Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 18, 1952 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 18, 1952
Page 7
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WEEK-END lit ELEPHANT IYS'SHIRTS Final C(o««ou» $1.00 ID'S WORK SOX QOc Long and Short Lanflrhi, 3 PAIR Ji %S HUE SHEETS $4.98 IK**, Typo 128, Exfra Special | MATERIALS Chambroy, Rayon and , P«rYa«l 25 C IEN3 OVERALLS $1 , QEF MEN'S BLUE JEANS 1 .50 $M»» brand. $2.98 value j^ LADIES PANTIES R«yM. Sptclal ort Sleeve Shirts Ur of loy't Shlrti (Not all ShM) Final Cloio Out 67 IYLON HOSE 'A 60Q«mt. $1,39 value ' Pair c l% WHITE T-SHIRTS «nd loyi 1 „ triped Overalls fuf-Nut-lrand, value (Sollod) $|.77 SOIIS |»|kHtj»yo«, U*i Only) $3.99 :R BLOUSES fJfalHi «f Udlti Summer 66 c LADIES HER DRESSES MDUCED AGAIN $4.00 luy for Next Summer) Shoes 2 H0M STA*, HOPt, ARKANSAS Thursday, September 18, 19SJ September 18, 1952 H OPiSTAR, H^OPE,ARKAK$AS Says GOP Has New General- Mr. Taft ri'<rrp*r>on<l<mti '.vith p «!n vShLCj R«<*» Make Anofhcr ! Soldier, Girl Plot to Kill Husband M*. Iticiis wtth vot „...„.-,. j,. «nd thn famlll.iiiiv of Hllor* amti PCMGCUfion CHar<JG n I I t I c a 1 i •* tr«nrtii on tJu-ir h'.rr.e tfrounrlji. j Mt.'NSA?^. Ken•;, ? AM'K"latc/l Prr'"\ inrtnhftt ntws-' rnnnist>! t'>f!",v <•' i|j'"t'f( nnd rfidin ilalion* t«K>k ; ,. •1 iliftt -'If rt)'" K , i p'.TJtfu.i.itr-f! : '' '!f i'.!i' irt \nen1 cnrrr-xpnnilMit*. Some! rnpr °' * ; ' ;1 ' l '' )r -"' : 'y. Mlnml, Pin. i^v-- Sen. ,I'-hn .T.'jn/itions of norric* suites were noli The prut. < w;i.- <-. Spnrkrmin, the Dpiuwrntic rmml- n>v<'ii-'l by the surveys. A mnjor- '• |/-r» exeh;.nci-'i i>> • tfO for vlcf- president, t-npl<lln»'(l ily of the coi/pei :itin« nowipaperit ; .| P.-inniiinjoii- ' ' tr> 2,000 persons In MJiyfrorit Piirk'jmp|Hjit Kf»cnh«wer'» < anflidncy. • 'f> )f . Al)i«-i h-iil -Tin. Aiiflllfirlufn lust nl«ht Ihnt the Iff-; '1 Iv < itlinati 1 * cover the outliKik n",!,l;t r-i-iii ,' . '' hn<l what he riillid ";i ':.• nl |,i(c AiiHlist and early Sen- it, DK ill 11 ni.'ifi trilled Gen ! !i mix r. Aiiiilhcr n.'ilioniil Kiirvcy j-| .-i. v | j i.-: |i|.'H,:i''(l foe f)f (ohT. j ••-,,, flf the Krf.'it stir-! — Eight Die in German rtft/ lii T(»ft." You '•ntlt'r?" hf> hlfh flllr-d fv.<. thirds of lite hu I hid in aminsh an Mrs. White drove In their written statements up to thp iinrit last Thursday. Oil- J police, they said they decided vc-i didn't show up at all. but in j hang the husband to n tree nf :t statement s-houldered the blame; frrcing him ."it gunpoint ontfl I Ih f'o,, j Al.rH'qCEHQUE >.f — A mlli-lfor the win:- thing. j fender of a car. I.! Alhu-i t.-iry ic.lin.-rnnn nnd his Rlrl friend; District JidRi' R. F. Deacon Ar-j Mrs. White snid she sl'll lovcj ::>'i| r>«-i -'.' !< •"''''' ft "" l >' '" 'J'^tricl Court li-«l.i;i» will p;.s.-: i-ntence Monday, i her husband. \( Ktfi-il.-.y to rhrirRes of conspiring . ' tr< h;ir>LC her hushand so they could .... !• " i'l 1"!- >1!: ,,.,.y_ j" ': ••'''';•• !••' f.'.-ipl U'i!!inm K. Oliver, 22. and: !'• : Mi -; VVandn White. 20. are charged j ••' :• ' ''•"•; v. ilh i oii.x'iirmi; to hans; Wilii.un '• I '. '•.••; ;:' V. (li'm. 41. Mrs. White's thiul bus-' ; I : ,M: , li,.!'.-!. ID :i public park. [ : : - • •"•'•'. An n!,.)iiyiniuis telephone cnll j i . ; ti|ii>'-d pdlit'e to the plot and thrv I i" SOCIETY M4S1 ••town I A. M. tnd 4 P. M. !>'«!!!! It wo* tin- mo»t itt.jt-rt Rail Accident Thn ,^2-yeaf'Olrl rerint^r fr'irn Ala ; limn wim r'rfi'i'l inn to the bn-.il'' ! H*t rncctlnK liotwri-n Oen. l)'.vif(ht On-miny W — A commuter express tritin :i«cnh«wir. the Hepiiljtirm. norni ',»« for prr-ftldrnt. nod Sort, rioli.-rt; 'lift IIIHI KrUlfiy. "1C f!r.n. falm'fihciwr shun'd 0 lfll|(ht wt'ttr lhf> rrov/n (Mil Cii-n' : 'ttfl Would wield the fieeplre,' 1 > fftnrkmnn until. ; hn<l plenty of ; iiini|ii-'l tln> tracks today nn it np rail- V.MV M'lii'.ii. killing nt least i.'ifjhl ! \;<-> 'inii'i .mil Mrridtiiily injuring mme : Iran ;!H others. Three hoiint after the npcldenl, ie/i.'ue crew) still were combine Id' 1 wvi'ilci!!!' in which more vie, ,. tirrri v.'i'ie believed trapped, from the llrp.il>llrni» >.lr.,-,dy. I ,,.,,„ ,.. p (>f „,„ llt . t . Wcnl wn , r.ot litiiiieilinlcly dctcriiilncd. hi' Alnhiirna senator 'nrtrl I reitlly don't know whui j lie n?tv/ KPilcfdl • fieri Tnft ««y, but he'H liH'.H-d a \ttt\r- i rumitlnn." | Spnikmnn spoke off-tlf-euff for uilf fin hour ftftcr rciinpletini; hi". uliir nddrfNn and the nuilrni'H.i 'ttr<-i( him whi-n he fiiiid: I'm ronfldpiit th.it when T/fnv, -\ iird nronixl the South v/lll utiind ' Irl. The HepuhlleruiH hitvf never j ;mythin« for the South arid | cy won't do tinythliiK." ' Kpnrkinnn iilnnne-l t-/ >ipf«-k In : null Tilllnhftsiioo today. SPECIAL SALE FRIDAY & SATURDAY 4 Used Treadle Machines P.CCOndill- nr.r! .-,rx| 0 ,.,., an | ef ,,| j n fi rs f c | a?s con . rltfion. liu;ton (...!,« c.-i;nchm-n!-, with each. Priced to !,r;ll. Fu",/ Kim- .-..•!•,.,! ,nv,i!l d'/.vn payment. Singer Sewing Center 108 S. Elm "Wf Deliver" Phone 7-5840 CALL US OR COME IN . Calendar Friday, September 19 Open House will be held at the Hope Country Club Friday night immediately following the Hope- DeQueen football game. Hosts and hostesses will be Mr. and Mrs Lamai- Cox and Dr .and Mrs. Walter Sims. Cream mnkcs the best margarine-And only Crcnmo Urand contains cream. RT S SPECIALS Midwestern Continued from Pasje One n — Doubtful, lenrilint Dem, X — Too doubtful to tell. 11 When these results are added |o i those of sui veyj« fur five Middle At- j ^^^ Inhtlo litittfM, It inouutiilii nnd i ^*% \V(-Ntoni stMli's, and M Southern! Illld bi)t'(|i:r Htates, tin; i-nlleetlve! npiulon ot newr.men i.t this: | I. Thirteen stdleM with l-tl'i elei- | (crill voti-K seem tuii'ly ;,mv lo «o i to l'',lHi!i)howi'r, and III with I'lll li'oi'e votes are leantiiiK his way to I one delil'ci' or Knottier, If the (!<>!'! lioiniucit I'.el.H Ihem all, he v. 'i11 : MvV'**' 1 nnVe '.!7fi eli'ctoi 111 Votes; nine ; s**^' imii'e than the 'Itifl lU'ei.-s.'iury to wlnit^ -•• iinil won't need any from New i ' KiUihmd. 'J. Kleveu .states with IUI vote-f lillpt'tir Kiife fur Stevenson and threi! with 40 voteM seem lo be willing townvd him. II the Demo- eiatlt* caiididateH gathers in all of) them, his total will be 151 elector-" nl vote.-* —• H'.! shy of what he will r.eeil. Surveys In all the staten wen- nil Klll'h thlllK« Ost.Mtt'iiw bill- NOW... a DRY CLEANER WHO DARES CHALLENGE COMPARISON! 2 - AUNT JEMIMA PANCAKE FLOUR 1-120z.LOG CABIN SYRUP ... All For ANANAS TRV OUR REVOLUTIONARY ONE-GARMENT TEST AND SEE HOW SANITONE GETS OUT ALL THE DIRT! POTATOES I? The Negro Community By H«len Turner Phont 7-4474 Or bring Itotnt to Ml«i Turner •t Hick* funeral Horn* • Spots Vanish • Perspiration Soil Removed • No Stale Cleaning Odors • Costs No More The Spirits of Xion sinners of In will sUttse !i iirofii-iui ill HeeUoo Memot'inl I'MF. ehureh Stmtlny ni«hl, Sept. 31, Tic is inviloil. The senior rholr of VieeBee Mem orlul CMB church will rehenrso Thursday ntjiht. Soptembei- IU at H p.m. Legal Notice NOTICE IN THE PROBATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS JN T1IK MATW.K OK TMK KSTATK OK Jcwetl V. Moore. »U'OoasoJ Last known ittWivss nf tk-coilont: WM Kast Socuitd Street, Hope, Duly of death: " August 10. 11)52 InstrunuMits dated Kel>. :t, itHI. vtt Oi'tobor 13. 1050, wero on tho l:i day of September, l»v.». ailmiUed to probuU- as the last will ami Codicil No. I thereto of the above mimed dfcedont, and the imder- si«ned has been appointed exeou- trix l)u > n>«i>diM > , A contest of the prohute «{ lh«> will can be effected only by flllns « petition within the time provided by law. All persons having cluims anainst the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the uudersmned within six inoitllu (com the date of the j first publication ot this notice, or j they slmll be forever baned uiid' procludcd fi't>«» any benefit in the estate. This notiet? first published 18 day of September, |W3. Malmte K. Moore Kxeeotvix DOa Bust Second Street, Hope, Ark. Sept. 18, 23 Here's n showdown test that has nover before been offered. Just pick out any garment and let us give it that wonderful, different Snnitone Dry Qeaning. If you're not satisfied—if you don't agree it's the best dry cleaning service in town— we won't charge a cent. Now's your chance to see what a difference Sanitone makes. Clothes look and feel like new again. We'll prove it's the best there is. NATIONAL Laundry Cleaners Phono 7-2764 406 S. Walnut FRESH GREEN — SOLID HUNTS K'o. 21 Limit 2 Cans GREEN GIANT — WHOLE CORN #.ft ;.( WW *a ^ ?^-a l «c;-;^ &i&^ SURE GOOD - - THE BETTER SPREAD ARMOURS DEXTER TRA-PAK FURS FPESH GROUND Lb. Lbs. PICKLES Quarf' Jar Lb. PURE PORK — HOME MADE SAUSAGE Lb. FRIDAY and SATURDAY 19th - 20rh TRADING WITH US IS LIKE A RAISE IN PAY No Credit — No Deliveries We Reserve the Right to Limit Quantities PRICES GOOD AT HOPE ONLY loo Much to Eat? Turns BanhhHcarttwrn Hokum Balsam Look Holsam You'll be stnging "You're So Wholesome" when you taste this better bread. It's the flavor that tempts you—so good with other foods. Get Holsum's better baking in the new plastic coated package. llfetiffe; CHOUUM UNIFIED BAKERS New plastic wrapper flavor tight keeps Hokum flavor right, " Sunday, September 21 The members of the Intermediate Methodist Youth Fellowship and their families will be hosts Sunday (.'veiling, September 21, from ."> to 7 o'clock at a Family Night Supper in the Fidelis Sunday School Class room of the church Guests of honor will be the junior and senior high faculty. ed the teachers who in turn intro duced the room mothers. Mrs. Ba-' ber introduced the officers and' chairman of the F J TA and ur«ect • the members especially the Ulcers-to attend the hempstijad County PTA School of Infoi mation on Friday. September lit, at Id 'clock at the Methodist Church t-f Hope. In the room count. Mrs. Atkins had the most mothers present. Mrs. Hoyce Smith read the pies- ident's message. Mrs. James ,Ah-Larty, program chairman, g.-ive a talk on "Object and Purpose of j PTA." Before the meeting a social lioui was held with iced drinks beiii" served by the hospitality chairman, Mrs. Carl Jones. Brookwood PTA Meets Wednesday Tho Brookwood PTA opened its fi:'st meeting Wednesday afternoon j at :> o'clock in the school auditor-;• ium with the Lord's Prayer being] repeated in unison. Mrs. George \\right, president, introduced Mrs. F.lmer Bnnon. principal, who introduced her ten- ch ing staff. The superintendent of schools. Mr. Jimmy Jones, gave a talk to belter familiarize'.the I pan-Mis with school activities. I A committee of three, Mrs. . T ' l.auTcnec, Mrs. Dick Wakins. Mrs. I ^^ Ilotfman, was appointed to-' "Hestigate the price and construe-i ti"n "f a portable stage for the j auditorium. ' I; \va> iUiiuninciHl that a police-! m:iM v, ..iiltl be on duty between i tin' hours of B and '.) a.m., I! and -I I I'm. at the comer of Spriu-e and! •''id to further the safety of the' children crossing the highway. A total number of 7!> was present with Mrs. Horiuv Fuller's room winning tho do;iar by having' the highest peri-enlnm- present. At the elose of tho meeting, the hospitality chairman. Mrs. Ray Dnwoll. srnvii see drinks to group. Soarks; d Htiliv Me the Girl's Auxiliary Coronation I Service Held Wednesday NlQht A coronation service for the. Girls Auxiliary of the Kirst Bap- list Omreh was heM Weiliiesilax niiiht at ~"M at the eluiieh led by Mrs. C'har!e : - Keyn.Tsoii assisted i\v Mrs, S, A. \Vliitl,,\ v . Mrs Frri-ik lin llorli-ii. Miss Hillye Williams, nrjtnnist. ami Waller Smiley, (rum peter. The i;irls \\lui have met the Prinrosses, Mary I .on nnd* Ruby Sue Cornelius, Slier- rie Hanking. Suo Ann Smith, mid Donna Stir Freeman; t.julies-in- wnitiiiR. I.anelle Fuller, Mary :»m H.ill. Cnrol Coop, and Pntsy Hur" N>i>slis: Mnidens. Penu.v Hobin- 5011. Jtuly Both Mavis. Nina Cu-iu- WalkiT. niifl Suz.inne Summerville. -Airs. S. A. Whitlow Rave the chnr Continued trom Vnfc Five Y* '*' quil war are Quo liau t'.'ia -nients Steps re- Tuesday, September 23 t The Cosmopolitan Club will meet Tuesday, September 23, at 7:45 at, the Hope Country Club. Hostesses ! will be Mrs. Roycc Smith and Mrs. George Robfson. Miss Marian Taylor, | Brooks Collins* to Wed I Mr. and Mrs. Norman A. Tay- \ lor of Hope announce the engage- '' mcnt and approaching marriage of j their daughter. Marian Frances. ,pto Robert Brooks Collins, son of Mrs. Roy Collins and the late Mr. Collins also of tnis city. | The wedding will be an event of October 12 at the Rocky Mound Baptist Church at 4 o'clock. Miss Taylor is a graduate of Hope High School ana Mr. Collins is a graduate of Spring Hill High School. No cards. ( Garland PTA Has First Meeting Garland PTA met Wednesday afternoon at the school for the first Jilt-cling of the school year with the president. Mrs. Dewey Bnber presiding. The meeting was opened with prayer by the president followed by the treasurer's report. The prin eipal, Mrs. Owen Atkins, introduc- I* *SAENGER • LAST TIMES TODAY • DAZZLING JEWEL of the Pagan Half-Jungle World) DALE ROBERTSON-FRANCIS RIB - TICKLERS!! JOE MCDOAKS COMEDY COLOR CARTOON • FRIDAY & SATURDAY • 2 — FEATURES — 2 •jvn ACROSS j J7RHT ANN SHERIDAN JOHN LUND ALSO-^- ROY ROGERS 'Gay Ranchero' RIALTO LAST DAY LOOK! TONIGHT IS 2 - FOR - 1 NIGHT 2 Adults for the Price of One! (After 5 P. M.) IUNE ALIYSON ARTHUR KENNEDY GARt MERRILL The GIRL in WHITE Fridtoy & Saturday 2 — FEATURES — 2 You'll Howl When You See The Billy Goat Gong in 'Kid Monk Baroni' CHARLES STARRITT "RIDIN' THE OUTLAW TRAIL" Jay: What ever happened to the old fashioned girls who fainted when a man kissed them? Girl: What ever happened to the old fashioned men who could kiss that way? — Marie McCUne t&tet> »•'' Submit jokes for this column afid win passes to the Hialto. For ewery joke used, the person submitting it will be mailed 2 passes. Jokes must be limited to SO words or less, and must be suitable for publication. Leave t theatre boxoffice or mail to; - r, IWjUto ltr^, ^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^ for Hi,. v;incu:s For,if tl-,,. Girls Auxiliary Urgent, .Ja'n Moses; -n-with-^eepler. Jaetpio \Vils. Mareia Howden. and Mary iene lie it, in; Queen, Mary HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Mnln A Country Club rd. * LAST DAY < "LOUISA" with RONALD REAGAN CHARLES COBURN RUTH HUSSEY Spicetang and Town Brown suede, and Benedictine calf pump. $12.95 new new new to give or take two favorite scents for your favorite fashions in the Cologne Duette by Faberge gold and white gift boxed, 2.50 the set plus lax DIAL 7-4614 or 7-4617 WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS Natures Deodorant" Chlorophyll TOOTH PASTE • For Sparkling cleen tetth! * Chichi mouth odors! H HOLLAND SALE THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY LINEN-FINISH •STATIONERY •j With thit ^ $/i/CONF Zippy Po-Do Golf Balls Carton 50 BOOK MATCHES WORTHMORE 80c PQc 3 for Uu value Uu 1.69 Vulcanized cover WOODBURY Cold Plittd Point AMERICAN 39° PEN Fountain- jutt. Modern plastic. 42c Glycerin Supposiloriei if TTERS RANDOM 39 C Box of Stationery 30 «Aeelj, tnvtlopei . . , Smooth fit white. Cvtri/iorp SCHICK BLADES Olifltn BAYTOL CAPSULES Bottle c/700... Supplies essential B factors. Perfectly Balanced Formula AYTINAL Multiple VITAMINS & MINERALS with Crystalline 8-12 CHEFLINE SANDWICH BAGS (30) 2 «. 25 e Heavy waxed. COLGATE You get extra health benefits Elizabeth Arden Blue Grass Cologne when you take your vitamins & mineiaU together in this perfectly balanced formula Boltlt ol 50 c«piu/»i Qlofsin DrCALCIUM PHOSPHATE Bottle 4 19 0/700 ...I-* With Viosterol. Ol^fitn Oleum Percofflorpbua Bottl, 10-cc. Vitamin A-D Be sure fro attend Third District One Third Million Prescriptions S Livestock Show and Rodeo, Septem- hove been filled at Cox's, Bring us ber 22nd through 27th. I your next one. TOKAY «.P'f GREftT VALVI EVI CAN MED FOP Pick a BotktHul 4f fit New 1952 Pock tml SAVI! IONA CUT BEETS AAP CRfAM STYLI GOLDEN CORK A&P SMALL EARLY JUNE PEAS IONA t TOMATO JUICE IONA UNPEELCD HALVES 3 No, 2 Cam N6.303 Can S.-v/ . No. 303 ,',. Can *• •. 2 NO. a J Cant g^ W* A W\ff> *% J t\ IUINM "UlNrCtLUU HALVES GRAPES 2 uJ9c APRICOTS PRUNES 2 uJSc PEAR HALVES " - % ¥L *>$«®5 •NO. , Con Cor; 4 DOZ. SIZE EXF-TER Lettuce2 ?5c GREEN BEANS YELLOW IONA YELLOW CLING ONIONS 2,J5c PEACHES GREEN ANN PAGE PEACH, CHERRY or APRICOT CABBAGE , 5c* PRESERVES , Can Mb. ., Jar ' . •% Select Super-Right' More for Your Meat Money! Ortin Ubtl Star-K!,t Tuna An». riavori — lurntu'i Initanl 2 SunkUl ' lemon "ALL GOOD"BRAND SLICED BACON SMOKED —CURED SLAB BACON PIECE NEUHOFF'S SMOKIES — 1 Ib. Pkg. j SMOKED SAUSAGE Ib. 6 WHOLE or HALF — SUPER RIGHT COOKED HAMS Ib.-6' SMOKED PICNICS Ib. BREEZE WASH CLOTH IN .EVERY PKG. Large Pkg. 30^ ARMOUR'S TREET 12-oz, Can. ARMOUR'S STAF CHOPPED HAM 12-oj. Can ARMOUR'S STAR . CHILI CON CARNE WHh Btani Can .. ARMOUR'S STAR VIENNA SAUSAGE No. Va Con, JKIME OLD DUTCH CLEANSER ' 14-oz.Pkg .................... WESSON OIL Pint Bottle ..... ......,.,..,,.33^ SNOWDRIFT •Ib. Can, AMERICAN BIAUTY CORK MEAL PITER PAN f EANUT l SAITJD PIAWTt AMERICAN FLOU •Ib. Bag . VE t, v

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