Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 17, 1952 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 17, 1952
Page 3
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1 "Sil», f W? 5 MOM ITAR, MOH, ARKANSAS , , ' 'I" f^JTT^WiS.j.V '«W*j*iprw?i •' T V* niY^s !^T S.;V j^ 1 - Tu«.d«r, September tt, 1»iJ * -.-_- • ' -— — -— '- .^^J-^a*JiiiAmu* ilNoflet W tt»« MtD ACT 148 Ortftr af tit* . Bit*bll»h Uniform t. l»ttwh«ifiii for -Ota " dn*«»; Nfld for Other tut Otn«ral A» *(• of ArfcMi JEFINtTIONK, tt UU« (or thl» Act "Wfc/rm Purch«»ttig for li, "dapurlmonl ,(•), Council (I), corr)' >r agency (aaonclem" thlt Actor lh« rulon, find procedure* pro- ercundor, nro Inter- hove tho tome pur- _ wordi "Purch»«ln« Of- awd In thu Act or the . and procedure* luted Utarounder (hull d««la- T; Individual, board, com- |i'«r council crmruod with '' ilblUty for purohJulnB |eUo* for any ngoncy or tho ntnent. PURPOSE OF 1 ACT. fit thl* Act ii to CK •for tho nffooted agendas of >{<rf Ark union * standard nothod of purch»iiln«, AGENCIES .. provisions of thlx Act t appllcmala to nil depart' ,riitHutlon«, bonrdi, coun- limlMlemi, or ottior agencies ^Oovernmftnl! provided, i that no provision of thin ill bo Interpreted to apply uptflme Court, tho Qanvral r 10 «ny unit of lociil ., J»tmCHA8tNO AND INO P R 0 C 1C I irocoduroi »h»ll be ._ _,d nil purchB»lng or ., fl dftlcor* In the purchase ,p«l*rlnlii luppJJoi, equip- iur«no«, end other oon< orvicei! RMAL COMPETITIVE lie look ' fp«t lay ingeoflife? RDUS Mwimv JHMUI If liri In making purchase of wi? at «w MllwiBi nemtd eli»«w of commtKiiil** lot which the «rti- frmtwl tottl colt wHt «mi*1 or «*< ceed $1,000.00, th* Purchmlnl Ajfcnt *h«l pr«f»r* term;) Invi- ntlwii to bW on preicribtd fortni or eirmiUrifttlon W tasown com* potltlve *uppil*r* of tlto particular clMt of commodity In tho trade Aren, Th« <J«iKn*t«d Purch««tai Official for the affected depart- mtnt ihulf then ««u«e to bo pub- Ufted m « ooflipfcumi* »'»«« *<* tftrw cortiiecutlva d*y» In one fte«v«p«per of uteUwldo clrcul* Uon « notice to the effect thnt sealed bid pr&poMK will bo ro ••tvcd by him. up to A lime a/id toale to be mentioned therein, for 'urnlnhlng tha article* »peclfled In ho bid proposal, The notice (hall alxn ntnle that detailed Hutu of tueh article* urn on file In tho office of the donlflrmlcd Purchimlng Offlclnl, subject to intpoetlon, nnd IhRl coplei of the Invitation to bid will ba furnished on rcqueot, nnd hut al a certain time, to bo Hinted haroln, the prapoMl* will bo put) Icly opened ana contract* award 'd to thit lowest and best bidder, irlce, (|HRllty and delivery tlmo considered, Provided, how ever, in the event for nny renion he low bid should bo rejected, the Purchiulng Official nhnll, If in hl« opinion It bo advantageous 16 tho Slnlo, nwiird tho contrnct to tha ipxt lowo»t bidder. However, If n the opinion of the Purchasing Official fold* submitted are not In ho beat Intercut of tho Htntu, ho may reject any or nil bid* nnd may tharonftor roadvortlso for heie, cap*, dry good*, and notion*, ale. OftOUP NO. 8: Paper bag!, Wt*PPto* petwr. ton*, corru '*• l», p«rr, ted Item* «hown In the claxiea of cnmmodltlcn below are thoiio typel of Hi'tlcle* the need for which cnn lormiilly be ontlclpatad In advance for M roanonablo period of time, nnd, thtu, ohable* the connoltdnUon of requlremottU for purpoiea of securing", the benoflti of volume DUrchAtjei. Purehaiing Official* In the vorlou* ngenclei will be held r«*poniBil)le nnd necoiintnblo for pre*fbo*rd car _ ..... carton*, twin*, piper towel*, toilet lUiue and other pepef products. OftOUP NO, 4: Drum, hospital and laboratory «iippll*« "nd equipment, mirfflcei Huppllei, dental *up- plto*, etc., except that «cl«nliflc, technical, and profemlonal Intlru- menu, *fjulpmcnl and »uppll«» may b* purchased a» provided In Section 4 (D) below. OROUP NO. 9: Food stufff, Including groceries, bread, cake*, candles, menu, flour, produce, milk and dairy product*, <-tc. OHOUP NO. fl: Feed for livestock, poultry, etc.; fertlll/.cr. GROUP NO. 7: 8o»t>§, dUlnfect- ants, waxen, sweeping compound, •erubhlng compound, solvents, nnd other Janitorial nnd cleaning supplies. OROUP NO. 8: Towel nervlce, laundry »«srvle«», etc. OROUP NO, 0: Chemicals, dye stuff*, bloschori, srnmnnln, water treatment mippllisii, freon, methyl chloride, and other related chemical*. OHOUP NO. 10: Automobiles, truck*, nnd trnctom, provided that single units of c«ch may bo pur- chflncd n« provided In Section 4 (B) below. (In purchunlna automobiles, truck*, and tractor*, nomenclature and upoclflcntlon* nhiill bo oufflc- Icntly broad to permit competitive bidding on- equipment generally comlntt within 11 competitive price group, iiuch «« Chevrolet, Ford, Plymouth, etc., and would call for nix or night cylinder, a pamengcr, four door sedan, not IOHH than 114- inch wheolbaic, not less than 09 slonal A*ioelatfon«, picture film, film etc., motion strip*, film rental*, etc., photography, phot* graphic puper und photographic development*. OftOUP NO, 2: All utilities and communication service*. OROUP NO, 3: Service. sUtlon dflllverl** of gasoline, oil, and related Item*. OROUP NO. 4: Property Insur- unco, the rate* for which are fixed by the Rating Bureau. OROUP NO. fl: Llvcutock nnd veterinary »ervlco». OROUP NO. 6: Repair serviced and mnlntenance contract* on office Rind other small equipment. OROUP NO. 7: l,lct'n»e«, fee*, and tnxc*. GROUP NO. 8: Miscellaneous Item*, Nuch n* eye glume*, fat«c teeth, *ho«s repair, drug* on pro- *crlptlonH, X-rny services, freight chargCR, demurrage, storage PRESCOTT NEWS Tuetday, Sept. 16 The Prescott Garden Club will meet on Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 in the home of Mr*. J. W. Teeter with Mrs. W. C. Reeve*, Mr*. R. P fftmfoy and Mr*. Paul Jones c(j-hottc*ses Wednesday, Sept. 17 The Wednesday Bridge Club will meet Wedne«dny afternoon at 2:30 in the home of Mr*. Harold Lewis. OrtOUP NO. 0: Scientific, technical, nnd profexxlonnl merit*, equipment, and Inntru- requirement* of nil cointnodltle's in Section 4 (A) for n period ot not loin thnn thirty days In order to nocuro tho bonetlu ot Inrgor volumo purclinHen, "Parcel- Una" or *[>llttln« of purchased in order lo ovudtv tho llmllutlonii tu this Act with ri'xpcct to anticipating requlrumonU nnd compotltlvu public bidding will bo considered a violation In accordance with Section I) below. Following nrn the <;liimi» of cummodltlc* for which formal compollllvu public bidding nhall bo secured when thu cHllrniit> od ryquirementH would ocjunl or ox- coed 91,000.00 In cost: GROUP NO. 1: Office furniture, nnd equipment, and household furniture. OROUP NO, 3! Clothing, shoes, broke horxe power motor, standard equipment, eta.) OROUP NO. II: Rood machinery, provided thnt tingle units of cmch may bo purchaicd as provided in Section 4 (U) bolow, (In purchasing road machinery, nomenclature and specification* •hall be lufflclcntty broad to permit competitive bidding In equipment tmnornlly com!nn within a competitive price group.) GROUP NO, 18: Farm Implements, both motor driven nnd non- motor drlvcm, except thnt Hlnglo unit tif tiny typo of furm Implement may bo purchased as provided in Section >t (ID bolow. GROUP NO. Kl: Kurm toolB, wire fencing, cli'. OHOUP NO. 14: Cement, sund, amvcl, crtiBhi'd Htono, ulag, bl- luinlnouN miitni'liiU, etc. GROUP NO. ID: Hardware, GROUP NO, HI: Paint, painters' G«OUP NO. 17: Plumbing nnd heating nnd ntr conditioning mont and supplied, mill supplies, etc, ' O'l ^ *'»i . '''.:. YOU KNOW THATt ' ar O fl st business ontorprlsos In 'Am«rlco carry tho kind of Insurance wo write? * ' , t T U, S, Stoel — sovcral hundred millions —i'qhd' recently Ford Motor Company In- surod th«lr properties for $1,500,000,000. That'i On« Billion Five Hundred Million Dollars, »* \ 'ARE YOU FULLY PROTECTED? i -\ ^ SEE !$f ANDERSON & CO. 4~ / INSURANCE — HO $. M«ln pox 403 H«pt, ArkaitMi «,v IKY PEOPLE wrs of the three sets of *$teok Knives this week ,, MYRTLE ORORKE Ml WOWN HIRSHIL WILLIAMS kt& *U) b« Qiv*n away this week ' ««reQlstw, and get a new , /lirtf of kfltvw, Nothing to roister oil ctoy Saturday, Soot • the 21st, Drawing will t* lT TH8 FAMOUS ay Dinner 4tUcious food (your f one ly§ 50c. GROUP NO. 18: Kicctrlcnl equipment, llxhtlng fixtures, refrigerating equipment, olnctrlc water cool- cm, vcntllntlnK nnd oxhuu.it fans, ulcctrlciU supplies, etc., cxcepl Ihnl Hlnfllo units of equipment may bo purchused an provided In Suction 4 (Hi bolow, OROUP NO. 10: Acotyleno, ox- y«pti, curblde, welding equipment nnd supplies, etc. GROUP NO. 20: Solid Fuels. GROUP NO, 21: Lumber, mill work, sash, doors, rooting supplies, etc, GROUP No, 23: Plato Htool, reinforcing atcol, structural stool, »t«ol bars and tluU, GROUP NO. 23; Merchant pipe, concrete pipe, corrugated molul, vitrified olay, cast iron pipe, etc. GROUP NO. 24: Tablowaro and cooking, utonulls, ovons, ranges and sloven, GROUP NO. 23: Fire fighting equipment Huppllon. GROUP NO, 86: Uconae plates, idgos, Inalunlus and mcduls. GROUP NO. !J7: Construction jolm not uthurwiso covered by law and for which architects' or engineers' pluus und supervision nro not used. GROUP NO. 30: Any nnlurul ro- source extracted or removed on a royalty basts, (D) PURCHASES AS A RESULT OP INFORMAL SOLICITATION OF QUOTATIONS. Pur. chases ot Horns in any of tho dulses shown above which are estimated to cost less thftn $1,000.00 tit the aggregate may be made by the designated Purchasing Offlclul from tho lowest and best bid received as • result ot Informal solicitation ot bids from ut least three prospective bidders. I|> addition, single units ot spec lflt>d Hams of equipment as set forth in various classes of commodities is Section 4 (A) preceding m«y be purchased from the lowest and bust bidder as « result ot informal solicitation of bids from at least throe prospective bidders. 1C) PURCHASES FROM MANUFACTURER'S NET STATE PRICE USTS. The following classes ot commodities may be purchased from the manufacturer or the authorised distributor at prices contained iu the mtmufactur. er's or distributor's established Net State Price Lists without format solicitation ot bids: GROUP NO. 1: Office machine*, including adding machines, typewriters, bookkeeping machines, calculating machines, mimeograph machines, and tubulating machines, motion picture machines, photographic equipment, etc. GROUP NO. I: Umps. electric (all types), GROW NO. 3; Hulk plaint deliveries of gawltoe, oil, grease*. *tc., when purchased at established Unk wagon prices prevailing at time of delivery. GROUP HO, 4: Cauning machinery cans, etc. GROUP NO. 5: Tiros wid tubes and KUtamohttv batteries. GROUP NO. |; Equipment re* (Mir parts. (D) NON-COKPETITIVE PUR- CHA&IS, The following types or BOj Rpoclnllzcd In mnturc und use nnd generally not Identical In specification nrnonM manufacture™. OROUP NO. 10: Any commodity purchnocd from another governmental ngoncy. GROUP NO. 11: Any Item which Id Pair Trnde Price Protcclcd by Iho mnnufncturor. (E) EMERGENCY PURCHASES. Dcelunnlcd Purchasing Officials nrc authorized lo mnko emergency purchiisc of supplies, equipment, or contracturnt services without compotlllvo bids nnd without rcgpcct to iitnount of cost or type of commodity when urgently needed for Immediate delivery due to a bona fldo emergency arlsliiK from unforeseen or unavoidable cunues, For Iho purpose of Ihis Act, nn emergency Is defined ns: Any Rltuntlon urlsInK from nny unforoxoon cause wherein humnn life or Sluto property In In Joopnr dy, or other emergencies defined as such by the Supremo Courl of ArkiinsnH, Is hereby dcclnrcd lo be «n emergency within tho meaning ot this Act, nnd nil such emergency purchiiHOB shiill be subject to re view nnd approval by the Bonrc established under Section 5 of this Acl. Socllon 5, BOARD OF APPEAI ESTABLISHED. Tho Slntc Audlto Ihe Attorney General nnd the Gov ornor .shiil! compose n Board nf Appeal lo which nny nttftrlevod bidder niny nppoal any decision mndo by nny PurchnsInK Offlclnl In awarding contrncts under Section 4 <A» of this Act. Notice thul protest will be filed must be given In writing to the Purchasing Of- flclnl ut tho time of the opening of the bids, nnd such notice shall be perfected In writing und filed with tho Attorney Gonornl within seventy-two hours from the time the bids were opened. In tho event protest Is filed by nny bidder, nwnrdlng of contrnct shall be held in nbeynncc until snld protest hns been hoard nnd ndjudlcutod by snld Bonrd of Appuiil. The findings of snid Board Minll be flnnl nnd shall be bidding on nil parties. Section 0, FORMS, RECORDS, Thursday, Sept. 17 The Benjamin Culp Chiipter of UAH will meet Thursday afternoon al 3 in tho home of Mrs. J. B Hi-sterly. Fair Program 8«pt. 17, White School Day 9:.'iO n.in. Official Judging of flower show. 0:30 Offlclnl Judging of .-ill Home Domoristrntion, farm, home nnd Junior Klrls division exhibits. II Official opening day parade. 2 p.m. Official JiidKiiiK of all field crops nnd horticultural ex iibit.i. 2 Offlcinl Judging of all school booths. ;i Official Judging of commercial booths. Greased pig contest for ivhito children. 7 p.m. DrnwiilK for merchandise premiums. 7:30 Cnttle judging. Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Gordon Entertain Canasta Club Members of the Blue Ribboi Canasta Club were entertained 01 Wednesday evening by Mr. nnc Mrs. C. G. Gordon at their home Arrangements of lute surnme bloasoms decorated the rooms. High score honors for the even ing were held by the men. At the conclusion of the game a dainty dessert course was servoc to members Dr. and Mrs. A. Buchanan, Mr. nnd Mrs. C. Moore, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Don man, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Wilso arid Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Cox. ng the judging by expert judges. Poultry will oe judged at !):3t) a. :. Tnursday. Also at tnat time icre will be some more beef and airy cattle judging. Swine will akc the spotlight at 1 p.m. Thurs «y lollowed oy the judging of audlc horses at 2:30 p.m. The oriit' snow will be »t 8:u Thurs- uy night. Canasta Club Entertained By Mrs. A. S. Buchanan Mrs. A. S. Buchanan was hos- ess to members of the 1050 Ca- asta Club al her home on Thurs- liiy afternoon. Bouquets ol roses and laic sum nor tiowers were placfd lit van- age points in lhe> rooms arranged ur the players. High score honors were won by Vlrs. C. O. Gordon. A delectable dessert course was erved to club guests Mrs. Fred 'owell, Mrs. W. 1 J . Cummings and o mernocrs Mrs. W. F. Uenman, Mrs. H. L. Eaton, Mrs. H. J. Wil son, Mrs. Imon Gee, Mrs. Lee Montgomery, Mrs. Vernon Fore, Mrs. Lee Kinney, Mrs. Burke Shel .on and Mrs. Gordon. MeMoth Not Asked to Talk to Demos LITTLE ROCK, —(UP>— Gov. Sid McMath was still awaiting today the traditional invitation for the outgoing governor to address the biennial Democratic state contention here Sept. 19-20. "So far, I have not been urged to do so," McMath said. Commie Truce Talkers on , Some Theme PANMUNJOM, Korea, (UP) — Communisl armislice negollalors nccused Ihe Unlled Nations today ol scattering "slanderous leaflets" in the Panmunjom neutral area and ngaln charged the XI. N. with killing and wounding prisoners of war. The U. N. replied with a complaint thai the Communists have failed to mark properly their pris^ oner of war camps. ™ A protest against the alleged scattering of leaflets was made In a note handed over at a brief liai son officers' meeting at Panmun- jom. It was signed by Col. Chang Chun San, Chief Red Staff officer. Although he did not specify what he meant by "slanderous leaflets." Chang was believed to be re- B o compromise. Lewis Meets Policy Group, Maps Strategy By NORMAN WALKER WASHINGTON WV-Wilh a possi ble coal slriko only a week off, John L. Lewis huddles with his 200-inan Policy Committee today to map negotiating strategy. The conlracl belwcen Ihe Unilcd Mine Workers union and Ihe Norlh- ern mine owners expires on Saturday. Since lhal is nol a working] The other note was signed by lily Scropbog [By HAL BOYLE [NEW VORK W> *- "Ever since! Filbur Peebte and his wife quar )>Ied over politics he has been bttlng prune juice for breakfast hltead of orange juice. [ He knew it was Just one way nat Trellis Miy!, who is madly if' Adiai, was getting even with Jim for backing Dwlght Eisenhow- r. But everytlme he groaned, "I iJon't like prune juice" she replied "It's prune juice for you from how on. We're tightening up our lomcstic economy. That's part of 'ou arc all goops." "It isn't goop — it is G.O.P., objected Wilbur. "Well, it's goop to mo," said [Trellis Mae. "Adiai and I think you are all goops.' Foreseeing four long years of Hope Star WRATH1W At-k*hsas: And Thursday, Widely thunderchowcfs< Cooler nott portion tonight. Friday fair. jiaW w Low <.!fjf 53D YEAR: VOL. 53 — NO. 288 *SL£3S£i J«n. II, 1*» HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNfSDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 19S2 Tli* »rtH ft 1 MM. »t, t»M — PRICE Ike to Get Big Vote in State But Not Enough LITTLE ROCK (fl — Ike Elscn hower will pile up Iho biggest GOP fcrring to surrender leaflets spread oulside Ihe zone and blown Inlo Iho. nculral area. mine juice if Ihe Republicans Vfte jn Arkansas history but tra . •on, Wilber decided it was time dmon wjll carry the state {or AdlRJ in They Grow "Em Big in Arkansas Miss Sue Pcachcy, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Osborn, who have been thu guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hobcrl I'eachcy, have returned to their ionic in Ala Mogordo, New Mexico, after having been called by the death of Mr. Luther Burns oC Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Franks have returned to their homo in Bryan, Texas alter a visit with Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Franks and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Franks. Clarence Gordon III has resuro ed his studies at Henderson Stute Teachers College, Arkadaiphiu. Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Cannon, Jr., and daughter, Mary Clarke, of Dallas are the guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarke White. Fair Visitors to Have Better Chance at Livestock Judging Visitors to the sixteenth nnnut Nevada County Fair will have belter opportunity this year to wi ness some of the expert livestoc judging, fair officials have nnnoui ccd. This year's fair will have part of the judging at night, thus giving those people who have been unable to see the daytime judging of the past n better chance. The fat calf show nnd judging will be held the first night of the fair, Wednesday, September 17, at 7:30. There will be more than 20 'at calves entered in this field and ihose who attend will see some of [he finest fat calves in the country, in addition to seeing and hear- Mrs. Robert Peachcy spent :i part of last week in Little Ruck where she attended the funeral services for her brother-in-law, Mr. Luther Burns. AND AUDIT PROCEDURE. In order to secure uniformity of procedure, all necessary forms' for purchasing and contracting shall be standardized nnd proscribed by thu State Comptroller and the State Purchasing Agent acting jointly, subject to approval of the Attorney General. Immediately upon preparation and Issuance of a purchase document or u contract for purchasing, all papers relating to the transaction, Including bid proposals received, shall be transmitted to tho State Comptroller with u certificate attached showing compliance with this Act and citing thu applicable section and paragraph of this Act under which the procurement action was taken, The No. 503 of 1923: Act No. 152 of 1933; and Act No. 214 of 1943. APPROVED: March 8, 1951. C. G. HALL, Secretary of State Sept. 2, 9, 10, 23 Hotly Butler, Jr., has returned to Southern State College, Magnolia, after a weekend visit with his patents, Mr. and Mrs. Hody Butler. Mrs. W. A. Collmorgan and Mrs. Elsie Davis of Lufkin, Texas are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Johnson. ACTOR INJURED HOLLYWOOD (At — Actor Glenn Ford came a cropper while chasing the villain in a scene for a Western movie yesterday. His horse balked and threw him. He crashed into a tree. He was hospitalized with three broken ribs, severe cuts and pos- Mble internal injuries. day, the first opportunity for the miners to stay away from work would be next Monday. Lewis' union members traditionally won't work withoul a conlracl. However, agreements with Southern sou eoal operators and with the Pennsylvania anthracite, or hard coal, owners extend until Sept. 30. The UMW Policy Committee, due to meet with Lewis at Midafter- noon, is the group Lewis usually consults when major union decisions are to be made. It always ratifies contracts before their terms are made generally known. It also helps draft strike plans. John Busarello of Pittsburgh, head of the union's District No. 5, said over the week end he knew of no soft coal seltlement in the works, but felt the calling togethei of the Policy Committee was £ hopeful sign. it was reported that some prog ress has been made in the sof coal, or bituminous, industry peace talks, but not enough lo assure an agreement before a strike coulc develop. However, both sides wer described as seeking to avoid shutdown. Lewis may beet during the day too, or possibly lomorrow wil Harry Moses, chief negotiator fo the Southern Coal Producers Asso ciation. . Lewis has boon talking with bot men separately for some weeks Their talks are reported to hav touched on suggestions for highe wages, an increase in the 30-cen a ton welfare fund royalty pay mcnts, and plans for more regula employment among miners. 'orth Korean Gen. Nam 11, chief ommunist Iruce delegate, and as addressed lo Lt. Gen. William '.. Harrison, senior Allied delegate. In it, Nam protested the killing f one prisoner and the wounding I seven others- Sept. 12 in a Koje sland enclosure. He also blasled iarrison for failing lo accounl for 'your innumerable barbarous acls 1 loiiuring and slaughtering OUI (f capttjred personnel." Such prolests from Nam have repeatedly followed incidents in prisoner of war camps. The Uni- ed Nations has warned that die- lard Communist prisoners have seen ordered to create incidents 'or propaganda purposes. Harrison replied with a note of lis own complaining lhat maps the Reds turned over to the U. N. Aug. 15 do not give full informatio about four new prisoner of camps. Harrison said Allied aerial re connaissance photographs show prisoner of -war markings on buildings 600 and 1,000 yards away n f war* from two areas but no markings ! on buildings where the Reds said (he camps were located. He asked that "immediate action" be laken to insure that all prisoner stockades are properly marked. * "I'm tired of all this fussing frver politics," he said. "If you'll o back to serving orange juice— nd keep your mouth shut about Vdlai for fie full week —I'll buy fou a parrot." It's a deal," she agreed. "But t has to be a talking parrot — not >ne of those old dumb ones." That very morning Wilbur went o a bird store and picked out a Einc parrot, which, "oddly, was inmed Polly. "You're lucky," said the propri- ;tor. "She's got Ihe best vocnbu- ary of any bird I ever had." The conversalion wenl from birds to the weather, from women lo Hiscball, and from baseball to politics. "Who's going to win?" asked Wilbur. "A number of people who come in here are for Gov. Slevenson, said the proprielor, "but I lell 'em thai I like Ike." "I like Ike, too," said Wilbur. And every lunch hour for sever| al days he dropped into the store to see Polly and chat with the owner on politics. Meanwhile Trel- j Us Mae never mentioned Adiai once, although the strain of staying silent visibly was making her GENERAL IN TOKYO TOKYO (tfl— Gen. Curtis LeMay, head of the U. S. Air Force Strategic Air Command, arrived today and immediately went into conference with the U. S. Far East com mandcr, Gen. Mark Clark. By use of artificial insemination it is possible to get 1,000 calves a year from a bull compared with 50 by natural breeding. fAfWhat You Like Without Sour Stomach Tunis stop Kft«i »onr stomach, acid mdigcauoii almcwt instantly. TUMS roa THl TUMMT ixodiUfffi because of »» cttch tn*l con** IPfrUHMt'l C*A' Stnle Comptroller is authorized und directed tu refuse payment ol uny voucher covering a purvhusc which has not been properly nu- thfiUicatod. All documents will be preserved either in original or on microfilm in tho Stute Comptroller's Office for a period of throe years. All such records in the State Comptroller's Office shall be public records nnd shall be open to public inspection during all normal business) hours. Section 7, OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES PROHIBITED FROM CONTRACTS WITH OWN DEPARTMENT. Any officer, ugent, employee, board member, or commissioner of any agency ot the State is hereby specifically prohibited from having financial Interest or personal boneticlul interest directly or indirectly in uny contract or purchase order for any supplies, materials, equipment, insurance, ur contractual st-rviuu used by or furnished to or purchased from tho agency, department, institution, commission, with which such person is connected by employment or appointment. Section 8. SERVICES OF STATE PURCHASING AGENT AVAILABLE TO ALL AGENCIES. The Stale Purchasing Agent may render purchasing or contracting services to uny other State Agency upon the application of that agency and with the approval ot the State Comptroller t»ud tho Stute Purchasing Agent. Section 0. PENALTIES. Any person who violates any provision of this Act shall bo guilty of a misdemeanor; and shall upon conviction, be punished therefor by a fine not to exceed $100. Any person who is convicted of a misdemeanor under this Act shull, for « period ol five years be ineligible for appointment to or employment in any position in the Stale service, and if he is «u officer or employee of the State, shall forfeit his office or position. Section 10. SEPARABILITY. U any provision ol this Act, or the up- plication ot 'such provision to any person or circumstance shall be held Invalid, the r*m»ind*r of this Act «nd «» »ppUc«tion of such pro•-•-•-• persons or those »s held uw*Ud, shall Packard Protects Your New-Car Investment! PACKARD'S ADVANCED CONTOUR STYLING AND PUBLIC DEMAND BRING RECORD RESALE VALUE Another Packard Firat- Advmctd Ctnt*ur Stylinf A'oic Setting The New Trend In Automobile Design! nervous. One week from the day she made her bargain her husband returned home with the parrot in a bright new cage. "Oh, Wilbur, she's beautiful. Can she really talk?" said Trellis Mae, clapping her hands. Miffed at being doubted, Polly turned three slow somersaults on her perch, then looked upside down and said surily, "Hello". Wilbur smiled and starled to the bathroom to take a shower. Excited, Trellis Mae ran into Ihe kilchen and came back with a cracker. As Wilbur paused by Ihe 'bathroom door, he heard his wife say: "Polly like a cracker?'-' "Polly like a cracker?" There was a moment of silence, j and then Ihe voice of the parrot ! sounded, raucous bul clear: "I like Ike I like Ike." Wilbur quickly closed Ihe door behind him and was a long time taking his shower. When he reentered the living room, the bird I cage was empty. "Where's Polly?" he asked. "One goop in Ihis house is more than enough," said Trellis Mae. "I put her in the refrigerator to punish her for saying she liked Ike. She isn't funny." "But she'll freeze," objected Wilbur. He went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door. Polly | her shoulders hunched and shiver- I ing, was striding back and forth L on a wire shelf, pausing now and i then to blow on her cold claws. On the shelf below her lay the frozen carcass o£ a chicken Trellis Mae planned to roast the following evening. "Poor Polly Slevenson and the Democrats, the opinion of Arkansas newspaper sedilors. They think Eisenhower — with the backing of disgruntled Democrats — will push the Republican vote from 21 per cent polled -by Gov. Dewey in 1948 to 35 per cent this year. Stevenson and the Democrals are expecled lo gain 4 per cent in strength, despite reports that a dtsire for a change in political leadership is spreading slowly through the stale. The gain — according lo a consensus ot edilors and polilically informed sources in 74 of Arkansas' 75 counties — put 65 per cent of the popular vote and the state's eight electoral votes safely in the Democratic column. Edilors in seven counties expecl Eisenhower to win there. In an eighth, editors of two opposing papers differ — one picks Ike, the other Stevenson. In Garland (Hot Springs) Counly, Edilor Robert Dean rales the two as 50-50 righl now. No eslimate was available from Newlon Counly where the States Rights Democrats receive 979 votes to 848 for Harry Truman in 1948. The most top heavy Democratic vole was predicted in Sharp and Prairie Counties — 9 8per cent. Eisenhower's best cfforls were set Continued on Page Two Korean Vets Eligible for Compensation Recent veterans of the armed forces, who may be eligible to file claims for unemployment compensation under the Vet«rans' 'Readjustment Assistance Act of 1952 after October 14, today were urged to visit the local office of the Arkansas Employment Security Division and regisler for work if they Loading a 103-pound Arkansas watermelon aboard an Alaska- hound Pan American Airways Clipper In Seattle was a two-man job this week for Max Amende and Dean Klrkpatrick. The king- size melon was enroute to Nome, Alaska, for Wallace Mclver, a former Arkansan now living in the far north. He told airline officials he was "just getting fed up with these puny 30 or 40-pound watermelons we've been getting up here," so he wrote to his twin brother. Walter Mclver, In Hope, Arkansas. He asked Walter to ship hlfn a "real melon — these people up here think I'm lying when I tell them we raise 100-pound watermelons In Arkansas," Pan American spokesmen said Nome residents were ''properly impressed" when the melon was unloaded from the plane 1 up next to the Arctic Circle. Young Daughter of Mr., Mrs. N. R. Wh/tten, D/es Kvelyn Hnxel Whlttcn, 11-yenr- ild tlnughtcr of Mr. Hnd Mrs. N R. \\hilten, died at her homo hero arly Wednesday. Sho Is survived by five brothers, Doyle, Ernest, John, Jim and Wll- lain Whitten, three sisters, Doro< hy. Catherine and Betty Sue Whiten and her grandparents, Mr, And fors. .1. A, Whitten. Funeral services will DC held it 2:HO p.m. Thursday at the First Japlist Church by the Rev. S. A Whitlow, assisted by the Rev, Elbert O'Stecn. Burial will bo In Hill. are not working. Teddy M. Jones, More Pay for City Employes Recommended But Depends on Reduction of Expenses manager of exclaimed Wilbur. "Oh. I'm all right," squawked the parrot, then pointed one wing down at the frozen chicken, "But look at that bird down there. Who did she say she liked —McKinley?" INGINIIII Muilr >lilt»«ll Urc» Uttt. THIM AILS Value-Wise Buyers The Country Over Are Switching To Packard, Its Advanced Contour Styling And Big' Car Luxury At Medium"Car Cost Make lt America's Greatest Motorcar nny! Packard's Higher Resale Value —Proved By Official Records Of Vyd* Car Sales—Protects The Future Of Your Investment. See, Drive And Compare The ^5| Packard Before You Pay $9500 For A Cor* PACKARD AUK TUK U4N WUO OWSS * creasing demand for Packard —the car whose advanced con- H ERE ARE important fjcts for everyone interested in making the soundest possible tour styling and big-car luxury at medium-car cose has won new thousands of value-wise buyers, investment to a new car. 9 • l«t*st records in the Official Used Car Guide of the National Automobile Dealers' Association show that '51 Packards bring up v> butntrtdf ay dollars more than other cars of comparable original cost! f • Tbli higher r**«le valve is the result of America's in- 9 • Only Packard offers yew proved Packard Power Brakes* (or faster Hops with 40% less foot pressure.., super-smooth Ultra- made*, the finest automatic drive ever built . . • plus Packard's mighty Thunderbolt Engine, the world's higbtit-(«inpresuoii eight. «Opoon»l »t nun cost. Lt. McGee Enroute Home From Koreo Word has been received here that First Lieulenant John E. McGee Jr. whose home is in Hot Springs, is enroute home following ten months in Korea. Lt. McGeu was a member of the famed 23rd Infantry Regiment which fougbt the bailie of Heartbreak Ridge in October 1951 and Old Baldy last July. Lt. McGee and his wife, Mrs. Belty Ann McGee, formerly of Hope, are graduates of Henderson State Teachers College and prior to his recall to duty he operated the college bookstore. the Hope local office, which is to handle claims under Tille IV of the Act, covering payment of unemployment 'Compensation, pointed out that several conditions must be met before veterans can become eligible for payments. This compensalion is payable only to veterans who are unemployed for no reason other than that they cannot obtain a suitable job. One of the first requirements is that the unemployed veteran be registered for work with the Employment Security Division. An- olher is that he must be able and available for work. Local offices are currently seeking workers for such jobs as baker, printer, machinist, welder, electrician, and auto mechanic. Mr. Jones said the purpose of the new veterwis 1 unemployment compensation legislation is to provide discharged servicemen, who are unable to find jobs, with weekly payments which will tide them over temporary emergencies while they are out of work. The tolal of $676, which is payable in weekly amounls of $26, to be paid when out of work and eligible, will remain to their credit until used. He also staled lhat the veteran cannot collect this unemployment compensation for the same period in which he is receiving mustering out pay. Nor can he collect benefits while receiving allowances for education or subsistence during on the job training. The 'City's financial committee, submitted six recommendations last night*, to-the-.council 1 in a report designed to curb cxpcnsns and at the same time increase- salaries of, employes. And to set an example the council voled lo meel Sept. 30, without pay. Usually the council only meets twice each month, tho first and third Tuesday's. The recommendations: 1. That heads of each department make a survey of Iheir expend!- tures, in salaries elc., with the view of reducing expenses substantially. 2. That department heads furnish the council with a complete list o£ all employes, together with duties and a log of a week's work. 3. That all vacaltons be given wilhout addilional cost lo Ihe cily. 4. Thai we (finance committee) favor an increase in salaries. 5. That council be furnished a copy of payroll, number of em- Fulbright Talks With Adiai, May Get Key Role By RELMAN MORIN SP.IUNGFIELD, III. I/PV—Sen. J William FulbriRhl ot Arkansas flew to Springfield Ihrough u ronrlni rainstorm lale last nlghl and wen immediately to Gov. Adlni Steven son's office in the executive man sion. Fulbright avoided giving n diroc answer to tho purpose of his visit He Is n guest at Ihe governor' mansion. He snid he rnay slay un- lil when Stevenson loaves for Connecticut, beginning u second major campaign trip. The sonnlnr suld "I just cnmo up lo see wh;tt is go ing on." FulbrlKht snid he is supporting Stevenson in the presidential campaign.. But he told newsmen he wnnls lo hear the governor's idea about some of Ihe decisive Issues of the campaign. Namely civil rights log islalion, the Tad-Hartley act, nnd Stevenson's position on Sonnto Rule 22, which requires a two thirds majorliy vole lo shul oft de bale, [The Arkansas senator said h ^|l' c i?u in principle, with Sloven sen's proposal lo repeal the Taf Hartley Act. Thomas Fairchild, Democratl candidate opposing Republica Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy of Wi consin, told reporters he has " very good fighting chance" to un seal McCarthy in November. H si:id he has asked Slcvenson i campaign in Wisconsin, but evade questions about Stevenson's plan The governor's chief licutcnan also ducked the question. However, it appears more lha likely lhat Stevenson will campaij ._.. in Wisconsin. He has frequent Mr. Hodson will discuss pasture attacked McCarthy, usually wit Would Change, Not Repeal I-H Law, Says Ike By JOHN <L. CUTTER NEW YORK, (UP) — DwlRht D. Iscnhowor told orgnnlzed inbor oday ho. favors changes In the raft-Hartley law to ellmlnnto 'unlonbustlng" provisions, bul hr ,vould do it thr/ough amendment, iOt roponl. He nlso proponed thnt employers be required to take n nonComtvm nst outh, the SHine an union lenr ers. But ho said most of the law's ither provisions should,tec retained Those were tho only two chmiKos recommended by tho RepubllcHn iircsldcntlal candidate as he tnlkec lo the annual convention of the American Federation of Labor It first major labor speech of tlv cxmpaign. Ho did not go ! into dotnll on tlv "unlonbustlng" provisions hu drew scattered applause from dc cgntcs assembled In ' tho Commo dorc hotel bnllroom when he snld: "I know tho law might bo used to break unions. That must bo changed. America wants no Inw licensing union busting. Neither do I." "I don't want arbitrary power over either labor or industry. 1 do not belicva thnt tha president or a frcn nation can have such power without thai nallon losing lla froo dom "My opponent mado plain on La inr Dny Hint ho wanted power, us 'resident, to compol nrbltrHllon. hut is (txnctly what I am UKulnst. "If you want Iho basic, Irrocon- Govermenl Freeze Soft Coal Shipme Move Expect to Build Up a Stockpile Jim Huckabee, Ex-Hope Man, Dies in Shreveport •Tim Huckabco, a former resident of Mope, dlod unexpectedly TUGM- dny night Ut hltt home in Shrove* port. He Is Hiirvlvcd by Ills wife nnd throo suns, five brolhors, Lucius. Marsh, Jack and Toho lluclutbce of Hope and Buck tluckuboo of Tcxarknnn, two slalom, Mrs, Jim McKoo and Mrs. John Duln of Funeral services will bo hold lnl ccal st'^0* 1 " *"'-'? Shrovoport. WASHINGTON Iff) — The ot NotedAgri Lecturer to Talk Here ilable difference between his poll Ion and mine, there It is. He nd his party embrace compulsion, reject compulsion." On the other hand, Elsenhower istcd some, of the principle* ho eels must be retained. These were: Edgar A. Hodson, noted agricultural author and lecturer, will address a group of farmers, agricultural leaders and business men. in the Court House at 1 p.m. Friday of Ihis week, it was made known loday by Emory A. Thompson, chairman of Ihe Terre Rouge- Bodcaw Soil Conservalion District. Lewis nnd tho anthracite reached an Interim ngrecrn day to keep producing t '" after tlidlr present contf piros on Oct. l t The temporary ngrcem* effective until a .complete?; tract Is nogdttoto'd, 'calls '-* In tho royalty paid by coal minor owners to th WASHINGTON Iff) —Tho Justice I Mine Workers welfare " Department announced today tho 30 to 50 cents a ton. nrrosl of 18 MldwoHl nnd West ~ • —ir~""~ Consl Communist party loaders on Vernon D. Northrop, charRcH oC conspiring to advocate rotary of tho interior,, so* 18 More Reds Grabbed in Midwest overthrow oC the government by i tho order would bo Issued -I ' Defense Solid Fuels AdrnllUlil force and violence, i r.--- -VT,--V" . '"i*s'f*-- Attorney Gonornl McGnmery und <DSFA) of hl» doputmonW fi\ FBI Director J. Edgur Hoover said Tho order would bar CQlJ^lT those arrested Included Iho loaders mcnts nftor midnight Sept, ^ of the party In MlsHourl, Washing from all bituminous coal ton stntc nnd Michigan. which have received ployes in 1940-45-52. each department for BEFORE YOU SPEND $ 2500 FOR * A CAR Se* How Much Packard Qfftrf For Just A UlHt Mow Monty OES to Organize Rainbow Chapter Hope Chapter No. 328 Order ot The Eastern Star will organize th« Order of Ihe Rainbow (or girls at ils meeting Thursday night at 8 o'clock at the Masonic Hall. Girls who have passed their 13th birth* day and have not reached their 18 who are interested, are asked to tneet with the Eastern Star members Thursday night, along with their parents. In addition, if he has state wage credils that might make him eligible for benefits under any state employment insurance law, or under the railroad unemployment insurance prpgram, he should file a claim for such benefits. Naturally, a claim for these benefits will be acted upon first, and if they a- mounl to less than $26 weekly, he will get supplementary payments under Title IV to bring his weekly benefits • up to that amount. If he I is disqualified under the state law from receiving benefits for any week claimed, he will not be eligible for compensation under Title IV. 6. That all expenditures except absolute emergencies be curtailed. The group voted to let Ihc Negro American Legion use a building al the airport for a meeting site providing Ihey keep up the insurance* on it. An ordinance was passed levying a 5 mill property tax in the city. This tax has buen in force for years but has to be passed on every year. Fred McElroy, Texaco distributor, asked the city to open up East Ave. G. • in order lhat he- could get lo his place of business. The slreel commission was in- structcd to investigate estimaled cost and delermine whether the company would blacklop Ihe street in event it was opened up. The Mayor instructed thu chief of police to have a traffic officer at the Spruce and Third Street cross Monday through Friday each week from 8 to 9 a.m. and from 3 lo 4 p.m. This action followed a request from parents and teachers of the Brookwood grade school. development, an important factor in the economic future of South Arkansas. If catllemen had followed Mr. Hodson's paslure and hay recommendations of fifteen years ago, according to Emory Thompson "We could refer to Ihe 1952 drought as just anolher dry year." Mr. Hodson's advice lo livestock produclcrs in the southwesl since 1936 has included Ihe developmenl o£ deep rooled, droughl-resisting crops such as Sericea Lespedeza and Kudzu. Mr. Thompson emphasized this by quoting a guin ot more than two pounds of beef per acre each day on a kudzu pasture near Prescotl Ihis summer, while nearby farmers were buying hay or selling cattle because of a grazing shortage. Mr, Hodsons' discussion, Illustrated by enlarged photos and colored slides, is reported to be a entertaining as it is educational. Mr. Hodson is reputed to know the name and characteristics of every native pasture plant in Ar kansas. Folks who have plants they cannot identify, in Iheir pas lures, meadows, or lawns are urg ed lo bring them lo this meeting The roots, stem, leaves and scec head should be included if possible The program is open to the pub lie, and a sizeable number of Hop and Hompstead people are expect ed to attencl. cut mentioning his name. Fairchild said he came away from his lalk wilh Stevenson "hopeful" that the iemocraic presidential candidate will come into Wisconsin. Sevenson, in a statement issued to commemorate constitution day, took occasion to ask: "Docs anyone have real freedom of speech when not only his views but his very character and reputation are to bo subjected to irresponsible, distorted attack by others?" "The encouragement of collet Ive bargaining tho right to strike un advnncc notice before a strike s called a requirement that both unions and employers live up to .heir contracts th« .assurance thn memb«rs~,,6t. unions jot u rcgult report on tliolr organization's i nances." In making his first major labo speech ot the campaign, Elscnhow cr said he did not come beforo thp AFL convention, which ha pending a resolution endorsing hi Democratic opponent, "to curr any special favor." "I have not c«mo to bid o compete for your endorsement, hu said. "My views toward labo will be the same as they Ion have been, regardless ot tha action taken by the AFL at this convention in the matter of endorsing a presidential candidate," Eisenhower argued that the Republican record on labor matters is not as black an thu Democrats would paint it, He said U was the Republican party which first established In law the right ot labor to organize Arrcsls wore made In St. Louis, John L, LoWls' United Rock Island, III., Charleston, Mo., era thnt would permit ontllo, Dotrolt, Los Angolos, Port- of tho existing wage Ore. Chicago on Sept. 20, Those « mlnos in tho North, con' nnd nnd Eugene, nd Minneapolis. All tho nrrouls woro mude on most Southern mines A nrrnnls iBfiued by U, S, com- 30. r f , • wnrrnnls •hlsBionors und fodoral Judges on| complaint ot FBI ugonlH. Tho attorney gonoval authorized tho_XlUng| of tho complolnls. Among those nrrcflted waff Holon Mary Winlor, 44, wife of Curl Win- lor, ono of the 11 lop Communist leaders convicted In Now York irt 1040, Refugees Tearfully Leave Wake Edilors nole: Stan Carter, an AP war correspondent in Ko- ea, flew to Wake from Tokyo aboard a military rescue plane. Honolulu says his story is the first press copy received there from Wake. Little Hopes for Warplane Strike End LOS ANGELES Iff) — Dospllo resumption of negotiations ut one plant, there was little if any indication today of an early end to tho strike which has crippled Southern California's wiirpUmc pro ductlon arid idled 40,000 aircraft Describe Isle Disaste workers. Drake's Cafe to Open Thursday Drake's Cafe, formerly the Uni- j que Cafe, downtown on Third St.. will open for business Thursday, Sept. 18, it was announced today WYLIE MOTOR CO. Wildcat Wtll It Abandoned A wildcat oil well, three miles south of Hope High School, has been abandoned «* dry, it was learned her? today. AusjMn Stewart Co., drjUff* oj ft.e OfAyejj Ijffli If the veteran still is unemployed after October 14, 1952, and reports to the local employment office to file his claim, be should bring with him his discharge or separation papers, bis social security card, and a list of employers for whom he worked during the 18 months prior to his entering the service and up to the date of his claim. "But he should report to the local employment office and register for work ,as quickly as possible" Manager Teddy M. Jones stated, "because there i* » good chance we may be shje to find $« kind ojt wart he WR, j*Wsfr -*•_ i* Airs. £, P. Sf ewart Succumbs in Local Hospital Mrs. Blanche Stewart, aged 67. died late Tuesday night in a local hospital. She was in? wife of F, P. Stewart, Hope jewelry store operator. Besides her husband she is sur-l vived by two sons, Edwin of Hope] FARM FQBECAT8T and Jack Stewart of Vicksburg, I Miss., and a sister, Mrs. An Johnson, Sr., of Clan ton, Ala. by Mr. and Mrs. Cordes Drake. The cafe has just been redecor ated and remodeled and is air conditioned. Mr. and Mrs. Drake invite the public to visit them at the new establishment. By STAN CARTER WAKE ISLAND (/P) — Children clutching loys and dolls and yourtg wives with tears in their eyes climbed into rescue planes today and left typhoon-lashed Wake for Honolulu. They were the first of 350 persons evaluated today. More, includ ing most of the fathers and husbands, will leave tomorrow. They, and others to follow, take with them memories of standing knee deep in water in undergound concrete shelters — of crawling on hands and knees in search of their families. . . of thinking that only the pei sons huddled in the same flielters with them were alive that everyone else among the 7$C on this tiny island had been killed und bargain collectively — in the railway labor act of 1020. "H was considered a model law," he said, "until later administrations begun playing politics v/ith it. That law worked well." He also recalled that it was a .Republican administration which passed the NorrJu-LuGuurdiu anti- injunction law. Eisenhower suld ho has no use Continued on Page Two East Position Consolidated by Stalin By JOHN ||, HI0HTOW1R WASHINGTON (gi -i GenereUMi mo Stalin ha* contolidated Russia's power position in the Far Representatives ot Lockheed Aircraft Co. and the AFL International Association of Machinists nego tletc here again this afternoon before Federal Mediator Harry Mai- com. After yesterday's meeting, the first slncu 25.000 IAM members etruck Lockheed Sept. 8, Vice Pros ident Cyril Chappollut of the com' pany announced that a now offer had been made. He said the offer would mean At least 7 cents more an hour for oach worker and as much as 0 cents additional for some. Also, he sold, all workers would receive about 2 cents hourly under an es* By HONOLULU flow through tho air but children Bang br«v /nai'ohod to concrete typhoon-lashed Woke 1 day. ' Mothers cornfortqd thelrl in underground, shelters ¥ ter sloshed around.their Eldo every buUdlflg exee tho flat ljtU«: nW 'smashed, to btt» by und WftVeB,- 1 '< Eyewitnesses told , these today from Wake s Jnleln by vadto as tlons got into (f, some 70Q<«" A CVt* slormbaUereVttttO}! wl uoes. Spine,flf*" —*•"•' UB.fQBt OM 'fji\ loud up -' • Pour Jnleln south, yeflterdsy.J 1 * Radio roM in with data tructlon wrpughtV .„. and wind greater th» hour. calator clause, six paid holidays end improved group insurance. A Union shop demand was rejected again. A union official denied that the offer bettered Lockheed's pre-strlko proposals, The IAM demands 14 cents more hourly, Asked if progress was being i,' 1 >? •"•" •* •*** " W* JLfW^«t*UI4 44 f MtV 4> 'If % ••»•-»— — «r ' — fw- » *p™ T- •»!-•- «p East. Appart«tly.. §8 H counter to W«de, Malcoin said, "Any time Ameripnn? nnun.v* thi-nimh tha Dfionle uei toselher and talk over Funeral services will be belt} at Kerndon -Cornelius chapel at 4 p m- Thursday by th>- Kev, Virg« ' Active pallbearers; £>r. F. Q. Henry, Galea FraaR ton, Sy4 McMa*, Thomas Hay* *** Arkansas farm forecast: Widely scattered thunder showers this afternoon and tonigb, more numerous in northern section Thursday and Friday partly cloudy. An accurate test of available phosphc.-us in soil is one of the moat recent developmealf to come by the sledgehammer blow* oj i aging wind, rain and waves. They leave a Wake covered with wreckage. There has been no official estimate of property damage Residents *ay "it will reach ' "" or 10 million dollar*. At least 90 per cent of the build-[viets were under l»j ings were levelled by the storm whose winds exceeded 160 fidlles an hour. out o| lederal-s •earcfc ' i*ri«trttajr«H re m ff< pqwar" through the agreements reached in the Moscow talks with Red Chinese leaders. This 14-the qutftanding singlo »c complUhment of the conference which ended two days ago after a month of meetings between Chinese Premier Chou Enial and top Soviet official*. But American off! ciols are certain it i» not by any means the only important result. Speculation i* that wrapped up in the secrecy behind the Iron Cur thin are vital decisions bearing on the future o| war -*•' or peace — in Korea and on America's Far Eastern power pocisiUon an* chored in Japan, What tbe official announcement ol the conference shewed, author: tie* here e*serte4, will simply that Russia bad iucce«4f$ in backing out of a treaty commitment to withdraw from the Maochwriaa tba»e °f Port Arthur. Until maaeuve.r«4 Jte, the So- get together and talk over problems they are nuking prog- jess," Meantime, PouglaB Aircraft Co, announced it wijl seek § court pr« der banning mass picketing at Us Kl Segundo plant, struck by 13,- OftQ 1AM workeri last Monday to » wage dispute. Loekh*«4 recently obtained a temporary Injunction ;ain»t man picketing after picket] » incident*. No negotiation* are scheduled K) Segundp, where worker£reject* ed a 5-cent-an-hour offer rjrjanded 9. BEU3JU to wife, ace . Tel«phont Group Elect! Tucktr 'feu er p| Croswtt

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