Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 16, 1952 · Page 17
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 17

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 16, 1952
Page 17
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Sjr?^ • .•-•jfWy, ^-| *'* W\ •?%? r-%. "*•**•*••/,/• •;;,. HGM STA*, HOM, ARKANSAS tiwtdoy, tueday, September 16, 1952 MOPE STAR, MOM', ARKANSAS . ^ -....... j^. **.--.-. •.^• ; . -v - ^| CLASSIFIED i iMi'VM S« 1* CH«e» 0i* ««M« WWJiMteii AO RATH 5IFIED DISPLAY „,„„„ «« f»r took II „„„„„„.,„.,„ Wo per Inch rtM,, tM »,4. ( »~,.... JWd ptt.toch , r»t»rv» 1M rfoht to tmi of. fh» OfMNtoy rait, odv»fll»infl WM « p.m. fw day, il «i«irffl»»mt Itatlon and 18 «««» mow wth m HoutM wwii o« OIM ,„ «or «in not b» r .., „. Wfttfl lf» Wont Adi irnlM* „ ;««. talltd to our otumlon rnWT mf»HUm of od ond I.,, fit ONUY IN ONI Inewrttl 'phont 7-3431 iPE STAR u, 1W o(t»rnoon by ITAR fUlUIHINO CO. C. I, r«lMi N M*ch, Mlt.r »«•* OHIm ,Hi* Ad * Hotin, March I *» MtMhtf *t Iht Audit lurou Roini (oeyabhi In od- In M«W emd Advwtlt^g Inc. li J, T«nn., 808 T*MM on AW, CW iL Hj* Y« (W 9 Wfl-» MM •Ida* < lcoao I, III.; 60 i Yo'H "7, N* ¥,j 1761 lda.» Dttroll 3, Mich.} ^ttv Of ,ih* !« &*>' Pr«t»l *r\tltjM oH , In thl» (nitructions f df Kf Hi HOOM furnlnhed «portm»fit. Privat« b*lh, El*ctflo box, No ohIWj run, Mri, Judjwn, MO North Klrti, _____!?1 £ iESIftA»i!.e / room tinfurnUhwi Apartment. Hardwood floori, Built-in*, Private both and «n- troriCR. Clow In, 207 fthovor St. Phone 7-4480, 12-tf HMAM, furnfuhfld np*rtm«nt. Prl- vflto bnlh, BlMlrlo refrigerator. Utllltio* pnld, RI4 Knut Ttilrd, 13-31 Z ROOM apiirtmcnl. Private front nod back votritnc««, Kloctrk 1 re* frlgprntor pud wimhlnK mnohlne. JO-at Graziano Is Fa vor ed SPORTS ROUNDUP ,By OAYLB TAUI0T, ROOM npnrtm<!nt, In duplex. Within walking dUtmico of town. CHICAGO W —RouRhnnck Rocky amxlAno wrtd undnf*.it«d Chuck y. th« morcttry-footed Michl Slfltii Orndunlc, are cnxt In ?-bea«t rpi- node tomorrow niffht, Tho «eh«dui«a 10-round icrnp In Chicago Htndliim will bn televUed dnd brondcimt nutloniilly, Odd* fovorliiK thi» nloilac-fluted, rndullnR Qti»i\R!\<>: who IOUP from New York'* ulum* to jinln nnd lose the mlddlewol«hl crown In three brutal bnitl(j» with Tony /.iilt>, hnvi; nhrunk (roin I2-.1 n week auo in 0-3, Home ring crltle» think Jlocky hut, Ixicn w nulled up ulncr- thiim- brawl* with the former "Mim of Stool," Hut they Phone 7-31H3. 10-31 ItoOM home, 3D Heron printuro. KlfCtrlclty, wall wntcr, I'.^i index out. Phono 7-37IM), 10-61 for Solt AT ntononoblo priced. I!«roMrd Dull*, 12 to 18 monlhB old. Now location 4 milei north on I'rovlntt Ground Kond, A. w. J'hcnet 7-4068, 8-1M 'BA grnval, clay «ravol, »ttnd, top toil, and (III dirt. Cull Jo««e Sinclair, Phono 7-2350. S-3-1M MKADOW or mixed groH». About •1.000 •••bate*. IJInl 74608. P, T. BtHDKH, l''lr*l National Bniik JliilltlluM, 12.QI HALF bed complnto with mnttroiin and Smith Ifllm. Cnn bo naen ut 01 C Dint 7-15114. IH-Ht Onry still r«»p<«ct ItU louBhnt'd* ;md nblllly. They think Rocky can knock out Dnvry If he can hit him, "Tlu>«c little «uy« arc nil ollko— They run hut they cnn't hide,' Orn/luno, "t think Jof Ixnilx flr.nl that —but he WHU sure rlijlil," Dnvey, ono of the flnont .louth- In yeara, ri'iill/eit he mitHt NEW YORK Ufi -fJnswball mfftuiotHrr Ford FHck wilt not km.;.' until h« rr-nds thl» that he nearly col hlnriiolf thrown bodily out <>t the Pulo Ground by nn alrrt N'i- tlontil league umpire one rcei'itt «florno«n, H nt'frmn the czor wn« watching a xum«< from n window In President Horace Htuncluim's office deep In ciinlcrfMd, ;ind wnu employing it pair of klng-nl/.e field glassi^ t« bring the notion cloner. Our vlsi- lulit umpire, who prefers to r< • Chicago tniiln n.'imck'xs, cinighl the «hnt uf; Philadelphia the nftiirnoon nun on tho leu*< •«! iinston dnil iu-n»ed ti miijor niKn-ste.-iiin.! plot. "Throw that guy out of there i:i n hurry," he yelled to Mini.iKri I.co Durofrhctr, adding an oinnious "or else." Leu obllKlngly took down tiu (tuuout phone urid hold a short ami content torivi'rsntlon, nfter which AMERICAN LEAGUE Wtw York Cluvoiand W flO 84 70 7."i 7.1 74 58 48 L 57 00 OH 70 70 7I 05 94 Pet. .801 .583 i Bobcats Work on Defense * . forDeQueen Coach Joe F.nsminger said today he wasn't disappointed in the showing the Bobcats made in tho 28-13 win over Stamps Friday night but there "is need for improvement." The squad showed plenty of spirit! : AP&L to Dedicate New Off ice sM!!i!.± r ^:" L :f,j"^ d ^J!^._ 8 f. l " cd U-»i »'o held PINE BLUFF i*l — Tho Arknn fas Power and Light Company will dtdicntc its flow S2 million j general office bulletins hero today. j A paiarlr. dedicatory speeches I nnd dinner will highlight the celebration which begins at 3 p. m. Francis Cherry, Democratic nominee for governor, will pnrtici pate in the parnde and Ralph Mitchell Jr.. president of the Pine Bluff Cl'.aitibor of Commerce will deliver the dedicatory address at 3:30 p. m. A dinner and reception for visiting industrialists and dignitaries Fight Buildup | > Is Termed Ridiculous ILONDIt By Chick Y««*t OZARK IKI By OSCAR FRALEY rm i "' WiishiiiKton St. Louis Oflroil 48 94 ,3-W Today'* Schedule Now York at Detroit Miller (3-3) \'>; Houllcmnn <H-I!1». Washington nt Cleveland night I'orU-rfield (12-13* va Garcia (20- hi- turned Innocently to thu nrbltor. J Boston at St. Louis night McDormott <!!•!)> vs IMlIclle (10-12). Philndblphin ;il Chicago 2, twilight Byrd (14-13) and Hooper <8- Told 'em what you unld," \\c announced. "That's the corninls- down to plain old fundamentals™ mainly tackling, certainly one of their weak departments against the Yellowjackcts — but they will work on everything. Anil they will need everything when they tangle with the De- Queen Leopards here Friday night. The Leopards, idle last week, were in the stands for a first hand view of how the Mope boys operate. The Boocius came out of the game in pretty good shape with only a few bruised shoulders arm] muscles. Quarterback Tom Ed I Country Club at the Pine Bluff following the n I..CO i WHS hud ono tho time, they liisl word NICK! plan, II wcfkH old. U inlltt.i on SB. C. C, C. Cump. J, I). (lopcnd on hlii speed nnd cleverness to the limit, "I don't think Hooky will be able to hit mo with nny of hi* wild, t-oundhauNc »wlng«," he *nld. "I'n in tho best nhapo of my whole llfi nnd .could uo 30 -round*. Rocky will bo nwln«lriB nt the nlr oil ni«hl.' Dflvoy. 28, I* unbeaten in 30 pro fights nntl never him been knocked off hi* fuot. Walghlntf HI), .he will uierlflco about in pounds nt ring tlmo to his SO-yonr-old opponent. Qriudnno figures to weigh In nt noon Wednesday nt nn orflelnl ISH Ihnn tnko enough miurlftlmi«nt to fct't to 1(12 by hnn»> on North F«rtsu«on Hl«, lot n«ur rhurrh nnd Oooil lucntltm, Owner luitvliu! (own. 1'hone 7-001 II, tn-iu KAHM, Cloini land, uood A room house on paved Jewelry. 4308. paoturt', hlnhwuy. UUill bed a7id""tiinii. ri'iil btirttnin. I'hono 7- 10-3V Hcw -EX- Ittt nlco, atUc fan, venotlnn lillntld, x a rOuo, nun porch, '2 fine lot*, boimtlful yni'd, pnvotl streut, -Loentod ttt 800 Ku*t l.ttli dti'oot, Shown only by up|»olnt- inont. Cult 7-2501, fl.OVO POWfEHPIELD & SON ,* Kl-Ul League Leaders By The Attoclnttd Press A MBit {(.'AN ASSOCIATION Rest- -.f-xeveii final. City •» Mllwnuld<t< ni. City leads, 1-0 PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE Sun Krfmclm:o II Seattle 2 Hollywood 4 -Portland 2 (Only Kan Utl 1 Irlflh sottuc bird dog. 1 lomon tick pointer. Notify », r. Curtl*. Arkansas, 15-31 Rpal islatji for Salt |$f t-|i9Q 'w m«# nur uiont 1JJ i«»l)il{ onvolopui) In kpiiru ttt homo. Setut $1 for in- ivd instructions, and Company, Box 81, Adiugtou 14, Mnsn. Qviaruntoo, Mat Wonted !Uhw«sUssr». Apply Mann- A-Sfi-U He* Jund Stiuth of 13-31 , * Qctobor 8, 1«58, New »«'« fne ort- denl, Electricity, »»». fine burn ttud tajinnt )K!U»« with vluctricl- ly. All fenced nnd croM funced. Kino water, fl ntilus from Hope, Avk., On highway — School bun ami Rurui Huuto. .Whltw weiuhbor hood. Wilt give po»!i«(islon, 400 ACRK stock f«rm. Three good huuson and .bmrnt, el«clrletty, gtt», *»i')n| wstwv- 300 acrea open, ',100 limber all U-ncod, This •Is good, II mUtti from Hope, FLOYD POWTKRFIKLD & SON 10-Ot SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION PLAYOFFS (Bost four of .seven soinl flnnln), Atluntn nl Mobile postponed, vain Mobile lends, 21 WESTERN I.KAOUF. PLAYOFFS No Diiwn In Havana, where the 1 nrinunl "Aninlcur World Seri Imi, bc'i>n in proKreM bciwi tedrnn from I.iilin and South Ain<'r-| Icn, they nt leant took a vigorous] whnek at ciillinK down the U-ni'.tlij nf giurics. They've been having the) Brooklyn say, llialj ;-,, ,„. Krlcano d-Oi vs Fierce with an n, nm | Dobson '(12-0). Yesterday's Results Chicago 4 Boston 2 IVUoit 5 Washington 4 Only panics scheduled. (14- Truman, Taft to Bring in Old Tactics By JAMES MARLOW I/PI — NATIONAL. LEAGUE , WASHINGTON l/P) — President Hnys probtibly won't sec action; Trumnn and Son. Taft will make Friday night as he Is nursing n j n morc comfortable for anyone bruised leg which he had before | w ho can't get adjusted to the cam- the opening game. Coach Ensming- panning of Gen. Eisenhower and er said Hays would not see action until his lug is completely healed. The coaches were well pleased W L Snme trouble we. have. The good sonors who ran show jdmply shipped on a time 45 minutes for; Cincinnati provi.ilon thnt j Huston lliiir' limit: 2'-a hours for afternoon Kniiics. two hours, iirrlltihtrrR, with II thi> Innlnu in progress when expired would be completed. Worked fine, they sny, nnd you rbolitd hnvt; seen the teams which wero behind lifter the two-hour ii'iirk get out there and hustle. Obsoivlnj! the ((rent sucrod.i (if lloyl Wilhi'lm an 11 relivi'r fur the fliaiits tlii« ye:ir, f':irl llubboll, the ii|(! Iliill-df-Kamor. pri'diols the w<md:i will In' lull of yiiuntf Uniii'k- New York St. Louis Philadelphia Chicago »7 82 Til 72 (M (13 no !>(1 (15 74 SO no 40 107 Pet. .029 .60(1 .573 .545 .493 .444 .441 272 leballer flini'.ers seasons, for tin- next fe Fights Last Night By Th« Associated Press : SYIIACUSK. N. Y, -- Joey De John, 1(17, Syracuse. N: Y., knock ed out Irish Hob Murphy, IH:!'J Sun DioKO. Calif.. CO. BOSTON --Johnny Oousalvos, 131 Oakland, Calif., outpointed Georgia Armijo, Kill 1 ,.. Providence,, «. I, Pittsburgh Today's Games I'itt.sburKh at Brooklyn (night) Diekson < 14-201 vs Loes (13-8). Chicago at New York Haacker (l.'l-lli vs llarshman (0-0) or llcarn (13-0). Cincinnati at Philadelphia night Irtirfciisheri'er (21-71. SI. Louis at P,nston '.!, twi-night Mi/ell ill)-" i and IJivcheen Kl-'ii v>- Spalm (14-llii and .lohnsun (li-1). Yeaterday'r, Results Hrnoklyii II Cincinnati T) New York 12 St. Louis 1 Only names scheduled. with the performance of the backfield and they did show up well. In spots the line looked good but on occasions some of that "green" material really glared. However, a few more games which will give them much needed experience and the Bobcats are Gov. Stevenson. Since everybody has been listen likely to develop into tent outfit. a fairly po- Sports in Brief DETROIT 1*1 — Hal Ncwhousor the Tigers' veteran left handcr needs only one more victory to join the c'xclusivbe 200-wln club. New- nri'n'r'vs" no'hprts luMlser l )ickefl l| P his 199th triumph ing to them for years, hearing the President and the senator on the w-.rpatl- again will be as relaxing iis last year's hat. They follow standard political practice: Make it slam-bang nnd personal. Not so with Eisenhower and Stevenson. Being newcomers to na- j tional politics, they have had to inch their way along to get the feel of things. They started out as mikt as a couple of cousins. Now the general is getting rough c-r on the Truman administration and the governor is getting a little irore caustic about the .Rcpnbli cans. But both still seem to be trying to work up a full head ot NEW YORK, (UP) — The p licity buildup for next we( heavyweight title fight between . spy Joe Walcott and Rocky ciono should be heading today the sublime. It's certainly been in the culous up to now. ^ As of the current dispafl from the respective training carr the imminent embroglio has hoc curo the dignity of a Mack Sennet co dy. Only the keystone kops w never this funny. Everybody is crowding into publicity act except the fightj and the situation as to their dilion and workouts has b| buried deepter than the prize pet nt Fort Knox. If the trl hscln't leaked out when thd^f tracts were signed, you'd tli Rocky's manager, Al (The Vcl Wt-ill, was propping to do baj with Felix (Deadpan) Bocchicc Walcott's Arcaro. The latest "fight" news fr Marciano's manager concerned JEUCOUS roars from Weill whet| was reported that Roc'Ky wr take his own chef to Phftadoli: because of crank letters wr threatened him with a menu fjl cy. One thing certain, Rocky's ca must be the ,best fed in pugili history because his chef is gctt more publicity than Oscar of Waldrof ever had. Up to now daily dispatches have caused feeling that the Rock was trair (10). SAN FRANCISCO —Fabela Chavez. 120, Compton, Calif., outpoint- ed Jimmy Savalii, UH... Madora, Calif. (10). CHICAGO -- Waldo Fusnvo, 142, Milan, Italy, outpointed Dnve Shade, 130, Detroit i«>. 'aqic ' ^ CotiMiHt. tilt, h mqtte t. to Ktilt Mick. ELSIE DlMributM bv King Ftnturm ROOM hound tmd vantKu with opt tun to buy, Gull tClmor May, EusU-rn Ti'wnsinlssUm Corp. I* D. Irw^n 7 to 8ip.m. I0-3t Top ROOJO Programs NKW VQRK (*».-,— LUttfulrujt tonljjht: ' NBC t Cav^lcftdo Drama "Mim .of Qttittt 4n»POrtnnco" 0 Stan KVIHOJI Cpncert, Salfl CBS — t .P«wfe'..lAr« ^unny ™,IT, ^ '!M Mr. inntl Mr*. Nortli "l»rl»oK Inrxhvood fluoro, «eprieve" tt Lltw wllh tu,ujl. « mtlw o«v 88.1 ABC — T Mayor fltne*-Square IX Hull, ia^t;7;9Q Kathl Norrjs Dmn* "Uan- gerou* MetttUut" 8 !V>Wt» Meeting •Hospital .Co»ts", , MBS — T aimmy t^rroll Show • OHAPT8R TWENTV AUGUST wat an unexpectedly cold month. Vacatlonlsta shivered on bo«cl>w>, filed on extra sweaters Una \vlshed for oiunnior cottagoH with ucntril heating «nd thonno- ,- Uolph HlUiarU told , folFowtng a week end at hla to let this spoil my life, clUicr. I have my wovk." •horc place, "la moro than Btthd without sun. I huddled thrco days over a fireplace." Nuncfl made a clucking ao\ind of cornmtaorfttlon. Her rcactiona to the wenther, or anything else thcso days, waa halfticartcd. Sho waa in N«w York permanently now, after aeclng Eleanor Utrough her breakdown following Jeremy's marriage. In « way, fiilcftnor'a Illncaa had been a good thing for Nance, U kept her mind nnd body occupied, and, when Eleanor at length waa Able to bo up and about again aa Usual—Although she waa noticeably thtnnor jmd subdued— Naiiuc found that *ht Herself had recovered frwu U^ Drat ahook. And ahe decideo: *t pncfl Uittt aha would not atay in Tlyirstonla, encounter- Ing Uio inovttable pity of her friend*, and fot«v«r ruiuUng into Mo noddod. Bho coiUltuiotl, "I'm fortunate Stcry of Or Drama D«« 10 Wednesday U«m*; NBC — «. jto. Strike ,« Rich. — 10; |0 a. jft. Cinu\d Slam m% F«ir. <J«me ot Day Wunhinglon at *Sv* tad Jewmy. Kit had insisted on Nance making her home with her, '•Apartment* an atlll acarcc," ahe'U reasoned. "Bwldee, U you are going to be In New York, I'd like you wlU» m*. So would El**nor. M Nance agreed- Kit WM kind, and It re«Uy WM not sensible to live Alone. Kit vigorously dlacouraged brooding, and already, ta tne pat* tem of day* which at Anrt had been her grim routine of «*Ung. sleeping, wording, Kit wa# w*av. Ing btr bright thread*, And Ralph. Rolph WM attrprti4«*ly aea- litlYtt of her mood*. fSe«*ptiv« r*»pons|v«, her hurt pride. ftolpit was a truly AIM Nine* thought, eonmdwMig acroas the tab!*. They oflwt to this quiet piact near th« oflkt, for tea, Rolph waa fro*t « a«Mtfl Iowa in Kent, Bngland. tfU vole* still had a trace of the broad •'• and full round o'a, and HU habit for tea at four came, he amid, from » long line ol tea-drinking ancestor* Rolph tald, reflUlng hep cup, T» having Ihe oftc« adjoining B»d« ovar aa a studio for Hans*, Tter« art a couple of ufk You'd get it's work I like. I can put all myself Into It. It's so much more convenient being u jilted artist than a jilted stenographer, Isn't u? Nine to live, with nothFliK but curlicues, and nil those empty Hours to (111! Artists aro Ilka authors-— they never really atop working. Even in their sleep. I've often pushed myself awako to catch a dream,-to Rot it on paper before I lost it." Ho nodded, then frowned, "That's fine, for now. But drive yourself too hard and you'll go 8talc. I've seen It happen. Don't shut out your trlcnds, Nance. Every contact la a, stimulant, or a sedative. You need both." Uo grinned suddenly. "I'm not quite sure which category I'm In." "Both!" She added, "You've been kind, Holph." "I'll be around if you need me, Nance." She knew what ho meant Exactly. She would, Just now, imve preferred not knowing. Up to now. in her various encounters with Rolph Milliard, she hud sensed vaguely that he waa on the verge ot being In love with lu-r. He hadn't put anything In words. Jeremy had been a barrier, Jeremy was no longer a barrier, but she wasn't ready for another love, ami Rolph knew It. But he offered her his strength to lean upon, and she was grateful. She said gently, "Thank you, Rolph." The tables around them were Biting. Glancing up, Nance saw Steve Raymond and I.ibby Oliver tn the foyer. Rolph saw them In the same Instant, and lifting hla browa at Nance for acquiescence, he waved them over. "My lord," Steve said, seating Ubby and pulling out a chair next la Nance, "tea!" lie ordered martinis (or htmwlf ami Ubby. But Ubby protested, "1 think TU have tea, Steve. You should, too. U»i««a you want to start the Cart- ion* 1 party with a hang-over. Tea." the said Ormly to the waiter, ''for both of u*. pi*-***." Bt«ve ircuwied, "Mama Knows btaL" Ubby went red- "You or* drinking too roucn. Steve." "Ail right, alt right" Nance teit impatient with both of thaw. Especially Ubby. Why, with Steve so churlish, did she tag along T Bhe questioned Rolph about it, on ioair way back to the o*«. Ttw/d toft Btev* and Ubby at the been a battle royal. But Libby was in Florida, and when she got back, It was too late. Llbby's a sample of Hope Lives Eternal." "It's hard on I.ibby." Rolph shrugged. "Funny what people in love will put up with." "But what is it getting her?" "Nothing, ut tho moment. Except ono of these days Steve la going to snap out of this and discover he loves Libby." "Suppose ho doesn't?" "Then Libby will sec to it there's not another Eve. It's worth, from Llbby's point of view, a few dints In her pride. She really loves the guy." Nance winced, although she knew Uolph's remark: had no personal significance. I walked out on Jeremy, she thought. My darn pride! Only I couldn't have made u door mat of myself, like Libby. And Jeremy isn't Steve. Ho wouldn't have let me, or anyone else, pull strings. Mo wanted Eve, ho married her, and that's that. She said, as they walked along the corridor of their office building, "Rolph, I didn't tell you this before. The B' r l Jeremy married is Eve." He didn't get it, at ttrst. Then he whistled. Then, abrutly, he frowned. "Why?" Nance knew what he meant. He hadn't, from the first, thought Eve had just happened to go to Thurs- tonla. He was seeking, now, the motive (or the marriage. Eve's motive. Nance was heartened by Ills understanding. He said thoughtfully, "Eve didn't need money, after what she got from Steve." "Jeremy hasn't that sort of money, anyway. No, it wasn't that I think I've figured It out. Partly, anyway. She hates Jere- my'a father and mother. She hates tnr. Khe hated me long before she know me, because 1 had everything that tmd been taken from her. It's the story of a child carrying a grudge, and I know u sounds tar- fetched," She smiled wryly. "Vet i Know I'm right , . . Rolph, It's not only losing Jeremy that hurts. It's losing him to h?r. I'm not particularly noble, but I think I could stand it if 1 thought he'd be happy n a relief role Monday as the als nipped Washington, 5-1. Feller of Cleveland is the only ictive major lea.mie pitcher to have -.it tho double century mark. He 230. CHICAGO 1*1—When Jim Rivera, White Sox outfielder, committed an nor in Monday's game against Boston, it was his first since don- ig a Chicago uniform on July 2Eth. Rivera, who was acquired mm the St. Louis Browns on wai- veis, had played 43 games for the Chisox without a miscue. They may bet nn assist in this from Truman and Tat'l, with Taft fhcvelins eoals on the fire under Stc-vc-nson, Truman doing the.same for Hisenhower, and Trumnn and Tr:ft doiiu; likewise for each other. In this* way the quartet should liavo n nice bla/e fioing by election day with help from the vice presidontial c a n d i d a t e s, Sen. Sparkman and Sen. Nixon. Truman and Taft are more than just famous politicians whose names aro a household word. They have become symbols of their parties. Although Truman and Taft are nftt now candidates for anything, they're both such aggressive men, NEW YORK i/P) Jackie Robinson s tho first irinjor league player to score 100 runs tHis season. The. j Brooklyn second sacker tallied I Monday's sixth inning against the three times against Cincinati in Giants. . . or was the situation too cra-k? Giants' shortstop Alvin Dar went to bat twice as his club scored nine times and hit a double each Monday's game, boosting his total runs scored to 101. NEW YORK Wl Were the St. Louis Cardinals seeing double intime. OUT OF DOORS with big as a minute. Another scintillating scoop corned the fact that somebody other from. Brockton. M a i Rocky's home town, predicted 1 there would be "dancing in streets" if Marciano won. It reminds me of n great one writer sent out during Johnstown flood. Tho reporters started, "God sat on the hills rounding Johnstown tonight." His exasperated editor, sittinf trie other end of the telegraph impatiently awaiting statistical] formaion on the flood dam broke in and said: "Forget the flood. InleH God." Which brings me to the fact "dancing in the streets" line r cause me to miss the fight. I the chance the Rock will win may go cover the Massachujjj^ Mardi Gras. Always did wamj fee a New Englander lose hisl The Tale of The Big Brown Trout By AL McCLANE Fishing Editor Pretty women seldom pay respect to philosophers. Now Pat, who is my wife and should know better, materially lessened the popularity of her sex for future generations. I caught three large trout in the Haunted House Pool on the Delaware River one morning recently and 1 carefully strung them on a willow branch. The fish were taken honestly — on a dry fly — nnd when I left her to wandur down toward Basket Brook my pace was quick and sure. After all, I am an expert. She takes pleasure in casting a plug, and leaving her at the pool seemed safe enough. I had caught all the fish, and anyhow she could get plenty of exercise winging the bait toward Pennsylvania. When I returned an hour later. I saw her blonde head bobbing among the cataracts, as she bounced to the gravel shingle near the end of the pool. There are proh ably among my readers young men who will be horrified at thn thought that went through my mind as I turned from this scene of helpless womanhood, but there, next to my fish, was a brown troui of monstrous size. A fish that I could never match in 20 years of Delaware fishing. She had flung her plug in the face ot tradition with unerring aim. The trout weighed 7 pounds '.1 ounces and swallowed a black finish Heddon Rivvr Runt. Of course >xiu and I know such a lure is no good for eastern trout- ing. but then, we are philosophers. serve and do a buck and winj Fouth nnd Main. • But probably the best trair camp story of them all concer Bocchicchio's request that Weil forced to undergo a physical up before being permitted Rocky's corner. Felix, who earj his; appearance of a shop George Raft, insisted he want "The Vest" to drop dead n heart attack. Although it has been know happen, it's a good thing that bout isn't scheduled to end football games — with a gun s Otherwise Weill might have a foct comeback. The fighters? On, they're aro somewhere, sparring or running something. $Wi Wcktrinf . Stevo ^ bar. «R«r » with her. But the things you've told me, and Ubby—well, how COM h« be happy with EveT" He said, "Let Jeremy fight hU Aght, Nance, You tight yours." She managed a smile. "I expect thjki's the sensible thing to da" "You can't be responsible for his trials «Ad errors. Nance.* Got responsible, but you coubtat help being apprehensive. When you saw what &v* h»4 dooe to Steve Raymond, bo* W I built a dt-'ep freeze unit. Under his system, the trout are cleaned packed in a pliofilm bag, and in the quick freeze — all in ten minutes time. The trout arrive at your house frozen solid, and after a very impartial test I can report that they are equal to most and superior to many wild fish. They come in a cardboard creel, 'incidentally, along with a half-dozen recipes that can't be beat. (Distributed by NEA Service) John Green Named to State Post LITTLE ROCK, (UP) — J H. Green, an insurance execut: today succeeded former C Homer Adkins as director of state division of employment curity. 1 Green was named to the n yesterday by Gov. Sid McMatWj AdRins was chief strategist y McMath's three gubernatorial cl paigns in 1948, 1950 and 1952. resigned the agency post to. w for McMath in the last gube torial race. Adkins served two terms as . ernor of Arkansas, after which ran unsucessfully against J. Fulbight, former .head of the versity of Arkansas, for U. S. ator. i with strong opinions and ,a yet express them, before this poign is over they may oversh cw the two men running fi?r offi The miracle of deep freezing and the ingenuity of a trout fisherman have been combined at a place called the Green Spring Mountain Trout Farm, in Newvillc, Pa. Tho hatchery reared fish just don't have the delicate flavor of a wild trout, especially when you've had them fresfi out of the water on the banks ot a far off stream Well, Colin Thonnas decided he could produce a "wild" trout tor the market and after consulting with a number of food scientists ho learned the real problem was that U»e ceU«, tissues, and fatty oils of tae trout's flash broke m § nwUer oj minutes after teoni NOTICE! We are pr^pored to take care of your winter posture PMA orders for seed? and fertilizers ' as well as Louisiana white winter shallots and White Bermuda onion sets Plenty of parking room and loading space ot our new location where business is appreciated. MONTS . .^W*1B? -jP *?Pfif%l THAT'S STRANGE--I'D SWEAR i HEARD SOMEONE CALLING MV NAME \v OfAftK* OftlVt IS BOUNCINS CAN i ,- A DRINK t, OF By Mlchool O'Molloy a OUT OUR WAY By j. R. Williams Answer to Previous PuzzFs L VtAtvrr TO !3EE IF \ / OWOOH -- \ / A PAY ? WHV, 1 Vhl£> BEEir HIDE I W Hfcl RUIMS [/ MAN, OUR HULL I iO7 50AKIM' HBRE I) TH' END ^\ CCVVMM'WINTER I Cinema Star is. VJEADV YIT-- < [ OF A PERFECT \ >•=, RUIMEO/ \\MCIN'SOME H DAY WITH / Pi P YOU EVER S STUFF I > THAT AWFUL A SMELL HIN/l TI-KS WINTER..' J \ SMELLY, J WHKKJ HE'S UMSI<3HTLV <\ \AOPiKlW OJ , . . . . - RAWHIPE ,n, 1 HORIZONTAL 5 Conducted 1 Cinema star 6 Toiletry cases Bicklord 'Observed 8 Inlet 9 Odd job 10 Baked clay 11 Chances 12 Pause 19 Rave 21 Melodies 8 He is a movie —— 13 Surfeited 14 Rebuke. 15 Mineral rock 16 Rightful 17 Coryza (pi.) „„ _ 18 Young salmon 23 Pothtry 20 He has a great P roduct ; _ ju 2cti n g 25 Among 22 Roman bronze?* Y* 1 ?. °? ore 31 Promontory 33 Protective covering 37 Light brown 45 Froster 46 Kind of couch 47 Dull and /monotonous 27 Bibli cal name 38 Distinct part 49 Son of Eve 24 Employ 25 Forward 28 Self-esteem 28 Abstract being (pl -> 29Cookine "29 Separate WASH TUBES 40 Emissaries 42 With slightly 50 Flower . raised anchor 51 Hurl • 30 On the 43 Stage whisper 54 Poem sheltered side 44 Short barb 58 Right (ab.)j 1 29 Cooking utensil 32 Subject to a 1 claim 34 Drink made with malt 35 Fish 36 Positions 39 Low haunt 40 Art (Latin) 41 Poker stakes 42 Since 43 Blackbird 44 Swells 48 Pastry 52 Oak fruit 53 River (Sp.) 55 Hoot 56 Equip anew 67 Accost 59 Snares ' 60 Insects '-. IT MU0TA, V NOW TAKE Mg THE BKEM ^BOUT I ROUTE, BlLL,.,ftT THE PACK 10:20 WMBM V VOU WMKCD. POM'T FORGET I FOUND TH HMMo.VOU'D HWE BEAMED HERE ABOUT 10:30- THE HBY, TIWl VOU WftS RKSHT TIME POLICE- FIKC'T SIVW THB GWJ0 IM THW 5WRE OVER ABOUT 6PIKE BV THE RMLKOAP. THIS WUPT BE D65ERTED NT PROBNTION WFICE _ '"'' a ***"'~ < ~ er ~ v,, WLKING HO«t V'KMOW. B(\$Y. VOU'RB TH 1 PIR&T GUV WHO EVER. TRIED TO HELP m our THE ART MATERIALS ,. With Major Hooplc OUR BOARDING HOUSr EeAD,T~Wie~3. / LI&E A LASSARU>|-''-'| MOW ABOUT THAT > LAD (?ETL)'~Mll v iS <O $C\-\OO\-, H X ( LAP6L FLOWIER "' 5rAlFT A^Y AMMD SACK ''.\ DREADED UP,T"l4AT A CRcATlVE &Ef\K/-'-—/'^'\ •JGUtRTED A NO\M OF A *-S ( 5T(?EAN,\ OP TEAR SMJ c > 7 HAT FOK 6AILOK6 J S <3A5 AT A HOLD- VJOULD >5EMt5 S'[ UP MAM ^ DP A KOCKeT V4HC-M \. \ DID Vt7U Tl-VE SE BOulS AND HER BUDDIfS VtVVrt , ^ .E ^!TAFAKE« // \ PARK THAT * _' It \ - . } VERTICAL 1 Shear ! 2 Olympian I goddess 1 3 Mimlcker 4 Right line (ab.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner BUGS BUNNY MlMD GROPING FOR THE LISWT« OH-OH/IT LOOK* LIKE VA GOTTA HAVE A TITtB fid TURED » SXMI01T/ By Hershberger FUNNY BUSINESS ALLEY OOP Trf Ol GENIE YE3,ANP IDONf DO65 LOOKOUTA BUAME 'IM ,THE SORTS. DON'T / WAY VOU SYPPGD more for me, thanks! My wif« might have to drive home and you know how dangerous THAT is!" SIDE GLANCES By Golbroith "I tee a landslide for you at the election—but you're going to be under itl" , CHRIS WILKIN, Planeteer FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS I HAP NO (PSA ANYTHING HEKE ewes PUBLIC WHICKLE *jo-1.' you ir.Jusr WOULD YOU? &VPPFRSI&HT

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