Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 14, 1928 · Page 38
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 38

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 14, 1928
Page 38
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it1 v. FRIDAY ttVEftlHG OafelanD Ctl&une DECEMBER 14. 1928 41 NEW MILLION DOLLAR MARKET OPENS TOMORROW New Oakland Market to Open Saturday Sensational features will mark the opening of the new Twentieth Century Market at Thirteenth and Jefferson streets. Special attention is given to the children in a "Kiddies Circus." There will be other1 novel features preceding the opening of the new market, said to embrace the largest grocerteria in the world. TRIBUNE photo. New Market to Be Paradise for Small Children of miniature mammals" on the served free while the mother' hr' shopping In the many aisles of the great market belo'w. ;: - One of the unusual features of the children's playroom is a group of mechanical animals Imported from Europe by the market 'management at a cost of $14,000. Many of these animals rock and injove in such a manner that they eaii be ridden by children. CJ These mechanical animals never before have been seen In America. Truly a "kiddie's paradise," mezzanine floor. , From a baby elephant, a baby camel to countless "monks" the menageries will be replete with entertainment feature for the tots. A special covering of a patented preparation will be placed on the floors to eliminate objectionable odor. Maids and matrons will be In attendance to care for the smaller children, Special formulas of milk prepared for all ages of tots will be Management Has Provided All Sorts of Amusement Devices, Including Zoo. 47,000 SQUARE FEET DF SPACE IN ENTERPRISE NEW MARKET TO OPEN ITS DOORS NEXT SATURDAY u New Twentieth Century Mar- ket to Have Up-to-Date Cir-' cue Atmosphere. Oakland's new $1,000,000 mar ket will open for business tomor-: row. a Including many features and BnuBual appliances never before seen In the market business the 'i great enterprise will cater to the table needs of all of Alameda and Contra Costa counties. ' The new Twentieth Century mar-' iet from th,e standpoint of. size alone Js one of the world's great- est. It includes 47,000 square feet of space on the main floor and 18,000 square feet in the basement, i. r "Saving Subway." Under the great vaulted root 175 Individual tenants wijl cater to " Jlhe needs of this community. ? BXJIIT IN KKCORD TIME. Construction on the building Vras started May 6 of this year. t The building was completed in fecord time. No expense has been spared to rnake this great market conven-' lent for the shopper and to con's, vey an atmosphere 'of cleanliness - p.nd efficiency. Credit for the enterprise is given ' to' James G. Rohan, president and r manager, whose vision and energy j has created this most unusual market place. While he is still a young man, Rohan was born into the market, and has been associated with the profession all his ' life. ' He has many unusual ideas Which he has incorporated In this 4 newest and greatest market. "I feel that shopping Is an ab sorbing sport to the American housewife," Rohan said. "While ,r observing sound merchandising methods and offering goods dally at special bargain prices this mar-j ket will create a circus atmos-; fchere." 3 CIRCUS ATMOSPHERE. A an example. of the circus at-, Irtosphere which has been built, JJohan has provided on the mezza-Dine floor a miniature menagerie Of live and mechanical animals for the entertainment of children and adults as well. I Thousands of dollars have been - spent on this feature of tho market. A live baby elephant, baby camel, bear cubs, monkeys and ether animals -will be on display ; In specially built cages. Life-sized f mechanical animals which roll ' their eyes, open and close their mouths and perform other inter esting antics augmont a miniature f menagerie. Many of these animal have been provided with gad's (lies so that they may be ridden. I Qne interesting little elephant I fceats a bass drum with his fore-' legs while he taps a cymbal with bit trunk in time with the move- fjnents of a copilcal clown. liABGEST IN WOULD, i A nine-foot mechanical elephant Which flaps his ears , and raises : and lowers his trunk guards the ntrance to the" grocerteria, which, , Incidentally, is the largest in tho -:' World. The grocerterla likewise possesses flhe same circus atmosphere. From the great steel girders which support the roof, strips of gayly col- ered canvas have been stretched ao that the ceiling appears to be canopy, of a de luxe circus. Artists have been working for weeks " painting happy - faced clowns on , the shelves and walls'of the grocer- terla. Here will be lound grocer-i Je of all brands and descriptions at unusually attractive prices. Also on the ground floor the Various tenants will offer their Wares over tiled counters In green , and white. Men seasoned in the ' market business will preside over the various booths. Here will be ' found the delicacies and staples , from the world's marts. The color scheme of the market la different from the orthodox , with its cool green. This color was decided upon after a careful study try Rohan. It was found that the sreen offered a more restful effect - to the eyes. , . In "SAVING SUBWAV." ' ' 1 Downstairs In the "Saving Sub-' Way" will be found tho greatest '. bargains of all. Everything from ' Trtns to stoves may be purchased ? in this department. Across one en- virv iiuv ui uit? vbuil uatseiiitriiL lino been built a country village with teres, offices and-.homes. Real tree trunks" line the sidewalk. At the "street intersection"- are the aual lamp posts.. On the wall killed landscape artists have v&lated a nersDective Bcene stretch. "' lug to Infinity past country stores. chool houses and' farms. Behind ' the counters of these stores clerks " creased - as country, store keepers i ' TT.Mrvthlnv 1r.r th MnvlTl,n.i r the shopper has been provided, chief among these being the parking lot which has been provided ,. directly across, the street from the nsaraei. An enure oiock wun ine exception of two lots was -pur chased by the market and cleared for parking, llore than six . han- f i ii i i iiiiiih.lirtlrir-fimSlraiV."fe i. . ' T Stwm! fii l-ri -" i nji i ir--i li -mi mm u i.i.i i nt nil mini ir r miwiTrr -i umm iimr mvmm,,t- m r n rni TULARE FRUIT HERE . the the at Because of difficulties In marketing their products with the commission merchants in the regular manner, the Tulare County Citrus Fruit Growers' association have taken space In the new Twentieth Century market where all the products of the concern will be sold. Four great trucks will make the regular run between Lindsay, the center of the citrus belt to Twentieth Century market. On the trucks are painted signs "All our products sold Oakland's wonder market." Nicolas Bardon. will be in charge of the concession at the market for the Tulare growers, selling products direct from the growers to the consumers. Heretofore the Tulare organization has been selling to commission merchants on a consignment basis. This arrangement has proven unsatisfactory, according to Bardon. , "We decided to do away with tliat sort of marketing plan," Bardon said today. "We feel that we can sell the ,entlre output of the growers affiliated with our organization in this one great market. 13y selling our products direct we may offer prices which can not be equalled elsewhere, where retailers must deal with the commission merchant. Furtherm6re, we aie in a position to guarantee a uniform quality in our fruits." The Tulare organization will sell oranges, lemons and grapefruit. Heads Market Plans for the new market were designed under uW direction of JAMES G. ROHAN, president and general manager, dred cars will be accommodated free of charge to market shoppers. In addition the market site is served by seven street car lines over which 633 cars pass dally. On the mezzanine floor has been provided a large rest room furnished with comfortable chairs and lounges for the comfort and convenience of women shoppers. The outside of the building, unlike most markets, is attractively designed .with three 100-foot towers marking the corners. These towers are outlined at night with neon lights and illuminated with flood lights. Entirely around the building brilliant neon signs erected by the manufacturers of the products sold within present a blaze of light at night. Truly the new Twentieth Century market will be the bright spot of the city both by day and by night. ,AD of the awnings on the inside of the 20th . Century Market de- , signed -and -installed by ' Kronke Brampton S 3212 SAN PABLO ' HamboUt 0842 G. Washington INSTANT: COFFEE Comet in four sizes Stan3arrJ, Medium. Family tnd HoterSizes Dissolves Instantly. ' Made at the table. Simply - add hot water and ' serve. 100 Pure Coffee V"' '' ' ;- ; . V ; ' Economical and so . -convenient. . ' For m at the , 20THCEURY i: RIARKET Sandino Asks r Mexican Support MEXICO CITY UP) Augustlno Sandino, the Nlcaraguan rebel chief, is conducting an intense propaganda campaign in Mexico, Messages alleged to bear his signature, describing his activities -and flaying the Latin American nations for not coming to his aid, form an Important part of this campaign. They are delivered to the local press by the . rebel leader's, agent here and often find their way into print. Sandlno'e agent recently presented to the Mexican chapter of "The Antl-Imperalist League" an American flag across which was written, allegedly in the rebel general's handwriting, the Information that It was captured from the United States marines. 'CHENS F'lf! mus Literally millions of greater Oakland shoppers have bought chickens from Americo Martinelli. Amerlco has been In the poultry business in Oakland for more than 20 years. He has his own chicken ranch In Petaluma, where he keeps a stock of 20,000 chickens at all times. Martinelli estimates that during the laRt 20 years he has sold 1,000,-000 chickens a year. He will sell chickens at the new Twentieth Century market, which opens Saturday. In addition, he will offer a choice selection of Belgian hares. "Chickens for all," is Amerlco's business motto. Once a customer protested at the prfce of a chicken, remarking that only the rich could afford them. "I have chickens for all," he responded. "For rich people, big chickens. For poor people,' small chickens. For very poor, I cut them In half." He sold the chicken. BUILDER TIKES CARE OF DETAIL Aside from James G. Rohan, president and manager, Maury I Dlggs had more to do with the building of the new Twentieth Century market than any other man. DlKgs arranged the details of the financing, designed the building, did the structural engineering and supervised construction of the great building. "I must confess," said Diggs "that when Rohan first approached me with the Idea of the marke which he has built, I thought he was crazy. Whoever thought of i circus market? I was afraid the he could not get backing. But he did. He put It over. He was born Into the market business. It is tradition of the family. Born over a market, , raised in a market, he finally ha a market of his own. can see nothing but success ahead." Twentieth Century Market Will Greet Public With Full Parking Space. After the memorable and dramatic groundbreaking ceremonies on May 5 this year and after seven and a half months rapid fire construction work, the Twentieth Century Market will open its doors to the public of Oakland next Saturday, December 15, according to a statement given out today by Construction Knglneer M. I, Dlggs and James G. Rohan, general manager- of the market. The opening, Rohan states, will be along sensational lines and many surprises will be presented. One of the features of the new market is th. Kiddle's Circus featuring "Baby Boo" a baby elephant from Hollywood. Many other novel and interesting innovations in the Children s Playground will be provided, so the patron can leave their children in able hands while doing their shopping. The market' also provides free parking spape for the patrons and this parking, space, the manage- 4eflt--aflsrts,-tsthS 1argesTTsr"tts kind In America. The market management also states It will Introduce next Saturday the largest grocerterla in the world. This grocerterla ( called the "Circus Grocerterla" and many surprises await the patrons. Manager Rohan also states that the personel of the market tenants are the same old timers In the market business with whom they have been doing business here In Oakland for years. Remote Island Gets First Electric Power SAINT-DENIS, Island of La Re union (P) Although many thou sands of miles from the fighting zone this island will owe to t h e war a complete and perfected elec-trlcaj system. Germany will rurnisn on reparations account the machines and material. The plans are now being completed by a technical commission and the first Installations will he put In hand at an early date. Ornamental Iron 20th Century Market LIBERTY ORNAMENTAL IRON & WIRE WORKS. INC. 2 1ST & FILBERT St. Oakland 4950 The new Twentieth Century market will bea "kiddies' paradise." Everything for the entertainment and amusement of the children of shoppers has been provided In the nursery and "miniature menageries All Time Clocks in the neio TWENTIETH CENTURY MARKET Supplied and installed fci H G scovern" & CO. Time Keeping Devices 444 Market St. - Kearney 0717 SAN FRANCISCO ARE YOU USING Trumix Concrete OrHflol Weights . Water Controlled SAVES Money for Contractors Worry for Architects sold uv Hutchinson Co. 1450 Harrison St. OAKLAND Phone Oak. 0389 Healthy Birds Sing Joyously Tour bird will sing more fayly and will be healthier if you give him Claremont Cleaned Bird Seed. The package has a free pouring top that prevents muss and waite. The seed haa beeni carefully cleaned of lmpurtUea nd blended to provide a balanced ration. Does not contain hemp. McCLINTOCK - STERN CO., INC. JOB Clay Street, San Francisco " On Sale at the 20th Century Market 1. I 1 CONGRATULATIONS 1 W. H. Pollard, Jr. I HIS coupon and 10S buy a quarter pint of SunSpar lacquer, varnish or enamel, ormay be applied on a larger purchase. i it. a OukikDrvimt Varnish-Ucquer-Enamds BrDliant!-moderncolorsI For furniture, floors, woodwork, ' automobiles, anything! It's the lacquer that "dries in no time" T the, varnish that even hot ' water can't harm--the enduring enamel td refinish your car. Coupon good for a short . time, only use it today. MARCUS & MERRICK 14th and Jefferson JTrrt to 20U Centurr Market D D 0 .'Name ThU. coupon and 10 are good for one quarter pint of SunSpar Lacquer, Varnish or Enamel, T or can' be applied os" larger purchase. '2' ' Street City 0 D aBMaB aaMMB eaMqaj aasfafpa asMsnssiaj IiwMlia swiH. f tmiMsi C The Entire Hardware in the New ; 20th Century Market furnished by WSSmWmmml I" " r.t .- allAIlUWARE CO.W Washington, 13th and 14th Sts. or Twentieth Century Market by Spott Electrical Co. Glencourt 8240 2095 Broadway Yours for Service Louis H. Spott MILL WORK 1 ' B ' V I LANNOM BROS. Fifth and Magnolia Oakland PLUMBING SUPPLIES 4 All ARMOUR QUALITY PRODUCTS See'the Vbacon . on sale at the t 20th Century Market Amaizo Salad and Cooking 03 Amaizo Butterscotch Syrup Amaizo Cora and Gloss Starch ' Y I Ori Sale at the New . 2Qlh Century Market AMERICAN MAIZE PRODUCTS CO. 16 California St San Franci.co for Vr Twentieth Century Market 1 furnished tj v i DALZIEL MOLLER CO. I Wholesale ; 1666 MISSION ST. 11 SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. : ' : Phone Oakland 1217 Oakland, Calif. J Oakland Cast Stone and Construction Co. GUARANTEED CONCRETE- AND . BRICK WORK JACK CALLAWAY 827 14th Street FLUFFO For the lightest biscuits youVe ; 4 -ever baked FLUFFO SALAD OIL and Shortening will 4 be on sale . at the . new ' . ; v,'2qth;,:r Century Market (cm AFTER A BUSY DAY A Quick and Delicious meal can be prepared with SUPERBA BRAND RAVIOLIS with MUSHROOM GRAVY. Put up m Cans. Just heat am aerve. ' YOUR neare, grocer can supply you. Alio try, our MUSHROOM GRAVY. ' Manufactured by I SUPERBA PACKING CO. 2501 Howard St., S- Fr"r?'-"

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