Macon Chronicle-Herald from Macon, Missouri on December 6, 1990 · Page 3
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Macon Chronicle-Herald from Macon, Missouri · Page 3

Macon, Missouri
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Thursday, December 6, 1990
Page 3
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Suspect In Murder Of St. Joseph Women Has A Violent History ST. JOSEPH, Me. (AP) - A man charged with bludgeoning two women to death and burying the bodies hat long history of abuaa against woman and acquaintances, police aaid. Marvin Irvin, 41, it charged in Buchanan County with killing Crystal Lynn St m mom, 33, and Patricia Diana Roae, 31, both of St. Joseph. Thair bodies wara unaarthad in a farm fltld in rural KAiuaa. Irvin served tima in prison for attacking a girlfriend in Iowa and onca waa arrested for having ae with a 15 year-old girl in Kamna. Record also ahow ha fathered at least thraa children out of wed-lock, waa sued twica for child up-port and had at lrnt three wives, according to Tha Kanaaa City Star. Irvin also ia a auapact in tha unsolved 1979 disappearance of Micki Jo Went, 19, a fnand of ona of Irvin'a first wivat. Ha hot not bran charged in tha West cata. Ilr body hn never been found. Irvin plended innocent to tha murdera and hna denied involvement in West's disappearance. Hn Inwyer won't discuss tha case and Irvin'a father, Walter Irvin, a church deacon, declined to be interviewed. But a brother, Doyle Irvin, contend Irvin wna aet up. In 1970, Irvin wna accepted aa a St. Joseph police ofTicer. But within month he resigned. Police will any only thnt hia resignation wn a personnel motter. In April 1974, he wn accused of picking up a 15-yenr-old girl at a drugstore in St. Joseph, driving her to Kansas and having sex with her. Prosecutors dropped charges when the girl declined to testify. Another woman, Ruth West, said she met Irvin in 1974, and at nge 15 had a baby by him. She said the relationship was abusive from the start. "He'd cry and show all this remorse," West snid. "And the next week he'd do the same thing Cigarette Smoke Causes Lung Cancer In Nonsmokers, EPA Panel Says By PAUL RAEBURN AP Science Editor ARLINGTON, Va. (AP) An Environmental Protection Agency committee concludes thnt cigarette smoke causes cancer in nonsmokers and may be an important cause of bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma in children. The effect of passive smoking on children "might have a grenter public health impact than the increase in cancer," Morton Lipp-mnnn of New York University, chairman of the advisory panel, said Wednesday. The Coalition on Smoking or Health immediately embraced the panel's conclusions. "The committee action is a big win for the American people," said Fran Du Melle, head of the coalition and deputy director of the American Lung Association's Washington office. "Given what we know about smoking and lung cancer, there "Misery" Star Dug Up Some Creepy Company ' LOS ANGELES (AP) - "Misery" star Kathy Bates dug up some pretty creepy company to prepare for her role as a psychotic nurse in director Rob Reiner's latest film. Miss Bates said she read about some psychotics before taking on the role of Annie Wilkes, an obsessive nurse who keeps her idol, a romance novelist played by James .Caan, a prisoner in her mountain cabin. "It was to help me understand 'intellectually what was happening to her, and you hope that it 'trickles down to the viscera," she said. Her subjects included a Texas Viurse accused of killing babies nnd serial killer Ted Bundy. But Miss Bates said there was another reason for her studies: a fascination with people who go over the edge. "I think we all want to know why," she said. "We want to know Why people commit heinous primes. We want to know why they commit suicide. Everything we don't understand about ... you know, There but for the grace of God go I.' : "So, just in case it happens, youll recognize it!" again.' In aarly 1979, Ruth led for Call-fomia to And work, along with bar brothar, Calvin Wast, and hia wife, Micki Jo Watt. Irvin followed Ruth to tha coast and in March they wart married in Ventura, Calif. In aarly aummer, they returned to St. Joaeph, where tha marriage flopped. By August, aha fed, after complaining to friends that Irvin beat her. Sha and her 4 year-old aon secretly took a room at tha Pony Express Motal in El wood, Kan. Sha aaid aha told only her mother, a aisur, tha couple who drove her to tha motel and Micki Jo West. "He'd cry and show all this remorse. And the next week he'd do the seme thing again." -Ruth West Irvin found her on Sept. 11, 1979. Breaking into her motel room, Irvin and two buddies forced the screaming woman and her aon into o car, witnesses and police reports say, and drove them back to St Joseph. Earlier thnt morning, Micki Jo West had started from her mother's house to catch the bus to her state hospital job in St. Joseph. She never arrived. Police have aince looked for a link between the two event. "I believe tha way he (Irvin) found out where I was, he found it out from Micki. I always believed that," Ruth West said. Micki Jo West had complained to her mother and to her sister-in-law Ruth West that Irvin was fol-lowing her. Once, said Micki Jo's mother, Burnita Wolfing, Irvin had come to their house demanding to know where Ruth was. Wolfing gave her daughter a hammer to put in her purse. "The night before Micki Jo dis should be no question that passive smoking can cause lung cancer in innocent bystanders," Du Melle said in a statement. The coalition is made up of the American Lung Association, the American Heart Association ond the American Cancer Society. The EPA panel's acceptance of findings thnt had been reached in a draft report on passive smoking assures that those conclusions will survive in the finnl version of the report, agency officials said. The report will likely prompt the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to take steps toward possible adoption of restrictions on smoking in the workplace, said Roy CI n son Jr., OSHA's policy director. "The findings of this report are very important in the future direction OSHA will take," he snid. OSHA has been planning for some time to establish rules on indoor nir quality "in which we would place a very high emphasis on the issue of smoking," Clnson said. The draft EPA report was released on June 25. It concluded that tobacco smoke should be designated a class A carcinogen a known cause of human cancer. It also estimated that passive smoking kills 3,700 Americans each year. And it found a link between passive smoking and increased incidence of bronchitis, pneumonia, wheezing and middle ear disease in children. The report concluded that the children of women who smoke also have impaired lung growth and development. The tobacco industry criticized the report's conclusions and the panel's deliberations. Brennan Dawson, a spokeswoman for the Tobacco Institute, said the human evidence did not support the classification of tobacco smoke as a class A carcinogen. She said she expected that "anti-smokers will continue to use the document in its draft form to push for restrictions" on smoking. The expert panel accepted the draft report's conclusion that "environmental tobacco smoke," or ETS, causes lung cancer, Lipp- mann said. . We are persuaded that the evidence exists ... for considering appeared sha aaid aha waa arared to death," Wolfing aaid. Irvin was a suspect from tha start, but not a prima auepect until aeveral months had passed, police aaid. Polygraph testa wart given to Irvin but tha test results wara inconclusive, pollct aaid. In October 1979, Ruth filed for divorce after, aha aaid, Irvin chased her on foot ona day through 8L Joaeph. Sha aaid aha waa "arared ha waa going to kill ma. But no ona arrested him." A abort tima latar, Irvin moved to Amet, Iowa, with another woman. Ha worked for tha railroad aa a track walker. But that marriage foundered, and in 1988, ha assaulted a new girlfriend ha was living with in Iowa. On March 30, 1988, Janet Huegerich complained that Irvin pulled a gun and atartad firing bullet over her head. Ha then led 20 officers on a car chase through thraa counties. Though Irvin pleaded guilty to two weapons violations and eluding officers, ha was aet free and given five years probation in August 1988. In May 1989, ha beot Huegerich up at a convenience store near Des Moines, Iowa. He was sent to prison for violating his probation but ha served less than aix monthe. He returned to St. Joseph around May 1990. Bock in Missouri, he married a woman who wns onca named as a witness in a paternity suit against him. By November, Irvin was charged with two counts of first-degree murder. "I swore thnt I would stay on this case and close it before I retire," aaid Detective Jim Wright, one of the first investigotors in the West case. "I'm not glad it coma to a head this way. More people are killed and Micki Jo West is still missing. But 111 say this. I'm glad they got the son of a gun." thnt ETS does cause lung cancer in nonsmokers," he snid. But the panel raised questions about the report's estimate of 3,700 coses per year. Lippmonn said that number would probably change by the time the report is revised in accordance with the panel's recommendations. He said he did not know whether the estimate would increase or decrease. Robert Axelrnd, director of the EPA's indoor nir division, said the panel's comments had been useful. "These are all well-known and respected scientists. Their criticism will ultimately result in a stronger nnd better document," he said. Most Students Back In Class As Earthquake Scare Subsides ST. LOUIS (AP) With time run out on Iben Browning's projected earthquake danger period, most students and teachers in the Midwest's New Madrid Fault region have returned to class after a two-day quake break. School officials were having no second thoughts about their decisions to call off school because of the quake scare. They said many parents would have kept their children at home anyway, and that would have harmed their daily attendance averages, on which state funding is based. Some school districts that did not cancel classes reported absentee rates as high as 50 percent Monday. "Financially, school districts in southeast Missouri could not have survived the absentee rate," Robert Buchanan, superintendent of schools in Sikeston, Mo., said Wednesday. "And educationally you're not going to do anything educationally worthwhile." Browning, a business consultant from Tijares, N.M., had said there was a 50-50 chance for a major quake along the fault and several other regions around the world on Monday, plus or minus 48 hours. He based his projection on unusually high tidal forces, which he claimed triggered earthquakes. But even though earthquake experts around the country Blood test detects cancer cells Ity Trier II. Call, Mil DEAR DR. GOTT In addition to a physical examination and pelvic sonogram (or ih early detection of ovar-tan cancer, a blood test railed CA 121 was recommended lo me. What is this let!, and what it II looking (or? DEAR READER. Cancer cells commonly thed antigens or protein markers from Iheir surfaces, These markers, which can be measured in the bloodstream, indicate the presence of malignant cells. Such markers include carcinoembryonic antigens, alpha fetoprotein and ovarian carcinoma antigens (CA 12 J). Your dorlof has suggested periodic blood tests, in conjunction with more traditional methods of cancer detection, lo determine the presence or absence of ovarian malignancy in your body. Because the CA 12) tcl is safe and may give important information, I urge you lo follow your doctor's advice. DKAR DR GOTT At the age of II. I began to suffer persistent romlipa-lion that would end with a migraine New Cambria Community News BY DEBBIE SHOEMAKER Mr. and Mrs. Chester Wiggins had as their Thanksgiving Day guests: Mr. and Mrs. B.I I. Kucker and Sarah of Jefferson City, John Rucker, Mr. and Mra. William (Butch) Putnam and Sally Jo Wiggins of Columbia, Mr. and Mra. Russell Putnam of Callao, Mr. and Mrs. David Wiggins and Caleb, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wiggins and Dr. and Mra. Larry Wiggins of Memphis, Beth Wiggins of Peoria, III., Dr. and Mra. Andrew Zepp, Scott and Jimmia of St. Charles, Marvin Wiggins of Macon, MR. and Mra. Gary Wiggins, Terra, Ryan and Shawen of New Cambria. Other visitors were Donave Still of Macon, Rev., and Mrs. Hubert Hillsman of Merridnn, Miss., Mr. and Mrs. Perry Wiggins of Marre- Bevier Community News BY ALT A MVRSIIAI.I. CHURCH NEWS The Women's Fellowship of the United Church met on Friday, Nov. 16, at the home of Mrs. Helen Slighton. Mary Coulson presided over the meeting. Seven members were in attendance. Elizabeth Dwiggins gave the devotions. Fifty-two cards have bean cent, and eight more have been made. The Key Woman, Elizabeth Dwiggins, read an article about the Pilgrim Fathers. Mary Evans gave a program about Eve, the first womnn mentioned in the Bible. During the social hour, refreshments were served by the hostess. The next meeting will be Friday, Dec. 14, at the home of Opal Chnsteen. A gift exchange will be held nnd all members will participate in the program. After the meeting will be a luncheon nt the Gaslight at 12:30 p.m. SCHOOL LUNCH MENU The Bevier School lunch menu for the week of Dec. 10-14 is as follows: Monday-Burritos, raw veggies, applesauce, five-layer bar. Tuesday-Hamburger, french fries, spinach, five-cup salad. Wednesday-Spaghetti, lettuce, cottage cheese, pineapple, hot scoffed at his theory, school officials throughout southeast Missouri and parts of Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana canceled classes. While most students got only Monday and Tuesday off, children in Kennett, Mo., had an extra free day Friday. And the 401 students in the Scott County (Mo.) Central School District were still out Wednesday. "When we made our decision, we were looking at that 48-hour window, and we had a lot of parents who were concerned," Scott County Superintendent W. Ray Shoaf said. "When you're going to have problems with your attendance, you might as well not have school." Dick Hilburn, assistant superintendent of schools in Kennett, said there seemed to be no concerns about quakes Wednesday, even though Browning's projection was still in effect. "If there are, I can't tell it," he said. "From what I can tell, things are going about like normal. Attendance is almost normal at the high school, which I think is a pretty good gauge." Several school officials blamed the media for creating the earthquake scare. "I think they got snowed," said Jim Mauk, business manager for the New Madrid County schools. Page 3 Chronlcl headache and nausea Mucus has been present in my stool before- the headaches but is barely visible afterward. The headaches have continued lo occur every four or five months. Over Ih past 10 years. I've been lo three proctologists, and each recommends a high fiber diet, more water and bulk laxatives. X-rayi have all been negative. Is there a reason for the constipation, migraines, nausea and abnormal life I lead? DKAR ItKADKR I cannot think of a reason why constipation would (rigger a migraine headache and nausea However, Ihe basis of migraine is not understood, therefore, I accept your explanation of a raue-and effect relation, although such a relation would be unusual. I think you could be helped by uing a stool softenerlaxative combination, such as Pen Otlare. Two capsules at night should prevent conili-pat inn and enable you lo have a normal evacuation without the need for bulking agents and mere laxatives (which can rauv diarrhea or abdominal bloating). Ask your doctor about lina, and Mr. and Mra. Bobby Still, Eric and Devin of Anobel. Dean and Christina Riser of Arcadia, Okla., and Don and Mildred lYent of Indinnnpolis, Ind., spent Thanksgiving weekend with their parents, Mr. and Mra. Icel Kiser. Jerry and Loia Wood, Penny, Scott and Jerod of New Cambria were visitors. Mrs. John Davis and her mother nnd aunt visiud Mr. and Mrs. Owen Bevan on November 26 to help Owen celebrate his 90th birthday. Ice cream and cake were served. He received aeveral birthday cards, all wishing him many more birthdays. Pat and Buddy Walters visited bread. Thursday-Turkey and noodles, green beans, orange, brownie, hot bread. Friday-Vegetable soup, peanut butter sandwiches, pears, butterscotch bar. Norma Falkiner called Sunday morning on Alta Marshall and Josephine Schuknecht. Elsie Eddy of Kirksville visited Sunday with her mother, Josephine Zuccnrini. Afternoon callers were Junior nnd Deloris Zuccnrini, Dorothy Baty, Brunn Biondi, Dinn Cerva, nnd Eliznbeth Amedei. Sarah Harrison of Shelbina wns the Sunday dinner guest of her mother, Bertie Harris. Kyle Swift entered KOMC in Kirksville last Thursday. He had hip surgery on Friday morning. He would receive cards if sent to his home in Bevier. Jim Cerva of Macon visited Sunday with his mother, Dina Cerva. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Amedei of Macon called on his mother, Elizabeth Amedei, on Sunday morning. Alta Marshall and Josephine Schuknecht were Macon callers on Friday afternoon. NOTICE 0F PUBLIC. HEARJN FOR A PROPOSED GENERAL PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION PROJECT FOR THE CITY OF MACON, MISSOURI Notice is hereby given that a public hearing will be held by and at Ihe Macon Chamber of Commerce on November 26 at 1:00 -p.m. for the purpose of considering a project for which linancial assistance is being sought from the Missouri Highway 4 Transportation Department, pursuant to the surface transportation assistance act of 1978. for the following purpose: 1. No acquisition of new equipment 2. There will be no items purchased. 3. Request financial assistance in an amount necessary to administer the city's public transportation system. 4. Request financial assistance and amount necessary to complete the lunding to operate the city's public transit system. 5. The location of the project will be 412 vine Street to serve the City ol Macon, Mo. , ... 6. Total estimated costs of the project will be $13,012.00. Federal funds equal $6,506.00. Local funds equal $6,506.00. 7. The souice of the local match will be from the general fund of the Macon Chamber of Commerce, Macon, Mo. 8. Under the project there's no relocation of persons, families, or businesses contemplated. 9. No change in environment projected under this project 10. This project is in compliance with the regional public transportation P,a" 11. The project is currently under review by the state and regional A-95 clearinghouse. 12. At the hearing, the Macon Chamber of Commerce, Macon, Mo. will afford an opportunity for interested persons or agencies to be heard with respect to the social, economic, and environmental aspects of the project Interested persons may submit orally or in writing evidence and recommendations with respect to said project. If no person(s) request to give either oral or written evidence and recommendations 3 days prior to the public hearing, the applicant is not required to actually hold the public hearing. Further information may be obtained by contacting the office of the Macon Chamber of Commerce Executive Director. Crystal Lyda at 412 Vine St.. Macon. Mo. 63552 or by telephone (8 1 6) 385-28 11. - Hald Thurtdty, Dcnb I, ItM this Alto, vou micht wish lo try medi cine to prevent migraine headaches I dote nrooranolol (Inderal. I beta blocker) is often used for this purpoe. Again, ask your doctor s advice. To give you more information. I am sending you iree copies oi my iieann Iteporu -lonsumer lips on weai-cine and Headaches Other readers who would like copies should send II Jl with their names and addrews for each report lo I'd liox 91369. Cleveland. Oil 44101-3369. lie sure lo mention Iheliltas) DR. GOTT recently with Mr. and Mra. Owen Bevan. Mr. and Mra. Dale Wooldndge of Bynumville visited Thursday with Harold Hinkle and Edna Houghton. MACON COUNTY RIV SCHOOL NEWS Macon County R-IV encourages the continuous professional growth and development of all their teachera. Thia year the school has joined a group of their northeast Missouri schools to provide seminars on current topics of importance to educators. On Thursday, Nov. 29, the seminar was held in Centralia. The topic was "Ways to Help Students with Study Skills." Such skills as listening, following directions, nnd using and taking notes were practiced. The practice activities were helpful and many planned to use them the next day. The next two seminars will be held on Jan. 17 and March 13. Interesting evidence of learning can be seen in the halls of the school. There is a display showing the energy cycle of plants and animals. An Egyptian type mummy case is in one corner and several examples of good essays and art work are on the walls. DECEMBER CALENDAR Dec. 4--Senior High basketball game at Green City, 6:30 Dec. 7-Sr. High basketball game against Bevier-Home-6:30 Dec. 11-Sr. High basketball game against North Western-Home-5:30 Dec. 14--Sr. High basketball nt Keytsville-6:30 Dec. 17--Sr. High basketball against Brunswick-Home-5:30 Dec. 18--Christmas program Kindergarten through 12th grade Dec. 20--Sr. High basketball game at Madison-6:30 Dec. 21-School will dismiss at 1 for Christmas break Dec. 217-12 grade Christmas Dance 8-11 p.m. Dec. 24-Jan. 1-Christmas Break GILLELAND & McELWAIN FUNERAL HOME 816-226-5312 New Cambria -Since 1898- (SBSSSaSlSBSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSMSSSSa" .fX J PETER

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