Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 22, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 22, 1952
Page 6
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fttMW T4W1 i*w»M I A, \M, kfttf 4 P, wfll meet Krnlth miwt 8*pt*mb«f 83, in* Home of Mm. W8'»«tth Homy. iru» ««dnf, «pin IH* Hchoo! 3, C, nuHt« of the marring* «f ft, to''Galloway wfiite ( AvKh ydl and .rlAa ,wa» Rttlroil drctu ot H H ht «l'Hf» v«3l ft.*" ft ery*tn« b«wl, Th« aoople I»N 'w » trip tfl 4 r «tche«, MlM., nnS polnw in Ltail»i|.rtn, »f«»r which they will ha at htt^n** In Md«nol(« where Womiword In omploywd nnd I* »" Instructor In fl'nmnr «chool. Krudiwl* of South- nd Ui« «room of the Unlwr»lly October, Mr», the M**iiow» Th« bride's I* em J» a ifr«du««o of Arkitnuriif, Coming c^nd Going »fM»nt the A. Tu«l» and Krted Tut II* "rid In Mwgnolln «. yiilll* nnd fnmlly. Mr. Mr«. Kltinrtelt- TullU ot Mineral v I «lt ml Jn th« homo of \tiitu Tulllft nntl Freel Tullm Mr. mid Mr»» Iru W, Hosey and children-nf Mltfcrnl KpriDKii wer* the Sufidoy gue/rtu of Mr, nnd Mr*. Clend Pottll. Mr. nml Mr«, J. D, nnncn and don, Hilly, of Hot Sprlnu* w«r« tho week end KiiffltH of Mm. Rnni-o'M wiml rmd mu'Ii', Mr, and Men. Hoy Mr. nnd Mr*. .fnm«H Copland nnd sons, Torn nnd of Arl<n<lel|ihln npwnt ihf w««*k end with Mr. Copelond'M purvntu, Mr, nnd Mm, H, K. Copclnnd. ' Dr, find Mrs, A, J. Neighbour* riwd frnni o viwallon trip Cflrl«l>8tl CnvewN, Pftrlflfld Cli'nnil Cnnynn nnd Hoover J3nm, Mrs. John M. AlUmm arrived Suntluy from WuHhlimton, u. c. to vlwlt hoi; mother. tA.ru. It, O JJrldtiwull, und slNiwr, Ellsahith Mrs, AlltKon will join her humbnnd in linllttd Friday onrknito tu Fin* KnMl, Mr, AUMon IN Asnlstimt Buwtury uf SlttU» for Knr AfMi'H. 'Wiolr first »lw|i will bt Miinitu, I'hitljiplne iHlundu, when they will viKlt Mr, niid Mm, If. W Oewiild und tiimily, MI-H. Oi<wuU will b« rumi'rotit'rc'd HH llt'tly Vv« try, Mrs, AlllHoii'u tho c<trr« tlon won held. The with « i- llewr lonalh tubla n Jew crystal Births Mi', nnd Mrs, Howard Diu-num of Outie, Oklii., iinnnunca the iu rival nf a Him, Richard Karl, Sept ; ! ,l, 105'J. Mi, and Mrs, U V). 14 in nuni of this city a,rt> the Trip Into Midwest ing Pil Otto Of tr Ftv«r, Cold h/»M thi- WnttfT from a which hi* atif- fiT, T^)UIS, I* lidenhower, hfllfwny through 'W*tle-»top twir of the toft* another «uch (rip from Mich Wimngo of severnl thousand per- Ifln to UIP West Coast In cnrlyi»«n» H« nUo hn» resumed his nml «ijiht f<>vi l Itist wok, nl«ht tho I'fipr i»ppr»flr*d on bnlcnny sit his c'nulrll Gantlolfo homo nrnl «rof-ted a pit- Jomift Tf««i»rty, pre«« or ihp Repiihtlcnn prwildenllfll HM nnnmrnced horn yesterday f.nl th« ((enrrnl will make tho 10 ny trip by trnln. plnnc and nuto- mobile thirmi«h 12 atnt«i. Wlwronnln, homo "dale of Ren, fldcph . McCnrthy, whose Com TUinfat • In government charge* ovo aroused pnlltlcnl controversy, i on the schedule, Eisenhower In expected to give IB support to McCarthy while lore (tlnce he snld Iteforo thnt h* 1 vould support nil ilcpublicon norn icon In thn c(tmpnl((n, I Thn scheduled announced byj 11 ' 001 ' (n(jerty lints Michigan, Oct. I Illnols, Oct. 2 Wisconsin, Oct. 3 intiesotn ond North Dakota, Oct. nnd travel to the Pnclflc Const, )ct. 8, He I Idled WnshlnKton State, Oct. Oregon, Oc*.7 Northman Call- ornlo, Oct. I) Central nnd South rn Cullfornln nnd Ncvudn by Irino, Oct. D Arizona, New Mex vt> nrul Utah, Oct. 10. Thn 'lint of cities to he visited wilt be announced Inter, Tho Bfnoral Is scheduled to winy ! tilnf nchfdulf of New Ulcer Operation Successful By ALTON U. BLAKB8L6B AP Science dltor NRW YORK, </!•> ~'A new opern- lion for ulcers dorsn't touch your Is left alone, to n Stilt Lnko Clly Oct. 11-12, tlicm r,KHlbly return oust by Oklahoma, VXUH, LmtlMlnnu, Tcnn«HHeo, nnd Ccnlucky, per Hospital Notes Bcaneh AdmlUwl! Mm, S, A, Foster nf Hapo. liluchui'tfed! Mr*. Martin jAndvr- nan und bahy boy, Hope, Mm. W, M, Po.lodv'XUu 1 und baby K'"'!, of Hope, 4ulla Ohtfttr Atlmlttud; D, A, Maroon, Hope, Mv«. MuHHlu Dolt, MuCunklll, Mrs, hay Fiivria, IIopu, Jtmrny Doduou Spi'inaUlll, Ln. DlnchurKud: Mrs, OhnL<)e« A. In-in, Oxnn, Mrs. Joe Booty, Hope, Mr*, Sherwood Askew nnd duu«h- Wn l , Junto Ehilnu, MoCuHklll, Mm. Paul Rottlg, Hopo, Brendn Carrol Dlllnrd, Sporkmon Sugg«its Probe of Nixon CI^VELAND, John J. — v .Democrat ycitoNlay ««ii- Twb Convicts Shot to Death by Police ' NKW YORK, Mi—Two cscnprd Bonvicls wore shot to deitth y«>!i ttrdny In n furious nun balilo wltli IKilici? nftor lenvlng n trail of terror ucrrtHM purl nf IVmiuylvanln into New York City. A d(tti>ollvi» wtiii mortally WdtltKti'll III tllP hull »f SUl;lfU> • UtU'Bun and plHtol fir". Thf third nu-iTihi-r nf n dospor ln trio wits ciiplurod unhiiVl II.M ill pnlk'i'inun blustod llu-lr wny Into tho (ipnrtrncnt whi»ro the fuRl tlvos wore hldln« w'ih thu-c Nuitro women. Joseph Nol(?n, 2(1, nnd his brother Uullntd. Ui!-- two uiuicni/y b a d men from llarlau County, Ky, — died In Iho I'oiirlnii fivo minute ot cloHC'-rnngi. 1 tiro, Detiicllvo Philip l.nmonlcn. 4R, shot throe tlmon In the chcul, dlivl in n hoHpitu) u short time liiitii 1 . Oott-cllvo Nlcholiiti Cotter, 34, was Ht*rlo\isly wounded. Cnpturud wu* Elmer Sclntpr. 21, •t ChicatKi, who broke mil of the 1 iPWInburB, PH,. federal prison with he Noltm brothoi-N on Sept. It). Phey luul boon serviiiK lonjj torms or bunk rubbery. tl'hero WUM an Ironical twist to lu> r(ipt\iri'ii-~lho trio novur in lidi'd to como to Nu'w York. Aftur tholr tmcnpo, they wanted o head for Sonmton, Pn., but look t wionH rood turn In « stolon cnv. Vhttu tht>y f u u n d thomselvos voided for Now York, they figured hey tnittht a* well "lose them • •elvo'8 In the crowds of tlu- big city," policy sold, Selnier told polloc about the trio's movements, Scluiw (Him I tied, police sold, hot tho trio stole u <lon>n weapons from u Bronx gun store Inst Men duy und looted a bronx bonk of $115,07% in a during dnyllght holdup the next duy. A vast manhvmt hnd been pressed for thc three men sliii' they ustfupod from l.owlsburu. Tt>i lorulutt n large section of Pen ?ylvai\tu, they held u (amity of The operation removes 75 cent of the stomach. It Uikes nwny most of the upper pnrt of thc stomach, which is the piirt that produces the acid thnt eniidos ulcer«. With the cause none the ulcer KeU well by Itself and new ulcers nppnrently will not gel Mnrt/'d. The operation saves the bottom pert of the stomach, with il» vnlve thnt keeps food from being emp tied out of the stomnch too soon. The nerve reniiliilliiK this vnlvo ulto Is saved. QuIck-omplylK of the stomach cim cause weakness, loss of weight heart nulpltfitlons nnd other trou l>!e». This kind of distress often follows uleer surgery Unit removes till of the dtnmnch, or the bottom pnrt with IU vnlve. The new technique wns described today to the opening of the Ameri cnn Collofie of Surgeons' Clinical Confined by Drs, Willlnm D. Kel- 3<:y, Knorri Hnll«rlmsson, Richnrd I'U.dahl nml Owen If. Wongenslcen of the University of Minnesota Medlcnl Reliool. It work ; we'll in nnlmnls, so wel thtit they don't wet new ulcers even when clven dully Injections of his tiiiiiine,s which ordinarily do cnusr uli't-rit In dofis nnd cats. Forty-five humnns have hnd the new ulcer operation and seem to be iluliu! well, but it is still UK early to ti-1 how Rood the opera lion Is. the rloctors said. ocrots Go on Record for Economy LITTLE ROCK, i*~ThP Arkan MAI ''tot* Democratic Convent!'.n hfj« none on record for economy In mate government, no now In- Crcate In tnxea and 4-year term* for ftnvernors. Do I* gut* it adopted the party's platform and resolution* of policy without dl»»enl in thc closing bus! rit»* Saturday on Its 2-<lny him nlnl meeting. Judge Francis Cherry, Democratic gubernatorial nominee, had endow*! the vnrlous policies which v/ere approver! by the full convention. Cherry gave one nf the shortest nomination upooches nn record, snying In part thnt this victory was "a victory for the people." On (he question of taxes, the education plank of the- platform raid thnt "funds once dedicated to school* should not h« diverted" ,infl there should be nn "equitable olution of thc school revenue pro alcni without Increased taxes." The pldtform also said thnt n new. equitable nnd properly en forced gasoline tax should be en acted without increasing existing levies. In Its revenue plank, tho parly «,al(l that "no taxes levied for one purpose should be used for other purposes and no new or increased taxes should be enneterl." Among other things, the pnrty nlno went on record as favoring annual audits of nil state agencies nnd departments and equality of women with in nil political and Kcwernmental affairs. In other action: P. E. Brown of Little Hock nnd George floeves of Ft. Smith were ohosun presidential electors nt large: Leffel Gentry. Little Rock nTtor- ncy and Cherry's campaign man flRer, was named ehairmnn to sue coed Willis Smith of Tcxnrknna. William P. Bowcn of Little Hock .succeeded Frank Newell ris sacrc tfiry, nnd Mrs. John Hohnert of fin* Blurt wai ehdMtt flee ch«It- m»n, nucceedlrtjt Mr*. Royee Up- sbaw of Turret!. Sen. J. OVvlIlo Cheney of Calico Bock Was certified * as senatorial nominee from the 18th district. Sf-n. Y. M. tfack of Moorfleld hnd disputed Cheney's apparent nomi nation. The state pnrty committee wat Increased from 53 to 51 members nnd eight Democratic electors were named for the Presidential c!octon. Electors by congressional districts: 1. Marcus Fiet/, Jonesboro 2. Joe Snodgross. Pocahontas 3., Joe Robinson, Sprlngdale 4. Char les Wine, Texarkana 5. Jack East Sr., Little Hock 8. A. R. Mertltt, Pine Bluff. The Democratic Commlttc members by judicial districts: I. Mrs. Arthur Wells. Helena Gene Flanagin, Forrest City. 2—Mrs Howard Moycs, Pnrn gould J. C. Portis, Lepanto. 3—Mrs. John D. Ashley, New port Marry Ponder, Wnlnut Ridge. 4—Mrs. Lowell Chancy, Fayettc ville Tom Whitemorc, Slloam Springs. 5—Mrs. John Taylor, Clarksville Ban* f e»tr!*t ' ROME, UP) — The police enforced a government ban against services in Catholic Rome's protestant j Church of Christ for the second J Sunday yesterday, but U. S. evnn Ktllst Cline R. Paden of Brown field, Tex., led most of his small congregation to a church outside city, Paden rounded up four taxis and two private automobiles to transport 30 of his glock to San Ceasreo, police ChurcH nil ritt to th* cityi ILONOIt nMiiUjii. n ponont tor th» vice preuldncy «tul accuited $pn, Robert A. T«H of Inii u "pjiony ularm" over liberty Tf\<* Alabama ttnutor on his first impugn trip Into Qhta r*i>lM to Toft's tirguiwmt ul Surlnnflttld. 0,. lam week that tho main iwub U 'liberty vs. II« an Id, "Thc only w«y we con wttoro what h« Tnft call* ty" In (o iio Uach to tho duy* of bvcadllnos ansl iloc , . In his spctoh to 3,500 B*mocr«u at Q««u|ft Lake Park, Sparknxar mention by ivanve BleHtrd Kixoiv th* RepUUllcon voto pr««W»ntlu oontllrtate. But In a t»mn<Mc\t newi con ho said M thoutht a con mnmttt«tt inve* s«>t tor Klxvut by u group ot wealthy RhtumqHun Wtitted to The tii-w operntion is done only fur ulcers of the duodenum the I'n HI part of the Intestlc loading from the stomach. About eight out of nine peptic ulcers occur In the duodenum. The technique wns designed to snve the stomach vnlve nnd Its norve in cure ulcers without let- tlnn food HO through the stomach too fast. • The .sume nerve, the vngus nerve nlso stlmulutes tho stomach lo I roduce iu arid. U loses thin job boemwo ncidprotiuctng parts of the Ktc-mnch are taken away, but still keeps on the Job to regulate tho ttotnach vnlve nnd stomach motion. The surgery cuts tho stomach lengthwise, saving u tunnel or tube r.lorig one side, from top to bottom. The nerve runs through this tunnel. The patients is left with n small stcmneh, but hnlf of them soon be cnme able to ont nearly normal sized meals, the surgeons snicl. gressional districts: 1—Mrs. Don Stringer, Jonesboro John C .Fogelman, Marion. 2—Mrs. Bill Headstream, Bntes- ville Jerry Screeton, Hazen. 3—Mrs. Noll Powell, Mountain Homo Lcm C. Bryan, Ft. Smith. 4—Mrs. Mary Louise Pryor, Cnmden ,R. M. McCarley, Texnr knna, 5—Mrs Garland Dowdlow, Mor- rllton Belolt Taylor, Little Rock. G—Mrs. Earl Rhodes, Stuttgart Krnncls Wallace, McGehee. SKID ROW Robert Hnys Wllllnms, Russell ville. 0—Mrs. John Hnckett, Little Rock E. A. Henry, Little Rock. 7—Mrs. W. R. Alsobrook, Ben en Dalton V. ' Walker, Sheridan. 8—Mrs. Pnul Johnson, Texnr • Kr.nn J. H. Lookndoo, Arkn dclphin. 9—Mrs Wnndn Bradley, Mcnn Tommy Pope, Nashville. 10—Mrs. Paul L. Purkins, War ren Ovid Switzer, Crossett. 11—Mrs. Dayton Fish, Star City R. C. Cutrcll, Pine Bluff. 12—Mrs. Willlnm Prestor, Ft. Smith Donald Duncan, Walldron. 13—Mrs. Cal Partee. Magnolia C. H. Murphy Jr., El Dorado. 14—Mrs. Irmn Andir. Harrison S'. K. Pntton, Clinton. 15—Mrs. Beth Williams, Paris, Jf.nuh Yatcs, Ozark. 10—Mrs. Brndford Govnn, Mel bourne Oscar Prince. Pocahontas. 17—Mrs. Willinm McCrnry, Lo noke Willinm M. Lee, Clnrendon. 18—Mrs. Mary Jess Longford, Hot Springs Lloyd Darnell, Hot Springs. Committee members by Con HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Main A Country Club rd. MONDAY 'Queen for a Day" Millions will not have Add In Today Why?Bicausethey always keep Turns handy —for record-fast relief of gas, heartburn, sour stomach. Almost instantly, Turns neutralize excess acid. Yet contain no soda to over-alkalize or cause acid rebound. One or t*6 .» Turns, eaten like candy, stops W stomach distress almost before it starts. Do as millions do—carry Turns always. Remember to get handy roll today. SOI onlr 10t a ftotl with millions Mho make It thtlr first choice 100 TABLETS 49* f I StJoseph « ^* »-k> B-^ • B.I ^ ASPIRIN OPEN ALL NITE BEFORE OR AFTER THE LIVESTOCK SHOW FOR DINNER OR JUST A SNACK / THE OAKS HIWAY 67 WEST — CITY LIMITS town seven captive for .19 hours while they hid In tlutir home, stole moony urn) ut least throe curs, and stubbed u t private duty policeman. New Ywk police, convcrttiug on floor iHnutnu'Ml In Up- Manhattan shortly after Stil midnight tut a lip that tho fugitives were holod up there, found tho place barricaded. The fUifiUvos were surprised lit try is t with Uxrvo Negro women, all ot whom wore st>Ued und held 118 mutvrlttl witnesses, Th» npnrt mcnt bore evidence of u drinking bout. Police said an unidentified suitor u| one of tho women— Arleno J4«,U, 3| -»• Mavc the tutor inn tiun ttt the d«spev;idoos' hido out. A ljurst of gunflw— inclmlinn machine — gun slu-its from at least cne uf Uw> fujjIUvi-s — met tho police after Uwy broke down u door o fxh» Q)Mrtuu<m, Tlw Nuleu brothers kept shooting until they fell dead. Schuec. hiding under the bod with a nude woman, tired several times hut finally yelled: "I'm not going to THIS TYP£ €\J£R F/LMfD SKID ROW' NOSE. THROAT As fast and easy as "selling* your hair! Uy bvilleu. The two Other wunkeil hki \»\ tbo buthrooni during tb» gunplay. * Schuwr w«* book«d on charges uf hojnlcid*, f»)muous assault and violsrtion of the ulllan anti-wcapoi>« L«uw. f and Accessory Organs nof Adversely Affecfed by Smoking Chesterfields FIRST SUCH REPORT EVER PUBLISHED ABOUT ANY CIGARETTE J Ml MORB CAftUAWTlIS WASJJ1NQTON, UO~TUe Jto|»rtnM«U today id«utifi«d m b«tM* C4SU«lUes In Koreu, A new VnH Wo. 6M reporfcxl 40 killed. 161 woui«i»d, «j* n^ing aivd two in jurwL Mdfkots PIN CURL PERMANENT WAVE E«ty. Make pin curli with BuLliie.pins that cannot discolor or injure hair. So fait (y*t »«f«U 6<uu« hair take« « penuwiout : i»fcwnunm«4 Lovely. Oil-rich, &ocret-prac«« Sjiun-Cwow waving lotion conditions bur; rwulu iu •Uk-soft wave*. ^ only OOO A responsible consulting organization has reported the results of a continuing study by a competent medical specialist and his staff on the effects of smoking Chesterfield cigarettes. A group Of people from various walks of life was organized to smoke only Chesterfields. For six months this group of men and women smoked their normal amount of Chesterfields— 10 to 40 a day. 45% of the group have smoked Chesterfields continually from one to thirty years for an average of 10 years each. , At the beginning and at the end of the six- months period each smoker was given a thorough examination, including X-ray pictures, by the medical specialist and his assistants. The examination covered the sinuses as well as the nose, ears and throat. , v "^' The'medical specialist, after a thorough examination of every member of the group, stated: ! 'It is my opinion that the ears, nose, throat and accessory organs of all participating subjects exr amined by me were not adversely affected in the six-months period by smoking the cigarettes provided." JOHN P. COX DRUG CO, TAINS TOBACCOS BETTER QUALITY HIGHER PRICE THAN OTHER KINO-SIZE CIGARETTE ^ ^ffrijrf $r- '»BW I' *T8T p! Wf •.. n i^vi A ^ ..,.*,AAlfc, v>4J ... jtviCT OlARK IKI WEIL LIFT TH?COveRS CX»WN HERE AND Ajapv/ SONS WITH tHOS MORNING CAN'T EVEN LIFT MY HEAD LCXXATTHEMAN WHO SAID H? CQULDNT LIFT HIS HEAD OUT OUR WAY •y j. R. wim«m§ Answer to Previous p u « - . By Michael O'Malley and R«lp Foreign Travel .... TEN BOTTLES "l> OF MEPICIME / FOR TH' ( AWP NOT EVBN \ AM / FOR. A HUMAN I BEIM' IN THIS V HOUSE.' L ^>^. WE'RE ALWAX& OUT BECAUSE, SOU LIV6 ON THE STUFF AMP HE THINKS HE CAN LIVE WITHOUT HIS.' 90 IttLKMd ) ttlfiHT, ASP 3SWSB OUT Wt/Vff TMBOTTRCTIVB) SOU IM SHB'S- SfifiM J/THP MURPBR OPORKIM HORIZONTAL South American republic 6 Former name ot Thailand 9 Isle of > in ' the Irish Sea 12 New name of Persia 13 Atop 14 Wine cup 13 Norwegian cape VERTICAL JHeap 2 Old name of Eire 3 Rave 4 Australia is "Down 5 Distress signal 6 Native 7 Solar disc 24 Pacific Island 43 Fool 8 Biblical Ieader25 Poker stake of Jews 26 Braces through 28 Drivel foreign lands 30 Essential J" Indian weight 9 Pleasure in being 18 Come in suffering 31 Male deer 10 Prayer ending 33 Diadem 11 Nostril 35 Prince—r— Rubber Island in 20 Billiard stroke Canada 22 Melts together 40 Library area 45 Elevate 46 Cry of a donkey 47 Flower 48 Sea eagle 50 Caudal appendage 51 Volcano in Sicily 52 Observed 55 Man's name 19 Spring wild flower 21 Crude means of water travel 23Pouch ; 24 Chatter (coll.) (JB27 Prosecuted ;29 Females 32 Joins 34 Oppose £36 Dress f'37 Russian : I seaport WASH TUBBS NEVER THOUGHT I'D H£LP AN YON B GBTTH'SESTOPP^TV I ICOULP STOOD WHEN HIS PM. PULLED *, GUN. MOO fTll.L 17UMMO WMV I. SMELL, PfWY OIPW'T LOOK HKB 9UCH ( BIG WHB6L TO MB' WHEN TO THE POLICE STMIOKI BILLY COKJFU5ED ' HB'* (SOME TO LOTS OF} VOU R Hl\\ UNARMED • THW TOOK RLENTV OF O QBT MB AM ALIBI THWttNT NOTHIN'TO HIM SL"V, ir HEROES ARE MADE- MOT BORN ,iJ OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople 39 Barge Ml One of the { "Little S Women" ]42 Three (prefix) r44 Wing shaped '46 Wider 49 Grades Fabulous bird f54Emit rays • ^56 Inquire j57 Individuals (J58 Trigonometric function EGAD, JAKE.' \^KV THe'uMCOOTH HAR-HAR TMAT'5'THe- 60FFAVM ? D\D V<PU HEAR M5, fit 0£ST LAUGH I, GOT RECALL. /£{ <?OTA VOL) 5iMC£ Y&U 'f '^A USETA PRACTIC& _rS£ ROOM 3£6T -Z—T. .',;:-;: VtieiMiS 5A1LPR WAS BOurS AND HER BUDDIES PRESIDENT OF UMITED ? GNE U? MV TCOO^t. f '^9 Affirmative 1,180 Tissue Dash CARNIVAL By Dick Turner -T : ' r " IWOLDIT, i. JAKE/ WHERE £ ,trt -.-.«* hw f M *,• w ».»,i o-fY^LiK BUGS BUNNY 1 ^ f /«OBRY, RJC»t>*y?\ I IT WA>^ AN J^X \ >^AWIPBNT/Jl -50WWV I<5N'T ENOUGH.' f GOT VOU-SHOCM-P . PO 3QM£ THINS 'A THIN' TO PWeVGNT ' THE^E ACCIPENT*/ FUNNY BUSINESS By Herthbcrger ALLEY OOP J }VW YUU I ««VKIfcl|-1l J P.WMt3MI, I NUW SJCC MtKE,YUU C/VtK- VCU'P H^VE NOV &O YOU TOLD ME! \SfJOWN MOaDN.EITHER VOU P6ACE UNTILVOIH C'MON, OOC, HURRY) BEHAVE YOUR6EUF OR I'M TCOK THE GENIE V IT UP, CANTCH^ J QOINS RIGHT BACK TO BEDI BACK \\\B MAGIC >>> CARPET/ ^" ; ^ ALL WGHT > \HERE,,, > OU ( D BETTER TAKG YOUR AX MACHINE'O 7 YOU MK3HT NEED IT/ J'm forced to confess, dear, that from this angle the hat Xdoe». look totter on youj tH|0 & THE aTORY OF A PREHISTORIC MAN WHO IN TIME AT THE DIRECTION OF A FABUIjOUS PHSBlCIBT.,,a)RRENTIY OUR HERO IS CONCERNED . WITH SETTING RID OF A FLYING, CARPET HE REACQUIRED ON A TRIP INTO ANCIENT ARABIA SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith We'll have to fight this jobs.for-tverybody cand!dit«— he might make work compulsory!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blotter CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer OUR CAK6Q AAM/F ^^^^^ ONLV THfj^^^L MK.VAN&. LOVE LIKF OURS _ NEVER DIE/"' 1OWARC? MAdZ, ' SCHOOL (a»4T5 « rough gam* of to iV i: j-v^iV- h-

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