Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 13, 1952 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 13, 1952
Page 7
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will twv« l* County Medlfnl Aiix will mwt Tucudny morn ing, at thir home flf Me*. ,ft«f , t<n«*y, m«r It J Pfllnley I»TA will mont fn PnMley rftdftt auditorium an WwlnCiKlay, If, flt 3 o'clock, J*TA will meet oft ptomlKT 17, at 3 p.m, school, The px<tfiu»!v« (Jomrnlttop of th* PTA will Hncet nt 8?I(J «t the nchool. f(r«t moling of th* ttftufit- Wood WA will Iw held UortfHMiday , Sttitetnber 17. fit 3 p.fti. In (h«? ftfhoul mtdliorlnm, Olrls AuxflUry Coronation Bftrvlen to B« -Hsld A Coronation S#rvieb for 0. A. will bo hold nl the ririt flnptl»« Church, Ht 7::tf) p.m. Wc'dne*day, ficptombpr 17, '<'<i by Mm. Chan, F, Hnynor«on n«»Uted by Mm, ft. A, Whitlow nhrl Mru, Prnttklln JTort«?n, Ml8» nillye William*, ov 8(int«t, nnd WiiHt'r Smlioy, . Tito «lrlfj who liova sueooMfulty * UST TIMK TODAY P8ATUR6S — 2 off he lonipi! OhopUtr 0 of Barlnl •RAdar Men Prom thh Moon* Color Cartoon & MONDAY ^rw WHO LOVED AVIftl DOZEN" H6RE IS THE , tySSJI'iiiiVjfiak i on HNfARD ARNOLD, JEfTREt HUHTQ tRA! IXTRA! SOUTH .... i> Cartoon • IAST • BIG DOUBUE FIATURI • GENE AUTRY "SILVIR IftAm f M* On* *hi»fld With tfM thfttt fo«f 0to|^W ha4 lr)iNJ MckAttk Wn fl ior fl,ft«»v*ry tfttl each tWie Km ffm V*o*m hirtWTW the iwR well. On, III* final *fa*o« of tf* name Stone meed « round eftd behind Ifne blocking to glv« Itnpc »np*Ji0r tolly, Tho point woi kicked after » (t«m« Wdi over. JPot* the fJrit of the »en»on the wn» n trod one fend at time* nhowed oubttndlng play. Hop« imcrrt'ef^d fmtr fine foftek» in Arnold, Church well, Stun* .and Coffee nnrt th« reit of the line eftulU Ink* le«inn from the flnn work of -Guard Tommy Doyle, «*• peclnliy I'M bfocklhR. Stondmill for Stump* wtfro Ormand ond Culllnn In (ho bockffefd ond Hudgon* and fuller In the line. Hope made 17 fir«t down*, tt> BtBffipn' 0; yard* runhlng, Hofc« 330, Htfcrnjin 00; Mope pomed )y tlrtifn, completed one tor 44 yard* nrtd had two |nlerc*i>t«d. Stamp* throw 0, completed ohe for «l* yardii, Hops fumbled tht-ee tlmo*. recovered two; fitnmpn three oijd' rocovftrod ofir. Hopo drew fot» pdnaitle* for 30 yard* find Stump* Hot two for ten yards. 8 Members of Family Polio, One Dies MOHRILL, Neb. (Jfi — Mr. and MV«. Frank Roger* remained In virtual xecltjilon In their silent form home today /biu'dened with ovar thk'iloqtji of thPlr oldest VeryCosHy inTexos <ilP> — the Otiad»lu0b river, normally and ilny, pounded Hi wiy* th<» »ea in a mile- wide ' -3£ Production It Uldw Average flOCK (/»•> — Tolnl pro- duetten of Arknn*a» held crop* lhf« yf»l* t» exiwctrvl lo be 10 pier btlmt the iWt-M nveragfi. i p«tlma(<> was mode iodny of the Pwfcrnl Crop ft<*portin« WfrvhMS, which «oid Indicated pro- dUOttoff on Sept. 1 wn* 11 points thnn on Ati«. 1 tx«c;iusc of todttf, „ „ _ hut the wor*t rtf the Centrlt TeTtarj Ifnproved cotton, noybcnn, corn nnd flood wan pott. ""'"" olun« and of tlil s«n Marco* river Doit and anxjety their seven polio. children, ull stricken with • 1'My could hnnlly openk on they went to n funeral hornet last night to view the body of their dead aon, Robert Bugenn, 11, fiobiirt died Wednesday, lean than 24 hour* .after he had Joined his tl-yoor-old sUtor, Jnne«t, In the polio ward of n Sctitt«bltiff, Neb.. hospital. Prlvatp funoral services for rioljprt wnre to be held thin after noon. f pilled over, the broad itretoh rich farmfohd' wb*n th«5> Merged ftnd cr*«t*d four mlle§ north of here. Seven per HOPS drowned, in the high water or wefe killed In nccl- dniitu attributed to tort«ntl«l rain which turned a hatf dftzlrt f«x«.i river* and stream* Into rampaging doitrnyer*, Hundred* ot dl*plac*d mov«d back today Into ftruu and debris-littered homes and farmers ft turned to 74,000 acres of crop «pd pasture land first dsmoged by a record-breaking, multi » million dollaf drought dnd now by flood, Flood damage to the certtrnl Texas area wa* expected tft run JMo more "million*" of dollars, hut W. L. McOlll, director of the state disaster and civil defense office, sold today, "there still- Is no- telllgent way It f total' flood darn- nee) con be estimated/! ; The San Marcos and the duada- Jupe, two of the streams seht rbar- JDK out of thelMry banks by cloudburst* unofficially measured at up to 22,0 Inches In 24 hours, merged 110 miles from the sea, Tho two rivers roared to a common meotlng about 11 p. m. (EOT) lust nluht and crested at 34.3 feet at Oonxalos. Flood stage Is 28 feetr But by midnight the river dropped steadily . Water; was spread out' two miles over the lowlands at the San Mtircos and auardalupe Jurlctlon, In just wonderful" said tho '• 41-year-old father UH he haltingly told bow ''neighbor* and civic organizations had quietly tnuvod to help and to share flnun- clttl l^urdrh that hnu beon placed upon the income of his 120-uere farm and hit work as n parttlme Kb? fi'fftiJSecCs rcsulUns from local The service «nld Indicated crop* for this year, compared to 1051 production, are: Rlc« 0,223,000 100-pound bags two per eent Increase; soybeans 13,920,000 bushels, a record crop Mtceedint 1951 production by 12 per C*fit; corn 14,471,000 bushels, 23,31«,OM; cotton I.lflO.OOO bales 1,239,000; hay 88,000 tons 1,294000) apples 27,000 bushels, 51000; pea6he< 1,939.000 bushels, 50 per cent Increase; grapes 8,800 ton*, 10,800;' pecans three million pounds, 8,390,000; snap beans 5.300 tans, 7,800; processing tomatoes 13,200 tons 20,200. nnd the Guadatupe normally iibmit GO yards wide and only tWo feet deep before It flooded —rushed on toward Cue.ro, Tex,, a mile wide. < By LLOYD ARRAB S, Tex., (UP) —flood ci-i-sis of two swollen rivers bore down an 'their junction at Oonzal^s today while other sWollen streams flowly ebbed after killing seven persons nnd causing "millions" of dollars of damage in .central Texas. Itn told how Dr. E, E, Anderson of Lymnn, tho (umlly ttpctor, had stayed with Robert from tho time tl;a boy was honpltiillied until his death, o ml how the doctor has remained almost constantly with the bth«r Roirt»rs children since then 'irutii«r, obviously terrified, had not could «enrc«)y «)>enk, I)r. Aiulorson snld he had time to analyze the case his tories of the stricken family, but h« pointed out that they lived in a gpurnely settled area with few outride contact* and that the children had not yet started to school. Tho seven children In the hospi- DOROTHY DIX mot th* requirement* for the vur- louil Forward Step* of Olrls' Aux- lllory urc «« fullows: Queen regent, Jan Moses; Queen wUh-ac«ptcri J&cquo Wllltnmn. Murclu Howtlon, unit Mnry CUur- 16n« Norton'; <J\io«n, Mary J*un Spark*; Prlnceisos, Mary l»u and Huby 3u« CornelluH, Sherrio Hank* Uu, Suu Ann Smitli and Donna Sue Lttdie»-ln«w»ttln8, olio Futl«r, Mary Ann Hall. Carol Coop, and Putsy Burrouxhti MtiUV uni, Pe««y Itoblnson. anil Judy Beth Uavls. Oonzales County Sheriff L. 0. McOlnty predlet«4. however, t there would be "llttltt domng*' 1 wlifen thcf crests of the ruglng Blahco and Guadalupt' river's Joih at Oonzoles. N«lthcr homett nor person* are; throHtenwl by the San •. A^tonto river forecast center's prediction of n 33-foot crest, he sold, i Tho forecast center first predicted a crest of 33 feet; theh revised It to 30 fi-et, jind atJihUU tnornliiK todhy brouglii U ba«k up to ;ia f«H. It suld the rMi was nt 1B.3 feet nt mld-motnlrit; and woUId crest at' ihldhliht. Only four days ago Uie same' nrett was parcHina uljder a multl- mllllon-dollhr drouglit that de- itroyed thousands of aetes or crops. Boiling Clbola creek and tho Comal, Snri Marcos; and Pedftrria- los rivers, alon^ yjlth the Blanco nnd Qtmdulune, wete slowly re- cod ing after reaching record-bfeuk- Jn« creat« and fldddlrijf sortie" 7^.« OtX) ucies. "•;„ • Tho••rain's pelted a, wld* ot^d o' Texas from the t^ulf Coast to mile* Inland. It was unorflcJ measured In the Central T63tas aren nt 22,9 inches. But It stopped early today. Fiery Object in Skies Over Four States BALTIMORE — W~ A fiery object that streaked through tho night sky with a "gront greenish-white light" stirred "(lying snuccr" tnlk among residents of fmir stutes from Maryland to Tennessee last night. Weather Burenu observers here ?nw the object but made no official report of it. One observer, who wished to romnin anonymous, said It probably wns n meteor. The strenk of fire first wns reported over riiiltlrnorc shortly ter dusk, about fi p.m. EOT. In quick succession came reports from the west from Frederick, Iln- perstown and Cumberland, Md.. and Charleston, Wheeling nnd P;ir- kersburg, W. Va. Washington viewers flooded the Weather Bureau, Naval Observatory and even tho Pentagon there with calls. •No blips showed on Washington urea radar screens to record tho object's passing. Persons throughout Virginia saw what they variously described^ ns "a blK star," "n flying saucer" imd something "like a Chiming jet plpne." They said it ranged in color from pale yellow to greenish and reddish antl was noiseless, It moved from east to west. A ball of fire seen in the GI's Sweetheart Dear Miss Dlx: How can I the ache of my nweelhenri's de- piirturc for service? I am 20. and very much In love with a buy who went Into the Army lost week. This might seem silly, but since he has been gone I am really sick with worry over him, and miss him so much I cry every night, t don't wont to RO out or sec anyone, We have. been childhood sweethearts. I feel that he will not be able to marry as we planned. JUDY Answer: Your feelings arc quite natural since your sweetheart so recently went into service but, be a HSU red, as time goes on you'll become reconciled to his absence and the two years will pass quickly enough. Looking ahead they seem like an eternity, t know, but H really Isn't so long, 'rhe thing for you to do is find activity to fill the gap. You must, first of all, learn to have, faith in the well being of the boy - f nnd in the fuct that he will be home. Go to church regularly Hiid often — not just on Sunday. Drop in for n few minutes during tho day to pray for the boy. Read the Bible or your prayerbook and you'll find more consolation therein than a world of psychologists or psychiatrists could ever give. You must not give in to the morbid over Kingsport, Tenn., about the same time, set off a fruitless search for a wrecked plane. There were no reports of missing air craft, but Tennessee highway patrolmen, the Kingsport llfesaving crew and several ambulance: combed an area of about 15 square miles after an aerial object was reported to have struck the grount 'ftcr streaking across the sky. A spokesman at Trl-Cities Airport near Kingsport said the object had been identified as a meteor. Operations personnel at Andrews Air Force Base near Washington put a similar label on it. And Naval Observatory officials said reports they received made it sound to them "like a typical meteor." Reports of the size of the object rnnfted from "as big as a football" to "the size of a washtub." The Civil Aeronautics Administration said its tower -y men in Wheeling and Parkersburg saw the bright object and a pilot en route to Wheeling from the east reported sighting it in the vicinity of Front Foyal, Va. Persons in ' Southwest Virginia saw at least three flashing objects that wore described as meteors. get hi* miftled he her? He sayt mftrrtege woutdH be fair to we since he tfouldrt t her out of his heflrt,- ED^ Answer: Since the man ftnd ji wife were undoubtedly marn| fedr ttint your marriage will never j f or ., a 00 d mnny years. H wot ' ' " ...... Inke place. Thousands ot girls are for the return of their GI's preparing with hnppy anticipation for their wedding days. If you continue in your melancholy state, it Is bound to be evident In the letters you write the boy. Is that a nice way to treat a lad who has had to leave home and family for a strnhge, and not particularly comfortable, life? He deserves more than that. Cheer up f and let him see that you are not forsaking the world during his absence. ...... 1 Learn to forget your own troubles by alleviating those of other people. For this' 1 know- no' b«tter way; tMn to do volunteer work with the ; Red Cross, or a similar agency. Through them you will be aiding other servicemcii Instead'of moufnlng over just one. Hospitals desperately need volunteer help, too. If you have lots of spare time and want to put it to good use. how about taking u home eeonom ics course at your local YWCA or college? By doing something Inn gible about your forthcoming marriage, you'll lose the hopeless feeling that it will never occur. Share yourself with others, and you'll have no time for self-pity or needless apprehension. be expectinR the impossible to I stirne that he could ever for her Hove you forgotten your husband? If you want whole^ ted devotion from a recently owed man of 70, you will be dl illusioned. I don't thinU marrial is feasible under these cond»tio| Dear Miss Dlx: My problem! my mother. We go down to see rt in-laws twice a year and I am my folks' house almost every M However, when I tell my mottj that we are going to visit my band's people, she gets very and insinuates that I am under r husband's thumb. LETTYl Answer: Your mother is an reasonable, selfish woman — of I type found all too frequently. Y| have spoiled her by seeing too often, and doing toe much her. Cut down your visits and,| she sulks, leave her alone. Hcloascd By The Bell Syndico Inc. Dear Dorothy Dix: Five years a«o I lost my husband. I am now in my middle 50's, and have been seeing and writing to a widower whose wife died two years ago He is in his early 70's. He says he thinks a lot of me but cannot love me because he cannot for- HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8, Main & Country Club rd. SATURDAY Double Feature "BRANDED" PLUS 'Yukon Manhunt' SUNDAY--MONDAY "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine" Color by TECHNICOLOR Something New ... . Non Cancellable HOSPITAL INSURANCE 48 year old company. Good In hospitals anywhere M. S. BATES S. Elm Street Phone 7-44541 Farmers » Attention!!! We can fill all of your PAAA orders on seed, super phosphate,, and 50% potash. Just received new shipment of Seed Oats,' De Sotas and Ferguson 922. See Us Today Hempstead County Farmers Association 114 E. 3rd St. Phone 7-446S Woods..-*- Shuford Betrothal Told Mr- and Mrs. Lostor Woods of Poi'tuutivllle. Nfo., announce th« tmUutfvumnt of tlwlr . d«u|hter, Bora Mae. to Jtm«s Wlllittm Shu- foitl, son of Mr, und Mr«, Ululr Hhufoiit of thin ejty. ; > A wedding date has not been set. ' '• '. -;•-.' .'•.'. v ', Coming and Going MU» Patty M»iw«U left this tnorataf lor her new home In iiuuxion, Tweas, «ft»r « summer viatt with h«r grandmother, Mrs, OUle Muxwoll. Kva Oiivft recently vtsttwl the l.ntt« Whit* House at Warm Spying*, Oa., where President Fl-aiUtlU* P. Uoos«vtU Uv*tt part tlm* and wtitrt h« died' In IMS. Mr. ontl Mrs. l^oy Berry have r4tuw\«4 from Uoustw, Te^s, wh*r* th*y vitttMi totr son, DU- tor* Bwry owl Jwmlly, and ovher Iff. «nd Ufa 'H. It Tippitt onct , . te Or*tpm Ut*y yisited Mr. , ^ K, MswKtaney and family. ttotr r«tu^a tr^i they visited in and La* College Notes Conwoy County Ballots Checked MORniLTON (UP) — Ballots lii U»e Aug. 12 eleetton in Conway county have been Impounded and a Krund Jury will Wvestijote' alleged "Irregularities." Circuit Judge A\»dr*y Strait yes. terdiy ordered Uie" l»iUota'«ud tho list of mifilleiiUcfna fOB uUa«i)te* bal lets linpuviiided tti an eiettlon' ^uii tiled by Steve' Cohilus, d oumUdati for rcprowtftatlvej l ' : - against Iro Long, who won tht> election. A new list of grand Jurors was orx-ned and t»\ey; will Be', charged with Mestlgnttng the alleged election irregularities; The n*w Jurjt will rebatt on\ Oct, 6, Cbmbs, in his petition said n recount ot the "vote Would show that no received a total of 2.3M vot«* ttt 1;W tb'r ,tkw»<. tjong was o»rUi ««« the winner ijfter r e 8 u 114 showed: Uuig 3,580; "Cwnb*, JiSas. C^Vnft* olanned ttie Cww^s <Jo«n. ty mniocratic Central C cevtWled a total «( 44B votW oVer UU protest. He ed a recount and NATIONAL LAUNDRY-CLEANERS FORMERLY HOPE STEAM LAUNDRY Phone:7-2764 406 S. Walnut Hope, Ark. DAMP WASH Everything washed and returned, damp and ready to iron 5C Ib., Minimum Bundle 10 Ibs. 50C All over 10 Ibs.. . . 5c Ib. THRIFT WASH Flat work washed and ironed, wearing apparel damp, ready to iron 8c Ib., Minimum Bundle .. 10 Ibs. 80c All over 10 Ibs.. . 8c Ib. FLUFF DRY Flat work finished, wearing apparel fluff dried. 9C Ib., Minimum Bundle 10 Ibt. 90C DRY WASH Everything washed and returned dry, neatly folded 7cib., ., Minimum Bundle 10 Ibs. 70C t«l atlU dW not know today lhat thftir b«4h«r wa» d»»4. As sooh aa th» iwrtwts w«r« U>W Robert had dMi th*y quMciy «Mk U»t otheji children to Uw ho<»tt«l for e«am inntions w^hout tettiof tk»ni ttv4 sad tww4 - , v * -' The children w«r* pJHc^ In-the isolation war* M« ainc« ttrtd the parents hav« seen \h«m only - through t»»--*»re M'til* tion. only contfortinf Word the ricl«u cou»l« hms «a4 U « ho$i>iU» NtjuoM UW last ftifW Uxat S«V«A cWW«n «r« toprovtog evuu 5-year-old ^mM. wteo had !uy ttl. ' t J»ito struck all eltM o| Bow** «MMr*ft* ft to Ml * pi iir EACH BUNDLE Individually washed by it$«!f in our Milnor Washers FAMILY FINISH This is our deluxe service. Everything washed and beautifully ironed, ready to wear. Flat Work .... . 9c Ib. Wearing Apparel 28c Ib. Minimum Bundle.: $1.85 Have you heard about our new SANIIONE DRY CLEANING? Here's why our SanHone Service is different... Gets all the dirt, really removes spots, all prespiratfon stains and odors. S\ F ?W>'! By j. R. William* OUT OUR WAY By Michael O'Molfoy <»n Massachuseth Mix WELL, YOU ORD6R \ A TEACUP TO MATCH *> A SET AMP IT COMES IN A BALE OF HAV OK. PAPER.--ANP AFTER. TH' WIRES ARE CUT ITS TH 1 KIPJ5 JOB--AMP BCV WHAT A JOB WITHOUT A PITCHFORK/ BOVS USED TO STICK AROUNP WHEN VDU OPEMEt? A PACKAGE... NOW THEV RUN LIKE RABBITS-NOTICE THAT? HUNH?/I &XMP I WB »OT A TIP. TH^ff ORKIKJ PROW THE K A/9 OFRCB A PIARV | N HI& HOBlZONTAL 4 Provided with US A CUBVV TO V.WO KILLBt? VOH,YBJU*. -« M/V> - I Capital ol ' MassachusetU 7 Massachusetts is nicknamed the "Old State" 24 Posses} 43 Dry 25 Seed covering 44 Solitary ' 26 Unless (Latin)45 Color lightly 20 Group of eightZfl Kind of couch 48 Wings 17 Stage whisper 21 One to wnom 29 Blow wlth 48 Bcfores I 18 Flower • B°°d» are open hand 49 English queen 19 Mechanical committed in 30 Lampreys 50 Soothsayer trust 31 Charitable 51 Pastry gifts 53 Rot flax by their homes in..SETl Massachusetts 12Rlver , .Int. T. M. B.. ,g, 9. f M. Oil WASH TUBES 23 Conjunction MMountata nymphs 39 Herons > exposure 42 Run away to 54 Massachusetts LOOK, BILL „. I'M "VWEU,i I DID £UP OUT TO MEET TH' 'VB KMOWN t it WiaHT'UB 8BBM V00 27 Fondled 32 Hindu garment 33 Cravat 34011 (comb. form) 35 Girl's name V IMDeEO,«,lP VDU'RD R HELP / e^MG, EA5V. BUT JOE MW^i5...\E!CCBPr FOR^ LUCKY "* ....... ..... , T ANP PROFIT 5V ' Russian ruler . , . - , VOU *^^KE A MEW I MkJD THEY'D GOME-. I PIDN'T ' ' BREAKl ORMAVBBVOU'D * BUT YOU'VE GOT TO PLW 5fi?U/MJE WITH ME I WOW TELL MB THE TRUTH ^BOUT LAST MIGHT 1 . WHERE TILL I R6<\P IN ----- OMLV B6 FACIWS PRISOM LIK6 THE OrHER6l BELIEUE HE'6 PEAD; 36 WJngUke part • 37 Collapse : 38 Eased 40 Church part' ; 41 Lamelllrostral • birds "43 Sacrificial block ,'47 Slightest 52 Irrltator 54 Eye part 55 Natural ; 50 Opening device : 57 Hate ; 58 Arid region VERTICAL 1 Theda —-, silent screen star With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSE rSAD, 80Y6.' DEEDS, MOT VJORDS, ARE DE-MAMOED A MAM A6PIRIMS TO THfc s t MU6T DO ) SOMETHING FRAUGHT VITAL IMPORT TO MAO IDEA FOR A SADSET TO CRACK eOFT- gOILEO 66S5 AMD KJeeP-rHe OFF yojR DID tHAT 60 OUT BOurS AND HER BUDDItS t TURM MY TALE|viT6 TO I 2 Native metals ' 3 Half (prefix) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner BUGS BUNNY OU6T A» MINUTE/ I WANT TO . WEIGH THAT 9BTTUB9 IT/ FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger H-H8V/' WHW'S TH'IPBA? ALLEY OOP WHAT YOU DOlrJG Wn MY MACHINERY? WHY, NJOTHII WHERE 10 THE f IXX:,''CKPT I 6ENIE? WHATVE I SENT 'IM BACK YOU DONB TO fMfSv. HOME,' ; Let's see, you were asking for a raise when the phone •; -> interrupted I Did I fire you yet?" I'I-Y.'-/Xfe SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith "I developed a terrible headache last night—«y«ry, time |, drank one of the bosses prize concoctions I hit the ceiling!^' MJ .S. *kt-/- itf'A. \, CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS SHUFFLE SAU-Y/ "^UNTOUCHABLE'' I40W OIDTWW T. H. ** M. fc »rt. 9*. ' mon»y irttogrn* Unit

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