Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 17, 1952 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 17, 1952
Page 7
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HOM IfA*, ARKANSAS , Sepftmbdr P f>/ ©CIETY M4I1 Ittw*** f A, M. •M 4 P. M. f" iar ^ .lumber If thn Jim .-_ WHI bo held I fludlim-lum on «t t o'clock- ,m Roliori 820 0. E. R, hurnday night for o ma Mitt Mery A'ie« 10 W«rt Howard Button Mr- »»d Mm, CVell thl* eHy thp engi»*«m«fU nnd nppronchlnK mnrrlnge nf their r, Mary Alice, to Howard iwm of Mf. and Mr», tt, K, fcilftm of Blpvlnn, th» woadlng will *«• «n #v*nt of Novombor 2,1 m <hp Oarrelt M«» nvirfnl Hnptfut Church, Ifop*. Mi** rtOjg#r# I* n inSI of Ilnpft High ttohfxtl. Mr. Button IN n rnOrnbwr of the I (WO graduating uf Hlovlnn Hlfih Hchool and tho •Unlvcrfllly nt Arkun- D. S. Evan* Honored on Birthday Qund*y Mm, tt K, Kvans honored tor, hunhnml with o birthday dinner Kimtlny [>t thojr home on South Klin- ThoR» presont wcrn: T, £; Olb- «on, Mr. find Mrs. Tommio aib*on wnd sunn, Tiiomnti und Kenneth, of Hitth J£lUn Gibson of UI 21, at a (In tho fidullit Sunday room iof tho bo the Junior held 10, lit Hall. A full numi- i,* Plans for thp rodett Wfili tl« Rock, Mr and Mrs, Arthur Ulljson und children, Linda and ndly, Ml«s Molly Piumley, >'rnnk Kv«n», Mr, and Mr*, H, C. Jilgk- son of Hope, Mr, Mr« Jerry . Thompson nnd children Oonovii and Doiuild, of Prevcnit, nnd Mr». Mnrlo Front and children ot llopw, iCth District Matting of Amerloxn L«Qion AuKlllary Held The 12th District of the Amert- eon Mglon Auxiliary held their foil conftn-fineo In DoQuoon Tucs» day; September 10, with M«'«. IS 0, Wln^fldd, Mi% C. P. Tolleson, Mrs, Krank Ilujseil, Mm. Joe Hnd Mrs, 12, A, Morsnnl Ike to thl» |>(i«f On* »t 2 Irt I to Mrwoln County. fo* both ticket* will cnnM . 'from ftt«t#* RKtHC-f* 17 p*f pent of th<- 1MB vou- but hav* no place to «n ihl* year. Mont of the Rlnti>» Right* »up- port l« txpmted to "ml HK way Into th* OOP column. of rd Horn who contri- btilffd tft the Associated PrM* »ur- vox w which th»nc> fl«ur*» »r*> ItUMjd «ubmllUKl **timat«« only on hi* county, Their Individual per- c»nl*g* estimates wi-ru combined Into I *tflt»-wld» figure b«*«d on th# total vote caul In i«nch county in 1040. All of them wfiro described n» "educated giifliMMi," Only a few editor* h»v* conducted straw poll* In thif traditionally Democratic Mntfl And rionn of theso pitted Stpvpnuon against Elsenhower. Tfwy w«re confined to Democrat vn Hcpubllcon in moot COUCH, Moot of the (toyrnfttrfi were qual too, will) a warning thot DOROTHY DIX Soldier Won't Write MlM DIx: A Httl* ovrr a par ago I *ald goodbye Ui • gold. ler friend who wa* going We corresponded, gradually at first, then later writing quite frequently, Ha asked me not to write anyone el»e. A few month* ago hit letter* ceaicd. but 1 kept on writing tyr awhile, then became diicouraged and * topped, I made one loot try, which he answered with tltc cxctixe that he had gone on a big drinking apree and was too nshumcd to write me. Our cor- renpondcnce wa* resumed, but It linn now been a month since 1 hoard from him. Should I continue writing him even though 1 get no e*pon»e? E. V. Indian Gal Wants Job on Dude Ranch let, she should mtt rashly promise to fetUlct her rnnil to him only. Far wiser to huv<,« n few rom.-s-i FORT WORTH (UP)—A blonde. pondenU and to wait coming* before settling "going steady" routine. Gov. N*W «. Smith of V A check yesterday corivlrtc . »• • . the girls were not tee a genuine "boss ranch". Johnson found her a job on a 1,200 acre ranch 80 miles west ofj Fort Worth. She started to work •°""? c - „ , -, . .'.-,' Sunday, but yesterday the ranch's! ^on " an \ DnVI ?' a do , P " ty , owner. K. K. Bnwen, derided m'" f - •»«*•«>«» her story of being HO to Denver, Colo., nnd IIP returned Kim to the .salvation army here. Kim's story, tnld in the Pidgin for homc-j blue-eyed girl who said she was an ."„"" ', m ' ",' '" . l " e ™ Rln , down to a "Albino Iroquois Indian" wa* back f'™,''* h fam Iinr lo fo "°* c " ? f i M western movies, aroused doubts in i several quarters. First Connecticut i member of an albino tribe fro tin wilds of New York state did add up. I in Kort Worth today making plans — ----- j f ()| . a ncw j O |j on n dude ranch. Dtar Ml»j DIx: For two ycnrsj Vnlam u 1 ank a s i tcUmamutsa I went »tp»dy with n wry fine' '"Just call mo Klm"t appeared boy. We broke up bcrmw we both ! undaunted by the report of a pale wanted to go with other people. I know now that [ like him best. lhln«s can change drastically be- twoim now nnd M<v. 4, 'Tills change If It develops Is expected to benefit Utcvenson and the Democrats lid tho Illinois governor becomes belter known and hln stands on various lisuei more definite. JCiienhowttr appears to draw his support in all of the counties from <1) his personal popularity and <2> a slowly spreading desire for a change In political leodershp— ri "throw the rascals out" snntlmont l hi; way Editor Hoy Caldwell of the Murluna it. Courier-I n d c Mrffc, 'It THURS, ''V*i ' 'TO THE The dtnte prcMklwnt, Mrs, Merrill of Mspfheo, Ark., the mltln-B.s tuut Mrs, Clnra Coomlji) ot Link' nock gave a lulk on monibui'shli), Mr«. J5U B«n- rw.lt iif Llttlo ftdiik wlin 8tipervl»«ii Iho rmtklnn of tin* pnuploo at Ft Hoat lutl tlin (liiniuiislyn un, popploit Mrn, J. !<!. ,l»iiu»|h, DuQiu-pn, vnll cil (h>« mi'i'UiiK to ortUM' ntiU Men. Dick Ituitch hud chui'uo of rvwU tifilton, Mr«. C5. W. li'i*hor, »f. QUiM>n, I'.Hh DlMtrk-t pnmldunt (Hincluytcil thv nuiollng with Mr» ,1, C, Anu.lU, DfQiiei,'n, UH nctluit Coml,nq pnd Going Mr. ftiul Mrs. M. E, Yarrow and fnmlly nf AUu.'iiH, T0xua, sp«nt Uuv wtokond with Mrs, Ynrr(iw'i< mother, Mm. Jennie; MoKntbHh, They tofi Mumluy for Bt. Luulf w|iert< Mr. Ynrrow will «nU'r Urn- ilwlinlii mul Mrs. Yurrnw, rt. N... will Ktudy nnt'Ntlicslu tit and want to go buck to him. Mother objects because casionally, and he he drinks oc- bus n violent face deputy sheriff that her story am 15. It. A. A. Answer: Regardless of how mature you think you look nnd act, you are being a very, very foolish child. This boy certainly Is no tit companion for you or any other nice girl. Follow your mother's udvlce to the letter. Anything else will lead you into very serious trouble. Mr. nnd Mrn, Cloorae Uodds of Hobbs, Now Moslco, ure vbjitlnu und friend)) In llopv. Hospital Notes I ! ior EM .. Mrs. Enrl Brown or \\Utiitnl Poll). Brunch Atimltled; llopo, IU. 1, ilexlcr, Hope. , • Mr. «nd Mrs, William Polmlwt- ter of Hope, announce U»e ot n bab,v «lrl on 'Sept. 17, Clubs J'S Mrs, Hoy Bukor wa* hostvim to the Hnlun- Homo Demonntrntion Cluli Thursday evening, Hsptoni- U«r II, ot hoc homo on Weut Ave>UH) U. The pi'a«ld*nt, Mrs, T. B, Numerous editor* pointed to re- MilU of the rocttnt Btiito Democrat io primarfca in nupport of thl* theme. Clov. Std McMath watt dofeatcc In hi* bid for a third term and third, wero upnet* uplenty In Coun ty ruceM all over Arkansus. In St Froncl* County, for Instance every official who had opposition wun defeated — Including a four torm sbflrlff. .Sti'venson'd *lrnngth, on the oth «r hand, lies principally with thos who do nut want a chanuo — -KOV 'worker*, farmers labor, i if thi> DiTimcriilic notni nitc'n bluj'i'Ht buHiilioii'i in Arlifir: nnn in n noticeable forlinit UuU li IH a Truman<plck«d eandldiid 1 Many nn editor who predicted fot'lliiH of "UlHgunt with thu pri'HOM tidmlnlxtratlon" or a "definite uni Trumnn sentiment." "Tho final outcome In ilils cotin ty (Btint(in), will dvpund lamely upon how completely Stevenson dlnHHSoeliite» hlmsi'lf from thi> Ti'Uin»n policies," wroto KUItnr Kver»tt Puto of tho Roitvrg Daily N«fw». Many n nedltor who prodlcled » StiWDftHOtt victory In hltt own coun ty Intends to vote for RlHenhuwo* 1 Amontf them tii'c Publisher C,M YmiitH uf tho lloicnn World, whn ll'inks the Democratic nominee will rwcelvo (H) per e»mt of the Phillips County vote from "Negroes, v/hlte labor, dyed-ln-tliw-wool Dem- oerats and those who do not think iui tht'iuNi-lvoH" and J. Q. Mahaf- l«y of tho Toxarknnn Nesvs and OnzeUo, JJon't lot anyone tell you that the traditional abhorrunco of the Ho- publloafi Party In tlie South \s not •till lien,-," Mnhaffey said. "The Democrftts have heaped Hoover on top of the Civil War. Ftdvral worker* will vote for Ste- veimon, Negroes will vote- for Stevenson, union labor-will vote for him, Farmer* will vote for him. I'm not going to vote tor him but 1 can't sue how ho can lose." Muhnffity expects the Democrats to re<?»lv# TO per cent of the vote In Kin Tt>x«s Border county. Muhuffey also sumnu'd up the for a mojority uf tho estl An»wer: Tlie problem of eorrcs- out him. Should I try to forgot jondencc with oversea* service- hlm (l don>t thlnk ' on "' f "'' "r nen loom* lame In the lives of " nould * «° wilh him sferetly? I nnny girl*. In general, t suggest hat unlcn* an indication Is given hat the hoy wishes to discontinue writing altogether, It i* better for ho girl to take a chance and con- Inue n*w»y, friendly letter*, thuti- Kh on a IOB* frequent ba«l*. There ore so many reasons why he boys might taper off a corres- jondenee, and since letters from lome are so very important to hem, It is much better to risk sending mall that might not be answered than it Is to let th<< )<>y» down. Don't Got Involved It would, of course, be very un- Wise of you, or any other girl glm ilarly situated, to become emotion ally involved with n boy who writes so spasmodically. Regard him only a* a friend, and don't expect too much of him while ho'g away, or build rosy dream* about a future when he returns. Boys in service need every bit of home backing they can got, but it should not be given »t tho rink of a girl's heartache. Ax u new life opens tor the young men, they very often changv in.their feelings toward the lassies on the home front. Hence, unless a girl is engaited to, or deeply in hive with, her sweetheart in serv- sounded "as phony as a $3 bill. Kim showed up In these parts Friday. Officers picked her up as she tried to signal an automobile temper. He has triml to hit me! ride. They brought her to the when he was mad, and my mother i Salvation Army. She told Maj. Wll- knows It, but I'm not happy svllh- Ham T. Johnson of the Salvation Army she had come to Texas to Dear Miss Dix: I nm a sirl of 15, living with my parents who are very good to me. I nm very nervous and don't know why. i\ M. Answer: You should be under the care of n good doctor. Tell your mother frankly how yu foci, and have h,cr arrange an appmt ment with your family physician. Dear Miss DIx: 1 wns Steady with ti boy for two months; how he says he loves another girl. I don't wont to let him go so easily S. M. Answer: There's nothing ulsc you can do. Accept defeat Krare- fully, und find another buy. Then; ure lots of them around. Released by Tho Bull Syndicate Inc. a, pniyor nnd the UavoUwml wan Ulvtu by tho lio«Um. Mrs. Unit) Uu> OKI of tbo lust m««t- and nttw buiiiuciiti was , T|)« vlub votod to make aluminum U'aytf tit tb,8 iipxt in««iUi>4 ( a motion WBH 4nati» for *«cix M can ul foi%1 id tho Crippled ClvildrW* Home. Th« »urprl*u waukjjgtt was won by Mra. OrviUe StBftdmou, Mr», J. \V, wort nt-r two vi»i- which ved (M tors, Mrs Burns Cvu'tls, anil VMMMi, up tir». Viulu Uluek- Tht> balance Of political power In ArkanW still remains with the farm propitiation despite an Utcreas ing Iudu8triumu>tion in the citie and town*. Editor Kills Huff of thu Jackson County Democrat:at Newport, prc dieting Stovenson will reap 80 pet cunt of the billot harvest in his county, described It htis way: "Thfiy,.9«|i,t«]|t-.i|U.lh»y wont to Uul wh»i> Wuty «e to the poll» thej wl|l rememUef iho hard times of th« JittO'n »nd wilt vote the induction tuny b* *« wwctt And W, M, Oourtuay. editor uf the Wynne Pro|rt»«i hi Cross Conn ty sold; (Ann wunstdi»atUu> through OCX? FHA, PMA, etc., and it In afraid H will k)» tftHen away," The consensus f)«ur«a are at talk iii man) )U)w«r — not R»i)Ubllc«ui throughout tbt «t»t», thtt any talk Tito Takes P«ie On» Mw, Tito l» About M ycar« old tit« Is TO, few diMails u| the i»vajL»We. Atttr repeated «t eniws t» (ur««r Mmttfy ih« mar. «hal's wlf«. th« onJiy word o«jei» ly W*« tot »I||«, JOVWik* Bro* fe ttw nxar^al's w«»>. ft wa* <U*elo«#4 &K w#sW*»g took in wwto «m» but w»* kept way t Ha'» ttr«t public r*. *t«»t u». . W W«« A ol HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Main 4 Country Club rd. WED. & THURS. "LOUISA" , with RONALD REAGAN CHARLES COBURN RUTH HUSSEY stnte police 1 decided she might bej a 10-year-old runaway from a girls ; camp. i The girl thye sought was Connie! Smith, n granddaughter of former' ASPIRIN AT ITS BEST StJbsepa ASPIRIN*^ ^ WORLD'S LARGEST SELLER A110( You're Invited to Attend the Formal Opening of ... DRAKE S CAFE 118 East 3rd (Formerly the Unique Cafe) Thursday, Sept. 18th Completely remodeled, redecorated and air-conditioned for your comfort. You'll enjoy delicious foods prepared the way you like them. COFFEE DONUTS and COFFEE CAKE ALL DAY THURSDAY FREE MEET YOUR FRIENDS THURSDAY AT ... DRAKE S CAFE Mr. and Mrs. Cordes Drake Would Change Continued from Paso One fur those people. re(;ardlo8H of po litivill pnrly, who have u "foolish dri-am of spinning thu clock bnck U, days when organi/cd labor wns u huddled, almost helpless muss." "Hut II Is not only the employer who can exploit workers," he said. "Con labor have forgotten the extraordinary proposal of tho present administration fo dealing with u theati'iiud railroad strike? "It was thu demand from the hr.ad of the Democrat party that the striken; bo drafted into thu at my." Klsonhowor arrived In New York as! nlitht by chartered plane from it. Paul, Minn., after two days ot tir-pluttorm appearances In Indiana. Illinois and Minnesota. He thinned to fly to Molliu:, III., to- lijllit to rejoin big IB-car special campaign train. Before leaving St. Paul, the gen- i'ul spent 20 minutes in confer- nee with Gov. Sherman Adams of Mew Hampshire and Arthur Summerfield, his two top campaign advisors, and Gov. Walter J. Kohler Jr., ot Wisconsin. They were said have discussed the possltility of u campaign swing intu Wisconsin, where Sen. Joseph R. MCarthy Is seuklng re-election on the GOP ticket. Outcome of the huddle on the Wisconsin question was not dis- lusi.'d. Elsenhower spent most of ills flight eastward in a forward, compartment of his plane with Adams, Summerfleld and Gallic! Haugc, ono of his top speech writers. It Is believed that China had Its first windmills before the year one and that Europe's first windmills appeared In the IJui century. About 75 per cent of U, S. f»m illes own life insurance of soi)i* kind. i'lt d through Dahnatia arid Croatia. Tito's first wife was a jtusslpn whom he married while living in Russia during tho Bolshevik revolution in 1017. Details of the mar- of Modern never have been disclosed Uut the wif» was Known to have died in Russia later, leaving Tito his elder son, Zarko. Tito's second wife, llerts, was a Slovene and a wartime partisan fighter against the Nazis. f Jo»ic- can be seen now at LaKewood in the Parade of Homes. K. E. N. Cole, Jr. Architect A. I. A. Paul Spikes, Builder See tin's home illustrated above? It's equipped entirely with every modern gas convenfer.re. See for yourself the exciting SERVEL All - Year Air Conditioning, the automatic waist-high oven and separate top burners, the auto- I nwtic water heater, the automatic clothes dryer, and the automatic 'SERVEL refrigerator with a deep-freeze compartment. , ' These up-to-the-minute gas conveniences are truly the Heart: (of the Home. | When you visit the "Parade of Homes", head for the all-gas^ home and see for yourself why your family will want to include these; wonderful gas conveniences in your own home! Hear the firsthand story of gas superiority in economy, st>le , and performance. See why 29,000.000 homemakers in America • ,' prefer gas - the heart of the hoinel Remember - the latchstring is out. We'll be waiting' to show you this home - personally. . • NiOV HOM STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS S*pK>mbef IT, 1952

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