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The Bee from Danville, Virginia • 1

The Beei
Danville, Virginia
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WEATHER ORECAST: Virginia and Carolina: Rain Probably Heavy Tonigm ano Wednesday Mernlng Cooler Tonight Northeast or East Gales Tonight Probably Shifting to Westerly Wednesday Morning Diminishing Wednesday i Danville Will Have More Than 18000 40000 POPULATION DANVILLE PAPERS Thru Annexation PRICE TWO CENTS (HOME EDITIONS TOWNS ALONG LOCAL POLICE NAB 2 HOLD UP MEN COAST ARE ISOLATED 1000 333 campaign tour of lor the weather bu in 24 hours and AID TONIGHT do away with a quick corrobora towers at Jupiter 100 according the mile gale over Dr Edmunds Buys Heiman Home and Changes His Plans Dealt Destructive Blow 0 on the a which Hardest Hit By Hurricane 0 reported Wind Delays Hop to Rome the greater rumber of deaths was agencies Twenty doctors and nurses 1 ft train while by the section vice presidential candl the Red Cross today from The fol the the was the supplies outside without the farm last July Clark said North cott's plan was to add their four sons to his list of alleged murder victims Mrs James Bell wife of a Re dondo Beach Cal Brigadier General of the Salvation Army told the of sald organized 18 to ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE INTERXATIOXAL NEWS LEASED WIRE 626 KNOWN DEAD The icai hurrl it was es 1300 per indlcated that to a message re The weather bu reau station was destroyed in a The government docs not have a barometer here which gives warning of changes of weather The ther mometer is no index but pressure Breakers 40 feet high swept Palm Beach the message said which originated In the leston this morning 'causing the tides to flood lower sections of the city the Western Union wire chief there advised at 9:30 a the local Western Union reported The report said that the water was flowing into the streets of the lower sections of the city and chat a high wind prevailed NEW YORK Sep known dead of the trop cane today stood at 626 tlmated that more than sons had perished the bureau (Special to The Bee) NEW YORK Sept Just had dinner tonight with Thomas Edison Henry ord and Harvey irestone and their wives Say they are the ones you want to meet these three famous men we know all about them but you ought to meet the wives that made them famous No frills no put on just three lovely whole some family folks Talked chil dren and grandchildren all eve ning And say Thomas A pulled a good one as you all know he Is very deaf he walked over to the window overlooking Broad way and says to us: "Broadway seems as I think he was looking at It to see If his lights were working Yours WILL winds not of tlonlt was said centered oft the headed northeast ports received by reau This telephoned picture shows Gordon Stewart Northcott (right) 15 ycar old Riverside Cal youth whom his own father paints as with thick hair all over hit body Inset Sanford Clark grandson of elder Northcott who Is accused with Gordon cf murder of four Calfornla boys Kiapn BL4C I CUJKilCU as A check of records show been seen in Vancouver iubv ed that the license number of Sunday HOOVER MAKES pair wanted CHARLESTON LOODED RALEIGH Sept (INS) The lorida hurricane struck Char OLD ORCHARD Maine Sept yp) Unfavorable wind delayed the proposed start for Italy thia morn ing of the Ballanca monoplane Roma Roger Wllllami chief pilot said the take off would be made late this afternoon If wind conditions chang ed DAMAGE WORST THAN IN 1926 WASHINGTON Sept Damage caused by the hurricane in lorida believed to exceed that which occurred In the storm of Senator Robinson of Arkansas democratic date wired Titusville He is on Ida told officials at Lake Worth The town has a normal population of 500 They said that waters of the lake had flowed into the town Accompanied by Dr Tlerson and nurses Dixon and Meeker left Lake Worth last night for Bell Glade with a first aid unit and other medical supplies rom Miami Combs and Spach went to Hollywood where they joined the Hollywood American Le gion post commander The party piloting four light automobile trucks started Immediately for Belle Glade to care for the dead and Injured Another rescue party was made up at the gulf stream pt Lake Worth ana prepared to go also to the scene rom Pahokee on the eastern shore of Lake Okeechobee some dis tance north of Belle Glade came re ports that some persons had drown (Please turn to page 3 col2) ATLANTA United States weather bureau here this mornlnz tropical storm which came out of West Indies with terrific force passing northeastward along Georgia coast JACKSONVILLE la Sept OP) Levlng behind it 38 known fatali ties Injuries to several hundred per sons and property damage as yet un estlmated the tropical hurricane which swept through lorida from out of the Caribbean lunged on ward toward Georgia and South Carolina today Its fury considerably abated Radio for the most part told the story a fragmentary one of the storm's passing and aa the messages and reports were pieced together It was indicated that the area adjacent to West Palm Beach where thctqrm entered the state probably suffered the most damage Inland however in the Lake Okee chobee section of southern lorida 1 reported There Captain Ruper jmlth found that at least 24 persons bad perished and ln xtnartuia Colonel Lowry' of the 116th ield Artillery at Tampa he requested that military aid be dispatched at once Two units of troops were sent to the area for emergency duty Most of the remaining 14 deaths were confined to the Palm Beaches and their suburbs where relief meas ures were under way today To facil itate organization the section woa under military rule Two relict trains one from Miami which escaped serious harm and the other from Daytona Beach were mov ing into the stricken area The Miami train carried extensive supplies and th" private car of Senator Joe Robinson democratic vice presiden tial nominee who halted his cam paign tour to lend his car to relief I were aboard tne Miami train wnue the train of 15 cars from the north (Situs turn to page 3 col 3) irst word of the robbery reached a Night Desk Lieutenant Richard Nos trandt shortly after midnight He was Informed In a telephone message by the Washington police that two men had and had ties robbed a store had stolen a car kidnaped a negro and chat word reached the Washington authorl that thA Kiisnprta hart naaiwd through Richmond and might be headed to Danville The car was de scribed as a Lincoln roadster The night relief was quickly noti fied to be on the alert but nothing was seen of the suspected thieves un til about seven this morning Traffic Officer Belton is be lleved to have given the first direct word of the approach of the car to the city He was going off duty when he saw a car resembling that stolen coming down Main street He reach ed a telephone quickly called police headquarters and notified Patrolman Ben Heffinger who hastened to Main street and called Officer Tallev 4 who was In a restaurnt drinking a cup of coffee As the officers emerg ed from the restaurant they Imme diately recognized the Lincoln road ster with Its numeral 2935" caught In the traffic zone opposite the American National Bank between an Ice truck and another car The two officers with Patrolman John Clark who also hastened up leaped to the running board with their guns and bade the driver of the car to wheel Into South Union street and on to police headquarters for question ing The two men in the car were ap parently taken by surprise They were asked where they were going but are reported to have had a blank look and to have asked the police Is this Danville?" As the machine was driv en down Union street one of the two men said "I know what you our suitcases were removed from the car and the two young men well dressed and of good appearance were taken Into an office and were ques tioned by Police Lieutenant 1 Haraway He reported today that in a very few moments the two men made a full confession (Please Turn to Page 3 Column S) crops were also needed he Citizens of Porto Rico a committee headed by Chief Justice Emeli Del Toro to draft whatever aid was thought essential Justice Del Toro announced that If the civil au thorities proved Inadequate to cope with the situation Governor Horace Towner as coqimander in chief of bqth the United States army forces and the national guard in the Island would be asked to press these men into service for the work Local relief funds were placed st the disposal of the citizens commu te An outline of relief methods was drawn up so that ns soon as and food arrived from the they might be distributed delay Other cities and towns they had relief measures for their immediate vicinities well under way already The island was almost complete deprived of two crops which normal ly provide Income during the season" the period betweeen sugar crops Both the coffee and citrus fruit crop which would have pro vided 15000000 income largely dur ing the next four months were or dinarily wiped out Some coffee may be saved These classes will entail long hard ship for the poor rural population armers however may find some re lief in public reconstruction ork which in the towns will provide erounH Material changes In the plans by Dr Edmunds to build a modern fireproof $75000 hospital were an nounced today with the statement that Dr Edmunds has acquired the West Main street home of Herman and the decision to utilize this prop erty and that of the present nurse home for the new building Under the provisions of the purchase Dr Edmunds acquires all told a frontage on West Main street almost opposite his hospital of one hundred feet and a depth of four hundred feet or suf ficient room to develop a four story building with more room than would have been the case on the opposite side of the street As recently noted Dr Edmunds bought the Moorefield property ad joining the Edmunds Hospital annex at the corner of West End Avenue proposing to tear down the annexe and to build the new hospital on the corner lot The opportunity however to ac quire additional property across tne street next to the present Nurse's Home already owned by Dr Edmunds came and was seized This is consid ered to offer a more desirable site for a hospital and obviates entirely the tearing down of the annexe leaving the present hospital the opportunity to function without being disturbed by building operations next door ITie Merman num the ownership of Dr November 1st No time will be lost in clearing the site for the new building but the plans for the new hospital which had been drawn with a view to placing it' across the street will have to be materially altered in view of the new location LOS Nfutt ES 18 (IP) Aft i automobile as jotted down by Mr er more than three days spent in Bell was the same as Young North checking 15 year Sanford cott's account of the torture and murder of! "Meanwhile city chemist Rex Walsh four boys byhls uncle Gordon Stuart emerged from his laboratory to afl i Terlat flAMnc that hlnnd fAiinri nn an avaJ known estimated i 300 6 3 235 13 6 38 253 MIAMI la Sept 18 (IP) Reports that trickled In from the Lake Okee chobee area today told of death and Buttering wnicn was wrought tropical storm which hit that Sunday At Belle Glade settlement southeastern shore of Lake Okeecho bee twenty residents were reported dead most of them from drowning in the flood waters of the lake Word of the loss of life was brought to re lief headquarters at Lake Worth by Homer Dixon and Meeker members of a relief expedition One man was known to have been killed at' Okeechobee and it Is fearea that others lost their lives Meagre reports reaching Miami last night indicated that the waters of the lake had been raised high above nor mal level by the storm Injured persons at Bell Glade pum bered at least 30 Dixon and Meeker South Carolina is cut off torm that Carnes Reported Seen In Brevard Section of BREVARD Sept McGaha former sheriff of Transylvania county is sure that he saw Clinton Carnes missing treas user of the Southern Baptist Mis sions Board for whom a nation wide search Is being conducted on the head highway about five miles from here Sunday afternoon Carnes was headed towards Green ville McGaha said No one In this section has reported as' having seen the man believed to have been Carnes since that time PASSING COAST Sept (TP The They gave their names as Walton of Memphis Tennes see and William Jackson Carter of the same city both appear ing to be about 25 years of age Rogers inds Big Men Work of Good IVioes Thousands Reported Hungry and Without Means of Support Toll Mounts and urther Reports Are Received Eighty Per Cent of Homes Wrecked or Damaged A lief Work is Under Way SAN JUAN Porto Rico Sept (TP Despite the Insistence of citizens that martial law affords the quickest and most effective means for allevlat lg distress and inaugurating proper sanitary measures to overcome the effects of last weeks hurricane Gov ernor Horace Towner ad vised Washington that he did not believe the situation called for so drastic a measure SAN JUAN Porto Rico Sept (A) In the face of a steadily mount ing death toll Porto Rico labored to day to care for 700000 persons left homeless by the tropical hurricane until help could come from the out side Half of these homeless were estimated to be hungry and without visible means of support The toll of known dead Jumped from 203 to 300 when advices came from three towns which had bee? isolated These were Comerlo wl 29 dead Coamo 0 dead and Barran quitas 9 Doctors and those famil iar with conditions estimated that the total deaths would be more than 1000 Poor country folk were endeavoring to patch together their damaged homes using stones for hammers and bent nails drawn from the wreckage Il is estimated that 80 per cent of the homes in the rural districts had been damaged Beans corn and polk toe tai QlsuUng quick SWEEPING UP COAST ATLANTA Sept The At lanta weather bureau at 8 o'clock I central standard time today said that the tropical hurricane which swept cut the West Indies last Thursday STORM WARNING ISSUED WASHINGTON Sept weather bureau today Issued the lowing storm warning: "Advisory: Tropical storm central 8 A near Savannah moving north eastward Northeast storm warnings ordered north of Virginia capes to Boston and warnings changed to northwest Jacksonville to Charles ton" The Bee was informed early this afternoon from Washington that two District of Columbia police detectives left Washington this morning to take into custody the two men arrested here for the Washington robbery They were due to arrive here at six o'clock Quick work by four Danville policemen at 7:10 this morning brought about the arrest of two young white men who throughout last night had the Washington police in a high state of activity and who were badly wanted there today The two men were caught by chance and within ten minutes they are alleged to have made a confession to gun play in the national capital two robberies the chloroforming of one man and the kidnaping of another ALARM ELT HERE OVER WILD REPORT COMING STORM IS NOT JUSTIIED OUNDED EBRUARY 1899 NO 10206 nA VVHTTK VA TUESDAY ATERNOON SEPTEMBER 18 1928 HURRICANE REACHES ON NORTHWARD SWEEP 4 Leader See Vic tory as Result of Nomi nees Newark Speech A feeling of community alarm ap parently shared without any real 1 cause spread through DanvLtfe late i this morning It had become dis semiliarlazed by word of mouth and by telephone that "the hurricane would strike Danville at four No such warning was received by The Bee over Its leased wires which chronicled the upward sweep of the tropical disturbance likely to be ac companied by squally winds and a violent rain There was no pointed warning of danger In the Piedmont district The reports were that tne Postal Telegraph Company had received spe cific warning aijout a hurricane np proaching Virginia The manager told The Bee that he had received notice that hurricane conditions might be expected over the whole Atlantic seaboard and that high winds might be expetted to prevail inland Press dispatches received by The Bee Indicate that the hurricane would probably pass out to sea before It hit Virginia The Bee was besieged by anxious telephone callers during the late morning Among them was Tfln clpal Riddick of the High School who wanted to know if the reports was true In order that puptls might be dis missed earlier If there was any clanger Many women called and several men reported that the wind was sufficient ly violent on Main street to make walking difficult st times I was apparently centering this morn ing along the Atlantic Coast Line be tween Savannah Ga and Charleston South Carolina Eleven inches of rain has raiien in Savannah in the last twenty fom hours the bureau said and the ba rometer which had been falling there steadily since last night was at 2892 a drop of ten points in two hours The storm the bureau said appar ently was straddling the coast line and because of wire communications it was Impossible to forecast Its di rection other than generally north eastward The bureau reported a forty eight mile wind at Savannah The bureau said that the storm ap parently had diminished greatly hi intensity throughout last night The bureau's reports which were far from complete tended to show that the storm was headed toward Hatteras with the possibility of a eitannc in rniirsp high pressure obstacles It might meet i Tracing the progress of the dls i turbance Caribbean last Thursday as a "very dangerous hurricane (Please Turn to Page 3 Col 3) COAST ISOLATED CHARLOTTE Sent The coast from Charleston to the Georgia borilei to iat iro meommunication by wire as a result of a Giv swept up the south Atlantic coast last nieht The last word received from Char leston was shortly after three o'clock this morning when a report was re ceived here that the wind was blow ing fifty miles an hour and kicking up a tremendous sea The coait guard at Charleston was prepared to go to the assistance of vessels at sea and several ships had taken refuge In the Cooper and Ashley rivers Telephone and telegraph companies ithis morning reported all wires out Charleston Beaufort Georgetown and Parris Island The Wetsern Union Telegraph com pany at 8:50 this morning re ported that they had recovered one circuit Into Charleston but that no definite reports of any damage had been received It was said that the only reports that they had at that time were of damage to their wires They reported several other South Carolina points cut off and that all wires were down to Savannah Ga areas arc given In advance through the fluid barometer or what is gen erally regarded as the more accurate I the aneroid barometer i The Galeakl Company has one It registered 29 at one o'clock but while this was unusually low It whs said that It had never been calibrated for this sea level The barometer waa down to 29 at Mbiml just efore the storm struck Miles Maloney who was asked to observe the barometer said that It fell one degree within two hours and was still dropping The High school barometer 'aid to be accurately set for this section stood at 75 in marked contrast with the othel' but the indicator wus mov ing from fair weather to ram and pointed nt "change" Hurricanes and tropical storms me something of a novelty in tins sec tion The last two heavy storms which have passed inland across lorida have had their effect on file weather Imre snd this afternoon the wind lashed ruin brought reminders of the heavy downpour of three weeks ago The Summer Just passed has been qnteworthy for Its absence of "old fashioned" thunderstorms and by the new visitation of high wind usually observed only on the coast I The hurricane Is not cyclonic in Its 1UUI UVJO WJl X41X3 UHViC Northcott 21 on Northcott's Isolat ed Riverside Cal farm authorities today frankly admitted they were unable to strike a balance between the contradictory evidence thus fat uncovered i While spades of officers probed the three acre farm uncovering evidence which alternately tended to support and disprove Clark's story the lad piled on the already heavy load of ac cusations agaJnst his uncle the ac count of a plot to whole family This stoiy gained tlon Young Clark told Porto Rico (U S) St Croix (U S) Martinique (rench Guadeloupe (rench Nevis (British) St Kitts (British) lorida Monserat (British STORM TO TURN EAST RALEIGH Sept Unless the West Indian hurricane de viates from Its present couree the center of the disturbance will not strike North Carolina Lee A Denson meteorlogist in charge of the local weather bureau said today The edge of the storm will prob ably hit the coast causing heavy Hurricane proper i The storm now Georgia coast is according to re the weather bu 5 PLEDGES TO in Washington WORKING OLK for robberies CONLICTING EVIDENCE IN 1 ARM CAM KEEPS AUTHORITIES BUSY 0 7 OMAHA Sept 18 (Pl Bearing an appeal to farm voters of the mid dle west Governor Smith arrived In Omaha today and found little want ing In the way of a reception To night he will deliver a speech on 2 I farm relief the first formal address In his presidential campaign since the notification August 22 at Albany would take Clark with them today in an attempt to Ind the cabin The Los Angeles police said they had told Riverside officers tliey must take Cyrus Northcott father of the suspected youth or he would be released He has been held here as a material witness The elder Northcott described his son as an "ape declared he Mad known that Gordon was abnor mal In his emotions He said the youth was arrested three years ago on statutory charges Involving a 12 year old boy but was released after a reprimand The mother Mrs Louise Northcott and son are believed to be hiding In Canada They were reported to have Caring for 700000 Homeless Persons in Porto Rico Problem HURRICANE BRIES Young Clark told the officers that Northhcott last summer planned to kill a man named Dahl and his wife a KEV WEST la Sent 1R ana succeeaea in lurnig uirui one ol tne raalo la was wrecked by the hurricane bunaay accoraing celved here today fleers that young Northcott came to! have been taken Detectives said they XJ HUh 4 Vtetvi tnrtav In her husband and giving nis name aa Gray asked the name of a family with several children preferably boys who would work on a farm Dahl's name was given Northcott she said and he made an appointment for the family to come to the ranch that night The Dahls told tne salvation Army officers that they kept the appoint ment but were asked to wait a few minutes on the front porch of the Northcott house They waited lor two hours while subdued voices were heard In argument In the rear of the house then became frightened and left When Mrs Bell saw Young Ndrth photograph she recognized him RADIO TOWER WRECKED West Palm Beach Section Gale Roars on Northward Toward Virginia Capes Diminishing In orce as it Travels Georgia and Carolina Coast Cities Suffer Property Damage Reports Trickling in from Devastated lorida Sections Tells of More Casualties and Desolation Left in Wake CHARLOTTE Sept 18 (AP) Sweeping up the south Atlantic coast preceded by heavy rains and bringing winds of fifty miles or more the tropical hurricane that swept over lori da and Georgia yesterday and last night today was central over North Carolina at or near Charleston The storm was reported by th" weather bureau aLRaleigh as expected to reach the eastern North Carolina coast this after noon or tonight The coast from Charleston to Savannah was cut off from all outside communication except for one wire into Charleston over which little information was available The Western Union Telegraph company said that the only report they had as to damage to their wires Savannah Georgetown Beaufort Par ris Island and other coastal points were cut off Heavy rains were general over the Carolinas today Charleston had 718 inches of rain in 24 hours and 298 inches fell at Columbia Wilmington which reported last night that a squall had frightened residents at Wrightesville Beach re ported 172 inches of rain and a heavy downpour A total of 195 inches had fallen in Charlotte since 10 o'clock last night and one tenth of an inch at Raleigh The heaviest rainfall re ported was at Savannah where 1 1422 inches fell 48 MILE GALE BLOWS CHARLOTTE Sept (AP) The tropical hurricane was centered over Charleston C7 at 8 this morning witk k'ji'MnoW Modintt rifr Ow 9 apnnrriinff tri 1 Al LL a UaiVUiVtM reau here It is headed northeast Seven inches of rain had fallen at Charle to the wind was blowing 48 miles an'liour at that 0 Capture Made on Main Street Early Today Mn Charged With Two Hold Ups the Chloroform ing of One Man and the Kidnaping of An Narcotics round in Belong ings Make a ull Confession By HAROLD OLIVER GOVERNOR SMITH'S TRAIN EN ROUTE TO OMAHA Sept Having had his firot taste of presi dential campaigning by the hand shaking method Governor Smith to day entered the midwest corn belt to open his drive for the White House In a more formal manner with a speech tonight in Omaha on farm relief The address set for nine o'clock Central Standard Time In the audi torium will be the first formal poli tical speech the democratic presiden tial nominee has delivered since his notification nearly a month ago at Albany In It he announced he would treat the agricultural question more exhaustively than he did In his speech of acceptance and probably amplify his position on the surplus crop problem After a noisy celebration In his honor on the train yards of west side Chicago last night where several par ty leaders took the opportunity to re port bright prospects for him In Illi nois and Wisconsin In November Governor Smith listened In on one of the train's three radio sets put the finishing touches on a rough outline of his farm speech and retired The remainder of the journey to Omaha was through northern Illinois and the heart of Iowa Herbert Hoover's native state and one which Smith managers see little hope of carrying In the presidential contest A crowd which stayed up late to give the democratic nominee a wel come to Iowa routed him from bed after his train had crossed the Miss issippi and come to a halt before midnight at the station In Clinton the first stop after the suburbs 01 Chicago The two rear cars of the campaign special occupied by the governor ana incbc in hwh' party were dark Indicating that all had retired but cheers from the plat form and the sounding of automo bile horns brought a flushing on of lights In a minute or two Governor Smith was out on the rear platform and overcoat over his pajamas and his brown derbwy affording him pro tection from the chilly night air Ills appearance set tl crowd off on another wave of cheer os he leaned over to shake hands with number of persons who wished him luck Mrs Smith waved greetings from a car window CAPE GRIS NEZ rance Sept Th first windmill plane nss the English Channel landed at St Tnglcvert lying ield near here st 06 a in today It was piloted bl' Its Inventor de la Clerva The Plane hopped off from Croy don England at 10:05 for Parris and carried one passenger action according to those who have been through them Many have the impression that they involve the fun nel shaped cloud A hurricane Is a rlSMig wind steadily iiistained and usually tearing obstructing surfaces away Hv WILLIAM HUTCHINSON NEWARK Sept The re publican leadership of New Jersey Jubilantly predicted that Her bert Hoover has insured a November victory in this battleground state by his "bread and butter" speech here and his two day motor tour of Its principal northern cities The Jersey's was enthusi astic In Its praise of person al campaigning ana pitmcnu of Its effect upon the electorate Hoo ver meanwhile launched his second day of motoring through the state with a visit to the Newark munici pal airport preparatory to visiting Hudson Bergen and Passaic counties This afternoon after lunching here he will motor through Princeton and Elizabeth to Trenton where he boards his train for the return trip to Washington In his "bread and butter" speech Hoover made five pledges to organi zed labor: 1 continue republican pros perity "under the protective tariff I 2 To continue restricted Immi gration in order to safeguard the lUlCHian To curtail the use of injunc 1 tlons In disputes 4 To recognize labor's right to collective bargaining i 5 To Inaugurate a $1000000000 government construction proq am to eliminate seasonable unemployment i Senator Walter Edge declaredthis speech had won New Jersey to the republican ticket Morgan Lar son republican nominee for gover nor and Hamilton Keane republl turn to page 3 col 2) Al SMITH 10 bias i in ihh nounce tnat oiooa louna on an axej rn at the so called "murder farm" nrob WMS SB ably was that of an animal But three strands of hair adhering to the I axe blade were from a human head the chemist said Detectives making an examination of the Worthcott home found a bloodstained board and a hatchet the blade of which was ground to a razor like edge rom a laboratory where mlcrop scope and scientific Instruments are used In trailing crime Clark Sel lers crimlnoloaist emnloved bv River siae county aurnorines announce he had "vital bits of evidence cor roborating young Clark's Police doubts of story be gan to grow again however when he told them that at least fifty boys had been taken to or vlisted the North cott farm within tle last two yean and that Northcott owned a cabin in Mint Canyon North of Saugus Cal where some of the boys might Lake Okeechobee Section Sold Daily WHm SMB 7 A' fl".

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