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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 65

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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Oaklann Czibune 18. 1920 ACTIVITY All-Steel-and-Tile Home This all-steel and hollow tile hohref being built in St. James Wood. Piedmont, for L'Hommedieu Dunann. represents a distinct-departure in home construction in the Ess-bay.

The entire frame, from the concrete foundation to the roof rafters in the cupola, is of rolled steel, bolted and not riveted. The lower floor will be hardwood laid on a concrete alab supported by steel beams. The walls of double tile, and the ceiling of plaster on steel laths attached to steel beams complete the-Class A construction of this umau home. i Nearing Completion Beautiful residence of 41 Eucalyptus road. Cla remont.

which is to be occupied by Mr. and. Mrs. Douelas Dacre Stone. Stone is one.

of the best known architects of the San Francisco bay region. ESTATE TIT "I SUNDAY NEW JOHNSON! KB IS IN MUCH DEMAND The 8. T. Johnson Co. announces that their new electrically ignited full automatic oil burner, designed for use in apartments and Residents of Oakland showed their decided approval of the City's new country club community week.

Keen Interest wag shown In the opening of Fairway Estates, It is i reported. The announcement reads: 1 ''This distinctive new residential community, situated In Oak Knoll. 6 midway between the Oak Knoll Country club and the Sequoyah other types of public buildings, have, been recently, listed, and ap proved to burn the cheaper grades Ik-" 0 ICf jfiraTtiT' nit ifBB of fuel oil. by the underwlters Laboratories, an organization established arid maintained by the National Board of Fire Underwriters. N.

W. Wilson, district manager of the S. T. Johnson with headquarters at the company's downtown display room, which is conveniently located at 2100. Broadway, states that the new Johnson electrically ignited automatic oil Country club, has attracted many 0 visitors, and has experienced un-; usual selling activity during the 1 week which it has been offered to the public.

"Fairway Estates Is -in the heart ef' the country club district and consists of a group of estates with building; sites of generous size, lni-' prtivement and carefully-drawn restrictions. Oakland 1 posseses many fine residential dls-1 trlcts, a group of country club es-! Mies such as this is a decided Innovation." 1 In speaking of the public Inter-' est In Fairway Estates, the Oak Knoll Land corporation stated: We attribute the immediate public acceptance of Fairway Es- burners have already demonstrated their ability to give economical, trouble-free, enduring satisfaction, as result of rigid operating tests conducted by the company's engineering staff, long before and while the new burners were under test at the Underwriters' Laboratories. For more than 23 years the Si. Johnson Co; has been successfully engaged in the exclusive manufacture of oil burning equipment to meet the heatlnr and power needs 4 i ma ii imp' -4J? tates and the present sales activity to the fact that this exclusive new of nil types of buildings, from the smallest residence to largest com- I residential community fills a Ions merclal building or Industrial plant. In Fairway Estates felt need for Eastbay residents.

It provides the outdoor freedom, opportunities for recreation and the Lreat Dunne interent tr.t.i.. .1.. i i i MAS if itiuis. The dependability of Johnson oil burners Is best proven by tb scores i of thousands of satisfied users, plus the fact that Johnson- oil burners were awarded the gold medal ft) social advantages or a country ciud estate combined with the conveniences of being located within tho i ii me rcsiuenuai aeveiopmeni uak Knoll, near th Ok Knoll and Sequovah Coun'rv cluhs. -i-? NEW HOME DF DOUGLAS STONE i Explains New Burner N.

D. WILSON. District Manager of the S. T. Johnson explaining the economical and the dependable performance of the new electrically ignited automatic Johnson oil burner by means' of a cut-away model, now on display at the company's down town display room, conveniently located at 2100 Broadway, opposite the Key Route Inn.

rltv limits. Fairway Estates is only 20 minutes from the heart of the Oakland business Ulsirict. "Another reason Is the beautiful telling of Fairway Estates over the Philadelphia Sesqul-Centennlal International Exposition, for excellence of workmanship and completeness of design. "In continued Wlleon. "the announcement of the new, electrically Ignited burner has brought an avalanche of orders for the burners looking the Oak Knoll Country club and golf course and with a irtatchless view of wooded hills, the harbor, the bay cities and the The new residence of Mrs.

Douglas Pacre Stone, 41 Eucalyptus Road, Claremont, is rapidly near-ing completion. A description of the beautiful home reads: "The Informal Cotswold English architecture of the house fits perfectly Into the unusually picturesque setting, rich In trees and interesting rocks. "A winding driveway leads to the entrance court and garages. "All the brick used in the gables. to be Installed iri the newer homes, apartments and public buildings throughout the entire nation.

Home of the Oakland homes and apartments to be equipped with this burner are the J. Walker residence, 80 Lakevlew avenue, Piedmont, Herman Goelltz residence, 11 High Gate road, Berkeley; j. Camerlo residence on Ross' Circle, and George Friend in Arlington Heights, Oakland. Also the Bellevlew Gar-den Apartments, San Leandro, the Evans apartments. 609 Athol street, Oakland, and the Anna Held school I walls and walks were taken from I the old Kt.

Mary's college, where weather and old mortar have add-ed their artistic touch. ri Golden Gate. "One of the Important realty transactions of the week was the purchase by A. HerrllJ of a beautiful 11 -room Spanish home on Culandrla avenue. This property valued at approximately $30,000 will, with the completion of the landscaping, be one of the most beautiful homes In the EaBtbsy.

"An attractive feature of thfi home is a large living room 18 feet by 25 feet with a heuvy beamed celling, carved doors and heavy oak-planked floors. An e'e-yated music room overlooking the living room lends a touch of spa-clous dignity. In the home are three bedrooms, including a master's bedroom with a fireplace. In the basement are a billiard room end maid's quarters. Tho living room, dining room and bedrooms are equipped with telephone connections and radio plugs." i7 kOmm riacn oeam in the heavily celling of the house has been i -C'V 1 hand adzed atid antiqued, and Is solid to give the appearance of Old England.

"The living room has a twenty- foot celling supported -by open i -English trusses, all heavily adzed and antiqued. swimming pool, located at 253U Channlng way, Berkeley. Long Term Lease Prospects Told "The realtor who studies nomlc factors In his community and comes to the realization of the community's trend of develonmeu. can do much to increase his own business and to build un his com munity by studying the ninety-nine "The contractor for the house was F. Roy Greenleaf Son.

Douglas Dacre Stone, the architect, has combined with the beauty of the antique, every possible convenience of the last minute. Incinerator, electric refrigeration, electric stove, oil furnace and linen chute direct to laundry room. "The view from the house Is un-urpassed. A complete sweep of -he bay is given from almost every room in the house." Douglas Dacre Stone hag recently been obliged to enlarge his office space and now has almost the entire 4th floor of the Great Western Power building at 17th and year lease type of holding," says W. L.

Pollard, chairman of the cltv REALTY LiS 111 OLD DAYS tMU plan committee of -the California Real Estate association. The ninety-nine year lease must be predicated on a use value. The lessee must see a reasonable op another use In the community, thgs adding to the value of adjacent property. He who plans the proper development of a prominent Inter- portunity to put the property to make much use of this type of holding not only to Increase his own business but to increase the general value of all property adjacent to his holdings." ubc. Therefore, the signing of such a lease means another buildlng or i section, or of a small town, can Realtors to Entertain VPeople who thlnfe AJib ln dependence of women Is something niw will bs Interested.

to that women could own property In, Carol "Wills Store View in the downstairs shop of the Carol Wills Store at 1531 Broadway. The store features the Enna Jettick Health Shoes for. Western Delegates The twenty-fifth annual conven their own right two thousand years go In the Grecian city of Gortyna tion of the California Ileal Estate association to be held In San Diego. 'women anrl misses. net.

I. P. I hK I KAY. October 8-11, will be more than a silver Jubilee reunion of California realtors, for It will be the occasion of cementing ties of friendship be the island or says the National Association of Ileal Estate Jioards In Its weekly article on subjects having to do wjth tlie Mnd. The convpyanelnftV of: firoperty had well defined rules for (he protection of property rwner In the laws of all the an-lent legal systems In the world, points out the association.

The association quotes on this Q-he Daily tweeh this state, the Pacific southwest and the Pacific northwest. Invitation to attend has been extended to realtors of Arizona and lit i 1 1 'r I the Pacific northwest states, Ore i gon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia. ib.fect Dr. John. Henry Wlgmore, I Revue I frank A.

Jefferson, secrctn.rv of me Phoenix Heal Hoard has. written that at leant twedty- professor or law at Northwestern University, Chicago, acknowledged authority on legal contracts, who tias JuKt published a three volume book entllled "A Panorama of the IVorld's Le'ral K.vsten f)r. Wlg- nvc j-noenix realtors with their wives will form a motorcade to San inego. A number of Portland and Seattle realtors have also signified man pll! inetr intention to attend the con ventlon, according to T. W.

Zim tnore spent ten venrs on this work, lie first of its kind to be attempted. The longest rent entate deed In merman of Portland, Or.egon. Doth i.iiiuornla and the Pacific -North the world, recently discovered, Is west associations are sponsoring iii it Aid s. ine claims or Phoenix for tho 19311 midwinter meeting of tho National mm Mail Association of Real F.state Boards. Another feature of the realtors' convention will he the presence of governors of neighboring: states.

C. Written In Arabic and dates from the HOO's, says Dr. Wigmore In his chapters on the Islamic or Mohammedan Legal'' System. This 0ed, which established a trust in favor of the grantor's heirs and freedmcn, Is in the Khedlvlal (Royal) library at Cairo. "Conveyancing of property In the Islamic system reached a development well comparable with that of She modern Anglican system, not nnly in the standard forms but aim -young, governor of California: I'VS.

Balzar, governor of Nevada; John Phillips, governor of Arizona; It I Hiia Aoeriarao notirlguez, governor H' Paris -Chanelpdisplays a chic gown with an Wv uneven hem line, or Lanvin introduces a smart sheath or tiaja caitrornia. have been In vltcd to be guests of honor. i ii ii i tin. jj i tit a ii tn the, technical concepts." says Dr. ,1 JVIgmore.

"The 'wakuf or trust exhibits the remarkable Many Visitors. From creation. in a flash, an electric impulse is sent to the World's fashion centers, and the leading merchants behold in pictorial form the style lines that make this frock a sensation. South to Dairy Show Southern California will send a record number of visitors to Oak land during the ninth annual Pa uimiMci or mp yrau tninit-ra. In 'wauf they Invented legal concept which equals, If not excels.

In originality and practical utility, the Anglican trust; It somblnes the Ideas of trust, family entail, and charitable foundation. The grantor transfers the bare legal title to and appoints elfb; KUiVet Dairy show here, No Interest Shown in Sunset Mausoleum Tho selling of additional Im vember to Z2, according to Robert Jones, secretary-manager of tho show assoclatioh. State Ranks Third in Zoned Municipalities More than 37,000,000 people, residing In 754 cities, towns and vil Organization of1 the Los Angeles Oakland the merchants, who cater to the woman who would be smartly clad, have received this telegraphic message and in a. few days they parade' this new creation in fashions before your very eyes --in their advertisements in the columns of the TRIBUNE. county regional dairy show' com ported marble' in Sunset Mauso WW' I vt mlttee has.

just- been completed, and 190 memberships have been lages, coniprls-lng three-fifths of leum adds to the beauty and dig taken in the show association Jones states. So far, this Is the administrator to manage the property for the beneficiary; thus there are four parties to the trnns- action. This expedient lias proved SO flexible and so popiilnr that in the Ottoman empire three-fourths of the city lands were held by this tenure." FlI.IXG-DKF.nS IX A. D. 718 l( The oldest private instruments In Europe north of Italv are at the monastery of Kt.

Gull. These deeds largest group to join the assocla tlon In a body. Members of the Los 1 Angeles county show committee are K. Carver, C. L.

Damron, B. A. Boyle, George II. Piatt, C. E.

Wlnkley, t. w. stronuioff, 10. T. Sullivan John Luchslnger, all of Los Angeles: .1.

Bechler, Long Beach; H. Jackson. Venice, and W. Kanney, Santa Ana. in Oakland the Pacific Coast America At TRIBUNE, you Im a in ifupct Hua achieved eontmimMt Jiittiwrion or of iki oumtmding mwstapen in America In Oakland the busy housewife and the absorbed business woman can not only keep herself in touch with the world events, but-also keep her fingers'on the pulse of fashion through a careful reading of Oakland merchants' advertisements.

Innovations in Milady's wardrobe are presented to you in the pages of the TRIBUNE at the same time that they are being shown to your friends in Chicago' and New. York. tho urban population of the United Slates, now huve tho protection afforded by zoning regulations, according to the results of a survey by the division of building and housing of the department of commerce. New York leads in the number of jconed municipalities, having total of 131; New Jersey is feeond with SI, and California, third with 73. Zoned municipalities in California Include: Alameda, Altailena, Albany, Ana-helm, Arcadia, Bakersf leld, 'llerkelcy, lleverly Hills, ISurbank.

Callptitrla, Chula Vista, t'omplon, Curoiiado, Culver City, Daly City, City. Delano, limeryvllle. Kxeter, Fresno, llollydale. Inglewood, Lindsay, Long Deacli, Los Angeles, Los Angeles county, Los Gatos, May- nity nf the community niomnijlal In the llerkelcy hills, facing the (iohlen (inte. The art glass windows, (hat been put Into place, give furl her evidence of tho perfect appointments.

Interest of the jailors Is pow attracted ui Hie snjid of marble tliat. are being set In th main corridor, of Lawn Terrace. The marble jdairwav, with lis skylights of marble, leading from Terrace to Lawn Terrace, Is very Impressive. Among the Interesting features In Sunset Mausoleum are the distinctive tlc'-hins created in the artistic in- ug of the marble. In one of panelled nidus In t'lUhcdr (s perfect outline of a ciuaint old lady.

This marble Is Kseallette that comes from France. Sunset 'Mansotetim Is open for public Inspeeilon everv day in the year, including Siincla'vs. 1 Local Display Pi If ilKaimoon fiflcf the TRIBUNE ui 5 Real Estate Directors Inspect Lumber Plant lulwi tnt gimtest wlumg (jxttl DupUty aBxtrtuinf ,) any iwupjvf Vt'f fa tact, tht tenth niuti ic oate no further back than the TOO's, so a deed executed In Jnpan ii In August, A. 1 is nisldered Oulte antique. The deed states that this la residential properiv and bus on it two houses; it gives the exact Ipcatlon of the properly and fur-f ther states that the papers have fceen filed In the office of record.

1 In China during the Ming slynasty about A. D. 1 400 the mln-- Jster Lung' Lo framed a new gi n- code and on this code was founded that of the next Manchu dynasty, the some two cen-: turles later. This Ta Tslng Lu Li i or code of Tslng became law about 3V. D.

1660, and endured until the Involution of A. D. 1912. SYSTEM IX IIIXA, The Torrens method of reelsUr- dr Total AtiWnuinf One of the largest meetings ever held by the board of directors of the Cullfornla Real Estate Association, has just closed at Eureka, mank making a vacation outing of the trip through the Redwood Ithth exception of the Los AnWrt Tim J-hihinj trW gnatat vdumt ouJtmuinjt tfit uvrU in and the Las Angela Examiner. fit QAKIAND TRIBUNE cflfftft mure atfttfTtjimjf ffuin any other morning ur uut-'noon ncmt ftiprr on uft the Pacific Qist the tixteenth greatest iolum in Amcuit In Oakland- you will-learn of fashion's dictates instantly anff with authority, and experience a greater selection of style ideas-by following closely-day by day the fashion revue in the TRIBUNE.

more and lis made Tim field, Monrovia, Monterey, Oakland, (iceanslde, Urovllle, 1'aciflc Grove, I'alo Alio, I'asadcna, J'etaluma, lMedmont, Pittsburg, i'omona, Ke-dnndo Keaeh, Kedland.s, Redwood City, iteediey, lllchniond. Kivet-slde, Sacramento, Salinas, San Itruno. San Kuennvontura, San l.c-nidro. Marino, San San Rafael. Santa Ana.

stnsation In the learned world. was about thirty ffeet long in lis i-iginal form: the broken pieces now scatteied peveral museum. The -first paragraphs (f this law deal ullli freedom and slavery: the later parai-iaphs deal ebb fly with the Ihg title to land (Instead of merely recording deeds) though new in t-hls country, has been In force In China for at least 1S0 years. livery i'hlnese land own has his official certificate of title which is Indisputable. The oldest fjreek s'atute now comes from the Island of L're'.

This is the law of lh cltv i A lalCtlltM ttM4 WH mtr firm Aiwrnwi Santa Hai bara. Santa Clara. Santa The gathered at Jlartsook Inn Thursday evening, August 8, leaving there early Friday morning for a motor trip to Scotia, where the Pacific Lumber company plant was visited. Arriving in Eureka that-evening, the delegates held inner-business meeting, with reports of the chairmen and vice-presidents being heard, discission of daylight saving, a land show, a proposed achievement week and election of boards and directors also occupying attention. On Saturday, after a morning business session, the Realtors visited the Pacific Lumber company logging camp, where they observed the logging operations.

The lumber trips were worked out With company officials. 1 Santa. Monica, Selma. Sierra jMadre. South rasadena, South San Francisco, s'tnekton.

Sunnyvale. im-rance, Venice, Vlsallu, ctt Hollywood, hitlier. a nee of property. These laws show that more, tiinn two thousand years 'nj: women in this L'retean city could own nop-erty. Moreover, the law provided that a husband could not sell or mortgage his wife's property, nor could a son dispose of his mothcr'a property Of Gortyna, dating from prhnof 'C.

C. 400. This th largest fragment of an'-(reek law. came to light less than fifty years ago: for the stones on which it was "chicled had been barled for two thousand years or Service between Czechoslovakia and Switzerland was recently extended to Include all sections of both countries..

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