Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on April 7, 1929 · Page 63
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 63

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 7, 1929
Page 63
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aftlanti Ctitiune APRIL 7, 1929 M-3 GREAT FUTURE (The Hill Crescent .Ground Breaking Ceremony Today Showing architect' drawing of the- new temple being erected for Congregation Beth Abraham on Perry street between Jean and Crescent. The ground breaking ceremonies will be held today at 1 p. m. George E. Ellinger is tlje architect and B. Stuart Maclntvre is the contractor for the building. "This is the fourth unit in fhe Hill chain mtera of arwrtmmt rmilJimr. anA i Incnted at 77 Glen avenue. Oakland. Comfort and convenience are atsu red by genuine Frigidaire, Spark ranges, Wayne heat-ing v8tem. and Marshall Steams' close-a-door bed. , The apartment are open for inspection today. OPEN TODAY 5" -www vr- ". SUNDAY. HILL CRESCENTi APARTMENTS! formic REFRIGERATION A survey by the General Eleotrlo company reads: "In the United State today there re over 17 million homes wired ,for electricity and using electric labor eavlngr devices In some form or other. , "Approximately 4.3 per cent of these electrified homes are equipped with electric refrigerators. The Others are using either old. type re Irigerators and in some cases de pending on cool cellars or window boxes for food preservation. ' Few makeshift devices ever reach temperature below 50 degrees, Fahrenheit and therefore are not much better than leaving the milk or other perishable foods In the kitchen. Back porches and window boxes are often too cold or too warm. The growth of the bacteria o aestructful to foods is verv rapid at a temperature higher than . BO degrees Bacteriologists have traeed much of of the unhealth fulness resulting from the con sumption of tainted foods to Im proper refrigeration. It is estimated that $50,000,000 'Will be spent in 1928 for electrical devices in the western states alone.' The General Electric company manufacturer of electrical appliances, Including the new General Electric refrigerator, believes that the total sales for 1928 will be considerably in excess of any preceding year, according to C. K. Keller of I H. Bennett at 2112 Broadway, local distributor of General JElectric refrigerators. Everything points to a big year for electric refrigeration.' The way people are talngSo this means of food preservation surprises even the most optimistic of dealers. Here Is a Home that give more for the Money than any we have offered in years. Charming Living Room, two large, sunny Bedroom, Kitchen with the lateit -built-in fixtures. Covered front porch, garage and large work ahop. All com J AS . 1 l Made in Oakland., , i Used all nvr thp I world! 8 plete and modern. You mutt see this home to apprtelat all w are offering for to small a sum. TUNE IN ON KUC THURSDAY EVENING, B to 8:30 Hear Fred T. Wood Co, Program FRED T. WOOT CO., INC Tract Office, Damat Aveaae it Bererly Telcpkone Trinidad 2300 Main Offlrei Wot Franklin lh, Oafclaai Telephone Lakeside 0343 ' For all building, remodelling and refinancing purposes. i Liberal appraisals and the type of Joan best suited to your needs. Immediate action no delays toe have the authority to make the decisions. The Oakland Mortgage and. Finance Company. 1432 Franklin Street LOANS Oakland NSTALLED ILL 4 STUDPS Three apartement hous.i are scheduleaTto open In the Eastbay district this week end. Hill and Stoops, heating contractors and distributors of Wayne oil burning equipment report. These are the Collinsdaie at 1814 Central avenue In Alameda,, the Hill Crescent at 77 Glen avenue in Oakland and the Bonnie Brae at 1650 Oxford street In Berkeley. All of these are modern in conveniences and equipment, with electric refrigeration, steam heating and hot water systems.- "A notable fact," states Stoops; "is that all three, apartments have Installed Wdyne oil burners, a remarkable recognition of the merits of Wayne equipment. The device Is particularly quiet, and is entirely automatic in operation. By means of an Ingenious machanism the desired temperature In the apartment building is maintained within three degrees. If the temperature tends to rise, the burner cuts down or tthuts off entirely, un One of the Biggest Vtluet in Durant Manor EASY TERMS Lakeside 2866 m LOANS ManBg .unusaJ 1 'SJgvr til such time as the desired degree Is again reached, and then starts again automatically. The fuel cost,' using cheap oil, is thus still further reduced, for during much of the time the burner la not using any fuel at all. W.e keep a forking model of the Wayne at our display rooms, and all Interested are Invited' tb Inspect it."-. Hill Aid Stoops are 'located at 4214 Broadway, Oakland. Yardsticks To Be Made Here Th'e'Boorman Lumber Comnanv is adding another department to its already well-established business, which will provide for the manufacture of yardsticks made from oedar for advertising purposes have, in . the past been largely manufactured in the Eastern cities, and with the addition of thi feature to the already well-equipped plant of the Boorman Lumber Company, Pacific Coast firms employing this means of advertising may be served from Oakland. It is expected that Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles and the mountain states will be supplied from Oakland- - - B. J. Boorman Is president of ' mm, tvnicn is located ak-tVUqei cooi i uui vpcnin,flCTnyflOTaKlana.,- Mr. A. J. Flagg will (uil ami own a two-story 4 2-roorti Apartment house at 2447 -Montana street. The permit Is for J 2 5,000. X" Builders' Hardware 1 B. SIMON I HARDWARE CO. I K 7th and Broadway LAke. 7816 Hill Crescent Apts. 77 Glen Ave., Oakland HENRY G. HILL, Owner ONE, TWO and THREE-ROOM UNITS SUMPTUOUSLY FURNISHED Large rooms spacious closets- full tiled bathrooms and showers :steam heat hot laundiy-fireproof garages, gen-r iine Frigidaires, etc. Rear apts, facing beautiful gardens. One block to S. F. Trains. Inspection Invited Today CLOS-A-DOOR WALL BEDS The latest wall bed construction . permitting the door to close behind the bed. .Simple. Trouble-proof. See the genuine "Clos-A-Door" at MARSHALL & STEARNS CO. . ' .: - 'fnafnturr V mttalled in thm HSU Cr WALLPAPER for fa HILL CRESCENT from PACIFIC PAINT AND WALLPAPER CO. Special l tt tn Artlatla. Wallpapers 3439 E. I4TH ST. fRnitvaU 2597 - Fred R. Caldwell Managing director of the Oakland. Real Estate Board, and one of the best known fig-'iires in civic affairs of the East-bay. Accompanied by Mrs. Caldwell, he it making a brief 1ourresoinheTnrroFthe slate. "'" " ' BF,!,lpBMlfflil:llllS" L l- fr.- fit water electric 1 . ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION for the HILL CRESCENT APTS. DIMOND ELECTRIC CO. mmmmmmm i Tffit f Representing an Investment of approximately $130,000, the Hill Crescent apartments, fourth In the Hill chain, is open to Inspection today at 77 Glen avenue, Oakland. The exterior architecture borders on the oriental, with an ornate entrance in full marble and with door and lights in art glass, opening an- imposing lobby, richly deo-orated. There are thirty-six apartments of one, two and three rooms, with fireproof garage accommodation for about sixty autontoblles. Features particularly stressed by Hill are tho large living rooms and the ample closet, the full length mirrors, the full tiled showers, baths with tiled wainscoting, and vttrious china, fixtures. He also emphasizes the genuine Frigidaine In large two door cabinets, porcelain lined; Spark ranges. In color, with heat control and enamel-liired ovens; an, eloctrically equipped laundry, "clos-a-door" wall beds and a key syBtem by which a tenant requires only one key to open his aparment, the garage, the front door and his locker. Bachelor two and three room units are available. The furniture Is of excellent quality throughout, with heavy velour drapes, sateen lined, hung from twisted wrought-lron'rods. In the three or junior four room units, are three-piece chesterfield sets of mohair, writing desk, artistic Venetian mirrors, carved oblong tables, expensive lamps and shades. The large dinettes" have patented table which open automatically, and tapestry chairs of wnlnut to mattfh. The bedroom furniture Is also of walnut. In the tCo-room units the same quality furniture is found, though varied with mahogany, maple and walnut. Imported Roshden English wa?e is included with ach apartment. , . I The rear apartments overlook: some fine old gardens, beautifully, landscaped. ' Hill points out that in building an apartment, which Is to be maintained and operated by the original investor, it is.necessary that quality be not subordinated to the matter Olprlce-Oher un I ta-ln t he H 111 cha4n are contemplated for the near future. . . Farm Development Plan Held Essential "The management and development of farm property Is, In principle, the same thftt of any other business," said D. D. Watson, Brentwood realtor, In delivering an address bofore the farm lands conference of the California Real Estate association at Tracy. "It must be adequately financed and carefully planned to be successful. It l often said that when a farmer needs a plrtce of machinery he nays for It whether he buys It or not. So It is with the development of farm property. The farmer aften loses enough money In one year on account of not being able to get the proper returns from his prop ery, to pay for the entire cost ot development. This loss may come from poor planning, or Jnsurticient capital, or both. "The developer must ue hia knowledge and facilities; for definite planning before he jumps Into anyTxtenwve work. He muat plan what he Is going to do' if something goes wrong. He must have vinlon and b able to create men tal picture of his proposed pro ject and then have the ability and finances to put' the proposition over. "The development of farm land Is primarily to make that piece of land produce crops or more crops or produce crops more cheaply." f W ST 1 1. " . . w ers uimoic conveniences H i v "n omc or i 5 Apartment 100 Qoiflt, Fully Auto, g K X matlc. Low Operating Coftt. D yK 3 Inatnlled lr the S 2 Beat Ballilera. , I Oil Burner I O I Hill & Stoops H 4214 Broadway ALL MATTRESSES 8 for the Hia CRESCENT 8 APTS.- J 8 . were urnlsbed by tha - g Chai J. Braun I Mattress Co. Manufacturer -for ever Q forty yaara at 3 6699 San Pablo Ave, g OAKIANO 8 Plumbing & Htating for ih HILL CRESCENT APT$, by FRANK A. GOTTSTEIN '. Plumbing 6r Heating 226 EIGHTH ST. ' LAkuUU 0575 lKJiliiiMfelitelte lllllM jartpCf1nn"nH - imyJ, v.v ' At a recent banquet at the St. Francis hotel, given by Robert Wetnstbck, Inc., distributor ' for the Steinlte .Radio company,. 430 radio dealers were in attendance to see the initial presentation of theZS line of Stelnite radio re ceivers. The various models were shown. An announcement by the cp m rany states: "One of the paramount features regarding. the console models is the great, power tube, a 250, a . super-electric dynamio speaker and an exclusive feature known as the Stelnite Sensitizer, its purpose assures an equal amplification, on all points on the dial and maximum efficiency Irrespective of the length of the ariel. This Sensitizer is one of the latest Improvements in the manufacture of radio seta and was created In the Stelnife experimental laboratory. The receiver exhlb ited were demonstrated to have a sound range beyond the limits ot the human ear. George Welch of the engineering 'department outlined In his talk the latest development in radio re ception. O. R.- Coblentz, sales pro motion manager, introduced the new Steinlte merchandise shown for the, first tima on .the Pacific uoast. Drayage Service Adds Unit Finding it neceasary to further augment their facilities in order to keep abrcaHl; of the constant in-riunirlal growth , of Oakland, the Drayage. Servioe Corporation has constructed an additional unit to their present terminal system, according to word received today by out Trafflo Department, The expansion involve the establishment pt an additional ub-tatlon at Emeryville, and, a in the case of the other sub-stations, will be equipped with every type of vehicle suitable to tho merchants' and manufacturer needs. Terminal rates are applied to and from these stations, effecting; a saving in freight charges a a well am in time to the shipper. -You'll- Erijoy . i i 71 xt r.cr T 'J. 20 Minutes from the Lake VHa Eat Fourteenth to B2nd into , Oolf Links Road. Via Foothill Blvd. to 3nit Into Gd1 Link Road. -Via ExeelMlpr, IIop-. kins, Calaveran and Mountain Blvd. Via Foothill, Seminary and Mountain , Jjlvd. From Piedmont, Berkeley, ato, via Mnraga Road, Joaquin Miller Road an 4 Mountain Blvd. Furnishing! and ! fi TEMPLE Ground broking ceremonies will take place on Perry street, be tween Jean and Crescent at 1 p. m. today for the new temple being erected by Congregation Both Abraham. This building, is designed along classic lines and will be a monumental addition to the neighborhood. It will have a steel frame with extPflor brick iind-cast-stone I Si ii i ii i ii m win I II faiTan. auaHiaa Jj What did you pay for fuel-this Winter? 1 If your home was equipped with the super-economical Hydro-Oil Fire Burner your bill was less than one-half that of the home heated by gas, electricity or coal. . The prudent home owner or builder prepares now for next Fall and Winter by installing a Hydrp-Oil Firt Burner. , .-.: ",. You can buy today; on easy installments and have your. Hydro-Oil Fire Burner fully paid for whyi the cold season arrives. N j . . Hydro-Oil Fire Corporation's engineers are at your disposal and will cheerfully give you estimates. Next year enjoy the comforts of a home evenly heated at 70 degrees or more and cut your fuel bill in half. Working Model on Display at HYDRO - OIL CORPORATION 4814 BroadwayHUmboldt 7856 a distinctive English V in Beautiful . . . . OAK KNOLL HEART OF OAKLAND'S COCNTBV CLUB DISTKICT HERE, attfactively adapted to its hillside letting, jou will find open to your inspection one of the season's roost attractive new home-delight fully fur nihed and splendidly equipped in every detail. Located on a spacious corner at Cabrillo and Granada Avenues, in this popular and exclusive residential dis rict of Oakland, it is but a twenty-minute drive from Lake Merritt .just follow the arrows en Foothill and Mountain Boulevards. . : , E. B. FIELD GO 301 Thirteenth Street - , OAkland 1391 Equipment by Crezntr's, C- j-.ti . J4. ..r..: jr X walls. The building will be get back in line with existing buildings now on the street, and tha ground; will be landscaped to harmonize with existing properties in this yrl-clnlty. The building -will contain a temple ot 800 seating capacity, a study. large lobby, parlor, committee rooms, class rooms, day synagogue, j a large social hall with a well equipped stage and a large social hall with a well equipped stage and 'dressing rooms, and a fully equip ped kitchen. 1 - v. The president Of tne congregation is Lh E. Engleberg. Eugene Weiss Is the secretary, and 8. Qultt-man Is chairman of the building committee. George E. Bllinger la the architect, and B. Stuart Mac-Intyre the contractor. iA'iiaaj The Wise Home Owner HOUSE" Dwelling I I I 2100 HOPKJNS ST. ' FRuitvale 6161 r

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