Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 9, 1928 · Page 68
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 68

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 9, 1928
Page 68
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aklan Hbunp IDEyElDPMENl VOL. CIX- OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1928 NO. 162 TRIBUNE-SCHLESINGER HOME TO OPEN NEjCT SUNDAY W. Jk MA s - r jt i i vs-. iii sii-i i 1 SECTION 5' A iW AG NlFI'G EN Til MODEL HOME OPEHS SUNDAY A nnouncr-no-nt made- lit C. Dudley De Yolbiys. construction, that the magnificent TRIBl'NE-Schlcsiner Model Home in Claro-mont Pines, the .-ccnic subdivision formerly known the I'. K. Bowles Estate, now being developed by the York Company. Inc., will be opened to the public for inspection next Sunday. December Hi. By that date the home will have been completely furnished by K. I". Sehlos-inger & .Sons, and will constitute a fine example of the handicraft of the architect, the builder, and the interior decorators and furnisher. The residence will contain every modern facility to make home life comfortable and convenient. The furnishings and decorations by B. F. Schlesinge'r & Sons harmonize in nil respects with the architect-Ural design of this unique sixteen room residential structure. Frederick H. Kelmcrs is the architect of the . home. Landscaping of the garden in going ghead rapidly, and the fish pond in the court has been completed. The M'-N'iar Brick coni-Iiany are finishing up the brick walls which run through the Burdens and court. A. Van Il.erdcn, the painter, has finished the paint-inn and A. M. I'nulsen has completed the heating installation. A "Red jacket" boiler from th American Radiator company ha- been inMaJI-d and all the radiators put in. The General Rooting nmpany has completed the roof nnd .1. A. Fazio is putting in the plumbing fixtures. The Superior Tile ami 1'iodiicls company has finished the tiling throughout the house, and a Hellers kitchen cabinet from the .Modern Homes ICqulp-inerit company has been installed. Tyler ,, and Mulford, plasterers, have finished the p'usterlng and J. Jf. Ftlzmauili-c will put the last touches on the concrete steps the first of the week. Tye Brt. have done the glazing and the Atkinson Mill and ?.l a nu fa during company have completed their work on the job including n built -In" writing desk In the library;- which is a work of art. Air of the cnr.enlry work on the house has bee 1 completed. The Layrite Floors corporation will corns on the-joh Monday morning to lay the beautiful floors of character throughout the house, the final step In the construction of the home." The. residence is being financed by the I'aclfic States Saving and Loan company of San Francisco. Among- participants in the home are the Fucjfic Telephone and Te'-egraph nany. A. Van Heerden inti' Aoden Home Equipment "jipih..." Walker dishwasher. Sel ler's kitchen cnbinets. Hydro-(II burner. Hoyt Heater eonipnnv. water heater; Atkinson .Mill and Manufacturing company, tnlllwork; J. IT. Fitzmaurlce. concrete contractor: Superior Tile and Products company. Interior tiling; Wier Electric Appliance company, electric bathroom heaters: Berkeley raftsmen, ornamental iron: J AvJ Fazia. plumbing: Stats Klectric company, electric wiring; General Roofing company, roof; United States Gypsum company, plaster: Tyre Bros.. Glass company, excavating; American Radiator company; Overhead Door Company of California, garage doors; Tyler & Mllford. plasterers. LOANS UP SO'Flat IS OF VALUE per cent 6 5 Visit Our Model Display Homes Fernside English Villa 2814 Lincoln Ave. TTie bet that Fernside offers in an English cottage of x rooms. Barker's Model Home 2807 Clay St., near Versailles Ave. Spanish bungalow of five rooms. Price 'in this tract range from - $5750 to $6750. . . HOW TO GET THERE Drive through the Geo. A. Poser tube, torn left at Central'Av. Drive to Versailles, turn Jpft two blocks .for first borne, turn rutht to water for second. - t R R nitlCRY AI.AMFnA -PARK ST. Rejt0 fr ; .1820 IIcsint Deals by Income (Above) The Auto Palace by Income- Properties of California Inc. to the La Salle Realty company. of San Francisco. (Below) The famous Stanford Court apartments on Nob Hill, San Francisco, which were purchased by the Income Properties of California Inc. II hues With more of the imported marble being put Into place in SuiiHet Mausoleum. th benutlful nnl enduring memorial In. Berkeley Hills. the many visitors are being impressed with- the dignity arul variety of the designs. All of the panels of marble are matched, and this makes exquisite figures and patterns on the walls. The alcove of de luxe columbarium niches In the north corridor is also attracting Interest. It Is built of marble, both Interior and exterior, aid the family niches have five-Inch borders of moulted marble. The claim is made that the columbarium is the most benu-tifol and enduring ever erected. The marble belli;.' used In Sunset .Vfticsnli um has'- been imported 'ftHfyn different parts of Italy. Frirpce, Sp-in. Greeco and llun-tfr. TIi" Itom-n Travertine, which h:'s been set on all of the floors and stairways of the monumental, and ni'iKslve building Is perhaps the most Interesting of the marbles. It comes from a river bed in Italy, snd-ls easy and safe to wa'k on besides having a distinctive character. I'ublV' inspection of Sunset Mausoleum Is invjted and thousands have made visits during the week days or on Sui-.das. The largest building peinift for the week ending Wednesday, November 2X, w;is Issued to the Oakland public; schools, which Is tr build a three-story thirty-room con- c ete school on the northwest cor- I ner ot Brockhurst and West slrcetsJ The value or the permit was J-'bti.l I Another apartment house will be built, and owned by J. C. Selte.n-rlght! It will be a three-story 1G-room 111.000 tmildlng on the east side of Seventh avenue 100 feet northeast of Kast Twelfth street. TO or inUllment Jamieson-Towle-Willoughby Corp. . 372 17th Street 662 Mill Bids-., S. F. Garage on the west side of Alice street near Einhternth whirr. w nlrl r ' ' A one-story concrete factory on the south side of Sixty-fifth street, 3 H 1 feet west of San Pablo avenue. Is to be ubllt and owned by (be. Piedmont French Cleaning and Dyeing Works. The permit value was J 10.000. Estudillo Estates Home One of ihe most recently completed residences in Esfudillo Estates, the beautiful Fred T. Wood San Leandro Isubdivision. in -. .Z :Z "TT. " i ii. f n i mmmi. my.-: an m-.-w.mmr. ... " .... JfW ISLEI. ARMS Announcement Is made by D ' H- MrCorkle, builder, that the Wesley Arms A pari meats will again be open to inspection today, thus affording the opportunity to inspect them to those who were prevented from doing so last week by inclement weather. Because of the atmosphere of refined luxury created both by the design and the furnishings, the building has been given much favorable comment. The Wesley Arm" Is located at the Junction of Merrltt a"nd Wesley avenues, a block south of Excelsior boulevard, above Lake Merrltt. ConipriFed In It are twelve four and five room units, available either furnished or unfurn ished. ' Each apartment ha been executed In an Individual color scheme adhering to the gay though quaint Oo'onial pc lod as a style basis.-Tb.3 appointments of the furnished MR. HOME OWNER DO YOC KNOW. e ean refinance your botne with loan parable only tio.oo monthly on each $1000 borrowed? Tills Includes the Interest and part of the principal. Having NO DIE . DATE this loan can run nntll paid. "The Disappearing' Mortgage" , LOANS, both FT, AT or INSTALLMENTS, at PROMPT SF.RVICE NO LIFE INSFRANTE REQt'IRED TELEPHONE BERK. 13X8 giving description .of your property Wt will gladly make Inspection at once F. E. Forbes Company 505 American Trust BIdg., Berkeley. .. a . . V " Loan Correspondence , ' "XoTthern Ufa Insarasce Company. - - ' Properties, Inc. A largo permit $100,000 was grunted to II. G. Hill, who has arranged with Contractor H. E. Tweed for the construction "of a three-story 78-room apartment house on the east side of Glenn avenue, 34feet south of Linda. V ,4r "ij, ssyy , ' ,I.IJIpilWil APARTS. DPENT Q PUBLIC r arc also apartments In keeping None of the various pieces of fur niture are of the usual apartment house type, but rather of a design lised In the nreter.tlous home. Interior decoration by Mrs. H. A. Nugent has been skillfully handled both as to color combinations arM selections, giving Tach apartment a home atmosphere of culture and refinement. "The kitchena are delightful and spacious In their cupboard rooms. All are flnjshed in gay, colorfijl tilo an" Include genuine Frlgidalre among their many conveniences. In the bathrooms soft colored tiling has also been used and additional color is added by bright chintz curtains agd the reflection frorrn heavy Venetian mirrora. "Finish woodwork: throughout the building Is of olid mahogany, while the floor are of heavy hardwood planks doweled with wooden DEALS Announcement is made hy the Income Properties of California, Inc., of the completion of Hire", important realty deals, two of i which were sales and the other purchase of income property. A ! statement reads: . ! "Two properties In the downtown area or Oakland were recently sold. One was the southeast corner of Harrison and Eighteenth streets, and the other Is the Auto Palace garage on thevwest side of Alice street, neorv Eighteenth street. "Tito properties were sold by the Tneome'Propertlea, Inc.. to the I.h Salle Realty Company of San Francisco, for the consideration of $300,000. The corner sito sold has a frontage ef seventy-three feet on Harrison street, with a depth of KiO feet and la unimproved. The jparage property. , a one-story and mezzanine buildfng, Is 150 x 100 feet. "The purchase was of the income property known as the Stanford Court Apartments, by the Income Properties of California. Inc.. from the Fairrhont Realty company. This l the second purchase of San Francisco properties by the Income Properties of California, within the' last sixty days. The first purchase was the Insurance Center hulldijig In the heart of San Francisco's financial district. "Though the Income Properties of California, Inc.. Is but little more tian two years uld, it has become one of the leading operators In income properties In Central California. It recently developed nnd built the Income Securities build-mg In the center ot Oakland's financial district, also the Dufwln theater, in Oakland." A one-story Concrete warehouse, 100x1)1, on the northeast .eorne,r V East Fourteenth street, GOO feet west of Durant avenue, with a permit value of $2fi,000. will ,be constructed and owned by the Durant Motor " ' ' -'"la. D. Jl. Hageiu .ins engaged the Dyer Construction company to build a $2000 one-story steel service station on the northeast corner of Seventy-eighth avenue and East Fourteenth street. pegs. No expense has been spared In the sound-proofing of both walls and floors, and in every direction concerted effffrt na r-'en made to Insure privacy. Among the conveniences are a large, light laundry vlth electric ironer and washer and a steam-heated clothes-drying room, a full automatic steam heating system, incinerator, individual single and double lr 7. Rentals have bean announced as rang g fr . $95. depending on the alze of the suits and its location. ' San Francisco and Oakland transportation are convenient, with both grade and high schools In close proximity. The Durant Motor Company will construct and own a $25,000 one-story factory on the northwest corner of Durant avenue and East Fourteenth street. Prompt, Depeadabla LXUrtrr tXArumc, COMMERCIAL AND rNrn.'8TjuAi. heattno PIEDMt8813 r AwiMi.HiiGiMMNn Prica ara low maka contract! todaj C.T. JOHNSON CO. fOil tmrwm fa 4my rVrM MO-SO AKUNCTOW AVZNVt me Br i ii V 1 IM Sunset Mausoleum Entrance From this doorway there is a beautiful panoramic view of the Golden Gate Vd seven surrounding counties. 'J' v, "" ,s. ; y tl I - M MsftM BnnnnnnnH nM ml Ca, , ife i imL. f:- '! L Unique St. James Wood Home Is Open to View Admirers of fine furniture, har-' monlous decoration, architectural delail andt tho last word in luxurious homo equlpmenf are invited to visit the house l'ullt and furnished by George Bean & Co., Inc., and opened to visitors under the auspices ot IVHommedleu.& Duncan, inc., according to annpunce-ment made by the latter firm. "The house Is situated at No. 3 Richardson way, near the Inter section of Caperton and Highland, avenues, in 1'ieumont. "It should not bo confused In any sense," states. Robert B. Mitchell, of L'Hammedieu & Duncan, Inc., "with the usual 'model' house. It Is not merely a house with well-chosen furnlsh'ngs. It Is rathfcr an outstanding example of the result to be obtained when archl-tecf, decorator and furnisher work In complete harmony and toward tho same objective." Mitchell added: "Instead of . merely planning a bouse, building It and then furnishing It nfler it was completed, llenn set himself a definite ideal of a completed home ready for oc-i pancy. He then asked Edwin Lewi Snyder, the architect, to produce the house design, according to his ideas. Beck & White to execute the construction work, and. then in his owa shops and from his store produced the fur-Irhings that completed the ensemble. Bean pays high tribute to both the architect and the builders Yor their share in tho splendid result that their Joint labors have .produced. "The house Is-of authentic English architecture with gabled roofs and dormer windows that lend t'.ie cimrm of homlness so characteristic of the English home. "The number of rooms Is conventional: a specious living room, dteing room, breakfast room, kitchen, four roomy bedrooms upstairs. a maids room downstairs, a finished basement room designed for a social hall, billiard room or play room, and a library. "The library, kitchen and baths are perhaps the most unusual fea tures of the house as one first rvanrlerR through it. admirlnc the exquisite furnishing. . "The library is rescued rrom a landing half way up trie atalre to. the second floor. It is a room to remind one of the lrbrarles In old prints, a room with windows set LOANS PLENTY OF MONEY FOR IMMEDIATE LOANS ON NEW CONSTRUCTION REASONABLE FLAT PERIOD AND PERMANENT INSTALLMENT LOAN COMBINED. Prompt Service Reasonable Costs Auets over $24,000,000.00 (Head OHict, Salt Luke. City. Vtah) CRMcEntyre -. District Manfer4 ., 1930 Broadway r "Oakland " " 4 In deep gables ana with walls of dark wood. u "Any cook, professional or amateur, would find mjiich In the splendidly equipped kitchen to deli, t her heart. Resplendent with beautiful green tile, abundant with cupboard s-ace, convenient with electric range, electric refrigeration and other special features. It offers the last word - In modern kitchen design. "All of the baths are large and rendered in coforful tiles. Tinted porcelain ware wltlr fixtures in the new metal that is used on automobiles instead of nickel Is in harmony with tho tiled walls. "The bedrooms of the house will warrant the etudy of anyore wv admires skillful and artistic home. turmsning. n;acn Dearoom is distinctive and the utmost care has been taken to have drapes, rugs, wallpaper and furnishings fit Into a beautiful picture. "The house is open afternoons and evenings under the direction of L'Hommedleu Vt Duncan, Inc., whose representatives are on hand to conduct visitors through the home. Mrs.- Hunt, representing Mr. ftean, acts as hostess, an swering questions about the furni ture, rugs and drapes and pointing out many of the unusual features that might escape the casual observer." , WASHINGTON. D. C -The de-paVtment of commerce announces that, according to data collected at tho biennial census of manufactures taken In 1928, the establishments engaged primarily In the manufacture of soap in 1927-, including the soap departments of large slaughtering and meat-packing establishments, reported products valued at 1287, OuD, 835, of which amount $241,329,510 was contributed by soap and $45,130.-425 by other products, such as glycerin, perfumery, toilet preparations, etc. The total production shows an increase of 3.2 per cent In value as compared with $278,273,107 for 1925, the last preceding census year. THE IDEAL CHRISTMAS GIFT . . . Make this Christmas a memorable, on by purchasing a home In glorious Estudillo Estates. Here Is the gift of all gifts ooa tha't will bring lasting happiness te your family and yourself. Live In tha sunshine, surrounded by beautiful homes, protected by restrictions that Insure a high standard for all time. Come out to Estudillo Estate and see, tba many new . homes now open for Inspection, at prices from $6900 to $10,730 all offered on attractive terms. 0 tt FRED t. WOOD CO., Main Office Phones Lakasie'e 0242 ESTUQILIO HOMES AS IAS GIFTS Discussing "Home Sites and Hiim'i Aa Suitable Christmas Presorts," Fred T. Wood states: "Imagine the joy of a young wife finding on tho Christmas tree this year a title to a home of her very own in beautiful Estudillo Estates." . This, domestic scene will be enacted In three households this Christmas, according to the rec-oi ds of the Fred T. Wood Com-n..ny. which show three sales of .completed homes, each one In tended as the holiday gift to the family. "Several others will spend their Vuletlde season in new homes in this beautiful orchard tract, which is among the most active properties in San Leandro, with a nun) 'ber of residences now ncaring completion and some practically ready for occupancy. MnnT' sales hava been made during the past month, both of lots and homes, and Interest in Estudillo Estates is increasing so rapidly that by next summer we expect every lot will be sold. "Thi - are a number of reasons for the popularity of Estudillo. Ardmore, Durant, Manor and the other San Leandro tracts operated by this company. They are directly in tho line of the Eastbay residential trend: they are all restricted, with wide and beautifully rm.de streets; the homes already erected are attractive: schools, churches and transportation are easily accessible, and best of all they are In the vicinity of what will be tho greatest industrial de velopment in the history of tha Eastbay region. Not only the Sel-berling and Chrysler-Dodge plants, which are assured, but many other big firms are contemplating establishing plants in this district. "This Industrial activity enhance the value of the properties, as statistics prove that eight hundred out of every thousand workers in any brat, h of Industry make their residence within a mile ot their work. Residential property, therefore, will soon be at a premium In San Leandro and values must Increase very rapidly from now on.1' Tha building permits for the week ending Wednesday. November 14, 1928, was 71 permits, totaling $165,660. HOME LOANS Repayable itt . convenient monthly tnStaUments INCLUDING BOTH PUMODtt ANDIfTTEUSr;. Qmclappraisah Trompt closing Berkeley CoarantM Butidlsf ff lVMa Amu. 043 tjurrucs a vx mvi inutar TrurxoNi iiiuirr 0109 Drlte-Mt- Foetklll Baelevara er East 14th Street te Estu-allle Aveahe. Tract efflcei Featblll Beale-sre aa Eataallla Aveaae. Inc., 1801 Franklin St. . V Ail . - J.

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