Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 14, 1894 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 14, 1894
Page 8
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Sprin Novelties. Lord& Taylor's The IMPORTED NOVELTY DRESS PATTERNS latest Spring Capes and Jackets. The best line of all kinds of Silks at the Golden Rule. PUTS. PITS. PUS. I AM HEADQUARTERS FOR All Kinds of Paints If you are going to use any Paints COME AND SB3 MB. I keep the largest and beat stock of Paints and Painter's Supplies in Indiana. I mike a specialty of this line ot goods and am ia a shape to sell you anything in the line for less money than it is possible far my competitors to do. No Matter How Large or Small a Quantity •of Paints You Want Come and See Me I WILL SAVE YOU MONEY. B. F. KEESL1NG, 80S Fourth St. LOOANSP3RT, IND. DAILY JOURNAL *i|jb&* r 'ti """-*• III,,/"" '',|.'"i ,'nW" SjjiS'"' BEFORE AFTER. our Seeds for the season of 1894, anu have them ready to SUD- We have also a full l'", 8 " r SSot: a Pn d f let* we th P a°t go?3 U wjth a horse and forget the old place, 424 BK Geo. Harrison. WANTED— GOOD WORKERS To Canvass Mitcnell's Garment Cutting School. WEDNESDAY MORNING MARCH 14. Auffuma Well milt >M Cane. Kokomo Trtbuno: There appears to bo no longer doubt that the case of Augusta Schmidt will be called next Monday and the trial proceed at once. The State is ready and will insist on Immediate hearing. Since Augusta has been denied bail the defense can hope for no advantage In delay and the attorneys for the woman declare themBelvGB ready for trial. Augusta ia confident that she will be acquitted, taking hope from the encouraging advice of her Loganaport couDSol, who express a belief that she oan make a good showing of self defense and reasocable doubt. Mrs. Schmidt has been In a more cheerful mood the past f«w daye, eating and sleeping more and worrying leie. She slill claims to be suffering from wounds received in her struggle with Walton, her victim, and insists she Is burning up with fever all the time. The attorneys engaged in the case are Prosecutor Klstler, of Logansport; Prosecutor Wolf and Milton Bell of this city, for the State, and Jud«.a Dykeman and WlnBeld & T»b3r, of Logansport, and Blacklldge, Shirley & Moon, of this city, for the prisoner. The trial will likely consume all the week. The modern War Commends itself to the well-informed, to do pleasantly and effectually what was formerly done in the crudest manner and disagreeably as well. To cleanse thes stem,and breakup colds, headaches and fevers without unpleasant after effects, uso tho delightful liquid laxative remedy, Syrup of Figs. For Sale at Auction. I will sell at auction to tte highest bidder on Saturday, March 17th, at 2:80 p. m.. the two-story 40*60 barn, situated on the West End addition to Logansport. Terms to suit. JOHN R. KENNEDY. and co.inty in the . t0 your ti .me or »< traveling ageut. u or address, E Mi-chell, 216 Third St.. Logansport, Indiana, Or, J. L. RICHARDSON. State Agent, Indianapolis, Ind. OflLUON WALKER 6c RflUGH. ^20 SROHDWrtY, FOR flNYTfUNO YOU WrtNT IN The Weather Today—Clear and slightly warmer. WE CAN SHOW YOU ALL THE NEW STYLES IN HATS HATS SILK STIFF SOFT Snirts Made to Order NEW SPRING SHIRTINGS JUST RECEIVED. 8HIHT MAKER, HATTER AND. FUKNI8HEB $83^" EVIDENCE AGAINST SOL SPEED. Tbe Tartar IHamoud. Ilobbery VMtrned I'pon lllni br Ilia Own . Act* at marlou— \ I'oritoa of the Good" Recovered, Marlon Ohronlcle: A Loganeport colored man has been making regular visits to Marion during tho past three months. He was known as S. C. Stokes, or Sol Boswoll, and he cat a small swath in colored circles. It now transpires that tho fellow IB a thief, and that he made his visits here to dispose of some watches and diamonds that he "picked" from J. D. Taylor's jewelry store at Logansport, Ho pawned one gold-filled watch and two diamonds at the Marion Loan- Company's ollice. Mrnager B«ber called the attention of Officer Gross to the fact that the advertisement of Jewelei Taylor was in the back of the watch. Taylor had missed two watches and six diamonds valued at $284. They were taken from time to time In a mysterious manner, end the Logansport police together with Pan Handle detective John Gallagher, wore on the lookout for a high, toned thief. Stokes, whose real name is Sol Speed, was a porter in a saloon near the Taylor jewelry store, and was regarded as an honest fellow until one day last week, when he robbed tho cash box of the saloon of $80 and Had to Kokomo. He threw $40 of tho money away when he was finally cornered, and only surrendered after a Dgbt. He was taken to Logansportand locked up. Last Friday Detective Gallagher sent here for the watch containing Taylor's advertisement. Taylor at once Identified it as one of the stolen watches. Speed, from behind the jail bars, confessed that he had stolen the diamonds and watches and left them all at thd Marlon Loan Company's office, getting a smallostdiamonds and the two watches. He claimed that Manager Baber refused to make a loan on the four largest diamonds or to return to him. Officer Gross demanded tne diamonds of Baber, but he aaid that the two diamonds on which he had made a loan had been forfeited and sold, that he did not know where they wore, and thnt the negro did not leave tbe four large diamonds with him. •The negro brought tho diamonds and watch at different times," said Manager Baber of tbe Marlon loan office. "They were set in cheap rings. He said that one belonged to his vrife and the other to himself. He got $7 OP one and $3 on tho other. When he called with the watch I still thought that it was all right, but In a few days, when he called with a second watch, I knew that he was not getting them honestly, and I informed the police. The negro denied that he had ever been In my office before, but I was sure that I was not mistaken, although he had changed his name. Mr. Tay lor, the Logansport jeweler, and Da- tectlve Gallagher were up to ^e me Saturday. They said that the negro, In bis confession, told them that the Marion pawnbroker told him logo out and get more of that kind of stuff." Randolph F«nc<Mt Wanted. Detective Silas Morgan yesterday received notlne from the police department at Masslllon. Ohio, Inquiring concerning the present where abouts of Randolph M. Faucett. a former resident of Logansport and husband of Nancy Patty during the period ot that woman's greatest notoriety here. Mrs Patty Is mixed up with a sensational divorce suit at tbat place, mei tlon of which has before been made in these columns, and her former husband, Faucett, Is badly wanted in connection with the case ST far as the local officers can find out Faucett has disappeared off the face of the earth. None of his former friends here know anything concern, log the man's present whereabouts. He has a brother at Indianapolis who is equally Ignorant of his locat'On, A reward of $20 Is offered for information concerning his whereabouts and any one knowing ought of him might flnd it advantageous to report to Detective Morgan. That Erie Avi-nno Roclt, CIU Engineer Cboaoy was asked last evening about the Pharos statement that rock had been -truck In the 9>-wor extension and tbat tho work woi.ld possibly be abandoned. "There Is nothing la that" he said. ' We struck rock and expected to, for a short distance. We had about two feet of rock excavation hut are now tbiough it. We are employing thirty men and will now employ more. Many of them are working out taxes which they could not otherwise P»y- We have saved many people from suffering and have saved the oUy money In the bargain. Councilman Dolan and myself are responsible tor the sewer on Erie Avenue and we are not ashamed ot it." Handle Factory Wood for «al«. Handle factory wood delivered to any part of the city. Mall ordert V> Hillock ft Plttman, Handln Factory, oa Toledo ifc, or P. J. Klmmer. NB W SPRING CLOTHING. The latest novelties are pouring in. Every day brings something new to add to the rapidly increasing stock. All the new wrinkles in regard to style. "THE PROGRESS" Cor. Market and 4th streets. CAPITAL GOSSIP. Abrogation of the Hawaiian Treaty to Be Opposed. Senator Peffer Introduces a Now Tariff Bill—Some Comparative Statistics of Revenue. THE HAWAIIAN T11BATY. WASHINGTON, March IS.— Indications pointto a spirited debate in the senate over the clause in the senate tariff bill inserted by tho finance committee, providing for the abrogation of the Hawaiian reciprocity treaty of 1875, and tho subject is already beginning to attract attention on both sides of the ch»mber. This treaty provides for a general exchange of the products of the two countries free of duty and includes sugar as the principal Hawaiian export to this country, tho United States in turn being per milted to ex-port agricultural Implements and other machinery and manufactures to Hawaii without the payment of duty. It also contain! ft provision that no other foreign government than this shall acquire title to any port or harbor in thn Hawaiian islands. It is believed tho republican party in the senate will bo almost solid in its opposition. Puffer 1 !! Plan. WA6HiXGT02f, March 18. — Senator Peffer has introduced an independent tariff bill with the following provisions: It reduces tho tariff on common-brown earthenware to 10 cont ad valorem, on cbln» to 80, 36 und 40 per cent, for tho various (trudu; mttlies boop Iron or Btoel free; puu T rails at 110 per ton; iron or steel wire Tor fences, cic., 6-10 of a cent per pound- other wire, 1-10 of » cent per pound; table and other cutlery, 10 per cent, ad valorem; firearm", 100 pet cent, ad valorom-, spilte», naili. screw* and like articles nru nil largely reJuoea; le»J ore Is to pay » duty of 1 cent a. pound; tin, 1 oenl per pouod: hewu or sawod lumber, 5 per cont. ; sawed boards, etc., free. There Is no proposed duty on sugar eiccpl on that imported from countries which Impose an cipor; bounty, when It is to pay a duty equal to the bounty. AKrlcultunil products and provision* are to be admitted free of duty. The duty on spi'lts and wines is Increased from 60 to 75 cents a gillon. The duty on manufactured goods 1s decreased about halt, and that on manufactured articles Increased. Binding twine is mude free, as Is also botrning for cotton or grain. Laces, edKlngi, etc., are Increased to 76 per cent. The duty on wool of tho Urst class is to bo 8 cents a pound, whil« wool of tho third class or loss value than 10 con is a pound is to be admitted duty free. Wool ot this class worth more than 13 cents to bo charged 2* per cent.; shoddy. 20 cents a pound; woolen yarns, JO per cent.; woolen ololhs of the lirst class, free; ch«»p ready-made clothing, free: co«tly carpets, K> per cent.; cheap carpets, free: playlug cards, II a pack; coal, including an- thradto. free; Jewelry, n pot cent ad valorom; printings, 60 per cent. Tho bill also revises the Internal revenue law. The tax on beer, ale, porter and other fermented liquors Is plnoed at 12 per gallon. He amends the iuoomo tax In accordance wltn the populist graduated proposition in the liouso and includes Justices of the supreme court and other federal Judges in tbo list to bo taxed. Enllmatei of Itevenue. WASHINGTON, March 13.— The senate finance committee has been supplied with a tabulated statement prepared by the treasury department showing in detail the amount of revenue which it is estimated will bo received under the senate bill, if it should become a law, also giving the estimates under the Wilson bill and comparing both with the returns from the treasury department under the present law for 18U3. The statement also gives an estimate of the increase iu the internal revenue under tho somite bill, which is as follows; Income, fBO.000,000; spirits. rid 000 000; cigars, f a, 000, 000; cigarettes, 81,500,000; playing cards, «8,000,uOU. Total increase, WS..WOOO. The estimated duties of the eeniUo bill, SK compared wiUi those of the Wilson bill and the returns under the present law, by schedules, are as f Jlows, the figures first given showing in each schedule the returns under the existing law; the Bti'ond, the estimates under the house •bill, and the third Uie estimates on the Bt'iiate bill: Chemicals, oils and P^w-P"*''" '* w ' '" 133.IV*: house, »6.0W,:1H); Konaic. »s,uw.4-j Eunhs. earthenware aim g.as*w»re_£rcscnt law, J13.IOI.601; house, S8.ur8.v28: senate, 88,- "Ifeml. and manufacture- of-Hresent law 127 003 637; house, »1S,7«J.(S..3; sonnte, N.M. 5,815. Wood and manufacture* °r-Present '»«• 1935 :«]; houae, IMH.4M; se.iaw, W»J..10. ar-Present law, «1»3,-W; house, *1«,8.S; manua of-Pre.ent law. W4,83l.«8»; bouse, 111,628,783; senate, H1.6J8,- '"Agricultural products »nd provisions-Pros- entuw tlim,403; house, K.W4* .en**, " es and otner beverages-Present W,«l,847; ienau>, - Cotton m»BOfaoto*«§-Pr«ien« law, •» tem!..il.aUSi ~— —"—— rlax, hemp' and Jr.tc ana manuiacuireu ot-^ Pre»ent law, 118,767,853; house, I I2,724,a9; sen. ati>, il<,"3.7& Wool and manufactures of— Present law, tM,« 448007: house, 114,714,879: senav), 12.078,341 Bilk mid Bilk KOOds-Prcseut law. 120,310,818; house, 817.113,047: senate, Ufl,747,345 Pulp, paper and books-Present law, K,070,< 125; houno, ll,«58,3»8: senate, Sl.760,891 Sundries— Present law. U3,982,2T5: house, US,791,308; senate, H 1,812.838. Unenumerated— Present law, £272,614; house, I873,«i4; senate. 1372,044. Articles transferred to the free list-Present law, H2,170,!<)7. Total-Present law. U«8,373,452; house, HS4,- 693.004; senate, $105,093.771. The average ad valorem under th« present law is 40.98; under the houso bill, 35,52; under the senate bill, 34.19. The comparison of the sugar schedule shows that during the last year 11,490,757 gallons of molasses were imported, upon which, no duty was paid, but •which under the senate bill would produce S309.H15. During tho year 3,531,- UI0.307 pounds of sugar, valued at; $114,959,870, were Imported free. Upon this the senate bill would yield a revenue of Ml, 043,413.. Pensioner* G«t Their Montr- WASHINGTON, March 13.— All suspcm Blons of pensions ia cases where pay* roent has not been already resumed, or. where the pensioner'* name hat no^ been stricken from the rolls, will be removed by an order signed by Commli- •ioner Lochren. Thisaction aflecta th« cases of between 3.000 and 4,000 pen sioners. The pension agents will b* instructed to pay these pensioners thair former rates until otherwise ordered by the bureau. CURRENT EVENT8. Patrick Ford, aged 94 years, of Rockford, 111, dropped dead at his home. The health officials of Ohio ara alarmed by the spread of smallpox in the state. To secure perfect safety for its passengers the St Paul has adopted tho block signal system. Maj. Gen. Howard is said to contemplate becoming a candidate for congress on leaving the prmy. George Endrisv a wealthy stockman of Galena, 111., was thrown from his carriage and instantly killed. Freddie Gebhard's last present to Miss Louise Morris, whom he is soon to wed, was a solid silver bathtub. Samuel Theodore, manager for tbe Standard Oil company in Council IJluffi, la., died from an overdose of morphine. W. C. Owens began his campaign at Lexington, Ky., for the seat in congress now held by W. C. P. Ureckin- ridge. Judge Horatio M. Vandeveer died at Taylorville, III He had filled many public offices and was reputed a millionaire. Ludwig August Franki, the Bohemian poet, died in Vienna, where ho had lived for many years. Ue was 84 years old. Tho directors of the Trailers' Protective association have decided to hold the next convention June 19 at Milwaukee. Chicago national banks hold an average reserve oi 44.90 percent, according to reports recently made toth« comptroller. J. K. Stratton, a criminal for whom the police of many cities have been searching, was located in prison at Huntaville, Te.v. Secretary Oresham and Uritish Ambassador Pauncefote are trying to coma to an understanding on the lie bring sea fisheries case. William Shackloy a farAer near Ozark, Ark., tried to kill his wife and child with a knife, and, when they escaped. cut his own throat. The hanging of Charles Wisdom at St, Louis has been postponed to Thursday, April 10, and that of J;icob Mrowa at Jefferson City, Mo., to April 13. SAVED BY A HEROIC WIFE. Mrn. Je»o M«rrltt Idiki Her I.lr« to Prevent Her lluiluuitT* ArtsiiHHiimtinn. NASHVILLE, Tepu., March 13. • Jesse Merrill, of binyrnu, and his wife were walking along a lanu togf ther Monday when the latu-r discovered Will Edwards, ' a mortal enemy of her husband, crouching ia a fence corner with a shotgun, about to fire. She quickly pushed Merrill aside, thus bringing lu-rhelf within range of the «"»• The l»ud took effect in Merritfs arm and Mrs, Murritl'c hand, which clutched the arm. Merrill's arm and her hand have be«n amputated. Edxvards escaped. *mliurt» C.O-«?H sca^ou. EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, Mo., March 18.— The banV 01 Kxcelsiur Springs, u. prl- vate concern with a capital of fM),OM, has been closed. It was thy city school district depotltory. H will clo«« Uw Mhoolt

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