Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 5, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 5, 1896
Page 3
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^itsqtf^ —soap and poor washing powders • the'women'-'TiVko' l dorr't-use- ; Pea:rlin|e -——*— have a troublesome time, they waniKto;nia'ke.su're' ' perfect ^safety; they^Jia to ; take /th.o'harajwptik' 1 ; ••they' try-to malve'-tlie.wc eas.ier,-. ; ..lhen they have to ,takc;the r i s.k-of- harm. •' rs T 6\v. v -hbw-'-TTiiich better )t JS •\voi tu get rid of the han botl o rk and the risk, iveness, together, by the use Pearline! Every question . _ __ — _ „ as to the safety, the effect- or -the economy of Pearline 'has- been settled; by of women. ' ''" millions ui. v\um^n. ,. 0 ,- .. • -, 'A sliceofralnco'plo mado'of tho , ' rlKht mlnco meat \i n lunch in ' .Itself—tuieplcurels Umcb.. .. SUCH MINCE MEAT Is'llie rlnht inlnco m'ci.'t" Wliolo- mi;, fresh nml delicious. For | ius, frulltukwund fruit puUdlnu SolJ i'vcr.vwlicre. Tuti; no subatltuti- . SJM.I ua-»* H"l nJJri'i. f»r Momol. •• Mrl '•MeRRELL-S'OULECO'.. SYRACUSE, N 1 STATE NATIONAL BANK l.OOANSPOKT, IND. • $2OO.OOO J. F. JolmBon, S. W. TTUery, Vice President H. J. Heltbdnk. Cuhler. DIRECTORS. I. T. Johnson. B. W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott W. M. Elliott. W. H. Snider. Buy nid'Bo'l Government bottfls, Ix>ac money en personal security and collateral!. Issue special certificates of depoilte boartnr tj>«r cent. Intoreit'whea left or.e r«*r; 1 per cent, per annum when deposited >lz months. Boxes In Safety Deposit Vaults of thli bank for the deposit of deeds, Insurance pclicleg, mortgages and ether valluablei, rented' at from *6 t»J15 r«-y«»r. THE MuJisdn Ijpewfiter Is a Good Machine. Ablgb standard : of ercelleinoe.1 Many -users' ., . . • o'rthB "Mirason.'!. oOBililer It : . ! You will' find 'it a valuable nsslutant In jour ol llce. Address for particulars THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO •••' ; MAJ«7FA'CTUKEBS.'"' ' K40-244TrestLakcSt.C1ilcnKO.Ill. &i"" keepC.jJpl by Using THE KELLEy Sfoower --Baili '"'"'"RING" Hot Water . , ''..'.",.'," "Proof Hose \ \^ir •=-=-^ \ V -~^^~ prevents. Wetting Head : Yloor or. Walls. Hornlwn Water. CloseU. Send' for Catalogue . Frost ProoJ Water CloBota, Belt-Acting Watet 'Cloeets: Kelly Slop 'and Waste Cock, THOSi'KELtY &BRO^., No. 'aoi 'Madjson Street; Chicago. CHAS.L. WOLL, •-: UNPERJTAKFR- ••• '.,, ",• "" : ''N*"«Sf' Market. BT««t ' . Calls attended to pronptly, d4.y »r •Icht. C«nt/ml Onion and Mutual telephone*. .Office, No. U;.Jt«iddanc«, No. M. Sealed Proposals, To furnlan supplles'tor'the Northern Indiana •""' • -..- Hospital lor Insane, For tfie.MonUi of October 1896,,- . Will bo TecelTell by the Boaid of Control, at the; Hospital, until 12 o'clock noon on Towdar,' fleptember IStb, 1806. See RpettflcatloDS In State National Bank. . BT order of tbe Board, > . . Medletfl Supfc Long Clltr, Sept, -1 1S96. , . '• , . . s .-• /'.-,., •\V. H. Bear' ''of raised a. watermelon on his .farm 'that •weighed, 44% ibs. . If-any'onft|cftn'boat this let them 'send in the.docunient.'- ' ' ;SO'S'lE'LABOR'STATISTICS. The Department.oil i^ilior at Was ington, D, C,, is iiow engaged lu com piling a report which is to show th effects (if machinery on the coiulillo: of labor. The report w!Tl deal wit' every Industry in which machlncr; has been tho means of displacing men and will show to what extent this ha been clone by giving comparative state incuts :is 1o 'the number oC men en ployed in each trade before'n nil afte tlie iutroductioii of niachiuorj-. Special Agent William'S.- of the Department of Labor, is now ii Cincinnati engaged iu this work. H has just completed a tour of the Soutl and expects to remain here i'or nbon ten days. To a Commercial Tritium representative! ho said: "It is surprising to sec how rapklb machinery is be^ng introduced. Then is not a trade or industry that has no been affected. I have Just come from the Southern States and find that' the farmers, with but few exception?, arc equipped with all the modern appll ances necessary to operate a farm.am: compote successfully with farmers of other States. The hired' farm hand is ••becoming 1 scarcer every year, and i will not be long before he disappears altogether. -In many factories, I liave visited I find youiig men 'and women operating machines, the application of which have driven hundreds of mer out of employment. Tho skilled mechanics are rapidly being replaced by younger •men,' and even 'women, for knowledge of a trade 'is becoming almost -unnecessary now that'machines can'lie made to do.the work. } "Labor legislation" is certainly, needed In' many directions arid It Is for the purpose of presenting facts to the people that the Department Is now compiling this report upon which I am engaged." .'•:.' I i'*-J;j Mr. Waudby has been identified with the Department .of Labor for the past eleven years. In 1SS9 he was sent to Liverpool, .England, to Investigate the condition of labor in that vicinity and particularly In the cotton Industry. His report was widely read and received many favorable comments. ."In a recent letter tp.'the manufacturers Mr. W. F;'Benjamin, editor of the Spectator, Hush'ford, N. Y., s'nys": "It may "bo a pleasure to'you'to know the lilgh.'esteem in'which' 'Cham'b'erlahi's medicines are'held' by the"people",of your own State's, 1 whcrb''they'.m'ust be best known.' Aii'aynf'of mine, wlVo resides'at Dexter, Iowa,' was about to visit me a few j-ears since, and before leaving home wrote'moV'a'ski'ng if they were sold 'here, 'staling if they were not she 'would bring a quantity with her,' as she did not like'to bo' without' them'." The' medicines'referred to arc Cham-, b'crlalri's'Cough:"Remedy, famous 'for its cures of colds and croup:'Chamberlain's Pain Balm 'for rheumatism^ 1 i'ame' bade,-palns'ln the side'and J c'hest',"and. Chamberlain's Colic,-'Chbiera'aria' Di-' arrhoea Remedy for bowel complaints. These medlclues have becri'Tn constant use : in Iowa for a]>qut a 'quarter' "of a century. The ]>eople have'learnc'd 'tlia,'t they are 'articles of great' worth 'and merit, and unequalcd by any other. They-arc for sale-hdre'by-'Bi F. 'Ke'c.s- llng, druggist. CHURCH REQPENIXG.. The Evangelical church at the corner of Wheatland and,Brown: streets, Logansport, •will, be_ reopened. Sunday, Sept. G, 1806. Bishop.S. C. Breyfogel from Reading, Pa,, will preach at 10:30 a. w. and at 7:30 p. m. All are Invited to come and hear the' bishop 'preach. THE-LADIES. • The pleasant .effect and perfect safety with which ladles may use Syrup of Figs, under all conditions, make it their favorite remedy. To get the true and genuine article, look for' :hc name of the California Fig Syrip Company, printed near the bottom of the package. For. sale by all rest >n- sible druggists. ... .' Many.,a day's work Is lost by sick' headache caused by .Indigestion- and 1 atomaeh. troubles.'• DeWItt's 'Little 3arly .Risers are the most effectual 1 pill* tor overcoming snch "dlffleultlw.—3no, tf. Johnaton. ••.- ' •• •• •••' ; " A Labor Day. Picnic of'German V ' '''." '"' ''Sh'nip nien. '.'" ''' CHARLES 5HUEY HURT General News of Railroads and Rall' ' ' road'Employes. The'Germiin 'employes of the shop will hbld'.V'pieril'c 'up the Wabash river Monday, September 7, Labor Day. The following notice was placed on the bulletin boards yesterday morning: "ALL GERMANS TAKE NOTICE. "On next' Monday, September 7th,' '90, .a picnic will be given by the 'German night men of thd'PtHiliandle shops .on the Northsldc of tlie Wabash riveiv German speakers will be tliere'to discuss the issues of the,'day. 'Everybody .invited, Gormuiis more especially. Refreshments served free. '.. , -ORDER OF ' ; CHARLES'S1-1UEY HURT. " Charles Sluicy, the Fa.nhni.idle bridge fiU'iJonter. met with a very painful accident, ' Thursday •'evening 1 about o o'clock. H<3 boarded No.'45 which leaves for ChK'.igo'iit 4.':flO o'clock, and rode'to Peoria. Junction. When lie attempted 'to alight he swung his 'feet from the platform but found that the train was soinp at such a. rapid rate of speed that lie was in danger of receiving a bad -fall. -lie at'templttd to'draw himself back to l.he step, but was to weak. He released his hold and Ml to the ground. His foot n-sted on the rail, and Hie wlieols passed over It;'out- ting olT a tot 1 and slightly mangl^iu' the fnot. H'is Injuries were • dressed by Drs. Shultz it Herlierlugton. .RAILROAD NOTES. Engine N.o. -1S2 is iu the shop for Class "4" repairs. .Tot' Martin, the turn table man, is off duty on .account Qt' sickness. -.. . Mnrtiii HtUchons of the lathe room is oft' duty .on .account of sickness. Roy.Moore has resumed .work -at the machine shop after a brief .illness.^ T, S, Blackmail, the Panhandle cou- ductor, is couliued to his bed by sickness, . II. Sellers of, tho repair, track, gang, is .confined to.his home by a slight ill- uess. Mr, AVood of.the Panhandle freight ilepot,..tO£fthor with his family, is visiting In Chicago. Fred Heppe was called to Waliash yesterday by the death .of his .brother- in-law, Charles 1 Hllflelminir. James Smith of the round house, hurt his hand yesterday morning and will bo laid off a few days as a result. " Francis Bowman of the.freight depot was among the excursionists who went to-South Bend Thursday ttxhwir Bryan. A-party of Indies in charge- of Mr; Pitman of- the shovel handle factory, visited the Bhops yesterday afternoon. Joseph Rothermel of the car shops will go to North Judson today to visit with''his brother-in-law for a'short :Ime. •••••••' '• : " • •••• • •' • The shops will close today nt noon »nd will not re-open until Tuesday morning. Monday is Labor Day- and s : always observed at the shops. Henry Relchard'will return- from Minnesota-whereihe has-been for the last year. He will take charge of tho ?anhnndle puriip house at Winninac. Mr.-E; F. Hutton<of the Panhandle ifiicos'was at-the station yesterday af- :er.,being 1 -confined • to his -home 'for. welve -weeks-on-acconnt of sickness.' • George-,.Stem-lei--of the:'boiler shop, and P. Powell ofithC'iiiachlue shop will go-down.-to Georgetown •-tills morn- ng -to .remain : until Tuesday morning. They will camp and spend their time at hunting and fishing. ;M. B. Cordon,'John Harte,' -'Jacob frieze of the Panhandle shops, and C. 3. 'Hlldcbrandt,"tne' tfgar maker, together -will go down 1 the Wabash 'river o ; Georgetown this morning,''pitch' heir tents and enjoy life until'Tues- ay morning. ' ' 1 Since.'l!he'iiieetl'hg"b'< the 'd'lrectorR of he R. R: Y.'M.'C:'A'.,"held"Wo'dncsday" uing, an active canvass has been made,"and'twenty-four new members •av'e'beea 'sectifwl ij'hd ifl'Oi)'.' raJse'd. There.Is.no longer'any 'doubt'that the ew porc'oliii'n bath'tubs will be'put iii. W. H. Holleri ;in'd Charles B! Warren f the paint shop, have completed the mnner for the 'Richmond Railway VIen's Sound'Money club. "The banner s a beauty and reflects credit upon the wo. workmen who'made It. It will be akon"to Richmond soon and there 'will' e a demonstration- when 'It'Is'hoisted. George Buell of tho Panhandle round louse, did not accompany the Domo- ratlc drum'corps to-South Bend as vas stnted In yesterday's Journal. The eporter had every reason .to believe mt his informants were reliable. They rere not." Mr!,' Buell' Is'.'suffering 'with n'.injured eye a.n'd.maylose his sight, 'he Journal'hopes no injury has been, one'Mr.'Bnell'liy'assocTatln-g'hlm with Popocratlc"crowd. '. ,. .., . The 'L'dg/insport'.'ahd Ciitc'ago accom- Dodatlon,'which'leaves the Panhandle tat Ion at G a'."mVwlll leave at'5 a. m.J fter'tomorrow, arid' will rim dajlyl Thf ccommodatlon. returning', will leayo ,[ he TJnlon depot iii .Chicago at",5:15 p.. GLOTHINGK We have no, old shelf worn goods, but everything new and up to date. Read the following prices: Our $15.00 Suits go for $12,00 Our $12.00 Suits go for $9.0O Our $10.00 Suits go for $ 7.50 Our $8,00 Suits go for $5.50 Our $5.00 Suits go for $3.50 03C FOR CHOICE OF ANY STRAW HAT IN-THE STORE. 25c choice ofany^of our Children's Straw Hats. Boys'Duck Suits one third off, trmy are bargains. Now is the time to buy a Suit of Clothes, a Hat or Gents Furnishing Go ds, and 526 Broadway is the place to save money, These Prices are For Cash Only. T/vniPTMT n PD A r*!" 1 o PA JOSEPH G GRACE & CO. 426 BROADWAY. :)].', nud will arrive iirthis city at 0:15. This will Rive Lopuixport citizens three more hours in Chicago as Iho accommodation formerly left fliat city THE HORRIBLE "JIG-G-ERS" OF AFRICA. . • E. .T.-Clave in September Century: The village of Mayilo Is .surrounded by- a boma of stakes,' clayed four feet .up; the three gates are .firmly closed nt night. The natives do not venture outside at night for any .pretty .aspect. The'placc is'horribly infested with tho burrowing-' flea, "the jigger," the pest of.men,;'women, : .[ind children, who are a niass' of horrid' sores. Through lacl of washing, and removing the jigge when be first enters big sores are i'ouni nil over the-feet. 1 I felt very sorry fo the children, who were all more or les Lime, and many stumping' about on their heels, unable- to put foot to ground, owing'to swollen toes. Tin moaning- of women- at night, and tin bellowing of young steers were mos distressing • to hear. -I tried to im .press on.them that constant washinj and .attention 'to their feet arid occa sional flooding ''of"the 1 low," 'clayed', ground In'hut''and'street would'-cure the 1 evil; but It "was'too-much Hke'haM woilv to : be adopted" The'flooding could bff done without the'sllghtest-lrijury'to property, as the streets are'qulte level, and' the clay floorings 1 of-grass 'brick 'are'raised about a' foot' : above- the ground,'but no' precautions are taken and' 1 evcri'-the"babies are -perrnltted'-to squat' on 1 the bare "ground 'ns 'though the'jiggcr did' not 'exist. ' : ^ "'• A FINE BERTH FOR SOMEBODY. New York Sun: It-is a.singular fact that ,ns far as'the records of the Navy Department show, thci'C has not been a single application'for'the command of. the' cruiser 'Brooklyn, which has just made a fast record for herself. Tills Is no.Indication, however, that the command of this crack cruiser is not looked upon in the navy as a'very de- .sirable post. There are usually &••:era! applications 'filed' for siich desirable billets as this, and there may be some prearranged plan in the. Navy Department'as to tlie'command of the Brooklyn which has discouraged applications. Perhaps some of the captains' .available for sea duty have made personal application to the. Secretary, of the Navy for tlie command of.this.ves- sel. ' Crtpt. Colby M.' Chisler,"wh'6"was detailed to'observe her trial trlp ; has been spoken'of as'a'likely candidate for the command, but until Secretary Herbert 'returns' nothing definite' Is 'likely to b'e known 1 about. It; Perhaps an"explanation of the apparent lack of riv- alry'for the command of the Brooklyn may be found in the fact thnt the eommandlng officer's .quarters 'in .her are less commodious tliari'In her.sister ship,'the' New 'York.' The., admiral's quarters on the Brooklyn : are elaborately arnrnged.'a's- Visitor's, to this, crack boat 'have'discovered 1 foVtliem.' V ; : Auction. ; sale ,of hcrjiseboid goods,, bo- glnninjj .Saturday, ..Sept^. 12th,., at 3J o'clock—the .household goods...of.- Mrs.! Micliacr's. 310 West Market;Str.eet;._wHt ,bc- sold"a(,pi]b]jc,a.iic't 1 lo.n. * .-. • • ..'.. '.,.'•' Drawings of All Kinds Made BYRON B. <i6J?DONA DraiigKtsman & Patent Attorney. Spiy Block. transport fly Ne\v Goods Are Uere. fore buying, and examine them be- AL. YOUNG, the TaHor. $100'-'REWARD; ?ioo/" The re'aaers'of tUIs .paper 'will be pleased to learn "that there.Is at least one dreaded 'disease 'that science"' has been able to cure in all Its stages and that Is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure ;'s the only positive cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrli being a constitutional disease,' requires a constitutional "treatment. 'Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,' acting directly upon ^he : blood and mucous surfaces of tbe .system;; thereby, deSr: :roylng the. foundation of the disease and giving the patient strength by building up the constitution and asslst- ug nature in doing its work. The proprietors have so much faith In.itsicnra-, ive powers', that they offerjOne.Hun- Ired pbllars for any .case: that. It falls o cure: Send; for. Ust:of;Testimonlals.. Address P. J..CHENEY & CO Toledo, Ohio. " ' Sold by Druggists, 75c. • i ELECTRIO TEMPERING. • While electric- heating has been pro- .viously applied to'the annealing of Harveyized armor plates bni account of the fact that great heat may be easily localized by this method It has •remained for a French firm to adopt electric heating to the annealing of steel bars, .the method employed being described in a paper read before., tlfe International Congress of Applied Chemistry. It consists in the use of * tube of refactory material, on which are-.wound coils of very fine platinum wire, through which current Ss passefl, •while the tube is caused to revolve.so as to distribute the beat evenly. The apparatus is arranged so as to throw, the steel which has been placed in the tube'quickly into .the tempering bath.. The particular advantage of electric •heatinff in this case Is that the heat , ••'can'be maintainiod absolutely, 'uniform even though temperatures as high..as 1,000- degrees Centigrade are . required, and that it Is as cheap,as a;. gas heater.'. ^. . p : . 0 -, -../.., •--

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