Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 15, 1952 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 15, 1952
Page 11
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'4- MOM STAt, H0M, ARKANSAS *tk On* JUjM MonD M -I'M J;S TOj 190 7.60 10 8,00 B.OO 60 10.80 W 13,00 ..70 4,50 13.IW »,W 8,00 16.00 Klb DISPLAY ,0,: 7Bo p«r inch «..., OOe per Inch ».„,,„ 000 jmr loeh . fwuter w tkto. in» ofHHjay raft, day, IH« rlflM to tiMmfmi of. tart and to r»|««t bit Adv4fililna tub* i • of mor* lutrtrt, «*h 01 heuitt count m on* trt rrimm* Adi union dd And i STAR . J*HiW»y II, mt For Hint bodwom Wnvonltnt to bdlh. Wlthfrt 1 blofek of BsrloW H01«». Phohn 7-8143, 21-U * ROOM furnfihed *pirtn.BKt, I'fi. V«t0 bltli, tt)«cir1« box. Me ;iill0> rtd, Mri, Judiion. MO North Elm/ Vttte liolhi M. Worim«i», 907 Ed- flnrdwood floor ji. Hiilll-liiH. Private bath ahd eh* trflni'if. Clone in, 207 Bhovor fit. Phono 7-Mfltt, 12-tf HMALL furnlghed .npiirlrnfiit, I'i'l- votv bath, Kloclilc; refrltfurator, UtllHIe* pflltl. AM En»l Third. For Sale AT rondonnblfl price*. Hereford HulU, 12 to 18 moiithd old, Now location 4 mllei north on Proving a round Rond. A. W. Blomnth, Phono 7-4082. S-lM PICA grovel, 61oy friivul, lontl, t</p noil, und fill dirt. Cull Jovlo Sin. clnlr, Phono 7-!l,M0. 8-3-1M MKADOW TF^SwT^rTiiir^bmiri 1,000 billon, ninl 7..1flOII, I>, t. StiiKKn, Klrnt Nntlonnl Dunk Building. 12.Ot JALF bed complete wild mnttrofi Cnn bo scon ut Dlfl Dliil 7-3884. 13-!lt ,mid South Kirn. NICE plR«, U week* old. (I mllon on 21), C, C. C, Gump. J, D, Hull. 13-31 NJSW homo on North ForKuinn Stt'OPt. Big lot near church niul school. Oond locution, Owner town, Phono 7'<1flltl. 15-flt • «» tM«nd clati nmlltr •( le« «t K«|», AlhMftltlt Of M»r<h 1, 11*7. of lh» Audit •» Ratti (pdyabit In ad* i HOP* end rwlahbor* fe\ ( » ."r'^r^** *" 13,00 [(Atari artd MilMr «oun-' ^ tfM*A(fl««»»*fUM^ ~tot»M4 ,1 ';- m"'7it'ini^l2^ ( 3',as 'u.'oo* land South of Lost Hlui« WIllTtS KOld Wiftt wntfh. Htctiui In Htum, Ki«'p siiUc. jilctiHO return to Mm, K. J, H»kin- ntlt) S, Elm, Itecolvo rmviird. 12-3t 1 IrlMh Hotter bird iloR, J lommi tk'k pollttwr, Notify U, F. Curtis, McCniiklll, ArltniUfiM, in-.1t Amazing Chick Team Waits for Opponent By Th» Allocated Pr«ii For (h« n«xt two night* nl leant tho nrletncratfe MernphU Chicks CUD n'll while thc other* work, MemphU hfupuflll lit In reeemi unit! Mobile nnd Atlanta tic tide which of thorn In good enough to i;ie(?l the Morrtphl* knocked Chftttnnootfn out of Iho Southern Asfioclntlon!'"•'''"' coirwKatitiiui with the lw< pliiyoff» yp»U>rd»y, 3-2, The victory! I' 1 ' 1 *'' 1 ' 14 "'"' w 'lh Kriimer, but over tho pcnnnnl wlnnliiK Lookout*;''"" '* *"»iethlnj< more thim \vn» Iho fourth Ntrniflht. Mcnnwhlle In Mobile, Allmiln nrul the Ot'iii'ii itK'iln wen- ruined nut, Th«y meet tonight nnd tomorrow In Mobile In contlniiiitlon of tin* bent of »<5v»>n Bt'rleii. If more thnn SPORTS ROUNDUP ,By OAYLtt TALBOt. NEW YORK i*) — Our best nt the moment f* thnt both Prank { Sr d«mnn nnd Ken McGrfigrtr, Australia'* two tennis Koliiith.i, will) turn professional for promoter j Jtiek Kramer Immediately after! they have helped defend the Davis Cup In the chalk'URf round nl Adelaide Doc, 29 ;U. Then* i» port the in concrete to sup- i oven nft<*r By The Atfoclnted Pre«§ NATIONAL LEAGUE W iHiklyn two mldlUnntil gunx-x nn> ni'cd<>rl to nt'ttlc lh<? tvrte*. tlu;ri It tihifls buck to Atlnntn. Mobile hn« won twice nn Atlnntn A fine dlnpliiy of hn «« running— fl MoinphU tm'lc nil Benson - Inrgo- ly wn» rcsprmHlblo for HIP nnrrnw hunch ll-iit lhi« funs Itjl'-, I Ni « York f this country S! '•" uis mo M.'eiriK the two Kreitt AusHk"*' Priil.t'U-lphin for the last linn.. IIH amnteurx. ;Oni;i;«) Knnr«-r, for one IhliiK, in so con- '''"""" Klti fldcnt thiit the bl|< payday |p in ' filKlil that lu< dues not even plnn! t'. return to Australia this full to! Hive tin, 1 two world champions nn-! filhi-r xiilcji talk. I r'or iiriothiT Huntf, Mrs. Nell Ilnpman. the chiirmiiiK wife of tl-,i. <>' cup cuptnln, snyu she the pair will KO for the mon- 80 «B 02 7(1 72 04 r.,1 r.o no (W 74 Season Tickets Offered for r Games Pet .627 .000! .577 1 .5451 .403 .44!? | .441 .272 J ftnsive team. j tionnlc. Black returns at end and | Co.«imo Bracato Is back to handle i a linc-backcru' job. Squadmtin Bill 1 Lucky anfl Hot) Robinson arc com- if* p* j ir> K "IcnK nicely at the tackles, nnd I tfi&lf t ift tTI/*^ I s " ' s J " T1 Spccr at the opposite I IVjt;i V7VIIIIC9 i end . fc|% _ , , , | On Baylor's five-man line de- Season tickets arc now available fensive arrangement Starkey at Ycrgcr High School for the 1952 rj avls proh ably will win the second football season. Tickets for adults lilR , 1)ackinK jf)b with thc thlrd SIL* i "n u f n° r f, . Ra "I CS ' ! b -' t ' k ' > '- ~ «P ^ be selected from Student tickets will sell for $2.5()i and good for six games. j General admission for adults' will be 75 cents, high school students 50 cents, elementary students 30 cents. These season tic- \ Moadg.fr Sepfemfeo 1S»,<1§>i Legal Notice up candidates. Don Shi-rman, squndrnan r. m Fort Worth, may crowd out kets can now be purchased at 1 victory ovur Chntlnno<>Kn. Me- Ohoc llnorl fl liot tmn pofit short In lilt) ClKhlh. Hi> ntolc scciiiul on A I ftn'l went roni'lnu Into homo Wht«n Al Ko/.nr criickinl u itln- «Uv. to center. A crowd of 0,012 naw thtt hometown .Chick* trnll for much of the Kfltttti. liul Woody Rich novor l«t the- Lookouts K«t too far nhcnid, Rich pitched nil thf wny to win h-W.- itocohd B»ime In th<! playoffs, J'ilchor •Frank Poplxh of Chiiltunoo- gn, who homered, needed relief from Slmn. A flntflitht between Mpmphl.i' Dixie Upright nnd ChnttnnooKn'n Bob OldU enlivened the nils, :t2fl; find Home Sf-udy Course COMPU5TK ywti- home In »pi»re time. Diploma, No olimsPH, Toxin furnlKh(,'(i. Wi'ltti for free booHlpt, Amorlcnn School, aOOtt Alnbnmn, Fort ArHnnnnn. S-U-lrti Thc Negro Community •y H«l«n Turntr Phon* 74474 Or bring turn* to MUi Tiirntr it Hloki Puncral Horn* League Leaders By The AiioctaUrf Pram NATIONAL LEAGUE BntllnK — Mitxlnl. St. I, .88(1; Bnumholl/. Chicnno, KlURXnwxkl, Clncinniitl, ..'120. .Htins -•- Hnblnson, UrooKlyn MUHlttl, HI. (.oubi, IUI; llrmus, fit, l.nuin, 1)7, Hlto -- Miinlnl, SI, I,ouiH, 170; Srhoinullon.st, St. i.ouln, 177; Arl- Cliiflnnntl. 17-1. llnnn •-- Snncr. C'hlciiuo, 37; KliHM', PlttslnirKli, .'10; MotlKcs, Uffloklyn, ;10, "'PltchlnK —'Rflp. Brooklyn, 11-2, ,114(1;',Blnck. Bnmltl.vn, H-a, .lia-l; Hi, l.oui.i, II.'J, .11 ill. lpnln, OS; and cy, loo. doubtful Although It that 'Klpful tell hid own wife tin is extremely Harry would I time of the! r.| ( ,-!..n «:i KO I'lH-r.uruli 40 107 MorwJiy's Schedule ('iiiciiinuti at Brooklyn — Pott- 'UK Ian i2"li VH Rrskine (12-0). St. \.< ul.< :il New York — Bra7.lt 1 d/:-)> vs MiiKlk- (tfl-7) (inly KJiiiit"* Hchctlulud. Sicidny's Results St l.uuiK 14; N't'w York •! (.'iiiciiiiiiiti •!; Jldslon 12; tho office of thc principal, Yoreer! ™ • > High School. Phono orders will bo' , D " v " ls(m » accepted. ri " ht now ' This Is thc first time thnt Ycr- Rcr has undertaken such n project for Hiding In equipping and fi- nnncinu the footb.-ill tonm. The one of the veteran returnees In tin/ defensive secondary. The Bears lost Bob Reid, who led thc confer- once in pass interceptions in 1951. the No. 1 punter Legal Notice Brooklyn 0 o 0-il (2nd game dny, Nell IUIH at least been ;iround the lifi/fi nil summer nnd .should b ( . in podltluii to mnl'.e a shrewd «ues:i. II) rerliii|)S the most tellinn factor "f all, in our opinion, lies in tho abrupt iiltci'iillon of cireumKtnnce.1 «lne«r ScdKinnn nccepletl the $12,-i ,.,,!,..,„„ UOO v,'cddliiH «ift from tlu- Austral- 1 I .'in rhiladclphin 5-2 Pittsbui-Rh 2-1 AMERICAN LEAGUE Ni w York Cleveland I'hiladi-lphlii Inn tennis public Iti.ii Janunry for! , .'., not turnlriH pro. Al that time the! li!!''i" in ., tn . AusMluH felt It would be milt; short j s ,"'• ,,, of u national dlxnslcr to lose their i ' ' Diivhi Cup ««•. After the foaiins' cup deU'imc. Knmk will be nble to tell them In sweet reasonableness that llu-y no loncer need him, and thimk.i for everything. McOregor, of eonr>-e, Is under no obligation .'whulcvui. The blu i-linnm- has cornn In the remnrlu.ble form displayed by tin- two AuMntlUm juniors, Ken Hose- wall and Lewis I load, this .summer, Itosewall scored a five-set victory over our new enp captain, Vie SeiXiis, in the Nationals at Finest Mills. And it took SnU'.mim to lumelt I load out nf that tournament, Sed,i;mun and MeOrouor will In W B4 74 7, r > 73 74 58 L !)7 60 OH 70 09 70 (15 !)4 Pet .001 .5R3 .524 .517 .514. .514 .40(1 .338 Detroit Monday's Schedule Washington al Oelroit — Shea HO-I7I vs Witiht (7-IO Host on at Chicago — Parnoll |I2-!I) vs Krutlow i3-3) Only (.'.arnes scheduled. Sunday's Results New York 7; Cleveland 1 Philadelphia lfi-2; SI. I.ouis 5-1 (sei'ond Bailie 0 inniiu!s, darknessj I'lncajio -I; Iloston II (17 innings, 2nd flame called, dii'-ktiess) Washinr.ton (i; Detroit 1! tho support of all loynl fans whoi purchase these season tickets. It] this year's sale Is successful, this! offer will be made yearly. All loyal Tiger fnns are urged to come by or cnll the office at Verger for their tickets. The Tiger Schedule.- Sept. 1U Sept. 21! Oct. 3 Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. II) 17 24 31 7 14 21 27 Ruston, La. Pine Bluff N LIUle Hock Arkadelphin Fort Smith Texarkana Camden Hot Sprirvgs Little Rock El Dorado Atlanta, Tex PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 41 Representatives of the State of Arkansas and by thc Senale, a majority of All the Members Klectcd to Each House Agreeing Thereto: That the following is hereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the State of Arkan- Hcre; sas, and upon being submitted to Here Thcre There Here Here There Here There There Baylor, Picked Last, Is All Pepped Up This Is the last In a series on Southwest Conference fo°tball prospects). Two Arkansas Colleges Win I able to taUe | consciences ! mutches. their aflcr Icav th i AMERICAN LEAGUE IJtitUiiK ~~ Fnln, t'hllnc .SSI; Mitchell, Cleveland. \Voodlln«, New York. .3^1), Buns — Dorm, Now York Doby; CU-volnnd, 1)4; Avlln Rouen, Cleveland, nn, :JlHii — Fox, Chicago, 17rt; Philadelphia, 1(111; Avlln, Cleveland J(I4, JUnine Runs ..... Doby and Kaster C'leveland, 111); Herra, New York '.'3-7, ,7(17; — Shnntx, Unschl, New ,V(I2; Hcynold.M, New York, Hl-ii, By Tho Associated Press I T-.vn Arkansas Inlcrcnllcuiatc i Conference powers opened the 1952 football saeson S.'itui'diiy ninhl with ! victories, while anotlier AIC mem- : Ijer fell to a team from OUlahoma Arkansas Slate ColloRe of Jones- bero swamped Memphis Navy, 39- O, and Southern State of MaKnolia i tpuk a ti-0 decision over Alabama PhiUidclphin.i Stale Teacliers College at Livings- York, Ul-.'ijttn, Ala. Jlenck'i son State Teachers , gave ifp three touchdowns to Northeast Mr, and Mrs. Wllllu Amtarxon ot Sun Frnnclsco, Iwtt FrlcUiy ninht unroUto lo St, Lou In, and from inert) l)oine after n two wook's vUlt with relative* «nd frlotida. Mr, nnrt Mr*. Willie iXtrnor hstl tt« tholr hou»0 gue»U Mr, and Mrs. Wllllo Andofsou ot San Fran- t'Uco, '(fragile ^-^ ELSIE MACK «cV. r>Mtft«IMl l<» Ktnr t'MMri* Svnillrait. / Then) will bo a soTtbnll game at City pnrk, Tuonlay evening* Sept 16, at B p.m. buUveeu the Bim|nc«<i men v» the T^ttchor*, T.^U In « Park benefit ifnine, wiUi nil pro ceuds |«U.« toward pttynittut 'ol ih« lighting «y«teai at tho City park flold, Full uttmtdimue i« ur«- ed with udmisiton puttgud at 30 Und IS cents. l|S«b tloartu w |». tft The Verger Lunch Room for the \mk ot Sept. 1949 l« tu follows: Cheese and pctmut sandwiches, plain cako und milk. Wtdntidiy Plnlo tw»tv8, cojwblnaHou v«g«- table lalad, whtto bread, t»nd milk. Thur«l»y Sp«ghct\t with meat bali», cold slaw, cow bread, and milk. Friday Lunch meat sandwich*, plain «»u(fU»* mvci milk. Top Radio Programs NEW YORK (I* - fttondt}? nl«ht: ' w * Gw*>n' Mw»* Shows V<W»WM Concert; 8:30 Awwrfw f flog Cluu, *• t St»r« to does Not Pay; CHA.PTSR NINETBEN NANCH was at a cocldnll party with Kolph. Hho waa n liulo ttwod by U»o living room ot their hostess, who/Ralph told tier, was in' pia- ture*. Jtt VVM Uko tho tnsldo ot a Jowol oox, with gold brocade walls, tnch'UilcX ruK», and tnluW tables and ehojf A. Medieval, NBJICO Uiougltt, Mono tor R moment on a violet to&ther oouelt. And Uion oho ?ow Ubby Oliver In Ute middle ot tho room. Nanco oftuffht nor eye and p » 1 1 o U the leather cushion at her aide, Llbby came over. She had on a beige linen and she looked washed o,ut. ... "I tion't tcnovv why I bother corning t(j these Utluga," ah* mur- murcU, «t«tng down. "Overrated, won't thcyT" Nance untied. "No( In tho novelty stas 0 -" "1 ctnt r«mcmbep Ui«t t«* ,bacH , « , Vou don't live In Now XqrUY" "No, la • ainall town. Thur«« ton»».*« "Vfti, Rolph did tay «ome- thlne— " Llbby cooHed her tmall blonda head. "Thuratwiln. U rlnga a tali." Sho drew her polo brovva together, "Why, y n • , . . Steve's •X>wU« mentioned it, ono«. Juat b*ror« tht divorce, ate said the w<u going to Thurstonta when she WM free, I'd forgotten. Although i do recall now the way she said It, Sort ot frtmly. 1 thought u ltrt«t«» AUt fiVO WM A "Vw." "Vou know h»rt* «\'M. 1 know bar." For now she sure, Ubby shrutf*^ "Heaven help ber next vtcUm." NMO« o*ught her breath, but iht KftW UgtoUy. "I'hat haa » Lucre*!* BorgU 0»vof i" »t)h, Kv« dftwn't cwry a vial ot poUmn, bus tb» vw»e«fl e«eo« t» the Mtnt, It «ht w««t to Thunrtonla, IV» m no food, ;8h«'U get what »H« u *Rer, »d timMD* wiU o* avuft, (tot Bv*. fivili n*vet huru 8a*'i CMt tro« under tint velvet S(*v« mw*H» tte» V«»v««. fuony. Hft tlwwt h»d » iMtrror ot bom* ,.^»_ ^ mwM jfc A^J u>w'a Kv»41A W»a,toe« my fourth," aho confessed, "and It looks us it Stove isn't going to turn up. I'm in love with him, you know. Everyone knows. Stove, too. I even had a talr chance with Him, once. But not now. After Eve, no thinks al) women—'' She stopped. Her eyes came alive. "Well what do you know! Ho came, alter all. Cxcusc me." Nance nodded, and watched Libby pick nor way rathor unsteadily through the crowd to Stove, who hod just come m Ute door. Uolph come over to her, "Enjoying Una?" Site smiled, "IJbby was a little ovcrialkativc." 'Three martinis, and Llbby spills over with tier tale of unrequited love. Steve. 1 suppose who lold youY" "Yes," "Sieve should have married Ubby." Nance said carefully, "Site was talking about Stove's ex-wlte." "Eve If Ubby tiatcd tier." "Did you?" He grinned. "I'm male, and human . . . No, 1 wouldn't say l tutted her," "And Steve?" t "No, ne'a over that, too." k "Not altogether." "Oh. the scars. Disillusionment. Bitterness. They'll tie«L Pity a girl Ilk* Eve had to happen to a nice guy like Stove." Did you Know that Eve U In Thurstonla if" it meant absolutely nothing to him (or a moment, Then his eyes widened. "Well, well, well! No, 1 didn't Know. Friend ot your*?" I've met her . . . Rolph, Eve had something to do with my lite, indirectly, oeloro 4 ever lead eyes on her." "Slw 4WT" "Before tho Tretaufts adopted mo, they look Another child. They changed their niinda about keeping her, i don't know why. But t do Know that the child WM five. Mother dldnt Intend telling me, but i could «*« that Bvo's coming to Ui« nous* upset ner, and she finally told me that much," Rolph whistled Interestedly, li&nce wtnt on, "The Ireland* never Knew what became ot her, until recently, Rolph. Bvt didn't lu«t Happen to go to Thurstoni*, She's Uier« for * reason. 4 * Sh« stopped, frowuing. remem- ft t«g end ot conversation vwhewd between S*w and *8*w, I'm frigLbUned," ftf»ro) Eleanor «ay. ifte'd p»y in MeJt (or lading fe«c »wty. Tb*t'« why ' bur*.* at being cast out? She'd resent mo, too, Nance thought. Sho'd bo furious at me lor, taking her place, having 'everything that was so nearly hers, a Home, a family, love. She'll try to Hurt me, too. Nance said aloud to Rolph, "Through Jeremy! lilvo could hurt Sam and Eleanor and me through Jeremy. 1 should have known." "1 mlsscu tho thought process leading up to that, so it doesn't inaKo sense to me," Rolph said. "It does make sense! Rolph, Tin going nonie. On tho first tram. There must be something 1 can do to stop whatever she may try to do. Oh, 1 was a fool to stay away this long." But she had been hurt, ana proud. Only suddenly pride didn't matter. "I'm going back, Ftolplu I'm going to fight her. It's Eleanor's and Sam's happiness, as well as mine and Jeremy's." Sho nad ncr oag packed and waa wotting tor tho taxi to take her to Grand Central when the telephone call came from Thurstonla. > Kit took It and handed the receiver to Nance. "It's Sam," she said. "He sounds wrought up." "Nanco?" Sam Ireland's voice sounded thin and strained. "Can you come home, dear? Mother la ill." "I'm on my way," Nance said. "What ts it? Is Jeremy with her?" Thero was a long pause. "Jeremy isn't here, Nance. He and Eve were married this morning. We've just had their wire. Mother's gone all to pieces. Nance, are you there? you al) right?" "Yes." The walla ot the room leaned away from her, righted themselves, tipped dizxyingly again. "I shouldn't have blurted It out like that," Sam said distractedly. "I'm sorry, I'm upset. Mother wants you. Nance." "I'll come," said Nance. She replaced the receiver. She said to Kit's tace, which advanced and retreated in the same fantastic manner M the walls a moment ago. "They're married." The buezer sounded. It WM the taxi. Kit snatched a hat and handbag. "I'm coming wiU) you," "No, I'm all iTght." Kit put on her hat. "Til pick up • toothbrush on the way *nd Eleanor will lend me a nightie . . . Nance, you don't thin* I'd let you go alone?" »\'o« needn't come," Nanco ro- petted. "I— - By HAROLD V. RATL.IFF WACO, Tex. I/I') — Baylor's Golden Hears are {jetting set to supply seme more highly exciting weekends for football fans and more ht-adaches for those who try to pick llu- winners in advance. The Bruins, with speedy, spirited sophomores, improving juniors and solid seniors distributed equally among their two platoons, are shaping up as just that kind of football team .is they prepare for the Sept. 20 opener with Wake Forest. No writer, poll or rating system figured Baylor in Ihe top 10 nationally at the start of the 1951 campaign. The Bears wound up ninth in the nation. Pieked to finish on the Southweat Conference bottom in 1950, Baylor was second. Graduation tapped Baylor loo henvily for the Boars to be rated title contenders this time, but tnis rebuilt club conceivably can win any some on its schedule and, with its flaming spirit, the team will be nobody's pushover. Head Coach George Saner, says Baylor, which has connected on 25 touchdown passes in the past two seasons, will pass as much as ever. "Perhaps not as well, with Larry Isbell and those superb receivers, Stan Williams, Hal Riley and Bot Trout gone," said Sauer, "but we'll still be throwing and striving for the same balanced atlack we've had the last season." In tho early games, the new Baylor T quarterback and passer is apt to be Francis Colt o n the electors of the State for approval or rejection at the next general election for Roprcsenta- . lives and Scnutors, if a majority of I thc electors voting thereon in such election adopt such amendment, the same shall become a part of thc Constitution of the Slate of Arkansas, to wit: SECTION 1. That thc Conslitu- lion of the State of Arkansas be amended modifying Section 19 of Article 7 and Section 3 of Amend| mcnt No. 24 of said Constitulion, so as lo provide for Ihe eleclion of a County Clerk in all of the said counties of tho Stale, as follows; "The provisions for Ihe eleclion of a County Clerk upon a population basis arc hereby abolished and there may be elected a County Clerk in like manner as a Circuit Clerk, and in such cases, the County Clerk may be ex officio Clerk of the Probate Court of such county until otherwise provided by the General Assembly." This Amendment shall be in full force effect upon nnd after its adoption. AIM'liOVKD: March 20, 1!)!U. Secretary of State c. G.'HALL May 5 thru Oct. 27 (2(i times) Legal Notice PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 43 BE IT RESOLVED by tho House of Representatives of tho State of Arkansas and by the Senate of the State of Arkansas, a Majority of All the Members Elected to Each Thereto: House Agreeing That the following is hereby proposed as an amendment to the Con- stitulion of Ihe Slale of Arkansas, and upon being submilled lo the electors of the State for approval or rejection at the next general election for Representalivcs and Senators, if a majority of the cleclors voting thereon, at such an election, adopt such amendment, thc same shall become a part of the Constitution of thc Stale of Arkansas, lo-wil: Amendmbnt No. 18 to Ihe Constitution of the State of Arkansas, adopted by the electors of this State at tho General Election held and conducted on the 6th day of November, 1921), is hereby amended lo read as follows: SECTION 1. It being most apparent that privately operated factories, industries and transportation facilities arc necessary for the development of a community and for the welfare of its inhabi- be called in. Baylor has 15 coww» you'j* tU rigtet." Kit •greed brusquely. She picked up Kwce'» bag. "It's no* Ow tod. o*' world," *«w **ld Sweetwater. If they should fail to «et the Bruins' model-T atlack cranked up and clicking, sophomore Frank Peschel of Granger or Jimmy Davenport would returning letter- nien, and three of them are offensive halfbacks. Capable runners Jerry Coody. Donald C ;r r p enter and Mickey Sullivan return al the halfbacks and dependable Dick Parma is back for his third season at fullback. They could be crowded out by speedy sophs L. G. Dupre and Allen Jones, or squadmen Frank B,-iuldiu and Charley Jones. On their offensive line, the Bears have lettermen at center. Jack Sisco; both guards. Pete Erben and Johnny Davis, and right tackle, Robert Knowles. Squadmen Charles Cowley and Wayne Hopkins are leading contenders for the end positions. In Guard Bill Athey, Line Coach Mike Michalske has one of the most valuable guards in tho country around which to build his do- Oklahoma State in tho first halfi of a battle at Arkadelphia and! never could catch up in an 18-7! loss. Led by veteran backs Richie Woit. Buzzy Gebert and Rudy Wag- r.er, State piled up its 39 points in the first three periods. Memphis,' thwarted by State's rugged line! I never did make a contest of the' ing one per cent of the assessed valuation of all taxable property within the corporate boundaries thereof may be levied by cities of the first and second class for the purpose of providing funds to be used for the acquisition of sites within or without such cities and for the construction of such sites of buildings and other facilities, for lease or sale, for the aforesaid purposes, or for the amortization of bonds bearing interest at not more than four per cent per annum issued for such purposes. SECTION 2. When petitioned by not less than ten per cent of the qualified electors residing therein, the City Council or other governing body or any such city shall call for an election to be held not more than ninety days thereafter for the purpose of having the qua! ified electors vote on the proposition. SECTION 3. The general Assembly shall enact such enabling legislation as shall be required to effectuate the proposes hereof. APPROVED: March 20, 1951, Secretary of State C. G. HALL May 5 thru Oct. 27 (26 times) PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL' AMENDMENT NO. 42 BE If RESOLVKD by the SenftW of the State of Arkansas and by thc House of Representatives, A Majority of All the Members Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: That the following Is hereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of tho 'State of Arkansas, and upon being submitted to the electors of the State tor approval or rejection at the next general election for Representatives and Senators, if a majority of the electors voting thereon, at such an election, adopt such amendment, the same shall become a part of the Constitution of thc State of Arkansas, to-wit: SECTION 1. Commission Created —' Members — Powers, There Is hereby created a State Highway Commission which shall be vested with all the powers and duties now or hereafter imposed by law for the administration of Ihe State Highway Department, logelher with all powers necessary or proper to enable the Commission or any of its officers or employees to carry out fully and effcclively the regulations and laws relating to the Slale Highway Department. SECTION 2. Qualifications and Appointment of Members — Terms of Office of First Commission. Within ten days after the convening of the General Assembly of the State of Arkansas in tho year 1953, the Governor, by and with the advice and consent of Ihe Senale, shall appoint five persons who are qualified electors of the Stale to constitute the State Highway Commission for terms of two, four, six, eight and ten years respectively. The lerms of the persons so appointed shall be determined by lot. The Commissioners to be appointed from the State at large; provided, however, that no Iwo Commissioners shall be appointed from any single Congressional District. In the event of rejection by the Senate of a person whose name has been so submitted, Ihe Governor shall within five days after re- Tl ceipt of written notice from Iho Secretary of tho Senale of such re- jeclion submit Ihe name of another appointee to fill such vacancy. In Ihe event Ihe Governor should within five days thereafter fail to appoint or fail lo submit lo llic Senale for confirmation Ihe name of any person to be appoinl- ed, Ihe Senalo shall proceed to make tho appointmenl of it's own choice. SECTION 3. Terms of Office of Members. Upon thc expiration of the foregoing terms ot said Commissioners, a successor shall be appointed by the Governor in Ihe manner provided for in Section 2 for a term of Ion years, which lerm ot ten years shall thereafter be for each member of the Commission. '•• SECTION 4. Removal of Members — Hearing — Review and: Appeal. A Commissioner may be\ removed by the Governor only for; Ihe same causes as apply to other constilulional officers after a hearing which may be reviewed by the' Chancery Court for the First Dis- Irict wilh right of appeal therefrom to the Supreme Court, such review and appeal to be without presumption in favor of any finding by the Governor or Iho trial court, and provided further, in addition to the righl of confirmalion hereinaboye • reserved to Ihe Senate, the Senate may upon the written request of at least Five (5) of its members that a member or members of the Commission should be removed therefrom, proceed, when in ses* sion, to hear any and all evidence pertinent to the reasons for i moval. The member or members whose ( removal is so requested shall be entitled to be haard in the matter and to be represented before the Senate by legal Counsel. These proceedings conducted by the Senate shall be public and a transcript of 'he testimony so heard shall be prepared and preserved in the journal of thc Senate. The taking of evidence either orally or by deposition shall not be bound by the formal rules of evidence. Upon the conclusion of the hearing, the Senate, sitting as a body in executive session, may remove said member or members of the Commission by a majority vote conducted by secret ballot. SECTION 5. Vacancies—Filling. Vacancies on the Commission due to resignations, death or removal shall be. filled by appointment of the Governor for the unexpired term vithin thirty days from the date of such vacancy. Upon failure of the Governor to fill the vacancy within thirty days, the remaining," Commissioners shall make the appointment for the unexpired term. SECTION 6. The Commission ' Shall appoint a Director of Highways who shall have such duties as may be prescribed by the Conv mission or by statute. APPROVED: March 20, 1951. Secretary of State C. G. HALL May 5 thru Oct. 27 CM times) Southern State turned a first quarter pass interception by Full- btck Vance Roberts into its only and winning' touchdown. Roberts gathered in the ball on the home team's 42 yard line and returned it >5 yards. The Muleriders promptly marched to the goal, with Grady CfcUiey making the final six yards over right tackle. Northeast Oklahoma drove to two touchdowns in the first quarter and picked up another in the second to KcndUy defeat Henderson. J ac fc Rusher, p au t King and Ben Kiger illemated in the Oklahoma runs- that jwdted tag driw? pf NOTICE! We ore prepared to take care of your winter pasture PMA orders for seeds and fertilizers as well as Louisiana white winter shallots and White Bermuda onion sets Plenty of parking room and loading space at our new location where business is appreciated. MONTS SIED STORE Sgjttembgr 18, 19S2 H 9 M f it A > , HO M, •y Chick Young 02ARK IKI USING MY PAZOt? ) ?=J) | Fighting Words HORIZONTAL ml Boxer Sugar K Robinson K4 Former E heavyweight If, champion ii Max KB Former H champion ill — — Tunney ^Malt beverage TO Monster K4 Mine entrance K (prefix) lie Grayish shrub BO British R novelist P81 DaVvn goddess ||2 Goddess of H discord P4 Distort »6 War god IP 7 Encountered mo Make beloved ' W2 Ahead 134 Tangles ||35 Astronomy p muse i|3e S.cotch river L37 Greatest g*39 Electrical % atoms M40 Single K41 Wile 142 Retired if heavyweight a champion H Joe §45 Redeems §49 Overturning PSA Insect egg 1 P 52 Require fe 53 Poker stake L 54 Greek letter I 55 Finishes R| 66 Dam 57 Indian weigh VERTICAL 1 Mole sheep 2 Toward shelter 3 Day before this 4 Cotton seed pods 5 Awry 6 Rubber 7 Russian 8 Celebrations 9 Kind of chees .0 Numeral ,1 Feminine suffix 17 One who levers LO Heavy drinke i a. 15 ia Z M JO 3H X> tt 3 2| HZ W 52 5i> 45 HI IV n HO T Answer l e A «S! A T «» A C£ A « 1 V o EC B t H A V B L. O N B e e M 1 A R 1 1_ T Kl T T O E '-> N4 1 s 1 A U A H to Previous Puzzle o L. & U E tj K ts T G M A Y U c T A V B B: E T •c T e 3 O », R E _ A s e> — 9 c o P O R N A T E P | O p B i_ i o 1 & 0 F A R R E S O B 1 r s 1_ A P A N N E N E V t a e L. e ^ E e P v & e c? o i_ B , T A R T 23 Refute 38 Amino acid 24 Direction 40 German songs 25 Girl's name 41 Wrath 26 Malicious 42 Crescent E burning 43 Unclose 27 Single tones 44 Employed 28 Ireland 46 Opposed 29 Afternoon 47 Small parties contribution 31 Nearly 48 Asterisk r33 Bazaars . SO Marble 4 ' 13 ib 1 3 •si 5 ^ % W< SO 53 Sfa b ^i ^ r^ 36 « 7 It Z3 « 3i ^ % 18 1™ m '/•'/i W HI .... .''//'. 33 & •Mi 9 H 10 _ 51 i* 57 28 1 V 17 18 |5 OUT OUR WAY By j. R. Williomi VIC FLINT CARNIVAL By Dick Turner ,"But, Melvin, marriage has to be founded on something firmer than your knack for talking your_father_out of +h« rfftc!" " "~ the SIDE GLANCES By Galbroith 1 KNOW WE 60TTA HAVt= PIFFRUMT SIZE BALLS SO TK LITTLE KIPS WOM'T PISGUSTEP AW QUIT <r.U'£THEV CAW'T HIT TH 1 REO'LAK. BALL.' BUT THAT KIP IS TOO **»•*•_•**-**• 4**^ 1 y^i-f ^'-" : ' J / , 'THE <SRAPUATE- By Michael O'Malloy and R| WE THREW ViC FLMT— THB OUT OF TH& CLU» COH- J ©UV VOU'P» LAST NkiHT/ , I FORGOT :MEETIN' A, PRO- ( GUU.TV .... ;BW10U OFFICER V VOU CM PKOVB VOU 'COIiWN'HOl^E'. COPeX^BEEN WITH THE QKMGl jWlll. LE^M FROM HIMi I W/X5N'T HERE JT NIGHT 1 . I'! THE OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople ; f^ T- PA\i^TlM&? EGAT3, A SILLY S cJUESTlOM/ VvJUAT DID YOU T^lMK )\ RAMK QOSSN'T WAS DOiMG WlTK THESE- <^\ AAE&H \MITM ' ^T-S.TRIMMiMG /v\V ^^V TH/5CT OLD ^\WA6hlT BEARD ? «~- LJM .' TKie PORTRAIT )';n SOLDIER TvV ^' A * OP ME AS A GENeRAL iM y-. v \ DRUM IM WAR V\llLL LEAJD A MILITARY TOME TO A\V^ ^-t>, lATTlC.V/' -TBEV (POU6HT S VJITM (BEAM \6AG6 ? tr<f^?- l r «V'S WEEK HE'LC BE A FORMER GOV6RWOR- i.TNO.BIl.U VOO'RENOr FHOW 5 ! IJU0T TTHfeN IN IT LI JU£T BE / GUILTV THI0 TMK.NMD f WfM.«ePAROUNDl«. |S'TEP I 5«.TRV TO I ' (V [ VOU'W MorAVOMEU'U ON OMSK STREETS STR^SEfcWHO 'I V HEIP yOU TRV TO PINO WOfrf W. I DIPN't V SEEIMfl -VOU f ' " i \LTIMBO- BOyrS AND HER BUDDILS m, • ' JJfcu By Edgar BUGS BUNNY FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger LOOK6 LIKE CICERO'^ HAVIN' TROUBLE WITH PsRlTHMETIC/ t'LL GIVE Hl^ HANt?.' ALLEY OOP 7,.^FTER »Perhaps you'd like this rolled rib roast, already apportioned to stretch your food budgetl" rr ,1 TIME-MACHINED \ VOU SHOULD HAVE / AMD YOU TH'GENIE BACK 1O OLD / WAITED FOR ME TO ( 6ENT HIM ARABIA! HOW EL6E / DO IT-MDU'VE NO V BACK WITH- COULD I A-GOT 'IM / BUSINESS MEDDLING V OUT HIS BACK THERE? J WITH MY EQUIPMENT/^* M/V3IC ,, :J ^ • ^ ^ , v CARPET? ^ AW.HEWAOTH'ONe ALL THE ITH' TROUBLS IN / GUB95 -rorn\a.iK XTU' K\atxrm umli WHO TKOUBLB \TH' HE'D GONE ) WHO CARE0 I 1O TO SET / HE NEVER SiTS^ 1 IT [JACK! ^L IT BACK.? . 'A'' "' "* c«»« I*H tr jijAj FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS CHRIS WELKIN, Plonetcer 1 WNEAee ! t'f^ m |y Mlehoel O'M^INy YEAH/ NO WHICKIE M n\A/ DEATH / OR DATeS •' DEATH/ FOR THAT SH AN 'T HEAP TH&fZ FIRM ' THBlfZ THEV CAH'r FR&6HTBR CBAZH.. AT LEASf LIVERWORT I OUR. ONg REMAIMIN6 BEACON I |«*i/f STIIL KEEPS A UGWr I OF FRIENDSHIP—LETfe HAVE I !*»», BORNING FOR. US/ A MAN-^>-MAN CQNFLAB 'm$m%;$P%

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