Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 19, 1952 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, September 19, 1952
Page 12
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HOM StA*, ippfw- , ARKANSAS ^jnp^fHSJPJ W?.L» Nf'^fi'scsf ""s Only or •t-,-" '^ Mil Dies With »n W. hfri- loft night At ,, AMtprtifl*' loot the Confarfnr- ' h* *o» I ft, PRESCOTT NEWS Sunday, 8«pt> Plmieer Pellnwfthip of lh« frpdtt>lr>rlnn Church will most oft Riindoy Hi 4:80 f»,m, ' Tho Youth K«lmw»t»lp will meet nt 5:45, : ;jftif». per will b<- <r»>rv<»«l hy Mr«, H, w, Heymild* ami Mr*, o, W, WntWn*. A YOUOH People'* Sirrvlcn will be held Hi lne Church of Nnc-nrnne nl 7:30 p,iti, The Training Mflrvk'fl wilt b at the Flint nnptlut Churrh Sun- at fl;ftn p.m. Th" Youth PVIIowship of the Fir- Chw«h will m«et Hun At day nt (1:30 p.m. Dr, N. K. Neliion and Mr. WUIInrn Cordon urn and nnd yeinMig, ^titv/1 t-IW'^j of n for 1 71 y*nr». until four llkf»jr lomc tlmo from wifo the In a Mrn, Mr*. Cla»«c» for Young IVopl« of thn Church of Christ will ht> held Him- nt (CH.'i [).m, ' Tu*td«y> September 23 The Ro«i» Clnrden Club will meet on Tik»*dny afternoon nl 2;.% In tho home of Mrs. W, H. Rogntt with Mr*. Brynri Hltchlc co-hon- *on« wnN wllh pray«r by WMU'Hn* Royal 8*rvlo» Program Thit W, M, U. of thti Flrnl Hop- tint Churoh met on Monday nfter- nooti «t tho church for Ihe regular monthly Royal. 'Borvlvo Program With eighteen member* nnd «me vlniuir pnuteni. Tho upcnlnu Culln V»' n<sv. Wetoluy Clrtila '). with Mcx. Tin.man chanun In - ehnrKo proaentnd progrttKn on tht< topic ' PuMlo People-,-" Mrs. nuch'nrinn ond Mrs, i.«r«y Phillips ouch »hni- td In the devotional followed with a Nptclul aonii by Mm. i'hilllps niul Mm. Jack Cuupvi*. DliU'Uiinlniifl won* nl.to (jlvco by Mm, Iludy Rullcr, Mrs. Clifford KorKUitun, Mr*, luwtin- I'nynt' nnd Mnt. K. T, Murry. The PloNjrtK wm« wns "lit? .rtlh M«" wllii Mm. I,, t,. tin voicing llu 1 A 8wi8uh of pruyer for, Stale MlflHlonti will bo obtfervi'd un l''ri- duy in the home of Mrs. Kclwiml Urynun, Spiritual Ufo Qroiip Me«ta The Spiritual Life Group of the Flint Method l«t Church met on Monday afternoon ut Oil ft In the i»t ISorth Juntpml'hlm from prlvutu to colon Tlu- wklow WHS his sole survivor^ Punm'Ul iimintimfiit* we tncoin h»rnp ftf Mr*. th« mourn* "• ttwtorly /or mflflv ,. .. fip<'n»«il the nretttA- MM, Cr<l| m4*Uftf wlttt prnycr and «l Ota dtiKlyon "AJnmdant toy 8«j»rtl«y K- Sonet. The me«-llriK adjourned with j>ray«»r t/y Mr*. !>• S. Jordan. Mr». B, C. Stiver* He»t«te to Kutlno* Women'* Peliowihlp Mr*. B. t*. Silver* was hoslesi In thft Christian riiiHlnes* Wmu- en'8 'PclloWBhln of the Christian »' I" 1 '' homi« on Monday ovenlng at 7:30, The U, prcul'lcd Mr». Fay and conducted the Ml** ixiomls gave llu- devoifonnl thought *f»(l told of the Chrihiiaii Churtsh In Sant« F<-, New Mexico. and of It*, growth the panl f<>w yearn, The mectlnjl cloned wllh the theme »«n( "KvenlnK Prayer" ami the Ml*«l«nnry Item-diction. A tlelpciobl* siil»d coiimn wan served durlttK the Nf,(,'lol hour. Woman's Aoioclatlon Meet* In Home «' Mr*. W, P, Cummino* The Woman'* Asuocintlon of the Preiibyt«rl»n Church mm on Monday afternoon In the home of Mm. W, I 1 , Cunitnlngrt. al 2:.')0 with ten rn«rnb*r» present. Air*, Carl Ualrymplo, president. p'rvuldc'd over Ihe bunincs.s and guv the devntlonnl thoiiKht from '"1'n-Oay." She ulMo reviewed twc nillelen from Prosbytorlan Life on tht> early Mlmilonary Activltle* ol the Church that wan n continuation »f lust months theme on the Ntttkmal Mission Se»qul-Ccntennlal refriiHhmenta were during Ihe nodal hour Mm, Noi'intin Whltnker, Jr., and Whit of Smuekovoi' have been the HUCHlrt of her mother, Mrs. Kuto While mid nthOf l-elnllveH. Mm, W. n, llnrnbriKhl nnd Mrs Jim Ytmoey spent Monday in Tex lU'lUinn, Junk llurdey of Tyler, Texa-.. has liofii the HU«nl of his father. H, H. llurdey nnd »l»tor, Mr;t. Joso- phlne Currinijton. Miss Ann MeSwnln h upending Hie we>ek in Kl Dorado as the of her ulster, Mrs. I'ut TV Channel Assigned to Little Rock WASHINGTON (* ~ The Com- iiHiiration* communion ban is«uwl permit for IJIU«> Rock Telecast- em to opprnto n new commercial t»'l»vlslon Motion at Little Rock on Channel 17, Donald W. Reynold*, one of the *iatinrt'» ownem, unld at Little Hor.'k yesterday tho firm will be- j'lti Inmsrnlmlon "before thi» first of (he yi»nr." Hcynnlrls saiil ihe company liopc-H t.i start construction nt It* Mulirm within 30 days, .Reynolds, who publl«ho« a chain of nfwH|)npprit, Includlnx two nt Ft, Smith, snlil the station will wtiirt out trnnsmiUlnp! program* from film. But ho said It will nock (i direct network hookup after thi Mijwiihln-I.iUlc Hock coaxial c.ibli Is completed and converted to tel- (vision. Bonifies Reynolds other owners Rita Hayworth Plays Sunday at Saenger niln Hayworth, more beautiful, more electric, more Impassioned vlrbrnnl than cvef, Is back. She gtars In "Affair In Trinidad. of the l.itllo Rock station Include K. II. Howli-y. operator of n the liter I'luiln in I.lltle Rock, and Kenyon Brown. Wichita Falls, Tex. ii.illo atutlun o[>erntor. In another action ye«terdny, the commission ruled that televivion station WMCT nt Memphis, now operntltiK on Channel 4, must shift to Channel 3. Channel 4 has been withdrawn from Momphln. When meiiRlcs are Introduced to peoples who have not known the disease, disti.stnnis cpldemlcH can rcfiult. Kind to learn he has recovered from n recent Illness In a Texar- knnn Hospital and has returned to his home. CornbH tuul fiimlly, * »».„., ......-.--. Mr. ami Mrs. Paul Buchanan of M«8»"H« "hUVO boc>n the i;ui'StH of Mr», Oil Buchanan nnd other rctu- of Mr. H, Adam will be *ne Mr. and Mrs. Klwood Robinson Jennie and Uelty Lynn visited Mr». Mettle Koblnsoli over the wi-t'k- end. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lew lit and Nancy were the quests Sunday or Mr. and Mrs, Joe Held in Gurclun. Mis.s Mary Lull Thomas has returned In the University of Arkansas after n visit with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Thomas. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Nelson had as their Sunday jjuests, Mr. and Mrn. Hill Tlnsley. Hess and Dilly of Ft. Worth. Harley Cox left Sunday for Fayetteville to re-enter the University of Arkansas. Mr. inul Mrs, Clyde Cox of l.ong View vl.tllod Mr. and Mrs. H. K DorriM, Sunday. ffra ^^ ELSIE MACK MutKhuUd t.» Km GHATOBR TWBNTY.TWQ TO HMR SURl'IUSK, Nance WM hungry, Almost, »Uo ndinttieu, lifting her eyea to tho thinning crown of ?lms nt the eCtie ct the wood, hRppy. Than, thinking of Uw ordeal o»u, h«r eyos oloudcd again. It WM lattt nft«rnoon whoit they «»cHeU ThUMtonlo. They had to naiw tho houM where Kvo and Jejtmy llvwl, «nd Nanco kept aUalght It was only \vJi»j» they turned to Ca.rv«r street, ftnfl wow approaching the gray titono hoiuie, th»t »i»e became IMS tftVit, Oh, It was good to be com- Ing homo.! Bho hadn't known how deeply site had mlssedlt. Hv«n the Itnowittdgo that Jeremy wouldn't b* Uore, could not wholly Oajnptin nor eog«ni«ns as ahe ran up the purch atena, •• Ki«atio> wiu thtnnor,;She needn't now depend on Mia* Hlnkloy'a draj.*crlcs and. jaboU to cwnoufug* Nance thought with a pang, •houldera euunpetl, and he looked ttrod. They welcomed Rolph pleMwitiy, mid It there WM a (ouch of constraint In their man* ner> Nan«« knew H hurt nothing to do \vith 8am «nd Eleanor, too, Wt that this home-coming was dtffertnt, They knew, too, that nothing would «V«r bo tha aame It anything could have struck wort hurllngly with J«r«niy'« , It wa» Klwnor saying to "We'v* givw you room. It h»* * bath, w D*rtlng , Najico thought, you're 6ru*h*i, wo, Vou *»d mtfeer. You caj»t aay Ma wunt y«t without A t,r»n*orV>or th» ftr«t Uro», she felt aoratthlna «Un to hatred toward* Jwtmy Sw wo»t h« bwl don* to thtt* two. at dinner ttoey nvanaged a. no. But Evo vvould laugh sweetly anil know exactly why. Klve vvould ahe was afraid. Well, she wiut. how could she calmly encounter all U>fl small cues ot Intimacy, the Innuendoes, Kvo's Inao- font hints nt monopoly Y Kve knew exactly what was going through Nance's mind. Nanco pictured the triumphant little •mile, the complacency, with which she would announco to Jeremy, "Nance won't come." "We'd like it," Nance said pleasantly, "About nlncT She hung up and went into the living room. M Kve wants us for bridge, Rolph. I told her we'd come." - Rolph nodded, hla eyes watchful. JSloanor made an Instinctive sound ot protest, and Nance said brightly, "lti!|l ail right, Mother. I've got to face them aometlmo, you Know." EUeanor glanced uncertainly at Rolph. Ntuice said. "Oh, Rolph knows 1 was Jlltad, Mother." There, it wan said, The word on the edge of all their thoughts that they'd been skirting no warily. Klcanor smiled waverlngly, and Sain vanished for a moment behind a thick screen of pipe smoke. It's doubly difficult for them. Nance thought. They love Jeremy, and me, too, nnd they can't quite hate him for what he has done to me, yet they f«U they should. Divided loyalty . . , But I don't want them to hate Jeremy. The family must not break apart. Eve mustn't do that to us. And suddenly Nance knew that that WM what Bv« wanted. Not but a House divided. dreaa, fe.tM-1 you wtrt home. (mijjAtowii " ""~ "~" jtttt A family When abft wtot uiw her. had Nano* aald. eiuvrgtng from the ot Uitlursiuotiw «llk HatUe "Vou'r« not ftbout »e. ar« you, moU»- ott fttph't b*. I've had tU»e to Oiiftk over «nd perhapa it'* for tue U*»t— «verythU»g that ha* happened, I've Ixeo Jer«uxy'« al»t«r tor w long I might have It a littie dUftcult betaif hU the naked, "You like Rolph, don't you. Mother?" • , "Very much. Your father, too. Ho doctm't usually take so quickly to -strangers." Then, comprehending the Intended significance of Nance's ro- nmrk. "Nance!" ahe cried, delight breaking through the shadows in hor eyes. "Nance, you and Rolph? I am glad." , "Nothing is settled, yet," Nftncn .said hastily. "I like him very much," she said, "I'm glad," Eleanor said. "I want you to be happy, Nance. Lately, I've been so confused. J'vo been resentful over the way Jeremy treated you. But now, as long aa you're content being just his sister, aa you've always been—" "Of course I am," said Nanoe. What else could she say, with ffilea- nor so wistfully seeking this assurance? And perhaps, In time, she could make it true by believing It herself. 1 must, she told herself firmly. We've been a family too long to lot Evo come between ua. "I do wish Jeremy would come home more often," Eleanor said. "Wo hardly see him these days. I've talked with Kve on tha telephone, but every tint* I aak them over ahe makes some excuse. I've tried to be nice to her, Nance. For Jeremy's sake." "I'm sure you have." Nance believed Eleanor. Eve's remark about ostracism had been purposely mis leading. Was she saying that everywhere? It was beginning to add up, now. Evo would do any- Uitng, say anything, to stir up strife. It could start from a teapot tempest, but It could grow ,, . Nance patted tha older woman's cheek. "Everything is going to be all right," she said. "Darling, please don't worry." "You've always been a comfort to me, Nance," They kissed, mad went down. "Ready?" Ralph asked In a halt challenge, and Nance, lifting her •tumbled over Uui word. eajr« to graap at tte* ettmniett atraw ot convfwt, didn't notice Bft« nald. on a note ot wOiff. "KafJty, Nance? 1 A«v« worri«d nhwtt you. dear," back waa to BUe%nor, bead, answered, "Ready." Qn the way over, and ah^ wj» bntaURf tor h*ir tor- wwrd over feet free. "I baU wwpect J«r«Dky and I drttted Into an en- Ju»t from propiaguity don't . aald, "You don't want to go, do you?" -I'd as *ooa tac* a Ugw an tb« prowl." "You'll be all right" He softly. "I'm looking forwartt to Eve's me." Many Believe Continued from Page One without their consent. But he didn't •nind saying he and hlg,brother*, Walker Smith of Pasadenn and fulfil Smith of Arcadia, gave n ctal of $500 o year. Others who had no objection tn i«e of their names, he iiald, Robert and George Rowan, Angeles real estate dealers, ctal, and Henry Kearns, San Gabriel, a gmuller amount. Hn snld contributions were limited to $500 per person a year. "Thl:: is a program I can'heart!-' y recommend to public spirited ill/ens In the United States who >avo In public office high grade Tion who do not hove independent inanciiil means," Smith said. "We tit such a program would appeal c citizens who wanted to see their J.S. senator do the job right, com- piotely free from financial pressure from any special interests." Nixon snid: "As an alternative, I might have resorted to tax paid facilities, froo government transportation, or I r.ight have put my wife on the 'cdcral payroll, as did the Demo erotic nominee for vice president. Rita Hayworth >laylng Sunday & Monday at the 3uon«<M- Theatre. Starred with Rita in "Affair In JVinldad" is Glenn Ford, who was ler pituro partner in romance In he memorable "Gilda," and "Af 'air In Trinidad" introduces sev oral newcomers to tho screen. Bui t is Miss Hayworth who dominates he rnovic. It Is un entertainment experience )f the highest order to see Ritti :t;mcln[! her way through the rhy .hems of a Calypso tuny and tr u-iir ht-r tiirchy chanting. Klta's "Trinidad Lady" number in I'uUitukinti thing, and just as HpKclaculur Is the star's appear aim- as a night club entertains '.m tin- Ijiland of Trinidad who sing that she loves what .she docs and does What she lovos. "Affair In Trinidad" i.s just a bout the perfect vehicle for Mis Ifuywurth's return to the .screen /in|{ her considerable scope fi her considerable talents. The im passioned romantic scenes betweei Rita and Kurd are scorching L their Impact; she. has two .splendk song and dance routines, she wear a number of breathtaking gowns and she moves ui an utinospher of sophisticated, primitive beauty Draft May Take 19-Year-Olds LITTLE ROCK W~ State Selective Service says by December it rr.lght hm-r to dip into (ho of 19-j, Arkan.-ifms supply •iiSiblc n, , r " }- \ * •> <; f > ,V, . *•*-,' A r-rtd-ay, kptembflt 19, tTsi White House Secretary Succumbs ir-old for th* draft. Maj. Carl D. Wells said about j WASHINGTON I/PI — Whill . 000 youths in that ago hrs>eket Press Secretary Joseph H.yStl probably would be called for prr'4«. f'"" 1 suddenly last night all Induction physical examinations in'home in nearby Alexandria, VI December. No immediate cause of cl| The state's pool of 20-year-old: v. as given. Mrs. Short, the for draft eliglbles prob.ibly would be! Beth Campbell, said she heard] exhausted by the end of this year, (fall upstairs, ran up and fount 'I did none of these. I pre- For to play completely fair with the taxpayer." Mitchell retorted: Wells adrifd. Draft nutiros to fill tho October quota were sent out ID 01.1 regis r.-nls yestordav. Iieart hnd stopped. Short, a native of Viekst: Mi;;.s., had been Presitlent man's press secretary since Hi, l!)50. A newsman r-iric|' be succeeded Charles G. Tina, l-aci collppsecl ami died al his (I The White House said Short| came ill last Tuesday night rt A. Taft of Ohio. But thai wns *' ns . ho*pilnllzed with n virusl Jr. advance of a Tafl-KIsenhoworl flcllon - He rcturncd homc Mol | harmony session in Now York last I" recuperate. Joe Short s death, Newsmen Continued from Pago One Friday. In the- Midwest, loo, newsmen say there is an element, of wari- Truman said in a ,_ Presil statement, f I ns shocking to me as if he a Eisenhower's military record. This i.-i the region were so-called isolationism is regarded as most strongly intrenched. fnmily. _ "For he was more than VtJ od and valued assistant, I how unsparing of his health he I Markets By The Associated Press Soybeans :md grulns were mostly lower in the early trading today. Hogs are higher. Cattle are steady and wholesale meats are unctuingod. Cotton futures opened 45 cents n bule higher to 10 cents lower. New York, Noon October Cotton 38.79. Hogs are selling ten to mostly 25 cents higher nt major eastern cornbelt markets. Choice hogs under 230 pounds have sold up lo tops of $20.25 to $20.50 with the peak at Chicago, In the Chicago trade 190 to 280 pound butchers, are selling generally in n narrow range from $20.25 to $20.50, Byrnes to Spa rkman arid Continued from- Page One the rules on membership qualifica tlons to permit Arkansas Democrat to jump. to the Republican party in the November election has the support of .at least one more delegation. The Cross County group ap rpoved the proposal in a caucus last night. The Resolutions Committee will hold a closed meeting tonight at which time the proposal will be discussed. Party leaders hope to avert a floor showdown on the measure They argue that it would emb£>r rass Sens. John L. McClcllan, J.W Fi:lbrU;ht, Judge Cherry and Gov McMath, all of whom have taken a public stand in support of the ticket. William B. (Tuffy) Howard,, a Jonosboro attorney and a Cherry venson "would disassociate 1 him self from the policies of the present administration" but "he has not done so." Gov. Stevenson would not con done corruption. But no -matter 1'ow honest or ethical he is, he could never, clean up what he has called 'the mess in -Washington.' c will be under too great an ob- gation to those responsible for he mess.' It will take a man like Eisenhower who is und>-'r no politi al obligation to the President or ny other official of the adminis- ration. . . .".I think Gen. Eisenhower could c more than any living American o bring about an end to the war Korea and prevent' our stum Jiling into another ' world war," Jyrttes said. Byrnes left the U. S. Supreme Cc urt to become President ,Roose- elt's -direc^qr. of economic stabi 2<itori and later'.director of war mobilization 'and • reconversion. At Roosevelt's request, he did not eek the Democratic viqe presiden al nomination in 1944, when Truman was selected. Truman appointed Byrnes secre nry of state, and he served there torn June, 1945, to January, 1947, esigning for reasons of health. Editors in farm belt states snyl in llis SP '- vit '.<; tn m£l and to | their surveys indicated crosscur-i country ' • • •" rents that make it difficult to esti-1 ,^ h ,°. rl .'. ;'. ..J?™' kia , to ..".[ mate where the farm vote may land this year. Tn 1048, shifts ol farmers were credited to a largo VirJ lisi nl p&per career in 192") ;is a repJ for the Jackson, Miss. Daily Nl Military Institute, bewail degree with turning the election i H( ; r Vi^'l c » tl . to tha , 1 . tide toward Truman. In general. though, editors around the nation fi;»uro that rural areas will be strong for. Eisenhow- n while city, industrial and labor districts will favor Stevenson. The consensus of editors and correspondents is that E i s e n hower vvould run stronger in all sections of the country, as of now, than Dewey did in 1948. Even in the South they say In 1923-29 he worked for the Orleans Times-Picayune, le.nvirl serve with the AP in Wash^pJ Survivors include Mrs. Sho!'t| three children. a;.' a whole still are marked cl as solid Democratic territory.! there are signs the general itiay, SPECIAL REPRESENTATIV Up to $4,800 annual salary anc , centive commission to man, i 28, to 45, for special sale&.wor| pile up the tory for a heaviest vole in his- Republican nominee. Newsmen gave him a SO-SO chance to take Texas, Florida and Louisiana if the people were marking ballots around Sept. I. Hope as our Estate Control Specialist. Seven-weeks trairtin| home office at Hartford, < with salary and expenses pi part of 2-year training progr must be a resident of Hope; i Imum of 2 years, rate top sc ! on our aptitude tests, and give But tho Southland border states' dence of success in former ofcc tion. College degree prefer State qualifications and telep when ah* V4 "You know her, ot oourtftl forgotten," "Ira a skeleton in her He chuckled, "f won't nrttto •» bone, though, w tone u abji b*» Jeremy I wonder it about—Steve? -I b,t doe*a't, I wont a»y s> Continued from Page One Squlh Carolina voters who gave Byrnes a record endorsement In his 1850 campaign for governor. But in other quarters it was greeted with reproach. Jonathan Daniels and Averell Harrimun — toth highranking Democrats — blamed Byrnes desertion of the party on what they called his personal bitterness. Harrimun, foreign aid chief, said, "the President let him (Byrnes) go" as secretary of state "and he's been bitter ever since. He's now taking it out on Gov. Adlai Stevenson, tho Democratic nominee." Gov. Robert Kennon of Louisi uua, who with Gov. Allan Shiv crs of Toxus already has on noimced his support of Eisenhow er, said ho fell sure the announce ment- means "South Caro Una, along with Texas and Louisiana can be considered probable Eisenhower states," Although Byrnes' announcement had been expected for several days, it still came as a surprise to many party faithful. Byrnes told the state Democratic convention here Aug. G that if he hud to vot« then it would be for Stevenson. Reading from a l.SOOword prepared u>xj yesterday. Byrnes said Stevenson hud shifted his position ui what he considered three major campaign issues, all of which had figured in his decision to support k-iscnnower. He said Stevenson first an nour\ r «l he opposed repeal of the Tail-Hartley law, then "on Labor stead oJ the federal government, jfrnes said, adding: "Now candidate Stevenson says > • • he favors compulsory federal *t*islation" to take effect if a state Iftils to enforce "an adequate state law. ... "No Southern state would enact ai« FEPC Uw. Therefore, Mr. Ste ven&on's compulsory federal }*« would apply to every Southert state." The governor also scored Steven •on"* recent statement tl as president he wouM us* his, in to In tb* supporter, was to make the keynote address. Spurkman's speech" wns scheduled for 2:30 p.m. number in first letter to: CAMPBELL & VINEYARD GEN. AGTS., f AETNA LIFE INSURANCE Wallace Bldg., ' SPECIAL SALE FRIDAY & SATURDAY 4 Used Treadle Machines Reconditioned and guaranteed in first class con] dition. Button hole attachments with each. Priced to sell. Easy terms and small down payment. Singer Sewing Center i 108 S. Elm "We Deliver" Phone 7-5840' • CAtLUSORtOMEIN ' f The whole, gilUot history of the cow country U emboucd with t branding iron iota the le«tber df these uauiuftl boon. ^MMMMil The Uiy W of the fabulous. King JUnch. Out O R O of Spanish, Und fruit fame, the Bar Nothing,' the L«y C B*r, the Diamond and • Half, and many, many more . ; i they're ail represented hare, by : genuine, autbwuk b«andi that we honored in ««ry CMS!* owket and cow town of America. ,*MMMl ' Thrill ymr young 'un« with tW»' walking hiitory pf the Old We* . tut pair of genuine "Hot Iroas.f ; It** «b*ir««»«pUawre you could; giv« them. Bring them in for §.' correct fioin* today. /" — *• - $7.95 According to Size Air - Conditioned BURKES SHOI STOItl The Westward is as free and easy as the wide open spaces—yet it's distinctively, exclusively Dobbs in styling and quality. It's the hat that/eeis as good as it looks. Regular and Long Ovals $10 , $20 ij^^pl^l *0'fF^v»ji September 19, 1952 H0M STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS : ~f>r^ffiFSF '. ^ <**, *<ms*ir SOCIETY ?44»1 SttwMH • A. M. and 4 f. M. Calendar Friday, September 19 v Opcn House will be held at the Hope Country Club Friday night immediately following the Hope- IjeQueen football game. Hosts and Hostesses will be Mr. and Mrs '• Lamar Cox and Dr .and Mrs. Wai• flpr Sims. '; Sunday, September 21 The members of the Intermedi- j ate Methodist Youth Fellowship and their families will be hosts Sunday evening. September 21, from 5 to 7 o'clock at a Family Night Supper in the Fidelis Sunday School Class room of the church Guests of honor will be the junior , jand senior high faculty. Tuesday, September 23 ; The Cosmopolitan Club will meet Tuesday, September 23, at 7:45 at the Hope Country' Club. Hostesses will be Mrs. Roycc Smith and' Mrs. George Robison. 'Wednesday, September 24 'The Patmos PTA and school bbard will meet Wednesday, Sep! Jember 24, at 7:30 in the school [ Auditorium. : ,M\ss Helen Burnett Weds . Dale E. Throgmorton Miss Helen Elaine Burnett, dar- ghter of Reverend and Mrs. Sam G. Burnett of Route 1, Hope, became the bride of Dale E. Thros- rnorton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Green of Rector, in a single ring ceremony performed in the honu- of the olficiating minister, Reverend Virgil D. Kceloy, Thursday aiternoon, September 18. ot 2:30. The bride wore a street length dress of navy blue nylon net trim med in white with navy blue accessories. Only the immediate families and close friends attended the ceremony. After a short wedding trip to Little Rock, the couple will be at home in St. Louis where the groom is employed. -VFW Auxiliary Meets Tuesday The VFW Auxiliary met Tuesday night at 7:30 at the Hut. The meeting was called to order by the president after which the chaplain led the opening prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. It was announced that the Aux-. iliary's Girl Scout Troop had disbanded. After a discussion of the matter it was decided that an investigation be made to determine if there was a troop wihout a sponsor. If so, the Auxiliary would consider sponsoring this troop. Plans were made for the Concession stand at. the Livestock Show. The meeting was closed with prayer by the chaplain after which the hostesses, Mrs. Jack Pritchett and Mrs. Jim McKcnzie served iced drinks and cookies to the members *SAENGER This is LOVE? This is a RIOT! TODAY & SATURDAY 2nd FEATURE! , -I-.-;"""' •**_ | **** (tarring m SHERIDAN JOHN LUND HEY KIDS! LOOK! Free Autographed Picture of Roy Rogers & Trigger to the first 100 children SATURDAY MORNING! * SUNDAY & • EXTRA DELIGHTS • Chapter 10 of Serial, "Radar Man From the Moon" BUGS BUNNY CARTOON MONDAY * The UNFORGETTABLE LOVERS of 'Qildlf! ...Reunited in a Torrid Drama of Danger, Passion and Intrigue! RIALTO • TODAY & TOMORROW • 2 — SWELL FEATURES — 2 You'll love this comedy! It's a Gang of Rough Necks and a Two Fisted Priest! The Billy Goat Gang 'Kid Monk Baroni' CHARLES STARRETT SMILEY BURNETTE "Ridin' the Outlaw Trail" C LJl^DTC * Cha P t<?r 9 of Serial "Pirates Harbor' jnWIX I J t Color Cartoon SUNDAY - MONDAY - TUESDAY th IETTIR y»u keep any calves?" the mother asketf the milkman. Y*« M»m" w«f hU reply. *'69»4" *»i«» ttw mother, ns ine ealye* mi* l«m ««. I'm afr cew '» mi* fej«*«l ft on «nlii. t ewn | Submit jokes for this column and win passes to the Kialto. Foi every joke used, the person submitting it will be mailed 2 passes. Jokes must be limited to *" wards or less, and mu»t be 13th Letter Is Unusual Suspense Film "The 13th Letter" is coming to the Rialto Theater Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and It is one of the most distinctive and entertaining dramas of the year. Played by a handsome quartet of star players. Luuta Darnell, Charles Boycr, Michael Rennie and Constance Smith It is an original and suspen- setul off the beaten track of motion picture. A town is suddenly besmirched with a series of poison pen letters. 'lne mystery pen composing them is unloosing tne skelton In every closet in town. Malicious gossip begins to take cruel hold, anu tne course oC normal life Is endanger- i.'tl at every turn. How the puzzling dilemma is resolved in "The 13th Letter" is one arresting account, me point the picture makes regarding the evil mat lurks everywhere for the leiier writer is not lar from wrong in some of his accusations, and tnu inevitable flaw ot which all numans arc guilty is easy to find, i.s even more facinnting than the .sUiry whicn illustrates it. Tne story was used on Mutual Ijioiiacasung system's "Mr. Mystery" during tne month ot Marcli ot tins year. Tins was carried on Hope's KAAtt each Minday during iu;u montn, along with Mutuals' Kinious block of. top rated mystery snows, among which arc "Martin js.ane, Private Eye, "The Shadow" "True, Detective Mysteries" and JS.LK Cartel, Local listeners wno ei'joy these mystery programs will >-v 4 uaiiy enjoy "inu idtn Letter." When a baby kangaroo first enters his mother's pouch and at- laenc-s itselt to a teat, the teat en- lurges so that the baby cannot, ior a considerable lime, be released without rupturing Us mouth. Starts Sunday at the Rialto MICHAEL RENNIG calms the fears ol I.1NOA DAKNELU in scene from 20th Ccnturjr-Fox'l 'THE Uth LETTER," co-starring Charles IJoycr. DOROTHY DIX Character That Counts Oglesby PTA Has First Meeting The first meeting of the year ior ugle.sDy P i'A was ileld in the sciiooi iiuaitorium September 17, ;u ;i o'clock with lne president, iur:>. Uaviu u aclcuc, presiding. me president urged everyone to attend the PTA Scnool ot Intorrna- lion to be held Friday morning a. uie First Melhoctist Churcn OL nopf. Air.s. Lyie firown gave the l>ix.->ii.enis message. The program enuirman, Mrs. Homer Beycrly, mlrouuccd the principal, Mrs. Messer, who in turn introduced fhe scnool faculty. Several songs were sung by the grouy. In the room count. Mrs. Williams' 2nd grade won the dollar. jtct'rcshmunts were served In the iiincn room to 49 mothers after they visited the class rooms. Junior-Senior Hiph PTA Meets September 18 The first meting of the 1952-S3 Junior-Senior High Parent-Teacher association was neld Thursday afternoon at S:bU in the Hign bcnool auditorium. me president. Mrs. Albert Graves, presided and extended u cordial welcome to old and new members. John David Whitlow read the president's message and tne teachers were introduced hy Mr. Joe Amour, principal. Tho following committee chairmen were announced: Program, Mrs. Henry Haynes. finance, Mrs. Perry Moses, Mrs Ki annlin Horton, and Mrs. Brcats McPhcrson, membership, Mrs. ,l W. Perkins and Mrs. George Robison, Hospitality, Mrs. A. W. Martin and Mrs. E. L. Archer, publicity, Mrs. Louis Cram, and Mrs V. W. Foster, publications, Mrs. Jim McKenzie and Mrs. Lamar Cox, health and safety, Mrs. J. W. Branch, Mrs. Anslcy Gilbert and Miss Ann Wilson, lunch room, Mr.s Leo Robins and Mrs. C. C. McNeil, Founder's Day, Mrs. S. A Whitlow and Mrs. Oliver Adams, library, Miss Gwendolyn Dean and Mrs. Robert Rider The seventh grade had the highest in the room count. Refreshments were served to 75 members. The meeting was dismissed with the Lord's Prayer being repeated in unison. Dear Miss Dix: Do you think my parents should object to a fine boy because or his nationality? I am 16, n senior in high school and am dating n boy of 22. My parents object to my dating him because his nationality is not tho same as ours. We have known and liked his family ior many years. My mother likes the boy, except for this one objection. He always comes after me for our dates, comes in and talks to my parents before we leave. When mother gives a specific time to bo in. wo always get in at that time. We are not going steady, as I realize I'm too young for that; I'm not in love with him, but find him pleasant company as a friend and would like to keep it that way. A. S. W. Answer: I know of no nation that has ever produced only bad people and I know of no nation that has produced only good ones. It i.s not the place of birth, nor the place of one's parents' birth, that counts; it is tho individual personality and character that makes a fine, or despicable, person, All Nations Have Contributed All the nations of tho world have contributed to the building of our splendid country, and the individual efforts of tne millions of immigrants that have come to our shores cannot be minimized. The country from which your friend, or more probably his parents comes nas been particularly generous in sending us fine men and women. Their names are prominent in tho arts, in all professions, and appear with increasing frequency in the student rosters of our most prominent schools. Your friend seems to be a hid of good manners and common sense. Taking these things into consideration, I cannot believe that your parents would object to him t-olcly on the grounds that nis family has its roots in one part oi 1 Europe, and yours in another. For don't target, even though your family has been in this country a long, long time, its orgin is on flic,- other side of the Atlantic. Since you tell me that, you and your mother are able to work problems out together, this one should be discussed more frankly I'm sure there is a deeper motive in your parents' feelings about the young man vns spawned when the Arkansas Old Guard, headed by Townsend, ncked Son. Robert A. Taft for the 'residential nomination moved into he open. Speck Is a member of a younR lepubtlcnn group thnt supporter! Isenhower from the beRinnlnjt. In repenting his suggestion that "obb and Townsend resign nnd hnt he withdraw us i\ nubcrnn* i rlnl candidate, Speck charged hnt tho GOP hart "accomplished racltcnlly nothing' under the reign if the Old Guard. Furthermore, he uud their "domination" of the pnr- y w n s hurting Elsenhower's .•hancea In Arkansas more than my other factor. "I feel thut I can afford to snc- •ificc mnyself In order lo eliminate he Republican party from their lominntlon." Speck said. Truman to Talk in Niw York NEW YORK (rtV- President Truman's whlstte-s'top tour In New York In behalf of Democratic candidate Adlnl E. Stevenson will tnke him through the heart of the Kmplre Stale In n two-day, 12- .speech trip.. Detmils of/'im _.. York VI«U Oct. MO notmccd today By p --r- » a campaign diftretor of !p:(|I crutic Stale Cortimitfa&'M" HOPEDRIVI-IU THiATlflpi ft. Main A CttM^ 1 * rwaJlll Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McKee and Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Still have returned from a visit with relatives and friends in Dutriot, Mich. They also visited in Chicago and Niagara Falls. College Notes James Watson Compton, 511 North Main, ;s o.-.c of 39 students at the University of Oklahoma recently appointed to the regular program of the Naval ROTC, a high honor. Compton'3 appointment was made following examinations taken last spring, a naval academy physical examination, personal interviews with naval and marine officers and his high school record. Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Dorsey McRae, Hope, Mrs. Joe Beaty, Hope, Mrs. Joe Osburn, Hope, Mrs. Lesfcr Watkins, Rt 4. Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Watkins, Rt. 4, Hope, announce the arrival of a son on Sept. 19. Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey McRae. Hope .announce the arirval of a son, Bruce Bernier. Pranch ,^ w «#j Dear Miss Dix: I am a divorcee of 21. with a 2-year-old son. .Since my divorce, 1 have met a jiiarneil man whom 1 have grown to love His wue is getting a divorce. Now my ex-husband is trying to get me back. He promises to ehunuo the things that led to our divorce. Should I give him another chance are not? F. A Answer: You are certainly involved in a matrimonial merry-go- round. Better give up the married beau and let your ex-husband prove his sincerity by reforming ij>- fore you re-marry him. You need a good stabilizer, and he seems to be the logical contender for tne job. Speck Tries for Peace in State GOP I.ITTI.K ROCK I.-W —- Hepublicai Guberniitorial C :> n d i rlnlc- .lot Sped;, casting himself in I ho roll of peacemaker, said yesle.rdiiy hi v ;is only trying to stop a finhl fo piilrnnagi. 1 when he designated him self as tin; crown prince of the. Ar ki.nsas OOP. Then, the young Kasl Arknnsa cotton planter sungoste.d again tha two old line leaders of the slat Pi-rt.v, Osrn Cobb nnd Wallace T' \vM'-"ii<l, resign their positions while In; withdraws as an opponent tn Democrat Francis Cherry. "The statement which 1 delibor i'.lely made to the effect that 1 would be the federal govi;rnoi of Arkansas wns actually more repulsive In mo than anyone who road it," said Speck in a sl.ilemont. "I have been in five conferences \vilh Dwight Kisenhowei- since June <Mid I know he would not tolerate a political boss. 1 al.so know if 1 had wanted t o be a political boss, I would never have made such a statement. "The statement was made for the inn-pose of eliminating-this discussion of political patronage which is causing so much dissension nnd tearing up the Republican party." The statement to which Speck re- ffrm-cl was made last Saturday by (He candidate to a meeting of tho American Legion here. Ho told the .'kpgiori lio know he didn't stand n dhanco to defeat Cherry, but that if Republican Kisenhowei- won tho presidency "They itho Democrats) will come to me if they want anything from the federal government." This brought down, the wrath of Cobb and Townsond. who have nil Ofl the Arkansas Republican party ior some 23 years. They said in a statement that thoy wore certain that Eisenhower would deal with "regular parly organizations" following his election, and then bluntly warned that Speck "deserves a substantial voice in our party affairs only so long as he, directs his efforts through the regular organization." Tims the GO!' family fight that Ur QUALITY MMIICONOMYI —News-in-Shoes Trim Tred designers have created an Inspired new fall collection > JUST SIR THIM... DISCHIBt THEM" THAT'S ALII ttil C«m« i«t <tnr murvclom new Tilm Trn) i, witclali- *\ery ttvk lo Jtol* complclrl) mikr yitnr thn« wn am. 'then ... • 4utl flnlth il«U tciil t In 2 ..itK. auyc . . ." You mii.fi I i«y, "bcc«MM lliey'is 10 Imcly lo Innk n, mih ihclr heHutifnl (inei *mt quiliiy nidl«iUUj HI Iwiiwnly l« wwr, niul ^ l lo tiny nn my hiulyd." You'll pel UOJ.CIH of Ural oiu-ti ytui tlip your fiioi into it Tiini Trcdt Act Mwl dime gel eiiliy bUnU *nd co<ii|>lrt« tuln. Dun'i mln ynur L|UUIIV ii> win * trip lo r*rii for )*o- plut * f^bglgm n«w w»rJfubet COMTIIT UOSIS OCTOBIK 31, IfH J Jo,, nnd nlghll ol k*l>>lM> ll.kf llgMuita, In rurll, «* I«n4 by lonvwi 1, J. M,CJ,« f >» OTHIM »t« M »M MI. tt'Yii- Coma In! Bet ccmplttt rulul See beautiful TRIM WO FOSTER F AM I L Y SHOE STORE | Sllpet ar- * E. 2nd St. Corbin Foster Phone 7-67 Dear Miss Dix: My Wife, daughter and I arc involved in a constant argument because I object to my daughter sitting in a parked car with her young man until 2 a.in My wife contends that the girl is or age and should be permitted to live her own life. H. T Answer: By "of age" I presume you mean 18. At that age a giri should be able to use her own jud- gement in many things but tiK- guidance of her parents is nevei amiss. As for "living her own Jiff ' no one can do that and be happy While there is no objection to a girl sitting in a parked car talking that is seldom the end of a story The setting is conductive to mon- serious petting than is wise, ana the situation itself is bound to lead to unpleasant gossip. Your daughter should, by all means, bring this young man into the house for an early morning chat. Your wife should uphold you in the matter for the sake of her daughter's own welfare. Released by The BeU Syndicate, lac. Sen. Douglas to Help Stevenson NEW YORK Uft-Sen. Paul H. Douglas of Illinois, who supported Sen. Estes Kefauver for the Dem- ccratic presidential nomination, said today he would pegin campaigning for Gov. Adlai Stevenson Sept W. BROS BONUS VALU FOR FRI - SAT - MON i- j 5 ^ AT "Li 1 . t'K FOR FOUR DAYS ONLY GOOD QUALITY — MEDIUM WEIGHT —36 INCH BROWN MESTIC 25c Quality YARDS $1,00 LARGE STOCK OF FIRST QUALITY NATIONALLY ADVERTI NYLON HI FOUR DAYS $i.or •& T , ROUND HOUSE 8 OUNCE — SANFORIZED OVERALLS Made Right — Fit Right ^ '^^^^^^^'^1^^^ ^QjF ** t \ LITTUliOYiSi.91 • ' 5HI ' 1 >* I*"^ •jaf'v* 1 "^ \ -ffSBW ••> ^^tef^fl f ~r^\ i i <*, J - V'-yVVV ' «.&.*,<& tf

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