldn't have stopped any quicker if he had run ag-ainst a tree. His eyes stuck way out, he was so taken aback. Then 1 lifted up my void, in the wilderness JiR-ain, and tho panther didn't want to hear any more. Me turned and made for the woods again faster thuu he had come oat of them, and mother said j that he never once stopped to look back ; as far as she could see him cutting- it | away through the trees. That seemed to satisfy me, for I quieted down right i away, and by and by Spanger g-ot it into his head that we were wanting him to stand there in the road, und away he started on the double quick j and never stopped until he got to my j grandfather's house. The panther, mother said, was never seen or heard of again, and she always said that she believed that I had either scared it to death or out of the country."—}*. Y. Sun. AUGUSTA J.lbtwy 1X|»<1. Me., March 15. — Judge •awmUl. I was born next door to that.' i sawmill, I had such an uncommon food pair of lungs, that when I started in to I use them I could yell enough to drown : the noise of the sawmill. Hnt it was a : lucky thing for my mother and me , that I had such an expansive and per- j vudinjf stylo of bawling-. "When I was becoming three months old mother made up her mind tlr.it she mnst tiiko me to her old home to show me oft. Her folks lived twenty miles away, and the road there was nearly all the way through the woods. Father had a horse that he called Spanker. Early in his life he had been a race norse, and even in his declining- years, which was when we owned him, j he conld go like a streak if he wanted to, but ho had a disposition that made died here aged 70 years. He was on the bench in court on Friday, and was itricken with pneumonia on Saturday. He served in the Maine legislature, and in 1866 was a member of Oov. Wells' council. In ]&76 he was appointed judge of the supreme court by Gov. Only a Scar Remains Scrofula Cured -Blood Purified by i - Hood'* Sar*ap«rilla. ' "C. I. Hood* Co., Lowell, Mass.: i " It Is with p|«u u re tbmt I und i tu •oneeralng what Hood's 8trs>i»u-l!l» ter my daughter. It Is * wonderful ntdlela* and I cannot recommend It too highly. 8mb, wto 1» fourt*cu jc»r« old, liu been I Afflicted With Scrofula ever linen she «-u one year old. For Ov« jrearc ib« h» liivd a runnl"K sore on one side of tar J»ce. We tried every remedy recommended, but nothing did her any Rood until we enmrMitcvd BiliiK flood's i>.ir«au&ril!i. My married daughter •dvltedme to use Hood's B&ruparUla b*CM»* Hood's^Cures it bad cured her of dyspepaln. Sbo had be*n troubled with that complaint since ohftdbood, und nlnce her cure she has never been without a- bottloof nood's.S;!) wjMrJllalD tbe hcu.ie. w» premises, it was seen that the bomb or I hjm a ]ittle uncertain to drivCi f or ;;he Tor common to trinuium «Qo.; ?*.7no» S,',"j fur Duir.hnrs' Steers; t-.i&'iis, 10 for Stook- nrx; 1(3.1*1-43. (B for Feeders; U50-i2»5 for •Cows: »2.86it8.!M for Holfer.i; ;.l.8033.60 for Hulls: S2.50iiJ.75 for Teius Steers, and C.OO for Veal Calves. infernal machine, which had apparent' ly exploded prematurely while in possession of the anarchist, had done but little damage to the church. Might UJITO Killed lluudrcdii. At the Lenten services, which were to have taken place at 4 o'clock, a large number of people would have been present, and the police expressed the opinion that the dead man intended to explode his bomb in tho midst ot the crowd of worshipers. There were but few people in the church at the time of the explosion as the hour was too early for the Lenten »ervice, but they were so alarmed that they set up a chorus of cries and groans, which led everybody to believe that the explosion hud injured quite a number of them. The door by which tho bomb-thrower must have entered the church, according to the polite, was the cause of his death. This door opens and shuts with a heavy swing, and it is believed that took it into his head to go yon had to let him go until he changed his mind and stopped. Ho jjenerally went like Sam Hill when you didn't want him to, and stood still when you were particularly anxious for him to do his best. There was no way mother could get to make that visit home except by taking the chances with Spanker, and she took them. It was in the winter, and one day father hooked the old horse to the sled, stole Kallroad Tlc-krtn. MILWAUKKK, March ]!>. —.). \j. Sneed, a younjf man about ttO years old, who came here to start a railway ticket broker's ofllce, was arrested Wednesday and turned over to an officer sent here by Thiel's detective agency. He will be taken to Columbus, O., where he is wanted on a charge of stealing 1,000 mile ticket* from a Pennsylvania railway. * Collap** of • Ulnck. WINNKBAGO CITY, Minn., March 15.— The Opera Jlouse block, which was constructed twenty-two years ago, fell Wednesday with a crash. Fortunately BO one was hurt The building wait valued at 119,000. the bomb-thrower, pushing upon the , j roin the woods. It was a very large door and having tho bomb upon his . one, and only a few rods in our rear, person, forgot or did not know of the j jj was evidently'very hungry, for it strong swing of this door, and, in clos- j came tearing fiercely along in pursuit ing, it struck him and exploded the Will Ui« the Vrto Tower. NEW VOKK, March IS. — Mayor Schieren, of Brooklyn, announced ou Wednesday ho would veto the resolution paused by the board of aldermen - I to raise the Irish flag over the city hall and away mother started with me to at. Patrick's day, make tho trip. Spanker buzzed along like a good fellow, because mother, OH she used to say, pretended that she wanted him to go slow. There were panthers in the woods yet in those days, but none had been seen or hoard around in that neighborhood, I believe, for a long time. We had traveled about half the distance on the journey when mother heard a frightful yell behind us. Looking- back she saw a panther bound into the road struck bomb. HOG CHOLERA SYMPTOMS. Important Document lAgned by lowa'a State Board ot Health. The presence of the disease is indicated by a cold shivering, lasting from a few seconds to several hours; frequent sneezing, followed by a loss of appetite; rough appearance of tho hair, drooping of tho ears, stupidness, attempts to vomit, tendency to root the bedding, to lie down in dark and quiet places, dullness of tho eyes, often dim; sometimes swelling of the head, eruption of the ear and other parts of tho body; dizziness, laborious breathing, vitiated appetite for dung-, dirty and salty substances, accumulation of mucus in inner corner of the eye, discharge from tho nose, fetid, offensive odor of the discharge from the bowels, offensive exhalations, dia^rhoeal discharges are semi-fluid, of grayish-green color and often mixed with blood. In many cases the skin on the belly, between the hind legs, behind the ears and even on the nore has numerous red spots, which toward tho fatal termination turn purple. As the disease progresses tho animal becomes sluggish, the head droops with the nose near the ground, but usually will bo found lying down with the nose hid in tho bedding. If there has been costiveness, about two days before death there will be offensive fetid discharges; tho voice becomes faint and hoarse; tho animal iastupid, emaciation increases rapidly; tho skin becomes dry, hard and very unclean; thero is acold, clam my sweat, and death soon follows, with convulsions, or gradually by exhaustion without a struggle. In chronic cases, or those of long duration, the animal becomes weak, lies down most of tho time, eats but little and has the diar- rhoea. These cases may linger for weeks; scattering the poison of the disease in tho discharge wherever they go. —Iowa-State Bdard o! Health. BEDDING FOR HOGS. Corn Fodder or 8tovor If Claimed to Ee tlm Bait Material. The best bedding for hogs is corn fodder or slover. It is best becailso less heating. Hogs lay close together, and when nestled in straw gc>t too warm, because tho air cannot circulate through the bedding. They oannot bury themselves in the stover as they dn in tho straw, and, therefore, do not get so warm. This heat causes txcesslvo sweating. The sweating effects catching cold and all the consequent disorders. It »lso musts the straw and generates very offensive odors. The stover ,1* comparatively froe from rust and other fang-olds which af- of the sled. The way old Spanker was tearing- along mother felt pretty sure that we could keep ahead of the panther. It would gain a little on us by tipurts once in a while, and once mother thought it was gaining a little too much, and she got frightened and so far forgot herself as to give Spanker a slap with the lines as a hint that he must go faster. That was a mistake, and the old horse knew at onco that he was wanted to hurry up, and stopped in the road as if he had been shot And there he stood, with the yelling- panther tearing toward us like a hurricane, "Mother thought then that it was all up with her and me, and it certainly jnust have looked that way. The panther irot within three jumps of us. and TOIped Ont by Fire. MEMPHIS, Tenn., March 15.—The bn»iness portion of Sidons, Miss., a town on the Illinois Central railroad, was wiped out by fire Wednesday morning. Low, f25,000{ insurance, 88,001). KNOWLEDGE Bring? comfort and improvement and tends to pewon.il enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live better than others and enjoy life roofc, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced ID the remedy, Syrup ot FipJ. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form mast acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties o! a ix-rJi'ct laxative; effectually elwinsing the system, dispelling cold*, "headaches and fevers and permanently curing constipation. It ba-s given satisfaction to millions and met with *he approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kid- ir-va I iver aii'l Howls without woat- "ning the" "nd it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Fif is f«r ^ by oil drug- gbtoin 50c «./*! bottles, but it is man- fifactured by tho California Fig Syrup , whose name is printed on every 'also the name, Syrup of * igs. well accept any substitute Hard to Mrs. Riverside Park—So you are going to leave'.'' liridgct Doolihan—Yes mum. "Weil, 1 am surprised, considering that I've been doing more tnan half of your work." "That's so. mum, but yez don't do it in me. satisfaction."—TVxa.s Siftings, HNIIUI. (t! 1 haunted house in tlwse practical nndun- romnntlc d«7» !• nomethlng of ft r.irltj, bat an Individual haunted with tbe Idea that hi nil- ment 1» locnrable Is » personage frpau-ntb- m<* with. DtebeliefintheHnlHtfof median*tocnro l» only a mild form ot monomania, nltuongbl Bomeciv»e» repeated failures to obtain rel ef front many different sources would almost seem Justify the doubt. Hosteller's ;tomach Bltt«rt 1ms demonstnited lu nbllll? to sta, constipation, liver and kidney trouble, mnlH lal complnlntand nmvottitnwa, and Iw achievement In tbe curative line ought at l«a«t U warrant Its trial by any one troubled with «ltae of tbe above ailments, even although his prerlou | effort* to obtain reme«!Iiil nld have been fnilUass l l8«l wllh iiersl tence, the Biuen will conqoe the most obstinate case*. A Foru Mile Bide. E. B. Swetnam, of Fairfax Station Virginia, says: "A party came forti miles to my store for Chamberlain's Cou£h Remedy and bought a dozen bottlea. The remedy la a great fa vorlte in this vicinity and has performed aome wonderful cures here. It la intended especially for coughs coWe, croup and whooping oough, and ia a favorite wherever known.- For sale by B. F. Keealing^ druggist. laulTt PoaidatloH MWOTK**. Chicago cltizeo.8 in their desire to excel, have lately accomplished a big feat, namely: in discovering by actual measurements that there arc Borne lady residents who can wear shoe» twelve inches long. your blood needs regulating in spring. "Laleld Cabinet Port" is nature's own blood purifier. MHd anfl mellow. Price, quarts, fl; pints, 60 cents. For sale by W. H. Porter, prescription druggist, 326 Market street, Loganeport, Ind. They V*" 1 tfc* Ben. •The people of this vicinity insist on having Chamberlain's Cough Rem- dy and do oot want nny other," says John V. Bishop, of Portland Mills. Indiana. That ia right They know It to be superior to any other for colds, and as a preventive and cure for croup, and why ohquld they not ngUt upon having it, FlJty cent bottles for sale by B. F. KeesHng, druggist. . commenced Rlvlni; It to Sarah about on* year a(0, and U ban conquered Lue running tort, Only a Scar Remaining u » trac« of the dreadful disease. Previous to laklnfC th« medicine ber eyesight was affected but now she can sec perfectly. In connection vrlth Hood's Rarsaimrillrv we hsvo mivl Hood's Vcgctablo J'llls, and llnd them tlio besi." M«». MARIA Gnii'FiJf, Xenla, Illinois. Hood's PHI* cure nausea, sick headaelie, Indigestion, blllouiness. Sold by all The Trouble Over, A prominent man to town exclaimed the other dnj: "My wife b»* been wearing out her lifo from the effectE of djspepsia, liver coraplaiot ai^d indigestion. Her case baffled the skill of our best physicians. Afver using three packages of Bacon'e CWery Ktntr for the ne r ve» she is almost entirely well." Keep your blood in a bea'thy condition by tbe usa of tbis ?roat vegetable compound. Call on Bee Fisher. 311 Fourth street, sole agent, and get a trial pnckage free. Lsrge- size 50 cents. Children Cry for Pitcher'* Cattorla. !wy day t Bowel* Mo*t people For Ovor tfitty Mrs. WinslDw's Soothing Syrup hat been used "for over fifty years by- millions of mothers for iheir children while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the gume. allays all pain, cures wind colic, and Is the best remedy for diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer Immediately. Sold by drupglcta la. every part of the world. Twenty-five cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for 'Mr*. Winelow's Soothing Syrup" and take no other kind. Children Cry for Pitcher'* Castor Is. A Horrible KiUlr«*4 Accident Is a daily cLronicle in our papers; also '-be death of Borne dear friend, who- has died with consumption, whereas, if he or she had taken Otto's Cure for throat and IUOR diseases in time, life would have been rendered happier aed perhaps saved. Heed the warning! If you have a cough or any afleotlo* of the throat and IUURS call at Ben Fisher's, 311 Fourth street, soleatfent, and get a trial bottle free. Large size 50 cents. When Baby TTM ifck, w» gave When «bn wa» a Child, she cried for OMtoria, When ih« became Kim, ihe ching to OartorU. •When ih« bad Children, the »»• them OaMoria. California Fruit Laxative J» nature'* own true remedy. It combines the medicinal virtues of California fruit* and plants which are known to have » beneficial effect on the human lystem. Although harmless to the most doll- oate constitution it in thorough and effective, and will afford a peimanent cure for habitual constipation and the' many disorders arising from a weak or Inactive condition of the Midcoyi, Iver, stomach and bowels. For sale by all druggists at 60 cento a Mttle. Children Cry for Pitcher'* Cattorla. UROTB! HufcV" Pert Wine. If you are reduced in vitality or trengtb by illness or any other cause, we recommend the use of this Olit •ort Wine, tbe very blood of th* grape. A grand tonio for nurslug- oothers, and those reduced by wast- ng disease. It create* strength; Improves the appetite; nature's own omedy, much preferable to drugs; guaranteed absolutely pure and over ; ve years of age. Young wine ordi- larily sold It not fit to use. Insist oa having this standard brand, It cost* 0 more. |1 in quart bottles. Bot- led bj Royal Wloo o., 'or ale ton

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