Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 12, 1952 · Page 19
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 19

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 12, 1952
Page 19
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MOM IfA*, MT9M, AftKANIAI Frldov, 12, CHURCH Hlfrt vVr0v« Ooipol Hour 8; 2.1-8:81 ' School A. Oilburl »| Worship ulsr todies Aim, " " " Fret, lltou Workers Aux. Kennedy Pr«». feschcru meeting Meotlna. ' Newt of the CHURCHES T. MAHK'8 EPIKJOPAI. Tfr# «»v. CMH« Ohimbtrt *M*tt »ln -Chart* UHh Sunday ««»r Trinity 8 B,m. Holy Communion FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH 1>;43 Sunday School. We have clftMei for all sgeti. Oliver Adams, Supt* „.«,,., 10'SO Morntns Womhlp. JnursdV 1 ' Or - "• K M " nt ' P««chtof. 0:3ft p.m, Church supper nnd n p.m C Y T', woling nt the Ivxecullvc Commit-, Thursday. ,>n. i 7:'«) p.m. Choir Prnctico. Of OHHIIT Street A. T. Oliver, Mlnleter 9;4S Bible Mud? 10:M Pretchlng 11:45 Communion 8:30 p.m. Young Peoplei Bible Study, 7:30 p.m. Evening wonhlp, Wednesday 7:30 Bible)Study A welcome twnits you at til net- vice*. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN Satt Stoond ttnst Rtv. L. T. L*wr«"io», Pastor to Sunday School. James H. Miller, Supt. Tho Men'* Bible Class will meet In the Parish House it 0:30 (or coffee and doughnut*. Teacher of lesson which will begin at 10 o'clock. 10: M Morning Worship, Sermon Subject "The Greatest Saying of the Now Testament" Special music will be by choir. 8 p.m, PYF. Meet In Parish House. Kvcnlng Worship 7:30 p.m. Subject "Dead End Street." Monday: 10 a.m. General meeting of the sVomon of the Church. 7 p.m. Choir Practice. 7:30 p.m. Hoard of Deacons Thursday p.m. Men of the Church meet- ?f'l» £*'A. S This Church Page Is Published Weekly With the Hope that More People Will Go to Church. onttt Pl»CKl That cry comet straight from evtry h««rt today, ' W* mutt hot low h»«rt, w« mutt continue -to believe In Qod and Hit |oed will for Hit world. W»r ii wrong) War it comrary to all the t«*ch< ln|i of Jtiut, Ood It no mor« nullified th»n w« aro with our war-torn t«th, Our Lord It the Prince of Patent Hit wnyi «r* the w»y» of truth •nd lov«, H« U colling u« to work with Him mor* faithfully and more . W« h*v» boen w»r-mtklng iniUud ol .TlAVt w« truittd that tomtbody «U« would m«k« P««c«? H»vt W* truit«d thai Kingi would bring *bouv (>«»«' Their wry poiUion m«k«t them war-m*k»t*. Our demand that thty bring proipority to th« people «t tht expom* of anoihtr U • war demand. Have \v« uuited armim to makt P««c«? Again we have erred, Their very bu«m»M U war- making! ffwy muit tubUu« other urmlti. H«v» wt «xp»«t«d «h»t economic U«utie« would make P«»c«? Again, the butiiteu of th« world U highly vomiwtitlvej tnve»ior» demand profit* from their money <uul their toil,., profit! that com* from economic victory, INTERNATIONAL CONFUCT CAN BB SOLVBD; WORLD PEACE MUST COME. Wow? CHRIST It our answer, and we muit answer to Christ. RELIGION: IS OUR HOPE; RELIGIOUS PEOPLE WHO FOLLOW THE GREAT TEACHER AND FRIEND AND SAVIOR WILL MAKE PEACE. The Crow U the symbol of Peace. SWORDS MUST GIVE'S WAY TO PLOUGHSHARES, AND SPEARS MUST BE REFASH-i IONED INTO PRUNINQ-HOOKS. What is that word you spoke yes-! tenlay? Did It make for Peace or for strife? When you finished the! buiinext trnntactlon, did you leave a friend on the other side of the! bargain? THE PRINCE OF PEACE IS NOT A RULER OF MEN, 1 , BUT A FRIEND AND A SUFFERING SERVANT. Are you and I willing to suffer in the cause of Peace? We have suffered enough for war.' Our boys want to live, and to live abundantly; to construct, not destroy; to love, not hate. Peace will cost us much; kind words, generous dealings, goodwill, helpfulness and patience and self-control. Do w« pray first for, our own success, or for Peace? God is the Peace-maker; Peace-makers are the children of God. Grace and Peace belong together; graciousness of spirit will go ahead of abiding Peace. Ant you AnJ I gracious toward vvvry other person? PEACE IS A MATTER OF SPIRIT AND OF SACRIFICIAL BEHAVIOR. We are being watched. Shall we make) sacrifice for Pence? Shall we forget the Crown and the Thorn? Shall w* carry a cross? Sponsored By Local Business Firms Who Believe We Should Attend J Religious Services Regularly. Bosket Co, Soenger & Rlolto Theatres William M. Duckcrt Brunor-lvory Handle Co. Citixent National Bonk W, Shonhouit Sons, Inc, The Greening Insurance Agency and Realty Co. Young Chevrolet Co. '* i-- Norman Moore QJUM ttrvio* J. C. Penney Co, Gunter Lumber Co, Owen's Dept. Stores "We Cloth* the Family for Lett" Gravdon Anthony Lumber Co. The First Notional Bank Crescent Drug Store E.J. Whitman Distributor Quit Refining Co. Product* J. C. Atchley & Co. Hope Manufacturing Co. Hope Sign ft Neon Service '.yt It+f* t '>'*'-' OARRKTf MEMORIAL North Ferguson «kf«»t tlb«rt O'«t««n, Psttof "Rock of Ages Broadcast" from church auditorium 0 to 0:30 Sunday School 10 a.m. Grady Hairston, Supt. 11 Morning Worship 7 p.m. B. T. S. Classes for all ages. 7:30 Evenins Message, .lessage by Pastor. Monday 2 p.m, Sr. Auxiliary meeting at he church, Mrs. Tefl Purtle, Pres- dent. 7:30 Little Brotherhood meeting. 4 p.m. Girls' Auxiliary in charge of Mrs. Ted Purtle Wednesday 7 p.m. Teacher's meeting In charge of Mrs. Grady Hairston. 7:30 Prayer meeting conducted by Mrs. Clifton Booth, Thursday 7:30 Jr. Auxiliary meeting, Miss Verln Allen, President. We welcome you to worship with us. A San Truman to Start Whistle Stops BY ERNEST B. VACCAftO WASHINGTON — Uft— Prcslden I Truman today set Sept. 21 as the I departure date for a "whiSfrhl stop" tour rivaling in intensity any'l single trip of his own successful f campaign of 1048. Seeking votes for Adlal Steven- Politics Blamed for Slaying ALICE, Tex., (UP) Antonio tavern owner known "El Tutko" has been charged with crsault to murder the son of a son n °w, Truman will make a South Texas political leader, who i° r P ubllc P° wer speech in North- was killed by mistake for his fath- western Montana Oct. 1 dedicating FIRST METHODIST CHURCH West 2nd at Pine V. D. Keelev. Pastor U:4!j a.m. Church School Mr. John. L. Wilson will tcoeh the lesson in 'the Century Bible ";ia.ss. 10:55 a.m. Morning Worship. 5:30 p.m. Senior MYF 6 p.m. Intermediate MYF. 7:30 p.m. Evening worship with sermon "What the Church can do Today." by Minister. Wednesday 7:30 Choir rehearsal. CHURCH OF CHRIST Fifth And Grady Robert G. Cook, Evangelist. Sunday 8:45 a.m. Bible Study 10:45 a.m. Sermon 11:40 Communion Service 0:30 p.m. Young peoples class. 7:30 Evening Worship Wednesday 2:30 p.m. Ladies Bible Class 7:30 Midweek Services. Come study the Bible with us. You arc always welcome here. er, District Attorney Hotncr Dean snld today. The charge was filed against Mario Sapnte, 40. Dean said another unidentified man had also been charged and others may be charged today. "One of the charges will iic changed to murder," Dean said. "With the civdencc we have in hr.nd right now, it is only a question of time until the murderer is arrested.". Dean said the second man charged has not been apprehended and both rangers and local officers were scouring this South Texas area for him. Officers believed young Floyd's murder had political implications and that his father, Jacob S. Floyd, Sr., a political leader and foe of George Parr, the "cluke" of Duval county, was the intended victim. Young Floyd disd yesterday in a hospital without regaining con* sciousness. Even as he was dying scores of Alice residents and long time friends of the family streamed into the hospital to pray for his recovery. Sapatc was arrested in San An tonio yesterday after walking into Lhe ranger headquarters and saying "I understand you're looking for me." The rangers were and they whisked him back to Alice where the charges were filed. Sapate had been reported in Alice for "about two weeks." Young Floyd was blasted by a gunman who t'ircd five times from heavy shrubbery a short distance CATHOLIC Third and Walker Sts. Father A. G. Ounleavy, Pastor 14th Sunday after Pentecost 8:00 a.m. Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Confessions heard before Mass ;uid at 7 p.m. Saturday. Monday 2 p.m. Meeting of the Altar Society at the Parish Hall. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday arc Ember days. Days of fast and abstinence. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH S. A. Whitlow, Pastor 0:30 Sunday School- It): 50 a.m. Morning Worship 6:45 Baptist Training Union. J. T. Bowden, Director. 7:45 Evening Worship with mes sage by pastor. Monday 11 a.m. Woman's Missionary Society. All Circles will meet at the church to observe the State Missions Week of Prayer program and offering. 12 noon Pot Luck Luncheon. 1:15 p.m. Program. 4 p.m. Sunbeams • 4 p.m. Girl's Auxiliary Wednesday . 7:30 Girls' Auxiliary Coronation Service. The public is invited to attend all services. The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-4474 Or bring item* to Mitt Turner •t Hlcka Funeral Home CHURCH OF ODD IN CHRIST Eld. L. C. Washington, Minister 10:15 Sunday School 12:15 Morning Worship C:SO p.m. Y. P. W. W. 8 p^m. Evening worship. CHURCH OF GOD Rev. L. C. Crossley, Pastor 0:45 a.m. Sunday School 11:00 a.m. Morning Worship 6.00 p.m. Y. P. W. W. 8 p.m. Evtnung Worship. CHURCH* OF GOD In CHRIST Eld. 0. N. Dennis, Pastor 0:45 a.m. Sunday School 11 a.m. Morning Worship t) p.m. Y. P. W, W. 8 p.m. Evening Worship BEEBEE MEMORIAL. C. M. B. Rev. T. J. Rhone, Pattor 0:46 a.m. Sunday school. U a.m. morning worship. 6:00 p. m Epworth League 8 p.m. Evening Worship MT. ZION CME CHURCH Rev. I, M. Manning, Pastor &:4S a.m. Sunday School U a.m. Moruing Worship 6 p.m. Epworth League. 8 p.m. Evening Worship RISINQ STAR BAPTIST Rev. W. M. Crby, Patter 9:43 ».m. Sunday school. 11 a.m. morning worship. 8:00 p. m- B. T. U. I) p.m. Evening Worship CONOKE BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. F. K. Powell. Patter 8:45 a.m. Sunday School 11 a.m. Moraine Warship. 6 p.m. BTU 8 p.m. Evening Worship BAPTIST - the Hungry Horse Dam. En route west, aides said, he I will lay down a barrage of rear I platform attacks on the GOP • at | every stop his special train in a kg during daylignt hours. From Montana, tentative plans I now call for a swing into Washington, Oregon and California. And I the President's talks will continue I on the way back cast. The tour is expected to run from 10 to 12 days. I The White House withheld any announcement of the President's I itinerary until the entire schedule | has been completed. Final dec- sions will have to be made by early next week in order to ghf Secret Service agents time to work I out protective measures every-1 where he visits. Truman talked over his plans I yesterday in an hour-long conference with Stephen A. Mitchell, the I Democratic national chairman! picked by Gov. Stevenson after he I received the party's presidential] nomination. Mitchell made it clear to reporters afterward that thei fleto co-ordination on campaigYil plans of the President and the! nominee and said the trips of both I were discussed at the White House] meeting. from the Floyd the "dum-dum" garage, bullets One of entered Floyd's head, the other shattered hi? right arm. Even as the shooting took place, the elder Floyd was on his way to u secret rendezvous with a "Latin American" who called Monday night and said that killers were after the father and would kill him in his garage within a day and a half. Both the elder Floyd and his wife were put under sedatives and under a doctor's care today. The boy's father told officers he received a telephone call from an acquaintance, whose name he said he swore to secrecy, warning of the murder plan and asking Floyd to meet him at a drive-in cafe, but not to drive his car. Jim Wells County Sheriff James Alsey Wright quoted Floyd as saying the tipster was a man of Latin- American descent who drove 00 miles-an-hour from Starr County to Alice to warn Floyd. Floyd said he asked his son to follow him later in the family automobile. The attorney found his son's body lying in a pool of blood in the garage driveway when he returned from the meeting. Jim Wells county, of which Alice is the county seat, adjoins Duval county, the so-called "Dukedora of Duval". George Parr, its "duke," now Duval county sheViff, Inherited the political empire from his father, the late state Sen. Archie Parr. The population is primarily persons Latin descent and its lopsided votes have been notorious in Texas for many years. It was primarily on the basis of Duval county returns in the 1048 senatorial election in Texas, which Sen. Lyndon Johnson won by 87 votes out of more than 1,000,000 case, that former Gov. Coke Stevenson based his bitter, unsuccessful fight to keep being seated. . Johnson from Youth Sentenced for Killing Uncle ANNAPOLIS, Md. (fl — John W. Chislcy, 23 year old race track cleanup boy, was sentenced yesterday to hang or killing his uncle in an argument over a pack of cigarettes. He was convicted of shooting Richard H. Contec, 41, in the stomach and again in the head last May in an argument over who owned a pack of cigarettes dropped on the street. 8 p.m. Evening Worship BETHEL A. M. *. CHURCH Rev, G. Paschal, Pastor 9:45 a. in. Sunday school. 11 a.m. Morning Worship 6 p.m. A. C. E. L. , 8 p.m. Evening Worship Mrs. Clester Randel is visiting her sister, Mrs. Frankie L. Alexander in Little Rock. Circle No. 3 of BeeBee Memorial CME church met at the home of Mrs. Birdie Noble on Tuesday Sept. 9, Refreshments were served to eight members. Ford Plan Means More Personnel LITT.LE ROCK Ml — Allolmentsl which 15 Arkansas educational in I stitutions will receive for addition-l al faculty personnel under thel Ford Foundation Teacher cducal tion plan were announced today. I The total, announced previously, I is $353,160. It is part of a grantl of $474,600 which the Foundation! made recently for start of the perimental plan, which involves anil "internship" for student teachers! in addition to several years of gen| eral college work. I The individual allotments were! approved by the project executive! committee and were announced by| the experiment director, Dr. C. M.I Clarke. Dr. Clarke said that) checks would be mailed soon tol the individual schools. He stressed! lily Scropbag [HAL. IOYLE YORK t* — Every time |t Royal Toner, the noted sea lr. be says: | all the offspring of two oys- flrVlved for five generations, make a mass as big as the earth — and then where be?" always makes me so uneasy it rush to the nearest res- int and swallow a half dozen |rs raw. If these little living factories tKink they can _up and crowd me out of my — well, 1 can live by the | of the fang, too. nla year, however, Toner, who lates 8,000 acres of underwater [(culture in Long Island Sound Delaware Bay, said 1 could ry about something else. The or is no longer a threat, the supply of oysters has been slim lately — much below,, al," said Toner, a big, boom{voiced man who is board chair-!' of the National Fisheries In|te, an organization of the na- BS leading commercial fishing ns. It's oil part of the balance of |re. The weather conditions at I time of spawning have been gu-tunato for the last few sca- — hot without a breath of he explained it, the baby |er is a free-swimming minia- tadpolc for a few days, then Is to the bottom and anchors Mail to an old piece of shell 4 rock. But if the sun is too hot the sea too calm, the tempera- rises, the oxygen level of the ler falls, and the little oyster- Jed a sprat — peels off and a result of bad weather and rfishing, the bivalve, far from a villainous menace to man- right now is fighting hard ' self-preservation. Ve've had only a 6 to 7 mil- bushel oyster crop the last years," said Toner. "Forty irs ago Maryland alone produce |t many, and oysters wore the 1 seafood crop. I'Now they have been passed by salmon, the cod, the halibut, tuna, and the shrimp. |'But don't sell the oyster short, isn't done. He's millions of ars old —you can find petri- |d oyster beds on top of the ty Mountains — and hasn't aangcd in all that time. He'll pme back." |An oyster has one advantage yer most living things in the pop- Dation struggle — he's embidex- (ous. "If he gets tired of being a male pie year, -he can turn into a fc- tiale the next season and enjoy he pleasure of laying eggs," Toner aid. "We don't know which they v ' • '' Hope 53D YEAR: VOL. 53 — NO. 285 IN*. C«nnlM«H4 Jen. IS. 1M» ARKANSAS: Moi with scattered »JmwM» fen* ctefshe»«fs this tftwft and Stmdayj cooler .fit Ml northwest portion lilt Siffld •„ Mia; MtUft MAPI, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY. SIMIMIIR 13,1952 J*«I«W **M i ArtH IttMM Jf *•»<•»•»»«•!... CINI. t MM. (MI** Mmh lit i*» — ),*4i LowM PRICE 5e FLOOD AFTERMATH — Damaged homes, washed out highway bridges and' a"t least five dead was the grim aftermath In the South-Central Texas floods which were subsiding early Friday. Johnston City was without electric power for two hours when the flooding Pedernales River washed out a bridge on the Marble Falls highway and swept away power lines. Army helicopter, arrow, dispatched to the scene, picked up the broken lines and transported them across the raging river to restore service to the.little community. — NEA Telephoto TaffHasWon a Nominee, Stevenson Says , AILBUQUEUQUE 1*1 —Oov. Ad- lal '.Stevenson finished his first carhpaiun drive through the West today with n sharp warning lo American' Communists, and another withering blast at his Republican f ()cs> The Democratic presidential candidate pledged that If he is eleptcd: '.'Federal agencies will deal stc*\ ly and mercilessly with all who would betrny their country." In. the same speech, delivered last night in Albuquerque, Sloven- son ripped into the Republicans on sovvrnl different counts. Ever since ho began this Western sweep, ho has been Insisting that th<>, GOP is badly split between the followers of Sen. Robert A. Taft of Ohio nnd Con. Dwlght Elsen- hower, the GOP nominee. Tho Now York conference between Taft and Eisenhower yesterday gave Stevenson another opportunity to taunt his opposition.' "It looks as though Sen. Taft lost the nomination but won the nominee," he said. He spoke with a straight face, and in tones as dry as the Western deserts. The crowd of 5,200 people, in a 5,000-scat high school auditorium, howled with laughter. Stevenson added, "The elephants put their two heads together for n peace treaty — they must have eaten crow." Broadcast to Originate at Liyestock Show A nationwide NBC broadcast wilt be originated hero during the Third District Livestock Show by Station KTBS of Shroveport, it WHS announced today by Bob Sliiv- ers, manager. The broadcast )S set for 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 24, and will feature Ja*k Timmons, KTBS farm director. Appearing on th* pfro- gram will bo Mr. Shivers nnd several other local persons. Unseasonable Warm Is the Forecast that the funds ar*c for employmew|B^E best, as no oyster ever com- of additional instructional person" nel made necessary by the newl plan and arc not for new faculty members for general college work.I The allocations: Arkansas A. &l M., Monticello, $22,900, Arkansas! A. M. & N., Pine Bluff $27000;! Arkansas Tech Russellville, $40, | 000; Arkansas State College, Jones-1 boro, $25,600; Arkansas State! Tains. People may think right now here are too few oysters. But an yster feels the other way: There Ilways liave been too. many peo- Be. Teachers, Conway, derson Teachers $35,000; Hen | Arkadelphia. $5C,000; Southern State Magnoli; $31,800; University of Arkansas^ Fayettevillo,' $40000; Arkansas College Batesville, $4,000; College of the Ozarks Clarksville, $8,000; Harding College, Searcy, $7,160; Hendrix College Conway $18000; John Brown University, S i 1 o a m Springs, $7,2QO; Ouachita College, Arkadelphia, $21,500; Philander and Smith College Little Rock, $15,000. Woods Exonerated in Indian Road Deal LITTLE ROCK Iff)—Henry Woods, I Gov. McMath's executive secretary rongMqn ets His Freedom Bobcats Score Twice in Last Period to Win A fine team of Stamps'"• Yellow- jackets faded in the final quarter LITTLE ROCK (/P) — The Rail- vcy Express Agency, and Missouri Pacific Railroad ' wills continue serving 35 Arkansas cities under a ;cmporary order issued by the Public Service Commission. Closing the first phase on its hearings of Railways Express' request to drop its service to the towns,; the P.SC issued the order herei~lnst night.**nd*4h«^~obeats4'yeBta«lay binding both>thd>'express EASTON, Pa. A switch in shoved across 13 points for a 26-13 victory before a large opening night crowd. The score did not tell the story of the game. The visitors dominated, play all of the first quarter and a good part of the second. But before the half ended Hope Stamps line to ran out before lothes, a switch in prison cells nd a switch in jail guards result- d in the wrong man getting his reedbme from Northampton Coun y prison here/ Here's the story as Warden E. C. ckenback tells it: State police arrested Lewis Ro- |ico, 10, of Detroit, his wife, Irene ;8, and a friend. Robert Van Valen, 1, Scranton, Pa. in nearby Port- nd Tuesday on charges of steal. _.g $30 from a gas station cash and campaign manager, was ex- Brawer while the attendant filled Rail Express Told to Continue Seryice onerated yesterday of any responsibility m the Indian Bay Road fraud 'case by Circuit Judge Guy Amsler. Atty. Gen. Ike Murry filed a suit against Woods and heir car with gasoline. After a hearing Justice of the Peace Clifford Sebring said he'd free the trio if tra gas station they and reimbursed paid court _, . . ---. —_.uS,ts. However, he added that Ro- Commissioner -Charles Adams of § ico would have to remain in cus Hughes seeking to recover for the state $2,961 raised by Monroe County citizens for work on the Indian Bay road. ' Witnesses at the Highway Audit Commission hearings testified that the money went to Gov. McMath's campaign fund, of which Woods was manager, • Adams deposited $2,062 with the court registry and a Circuit Court Jury found that the money belong-' ed to the state. Witnesses said the money, delivered by check to Adams, had been placed in the campaign fund by former Highway Director J. C. Baker. Judge Amsler ruled that "there is no proof that Woods had any prior knowledge of the transaction." He dismissed the secretary as a party to the action. The Kings of Harmony will stage a program at BeeBee Memorial CME Church Sunday night, Sept. li. Sponsored by Mrs. J. T. Rhone. r. R. at, Sundix ^i-_*™^5f Elmo Walker of Chicago U visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Walker. The Rev. C. V. Dixon of Prescott was the house guest of Mrs. Mftttie Sawders September 10. on Wednesday, There will be * ttsji try in th* ol Bulldozer Driver Faces Hit*Run DENVER —<JV- A Denver bull, dozer operator tangled with a bridge guard rail Wednesday and ended up charged with a hit-run accident, reckless and careles driving, destruction of city proper ty and failure to report an accident. According to police, Qeln W. Bennett, 36, was clanking the machine down a street at about 15 miles an, hour, attempted to make a onto the bridge and ripped feet of railing. Police Capt. Roy Floyd happened, to witness the crash. He said Bennett backed the machine off tbe bridge and Left. Floyd followed issued tiie multiply nett «g& it, dy because he was reported VWOL from the Lackland (Tex.) Vir Froce Base. The $30 and costs were paid Wednesday night and Van Valen nd Mrs. Rosico were released. Last night, 24 hours later, the warden disclosed that the two men aad changed clothes and switched ggjls shortly after they were placed the jail Wednesday afternoon, tie cell doors are not locked until evening. Guards, who came on in lie evening, did not know the dentity of the two men except as which cell each was in. Van Valen is being held without bail on a charge of aiding and abetting a prison break. ^j- [Mysterious Blast "lakes Shreveport SHREVEPORT, La.,.gRr-A thun- Ider-like clap rocked homes and rat"ed windows and dishes in the Ifputheastern section <jf •> Shreveport ut no injuries or damage were reported. The Shreveport Times said lujn- phone calls were received to the blast last night none of them reported injuries. ^Police and fire department crews the city but found no evi- of an explosion, beard and by residents in an area about by three miles near the center was tearing the pieces and time they could score, the half, ending 0 all. From the half it was Hope's game with only a couple of mis cues slowing them down. Stamps didn't waste too much time scoring following an interccp tion of a Bobcat jump pass tha surely must have been tipped off It was Kenneth Cullins who inter ccpted deep in Hope territory and in a couple of plays be skirted his own right end for 17 yards and a touchdown without a Hope man laying a hand on him. Burke's try for the point was blocked. Hope tied it up in thu second period with Churchwell skirting end for the final 0 yards after sizeable runs by Stone and Arnold. Stone also failed to convert. Making it first appearance of the new season the Hope High School band performed at halftime. Going into the third period Hope topk the kickoff and Stone, Arnold and Churchwell made big end and tackle gains to the visitor's 0 where Arnold slipped through the guard for the tally and Stone boot ed the extra point making it li to 6. Stamps couldn't gain and wab firm and MoPac to their present services. PSC Commissioner Howard Gladden said there would be "no interruption of service pending a final disposition of this case." The express company wants to discontinue its servico to the 35 communities on the contention that Missouri Pacific would no longer handle express traffic in its trucks and freight trains, , The-railway argued that it would not serve points which did not have passenger service. Gladden said hearings would be resumed within the next 30 days. forced to punt and it looked like the Bobcats were on their way again but the alert visitors re covered a fumble — again deep in Hope territory. Cullins and Or mand smashed down to the Hope one where Cullins rammed across Burke converted and the score was tied, going into the final period. The final quarter belonged to Kenneth Stone who skirted lef end tqr 20 yards, was trapped a least three times, but manage to shake loose and put his team Continued on Page Two 'town. Michigan is toe only one of great LaJkes • • of the ^» TV-— wjjtfein the States appws^p^ Fire Hampers Kentucky Fair LOUISVILLE, Ky. <*>—The "big show" went on as scheduled today despite the fire which routed 3,000 spectators and did an estimated $80,000 damage to the state fan- grounds grandstand yesterday. There were no casualties. A late summer wind, fed the hungry sparks from a burning cig srette lodged between planks and the dry timbers of the 50-year-old structure, and caused the on-lookers of a free water carnival to scramble for safety. When the fire began, the State Fair Board was in session, discus- ting fireprooting plans foe tne new Minister Is Mastermind in Big Swindle AUBURN, Calif. UP) — A fantas- ,ic $23,000 swindle in which a Presbyterian minister played the part of a woman was told'by authorities icre today. Dis. Atty. Al B. Broyer said the Rev. William C, McCalmont, 35, admitted masterminding the bilking of Joseph and Amelia Lemos, operators of a fruit stand at Loomis, near here. Broyer said the pastor of the Roseville, Calif., Prcsbyte rian Church declared he had to have money to pay an unnamed woman who had been blackmailing him for three years. The district attorney said the story would be investigated. Held with the moderator of the Sacramento Presbytery was Harry Daniels, 42, Roseville yardmaster for the Southern Pacific Railroad and a captain in thu Placer County sheriff's aerial posse. Both men were charged with, grand theft. Their bail was set at $5,000. Officers were able to trace the money — which represented the Liemos' life savings — because it w_af "sugar coated." Mrs. Lemos once dried watersoaked bills on a cookie sheet; Banks watched for bills with sugar and flour particles on them. Broyer said the swindle took place Aug. 24 like this: After MqCalmont delivered his Sunday sermon, he and Daniels went to the Lemos' borne. The FarmersWant Full Parity, Says Brannan By WARREN ROGERS, JR. WASHINGTON W) — An Agriculture Department survey s h o w s most American farmers want full parity price supports for . : tncir. products, says Secretary Brannan, He issued a summary of findings in. a nation-wide survey his de- pa r'tmunt conducted a year ago. Of price supports, Brannan's sum. mary said: "Specific approval of the price support program constituted the central theme of the wide general approval. ... A heavy preponderance of-opinion favored. 100 per cent of parity supports, '• with relatively few suggestions for discontinuing price support." Parity is u standard for measuring farm prices, declared by law to be equally fair to farmers and to those who buy their products. The Survey — called the "Family Farm .Policy, Review" —kicked up controversy in agricultural cir clcs when it was made a year ago. The summary issued yesterday drew immediate fire from the powerful American Farm Bureau Federation. ' "It is significant to note," said the federation's statement, Powerful Allied Fleet to Maneuvers GOUnOCK, Scotland Iff) — A powerful fleet of Atlantic Treaty wnr- ships slipped out of the River Clyde today for action stations In the North Sea as the curtain wont up on "Exercise Mninbrace" 13..with , 160 f~ •*.«•" *. . • • '" • * •« *»%"^V-VM (-,»»»«•«» , *W hipir'of eight nations participating. American and British aircraft swept out over Scottish coastal svatcrs in the path of the NATO warships, searching for plunus and submarines of tho "enemy" Orange force. Thu Orange forces are supposed to have invaded North Norway. By United Dig out that summer suit. Tim September hot spolL was- turning into a rccoraJbroakoY today HI there was HtUo rel|b. In sight. Tho U. S, weather Bureau prc- dieted 00 degree weather tor most of the Eastern . twv thirds of thu country today and sold there will be little letup until next week. "Unseasonably wnrm," WHS the description one forecaster gave Dictate heat wave and tyli charts and maps backed up his statement. Several temperature records hnd already toppled in the September hcnt and others were threatened. The mercury spiralcd to 05.0 in Chicago, yesterday to sot a now all time high for Sept. 12. Thu previous high was 03.6 in 1030. U was the 16th day of over DO degree hcnt in the city this year — another new record. A 00 degree rending In Cleveland, O., set a now record for Sept, 12 and a forecaster in Columbus, 0., said the summer would probably go down as the hottest ot all Umo there. ' Columbus has already perspired through 16 day's in Which the mercury climbed over the 00 degree murk and two more such days aru expected. A blast of oven-hot air blow out ot the Southwestern states, across the Ohla'valley.- and intO-'Ncw York City.' The temperature in Munhat tan Just mlS8cd':(|0 degrees by one tenth of a degree, ahd the Weather Bureau said the host wua 13 degrees above normal. .Meanwhile a mass of cool air was creeping into the Dukotus, Minnesota and Nebraska. Planes Cai MOMMY' I'M LOSTEO-i- "Mommy I'm lotted: come »ntt n et me and bring olotheile," ttle ZW-year-old Cluudlt Waq- ner tells her mother over the phone from the desk sergeant's defsk In a Chicago police sta«' tlon. Claudia wat found walk* Ing the streets In the wee hours of the morning and was brought to the station until her parents coul be looated. — NBA Telephoto, Lewis 7 Policy Makers Meet on Monday WASHINGTON Polio y- makers of John L. Lewis' United Mine Workers moot in Washington Monday In tho shadow of a possible conl strike one week later. 1 Lewis Is now negotiating new contracts with both soft and hard coal producers. ; Th,o UMW hhq about 320.000 mombijrg V/p - coal: mfnoi*%J5«!0 ; "In : •y R0BBRT UtHCK SEOUL, Korea <tfl>) , ot U. S. planes defiantly <« the Korean war to the d ot both tho Soviet Union China todny. . Thlrty-flvo B-20 Sut>«rfori struck first with MO, t0*«,, molltlon bombs *t northwest roll's vital Sulho power plan rectly across tho Valu HvcifV Manchuria. They reported ' to excellent" result!. > , Then light navy attack' 1 from the U, S, Carriers Pr and Bon Hommo Richard ; Japan sea smashed at thq cast Korean supply centet •< oryona, wl.th(n« WgM.oJ tg* churiun border' and only! /«{!S west ot th« HoVtiit Siberia^ tier, '", if, x f Navy pilots eatt they de eight of the 30, bWtcki* tn center ot Hoeryonl and''d all tho rp^t, Tho United command' described Hoer tho southernmost, corner as tho 'WnneharlBh fwrde way from Russia," < . ,' Navy, planes, alto; bombed/ about 38 miles southeast -pj, B yong. Musan wua one of two targets in , another ' strike Sept. 1. ' Navy headquarters still leased no report of dam curred In tho strike on Mus what typo of targets n"uoV beei On Uiu,flfound,; South Kore funtrymcn battled their way „..._, top qf Flngqr .'Rldge on tho'ce trul front buvwera thrown off U crcut wHon, tiio Qpmmunists f " In overwhelming numbers of foroomonta, Veteran Chinese 5 fighting from deep holoa/dual the bombBcarrod ridoo. hnd for help after the ROKs tr tho hill and engaged thcnvin 1 to-hand combat "».''•- 5 On nearby Capitol „'__„-, South Romans twt\ortd' tofoM Chinese cOuntorattnV * •"'**-' and fifth "that the digest of the review has been held up and released during the height of a political campaign." The federation called the survey "grounded in politics." It contended the survey "will undoubtedly be used in an attempt to influence farm thinking in the current political campaign." Brannan and the Federation have long'been at odds over farm policy, including price support levels. The farm group favors: flexible supports, ranging from 75; per cent lo 00 per cent depending iipon supply. Brannan advocates support at full parity. The top limit now is 00 per cent. Brannan's summary was based on meetings held by the department in each of the more than 3,000 agricultural countids of the nation where farmers mept to discuss department programs. It said most reports gave general approval of present farm aid programs, policies and agencies. Many, it said, recommended, expansions in some of these. The department said more than 200,000 persons attended, the meeting. There are five million farm operators in this country, Roberts to Teach Presbyterian Class Franklin McClarty announced to The Blue commander's task Is to provide sea, air and land reinforcements for meeting the invasion and to stage an amphibious landing in Denmark. The maneuvers, which began officially at midnight, will bo waged over a sea area of half a million square miles. They will involve 85,000 men, including 40,000 U. S. sailors and Marines. Other nations taking part arc Britain, Canada, Belgium, France, Holland, Norway and Denmark.' The NATO blue .task force rading into the North Sea was ordered on the alert shortly after clearing port when an intelligence report warned that an Orange surface raider may be athwart its course. Texas, which was recently pelted by extremely heavy .rains and then swept by a devastating flood, dried out under the hot September sun. The mercury climbed to 100 at Presidio, Tex.—tho hottest spot In the nation., : The coolest spots in the state registered a warm 04. Cool weather blanketed Northern California and tho weatherman forecast "fair" weather for the weekend. Thp California Auto Association reported that the high Sierra passes which wore blanketed In deep snow Thursday huvo been cleared and no chains are now required on ears driving the route. 1" hard coal industry. The UMW's SOO-mombor Policy Committee was called to Us > Monday session by Lewis yesterday! Such meetings usually are hold to review negotiations and prepare for tho strike throat often used to win contract 'concessions from the Industry. ." . Both sides seemed to bo trying to'avoid another mino shutdown: Prices and thu dumnnd for coal ;0rc comparatively light and dealer? now have about an 05-day coul stockpile. Unless contracts are settled, Lewis could pull out his soft coal miners In Northern mines beginning Sept. 22 and In Southern soft coal mines and Pennsylvania anthracite pits on Oct. 1, Allies Have 2 Million Men, Russia WASI Department reported country's European huvo more th»n two million! Everybody Asked to Help Out on Goodwill Tour Chairman Syvellc Burke of the Retail Men-hunts Committee an. nouncod today that final details of the Goodwill Tour and other activities' concerning the Third District Livestock Show will be completed at the Monday morning breakfast. Every merchant is urged to bo present not only at Monday's break fast, but'every Monday morning at the Hotel Barlow. The cars and the persons for the Livestock Show and the Good* will tour arc lining up nicely and Chairman Herbert Burns urges ail who can make the trip to contact one of the committee members or the Chamber of Commerce office. The caravan will assemble at the coliseum Wednesday morning at 7:30. Be on time and dressed in your brightest Western regade. B&PW Hears About Influence of Newspapers The influence that newspapers have on the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Average Citizen, was stressed by the News Service Committee of the Hope Business and Profession al Women's Club, last night at the Hotel Barlow.. The different Kinds and types of news contained in your local newspapers presented to appeal to the different types and taste of most people. The "hard',' news, the editorials, the syndicated columns, the classified section, the society, the minister, using his experience in amateur theatricals, wore a wigj and women's clothes. The two told Mrs. Lernos they were federal agents and had learned she and her husband kept a large amount of money in their home. They told her they would keep the board so investigators coming the pext day would no find it. day that J. Roberts will teach the Men's Bible Class ol |he Preuby. terian Sunday School this Sunday. Mr. Roberts is an announcer at KXAR. Doughnuts and coffee will be served at 9:30 and tbe Class will begin at 10 a.m. Girl Scouts to Solicit Funds to Repair Home Hope's Girl Scouts are in need of funds with which to repair the "Little House" at Fair Park and to finance the organization's an advertisement! and. o| course the funnies ami cartoons, are selected by their worth to catch the eye and interest or the «rij«test number Q( people. Whit la read in our pa pers aidtf mo average citizen to form bis own opinion on wars, politics, murders 8n4 the price ol eggs. "We live under a government of men and morning newspapers." "Freedom of the Press. Urges All Union Members to Vote '•NEW YORK Ml — Preuident William Green of the American Federation of Labor has urged hln eight million AFL members to get out "the maximum vote for the Irjendu of labor in November, 1052." "Then and only then," ho says, "will wo gut the kind of chungo we need in this country, a change (fway from tho Taft-Hortley mentality which has dominated our national CpngrcBH." However, ho told the convention of the AFL International Chemical Workers -yciftcrday: "Wo cannot and do not undertake to toll our members 'how to Yot«, or to deliver their votes to any particular candidate. Nor la it necessary to do so, In. order to becure our political objectives. ''It they have the facts, so that they know who their Irlenda and enurnjetf are, I am conildent that they will vote for those candidates who will vote,for them when the showdown conies in Congress." under -arm? corhpared 1 with!) slu's four million, > , n. Tho flgurcu wore-cited'i page department*! report" to answer ipqulrfos from • and private citizens 1 ikboUd niadu in building Europe 1 • under the 3-yuar 1 old/North Treaty. i , Although Indicating «re)«i Jn the bttlinoo,,o< " tury power, tbitt elude othur f«rtyM*wl the overall- ( ' Not menU k-an »tren«th , under anno, the »rmed friendly m ugoBlHVla muttons, cr of lia, VugoBlH armies ot' Red China, ,,<V The report ibfou'n sian poasesfion •'' bomb as 'a viet power ing conviction that Russia ha though not Ifl America's assumed weapons The depression of yffl wa , be- The international area of Tangier in North Africa Ml on* of the few places in the worl4 where Ujer it * lieved by merchants o* that to have been unusually severe be cause ol the 1 ackoj organised any „.„,„..„.. _„,„, QSf^Ubierty da pends on the freedom of the press ttnd that cannot be limited with. famous of to out being ;ips,t." Ar* wte* iuu^tr«»tto« Jfte « preys, "•-.-• . • < •-'-•; Mies Frances Weisunberger and nual pay Camp. *4*# Jackie Wuiiam*, senior jour The Community Committee, is «fM*»J students of Mri. Lawrence headed by Mrs. Eddie WWtro»n ( l^^i'^^J?*!?^ will soon start a drive to get the necessary: money for the projects, Dwiug the past few years tbe "Little House" at Fair park been considerably damaged by several breaking and a* a result doors, windows, bedding and Bidt Rc-odvertiied for Motor Graders cen believe In mast ighway Commission l» „ iuus.»tner work is b*«Uy Resident* of Hope «r« ««k<4 ?iog for bids on motor g

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