Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 19, 1952 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 19, 1952
Page 14
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Jir?-- ftrr* J |p ^JjT^r^ /ilf, &,?(&,»; tf^WatfSf* 11 p^ ^jpfc'ty^ • r -• ' 1 HO PI STAR, HOP I, ARKANSAS rt«wv« ib* MfM *» 11, adwrdltnMmt «» lilcolfon and W «|»et bl* odvtriwlna »»*• Men o« teufit , will n*t In want to ow n^M OHl od on Ineorroct STAR jiff TWO dUhwnihcrB. Apply Manner Diamond Ca(t, • A-2fl-tf ISKD 9(1 iqiiora till roollnK. Phono ?<4N1 17-31 M Wt«l*J KArtV^ivTl, ll* mallsr el lltlT* *f Hi* ItffMM •» iflptlon Katti (porobU In «*• "ewdw in Hap* ond ..... ^'TZ 3,00 *mtMt*qd, Nevada, M(ll*f cam* ttw It antliM »«t- MU (w mHWllraihrn iwwi fflnttd In »Wl *»ll 01 oil A» nmon Wanted 180 He lu UUlittvea. For InUr wuuami, im l J?or«do, Ark J8.3 1*1, One Soddlt -i. r ordlow r«»»w*blB t>rlc«». Bun*, location 4 fnflt* north oft *rovlftl Offwnd ftotd. A. W. Dl6r«th, Phont 14m, 8'IM BA imv8l. oUy ir»v«), mnd, top loll, and mi dirt. Call Jtito 8i n . Btnlr, Phone 7-WW, S4.1M (KW honi* on North 8tr«et, Bli lot n*ar church »nd ncbool, Good locution, Ownsr Jwvlng towft. Hhono 7-Mtfl. 18-Ot ROOM MODKHN HOME! -~ Kx- tre rtlco, ntjlc f«n, venttlnn blind*, |«rait*, lun porch, 2 fine lot*, btttutlful ynrd, paved utraet, Located *t 200 llin.t 13th dtroet. Shown only by sppolnt- Cult 7-IMI, FLOYD PO«TKBPmf,0 A SON 10-Ot HKDROOM houio. Hardwood floor*. Carport. r»nc*d backyard Cloic to high ncliool, Phone 74810, 17-dt WltlTK fBC8 b*l(«r calf; I black And tun mole houndi. Dial 7-OOOt kittens Lose to De Queen by 13-6 Tolly Th« flohkllUn* of Jfop« tn*lr sratm at DeQucen )fl»l night W#re nbk» to »w<? only on« touch down nnd lo»i by n 13 io o »<-<,\i- Jfopp'a tolly e«m«? on a 30 yiml pass play to End Larry C»x who carried actons (he double *trlpi>H. Storting for Hope: End*, ihpj Co* »Miy«, r,«»ry and Henry; Jorryj Rnwirbarks Crawford and i*'-*"""* «u—...i ...' tackle; Chnrl.'s 25,000 to See Porks Open Season OVT OF DOORS ullh By CARL BELL MTTI.K HOCK ! hc-iivily wh«-n (Hid i and fllchdrd fitroud nt| A - ft M •'* Crawford find Jim-'"" lt "' l!)r>: in the minds the Arknnnnn O k 1 a hoirin kick the lid football scnuon In Wnr my Flnctwr nt guard*: Trnvl» Pur- tl#, eontitr; Hill linden, quarter. B»ckj Ha|fb»ek», st«vc Mnrlow, nnd Roy Mullini nod William Per. Kln« at FullDntk •y The Asi»elal«d Prsss NATIONAL UKAOUB w Drooklyn New Vork 01 IIH H4 BO L 54 ft7 01 (If) 73 Pel .828 Stadium hocf- tomorrow Wonttd ,VAIT«K»8., Experience not n«c< eauiefy, Apply in porion only, Snack Shop, 400 K Third. I04f Notkt ,l.L PERBONH intfrented n v xqunrc ilanoe lonnonH contnct Andy Andr«wrt 'fit 7-8301, N«w clitNrt b»'||lnn Octdher a, ID.VJ. 10-tf Homt Study Cours* in Rparti time, Uljilomn. Kit i?lnR«pN. Toxin furnltihiHl. WrJtft for free booklnt. Amortc»r» School. StOQA Alwbumn, Kort Smith, Arhnnna», S-li-lm HOOM furnl«h«a n|inrtin»r>t, l»rl vats bath, Kl^otrlo box, No child r«n. Mr*, judnon. 220 North Philadelphia Clti'cjtann.tl tH 82 .4.1(1 Bo»ion oa 1)2 .-KM 'Pltuburgh 41 108 .275 •(tflday's Scheduled .Brooklyn »l Uoston — Hoc (11-2) v« Surkonl H2-I2>. Nftxv York n( Philadelphia — (night) Mngllo (17-7) VH Simmon* U2-fl). St .,Louis nt Chicago — Miller (0-21 V* KllppKtcIn (H-13). Clnelnnttl at Pltuburiih — (night) Wehmeutr Ifltl) v« KrU-nd (fl-IUi. .Thursday's Results Nu «iimt-» Kchcdulcd. Mrrnorln MKht. Tlu- AflKles would Ilko to nton« for that 42-7 [>;i-:titi(t hnndcd thorn l,y Ai-k.trmis Stitlwutor lust )tnr. And the Kti/orbuck H(>nlor« -«llll tlilnk of tin.' runk uritloriloti (.'< wboy I'lcvcn that upset them. IZ-7, III-M- two yriii-H iin« to shut llu.'iti on tin 1 M'orxt Hrlil iwfmon In Ai-kiiiiflii-i history. Arkmifii* Is favored nKfiln thin time-, but .1 more c<-rtnin winner lift-ins to be tho p.iylnK fan iikrii n lot nf offc-iifli-. Though It's too i-inly In l hi- fall for ilium to fitfully pollnhcd, UK-SI- teams pofuu-ss plenty of uttm-kiiiK potential, no?' '""' Rw'bHckN 1 split T offense ,' w "\ will feulurn n blx, fust and experienced Imckflold ruled by many (if I ho finest In the SonthwcHl Conference. U:e Arknn.ins bnll-ml- AMERICAN UEAOUE Now York Cli vcbuid Phllmlclphln lliiHtoli VV (III (III 77 711 7-1 71 r><) -III Pet ,(i07 .511!) .527 .fi!7 .am .-ID? ..Till Elm, ao-tt 4 footn unfurnUhcd tipnrtmtmt. Unrdwood fldoru, Uullt'liiK. I'rlvftln bath and entrance. Close in. 90? 8hov«r St. Phono 7-4488. l»-tf ROOM houno, W »em pasture. Electricity, well water. U» in|)e« out. Phono 7-87M, 10-Ot FAHW, Good hind, 'good pasture. 9 room house on pnved highway. K«1U\'» ^ewolry. '- 17-31 ROOM fxirnUhud apartment. Private Iront and buck itntrancw. Couple or working (tt'U. DU1 ROOM turnUhed. opurirnvnt with b«U), 810 W. Oth, 8e« Volmu Qoo D»d'« Hamburger Stand, 17-31 FURN1$HftO 4 roonVhovue. Fenced buukyiud, \Ywt 7th Stroel. Good location, Bill* not paid. 7-0780, . 17-31 Hi. i,mii.i Detroit Frlday'i Schedule Dbli'OU lit Clisvelnnil — (night) Gray (12-1,1) v» Wynn (21-12). 1'hiladttlphlii til New York — mmht) Shnnu (2:i-7) v« Itum-hl (1(1-3). HoHton tit WuHhlntfton' — (nljjht) lUidson UO-11 ) v« Hniu'he/ U-l> lit 1 Fornli'U-d il<!(. Only grimo* seh«?rtul«l. Thursday's Rtsults • No mimes Amerk-a Candidiile Liimar the do-everylhiin; t|iiarterback who j cin-iu-d the AKKk-s' respect with anj Ill-yurd touchdown run nuain.sli theni last your — when h<; was! i. sophoincpt'e. Porker Quarterback Coach Tommy Thompson nays Mcllan, :i hi.ndxomit lOft-potind blond, is a better runner, better passer, better punier and better signal culler thun he was a yenr HKO. J'.ist (is xurious Ihri-iit.s are Half- brick .lack Troxell. the tonm's .speed boy, nnd w-r.4 --Ktiilhack Oun Club and Youngster* By WARREN PAGE Shooting Editor A fellow In my job Inevitably belong* to quite a list of Run club* As n normal professional activity, hp coniPd Into contact with many more. There Is one feeling all too common In men's shooting clubs -- tht-ir prejudice against young- sterg on the range. The reason for that prejudice u pure, short-sighted artult selfish- neHS. I recall holding n membership in u very active small town c-Hib. This outfit had all It needed by way of equipment, pistol ran- «es out to 50 yards with enough filing polntH to hold blK-tlme. iriat- clii.'*, practk-e rifle ranges lor big or Hinall bore firing out to 200 yards, and a very fine Indoor gallery *et up for tho winter months. Some forward looking character. i proposed that even though the by- who | | ;iws prohibited full membership to any male under IB the club .should start a program for the teo.n-ng«?r«. n scheme to train kids which henven knows most kids In ."life and skilled shooting habits, need. The scheme got » lot of loud vo- cnl support for a while and somo action; but eventually the old- timers found lhat teaching kids cut down their shooting lime, or '.hut the ranges wore in use by a squad of small boys when they wanted to sharpen up for the Sal- urdiiy niiihl match, or that some kid had, as healthy kids will, on- Kaj;ed In a slight ruckus behind the firing point just as Joe Ex perl was squeezing for n record score. The youngsters Rot the heavcho. Now the club membership is Cool Canadian Air Spreads By The Associated Press Cool Canadian air ended n spell of mild weather over wide areas o! the country today. But It con- ,tir.ued warm over Southern and Western states And along the Atlantic Coast.' The cool air extended from the northern and central Great Plains to the Great Lakes region and the lower Ohio Valley. Temperatures dropped Into the 30's In Midwest aieis early today. Shower and thunderstorms were reported in advance of the cooler weather from New York state to Tennes Fee. Rain felt in parts of Montana but skies were mostly clear In other areas from the Mississippi Valley to the Pacific Coast. A record high reading of 100 was reported yesterday at Medford Ore. It was 99 in Oklahoma City ffidoy. Sgpfemb»r 19,. 1952 Lebanon Is Taken Over byArmyHea4 shrinking yearly, and they've still got Hie mortgage to pay off. II hikes time and energy to Irain Wake Residents Housed in Tents HONOLULU -«* — Some 200 es young shooters, ;i certain amount! sential workers, housed in tents, littered junior filling holes created two power run- 1 by uradunliori losses, Coach Otis Lewis Carpenter I IXuiKlas just hopes the Porker do Arbe Fights Last Night By The Associated Pros* NEWARK, N. J. — Archie Me- Bride, IBOty, Trenton, N. J, out- . , iwlntt'd Jimmy Walker, 100. Plnm.jfi'nsc to bo considerably Imprtvod. fluid N, J. 10. I With two sophomores and a non- Hulfbiick Huddy Sulton. offensive line will manned by lettermcn at every pi>; Illoti except ei'iitci- iind |-|/.',ht end, On the othiT hand, A. & M. has the offensive versatility to keep thr Itli/.iirback.M' tif.lit , r )-l-2 defense 1111 11.<i tin's. The A|!/;ii.-.s will strike from both the T iind the pas-;- Liin.sclou.i .spread formation. IJi>! men in tin- Cowboy attack iil'i' Qu.-irtcrbiick.s Dili Itridde and Uon Ilabers, crack passer v.lui completed l'.!l tusses in 10,11. A pair of veteran runners, Clunne Junes and ttonnlo Beiinotl, mnn tho halfback slots, with K liner Stout. :i transfer who foi-merly starred for Army, al fullback. A. & M.'s line, which will nyitch the Ha/orbacks almost pouncf fur pound, is nuiUo lip 'of four letter men and three newcomers. Largely because of Stout, a great linebacker, Angle Coach J. 15. (Enrsi Whitwurth expects his de- s Kood as it was last Manager f el iso i season. Stadium Manager Allnn Berry predicted a crowd of 2">,()()0 for the clash. Thai still is 10,000 short of capacity at War Memorial Stadium Until the A|!|!ies and tho Ra/or- bncks were to check Into Little Hock today for workouts al the stadium tonight. Tomorrow night's kickoff will be at II p. m. The game will be broadcast by 'X~( stations of trie University of Arkansas Sports Network, pins stations at Oklahoma City r.nd Tulsa. Probable offensive lineups: Okla. A & M Wclgle I.IC. Reigler LT, Melnev I.O, Dry C, Warren HG, Kendall ItT. La Him RE, Bredde QB, Ben r.iilt LH, Jones HH, Stout FB. Arkansas Uognrd LE, Garlington LT, Marshall I.C. Wntklns C. Dumas HG, Graves RT, Perry RE, McHnn QB, Troxell LU, Sutton Rll, Carpenter FB. of devotion to the job that pays off only on a long term basis. A selfish concern with personal convenience, on the other hand, means no young shooters coming up, or coming up despite inattention, and eventually the onset of slow dry rot in the local club. .Jn very sharp contrast the shooting guys in some sections have the right Idea. Up in Connecticut, for example, at the big state small bore gallery championships which annually attract over a thousand competitors, many of them top> flight, they have regularly scheduled events for juniors and sub- juniors for which a small mob of teen agors register. Where do they all come from? The local clubs — not necessarily the school sponsored or American Legion sponsored clubs, for example, but from the small town Continued f^om Page Two s. — Y /s riu ^ r.isu UNFUHNISWtD room*, CJo<« In m W, Division. , Phone, ROOM houmi. KI«ctrleUy, vun< nip* water and «a». 3 milvi out on old 87, Phone tmtW7. 18-31 R«ol Ettafrt for Salt . JWQ ACRJS »tock tarm ftu« ml- dent, Electricity, giu. fine barn »nd }«aflnt hou«f with el«otrkt> ty, All fencwd And cross tonwi. Fine woter, tt mi|«« from Hope, Ark., On highway, — School bus and Rural Kout«. White n«tihuor ho«J. Will |lv« iw**«MtQtt. 400 ACRfi itock ttmn. Tbfw food h»U*«t pud uftnu, A oloctricUy. jf<U, wring wat«r. 30tt *cr*« OP,«n. MM Minb*r «U ttnc*& < l» 1004. U mUss^rom Hog*. FLOYD 4. SON DVK OPENED the door to them. "Nwicel" 8h« lick! out bath hkhdt In « pretty gesture of wcl- cime, then glRiiood at Uolph. Tho bright tmllo boc&nio tlxcd. But only for K moment, Sho turned KmVflly to Nonce und w«lted tor Ui« tntroduotion. ' It WM revelatory, THcr« wera tM*gt in Bvo'i p<i«( »A« \eaa fVct-p- lN0 q\tittl Wlittovor eli« U was, thU waa not w> lioncat marriage. N&noo felt a «urf0 of ptty Cor Jcro- my, She h»dn't known ihe would b« »orry (or him, wtd tho emotion, crowding out everything clae na lie got up w»d c*une townrda them, helped lv»r through the ailtlcult mectiag. •y«remy, thla la Rolph HUU»rd," Th« men shook h«nda, "VoU'r* lookint well," Jeremy »«ld to NWXJC. "Vou, loo," The polite amenlttea. Jeremy tfMn't look well. He looked too ftttely dotwn. and a nerve ticked M hl» temple. And I. Nance thoufht. h%vo lo*t ttve pound* by Kit'r bwhroom aoalea thla morn Football U, M Cram Bt«te Cwtral OkJahoma Wk Ar 13 A * M M. LlttU CoU««e I. l; g^jjPS^^y^y^^P^^^^^ ^&**^*J[ TON W- Pr*«W«nt lnt> TN ailly things you aatd to brldft dlMomrortt But,K\'e loohed wonderful. Her h*ir WM • flowy cap, her eye* brllilunt, and the had on a long black droaa, «traple«» to »how off her ahouldera.' A UtUe too formal, Nanot thoutht, but it Eve knew, U *dnt botSwr her. BY* motlonw! Jwrtmy to unfold » card uM«i oroufht a*h tr«y«, two deoku ot cards, a silver bowl ot mlnia. tfcrd* did »w»y with intimate l*»K, Nw>o« d4«cflvered, Vou could lower your ty«f to atudy your svat without Win* too olwlous about »v»idini (motRift »ye». Vou could put •verythlni out ot your mind t>«»ru, dUmonda, dub*, ipadea. Ittfti Cftutcl aHkt yn tiottora, tf^|2ln fclWP AftMUt ftOM, compote your mouth behind «n upraiaed tan. Oh, e»r4« W*r* * demit* ftlyi Kane* WM 9v«'« partner, Bve B m «t*M«tt »»«**«•, although VOlS* MMl «M»v«nMi«t» «u_ f««U4 tortfem, N«»«* ibought Tfetn, wbM «IMM» »1» p&)'r- tt, *» deft, ao Ith tho ace, and finessed Jeremy tic of the queen of spu'.k-s, thus mothering tho men put ot a good •ump tnc.it, Nanco thought, watch- tg. Shts /iad her bid. She needn't avo cheated to get it. Nanco glanced nt the others. !ve's fuco was Impassive, Holph's nooneerncd, Jeremy's . . . Jeremy ttieto/ J c r c n y had seen cJvc :tanlpulato the cards. Evo -marlted tho score, Rolph eftlt a now hand and they played n. At eleven-thirty, the telephone lUtg. Eve answered It, In the small nJ- ovo off the living room. Nunce card Her suy. "I'm terribly sorry. Doctor Ireland is not at nome." Jeremy's chair tipped <u ne limped up. Ha was across the oom tn three strides, and had Uie oc-vtver troiu lUve. He was saying uletly, "What is It? Ves . . . I'll bo right over." Eve, ishouldors pressed agalnat he wall behind him, Crowned. She aid nutklly, "You don't have to ake every night call. Jeremy." 1 can't pick and chooao my hours, ISve." Sh« pouted. "It's not fair." Jeremy got his bag. He said to Rolph and Nance, "Sorry, you two. t'8 an emergency." And to Eve, 'Don't wa.it up for me, darling." His hand touched net shoulder a moment, anil then ne went out. Gv« flung hcraelt crosswise Into big chair. "1 get awfully tired ot 'laying second Addle to a seal pet Nance did not reply. Rolph said overcasually, "I saw •ou switch that card, Kve." She lookeU abashed for a mo meni, and then she tipped back her head »i\d laugho*. "UriJge is dead y! I thought I'd stir up some «x citemonu Why didn't you expose me, Rolph T I'd love to have seen Jeremy'* ?*-«!" "Jeremy knew you cheated," said Nance. "He saw you." "Oh?" Eve said, and looked at her. "You. too?" Nauc« made a movement ot weariness. "I think we'd better go, Rolpn. I'm tired." "A dj-Uvk?" live salt}, uncappt»g » decanter. Nattc# ahook her bead. Bve poured ooe (or herselt. ajnd made mo move to keep Uxeui Iwger. Outside, "It was awtul," Naace OAspered. v Pid you see Jeremy's taw? And anerward*, Ui»t teie- «a|L Why did alie a*y He hai*a <Uahoa«|ty «ottc*nua« bj« work, ot «H Nanco shifted uneasily on th* 'Hthcr upholstery. "Is she In lovo vlth him?" "What do you think?" "1 don't know . . . Rolph, I'm cared! What will she do to him?" "Nothing that you can stop," he ala. "Jeremy niado his choice. It's ip to mm. And it's no use offering .dvlce, 1 tried that, Just once, with Steve—nnd got my knuckles apped." "Yes, Jeremy would loathe In- orference." Nance frowned. "Per- iapa, it lie tovea her enough, he'll overlook the small things." But she uiew that to Jeremy cheating at tirds arid untruths on the tele- mono were not small tilings. Nor vere they to any person of Integ- •tty. On Monday morning, they drove back to New York. Eleanor said, You'll corno again, soon?" with such p 1111 u I Hopefulness that Nance, holding her tightly, whla- pered, "Soon, darling." She mustn't ot Eleanor see how it would hurt, always, coming back. Nor Bve. Eve would be elated with the tower to keep Nance away from tor home. Well, l won't let her, Nance ihought Even If tUlngs can't ever 30 the same, Eve needn't know. At east 1 won't concede her that triumph. Ahead of htm In the thin drtwsle ot rain which froze as it fell on he nospital steps. Jeremy saw fiphraun Henry, chairmatn of the hospital board and—despite tht age gap ot a couple of decades— one of Jeremy's close friend*. Jeremy moved gingerly but with speed along the ice-coated walk, called. "Kphralm!" Abreast of the older man, ne said, "Weather like Una will nil the emergency wards. can expect to work hall the night. I daresay." Ephnum Henry nodded. At the street he turned right, away from the hospital parking lot "Not driving today T" Jweaxy asked. Henry said gruffly, no. "I caught the noon radio newsca*t. Driven warned to stay off the roads. So lea.my car in the garage." He added, "l don't want to be one ol your emergency «*#«•," "I'll run you home." -Thanks. Tht wmHs will *> me good." U you alip |ft4 f**otur* aem* oottea." Jeremy grinned. 'Th» ro§4« « the stayed on stricken Wake Island today to clean up after one of the worst storms in Pacific history. A Military Air Transport plane left for Honolulu last night carrying the last group of more than 500 evacuees. Winds of more than 100-mile-an- hour velocity Tuesday flattened i.carly every building on the tiny U.S. coral atoll 2,300 miles west of Hawaii. Only four .persons were reported hurt, but unofficial damage esti mates ran to 10 million dollars. AP Correspondent San Carter reported from Wake that "only two women areleft — a nurse and a doctor's wife, who are needed to give injections and bandage cuts and bruises." Carter said it probably would be three or four months before Wake ir fully restored as an importanl BEIRUT, Lebanon Wi — Lebatj on's President, Bechara el Khoury resigned early today and thl Army's commander, Gen. Fuaj Shehab, took over the presldentin functions pending election of a nevj chief executive by Parliament. Khoury's resignation came afte a three-day general strike in Beiru the capital, called by oppositlol groups pressing for a cleanu" government "corruption." President El Khoury was thl first and thus far the only Presl dent of Lebanon. He was electel in 1843 after France ended it League of Nations mandate ovc the country and proclaimed its ir dependence. He was re-elected fo «i six-year term in 1948. Though an oldtime patriot an fighter for Lebanese independence El Khoury lost support in 194 when he induced Parliament 0( amend the Constitution to perm ils re-election. Since then, his one vast popularity has faded undc charges of scandals and corruptio leveled against him and his fain ly. The general strike culminate a lengthy opposition campaig .spearheaded by Socialist leaclc Kamal Jumblatt, to limit the Pro ident's powers and institute e|e toral, social and economic forms. Since June the Socia iind other factions have demande tpenly that El Khoury go. The Army coup in Egypt whi toppled King Farouk from throne in July produced widespre jumors that similar action woi be taken here. Opposition leade openly called for a coup to unsa)| "corrupt" government officials, jl Amid the mounting opposiliq' Premier Sami Solh on Sept.. clubs of shooting men. They go to the trouble of persuading mothers and fathers to turn liltle Johnny loose a few hours a week for range instruction. w: ' U ' r They scratch up kid-sized guns and equip 'em with proper target sights or cut down target models to Johnny's size, so that whether or not the boy's Dad has the price of a proper rifle Johnny has one available to shoot. stop on the Korean airlift and on commercial trans-Pacific routes. Authorities said the island once more had an adequate food ant They schedule their own shooting hours so that the kids have a whack when kids can best do such things, and assign themselves in regular rotation as instructors. They set up inter-town competitions operating either under National Rifle Association programs or the rules of the Ranger program planned by .the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute. The kids have a whale of n time. The curious point is that the grownups sponsoring them have a whale of a time, too (Distributed by NEA Service) No Toleration for Reds Says Mr. Truman U. S. Seeks Out Buried Gold Tale LOS ANGELES W)—The govern rrent dug deeper today into the tale of 20 million dollars in buried golc At least four more Southern Call fornia men have been subpoenaet ior n federal grand jury investi gation of the fascinating case. Prosecutors declined to disclose their identity. But Ray Kinnison, assistant U.S. attorney, said one of them is supposed to have seen the gold and to hold a power of attorney in connection with the owner's efforts to dispose of the cache. The story under investigation is that years ago a Mexican national brought the gold across the border during unrest in his own country and buried it somewhere in the Southwest. It would have been, le- gHl then. But since 1933 gold hoarding has been prohibited in the United States. The authorities have heard reports that someone now is trying to sell the gold to the U.S. Mint and at the same time avoid hoarding penalties. failed to get a vole of confide™ from Parliamenl and resigned. The climax came shorlly aftj Premier-Designate Saeb Slam lr| night gave up a fulile four-day tempt to form a coalition rofori| Cabinet. Yesterday, members of a nd mclly pro-El Khoury bloc in P.lf Hamenl announced Ihpy fell if] President's rosifination was tn only possible solution In Iho crisj Later, a general meeting of opposition groups issued a comr niquo that the general s t r i! would continue until the Presidi resigned and that all persons laboraling wilh El Khoury woi be considered plolters againsl will of Ihe people. A delegation of opposition let ers also called on Gon. Shchab '• demand that the Army withe support from the President. By ERNEST B. VACCARO WASHINGTON W — President Truman asserted today that it is "n big lie" to say he tolerates Communists in this nation's gov eminent. And he accused those who say so of employing a tactic used by the Communists themselves, a tac- lic he described as "the big lie technique." That- technique, Tru man said, "was developed by the Communists, perfected by Hitler." There were no names in the an gry worded speech Truman prepared for\he National Conference en Citizenship, but he asked the voters to defeat the users of "the oig lie" regardless of party affili ation. The President said that anyone who resorts to "the big lie tech ilque" "is not a good man". And ne singled out for special attention those who call Gen. George C. Marshall traitor. He told the conference: "It is big lie, for example to say that we tolerate Communists and other disloayal persons in our government. It is a big lie- to at tack one of the greatest generals and patriots whom this country ever had and call him a traitor." Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy, Wisconsin Republican seeking reelec tion, has denounced Gen. Marshall end Secretary of State Acheson as ''monumental liars" and has said that Marshall is "stepped in false hood." He also has described Marshall as a "mysterious, powerful fieure" who sided with Russia in historic decision which "lost tho peace for America." Sen. William E. Jenner. Indiana Republican also up for reelection, has called Gen. Marshall a "livine lie" and "front man for traitors.'" Truman, addressing a conference attended by a group of men and women about to be admitted to United States citizenship, declared that "communism inside this country has been badly beat en." ' "But communism never gives up ils efforts to weaken other nations from within." he declared. It seeks to use &U the weapons of propa s*nda — to stir up and confuse the people and it also seefes to place its hidden agents in positions of trust andk power. "In iWs country, we have been V Mta » There is far more life in shallow than in deep parts ot the sea. 162 MORE CASUALTIES WASHINGTON UP! — The DefenJ Department today identified 1\ battle casualties in Korea. A ncl Hst (No. 652) reported 34 killej 121 wounded, four missing an three injured. A milk -cow which takes 8 to gallons of water a day in norrnj weather may drink 15 to 18 sa or more in very hot weather Legal Notice 'is another danger threatening democracy from within. "The big lie is a weapon of polii tical warfare which was developed by the Communists, perfected by Hitler, and is now being used on a world-wide scale by the Soviet Union," he said. He said the technique of the big lie consists of making a charge so frightful, horrible and extreme that nobody could believe "a de cent person would make it if it were not true," and then to "keep repeating the lie over and over again ignoring all proof to the contrary." Truman then went on: "Unfortunately, there is a tendency in this country today to resort to the use of the big lie in order to reap personal or parti san advantage. . . . "A man who uses the weapon of the big lie is not a good man. He should be rejected by all good citizens, regardless of party. Partisan feeling often runs high in elc tion campaigns. That is under standable, but it should not lead us to permit the use of this dangerous Communist technique in American politics." NOTICE IN THE PROBATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY , ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF No. 831 Marie Eugenia McKenney, d(| ceased Last known address of decedent] R. F. D. # 2, Hope, Arkansas. Date of death: September 1<| 1952 An instrument dated Septembe| 9, 1952, was on the 17th day September, 1952, admitted to prd. bate as the last will of the abovl named decedent, and the undei signed have been appointed execi tors thereunder. A contest of th| probate of the will can be effects only by filing a petition within t| time provided by law. All persons having claims again! the estate must exhibit them, du verified, to the undersigned withjj six months from the date of first publication of this notice, shall be forever barred and prj eluded from any benefits in til estate. •Ru's notice first published day of September, 1952. Henry Presley Hudspeth Marjorie Lucille Hudspeth Executors P. O. Box * 227, Hope, Arkansas. Sept. 19. 26 NOTICE! We are prepared to take care of your winter pasture PMA orders for seeds and fertilizers as well as Louisiana white winter shallots and White Bermuda onion sets Plenty of parking room and loading space at our new location where business is appreciated. MONTS SEED STORE 19, iLONBtt V.i. ,i. S3 Many Metals HORIZONTAL 2 Sacred image 1 Metal used for 3 Young birds cans 4 Entrances 4 Precious metal j| Monster 8 Metal used for , f* ents fences " „ r 1 . 3 , to r.u:ii o Sicker *** V^Illll n v. .. 13 Awry 9 Bellow Answer to Previous Puzzle B a A D >-• A B K. p| A D r* R B L. V O L. E £ L. E E T 1 * t S 1 V E A R A R. p e. e i> T f* A M ^ 1 •S A a A G E N 1 t: A 1 T m i_ E M 1 U 1 e u u A A A N V V E R M O N T t= R •=, E V B N R I. 1 [7 L. M E M A V y M A R LJ a R A 1 V K ^ O a, A R T 1 B e c. B R F= N K V S A 17 B » E= C> F R e ir A ft "*\ E p S 10 Intert>re~t%*~ J ' umd grain 29 Assist « Mexican coin i 18 Dinner ' 19 Rajah ' s wife 31 Region in 43 Fbotless \ courses % " as on ***"<* 44 Egyptian river 20 Bib ic-il kln<r 24 "eavy metal 33 German city 46 Frosted 21 __ Veeas g o^ ?" glish queen 38 Seek * 7 Cfreek porch Nevada 26 Modify ambitiously 48 Tense 22 Pitcher ol Mos , t restlcss 40 Is borne 50 Scotch name 24 Reclined 28 Pacific island 41 Outmoded prefix zo Bewildered 27 Exclamalion 30 Group of nine 32 Thoroughfare 34 Girl's name 35 Close again 36 Moines, Iowa 37 Health resorts 39 Corn porridge 40 Rodents , 41 Footlike part 42 Terror 45 Musician outbreaks 52 Foot part 53 War god 84 French coin 55 Poems C6 Grant 57 Make lace vliUlUJALi t Baked clay i li 15 iH J °- J ' 36 ' J !>i 5S Z U 3 I'l 19 s*S.'< 4 B Ib ^ 31 37 S ^ t%. so 1 ' S3 5b b Tl '/fc. M 36 b 7 W Z3 5Z db ^ h 17 20 'M 8 N n 33 H 9 7} * W b7 10 78 f? II 29 18 ,9 CARNIVAL By Dick Turner T M. Re £ . u S p,i. Oft. .2 by NEA S'.-.,ku I 'Remember we're keeping this campaign at a high level—if we say a man is a no good rapscallion, he has to be a high type no good rapscallion!" By Galbroith OUT OUR WAY By j. R. Williams VIC FLINT By Mlchool O'Malloy WE HEARP VJ OWOOH-- l_/ M-M-THEY . . WERE /7 HOW A X COT TIME ' COM1M 1 ANP \ HUMAM BEIM' ) TO BE GOT READy-- ; CAW (SET SO \ HUMORISTS THEPG S THE \ DIRTY-THEV ) TOO/ ARE MACHINE YOU'RE) MUST ROLL TO REPAIR, RlOHTTHERE.'y x_ ^ v ^R TM- C LIMIC /SETORASLOT SO RACK ,VVJRt?E(?eP OWtiM ..... , 7"///$ TI,V\B I'LL KNOW HO\V 1O PEAU WITH HIA\/ >^ " /f // I'M MAxwa TffACks our OP HSWI, AWB"SOU'*6 COMINJ© WITH Mi 7 WASH TUBBS CRIWIWYI EA.SY& TACKLIM SLMIGOTBg MlAfELrU . DOUGH \T.H^ GUV'e PL6WTV TOUGH! OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople MARTHA, OLO SlRL, NvTO ^KOVvi VOL) OLD •& I'VE SNIFFED „ ^ LIKE THAT IM THE PACK C-MD / C-AV/OO , o -. *> OF A ORUSSTORS, 3AKS.'-i^ FAVOR, HERE'tj A ^ ( gut TK^M^-i/ MOVvl T- CAM \ x e%utt&J_\ & AT GARLIC AMD MOT 8e ) EUCALYPTUS t?£7AD5/)/ VOO KMOWl', OF COUR6E/ ) HOVM r - / ( WHAT INTERESTS L)6 AS ( / \ FAR A5 6'reADV Vl6l 5TOOTTKE : -s \ ARe COMCGRME-D r - ,., ROulS AND HER BUDDIfS O'CVOCK-ftW ft OOY.<2,Vi-\ VOOW. \ ROD, VOAKE BUGS BUNNY LIMBS, MARTMAf , , .' COMB HERE.' t WANT TO &HOW YOU A WORK OF FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershbcrger ALLEY OOP WHAT'S TH' IDEA, "f THE IDLA 10 SVK'RE M.L ' HSV HOLD ON NOW, •..•YOJ JU9T DON'T , PULLIM'TH'MASIC \ THROUGH WITH THIS O-KPET OUT FKOM\ 6IULY OLD BAjCKTOTHESENie A6 FAST A9 WE CAN ,.. TrWT WON'T WORK) TH SEND STUFF TO GE H N j^: exACTuY tJNPER ME? I WAS h MUMBO • JUMBO. ONLY TAKIN 1 A rff. BUTTLE RIDE/ . TIME-MACHINE AND/ THROW A, SWITCH/ '*"My husband's a department store manager and on the period in our house number!!' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS _ ^ Go FORW, MY CHARGES, AND PROVE TbTHF WORLD YOU'RE NO LONJ6EP. WHICKUS- CHRIS WELKIN, Plonetter TOPVIEW SIDE VIEW * THE 5CHNOOKLE WITH , I'VE KNOWN ' T H, E EVOLVING HEA-O ' tVE^NOWN- WH(LE WAi<)NQ A . LON6 WITH HIS DATE- THE p/vrTfe-poo-v WHO SPtNPS THE EWENIMG TALKING A&Oyr PEOPLE VOU OONT KNOW." 5CHU16" NOTSO 6000 A HOfffVUP >r«rwx/v AUp ItEM. , ' * EAKTH -MAR* OKPIK AMAIZA.CUT THE JET& FOR FREE FLIGHT! MeAHWHIL,e,CHK&-.- W *ORKy,WBLklNj iSi c si"£Ti,«sr-r wEmm'H MyPEZTen AMnT esf i^ikilM^illlT'^riHriB^ H^Jp. COURSE THAT CONCLUDES THE Sa^i^K' OUR ^ DKcAK. pAQC IMTO Sociery • WERE ACP SPECIAL CARDS THAT WILL REINSTATE Sou - fAT YOU -{ t •*> f-/r '\1 YE EPS/ HINRY WR* "* ! F :€ S,N > s x BE KJMD TO OUR LITTLE FEATHERED FRIENPS , r^ ' f: i ' ' .swijifc^ .Mi* h

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