The Klamath News from Klamath Falls, Oregon on June 22, 1939 · Page 2
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The Klamath News from Klamath Falls, Oregon · Page 2

Klamath Falls, Oregon
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1939
Page 2
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June 22, 13S PAGE TWO THE NEWS AND THE HERALD. KLAMATH FALLS. OREGON DIXON VICTORY INSGHOOLVOTE SEEHSGERTHN Perrv Tlixon's election to the rsunly srhool bord appeared assured Wednesday At additional returns trickled In from ub-distrlrts voting In Mondays lal-lotirig. With the arrival of reports from Crescent, where the largest vote of the. election v. a cast, niton's lead grew to over 100 votes. His total atooJ at SSI while Sarah Harshnarcer had 2.".4. and It helieved not enouch votea were atlll out to change the outcome of the election. Thts table showa each sub-dis-trict. with th vote listed ai received at the county aihool offices: Bonama Weyerhaeuser Camp.. Kort Klamath Keno .. Rlv Htldebrand 7 J 11 S . II t II) 4S . 71 . 11 3J 11 11 . 30 IS 4 5 . 14 I 4 Kalrhaven Lower Poe Crystal Shasta Malln Merrill Crescent Summers Henley A I r o m a l.'hlloquln , Beatty hpracue River Modoc Point Kirk Altaniont Crescent Lake Chemult Forest Camp Totals ...SSI OBITUARY HEXBV . BALLARD Henry J. Ballard, a resident of Bvelstoke. B. C. and an employee of the Canadian Pacific railroad, passed away near the Cascade i Summit on Wednesday, June 21. The deceased wai a native of As-, qnlth. sask., Canada, and was seed 35 years. months and 7 days when called. He is survived by his , parents and two sisters In Asqulth. , Sask.. Canada. Mr. Ballard a member of Kootenay Lodge A. F. I at A. M.. Revelstoke. B. C. The remains will be forwarded via South-' em Pacific to Revelstoke, B. C. ; Thnrsday morning, June :. at 10:40 a. m. Ward's Klamath funeral home In charge of the arrangements. Courthouse Records I sW lmlv1 Eva N. McNeely reraua D. Frazer. Plaintiff granted motion of noniult. 4utir Court XT. B. OliTer. time taken to plead on non-mpport charge. Jack Toaran. atatutory rape, lir.oo bond posted. Fred Nolan, assault and battery, bond aet at JiOO. I-ai-or aa b n notorionily poorly led in the VnitM States. Pr lent Arthur Murphy, of St. Mary colleie, Leavenworth, Kan. Too Late to Classify i COOU ROOMY two-bedroom flat, j All modern conveniences. Phone t H14. :i WOMAN wishes hour work. Phone 312-W. IIS Pine. Mrs. Henrv. -24 WANTED Middle-aged woman for light housework. Bog 4233. News-Herald. -2 A PA RTM ENT Reasonable, can Courts, 443 .Market. Pell--27 l'jr.n CHEVROLET, rood rondi tlon. cheap. 2043 White, ment 3. apart- ! 6-23' There are many reasons why you need our plan. Complete information for the asking. First Federal Savings 8 Loan Association of Klamath Falls tn v.! nth Kt. Machine Cun Company Moves by An Imaginary "disturbance" on Kauai bland was a feature In a Hawaiian meet thts. machine gun company 100 men. gum. ammunition, food firlc Army bombers at Hickman Field, Honolulu, and flown to the scene. Here's 5 : SMSSBBSBMWBBBBBBlBaBllliaaaWBaWSBT'-' w - Polishing up his plane, 16-year-old Dick James, son of Denver, Col., automobile builder, beams pride over crosscountry solo (light from home town to Chicago for visit with grandmother. Dick. no (ot pilot s license on birtnday last April, says nts aviation interest is outgrowth of model plane building. FUNERALS jvim.f: h.wwooo short F;:nral aArvi4-4i for the late Juice Haywood Short, who r"1! away in thin city Turday, Jane 20, following, an extended ill-neit. will be hld In the chapel of the Earl Whltlock funeral home. Pine atret at Sixth, Friday, June 23, at 3 p. m. with the 1t. Huh Ilronson of the Community Presoyterian church of Tulelake, Calif., officiating Commitment irvke and interment in family plot in Mt. Laki cemetery. Frienda are Inrlted. A leading rubber company has introduced a new white sidewall tire paint, containins a rubber ba, for renewinic white aidewall tires or for makint; blark aide- WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- WrtattiCihaid Ad Tw I Jaa 0l tt UA it tat Mwaiat lUram" la Ce The Ibwr aheald wtr rjt twtt ptnnit of Itqnwl bil Into your bowit 4Uy. If thiabil t inotfln)ngifrwlr.rurfo(kddotwn't(JiMt. , It juat 4cr id th (WW., Cu bleau V9 rovr -tonnsch. Yon rrt MBttiMtM. Ymr t who) tritarfB it pelsVMtarl an4 too fHl aour, 1 tunk an4 th world tnki p-jnk. A imfw tnw movmgtit cjfjami't jt t 1 Y - It Ukct Ukx fxxl. oU Carter ! I.;ttJ i.iver Pi! tn me thawat e (U.,..J. ! rf til flowinr frf an-i ml ymt f up antj op." Htrrtilif-. inJ. jrt ntftc lr In fTftlttrir bil flow frwl. A air tnm r'al.ittl-UrerPnuhynftmcUccata. t'boTi.l7 rtfiut a&rttilaa' tJsw. out s.nPj; teVtoa"ce walla whita. I saF I v ;.i.i tsiTtJ i . j .fUap rs ,j XtCOROS SHOW THAT oiDSMoatts ts ojv of ruwwASwsr cars om oas f How s your gas mileage? Does tlie needle on your Ranee seem to hurry from "Full" to "Kmpty"? If it does, you ought to own an Olds. For here's one car thnt step rieht out gives, you pick-up, pep and brilliant action without penalizing your pocketbook. Olds is an economical car to drive, in every way. You pay a low prion to begin with you get good value when you trade it In. It saves you money every mile on gas and oil save on tires and maintenance, too. You can check these facts by talking with OMunobile owners. Or you can look at the record Olds took Urtt plmre in its css in 1939 in the famous Gtlmore-Yosemite Economy Run, averaging 21.4 miles per gallon. Olds is a hig car, luxury car built to quality standards through and through. Come in and see us today. Drive an Olds. You'll be amazed at the value a low price buys in Oldsl Air in War Game Department Army maneuver. To kitchen, etc whs loaded into 11 part of the company emplaning. Malin Briefs M A I. IN S w n- . .tr-oM JiMnnc Stiirlry WiWon a Wth.lav ;irtv in hr honor Ti;t' la ftrr-tuvm whrn hor moth!-. .Mr IV 1. WtlstMI. lliMII II tUlililvT f .mlr fi umiu for an aft .Troon i'f ( A liii; hirilui.iv v.i xa in rilow and hit- w:(h tho iiocr nuniluT of ranilli-! .tint la,t'v tpH-tl iituiU-tim c. .. to ih ulnar, no tvs oi tli- i .fr'.'limcin i.iMo Can!v !.lwh anil c.iy ni-n1 4i t:. 'il. u tfil in t hf in ilt t ;u"-! Mm m lihlctl I.ouim Zuini . Kv fl ii IVink. Millrti ivtrik. t:ar.tta Klli-u H.-iinuT. K Mary rnio, June rut. KuMoliih Sch m id t, llUn S'tin:ilt, Alifi !une ,hr. Jo.imr Wh-'Mi. Jt-riy I..-H UIm-h. K liitsu Suty, H.'ti n Suiy. 4itMiy I'iit. Mt. M.IHI Ti'ii'iiun, .Malm liu Ml !';. atlcil'irti th: Staff toM-iiisttv'i in.i'iiiion h-'M U t w.'k ill A-hlan-i. AI"ii ili-ds.t. .r-rill j.3ii:,ii'T, himi ,'U' nt fttr pail 'f th.- wM''if.. Mr aril Mrs I'hmI li.t'vm a uI linif tM'ithi'r h ir ! . tnrii'n i o( Kiaiuatil f .ili-o, are uukiiit; t hir horn on ih J.v kiu;.n rjiu li iMll.m i Ci. -wi o( i lutt.'li. Matin. MiM Irt ti.- Ttion; I-- -u is ;iin; tin i. to it-iit( m:i iii"i-:.iutr lime nri p-liif 4tn4 lrien-1- in I. on Ancelf. Mia I'honipvon if Hi ot Mr. an-t Mr. Mrh ThoniUfion. Il". Kimrr K Ko-t. W il-lf UI Tb e. um I n ' "7"c.. sar . -- aj wry B Quality Market I I wilt Main SI. I'hone I7.HI I R nme nld lorntlon - Same I I Orprnilaldc. High IJiuiliiy D H I onls S'.rt.le. Pntprtetne I TMt CAP THAT MAS WWHVTMtfi9 Marshall Cornett Company ,. of the ... ek for Plr I IVlnt, Oio . whvi h will Ul tth llio n Hoil t'onrfP-rmv. A numlur of yoiin propl of Malln iln to attfiul at dl- 1'KiUIi oil's day. mark inn Hi 'iii o( lo wi'i'k Uil-ln hil. a i.l.MM-.otl Hi Ihf .Malm Ticab) leiiiiu rhuivh Siinilii.v wllli John .Ok:li'y nriinic t aiitrtuti,nltni. Himoiim-init Hi pi on rum anil of(tr-me iiiior. AtlomUnnT and ivt-o&nltton lor inomortiins of Hl-hli yi'iroa wim imomiiU'iI. laaillnE pan on tin protftum won takn l ki'iiniMli Diiiu-un. John I.ooly, Klf.tnor sk ii'iia , l.iiuan n Trry Ciitk-tj lluwcll. Konalil lliiwkmn, Miirjorlo Smith, Norm Hawkma, tiila Mt'(.'oy, Aniiiitiiiil, M'tty I Kii'li't, J.'tn Stiuth. M'lla 1M-! hrook. Maty J .in HornlM-ak. ' Chat lea iKiiu'.in. Hcmnti M. Koi-n, ,.' i nun siot-k-till. IViltly SU'?-i son. l.i'on Wooil, iiniati'tl by nirni ! bn oi iho tH'Kintitnie. primary. ! intcrmiMtiaii atitl Junior f laain. 1 Th1 i him h orvlu'Kira. iiirludlns Nitima llolbrook. H'v. K- K. Hot 'riikiKI.-, Kay Uoovi-r, Kleanor 1 Skitm ami M lla llolbiook a- aiiU'l wiih llu' music ' Teavhi-ra wor Wis RU-hanl ! Sto.iMison, Mm. Kay Uooxi, Mia. Hose nklluV, Ki'v. UoMMikltdv. and ttu Mitj loin lUlry, Norma Hoi-' brook. Ooloti's Trout and Vlian Paiifr. Mi Cora H''btT. ho ha bon autMidlna; setiool t hi pji inttT In ' iak!ainl. is horn tih ht-r parnita, Mi and Mrs. John ttcber. Mi!s Jt'autit Haitnian. o( Th lullt. 4 junior al OirRou Stat. xhm Kut oi bor aiatfr, Mr .; ion Johnson. Mr. itnd Mr httn Otlomau and tiwcv ami tuplif. Viiat and Nor-in u ti. lilud the raily pail ot the wevk at Uuiuoud Ukt. Thi ten nit tourt on tha hi(b Kt-hool Kiounil la bi-liic rumpltd thiK t-'k tti thv alliMon o( ntt and an atttuvii.u nci ut (nr. Jo Ii lalr. foniifrly a farult) mt'inbfr oi th Malm tUiuvntry m hool, w ho tMutiht laat year at K'Mio, ill iMin tfach In Malin n't tTni IWIair and a brother ivm!y purthd a raiii-h in the Malm iti"!rnt Nt' llamp-hiif Irci.-Utoii are iiibarrt 1 bcaut- thy enanod ih- ronr t.i bill Into U. hon'l f-. l ll 4t a. I". almot ry . bill it a ronc on. A II lrl Old Kllgllsh ldv IB . intuit: a thud set of teeth. Whkh to show to what lengths women will go to stay outhfut. DANCE Chiloquin salurdai, June 34 HI III) I III I.IMV'H I'ltl HKsTR High School Gym Ailmievtlttn ft louple mmrM . cat vo.i ... . ' ! Ion .i,... J"""-nile w ' Dftna 1. I today . " tit... s I ;i '"be. St.,."":""- -P-r, i,r..Z. mnn - ' -Fi'DMI I 0ee ..-""- . Ceo.,,, i,'"" Without " -UR tTX ?TttXtt1A:K JTi 'H Hosiery Event Uuy Your Summer Stocking Wardrobm mt Saving! Buy plenty of these Fine Silk Stockings for vacation, for every Summer Need! Marvelously flattering and long-wear, inq. They're exciting buys at these prices. "Ilrrrl in the fhnrm ot Kayucr" 't: f 1 v5 4 ? ( 1 J IS KAYSER Mi'r-O-KL-cr 33 IX Mctrvcf-Twifl t.oe'y S t S'oclirqt to t'sn out Vae'S tKo J t'-aed Hot, p cot aoge t k too'. 'Vofced toa ai i,i,r re' ea. N cot'jma tuast to ta ect trom. S tt 8;j to 10', j. $115 Pr- 4 s rS 15 KAYSER 300X "XhM Xce" Made to be worn with Garters . . . F ti inuqV without bindlnq . . . bad yer li !""V TK lvi top w il abtorb qertar itreln, which Pandora Now available and slips and Satin Supreme Gowns Meda of specially conitructad laboratory tested bruthad mtln that will glva superior v.-asr. Pure dya silt, pura dy Bemberq thread satin that launders for ageil Alluring movietone colors. 298 to 495 Satin Clicrie Gowns Salin cheri is a 100 pura dya. pura silk satin of th heaviest quality to ba found in lingerie in America! Absolutely shadow-proof. Lustrous beauty and new color tones! 398 Satin Slips Supreme $1.98 Tailored or lice trimmed bias slips, or tha new 4-gore creations with straight side panels eliminating that tell tola pucrering under frocks! Also tha new straight slips with but one seam that cannot rlda up and will not rip. Cut lira a bias slip. Trimmed with lovely Alancon-type Imported laces In various designs and patterns. Be Sure to Vote tor Your World' KAYSER i V-O-Kleer Ka u-Tw hi A fu!! fathiond swart ssati hota with qat.r run itoet. r. nfo'ced tea and i'ner haal. Comat In 2. J nd S Iti'tad. All the Newest Ensemble Summer Shades. Sires 8'j to IO'j 1 pr. 3 330 pr. iantailcreJ Paj h Ka user Saariuclar. Faiths- Penqee and Soliettei ia bavy o' smeft flora't. itrlpat and pit n. Colorful eontrattlrg to'd trims strong comfort-ab a rip-proof learnt. Fait co or linen tawri buttont. Shtar com'ort in thai coolasa-cucumbar pajamait SMALL - MEDIUM . LARGE Lingerie exclusive at MOE'S . . . Original Rip-proof movietone gowns and pajamas. to 695 Satin Cherie Slips $2.98 iAifii3ilC 275 pr. tl'fif Ai ' iaar Pa-'art an Box of 3 nr. 330 amas $198 iff Fair Qucem Phone S-VMI 734 Klamath Henn Phone 4IMI-J wmni

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