The Medford Mail from Medford, Oregon on October 16, 1896 · Page 1
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The Medford Mail from Medford, Oregon · Page 1

Medford, Oregon
Issue Date:
Friday, October 16, 1896
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m A fleanLooking... LETTER HEAD You want to increase v your Receipts .... Advertise you business in the columns of THE MAIL... Has lost many a dollar (or business men. If a man is judged by the coat he wears, he is also judged by the letter -head he uses. An artistic and business-like letter head has frequently been a basis of credit. It may be looked on as a good investment. Let THE MAIL, office fit your business with a new coat JL i If If VOL, VIII. We will' write your ad. for you and display them better thun any other puper in Jackson county .... HEDFORD, JACKSON COUNTY, 'OREGON, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16. 1896. NO. 42. J 111 PROFESSIONAL CARDS. J.-A. PALMER, ARCHITECT AND SUPERINTENDENT Office in Adkins-Deuel blk. Medtord, Ore. Perspective drawings and specifications furnished on all kinds of modern buildings. Owner's interest considered paramount. W. C. JENKINS, ' ' ATTORNEY AT LAW ' . , Medford, Oregon t5fOface with. W. H. Parker. . J. S. HOWARD, SURVEYOR AND CIVIL ENGINEER. IT. S. Deputy Mineral Surveyor for the State of Oregon. Postofflce address: ' . Medford, Oregon. WM. S. CROWELL, . ATTORNEY AT LAW. . " Jacksonville, Oregon. W. H. PARKER, . ' . ATTORNEY AT LAW, Hamlin Block. Medtord. Ore. J H. WHITMAN, - ABSTRACTOR AND ATTORNEY t . - " AT LAV. Office in bank baUding, - . MedS,';Sl Have the most complete and reliable abstracts of title in Jackson county. JJAMMOND & VAWTER, Austin S. Hammond.- - Wm-LVawtcr. ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office i. O. O. F. building, Medford, Or & JEFFREY, G.W. White. J. A. Jeffrey. ATTORSEYS AT LAW. ... Me3ford, Oregon. Will practice In all the courts of the state. Soecial attention given to all kinds ot convey-ancuW. Notary work and collections at reasonable rates and remittances promptly made. Minias law a specialty.- Office ou Seventh etreet, opposite Opera House. Q B. COLE, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Caronie diseases, and diseases peculiar to women a specialty. Office Opera Block. Medford. Oregon. W. B. OFFICER, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Eagle Point, Oregon. Offiee Inlow residence. JB. WAIT, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Ofice in ChildeW Block. Medford, Or Q-EARY & PICKEL, ' PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS, Office hours 10 to 12 a. m. and 2 to4 p. m. Sundays 13 to I. Medford, Or Office: Haskin Block. - QDGERS & HALL, : , DENTISTS, i . r r-- ' J- Have permanently located in Medford for the oractice of dentistry. From a continued practice of over 14 years, we are prepared to guarantee entire satisfaction. CHtc aa a call. Over The Palace. Ohas. Perdue . . . Practical 6n and Bicycles ripaired on short notice at living prices Shop in J. A. Whitman's warerooms.... Citu Cray and Transfer Co. WELLS & SHEARER, Propr's SPBING TRUCKS FOB. MOVING ....H0u8EB.0IjI OUUilS.... Baggage Transferred Wood Delivered.... Hard and Soft Wood for Sale ....Honest Charges Try us once and you will come again.... t t t t t t t t t t 'Notice. Arlsto Platino better than Carbon, at Mackey's studio Medford Ore. The Mail and Cincinnati Eaquirer one year for $1.60 is one of our best clubbing propositions. Locksmith T--T--T- ATTENTION ... If you are going anywhere for an i outing don t' forget to (J for guns, ammunition and fishing ? a tackle. Shells loaded to order Hi with smokeless powder 1 J, BEEK HEDFORD, vk. - -- In . He Sugar Pine Forests .... V ! UP AT PROSPECTv N la where tt. W. Gray's no means the n 1 "MILL OF SILENCE," .... Of which so much has been written, but is ona of much noise, as it turns out piles of flooring:, ceiling, rustic, sash, doors, mouldings, stairs, newols, balusters, ceder posts, shingles, pickets and fruit boxes. They also do all kinds lathe and band-saw work il Mills Ave miles below Prospect. Office and yards Sixth St., Medtord Having Had Forty Years Experience ... IN Fuiaiture aiin UqMing THE Business it is with pleasure that we occupy this space In informing the people of Jackson county that we are now fully equipped to supply all articles needed in the two above mentioned lines. We manufacturer superior work in store, hotel and office fixtures. WEEKS BROS. To Me Yonr Horse s v t Would be an impossibility, but consult me about a new set of WT. . . I " - Tk caenn f UUUIU UO Call a LU jtuiiikj , vu ww - - - - tn oan moL-A vmip hnrw l&ua-h. The season of UOl UCOO BUU J j w " 1 - the year is at hand when you should be thinking ... About New Harness- Aa that old set vou are Call and see my stock plete, and prices at the J W LAWTONj ftdk.in8PeuBl Block' Mftdord.0regon. llt()Ilrjll DEALERS IN rn E3 Buy the Mitchell wagon acknowledged by all teamsters to be the best wagon on the market. Call and 6ee us and we will show J;5j you the largest and mc6t complete stock of oa venicies ever Drougnt la want our wagons and 3 Send for catalogue and ea oa Medford Brewery Our Beer is on Tap at Write to us for prices. There is no better beer on the irket. It is brewed from pure malt and hops ....... CAMPERS! call on us 4 t 1 & CO. ORE. i -1- - till HIV 2 saw mill is located, and It is by "R. W. GRAY Salesrooms at Medford. Oregon Factory at Phoenix, Oregon Tali .... usln? is liable to give out any time of harness and saddlery all lines com bottom noted .... tacarawaBawalJ ra C3 lj ra ca ra tj n t.j ra Ba ra wa ra tj ra u j ra L'J ra ra ra t. j ra t j ra ca ra L J ra ra WJ ra l: ra aa ra aa ra a j Lewis & Staver Co. flsricuilurai Implements anflMicles ...... 10 meaiora. iou we want your custom. prices D. T. LAWTON, nanager Medford Branch and Ice Works Medford Bars, PURE DISTILLED WATER ICE NEWS OF THE WORLD. Cables received in New York from Paris say that the memory of man has nothing with which to compare the welcome given by France to her ally, the Emperor of Russia. In numbers the crowd rivaled the great English demonstration at the marriage of the Duke of York three years ago, and that was the greatest assemblage of human beings in history. A meeting of the National Campaign Committee of the gold standard Demo cratic party was held in Chicago Wednesday, and the committee for mally organized. Chairman Uynum was formally declared chairman and John P. Hopkins vice-ohairmau. St. Michael's College, at Logansport, Ind., was burned a few days ago. The loss it $70,000; insurance, $13,000. Chief Justice Springer, of the Indian Territory Court of Appeals, has rendered a decision that any person who discovers coal in the Choctaw nation is entitled to take all the coal beneath the surface within a mile radius in every direction from his works. Morris and Michael Kocner, brothers, of Pittsburg, Pa., have been arrested in Chicago charged with embeixlement It is claimed that they obtained goods from different drygoods houses and shipped them to Chicago, where they were about to open a store. The Tyler Car and Lumber Company, one of the largest concerns in Texas, has failed. Liabilities, $250,000; assets, from $150,000 to $200,000. The freight traffic officials of the Western roads met at Chicago to consider the advancement of rates between Chicago and the Missouri fiver. Loie Fuller, who has made the serpentine, butterfly and other dans so famous, is going to China on the special invitation of Li Hung Cluing. She will take all her paraphernalia with her, and will dance in Peking at the special request of the Viceroy. ' Bishop Thomas A. Becker, of Georgia, will probably, be the successor of Archbishop Keane as rector ot the Catholic University in St. Louis. News from Cuba says that long accounts have been written of the cruelties of the Spaniards in that island, but to no one has the idea yet occurred to writeof the crimes committed by, the Cubans. Ijick of suitable prisons compel the Cubans to use the death penalty. for all who transgress Jheir orders. Spanish farmers and the families of local planters have been compelled to move into the towns to escape the wrath of the Cubans. The Cubans have committed many crimes for the same reasons that actuated the Spanish. Miss Edith Collins denies as alwmrd the report that she was engaged to marry her guardian, Chauncey M. Depew. As the great granddaughter of Commodore Vanderhilt and identified as he is with the family, lie is naturally, as Miss Collins says, her adviser in financial affairs and a very dear friend. According to belated advices from British Guiana, Great Britain has broken the promise to maintain a status quo pending negotiations regarding the Yeneeuelan agreement in such a manner that a remonstrance from the I'nited States may possibly follow. The franchise for a railroad has been granted through the territory that is in dispute. Frank Ives, the champion hilliurd player, has font a remarkable challenge to the great trench players, ignaux, Piot and Fournil. He offers to play them a series of three games, eighteen inch bulk line, 0000 points np, for $1000 to $10,000 a side. If any one of them wins a game Ives will lose the match. He gives them the privilege of selecting the place of contest. Colonel li. P. Todhuntcr, one of the oldest and wealthiest breeders of trotting horses in America, died in Lexington; Ky., a few days ago. v President Cleveland is not going abroad at tho expiration of his term, as ho first intended. He has purchased sixty acres of land at Hempstead, L. I., and will build there early in the spring. A disastrous fire broke out in the watch-factory building occupied by the F. F. Ido Manufacturing Co. and the Parsons Horulogical Instituto in Peoria, 111., a few days ago. The total loss amounts to $124,000, with insurance of $130,000. The Minister of Finance of Chile has had a conference with tho managers of the banks and heads of important business houses, to see what can be done to avert the commercial crisis. Foreign bank managers declare that the only way of solving the crisis is for the Government to announce that it would maintain the gold conversion at all hazards. Word comes from Franco of the death of a great and bravo soldier that of General Trochu, who defended Paris until it surrendered to tho German army in January, 1871. Herman Slump, United States Commissioner of Immigration, has gone to Home, to "consult with" tho Royal Secretary of the Interior of tho kingdom of Italy, in relation to immigration of Italians to the Unrtod States. Italy .also wants nnjnlanajionj)f Jho workings and restrictions of the United States immigration laws, so as to obviate the necessity of deportation and prevent fruitless journeys. The celebration of the thirty-eighth anniversary or the historical Lincoln-Douglas debate was observed with much enthusiasm in Galesburg, 111. The exercises opened with the dedication of the soldiers' monument at Hope Cemetery. The Norwegian bark Ariadne, Capt. Paulsen, from Greenock in ballast, ran ashore five miles east of Ingomish, Nova Scotia, during a gale and went to pieces. The captain and nine of the crew were drowned.' J. M. Mayer & Co., clothiers of Portland, Or., were attached by a Chicago house on a claim for about $0000. The Portland firm thereupon made an assignment. Debts aggregate about $65,000 and assets something over $100,-000. . More grain-laden vessels cleared from San Francisco during the thirty days of September than in any month in thirty years, or in fact at any time during the history of the iort. Fortj--two vessels cleared, carrying 3,113,172 centals of wheat. The gold miners who went to Alaska last spring to work an alleged rich claim on the co-operative plan, and hoping to secure great wealth thereby, have returned worn out and disgusted. They claimed to have been fooled by F. CL Bener of Berkeley who induced them to invest their money in the fruitless scheme. Bovr Hig U Cow? In the American report of the commissioner of education for 1692-3, published at' Washington, there is a most thoroughgoing report ou "Child Study," or, as it is sometimes called, "Paidol-ogy. " A bibliography of about seven pogtw, in books and articles, shows how much attention has been bestowed ou the subject in the United States. Dr. Stanley Hill, president of a society foi this study, tells ns that in 1379 four "kindergarteners" in Boston took soma children aside and endeavored to find out the contents of their minds, and the result was published in the Princeton Review for 1880. Dr. Stanley Hill says: "Thirty-three per cent of there children on entering Bchool had never seen a live chicken; 51 per cent had never seen a robin ; 75 per cent had never seen a growing strawberry; 71 per cent of the Boston children had never seen growing beans even iu Boston. Our srhool textbooks are hased on country life, and tho city child knows nothing, iu the large cities, of real country life. " Here is one instance : A large percentage, of these children, upon being asked how large a row was. showed that they bad little idea. One thought a cow was aa large as her cat's tail. Another thought that a cow was as big aa her thumb naiL One would liko to know if these yonug folk bad never seen the picture of a cow J Chambers' Journal. John OXiror Uonao. Iu the reign of James IV of Scotland, John O'Groat and his two brothers, Malcolm and Gavin, arrived at Caithness and bought the estate of Wars and Dugisby, situated on the northern extremity of the mainland of Scotland. In time their family increased until there were eight households of the same namo. They lived as relatives and neighbors in peace and amity and held yearly reunions in the original O'Groat house. At last tho question of preoedence arose among tho younger members, and they disputed as to who should enter the room first or sit at the head of the table. Old Johnnie O'Groat was made arbitrator of the dispute. He promised that before the next meeting he would settle the matter' to the satisfaction of alL Accordingly he built an eight sided house in which to hold the annual banquet. This octagonal house was fitted with a door and a window on each side and a round table in the center of the room, so that the head of each family of the O'Groats might enter by bis own door and thru sit at a table which was practically and actually without a "head." John O'Groat 's house became tho best known building in Great Britain. Its site is now marked only by some grass covered mounds. St. Louis Republic. Greek Fire. Greek firo, which had several other names wild fire, liquid fire, wet fire aud fire rain descriptive of its destrno-tiveness, is said to have been the most destructive engine of war previous to gunpowder.' Discovered by Callinious, a Syrian, it was first used in the Biege of Constantinople, 673-8, and at Mecca, BQft. " A Mild Keurat. Fair patient Is there no way of tolling exactly what is the matter with me? Dr. Emdee Only post mortem examination would reveal that. Fair Patient Then, for heaven's sake, make one. I don't see why I should be squeamish at such a time as this. Pick Mo Up. Silk dresses rustle xnuoh more loudly in dry weathor, because they are almost devoid of moisture and the friotion be-tweon their folds is considerable and noisy. When rain is impending, the silks absorb a portion of the moisture aud bccoiue almost silent. pacific coast mm. The United States lighthouse tender, Manzanita, Captain Gregory, has gon to Portland Canal, a body of water extending about eighty miles inland on the boundary between British Colombia and Alaska. The trip is a forerunner of others next season, the purpose being to prepare a basis of supplies for tha parties which would be sent out by the kvernment to locate the boundary line between these two countries. Four storehouses have been erected. Santa Cruz is to have woolen mills. W. B. Humbert, part owner of the woolen mills at Ashland, Oregon, has selected a site . for the location. F. A. Hihn has agreed to donate the site derided on by Humbert. The mills will have a capacity of 120 pairs of blankets per day and employ fifty bands. The principal market for the output is San Francisco. , - A fatal wreck occurred in Oregon, a few days ago, a half-mile south of Green's station. Two light engines of the Southern Pacific collided, resulting: in the death of the fireman, John Mc-Conigle,' and the brakeman. Ai N. Troy, and the serious injury of several others. The cause of the disaster was that Conductor Wall of the south-bound train. -left his tickets and papers at the station in Roseburg. He started back with an engine to get them; meanwhile the papers had been discovered and sent oat on an engine to overtake his train. The morning was foggy and the engines did not see one another, and collided head on. Mrs. Slercy Simons, who lives in Linn county, Or., has reached the age of 103 years, having been born at Saratoga-Springs, N. Y., in 1793. She crossed the plains in 1S53, and walked over 1000 miles of the way. Redlands has a 6ystem of storm water ditches.that cost $100,000. Shark fishers at San Diego take out the backbone of their catch to have them made into canes. A colony of fruitarians is being formed in Santa Barbara county by W. S. Manning, who subsists solely on uncooked fruit and nuts. They will be located, near Los Olivos. The sawmill of the Native Lumber tains, is working ouan order for 60,000 orange boxes, to be delivered to a Riverside flrni. For the. second time within- thirty- days the Sonora and Oakdale stage has been stopped by marked men. There was only one bandit seen and he stood behind a tree, but it is thought that he had confederates. Barnett, the owner of the line, and Fred Johnson, the driver, -were riding on the box. At the robber's command the mail pouches, strong box of Wells Fargo and baggage were dropped by the roadside. The treasure was small. Two of San Francisco's best known, wealthiest and most popular society iuunta AValtAP IMtlA Ki; w-if ar according to dispatches from London, in jail in that city awaiting the outcome of a charge of larceny. Relatives say-that it is some dreadful mistake, and. the idea that Walter Castle and hia wife would steal anything is simply ridiculous. There is a deserted gold mine six miles northeast of Portervillo, out of which nearly a thousand dollars' worth of gold has been recently taken. The entire cropof walnuts from Santa Barbara county has been sold to a Chicago firm. The financial stringency has aflected the market for walnuts. The Supreme Court of California baa decided that the gold Democrats are entitled to have their Presidential electors put on the ticket under the desig nation of "National Democratic party." The Stanislaus Democratic county ticket was offered too late to be legally filed. This has been decided by the Supreme Court. Three desperate criminals in the city prison of San Francisco made a daring attempt to break jail. They had made a false key, and had their scheme worked the chance of their capture would have been very slight, as the day on w hich they planned to escape nearly the entire police force were on parade, and drill. ..... , - - ., - ''- The Reliance football team of Oakland is planning a trip to Denver, Butte and Portland. Manager Cal. Ewing is in correspondence with the teams in the three cities named. The plans are not yet matured, but in the rough they are as follows: Leave Oakland on November 14th, play the club of Denver November 21st; the Butte eleven on Thanksgiving day; in Portland the following Saturday. Rain is badly needed in San Diego county for irrigation purposes. Water in the Escondido reservoirisso low that the old pumping plant must be worked to supply the town w ith water for domestic purposes. The Cuyamaca reservoir is no better off, the water nieasur-ingless than seventeen feet ROYAL Baking Powder. Highest of all la leavealnx Strength. V. S. Government Rspert. Superior job printing MAIL office.

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