Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 20, 1952 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 20, 1952
Page 7
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'• '>L * \l : ; ?"v - W»M T44I1 •*«*»** | ft, M. ift* 4 P. M ft* (if* nf Iho tnt*rmem> th* Wfll »tt taiK«mhttr 21, * iiiiii NGER * tOPAV • f^NWW^Pl^^ blUflHTS • NNY CARTOON Cl»»» rtmtn ttt the ctturch' of hofwr will bo the junior hUh end* tw»»d«y, Cosmnpollion Club will me*t ftcpwmhcr 23, »l 7:48 ot Ih* Ifflpft.-' C«Hi4try Club. llofito»*e» will he Mr*, Ittty'c* Smitli »nd Mrm. tleorgo , 8«pt«mb*r 24 Tho Pfttfmw PTA nnd school board will irrti-et W*dni»«diiy. icrnlwr 24, of'?:3ti In U»« auditorium, •47 Frl«nd«hlp Club M««t» With Mr*, Carter Button Thf> '47 Ffifiidtililp Club mot Thurr'lwy afternoon »l ,1 o'clock fit thfl homo of Mm, Corlor Suttotv (irrBr)«fl(ricfit« of Into floworn WITC placed ot Din-inn thfl buwlncss meeting, con ielcrt ijy Mr*, Fr«<l Hunt. pra«« It w«(( (Iccidiul to havr> n n Itirt ni'«tnrn *iipp«r for thulr turni- tlaf fit Fnlr I'lK-k September 29. Mi-tt, Orvnl OitU'Kby conducted n qulr. on the pr<wim of the Inxt twfllvi? . rnpfelinKN. Hi«h »cor» priw wiii won by Mrw, Hill . Colllim and Mfft, Diillon DritgO", An i-mtirokl. ery nttftnhmpnt WH* pi'imt-nti'd to Mr*. Hi'«i!no In honor of her birth- rtoy. The t'cininndur of tli» inrnt* inn w«» held In Irirorin'il tnllt, The lionUuM served ice croam nnd »uk<< to I'liihl inemlicrn. Tlu> next mt'fllim will li" held Ottolicr 'i, nl Ilii' linini' of Men. Uu»n flrljjhf, Hamilton Given teller anil Medal from riw drw ln<* that itchell Again •*& - " ™ • *'i '^"'jju "-• i-v* •* • '• •< • •$ Nixon Should Resign JKFPEftSON C1TV. Mo. (m Democratic Notional Chairman Khnuldn't keep htm fram « fn/o rh«dci» In 111? rirtllofiffl *"!«•• linrif. CtiyncHlor famn Smith of JJIylhe- n mennhfiT of the CnmmtUen, hi* twllflv -1 many wpr« "gym- with ymir poeltlon," but that "thin I* not thn op-j change,"! (Hat such n' chntiKO In Ihl* national election ypnr would be "<»mlnirrn»»lfi«" to SSUMf 'SS^WnSil"" h » "^"'"'^ ".m,.U Mllthfil. lr> MUiourl'g capital '•ity t'i rnncl lenders of the Demo- f;n.ttc party, snld he believe* Nix- support of the ncm-.cratlc nation- " ' " lll "y (-n»fornlan«, mil. nl ticket. M, Oov, Nnthnn Oordrm, n fom- mlttp<- m*>fnbcr, who olwi Kpokf ngfllrltt the rcK'dmion, mndn fhotfnn for It* ri'^eltnn. Sen, John J. Snarkmnn of Ala- thfi DeMocratlr noniln' 1 ' 1 f^r vleo |>rc*iM/nt, told the convention ynntordfiy nftt-rnoon that "lhc> di'tprmlnlfift Inuo In thin eonnml«n will bo the r'/coll«>c(lon on tho pnrt nf the pooplft of thr» tondlllontt of 20 yonn fl«o. "Ilia bn»M philosophy of the Hopiiblicnn pirly In oppoRillori to chniiKO, They want to maintain thf KlBtUB (i»o, Tho D « m o crntlo Pnrly, on the oltn.-r hand, believed In chnngif wltti vhnniilnK conditions," ftpprkmnn *;<•»( Inoi night lu>ro arid thin mortilriR flow to Knoxvlllr, Tonn,, on hln cnmpnlKit tour. Tho ilflteuntrrn nUo honrct n plon for party harmony from Clov. Mu- Mil til, who «nld tin plnrinod to mil/port ull Dinnocrnllc nomiru'CR, nnilnnnl nnd «tnto, Tho Inttot iri- Smlth nnd rncclvod superior rut- l>y nffwurnen If he wanted U. t<'iii|f< i r his r-nrllcr demnnd thnt Nixon p.ct 'nit in viow of thi* "wall mid ;«><•" sii^Hftiiion from the Democratic preaidcritlnl nomlnof, f!(,v. Adlni Stcvonnon of tlllnolH, Miti hell unld no. Mr already hafl done some in- vt !!tu(nilriR nnd he thought Nixon «hooM (?ct out of the campnlRn, A",i»« ttllxuHttlh Iliimlliun. ler of Mi', ami Mrs. Brook n Humilton, n senior In hliiM school, hint rfcotilly rooi'lyctt Injr leltc* 1 from the luunl nf which ulu^ In a Hh«« Itmi Itocn o mimic uttidont of Mrs,. Thomnti N. UruiiK from thw and WUK Jiwdnli'ti thu Momnrlitl ({old ini'itul tho'NiUlimnl Guild of PIP- no Tcuphcrs, ot which Mi'». HrnKQx ID « nu-mlioi', MlsH tUimlllon It' thi' firnt iitiuU'iil In IhiHtH'ilvlllf to win Uilfi nu'iliil. In diiltM' tn receive. Uibi incdnl. n ahuiont numi lu< (iiuiltloncd, mul pl'i'pin'i. 1 utul nii'.'ii'lit u inriiiii|'l/»Hl pitjftrunt of it) or more mimluul vuiT<|3oKUloiifi in 10 consecutive uu- (llllunw b.V I'f'Hnown juillnitoi'it. Klio HUH iH'i'ii rnti'd excellent nnd Hiipi'r- lor tlurlnu her ywun in mimic train- Intf. Sl\«? vepri'M'ntoil thi< Itusucll- vlllo Junlur Muslu Club , at tht> tcntlviU uf the AilumtiUB of Mimic Clubs nl'-Porl Minn Hamilton In an "A" pupil In hijth (tchool, a inonilier of tln> Choral Club, itiul ID active In church and Noclnl circlfH. Shu also al- tt'fitli'd CSIrl.'i Ktnt(> n|»insori'(l by llic niialiu'ojt ami Prod'OHloim! \Vo- men's Club, Mn. Jud Martlndnle Hoitens to Woman't Auxiliary The VVoiniin'K Auxiliary to the HiiiripvUiud County Mcdlcnl Society iwt Tuesday mornlnic at the borne of Mm. .luil MiirUmluh'. Itiiutliie biiHincii!! wtiH transacted with Mr«, Wultor Sim», proHiilenl, jiromldlnu. MrM. Jud Mtirtiiulnle Ht-rvp<l IIH Kcuretdry In lbi« u nf Mm. J. 0. Martlndalc. wci'n rnnilo for muintalniiiK a booth IH tho Third Ultilrlct Livestock Show for Iho purpose- of diHtiibut- inn Ilioniturc on health. , The homt'MH »«rvod to ncvon momhers pi-uncut including a»n0w mt'inlipr, Mrs. N«HI Crow. * Tin- nottt mcetinij will be held in Jiiiuiiiry. ITONE [VMl VfltlKiH •awl NMnni id<k Cominq and Going Ml»« Nancy llny«, <launhtcr of Mr. nttil Mm, Tom Ilu.vx of Onk- nnd Miss Nnncy Shults, r of Mr. tind Mrs. Brooks ShultH of Fulton, loft Wednesday for Lynchbui'K, Vn., whore nrtt nttchtlinu "lltrre't n Holy Joe. Hint's been tjilltniK pretty bl« — now let him put up some fncts," Mitchell mild. He told newsmen he hnd beer impressed with Nixon's record ni M BMUitor, But Nixon's recent cam pnlHii tactic* "have InfurlattA me." Ho iiccuied Oenc-ral Elson liovver'ft runnint! male of brincinK tidiKloii!) differences into tho cum Mitchcl! sold Iko "picked Nixon for the vice-presidency ol tho Re publican National Convention, tine now General Klsonhowcr Is goini In keep him or he's going to crin him iiwny." Kiftt-nhnwer, currently carrying ' li cniii|)nlnn into President Tru IIIID'H home ntiite, has Inxlstccl h lelic-vus Nixon Is an honont man U» S. Questions Activities of Chas. Chaplin Dy JAMES F. DONOVAN WASHINGTON, (UP) — The Jus- lice Department .scheduled ;i now Marring rolo for Movie Actor Cliiirlie Chaplin totlay in an effort to determine whether tho famous lltiU- tramp of the .lili-nt movies should be isiven his moat Impoiv tMit "bum's rutili." Attorney flcni'r.il James P. Me- Oumery oi'tlered the immigration nervlco to bar th<? famed comedlnii from re>enti<rlne tlie United State^ until a lieariiiK has been held to decide If he is admissible under V. S. laws. C'haplin, a British subject, who ban lived in this country for some •Ml years without applying for not- urally.nUon, sailed for his native Kt'ttliuid Inst Wclnesday with bis wife and four children. His wife is Oona O'Neill, daughter of the American Playwright • E ii R e nie O'Neill. In Hollywood, Chaplin's attorney Cfild the famed comedian was MI-H. J. Jl. nroediUft and Mrs Keeves nvis spendlnK thi week end with Mrn. D. Thomas Little' ttocj«, Mr. nnd Mrs. Bryan Pullen o J5cQut«en vlxltixt Mr. and Mrs. C, Woslermtm yesterday and at I tho Hope-DeQucon footbal lost nliiht. SOTHY DIX Advice of Oldsters Dunr Mien DIx: Why are n»r ehfl drcn unwilling to profit by the experience nf their parent*? And why they listen to our ndvlco in slcad of learning too late and via hf hard way? t urn n «clf-*upporting widow, with two mnrried daughter*, each with children of her own. When I ry to point out to them the unat- tacUvcnens of their surroundings nml Migjtest methods for Improve- men Is, instcnd of being thankful (!,,]( t tnke nn Interest and being grateful for my advice, they seem it. »om'c «oe» when I call their nttrntion to faults In the management of their children. On one occasion one of my sons-in-law all nit ordered me from the house IN hen I tried to tell them the proper manner In which to handle n rt'rtniri situation concerning one of tbr children. Please say n good word for us mothers whose hearts arc breaking eccmise they cnn't stand to see their children following the wrong road, when just n little cooperation en the pnrt of the younger genera- lion would be of such assistance. MRS I. H. Answer: One of the hardest facts fin oldsters to face is that while the! woys nnd methods of their generation were fine for them they lire nellthcr always expedient nor wise for their children. This is tho chief reason why it Is so hard to bridge the gap between generations, and for them to live harmoniously together. Think Back Think back a bit, Mrs. I. H. Were you decldcly willing to ac- icpt nil the suggestions given by your mother or mother-in-law? In fact, if you, or any of us, lived M,|rly on tho advice handed down by riders, where would the path nf progress lead? To a dead end, you may he sure. You had the pleasure of bringing up your child mi in the theories and methods best suited to you: don't you think they, In turn, are entitled to the same privilege? Sensible people will take the advice of their jl' riders — but with certain modifi-!"- cations. A great deal of It U good, lochlnvar „ __,-. j_.l ./ :i j__._-4 lit !_'_,.«-t'• tVH -"" lv<J *' io& wltt you, Ttt*f* i* tw wrong «flrt tfsfo tecling at All, and mfjfiy fine later-life marriages hi»ve resulted from It. Trouble will come only if you demand too much of him. It is not too often that a [woman In middle life hns n chance 5 jwmg| to matry a tmc man. Be grateful nml dnt) ., PX . to be a gay; ftte. a great deal of it doesn't fit In with modern living. The principles of right living go on unchanged, and if you imparted them to your children, they will impart them to your grandchlld- icn. Questions regarding the mode of living, however, have and will continue to change from generation tr generation. Just as in your you- Ih there worn no rules concerning the etiquette of television, and In your grandmother's day there were no automobiles or movies to bring up arguments, so in today's home the problems, and many others ailse that can best be handled b/ the generation that evoked them. Suggestions may be made, of course, and are welcome in accordance with the manner in which they are given. Out-and-out criticism of your daughter's house keeping, child-rearing nnd home management are bound to result !n discord. Instead of letting your heart break because you aren't al lowed to have a finger in their household pie, be grateful that the yiars have brought in the privilege of ignoring the irksome details of life, and enjoy the freedom time has given. Dear Miss DIx: My first husband: left me and my child and married j another woman. In desperation, J rtmarried. but now regret it. Our property is community property and will have to bo divided If I obtain a divorce. After aU the work I have done to buy our homo J hate to give up so much of it. What can I do? DISILLUSIONED Top Radio Programs Answer:- First, consult a lawyer to make sure of your legal status. K it is as you assume,- you must make your choice between -remain ing the Wife of a man you don't HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Main A Country Club rd. Sotur4oy - Double Feature "LION AND THE HORSE" Plus "GHOST CHASERS" Sunday - Monday "Queen for a Day" THOSE SITUATIONS WHEPE THE 6UY VARNISHES HIMS tNfO A CORNEf? , A ITS PROBABLY THE C OPPOPTUNITY OF A. Michigan Mode Dear Miss Dix: We are a middle aged couple, both widowed. My friend is a fine man in every way and, though he has asked me to marry him, he hasn't said he loves me. He gave me a nice ring and has a fine home waiting for me. However, another thing that troubles me is that his first wife's picture is. in the living room and I don't know whether he will remove it when we are married or not. . c. C. Answer: Pleaso don't lose sight of the fact that your fiance was probably very devoted to his wife nnd married to her for many >ears. Even a second marriage will not put her completely out of his life and thoughts. You cannot expect him to bring to a second marriage tho same ardor lie had NEW YORK night: Listening to- ' in tho fl ' lst H is quite NI1C — 7 Jane Ace Recordings 8:110 Grand Olt> Opry 0::tO Duke of Paduccah. ('US — 0:30 Gun Smoke Western 7 Cone Autry Story It Busters "Housewife Hostage." ABC 0:30 Dinner Music 7 Dance Party Two Hours !) Music Variety MRS Hour. 7 Twenty Questions 7-:») Theater of Air "Mill on the Floss" (1:30 I.nmhnrdn Music. never belonged to tho Communist Pr.rty." However, Wright said Chap Hn would "cooperate fully" in any inquiry. Wright said that Chaplin hod to make a tour of Europe possible that he is marrying you more for companionship than because he is deeply in You'll Enjoy Eating at 1 DRAKE S CAFE (Formerly Unique Cafe) Bring the whole family and enjoy this special SUNDAY DINNER Choice of: SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN BAKED CHICKEN & DRESSING SHORT RIBS OF BEEF Choice of Three Vegetables Salad —:— Dessert Coffee or Tea $1.25 Good food served the way you like it. — HORIZONTAL VERTICAL and the Orient prior to returning cloiiiT.il four yours nyo by tho Im-lto the United States before his re- Personal Mention Mrs, S. K. I,oo ot Route 1, niov Ins, who. full and broke her nhnuld- or Wednesday rvturnod to nor home Thursday niithl after n-oo- Ivlng treatment Ul n Little Hock H«r ouiulltlon no fair. wus ro- Births Mr, uiul Mrs. Robert Cavr Plot- chw of MiVei'sldis, Culif.. nnnounca tho ovrtvnl of n son, Jumu* migration nnd Justice dcpnrtmcnts "of imy subversive activltius" nnd "is Kiilltj 1 nf nothlnu." In n hosted statomcnt, Inwyor Loyd Wright Accused the nttorney Kenernl of "n chonp politicnl ttlok." "Chnplin will prove he has no subversive activities of any kind," Writiht said. "They looked into the Kltimtion four years ago nnd found HIM t;nilly nf nothing. He sniil tut eluded Cherry, the man who do icuUui him fur a third term nom- In u tlon. The governor said he deplored act ion of Democratic leaders and Democratic organizations of some other Southern states in refusing their support to the party's na tionnl ticket. Today's program was to include committee reports, election ol members of tho State Democratic Committee and presidential electors :iiid aiv address by Cherry who said he would speak briefly and "off the ctiff." on Spptemboi' IH. |{W3. The muttu'tiul HrnndimrontH «ro Mr. nnd Mrs. Ira Yucam «r Hope. end the pntornal jjrnndpuronts un- Mr. nnd Mrs. n. N. Fh-tclier of AHhlmul, Clubs M«lro« The Molrose Homo Demonstration Ctab met at Fqir Park for IU SejJtfrolHT nu'dhiQ Tuesday, September IB, nt 1:30. Mrs. Doyle Rogers jwv« tho devotional using Psttlm 33, Plans were made for the club booth at the Filr, Articles were collected to Ijw soUl.ut the Pair, U was vott'rt 8p chnngo the meet ing date to thi cthirtl . Perry Hfttt^y '»'«« thp sur parkaje. ¥ Alt auction sale \vft» h«>kl at tho clos? ul the rt»wtli>g. Th* next nveHini will b« »t tho home of Mrs. Doyle Roger*, Qrttn Uttttr Twolv* members ond three visitors wevti pieseut at the hum« of Mrs. Dillon Oru^gw KrWny. Sopl. }*th., when the (Jreen Laster Howe 0*n«»wW'»tlo»\ Club met for Uvfs regular monthly weetiivg. Aftttr ite* usual order of business was over and wme items ol >m- uciiance dl*caswd, the group en- jpyifd an »|teri«»<» of vUUU>g with Mr*. Oragoo wto will 09 leaving $oo/\ twr Ofcl»h0m» wbw-w slw will UU»k« her bonw, let crf»m Mnnlwtehes were serv *d to '" ni u 1 ^^ m»»titt« b » Vho entry permit expires next July. But he lidded that McGranery's or- :lcr would "hasten" the comedian's return. Legal Notice IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF HKMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS. DON JANELL TICK ....PLAINTIFF VS. NO. 7431 HERMAN C. TICE DEFENDANT WARNING ORDER The defendant, Herman C. Tice, is hereby warned to' appear in this Court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Don Janell Tice. WITNESS my hand as Clerk, ami tho seal of said Court, this 12 day of September, 1952. Omera Evans Cleric (SEAL) Weisenbei'gcr & Wilson, Attorneys for Plaintiff Claud V. Nunn, Jr., Attorney ad Litem Sept. 13, SO, 27, Oct. 4 THE SNACK SHOP We ore celebrating three (3) wonderful years in Hope — today. In appreciation of the wonderful business you have given us ... we say THANK YOU, and offer you our Anniversary Sunday Special DINNER V-8 Cocktail — Waldorf Salad ' ' Choice of ... ROAST YOUNG TURKEY Cornbread dressing, Giblet gravy ROAST LOIN OF PORK Brown gravy Choice of Two (2) Vegetables Mashed Sweet Potatoes Parsley Buttered Potatoes Fresh String Green Beans Whole Kernel Corn Cranberry Sauce Choice of Dessert Fruit Jell^O Chocolate Sundae and Vanilla Wafers Hot Cloverteaf Rolls $1.00 CHIUDS PUT i . . , . 60c Fovor$ for lh« Kiddies THANK YOU AG^IN MR, and MRS, MAC ANNOUNCING YOUR NEW TAPPAN DEALER WITH THIS SPECIAL OFFER FREE!! One PGG 72 Tappan Range To be Given Away Absolutely Free at our Booth at the Third District Livestock Show. Be sure and register—- Nothing to Buy. $80.00 FOR YOUR OLD RANGE On this Tgppan Bonus Offer Range, re«. price 269.95 Pres-Tol Broiler 10.00 Thermogrid 7.50 Serva Troys ' 7.50 Air Freshner 14.95 Torql $309.90 Less your old Range 80.00 All For Only... $229.90 TAPPAN THIRMOGRID 'is a greaieleu griddle. Heats quickly and •veoly. Lightweight. Has convenient heat indicator for better pancakes, hamburgers, grilled sandwiches and other griddle foods. TAPPAN SIRVA-TRAYf t«O of tbem! Serve M burner covers or M tafOMl Ways. Long a popular T»PP»n fe«tur», h»ck again in limited quantity. •>**•> MP MV «n* «»•»•* WP wii «^ MI- ' TAPPAN GAS RANGE (Model »KV-41) with ihiM ftalurti Mt-oll tv*i dwr to Mkt cltwiiig hsld* tvti • dull kit, N* «kf»m« liiul «vii hmi latitr, bolus bfttw Hiy-l*-(lM« imfUltii krtlltr •II b«ri«rt mt *v«i kttom tray nwrwtwd Itr Uf* •fntgt f • • tl«lrl( tluk wllfc 3V* VMT tlMr plvi JtiMi »l »Hi«r w«»lW ffftitftf TAPPAN AIR Plllf HIN'R instantly dispels til household odors, even tobacco smoke. Reduces hazard of infection from airborne bacteria. VAIUI OAYi ARI Nltl AOAIN! <« IMM «•< Ml* W*»1k« Visit our Booth ond Register. Home Furnishing Co. 2T8 E. Second Street Phone 7^2181 t City in ' Michigan 6 Michigan has a large —— crop '11 Ransom 13 Traps 14 Small space 15 Indian poles ,«* 16 Extinct bird 1 17 Citrus fruit V 19 Take legal proceedings .. against 20 Feminine appellation 22 Point 23 Steamers (ab.) 24 Dispatcher 26 Pairs 27 Drone bee § 28 Female deer 29 Abstract being 30 High note in Guide's scale 31 Narrow inlets 33 Declared 36 'Keystone State" founder 37 Mongrel 38 Slender 40 Adjutant $ general's department (ab.) 41 Populace 43 River in England 44 Attacked 46 Inserts 48 "Lily Maid of . I Astolat" 49 Pesters • 60 Tears ( ^. 61 Ledger item CARNIVAL 1 Bodily . structure 2 Dormice 3 Form a notion 4 New (comb, form) 5 Relate o 6 Presently 7 Light touch 8 Magician's command 9 Arboreal mammals 10 Worms 12 Greeters 13 Cease 18 Russian community Antwtr to Previous oloTuTgl 23 Perspires 25 Puts on 26 Weight of India 28 Michigan's automobile center 31 Sumptuous repast 21 Pertaining to 32 Native the Andes American 33 Total 34 Of greatest age 35 One who diets 36 Peeler 37 Surrender >' 39 Disorderly 4 41 Low haunts 42 Dirk 45 Accomplished 47 Bushmen H 30 T 8 10 ' By Dick Turner y T. M. R«g U. S P*\ Oil. upf. 19!.? by MTA So.up. li 'Speaking of values, ma'am, for such a small piece of meat, ' ain't you giving me an^ awfully big piece of yjour mind?" By Galbraith ._„ people don't «*«m to t»k* *n interest in th«ir.' i« nowaday*—that new man doesn't even smile *t ,- i - * f% L ,„ , * u»* .** .«f fctff T t OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willlami HE <3ETS UP TO &O TD SCHOOL EVERY MORWII WHY IS IT WHEM WE PLAW TO GO FISHIWSOM SATURDAY WE HAVE TO DRESS HIM AND PRV HIM OUT OF BEP? iAUSe THI£5 IS HIS ..,^_ ^,, OFF/ SHE HAS TO GO THRU THIS EVERY SCHOOL. DAY AND SHE'S PCOaABLY THANJVCINc3 US Rl^MT ktom/ KX. TAKINGTotitR THE SAtueCAY SHIFT.' OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Heople E6AD,3AKE.' YOU PROLOMGEO >' MOST 11^- '•• OPPORTUMELY/-^- X'LL LlTTt-e TlN\5 TO FRITTER AWAY tHE ONLY e^TERTAlMMeNiT YOO EM6R Sl^JC A\E WA-S- A TP7IP TO THE -ZOO, AM' VOL) KED OLD Tf?flM6FER TH& COMDOCTOR THAT TIME/-*- BUT RUM THAT KEEL OVeft ASAIK) SLOW) -*. I MUST HA\Je i .> ~- TI-'UJ PROBABLY KfOO\M I'M INI /vW EARs --YOU'RE: M O* FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger PLASTIC FIAJ6ER-POINTIA<S /'You wear them in your sleeves to keep from &^ jingci- cramps while making political FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosser TE> DO WITH A WHICKLE CONTAMINATErne PORCH/ ITS UTTERLY 6HA5TIY MACKMAJL'/ ' m '"A^As. S"'' jrTjRjT. i^yL.,-, s^'ci^fe, fJ ^*t* ! t ?* It *... 'S-iOUr< ^Jasi.iSl'Esr.I.e " '•'I';????** VIC FLINT NOgOPVd 60IMS TO fXWMtf waw»6firr»— ~ — ' PB eocp, ceiu. FINISHMXJ THB WAV I Dip By Michael O'Mallcy and <>.'*; WASH TUBBS COMB WITH TWIvr DOUGH, Vc?U \ GLAP ^$TV UTTLE PUMK1...WB GOTTA SCRAAW SLAUGHTER PAU GET IM WHILE ^ r-HEESWK DIDN'T GET A HOLD OPF THIS flwfj BiHtflOOP LOOK /GRTlMiWOl THB CWBP WILL 1 AND' 666 VOul/CHIBP BOOTS AND HER BUDDIE'S OWt ' ABOOT f. »:A^ VOti v\\'. . '•mi *• I- '•..''•'il!*«.'i By Edgar Mar BUGS BUNNY OKAV, LINE UP PER 6>CRIAAMAGE... HE-Y/ WAIT A MINUTE / GET Uf/ VER T' SE PR/».CTICIN' LIKE TH 1 OF ALLEY OOP IT DOESN'T MATTER TO / ME? TO HECK ME HOW THIS CARPET/ WITH THAT/ IT'S GET6 BACK TO THE I NOTHIN 1 TO ME GENIE, A3 LONG A3 \ IF HE GETS we GETS IT; IF IT HAS\ IT BACK TO ee TAKEN TO HIM, ( OR NOT/ AtL RIGHT, BE ON YOUR WAY; -Ti: WHY SHOULD I KNOCK MVBELP OUT OVER SOME SPOOK'GMOTH- EATEN OL' V, Ti T vou WANT Mt/r ' CHRIS WELKIN, Plonoreer . A ween. TO \CKAFT 7HI6 j Vr f rf CfKS^ ^^l| feasrua 9-90 HINRY

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