Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 16, 1952 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 16, 1952
Page 10
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'"-<*#*•?¥? * $ I j ^ <r "V f >' '"*-** -, , HOM STA*, HOM, ARKANSAS W~ mr Ike Mwinloln it, mm<Mt ' a* M the Boufh (n n* ,...!» tarvey, Ml efcirHjf t*u In4 " tXytfttllootfn only .,—, «»«• for th«» •"•HMWn wtf i| in 1*4*. fid* hold fowl of the on ihp _„ . m«» rfll vot«« of tho W»rt*rri. itot«» tithtnd tho ** k*pt , fcJtWlpftt>fl 'fll V0t« r»i*»rn, 'Jp* 1*H viiihi 0, Kf««n «, Orflfon 0, v Utah 4, 4 Hfvndn lo I, Maryland political irt\po»lt» belief „_._,. baUoti o* WOU14 JIO to Kinoit ~> mM«ln, .'t, pint 00 from ivglvr the OOP ' — ne*d»d to In the th» pollt any dlrec <ov. 4 roll* lot «dltor* ami . ' \JWOHntftin antt ;,jup to un opinion ar* no b» v<»r Bf'l'wldtlpl'fftd fo* * ilfolite ,thnt U' »> Tn«y , h)4 n *<W In K«« in Utters to the Editor Hiti ii yottf tffwiMittr, WfUi te it, UIWM criiieMni y* *& (drill policy ot «rom«nUnf upon f»et» In thd n»w» «<rtumni, m Kjuaily wclcom*, Kvtry writer au*t din hi* ntmt *n4 *M> tut but publication nt <t»»jr be withheld if Dear Editor: "Uttifllly when w« Write • fire ovwitlon itorft for tttt public wt contlmiilly plend for nnd ad- vl»« (hat pwnplB eKerclit every precaution »n prtvenilnji flrw on tno fufrr), n«t»tur* r piuci. down nnri In the fomnt. But In oh nruwpr to our ncvernl utorlfn In ,hc Joenl pnpfrit orrklht ooopern- lion wit fi»f| thin «t"ry ohould b« Thanh You 1 r«H*» for IM from lh« public in an effort to koep firi>« to a minimum. "In all my 18 year* In flr« con- tfol work we hav« n»v»t rec^lvtd totter cooperation from th* public and «* o i-enult thin »«ctlon at the »t«to to data hain't nufftrod too heavily from flre*. Ther«for«, wt take thl* opportunity to Thohk, «nch nnd everyone for (heir >pl*n« did coopprotlon, BUSTBH DWNTON Bmployw Dlv., Fore«try & Pafh* Tuesday, &pr*mfetfj&|195 - ^-- — • •• - • • 'in • - To n much eailar than In the Middle Atlantic itttte* In i there mention of Eden bower'* penona) popularity a» a enmpnlgn factor, The eampoiU« view of 93 edttori end writer* who took loundirig* In Oregon wu« that Kluun'mwer would Carry inn ntnto without much trouble, wtirn'nn Oov. Thomoi E, D«woy of New York won It from Trumnn In 174tt by l*»* than in.OOO vote* out of n total of more than BQO.ooo cn«t. tlut that wus before Stevenson brought hl« oompnljcn Into the PACE UP TO IT—Okey, we won't blame you if you don't b«U«v* It. Rut thl* Ii actually the way a tomato looked when Edward <Jo«tr»au, of AnnapolU, Md., picked it In hit back-yard garden. Htbrought the freak to the office of the AnnnpolU Evening Capital,' '*'* this unretouchcd photo wa« taken. ^ Churry Opens Liffl« Rock Office LITTLE ROCK W — Democratic OubornntoriAl Nominee F r D n els Cherry ye»terday opened nn office htre and hi* cnmpnlgn monn«er Hold It would bo financed by contributions, , l*ffel Gentry, who managed Cherry'* iuece«»ful campaign for the nomination over Oov. McMnth. *al(l it would cost nil OMtimntod th« coopernlion of Annoclaled PCF»H member newspapers and ru dlo utatkmt and tho help of other newspaper* and local correspond State GOP Continued from Page Onn to n ntnte governor — U. S. Seeks Egyptionin Cotton Deal »y JAMES r. DONOVAN WASHINGTON, (UP) — The Jus «* Deportment'* nnti corruption rjvc developed today. an International 'surrender" victim. As Toft starts stumping for Eisenhower, the GOP presidential A Republican editor hart sold (hot In nlM county Btcventon'* vote would '•Jump 20 per pent or more" If the opmocrntie murilnf** m»de c-v»n »B mueh as taw whistle stop there. Ktlltorn nml n Portland pi'lllng ot-Hanbutlnit nuiwtl Hint Stt-venHon dltl make « » In* an a result of in vuillng Ort'Bon l«nt week, Hut them might be off net if Elsenhower ulioWs up In Oregon on a pergonnl uppenroncn tour, In Oregon, mid In all other •tatox, current political sentiment, wtt« topped county by county with , . s R«««rvo District No. 8 QP CONDITION OF THE NATIONAL BANK 5P AltKANSAS. AT THE CLOSE Of f 'fi? 8 fewl.W'^Q $ 11KSJPON8IC TO UKft oKypi CUnRKNCV, UNDJSH A' , AtiSlCTS banki, including reserve balance, •if .of coUeotlon „., 1,393,796.70 cuUxtuoiu, direct and Dollars CU, llJ»»,UU>l<l>l.<tp.<1llliWi<»>"l< i,*i*V,in,H,»M»«t><*4M.,ti,.,».'.»,nii ifM HMmU.m.mlmiM**"*!" 1 "' 11 fy.V.Hjilli, > > nmum .!>•• ,,' t •»>, ,000.00 •"Tfi 300,00 MU.«..,.,.V ..... »1 •{.'• WADILITIES ; 9, l>«rtn«rihlp*, nnd ,.«„„„„...„„>„,.>.,;;.,.,:,.,., .„, .„,.,,,,,. „,„„.„ 1,1)79,2^3. • BftrtneMhbs, and corporal ion* 1 .aw.wi. IfOfnmant UncUidinu postal > 'is»""i'.v>v'...,..„„,i..,,,.. .„ .....,,, ,., ,„,,,.,..,...„.,.. 113,103,17 1 ii«Mc»l iuS4ivi»lon» ,„ W.WM Cft»hifr'» cUetJkn. «tc.) ,, Jj.tiiUUU 8,017,30 t >s , „...„„ n,««4,ia9.oa |W:- ' CAPITAL ACCOUNTS it* A 1100,000,00 ITS - —»...... 4M.130.48 C4P1TAL ACCOUNTS > ,.., County p»tlmntfin wer^ comhlricd Into utatp cutlmutcn. with wclc.ht Blv*0 to thft vollni! power of tin- varioux cotmtioi. Thi» sorvoy offern them* vlnws nf fudlllcal cumllliunrt In tho Mountain anil Wt'Stt-rn stnfps on of now: California — KIscnhowiT would win by n >0im rnaryln to tho opinion of California nlltorH, If the polls were open today, But llu> margin IN HU slendei- thnt the stnlo IK connldcrcd doubtful. President Truman captured It (our years ago, but by about 18,000 veins out of a total of 3, 11011,000. Orocon — Tho only Western state to KO lU'publlcim In 10-1(1 Iti considered by Oregon editors as lllculy to be tt rupofttor In 1052. Tl»o»t> tnklrtfi port In the survey that's Mr. Cherry — and we're g IriR to hnve a federal governor — that's me." Hr pointed out that the Arknnso Old Guard had opposed Elgenhow er, und said ho would be the H publlcun boss of the state shou the Ki'iu-ritl win. "When they, the Democrats, wont anything from the federal (.ovi-rnmcnt, they're going to hove to come to me," boasted Speck. Tnwnncnd and Cobto, In u. statement, look n dim view of Speck's ii>mnrlt«, and warned that Speck "deserves vub.stantlul influence in our party affairs only so long as he IN willing to channel his efforts thrmuih regular Republican orgu- for of count|i«« which will cant 00 per cent of the (Mitjmated yotts; Townsend nnd Cobb branded Sprck's Implication that Risen- howi-r would not do business with party officers in Arkansas as "wholly unfounded." "From pcrminul conversations Gen. Klsenhuwwr and from his many public pronouncements, we know that he will not by-pass the slate organization, Ihe National Committee, or our delegation in congress In dealing with matters affecting this state," the two lend ers suid. Reached last night at his home $12,500 to operate tho office until January. "We hnve no campaign deficit nnd we have no debts," suld Gen try. "We are telling each person who offers money that we have paid off our financial obligations Ic tho campaign. We tell them we must operate on office until Mr Cherry takes office in January um (hat if they want to contibute for that purpose the funds will be uc copied," "Gentry said that when $12,300 was collected, "we will cease ac ceptinj! contributions." and independent voters may dettmntrm thP winner in a race in which the consensus of Washington nvwupnpei-H Indicates Kitten howor now U loading by n whisker. Of marc thtxi) 30 dully nnd weekly nwwspnpcH that co-operated In the survey, 18 nre supporting r,l Wihower and none has coma out far Stevenson. *m»»**nm »ILII«.M—«tfn«imi<m Charter No. 10578 Reserve District No. 8 REPORT OP CONDITION OF THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK OP HOPE IN THE STATE OP ARKANSAS, AT THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON SEPTEMBER 5, 1M2 PUBLISHED IN RESPONSE TO CAULMAUE BY COMPTROLLER OK THE CURRENCY SECTION 5211, U. S, REVISED STATUTBJS '-«'««-«'-». ASSETS Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve balance, ami cash Items in process of collection united. States Government obligations, direct und guurunteed „ ,.„ „ Oblluallaiu ol States nnd political subdivisions Corporate stocks (including $12,000.00 stock ot Federal Reserve bank) ., Loam and discount;! (including no overdrafts) Bank premises owned $10,000.00, furniture and fixtures Stevenson Pictures Ike as Toft Victim By MERRIMAN SMITH SPHINOFIELD, III. (UP) —Oov. Adlai E. Stevenson today assembled for eastern consumption a political road show portraying Sen. Robert A. Taft (R-O) as the vil- Deportment officials said they j lain of the election campaign and Iflft to o«k the Egyptian govern Owlght D. Elsenhower as Taft's ment to »tnd here for trial the otton dealer who hns be<*n in- icted with former Agriculture Do-, nrtment official Clovls D. Walker nominee, Stevenson apparently in n charges of conspiring to defraud; tended ^to shift^more^ of ^his cam he United States. They conceded, however, that ex- rodltlon agreement* b,etween this country may nol ipply to outfy Mansour of the Alexandria cotton firm of U. nd E. Hurl tt Co. They said Man- GUI' is now presumed to be In 2«ypt. It the Egyptian cannot be brought to trial. Walker, who reigned under fire last May from ils Job as head of the Agriculture Department's cotton brnnch, will stand trial alone. If convicted, he would be liable to a maximum penalty of five years in prison and n $10,000 fine. A federal Rran/,1 jury returned tho Indictment against Walker and Mansour yesterday after an Investigation under the supervision of Vincent P. Russo nnd William Gallagher, special assistants to Attorney General Jnmcs P. McGranery. The jury charged that Wnlker and Mpnsour had nn illegal agreement whereby Walker leaked highly-secret Information about gov t-rnment purchases of Egyptian rtton to Mansour, giving him an dvantagc over other dealers. The jury named Dyke Cullum, Vashlngton commodity b r o k er. a co-conspirator who partici- oted in the agreement. The jury id not indict Cullum, but said he ometlmes relayed the secret data rom Walker to Mansour. Much of the story already ha? een aired before the Senate Agrl- tillure Committee by agriculture epartment in validators. On« investigator, Harold Mesl )ov, toKl the committee that Man our sold about $.'17,000,1)00 worth of otton to the agriculture depart ment in 1951 and that his firm made a huge profit on the sales At a hearing last May, Walker encoded thut he and Mansour A'erc "good friends" and "traded" ;lfts. He denied giving Mansour advance Information that would enable his firm to profit unduly Shortly after his appearance, the 10-year-old^ Oklahoman r e s i g nod "rom the Agriculture Department. .n his letter of resignation, he dc- iled he wns "guilty of any willful wrongdoing" but conceded there might be evidence to "indicate some indiscretion." Russo, who has directed the Justice Department's investigation of Rails Try Our Small TV Sets to other trains headed sections of the country. %isfr <K«| 'T f^ • * •«, i *' *,{& *; ^ w V-'! 'Ttttftto* Stptemtw 16,1951 aw-fl v- Kjk~v» t*,5 t ,^|f HOP! STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS til* to wcurt if Of th» abovfr-namtd bunk, lm« to Ut« best ol my knowl«l»« Dollars Cts 1,203,132.0 U50.00Q.OC 1,220,080.3 13.000.0 1,598,640.4 f 22,919.01 (Bunk premises owned ure subject to no liens not lusumed by bank) TOTAL ASSETS 5,4«a.788.t LIABILITIES Demand deposits ot individuals, partnerships, and corporations 2,sae,710.04 polgn fire to the Ohioan than ;it Kisenhower himself. Members of Stevenson's staff said the governor, who on Thursday will open a speaking tour into Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Virginia and Maryland, would step up his campaign tr convince the electorate that Tnft had "taken over" the Eisenhower campaign nnd turned the former general's "great crusade" into a "great surrender", Stevenson cleared his schedule as much as possible of routine and engagements today to cotn plete the speeches he will use in the East against his GOP opposi tlon. His strategy was based on th theory held by the Stevenson cam thut Toft, for Democratic campaig purposes, at any rate, was as goot a target as Elsenhower, and poss bly somewhat better. Consequently, the Illinois gover nor will continue to push his belie that, particularly in the field o foreign policy, Eisenhower wa compelled to abandon some of his own ideas to those of Tuft in order to win the senator's active campaign support. Stevenson told a news conference yesterday: "It now appears brutally clear that Senator Taft has taken over. This puts an entirely new aspM on the campaign and the election. CHICAGO*- Pintsi/ed television went railroading today to show I bow ft might save wear and tear on both rolling stock and person nel. The new uses of television were under exploratory here in tests conducted this afternoon by Baltimore & Ohio Rnilroad ic RCA Victor Division of Radio orporatlon of America. Placed into service were three mall Vidicon industrial TV sys- cms which are supposed to per nit men in mixed locations to do obs which normally would re uire extra movement of both nen and freight cars. The new wrinkle has the checker nust walk among trains and over racks to list car numbers on fin ncominfi train to nsslcn the cnrs SOCIETY Phone MU1 Between I A. M. and 4 P. M. Something New . . . Non Cancellable HOSPITAL INSURANCE 48 year old company. Good In hospitals anywhere M. S. BATES 8. Elm Street Phone 7-4454 yoot Attw yo«»i lympteim hove btin dlagnei*< ai Atthma you ow« tl lo yourt* If you or* a ut»r at Ailk pltai* bring In your n«bulli»r for lmp«(t!on and ttrvlclng. Calendar • a • . • *• Tuesday, September 16 ' The Beacon Sunday School Class of the First Baptist Church will fttect at the home of Mrs. Orval Taylor, 31G East 13th, for its social Tuesday night, September 16, «ith Mrs. Buddy Clingnn as co- istcss. The VFW Auxiliary will meet Tuesday night, September 16, at 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Pritchctl and Mrs. Jim McKcnzic will be hostesses. This is an important meeting and all members arc asked to be pro sent. CRESCENT DRUG STORE Hempstcad County Medical Aux 225 S. Main Phone 7-39 dMary will meet Tuesday morning, ' ". September 10, at 10 o'clock at the [home of Mrs. Jud Martindalc. "THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN" you jo Western There will be an executive board meeting of the Junior-Senior PTA at the high school auditorium Tues day morning at 10 o'clock. All ofliccrs and committee chairmen art; urged to attend. I suspect many people like myself will be genuinely alarmed by th>reduction of their differences un foreign policy to 'differences of decree." the cose, told newsmen he had read in n trade journal that Mansour said in Egypt sometime agoj Ihot he also wanted to deny there had been any wrong-doing by either himself or Walker. Russo said the article mentioned that Mansour had broken his log, preventing him from returning to the Unite'd States to vindicate himself and defend Walker. If Mansour still anxious to defend himself in court, Russo said, this may be one way around any legal difficulties. Pension Program Up in Massachusetts BOSTON MB — Massachusetts holds its primary election today with the interest of the voters stirred by a legislative battle over n rich pension program the legislators voted themselves last July rnd repealed earlier today. There are few contests lor the top nominations in both contests but widespread interest in the leg- it-lalors' action is expected to draw out Ihe biggest vote since the 1948 presidential election. There are 2,480,000 voters in Massachusetts. Followers of state politics say today's turnout may exceed the 33 per cent who voted two years ago and may even up proach the 47 per cent turnout of go in JOHN FRYE BOOTS From Foster's Shoe Store — Wednesday, September 17 VA '• Paisley PTA will meet in Paisley School auditorium on Wednesday, September 17, at, 3 o'clock. Garland PTA will meet on Wednesday, September 17, at 3 p.m. a the school. Time d*poalU of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 1.467,775.54 DeposiU ol UniUd HUtes Government uncludinu postal H;^:8§ 7.538.11 D*p«alti of SUtes and political subdivisions !:..:" "....^i.!.;.; Otntr deposits (certified and cashier's cheeks, etc.) .............. TOTAL DEPOSITS ................................ ............ $4,705,134.04 LIABILITIES ...... ........................... ................................... 4,706,134.04 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS JMTUUTION C»uiUl Stock: Coinn iwi slock, total par $125,000.00 ........................................ I2fl ' 5 % , *,10{l,00 „ . .. Revvrve lor unturned interest 750 Involved Continued from Page One said in the brief message that the airline's hotel on Wake had been "demolished."The typhoon, although its winds had diminished, wus reported still blowing 17 hours after it began. The navy weather station here Sttid the typhoon developed "very suddenly" in the northern part of the Marshall Islands and headed jierth northeast from there. The typhoon ripped rooftops off buildings on Wake, knocked om- mutilations lines down and forced all aircraft to by-pass the island. Sen. Henry Cabo Lodge, .Republican, has no competition in his bid for renomination. Neither has his Democratic opponent, U. S. Rep. John F. Kennedy. Gov. Paul A. Dever (D), seeking a third term, also is unopposed as is his GOP opponent, U. S. Rep. Christian A. Herter. There are Democratic contests in eight of the 14 congressional districts and Republican contests in four. Polls clobe at 7 p. m. EST at the latest. For every ton of it'bn produced in (t blast furnace, about 4W- tons o air are used. When you go Western for the Livestock Show & Rodeo in Hope you'll want a pair of these handsomely styled JOHN FRYE BOOTS. These are in tan, brown and green. Complete range of sizes. The executive committee o£ the < Brookwood PTA will meet at 2:15 I Wednesday afternoon at the school I The first meeting of the Brook wood PTA will be held Wednesdaj afternoon, September 17, at 3 p.m in the school auditorium. r Columbus PTA will meet Wed ncsday night at 7:30. This is th first meeting ot the year and i full attendance is urged. Thursday, September 18 The regular meeting of the Jun- ilor-Senior High PTA will be held at the high school auditorium on Thursday afternoon at 3:30. IjiC '47 Friendship Club will meet Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock 1 ,at he home of Mrs. Carter Sutton Hope Country Club will have 'Stag Night" Thursday night, September 18, at 7:45. Galen Hobbs and Hoyce Smith will be hosts Notice A special meeting of the Band Mother's Auxiliary will be held Identity of Indion Moid Is Sought FT. WORTH Tex. (# — Kim. the rc-U-dcsignnted Indian girl who wns found Friday In woods near Ft. Worth, may be a youngster who disappeared two months ago from a Rirls camp In Connecticut. Both Connecticut state police nnd the father of Connie Smith, who left the camp last July 16. were checking into the possibility late last night. She is the granddaugh- tei of Nils H. Smith, a former governor of Wyoming. Connie Is only 10, but is well developed for her nge and In other physical respects bears a resem- blanee to the Rirl who was found here. Peter Smith, father of Con n ie, called the Ft. Worth Stnr-TclcRrnm by telephone late last night from I Thursday night, September 18, at j his ranch at Neccastlc. Wyo., seek- 7:30 in Cannon Hall. A full attending information about the case. DOROTHY D1X Engaged to Alcoholic Dear Miss t>ix: A very deni- Rlvl) „ , Alcoholics riend of mine Is Roln R with « boy, o * yf h 6 t n , m , ..*! nlitt\nlnt» frt l-nnrrv him nnvl V i .... friend nnd planning to marry him next June. Ho drinks to excess nnd she snows It, but shn claims he will top once they n'fe married. Ho ins broken many « date with her because, ho wns too druiyk to come ivor. Of course, she Is convinced hnt she does not need help, hut nm equally convinced that she Ices. ANNK H. Answer: And yowr conviction Is «o right, Anne! Your (rlemt is head ed for certain urthnpplnc.s.s unless sl-e comes to her senses. Su ninny Kirls hnvc boon tnkcn In by the :iennlnj{lcss promise of reform at- dunce is urged. Plans for the rodeo will be discussed, Told about Kitn's appearance, he; s'ldcl the resemblance was striking ard he THE CAPPINC'S THE CLIMAX-Nurse Runcll U Swnnaburg, executivxe committee of the Oglcsby PTA will meet at 2 o'- flqck Wednesday afternoon at the school. The first meeting of the Oglesby PTA will be held Wednesday afternoon, September 17, at 3 o'clpck in the school auditorium. MEN'S BOOTS All sizes' in brown! and green. Priced'fror 14.95 ,18.9! The Garland PTA Executive committee will meet at 2:15 at the school Wednesday, September 17. * RIALTO .« LAST TIMES, TODAY** Children's Just the boots they waf in tan, green and brdv 6.50 , h ru 99! According to size BARBARA PAYTON UON CHANEY "BRIDE OF THE GORILLA' Mclntosh — McWilliams Wedding Announced Miss Fern Dell McWilliams of Casmalia, Calif., became the bride of Howard Fields Mclntosh o£ Santa Maria, Calif., in a double ring ceremony performed by the Keverend William A. Larson, pi.'v- tor of the Grace Baptist Church, in the Nazarene Church of Santa Maria July 6. Mrs. Mclntosh is the daughter of Mary Hockett McWilliams and the late Edwin McWilliams and is the great granddaughter of J. W. McWilliams of Shover Springs. The 1 groom is the son of Mr. and'Mrs Howard L. Mclntosh. The bride, given in marriage by her uncle, Clarence McWilliams. wore a princess gown of white slipper satin, fashioned with a yoki- of lace and matching sleeves fastened at the wrist with a band of seed pearls. Her veil of nylon net edged with lace fell from a coronet ot seed pearl embroidery. Her bridal bouquet was a white orchid surrounded by white stock ;md carnations. Miss Wanda McWilliams, sister of the bride and maid of honor, chose a gown of light green nylon tulle and matching cap. She carried a nosegay of pink carnations Harold Hartly of Santa Maria served Mr. Mclntosh as best man. Ushers were Ed, Jr., and Jack Fields of Los Alamos, cousins o£ the groom. Following the ceremony a reception was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence McWilliams. after which the couple left'for a wedding trip to Carrnel. . Both Mr.,and Mrs. Mclntosh are graduates of Union High School of Santa Maria. The couple is at home at 217 C. West Park St. Santa Maria, where the groom is employed. , ' ^ . i, L. • V i I feminine classrooms, but he shies at copping cITorls made by nurses he planned to check into the veronica Mlhcllch, left, of Clcvclnrtd, nnd Arlenc Qoodllng, of Eric. •i lotiay. p a> N ursc Swansburg, first mnle graduate in tho history of Western Reserve University's Frances Payne Bollon School of Nursing, plans to return to the classroom to study for his master's degree, lie is u native of Little Harbor, Nova Scotia, Kim. who said she wns n mt'in- boi of an Iroquois Indian tribe living on a St. Regis ftiver island between the United States and C.Mindii. wns ;it home last night on the ranch of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Bowen, near Antelope, Tex. Their 1,200 acre ranch has no telephone, and Kim was uavail- al-lc for comment. Smith will try to make contact with the Bowcns today. Smith said that Connie had had an injury, and that she may be suffering from amnesia. organi/.attons ever founded for the rehabilitation of rnnti. The Snlvn tion Army also pcrtorms a won rierful service along the snine line. However, nil the help In the world will be of no use'to n mnn who Is not willing to help himself. Your nro probably powerless tr extend much .assistance to your Mend; pnradoxicnlly, people who need help most nvc often those who will listen least. If you could bring your friend in to n home thnt Is being wrcckcc through alcoholism, her eyes mlgh open. Somewhere In your circle o! Tito Would Delay Trieste Decision BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (lf\ — Premier Marshal Tito says Italy and Yugoslavia should put aside their bitter dispute over Trieste until they can approach the question "with more sense." "Let's co operate on other questions which are of extreme impor- as assurance against economic exchanges Lady, traveling with friend, to airplane pilot: "Now don't start going faster than sound. We want to talk. 1 ' — Johnny Nash . FOSTER'S FAMILY SHOE STORE "Where Good Shoei are Fitted Correctly" , 101 E. 2nd St. Corbin Foiter Phone 7-6700 | Get a jet-streamed Studebaker and cut your driving costs! Submit jokes for this column and win passes to the Kialto. For every joke used, the person submitting it will be mailed 2 passes. Jokes must be limited to 50 words or less, and must be suitable for publication. Leave at theatre boxoffice or mail to: Manager, Rialto Theatre. WED. & THURS. /«««ALIYSON iUun Q&ty KENNEDY-MERRILL tance such aggression, rncl the preservation of the peace of. the world." Tito .said. He ' spoke Yesterday before an estimated crowd of 250,000 persons ho'had converged by truck and •ain on the little Slovene town of iclnjske Toplice to celebrate the Dili anniversary of the formation 1 a wartime partisan unit there. The unyielding claims of both taly and Yugoslavia to the free erritory of Trieste! at the head f the Adriatic, have worried the Vestern Allies trying to promote WMS Has Special Program For State Missions Monday The WMS of the First Baptist Church met at the church Monday, September 15, lor a special program and prayer for state missions as all the other WMS' ovei the state met. The theme of the program foi the day was "There Is Yet Much Land" with Mrs. Royce Smith as leader. Assisting her were: Mrs Gus Haynes, Mrs. Basil York Mrs. Franklin Horton, Mrs. A. T Jewell, Mrs. George Young, Mrs Jim Atcheson, Mrs. P. J. Holt Mrs. S. A. Whitlow, Mrs. Hermai Robinson, Mrs. W. M. Garner Mrs. W. H. Brassier, Mrs. Peri- Moses and Mrs. Henry Haynes. At noon a pot luck luncheo was served to those present. Th tables held arrangements of sun mer flowers. At the close of the meeting a offering was taken for state mis sions. Morse Hints Big Split With Ike WASHINGTON 1/11 — Sen. Wnync Morse began drnfling n speech today for the American Fedoralion cl Labor National C o n vention which may point up a major difference between him and Gen. Dwight D. Kisenhower. The Oregon Republican told | newsmen he would not complete the tc-xt of his address until after he read Eisenhower's speech before the AFL Convention iij New York tomorrow. Morse's talk is set for Thursday. Morse, who describes himself as a constitutional liberal and frequent ly is in the opposite camp from many of his Republican Senate colleagues, was an early booster of Eisenhower for the GOP presidential nomination. But he has announced he is highly dissatisfied with the 'turn the general's campaign hns taken recently, particularly with the hearty reception given to Seii. Robert A Tnft ol Ohio. Morse says that as matters now stand he will vote for Eisenhower and believes the GOP nominee wil) win the election, but that he plans State Moves Out of AIC Conference lei marriage, nnd. so many, win nequnintnnce« you may know som< nre even more foolish, believe Hint Mlch | U)m ,,. nnv ,, your friend tnlk mnrrlnge will automatically mnk« ,,, lnt , wltu mu t H | u .- u Kot „ tlno u man of n spineless creature. Mvn ot (hu It f 0 \ n slo ,. c fm . llol . U the following statement were believed by every prospective brldo uiihappy mnrrlnge would become n rnrily; No man who doesn't love n clrl enough to try to overcome his basic bad habits before mar- rinse will not change later. The nuptial ceremony contains no nuin ic words to create character where none exists, He Must Reform First Some faults may be hidden from n fiancee, but nn alcoholic cnnnnl eoneenl his weakness. It Is very possible thnt the Cnlth nnd devotion of n worthy girl cnn reform him— but the reform must come before she marries come Inter. Whatever she elects to do, stlel by her for, I assure you, as tin wife ol n heavy drinker, she wil need every frland she hns. Dear Miss Dix: 1 hnve boo working In n shop durinu Uie sun nier. Working with mo Is ti 52-1-yen Ui college mnn who is also her fur the summer. He has asked m U< KO out with him bttt I heaitnl biicnuse 1 um six years youngi. him; it will never than he. KUSE U. 1 phoW Its W ,onf tuoy ecnusp you jto w>Hh he Irrltnlqcl one go. By For the Rtiis You'll want o :o-operation 'between countries op- 'osed to Soviet aggression. Tito suggested that, pending a ator approach to the Trieste qucs- ion, Italy and Yugoslavia set up i joint administration for the ter- •itory. The disputed buffer region Between.the two nations now is di vided into two zones, one admin- stered by Yugoslavia and the oth- DI- by Britain anrl the United States with Italian assistance. New Russian Ambassador WASHINGTON — Georgi N. Zarubin, one ot a small group of top flight Soviet diplomats who are believed to hold the Kremlin's full confidence, Tuesday took over as the new Russian ambassador to tho U.S. Zarubin is expected to pay n formal call on Secretary of State Acheson in tho next few days, bo- fore presenting his credentials to President Truman at the White House. no active campaign for him. Morse lists the labor-manage-, ment issue as one on which ho ins sharp differences ^ith the Eisenhower camp. And he pats Gov. Adlai E. Stevenson on the back foils stnnd on this same question. Morse favors a drastic rewriting of the Taft-Hartlcy Act. Stevenson has come out tor Taft-Harllcy repeal followed by a fresh start on a labor-management relations In a position Morse said was "sound." Harold E. Stnssen, former Minnesota governor and an old friend of Morse, cuine here from Eisenhow er headquarters in New York after Morse had indicated Saturday his coolness toward the GOP nominee. After his talk with Stassen, Morse said his decision not to campaign actively this fall remained unchanged. The same went, he said, for his refusal to sit on the platform with Eisenhower at the AFL Convention. — Mr. Carl Heng, president, of Arkansas Stale Col legi-, say:, Ihe school is "not i inemi.rr uf the Arkansas Intoixol- lefiinlf Conference in football" and may nut compete in the conference baskvlball rai e. A M'cund top State official — who (lei-lined use ot his name, snid yesterday that the school had not paid its clues and was not | comp!yiii(i with new conference | i'ei;iiU' t ions against subsidisation ol athletes. "v\i- are not members of the AIC in football." commt-nlcjd lU-ng, Asked il Stall' would lie a member in bai-Ki'Ibull, he- replied 1 "\\V haven't decided dcleinitely about that yet, but 1 think nol. "1C you can't compete for n championship, 1 can't sou arty point • in belonging to a conference. ' The president added that "we are looking forward lo belonging to. some conference" bill at the present St.iUi will remain an independent. ,'jlatc a;is been a member of tho AIC since ILJ-Ki but lias never sehed ulotl 'tin- required number of con Terence. Inotbalt games to finality lor 'the title. Michigan Officer Seekc Slayer FT. SMITH 1.11 A U. S. coin mlssibner yesterday recommendc that a IM-yvar-old i-scnped eonvk: bo returned to Michigan to fne charges of murder in the pisU j .slaying of two men. U. S. Commissioner Waller G lensohn recommended to Federi Judge John K. Miller that Harol Answer; Tho difference- in your «hes Isn't enough to interfere) with friendship, but you must face the fnet that when the boy lenvos tho shop mid returns to .school, other If your friend has n strong^will,, interests will occupy hla mind nnd ' " "'" ' ' 'time. Don't become too serious ov er him. of her own — as she seems to hove — it should be directed toward making a man ot her fiance now. If he honestly loves her and wants to be u good husband, he will find _ ^^ _ ,.... j. clited. Hummel, an oseapoe from a Michigan prison, Is being held here on a federal charge of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution, The young fugitive was captured by Sheriff Bob Prltchard at nearby Or.ark, Ark., lafjl Thursday. Federal authorities have In- icatcd that they will turn Hummel Maurice Htunmel be exlrti Dinir Miss Dlxi W(! art! two young U-en-agors, each with twi boy friends, Wis can't moku U| air minds which wo llku better Our parents say we are loo youri) lo be thinking of one boy only, bu the problem Is when we go will one boy the other gets mud, K and I Answer: Slnco you an; deflnllely loo young to be going steady, lot' 9* *5Tl < * f« AS 1 For Men, Womtn and Children ' '' See ou- 1 stock of Boots 'f be 'p II' the fqrft* ily,, 1 Many .colors qnd 'designs, to. select frorn. Como in and get yoCii'S now. ver to Michigan police for prose- llu ', b "- vs |U10W th " 1 tllls '» .V""''| ution on the murder ehnrge even! MUU|(|L '' " ncl tni ' 1 y"" 1 ' iwrenls' 1 the federal novcrnment takes im to that, state. Hut two Michigan officers want inmcdlntu custody of Hummel. After the hcarlnK before Ciulcn solin, Detective LI. Vnloris Uce icoll of Ha/el Park, Mich., and .lichlgan Sliitc Police U. Jack Plel/k left for Little Hock lo ask Gov. McMntli to approve exlrtidl- ion of Hummel. Hummel is charged with slay- n(5 Vido and Joseph Vlnokrouw •H H«z«l Park last month. At yes terday's hearing, he denied tiny knowledge of the killinas. Air - Condition*! * BURK SHOE STORE HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Main A Country Club rd. WED. & THURS. "LOUISA" with RONALD REAGAN CHARLES COBURN RUTH HU88EY FLOWERS of CHEER < Nothing Can Erase the,MemOry of the Message. Expressed , with Beautiful Flowers .'.' ." ' . ' Just AskYqur> Message of CHEER v r -,- •• i WITH -FLOWB& '" To the Friend Who is Troubled or III Flowers Will Brighten the Hours l (Sponsored by Noff Brothers) TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 75T.eS4.70 ,HW».,p. .„,.,„..„.„„„, ..,.,^| i^-*f*ft*»V»^ l « ^rtW ( ,l.»(^i^, .,,.M,%>i>k» »«.«..,, . •IVHWMW'WBW-Mm'"^.*"-,* tg*l$$&S£P V^«"fc«*»**Mfr* ^«v« -•M^.^.^.i^ 'lRl>K*,*vlV*<«W*S&,*» >'* ^^1- -,l t.l\^ * ,—,-. «,tnt pglMIMIttfqiBtXMMIuvn 1 ^W^^^^W^****^"^'""" J S\ ''^l i* 1 , ^•*^f! TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 5,4(88.788.74 MEMORANDA Ami* plwiied or »ssi«n«d to secure liabilities and lor otter (wrjfMWtn « M* , County ol Hempste«<J. ss: cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly 8W«V is true to tho best ol my knowledge and b*U»l- Dale Jones, Cashier Correct-r-Attwt ». M. LaQron*. *r, Albert Qrsves N. T. J*W»U Dir*«tora ., to «iv4 »WW«Tib«d betore me this y of SMtember. 1043 Cmm »rown. Notary Public. Kjtpire* July 10, Temperatures Near Normal LITTLE ROCK u« — Arknnsas temperatures will average from near normal to two to four degrees fcbove through Sept. 31, the U. S. Weather Bureau forecast today. The normal minimum is 52 to 72 uve normal maximum 85 to 88. Cooler weather is expected Thursday, with precipitation light. in Fr«nchmans Bayou, Speck centered his fire on Cobb. "The action of Osro Cobb in try- in* to repudiate me in his news release is typical of 25 years of Ms leadership in keeping the Republican party a closed corporation in Arkansas." said Speck. "I am sincerely convinced that he would not like to see Gen. Eisenhower carry Arkansas in the general election. "tt Eisenhower carries the state, •s I believe he will, in spite of Osro Cobb, it will put the finis** ing blow to the closed corporation *nd put the BepubUeao party in til* hands of people who are iu f»vor of J-party politics-" 6p*ck aiso said that he felt h* wt* as rowch * part ol jb» OOP »s ajnyone else, and he w«» "th« pn) uaankno U TODAY ONLY * BEAUTIFUL WOMEN CROSSED PATH lUI ONCE! Negro Singer Is Attacked 1952 STUDEBAKE COMMANDER V.8 Ot CHAMPION Spend leas for gas—less for upkeep*-with a Slutlebaker! Get more for your money all the way—with « Slutlebaker I Check delivered prices and you'll " drive ho«w a Studebaker t Jp| iMlppI} 4PV£ t^HIHlMJItF Commq and Going Out of town friends and relatives who attended the funeral services for Mrs. L. D. Boyd Thursday at Emmet were: Mrs. Emma Riddle. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Riddle of Cot ton Valley. La.. Mrs. Joe Ball of Nashville, Mrs. Ophelia Gilbert. Mr. and Mrs. W. O. HoneycuU. Mr. and Mrs. Willard Jones, Mrs. Johnnie Fowler, Mrs. Elmer Jones, and Mrs. Hipp ot Hope, Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Tackett and family. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Page and fam ily, Mr. Guthrie Chism, Mrs. Homer Purtle, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Dougan, Mrs E<1 Hasley, Sr. and Mrs. June Nelson of Prcscott, Mo-s. George Sheppard of Blui* City, and Mr. Lynn Stevenson ol Midland, Texas. Miss Mary Mclver, Miss Wilma Bdswell', Mrs. Travis Vann, and Mrs. Jimmie Miller attended the Arkansas Hair Dressers 'Convention in Little Rock Sunday. .Liftl'e Miss Treesa Vann has returned to her home in Magnolii after a visit with her grandmother Mrs. Bennie BoswclL FT. LEE, N. J. Wl—Pearl Bailey, Negro singing comedienne, was beaten early Monday by un un identified man as she was leaving Bill Miller's Riviera, a swank mgiil| spot here. Nathan Allyn, acting Bergen County detective chief, quoted tin; entertainer as saying thut the man! approached her in Ihu lobby "fi he night club, cursed at lier.-| grabbed her by the throat anil; jeal her. j Miss Bailey broke away but heri a.'-sailant chased her to behind tin- club's stage where he kicked her! and knocked her down. ! Others who were leaving the night spot came to her aid, but! the man who beat Miss Bailey got away, Allyn said. Her manager and attorney, Ciia-! uncey Olman, said Miss Bailey rc-j ceived possible concussion, bruises' and cuts and was under tnedicul: care at her home. I Smart for Fall Styled by Mary Lane Don't weight-up for warmth this winter! Choose this classically styled Nottingham tweed with its Temp- Rcsisto lining ... so wonderfully light on your shoulders ... so wonderfully warm, without bulk or bundle. Superbly styled in the typical Mary Lane manner just for you! FABRIC Quality 100% Wool Nottingham Tweed (Cravenetted) COLORS Brown, Grey SIZES 8 to 18 SHORTS : t 20 Minute, 'Lincoln in the Whitehouse' Sports Novelty Huspitai Notes Branch Discharged: Mrs. H. M. bte WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY phens, Blevins. Mrs. Milton 13ranl- ley and baby, Hope. SHt WAS IHt MOSI DAZZLING JfWH 0» IHt PAGAN HAU JUNGU! LYDIABMVLM Julia Chester Admitted: William O. Crane, of Hope, Mrs. Cecil Wyatt, Hope. Mrs. John W. WhiUington, Hope, C. O. Temple, Hope, J. J. Foster, Blevins, Kathie Barr, Rt- 4, Hope. Brenda Carol DUlard, Hope, Mrs. P. A. Thurman. Hope. Dischj|ree4: Mrs. Florence Cha- tojcn to* W. »- S*a^y| *(*!»*} Expectant Mother Loses Fight to Folio LITTLE ROCK W — Mrs. Vin-i cent E. Skillman Jr. lived through ! a rigorous 200-mile trip to a hospital here last night despite a fal- ; tering motor on the portable iron iung in which she was encased; The 23-year old expectant molt-.- j er and wife of a University ol Ar-! kansas student from Memphis died I hours later at St. Vincent's Infirmary here from infantile paralysis. Fayetteville Fire Department Fireman Merlin Bayer hand- i pumped the portable respirator aft-| er it ha'd failed during the trip by ambulance. ! Death came to the woman after she was placed in a tank-type respirator at the hospital. Doctors had been unable to check her illness. Mrs. Skillman w»s transferred Many other smart styles in our Ready to Wear Dept. AIR CONDITIONED $29.95

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