Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on December 2, 1928 · Page 41
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 41

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 2, 1928
Page 41
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f SUNDAY DECEMBER 2, 1928 ft. flPARTMENTSr COMPLETED BY D. I S I ONE Three of San Francisco's , up-to date apartment . buildings have re cetitly been completed by Douglas Dacre Stone, architect, for the Marlon Realty company, it is announced. A description reads: "Each building is of Southern-Spanish architecture, rich in ornament and color, and staining is used throughout on all three exteriors, giving a haSmonious glow -of soft coloring. Decorators wre brought ' from Los Angeles for this work. The lobbies of each bulldlbg runs through two floors and are resplendent with decorated wood-beam catlings, fountains, marble floors, and old Spanish arches. A full automata closing elevator door puts on the last touch of modern refinement. : "The group of two buildings stands on the site of the magatn-' cent old Spreckles house at Pacific and Lagana. The other is at Broadway and Franklin. Architect Stone is at present preparing plans for two fifteen-atory apartment hotels for the aame owners. Commenting on apartment eon-atraction. Stone says: "More aayl more the apartment building owners are beginning to realize the vital importance of a careful study Into each apartment project, and the eatire scheme from the combined angles of architecture, financing, renting and selling is analyaed. A building's function is to produce revenue, and unless each angle la carefully gone into Trior to construction, a thoroughly satisfactory result cannot be obtained." WASHINGTON, D. C The department of cemmerce announces that, according to data collected at theJlenjTia! census of tjjajiu- "ITslftnents engfged primarily rin"the manufacture of nonclay refractor- lea m l37 reported products val tfeA-at 123.251.802. Manufacturer, .of -honclaiv refractories are can vaaad annually for data in regard to production. The total production of nonclay refractories, including i nose manufactured as secondary products by establishments classified In other industries, for 1927 and 1926. was valued as follows: 1927, !32,645,33; 1926. I34.G06,-11 9, No " strictly comparable figures are available for 1925. The total for 1927 represents a decrease of 7.6 per cent as compared with that'for 1926. . WASHINGTON. D. C The de- partment of commerce announces that, according to data collected at the biennial census of manufactures taken In 1928. the establishments engaged primarily In the manufactures taken In 1928, the establishments engaged primarily In the manufacture of vitrified brick or block In 1127 reported products valued at 111.049.086. . Prompt Dependable Delivery farnaceOis v for domestic, commercial and industrial heating PIEDMT 8813 DAT sad NIGHT DELIVERY ' After f .m. call Glmcmri M7 Price are low make contracts today ' Fuel Oil DepaRmmu 6.T. JOIINGON CO. 0tmktt Oil Bmrmm ft trny Tmrfm ' . 40-50 ARLINGTON AVENUB , There's Originality in GLEND0ME HOMES ' Labor-saving features adding ; drudgery sire carefully studied Art is always attractive to home lovers when it adds practical merit. . . Price Advantage That Cannot Be Ignofed or Denied I have owned! this acreage years, bought when the selection . was unlimited and prices - low. I design, build and ' sell direct to you, paying no tribute to builders or agents. .' These savings are passed to your Investigate. Ours is the only subdivision east of the Bay providing tennis courts, playgrounds, etc., for the exclusive use of Glendome Circle homeowners. Every home or lot in Clendome commands an unobstructed view of Oakland and Piedmont's most beautiful scenery. This latest completed home enjoys a most impressive situation. Inspect it! You will be interested and possibly benefited. It has many features you've never seen before. r- Out Trestle Glen Kaad through' Su James 'Wood to Park Bird, right ta B Centre Ave. direct to Glendome Circle. See owner. F. A. HEROUX, on premises or aboard the good ship "MER TRANQUILLE." Phone Fruit- SmW. : ' GENERAL DETAILS ; Vermont slate roof with all copper outlets, valleys and leads. . ? Steel" frame, ' plate glass seml-elrcular windows, 20 Inches long. , surmounting deep- copper sanelletf base. , Interior walls canvased and stlpplaa.""" 'i ; Conservatory and sun room have tile floors, Wide, circular stair., to apper vestibule. - j t . ; ' Artistic fresco ceiling in dome over vestibules. O.nesro stained hardwood blmka aa first floor. :: r - 1 I' linmense Queen Elisabeth fireplace and wrought iron kidney shape settees. All an Integral pan of-' said fireplace In dual room, 40x20 feat. Elftctrio fixtures expressly designed nous, ana so-, autereni.. , - Frigldalre and patented antproof cooler. . f Large kitchen equipped wita dotfble sink, suction fan and French ' charette. .. . ' . Oriental-breakfast room with 'original shape, buffet. ( ' Bewitching Egyptian work, in reception ball.- - Foot large chambers, each with private bath. - .- Enebaating large social bail with rare rare of onuaual type. Lavatory and bath attached. There ara many other aew features. By Oakland Architect Beautiful apartmelns completed in San Francisco, at Broadway and Franklin eTteets, by Douglas Dacre Stone, noted Oakland architect. - This structure contains 250 rooms. Two other large apart-menU have also recently been opened in San Francisco by Stone. F Electric Appliance Display The electric heaters manufactured locally by the Weir Electric Appliance company are displayed in the windows of the Great Western .Power company. The heaters have beenjJavorably receivedJjy if 7W WASHINGTON, D. C The de-partment of commerce announces that, according to data collected at the biennial census ..0JL.manutftstl turera, taken In 1928, the. establish ments engaged primarily in the manufacture of face brick In 1927 reported products valued at $46,- 179,476. Manufacturers or brick are canvassed annually for data in regard to production. The total production of face brick, including that manufactured as a secondary product by establishments classl fled in other Industries, for each of the three years 1925 to 1927, inclusive, was valued as follows 1927, 841,504.486; 1926, 144,516, 3B;-IZ6y 46,4Z7,Sfr. J. T. Holm arranged with H. L r.obertson, contractor, for the construction of a three-story 7 2 -room apartment house on the west side of Third avenue, 109 feet northeast of East Fifteenth street. The permit was $58,000, comfort and eliminating and applied. A touch of with band-made grill work and made rtr this jnisus. -f ' - - - ' ' - WASHINGTON, D. C.-VThe department of commerce announces that, according to data collected at the biennial census of manufac- tures taken in 1928, perfumes, cos metlcs, and toilet preparations to the aggregate value of 8177,091,-000 were made In the United ::at In 1927. 2nd floor plan Tribune-Schlesinger Home You are Ti RIBUNE - Through the Clare-monl Ceinlry Club to Claremont Pine. APARTMENTS See To Let" today' ELECTRO - KDLD IN DOS VISTAS The Scott-Buttner Elect?lc company .has just completed another Electro-Kold refrigeration instal lation in the Dos Vistas apartments at 739 Central avenue. Alameda, built by Fred Hambleton. This is a 24 unit job operated by one air-cooled compressor in the basement. , In commenting on this installation the Scott-Buttner Co. states: "The acceptance by the apartment builders and owners of Electro-Kold refrigeration has been remarkable. In the year we have, handled Electro-Kold we have sold this refrigeration in over 800 kitchens of apartment houses in the Eastbay area. This is in addition to many commercial and residential installations.. "Some of the reasons for this acceptance have been the simplicity and quiet operation of Electro-Kold frost units. "The Electro-Kold corporation manufactures both air and water-cooled compressors. In this area we have used air-cooling almost exclusively because the mean average temperature of the air is about the same as the water. We have always used air-cooling where a bountiful supply of cool air is available. Air-cooling costs nothing and la not subjected to lime deposits and complicated control equipment necessary on water-cooled models. "To meet the demand for a first class apartment refrigeration box at a low price, the Electro-Kold corporation has recently put on the market a line of cabinets featuring single, back-to-back, and side-to- slde models. These cabinets are & cubic feet capacity with 7 v6 square feet of ehelf area. Participants In Home THE following firmi tre pirtici. pants in the TRIBUNE-Sthle inger home in CUremont Fines: Frederick H, Reimers, architect; York Co, Inc., developer! ; C. Dudley De Velbiai, construction; Pacific States Building & Loin Association, finsncing; A. Van Heerden, painting I Modern Borne Equipment Co, Walker dithwaih ers; Seller's kitchen cabinets, bydro-oil burner ; Hoyt Heater company, water healers; Atkinson Mill & Manufacturing company, mill work; Superior Tile & Prod-acts company, interior tiling; Weir Electric Appliance company, electric bathroom heaters; Berkeley craftsmen, ornamental iron; J-A. Faaio, plumbing; State Electric company, electric wiring; General Roofing company, roof; U. S. Gypsum company, plaster; Tyre Bros, glalt; Waller N. Boysen company, painta; Arlsi.Knapp company, excavating; American Radiator company; J. H. Fit maurice, concrete contractor; Overhead poor company of Call, fornia, garage doors; Tyler A Mil-ford. nllrers. Convenient Arrangement A home to b livable - must be conveniently arranged, regardless of its cost! In the Tribune-Schlesinger home, , the utmost care was. devoted by the architect to the arrangement of rooms, stairways, closets, etc. As a "real home" exemplifying, convenience it is worthy of your inspection. ' welcome: even during construction S OGHLESINGER Dos Vistas Apartments Open Today Commanding a splendid view, the Dos Vistas Apartments are now open to the public at 739 Central avenue, Alameda. Fred Hambleton is the owner and builder, and Mervin P. Rose is the architect. The structure is equipped with all up-to-date features including Marshall and Stearns wall beds, Electro-Kold refrigeration by Scott-Buttner, and Certified Heating installed by W. A. Aschen. S l J r-! ! , t -'m Sv I 1, 1 T v i , "ft ,ifi, ' iLJ 1 By JARED A. HIXL. Medical authorities assert that a great percentage of colds, and the dangerous diseases which follow colds, are due to Improper heating. Certified heating guards health, be cause it brings the proper temperature to every room In the house, 'and windows need not be kept closed to avoid disturbing the operation of the heating plant. Nq other unit of a building' requires as careful forethought as the heating system. Upon its effi-Icency depend the health and comfort of the entire family. The modern home must above all be comfortable, and comfort depends most of all upon the home's heating eauinment. If it is adequate, and properly Installed and planned, there win be eomtort m every room In all weather all rooms will be living rooma and to have the ab- solute assurance of a perfectly in stalled .heating system with guar antee which Is not based on any time limit, but runs for the life of the heating plant: A golden guarantee is that which accom panies a certified heating system, Installed by the Heating and Piping Contractors association or Aiame-da County, Inc. This guarantee la H OME Call Uke side 5100 for any information. TRIBUNE Cltuf if jedL GOOD H EATING rjiinr munnuM iiinr iw 1 1 h n 1 1 1 ii 111 1 ail a uiuiiiuinivv X m. . . ai .71 5f Uf H L A L I Hi I . , vs. fj ' . backed by the entire resources of the association. Certified heating brings heating comfort to every place where if is needed, judicious placing of radiators, not overloading, one room In the apartment ornome and depending on that roowJo half-warm otbossabut bancitur- ,th luwiU the rooms, achieving uniform warmth, throughout' the house comfort that is not affected by the winds outside or the al.- currents within the house. It is on tie basis of proven per formance that we recommend Certified heating for your home or apartment house. Every installation of Certified heating no matter which member of the association does the work must conform to certain standards which have proven satisfactory in not Just one or two buildings but in more than 260,000 large residences and apartment or official buildings the country over. The initial cost: Is no more than any other adequate installation, and in the event that it does not conform to the published standards, proper adjustments will always be mado without additional cost to the owner. It has taken the close study of hundreds of heating engineers to Ierfect Certified heating. cmiiiixxxxxxr All Rough Hardware 1 SARGENT Finish Hardware For DOS VISTAS APTS. By Associated Hdwe.. Co. Main Store: 3869 San PablcAv.. Oakland Brant: 977 San Pablo Ave. Albnny rXTTITJIIXXXriXXXXXXIIIx: Tiixxxixixixnxxxrxnx Painting and Decorating DOS VISTAS APTS. WM. RUSSELL 529 Jean St. Pied. 6847 W jmximxiixiiiiixxxxxx t GAS OTOVEG Jfade in Oakland. . . Used all over the world! rilXXXXXXITTTTT CABINET and : CASEWORK .- ' in - - DOS VISTAS APARTMENTS JOSEPHS, BROS. J 4024 Hopkins St. . Fruitoale. 1624 ' ftttniiiiMiiiirn v t til il 1 1 1 XlXIIIHIIIIIHHlIIXUXmXXIlIla MERVIN $M ' Arcmiect 6329 Shattuck Ave. OAKLAND Grand Opening DOS VISTAS APTS. TWO VIEWS 739 Central Ave., Alameda I Opposite Neptune Beach Theater, twenty-seven minutes from the Ferry Building, seven minutes from Oakland City Hall, with unsurpassed view of the bay and hills. Twenty-four apartments of two and three roomsfurnished or unfurnished. Steam heat, hot water, electric refrigeration, -garage. ' . . , Beautifully furnished, artistically decdrated, conveniently designed. s- FRED HAMBLETON Featuring The Simplest Electric Refrigerator Chosen above all others for its simplicity! Built for hard service equipped' . with Timken roller, bearings. Scott-Buttner Electric Co. EASTBAY DISTRIBUTORS . ; : 19 Grand Ave.. Oakland - Clencowl 1542 ! CERTIFIED HEATING- All that the. name implies W. A. ASCfiEN HEATING ' . CONTRACTOR 2611. Coolidge Ave. ; ' ' Fruitvsle 4553 " ' Tile Work - for the DOS VISTAS APTS. ,. by CHURCHILL -TILE CO. 859 MEAD AVE OAKLAND ZJfceaVe t8fd 105 VISTAS' OPEN TO V EW The opening is announced today ' of the appropriately named 70ot-Vistas" (two views) apartmenta at 789 Central avenue. Alameda, op. pOsite Neptune Beach, theatef. Fred Hambleton Is owner ; and : builder. The architect is Mervin P. Rone, who is also a practical builder. The building comprisea ' twelve three and twelve' two roonv apartments, and Is of Spanish stucco exterior. The location la all that could be desired, being only 27 minutes from the Ferry build Ing. San Francisco and seven min' utes by automobile from the Oak land city hall. Train and bus sr vice at the very door are of great convenience. A 'description reads: i "Interior ceilings of halls, living rooms and bath rooms are finished' in three-tone texture. Walls ara . colorfully papered, and a depart ure from the Usual la the wall-fa, perlng in bath rooms. Among tha numerous conveniences- are tha new type Marshall- Stearns wall-beds. Spark ranges colored, tar match kitchen tiling, and electro , Kold refrigeration by Scott-Butt ner. The larger- apartments have extra bedrooms besides tha wait beds. The lighting fixtures, plea-. Ing in design and color, are from tha shops of the Crescent Blectra connany. "Tenements will be assured of proper heating due to the Certified heating installation by W A. Asohen. i'The apartments are attractively furnished by Breuner'a of Oak land. "Apartments may be rented wltli or without furniture a ok. P. ROS xt' patacr - - Olympic 0443 Sunday Dec. 2nd Owner Builder The up-to-the-minute PLUMBING in the . DOS VISTAS APTS. for FRED HAMBLETON installed' by ' ; '",. .... . '- General Plumbing Co. - 4325 E. - -f-. Fruit.- 14th St 1039 : PLASTERING DOS VISTAS APTS. 'V: By ' f REX GRITZNIAKER 1517 Pacific Ave ALAMEDA )

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