Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 12, 1952 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 12, 1952
Page 14
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\ ' . sp? af'O "',* 'i-* ' '» •%' J , . ^ S4 , ""< I >' ' ' ' r HOPE STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS Friday, Sophimbcr 12, LASSIFIED Adi Muil B. In OKtai Bif ftenw* fMUMlfM AD RATES Hi AflW»a WKti The Att«wn} It i»»m#fit I* KtmJefe* On* Dajr .48 ilr OM 1.20 100 , 1.00 9,10 J.40 3,70 1.00 1,00 1.80 4.00 4.60 8,00 4.80 6,00 7.60 9.00 10.80 1100 1180 18,00 5IFIBD DISPLAY ie „.„...,..... 78c per Inch ... Mo per inch ,„ 80o per inch .._„.,._ —... -fw fef WfK , IrtMflloni. Ifiwulor w i»lp- irwlll take IN omwfay rale, my etaMifted otfvtrlitfng tow !&M«pt«l until & p.m. for lit* following day. ,,..llh*n rw*fv« fh« right to Mil oil edv«H»*m»mi of. jf pufotefltlwi and to r*|Mt HHlionoblo ad»tftlilno wb> i HOOM furnished npnrlrnent. I'll- vntit front, buck ciiiruncm, Hnlh Electric HcfrlHcrntor. .'121 Honnrrr t el on* or mort 'Mlt'ehx flflur** MCh ei Hewei number* count at one fftw Star will not be rttpon. I mton In Wont Adi unM« or* colled to our attention fiRST miiflion of ad and tor ONLY the ONl Incorrect M, Phone 7-3431 iPE STAR Jonuory II, ItS* •y«ry we»kdoy o(t«fni»n TAR WUIMINO CO, I, f>t)MW< 'f(MUM( M, Wuhburir, l«M«Trw. *1 Th« tUr lulldlnj .4v lauih W«lnul lirwt, IdlUf & Pi H«im»r, M»«h. Atltttlliln« *t tcsontf tint m«fl«r dt illr* nl Hope, Atk«ni«l| Act of Marth 1, 1I»T. nk«f el Ih* Audit BurMM of Cirtulalloni Rolti ((Kiyobl* In od- f'««fl«r In Hop* and «"",.,.,., JJ )3,00 In H«mpiti»ini, NevoOo, and Mlll«r toun« ,::::::> ,:JS = 3B-. * no nihi moll — « ,<<• A(lv»rjliltw R*f>riiwnlOtly«n : ,rfi Ofliilfli, Inc.; 1402 Surlck •Mimplii. 9, T«fm,, 60S Twei illdo., Dollo* 3, TMKM; 9*0 N. » Avt., CHIeoao 1, 111.) 60 I. it M N«w Votk 17, N. V,; I7«3 IWfl., Ottrolf ^ Mich.) IdeX Oklohomo City % ol the Aiwclottd Pr*M> , tiattd Pft« Ii »ntltl(Kl ;«*. 10 In* UM for ttpubllratlon H*«l n«wi prlnftd In thl» ui *»ll 01 oil Af* nwm Instructions |100 or tttorv per month |lnjl cnvuloufs in spi iwnws. Send ?i top in and instructions at and Company, Box 81 MO. Arlington 74, Maim Back QU«rant««. !i-U wunhors. Apply Mono "• J "-'- ••"" A-a(H !«rttmd Cafo, wanted. Top wug«» ._-. Tr»ni (urni«hod to «nd from t"> O»k» Uosttiurunt 5-0 ForRtnt PWONT Jwdroom convenient to bath, Within 1 block of Barlow tfoUl, Phone MM3. 21-tf ROOM furnUhed npflftmsnt, Prl- v«to jMtb. Klftctrlc box. No child- r«n. Mn, Judnon. 220 North JSIm, »«•« ROOM furnlihed Apartment with bath. 3in W. 0. S«e Velma On»«, Dnrt'n Hamburger Blnnd. 10-31 UNfURNISHED 3 rwirtin nnd private bath, H. Wortiiuin, 50? Kd- HP wood. 12-31 unfurnUhPd Apartment. Hardwood floor*. nullt-liiK, Prlvnlr bulh nnd en- troricf, Clone In. 207 Hhovcr SI. Phone 7-4480, IJ-tf } J hon« 7-38M. 12-tf For SoU AT runiion. bio , prleei. Huglitereti lion-ford Quili, 12 to 18 month* old, New locution 4 miiet north on Proving Ground Hond. A, W. nim-Heth, Phonn 7-40B3. 3-\Jfi PEA RruveF; c)ny (travel ilnnilTiop noil, nnd till dirt. Call J««ie Sinclair, Phono 7>290p. 3-.MM BIRD (tod "Sup0le(i, *T~fernoi«r Ctill or, *co Thurrnnn HldllnK, 7-3IW or -7-M31. I0.3t 0. K, WttUhlrig mnohine with clou bio ItihH on rollfrd. MnhoKUliy liookcudP, Mrs. W. M. BpnrUit. West Ifllh. il.at 1 JKHBISY mllcli cow*. T. J. Prnlhwr. Ht. 3, Hope. 11.31 M10 A DOW Of m(Xett ^ronii, About 1,000 hul«H, Dial 7.3008, 1>. T. St»KH», Flrnt Nutlunul Hunk lUilldtntj, YJt For Rent or Sola MY IIOMIO nt Uia McHuc Ktront, ltdpp, ArkunsuH. MI-H. Idu Amott. Help Wonted MAVK polllfon* flvailnble for 3 hard working colored boy*. Apply ftotilbwoftt Part* nobulldcrt, Smithwr-m Proving Ground. Darkhorses Rule Amateur Golf Meet By CHARLfii CHAMBtHUAIN CMICAOO f/P) Three Mrli-t dark! l»or*t» w*ro Jfimmed Into today'*! 'innl field of the Western! r Oflf Tournament, ' «nch J>umplnn Into ehtunpionshlp.stylc criiiiprllllcin. Foremost among the rnnk out wn« ,tlni PrlMlnn Jr., tin; 4Z.yenr.old Tnylorvlllc, III., movie chnln owner, Frlnlnn, two-tlmo winner of the Illinois stale title ollrnifiiiU'd cnrnctliilldt Don Cher ry, thto New York crooner nnd n cnm'l'finnllut In the recent National Atnntqur, In yesterday's HOC and round two up, FrUIno then wont to work In the afternoon nunlnut Chris Ocra. young Oklahoma A u a, I o olinm I'lon, nnd took n one up victory with n 20-foot enRle putt on the 10th hole, Frlnlnn. tttri'glQR Joday with lint iin.Arrfiiteur' Champion H n r v I e \Jrflfrt of -Atlanta In the lower bfoijkot, Un tin- other mntch In this dlvl nfon; iKtl.. Krvunli, .HR-ytmr-old copper,' lublftK ifllennuin from St. LoulH,' t"t-« off uKHlnsit Dtilc Morcy, long •'tihib amntoiir threat from MurHndvllle, Ind. Morey once wan <v prufcttsiimul who WHS Pressure Is Terrific in Pennant Race Tickets on Sole Here for Pro Game Hope, Arknnun*, gridiron farm will be nble to buy ticket* hero for tho profc»slonol football game In Shrevcport's SlnU- Fair Stn.jMoyt Wilhelm? dltiin this fall, it wa* announced TH,. f,.n,,,., , u i .u .od., by J. Krcd Ore.har, J? ^'g^g J"™ ' L „,, thf'S^o n'lS?'* .ftll'burSIS;.'" 1101111 LMIUt PPnn8nl W ' n - By JACK HAND NEW YORK Uf\ - oul of ens first — Who will run Joe Black or SPORTS ROUNDUP , iy QAYLE TALBOT. BY MURRAY ROSE for Gayle Talbot NBW YORK i.*— If Rocky Mar ciano takes the hc'avywcight crown from Jersey Joe Walcott In Phila- 1 cklphln, Sept. 23, he will earn n } unique position in boxing history. ... K «,..ii i , nn " No heavyweight king since the «w,.-r could make a Rood pick on dny . of Jonn L * Su ,,, v j[ n cver ,, as ascended the throne without a de»,.,.,.,„ B ., m .: un .->n nirunv. a,.,,.: Wllh ,. . teal or draw to mai ' his record, lumber 20, nlrendy have been rr-i , wll " fthe W»»ure mounting every; The 28-year-old Brockton, Mass., ti'lvpcl flnd arc on sale ,it Bar-i '}" y - ™ ana * f ™ Chllcl < Dresscn and blaster not only has a spotless low .Motel and Cox's Drua Storr ' i"° " lir ' lo " or " rc ( l lli(:k to '"ik I" record but he never has been *-*' vf K Ollll f' . (lull t'Villllr.n*.»/-,__.. tl.. »t. l .. •••> ,, . . .. • "F» ,»»>jv»_i iiiiii Vvt( jv n uniff *i»nrf * t * \ n ^ --_.- - - , ^,».,. ^. .*.... ,, *.. •,*.,*„, . <t . ^ Jl.-.um,. of »,e KrowlnR Inu-r^r l "'"' 1ln " l ", t '" 31f " r rcllcf hc| P- Whcn »'">««> «" tlis 42 P«> bouts, hore In thp profe»»lontil brand of '" M? \ ,T SpDt< r ? rcssen c;llls Carmine Vingo came clo: football, und tho convenience, th-m ? ; Whenever he needs to spoiling everything for Rod local sal.' of tlckfts will nn-an umholm !o Hope fann, St.'idlum officials w """ m ' (id out of a Jam. Leo phones for at Shrovepurt were «lad u> operate in muicing a block of un- tmutilly «ood seats aviiilublc for local »alc. The pro contest wll! bring two of the ino*t colorful football teams Both the Dodgers' Black and the close to By The Associated Press AMERICAN LEAGUE W L Pet New York 81 Cleveland Chicago Boston Rocky in a | Wasn infiton wild preliminary scrap at Madison! Philadelphia Square Garden Dec. 30, 1949. But' st - Louis Vingo and Mtircinno were rated Giants' Wilhelm boast shiny 13-3 j «» outstanding punching prospects i-ccords, Father can become "rookie" "t 'he time. of the year" if his club wins. But Rocky floored Vingo In the first both must be getting tired. Black went almost eight full Inn- In th« pro game to fun* of thl« ; inKS "K» in!lt thi> Giants Monday nft- nii'D, ond will give follower! of i '" l ' rio °": ltc had to help out and second rounds and had the Bronxite bleeding from the nose and an eye cut. With defeat facing him, Vingo fought back desperate- the; plKJikln sport opportunity to 1 ^ v<i(ll "" ;f lny "Ight. Wilhelm goes ol- 1 ^' Ho landcd " series of swinging «»•() many of the top pro players ! ni " st «-vcry day and gomelimes ! rif!hts lhnt dl ' ovt ' Roc ky to tho in notion. ' | twice a day. So far It's 02 K ,, mos ! ropes. Another right staggered the p.m. Ticket prices art 1 $4.90. ?3 70 | re-co $2.00; box seats, $0,10. ' 1'hil.t The game will be playod under | fni Whelm, 49 for Black as com- lh« IlKhlN with the kick-off at oil 11 "'' 1 lo J'm Konstanty's modern record of 73 appearances for tho ils in 1910. Black shows no signs of tiring. The other day ho came to Dressen with this story: "Don't believe what you read in | the papers. They sny I'm tired. I'm not. I want to pitch whenever 1'VNO story brick npartmnnt bluld- Ing, ThorouKl|iy citulpped for two private apaftinenlg, upstnlrn nnd itownttulrn. UovibU* Kuruit), ISO x IM) lot, Located cloxu in, uny vmjftnde*. 821 K. Jfilm. i'l^fil room brick vcnoor. ipuiBloun, Plenty efoiitrU und '"'t«. Attic fBn,' vencllun iinrport, 80 x. 150 lot. Tim best of locMllon* to nettle un eg. tftte. Will sell at biirgulii. 7(K) 8. " ' Street. In tli<! fliTionput'it ruiik» after n tr, wait. itl'n bfst recent showing wnit toe In« low umiiteur in the 10fl2 Wititcr'n Open. Y»«t«rday he sldo Hived Hill CmnpbL'll, Wulkcr Cupper from HuntlnjtUm, W. Vu,, 4 ond 3, The third dnrkhorsti -Is Tom Rlephi'iiHoii, 35 yi-nr-old K a n suti Olty, Mo., photo cnitraver, father ol four chllil i en imd wlnrmr of his clty'B title In 10:11, 11147 nml I (Mil. ,Stoi>ht'iiNon, after ousting vcfici'- f.bl«» Chick KVHIII 3 und a, today will fuci' Hubert Knowli-s, tin- Walker Cup pluyer from lli-vcrly l''urrii,i, MUNK.. who wim four un- .U*r'par In two t-usy vlftorlcn yos- U'rduy. Tim'Hi'tiorul tnutcli of tho upper jrwckot Kfiula Vic-fending Chumplun Frqhk StriinahnTi of Toledo ngalnNt ohv'.of htg frleiulB Tom Hlair, tlu: 'Mlsxmifl utiito chninplnn from Jvffemm Clly, Struniihnn trounced youni Hlnlr 7 utul U In the finals of this sitniti tuuriuuiifiit lust year. THRM Bedroom home, Ml Ur)je rooms. Carport and uarpue. Nlco shade trce». Pnvptt utr^t-t, 03 1QO lot, Owner movlnit to farm Will null nt bnrinin, 019 S. Wul- nut, • AT )0t9 Weit ith Strcdt— Wo h»v<i u r««l.«ood buy, a room horn*, P»v*m*nt, «o»U looatton. 80 J50 lot, Can be bought for IS a rowl iloHl, 5 roon houne, Oullt leu* tlutn a, ywur, H ncre around, A*l city conveiv ItMH-CH, Smoko housu, laud fen cod, hog proul. Owner lenvlnv town. Rented Ju?t outnlUo city ttkkdiu ii\«* f.*f 11 o *AV*M' M *»-'-- .llmlU Benefit Game Tonight at City Park New England clouter. He leaned back against the ropes with his eyes glazed. Then he showed the stuff champions are made of. Refusing to go down, he went on to knock out Vingo In the six round. The New Yorker was critically hurt in the bout and, after a long siege in the hospital, retired from Jhu game. "He hit me harder thari I'd cver been hit before or since," saidlSc. Louis held nt City Park torilxht starting nt B o'clock. Proceeds will RO to- Mope Civic Improvement Club. •The playor.t Include; Teachers: S. H. Huchnnnn. 1C. Mitchell, K. Nelson, E. l-'linoil, K. Conwiiy.. N. Ciiriniachel, J. Jac- O.UCH, C. CoU-man, C. Frlerson I. Holt, (',. Williamson. Part-fits: II. Cox, C. Henne, C,. Wtitson, K. liritdlcy, K. Hrnntlcy, I), Muldrow, P. Wyiitl, M. It. Il;u-' riii, K. Stiiiirt. Fights Last Night By The Associated Press VANCqUVKH. L). C. — Willie Pep, 130, llurtfnrd, Conn., outpoint eci Hobby Woods, 130, Kurekn, Ciilif. OO), Wutcrvllle Mo. — Bill Thomp- B«m, 1112, Ciirmel, Me., won by a knocknul over Jockio F'isher, 11112, Wutorvlllc, Me a2). I niter nil thnt steady work. He had A benefit softball «anie between i 'f" '" llu> bllll " )on •' llnlost every the u-uchcrs and parents will be y "" st;n!ion With only 3','^ games separating the IcadiiiH Dodgers from the chus- inK Giants, the pressure will be on Ihe relief men more than ever. Wilhelm Is a sure thing to see notion today when the Giants moot Cincinnati in a dny doublehender lit the Polo Grounds. Dtirocher can't afford lo hold Lack a thing. Two day wins would clip the' Dodger lead to 2'j gnmi's. Then if Uu> Brooks should lose you need me." Wilhelm is just ns willing al-JBocky the other day. "That ,„though his arm is a little heavy C u u | os my fights in the ring, in Detroit 83 74 72 73 71 57 43 Acheson Raps Critics of Foreign Policy ( ?\ KANSAS CITY W — Secretary of State Acheson has slapped a "prescription-for-disaster" label on using force as a means of aiding countries under Russia's domination. Assailing critics of the adminis- trntlon's foreign policy as men _ _ _ with "their hands on the horn and. 57 .593,'heir fcct on 'he brakes," 58 86 67 09 70 83 91 .58!)' son declared last night: .5291 "Our position in the world calls .513 for responsibility, not only by of- .514 .504 .407 .345 Friday's Schedule ; Now York at Chicago — (night) Lopat 8-5i vs Grissom Ul-8) Washington at St. Louis — (night) Marrcro (10-7) vs Cain (10-8). Boston at Cleveland ,— (night) Hudson (10-101 vs Wynn (20-12) Philadelphia at Detroit—Scheib (10-Gi vs Newhousor (7-8). Tuesday's Results Cleveland 1; Philadelphia 0 Washington 4; Chicago 1 Detroit S; Boston 4 Only games scheduled. NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn New York training, and in street fights." Championship fights, baseball's All-Star game and World Series represent big business not only for the promoters and athletes but for the cities in which they arc held. Hotels, restaurants, night club and hundreds of other business enterprises share in a heavy flow of gold. As an example, the pennant races in both leagues are far from settled yet. The Hotel Edison in New York reports that it already Philadelphia Chicago Cincinnati Boston Pittsburgh W L 88 51 84 54 80 59 63 76 69 02 GO Pet .633 .609 .526 .547 .486 .440 .435 3U 103 .275 Friday's Schedule St. Louis ;it Brooklyn — (night) Slaley (10-12) vs Roc (11-2). Cincinnati at Now York — (2) Rr.ftaisberKer (15-13) and Church ifi-fli vs Corwin (5-0) and Kennedy (2-4). Chicago at Philadelphia — (2) "twi-nittht) Minner (12-9) and Kelly llii-lr F.hbels Field nij'hl i;;ime In | has received reservations St. Louis, it would In- di>wn tn two KUiies. Hut whether the rnco cracks open soon or BOPS down to tho wire In .'mother photo finish, it is likely to bo decided on this quos: Who will run out of gas first— Joe Hlnck or Hoyt Wilhelm? rooms from f.-ins throughout nation fur the World Series. 300 the (3-!» Drews (13-131 and Kon- Mercury becomes solid at about 39 degrees below zero centigrade. Mercury is considerably heavier Ulan loud. ELSIE MACK • . • HERE l»'w>e With S 4 room fvamtt stucco. City lights, Butane C)u», houiD. About H mile from city HinlU on No, 4 Highway. Price *87&0, 1* IF YOU are Interested, in a nice 5 room home—lUrdwood floors. idy Cours0 hltth svhool nt |pare time, Pljjlomn, TOKU fumJuhwi, booklet, Ainurlcan AUbutnu, Fort to Buy bve, J«»*io Me- Hill 0-Ot modern, gvran*, »u4 Urge store buildup and itofQKD room \v|Ut • lur««> utttek ' of m«irclwn4l«* AU modern ftxtuftfi and equip* pod. meat murkot, KIU° pump. Now dulug uUoui $83,000 aiiuual bu»lne«*. You 8h6ul4 l»ve»tUiatc thli. U U on* ot Uvtt very b«»t mv4 well established bdlslnet<**s in Hope, Ovvn«r wi<he« to rvtlr* WK handle all typtt ot'Real E»tote, ant) all types of lW»n»- Hi>e u* b*foro you bv»y or borrow, QftEKNINO lIi RKALTY CO. Insurance Real Estate Nmoltt Wonttd WANTED « l»dl«* to work in spare Um» *33 to *W w«t)0y. Car nee- *»»ary. No uuuse to W«1T£ «ul4 wrist watch. ttoiu K««D « t«kwtv to Mrs Blue B, J- tia- rt ward. LadiM SIXTEEN tho early train for York and, hour^ lator, a taxi- ceQ^to, Kit M)wroy'« tenth Hoor Kpfirtincnt overlooking the Must In 1013, Kit Anhlcy had nccom- pinleU her parents to Europe, They l\ia A yoar on the continent and ' i England., Kit had met and i Qlr Roger Konholm Lowr»y,, the ton ( o( a; fourth baronet. H>t and Roger had Hi month's hpn- *yt>iO<m In nl« CMtlb on the Kent- lah doaat, and then war came. Rt^fer «nllBt«l and wan »«nt over- aefl, He came home for two brief Itavte, «i)d wan killed In '19 at one of tfce betVIca of tlie 8omnt«. klV dlacarded her title |uid returned to New York, with some of the anceilral »llver which formed i .n\»e'«u.» p| her rather fabulous Site had nettled (n the where ahe 11111 lived, •ltd ahe rarely left New York. Her e*Ut*nc» WM neltlier narrow nor -^"'-•*-V,taox;-W»* «l>e lonely, al•he hud not married again. *|*UuiterUt) look, ot t buat ehe couldn't % hifti cipuuped pont* . wouldn't.-oonftlcud yylth the UoaruDeet aud veet tpproach to Uf«, Slie haunt- tlw «i4e*, ^oUecled anUouea ly with the acqulr«d ot the cwvneiat«ur, and thanits, Kit." "I'll have Mrs. Dondera make us some while you freshen up." , In Kit's guest room Nance patted on astringent, reddened her mouth, combed her hair. Presently she would have to fnce Kit's curiosity. It might have been easier to go to a hotel, for privacy. No, she didn't want to be that alone. And Kit wouldn't really pry. It might be good to talk things out with Kit. ahe adored her nephew Jeremy her' ttece Nance. Nothing could •»y« pleaded her more than the AiuleUAcment ot their engage* Meftt. •to WM at the window watching for »»« taxi which would bring NfAf* from the aUUon. Kit Uw rey WM frankly worried, Ae. blind- 6«M <|uiokena the other aensea In recoiRpeoae, Kit'« eotitwde h*d * her MJMttm to enior n«4lQ»ught uneMlneM an4 a Hurry fit tel to in NiMce'i voice on the and Nanw, ahe knew, WM not one to dry wolt without MUM, Vet, Naiwe WM upaeu AM why WM ehe coming She took a fresh blouse from her ba£. Uatcr, Mrs. Dondera would unpack her things. She found Kit on the balcony, under a sloped awning, pouring ten. Nance scooped Tabitha, the Siamese, from a chair and sat down. "This Is nice," she said. She stretched out.a haml for tho cup Kit offered. "Thank you ... I love the silver tea Kettle, Kit I hope I shan't have to give It back." "Give It back?" Kit echoed blankly. "It's customary to return the gifts it the wedding doesn't come off, isn't it?" "Wedding or not," Kit said nrm- ly, "the kettle Is yours, Mra. Dondera has enough silver to polish, she says. Shn uses every newly acquired piece to blackmail me for a raise In salary." She dropped two lump» of sugar In her cup and asked abruptly, "Isn't there going to be a wedding?" "I don't know." "Well, it's a woman's privilege to change her mind." •'I haven't." "Jeremy?" "Wavering on the brink, I think. There's another girl." "Oh." "Kit, did you ever hear Mother talk of a child named Eve? A child she and Father planned to adopt before—me?" KU aald at once, "Of course! A little beauty. Orphaned by an automobile accident, wasn't ahe? Your mother brought her here to buy her some clothes. She hadn't much her* with the wed4Wg upon h#rt WM ahe runatof »way from U." Kit tbw«t>i, »ba«ot- ly nippUng the wtrm fur of the <w the alll. TU be «ur- It'i Btot Ml the IfMt like i« ft«ftt ol the Kit te«ned out Wlwtew. Yet, «\ ffAri WM alight- »v«r t» the wall and MttftMKi the buttott to r*l«M* the WM waAtiwg . I6U WMlpei hive ot bobby pins. You see? I'm not glamorous." "That ktcked-about word," Kit groaned. "He knows me so well. I'm ordinary and everyday; porridge and spinach. I have no surprises for him." "Well, he asked you to marry him! And has Eve surprises for him?" "You should see her!" "I can imagine," Kit said dryly, "If she lived up to per early prom- ie . , . And you don't like her." "Is It likely, under the circumstances?" "How did Eleanor take it, her coming back to Thurstonla?" "I'm not sure. Mother didn't say, but I luivc a feeling there was something unpleasant. All Mother told me was that they had planned to adopt Eve, years ago, and changed their minds. 1 wonder why ? 1 have a hunch Jeremy knows more, and Isn't telling me." "Why shouldn't he?" "We can't seem to talk about anything lately. Although he Jake Mintz, the voluble manager of cx-Heavywoight Champion SEzzard Charles, is beefing again. What makes it strange is that for once Juke seems to have something on his side. Mintz screams that Charles promised a return bout with Hex Layne if Ezzard lost to the Rocky Mountain slugger. Now, says Jake, Layne and Manager Marv Jenson are reneging. t Layne won a close decision over Charles in Ogden, Utah, on Aug. 9. Jack Dempsey, the sole official, gave the nod'to Layne, two rounds to one. Dempsey called seven rounds even. On the basis of such an odd card, anyone would be en titled to another chance. knows 1 don't like Eve Kit, but rage I wonder**** w Ii y Eleanor and Sam didn't keep her. She WM one of the loveliest children i have ever aeen. 1 wonder what became ol her?" "She la in Thuratonia." "Well." Kit etld alertly. "She came a month ago. She U planning to atay. She ha* bought * hou*e. M Nance drew a deep breath. "1 think Jeremy la falling ut love with her." "Jerumy," Kit aaid mildJy, "i» to love with yow." "I thought ao, too ... I wonder U he u confuted about the way h«lov*sme. Kit? I've been his sitter tor eo long." "Are yOU 60JBIWK4, tOOT" -Ob, »». But I CM Me »«w tt there's something about her." She abandoned the pretense of sipping tea. "It's nothing she says, or does. Nothing you can put your finger on and say this, or that, is phony. Her manners are faultless, yet you find yourself watting for a tiny bit of ^neer to chip off."i Nance spread her ; hands helplessly. "I sound like a jealous female, don't 1 ? Well, I am. Only It's more than that I'm scared absolutely sick for Jeremy." "He's out of training pants, Nance. And I'd say he has above average intelligence." "Haven't you noticed It's the brightest men who fall for a woman'* most obvious tricks? Intelli-, gent! HP clicks Ills heels for her, pushes pianos and refrigerators around her house. It's sicken-, ing." "And you've run off and left her a clear neld," Kit accused mildly. "Does that make sense?" "I don't want him to marry me from a sense ot duty. Nor to re*- lite, afterwards, that he loved me like," she grimaced, "a sister." "So you're letting him destroy himself over what might very well be an infatuation." N*nce went white. "I've bevn afraid of that word. It's be4jn wait- League Leaders (All playoffs on bestof-seven basis). AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Playoffs, SemiFinals Milwaukee 3; St. Paul 2 — Milwaukee leads, 30 Minneapolis 2; Kansas City 1 — Kansas City leads, 21 PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE Seattle 10; Hollywood 4 Oakland 3-5, Sacramento 1-4 Los Angeles 1; San Diego 0 Portland 4 San Francisco 0 TEXAS LEAGUE PLAYOFFS SemiFinals Oklahoma City 3 Dallas 1 —Ok- stanly (">-.'!>. Piltsbur^h at Boston — (2-twi- r.inlit) Friend (510) and Nccciai il-ti vs Jester liM) anil Johnson C'i-1 ). Thursday's Results Chicago II; Brooklyn 7 New York 5; Pittsburgh 4 I'hilndclphia 3 St. Louis 2 (night) Only games scheduled. SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Memphis Atlanta Mobile VV 2 1 1 0 Chattanooga Last Night's Results Memphis 6; Chattanooga 5 Only game scheduled Tonight's Games Chattanooga at Memphis Atlanta nt Mobile L Pet 0 1.000 1 .500 1 .500 2 .000 ficials, but by all of us. . . . We cannot dictate, we cannot be irresponsible, if we are to fulfill the mission of leadership among free peoples." He spota at the convention of the AFL International Association of Machinists. In New York John Foster Dulles^ Republican foreign policy adviser/ said neither he nor Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower contemplated a "war of liberation" when they recommended a different foreign policy in Eastern Europe. The Republican presidential nominee recently said the United States should not rest until the Communist-dominated countries of Eastern Europe are liberated. _ Later he told the American Legion^-SI Convention in New York he was advocating only peaceful measures. Dulles, in a radio interview, blamed "President Truman's misinterpretations" for any alarm Eisenhower's Legion speech might have caused in Europe. The speech had been interpreted by the president as increasing the possibility cf war. Dulles cited Yugoslavia's with-!) drawal from Russia's domination as the type of "split-offs* 1 the U. S. should work for. He also mentioned economic measures, internal dissension in Communist-enslaved countries and radio broadcasts. Ho criticized present foreign policy planning as inadequate. Acheson told the mnchinisU convention: "We believe, as anyone mustiis who shares thp democratic faith, that free societies can and will bo more durable, and that ultimately they must exorcise a strong attraction that will shift the balance ir our favor. "But if through impatience or imprudence, we are urged to seek the 'liberation' of territories or peoples by force, this advice would be neither realistic nor responsible. "If this is what is meant by being more 'positive,' then it is in fact a positive prescritpion for disaster." lahoma City leads, 21 Shruveport 7; Fort Worth Shreveport leads, 30 SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Playoffs, Semi-Finals Memphis 6; Chattanooga Memphis leads, 20 Only game scheduled WESTERN LEAGUE Wichita 4; Colorado Springs 3 Denver 6; Pueblo 5 Sioux City 13; Omaha 8 Lincoln 7 Des Moines 2 2 — 5 — Alaskan fur seals migrate about 2,000 miles every season between their breeding grounds and parts of the ocean where they live the remainder of the year. Dewey Assistant to Help GOP WASHINGTON W) — Bernard Katzen, a former assistant district attorney in New York under Thorn-1 as E. Dewey, today was appointed special assistant to the Republican National Committee's director of organization. Katzen, who is prominent in Jew ish affairs, served as an assistant to Herbert Brownell when Brownell was national chairman during the 1948 presidential campaign. Dewey was the party's nominee then. Mesquite trees of thf> American Southwest, Chile, and Argentina can send roots 40 to 60 feet down to find water. CHAPTER SEVENTEEN WHEN Nance came out to the balcony, she announced to Kit that she -vas to have dinner with Rolph Milliard. "Why didn't you ask him here, Nance?" "You wouldn't really enjoy it, Kit. We'll talk shop. Illustrations and publication deadlines and so forth. It w41l be good for me. I shan't have time to wonder if Eve and Jeremy are driving out to the lake for a swim." But midway through dinner, on a balconied rooftop with the city lights just beginning to spike the twilight, Nance found her thoughts wandering. "You're not listening to me," Rolph complained mildly. He was tall and thin and in his middle thirties, although he looked older because he drove hla almost Inexhaustible energy to the limit, Nance made an effort at concentration. "Forgive me, Rolph. I was woolgathering. saying?" What were you "Just that you'll have to stow your pencils and paper In among the silks and laces of your trousseau, my dear. What is the exact date of the wedding, by the way?" "The twenty-third—a n d I am not going t.o spend my honeymoon doing drawings for you, Rolph. I'll have the Illustrations finished by the end of the week." "ThaVa wh»t I've been trying to tell you. Several new chapters have been added to the manuscript." "Oh. no!" "So either you take your ink days to pounce." She touched her temples with her fingertips, pr«s*e4 bard, then let her U»nda drop, "I didn't come here to ton it to your lap, Kit And please don't worry about we," She got up, "0» you. BM«"4if 4 call Rolph? r** feftticat •owe drawing* for hiw. aad t ittU * few to do. He'U fed me * r *amewh«n to *et Vf D>y drawing board, ao { n&aitt he i» postpone the wedding. "I won't." ahe said indignantly. *l simply will not—" Sh« stopped. It ahe telephoned Jeremy with Roipb'e ridlculou* proposal of postponement, he'd be outraged. He'd drive to Kit't nut t**e her home with him. He'd aay BMph and his eowW«9t!»" v The ajuaJl *"*** grew ft »t*red would know. She would know for sure that the beginnings of uncertainty were in Jeremy. It would be a test. She lifted her eyes and met Rolph's steady gaze. Tonight, she would telephone Jeremy. , At eleven, before she went to bed, Nance put through the call. Jeremy's voice came into the room with her, so close! She said steadily, "Jeremy, something has come up. Rolph wants some extra drawings. It will take a month. It will mean postponing our wedding, if 1 stay here and do them. But I do have a contract . . ." She waited. Why wasn't the wire sputtering with his objections? It wasn't. It was ominously quiet save for the small hum of the mechanism. "Jeremy ?" ''Yes, Nance. I—I suppose we could put it off. I know how important this contract is to you." Well, it was. It waa the biggest so far. But not so Important as all that. She said. "You tell Mother, will you, Jeremy ? I'm afraid she'll be upset." "Yes, Nance." "And you'll do all the necessary things? Change the invitation dates, and so forth?" -' "Of course." "And-rJeremy ?" "H'mmm ?" ^ But unless he said it first,'she couldn't say, I love you. Not now. She said. "I'll stay on in New York. Rolph baa arranged for me to have a corner In the art editor'* office." Ask me (o come Aon»«, ahe begged silently. Only be didn't ftsk her. A«er a moment, be a»id, "A41 right. Nance." His voice sounded far off. Strain- ad, B*« U eouid be a poor OABIMC- UOA. the distortion of diftance. Sbe said, -TUn^good night, ' -Yii?' 1 p*lT*it« ^t "I'm sure. Jeremy," she said, and had the dismaying sense of grant- Ing him a reprieve. She replaced the receiver. Fur fluttered against her ankles and she .stooped blindly and lifted Tabitha. She held the cat beneath her chin, comforted a little by the padded paw raised to pat her cheek, and the soft roll of purring. At first, Jeremy called every evening. Once Nance waited until almost midnight, and then he called to say he'd had two emergency operations. Then he missed an evening. Nance tried to fill in time by mapping out the next day's work, trying to blot out pictures of Eve and Jeremy together. It could be another emergency ... At midnight, worn out, she went to bed. He would call tomorrow, she consoled herself. He did, and offered no,explanation for the previous evening. Then came two days of silence. Nance was on edge. Kit said reasonably, "He's probably taking out tonsils by the score." He could find time to say hello, Nance thought Just so 1 wouldn't feel altogether abandoned. The third day, Rolph suggested dinner and a dance, and she snapped, "No. Rolph." Then ahe reddened at h e r ungraciousness. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bite off your head." "Touchy, aren't you?" She nodded. He cautioned, "Don't let it show In your work." "Does U?" she asked with » prick ot alarm. "A little. You're tenae. It always shows In creative work like your*." He tapped a cigaret on the at his band. "You did better Work at Thurstonla. Why don't you go home?" "No . . . I'll get a bold on my- j e*ii, salph.* ! "Yo« could change your mind Jeraay nigbt •fet frfday, September 12, 1952 HOM STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS ILONDII •y Chick Youn f OZAKK IKI DO Kr AT I ~ I'LL DO? 1 THINK 'XL TAKE A NAP AND THEN START ,—/ IT'S. A VA«~« DO YOU KNOW IT'S A WOMAN'S J PRIVILEGE TO CHANSe HE!? «f HUSBANDS MIND WHAT i THINK i THINK AXI'LL CUT )A' THE GPA?S OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams VIC FLINT By Mkhoel O'Malloy and Ralph Lbr Cooling Off Answer to Previous Puxi!« HOBIZONTAt 4 Color 1 Cooling device 5 Organ of sm ' c11 4 Cold weather 6 P™yer precipitation 7 Cyst 8 Felines 8 Duct 12. Mineral rock 9 War god 13 Ripped 10 Baked clay 14 Operatic solo 11 Speaks 15 Limb 17 Daedalus' son 16 Foolishly (myth.) 18 Trirtes 19 Rings 33 Minnesota is 43 Small body' 20 Containers 23 Grades a cool of land 2" 1 Electric atom 24 Herb 38 Hebrew 44 Cool Siberia 22 Spoken * 25 Astringent prophet is in this 24 Starchy food 26 English poet 40 Ingredients continent 2G Growl 27 One blamed of plastics 46 Crippled 27 Distress signal for others'sins 41 Ethan led 47 Rim 30 City in Syria 28 Cereals the "Green 48 College 34 Visitors 29 Snicker Mountain official 35 Landed 31 Nourishing Boys" 50 High property extract 42 Golf mounds explosive 36 Type measure (pi.) i 37 Egyptian goddess S 39 Church recess i'40 Employs ] 41 Devoured L 42 Diadem *'45 Claimed f 49 Vital ; 51 Poem i 52 Pen name of - Charles Lamb | 53 Title [ ',54 Turkish • general 55 Cool off by bathing in ; • these 56 At that lime 57 Numeral VERTICAL lLap 2 Region 3 Women- sometimes cool off in • pi.) :ess of amb y i ne L 1 12 Ii 1 18 ZH 30 at 4b IT" W 52 55 Z 25 nT" 3 i! J W M HO M^HBI M 13 16 %%, 31 SI S 'M^ 26 60 SB 5fc 0 22 M M •* <iS 7 m 23 32 y> % Mb 7 HO w. HI 6 14 W-' 3J * 9 27 SI SH 57 10 28 iT" u 29 sT" 12 CARNIVAL By Dick Turner " "My client was only trying to get around the law just a» every one of you jurors did when you tried to evad« ' jury duty !"^ •' SIDE GLANCES PBRPBCT/ NO CU91DV\B«iV, »UT THE CLBRK3 AR6 6TIU. HERB, , ^_ y-w\^.*_-^ o eg " "• X3U THB PfiTBCTIVB VIC PLIMT. I YE &OT TO THAT C7IAf?y/ I THINKTWI» \UBT / I GUESS US GREAT I MIPDLE CLASS IS you GOT TO ee MUST »B THi ^\AN VSU'fltft A POVfl ARB APTBR, MR. PUSfTj RBAPV . POP? HIM/ EXTREMELV BRILLIAMT il OR. SUPERBLY DUMB \ TH 1 BACKBONE OF NOTTOFEELATHINO / > TH 1 COUWTPV--WE LIICE THAT/ THEM >. f NOTICE EVERYTHING SUSPEMPERS DRAG6IM' H BUT CAM'T GET OM MV MECK WOULP / ? AWV OF IT POME DRIVE ME CRA2Y \ OM ACCOUNT OP IW TVMO MIMUTES.' ) V TH 1 OTHER. TWO/ By Leslie i ur WASH TUBBS $o you (Ala \ E^Vl DOM'TBB AND DiPM't AFRWD TO TRUST v; A X THERE'S HIS P)^5T RECOKDl WELL. VOU SUP \ MBBT VOUNG HOODLUWl'6 WORD THfO- BILL IMVJOLVED IW THE CRIUE.5UH... OUT L^T MIGHT. CNN'T ^IVV-«| * bl* I IWf 1V< I TVt*vrrirt**r S\W HIM OM THE STREETS TELUl GU6&I US. WD W/WTTO I MAD VOU BE Will? FRIEND WRONG, CNTHVl With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSE HA^JB VOU MAO& ALL 1HE PROMISES •(HE "TWO OV6RLOOK15D 2 HOVJ ABOOT o IM . . _ AMD Bll>l6O FRIDAY f^lSUT \MlAlT& iN HOOSE H\? HOMESPUNi PHOTO OF A\& MAY TIDE IK) MY FOR VMORLt) ^•> I A PLAIW> POvvlM-TO EARTH, MAM ^HALL v\& OU M ^KADOxM Ky Edgar Mai BOulS AND HER BUDDIb'S , I HAVBN'T BVBN SOT IT virm MB/ WHAT VA GONNA PO...BOP HIM VIOLIN ? THAT TOUGH BUTCH JONES CHA5IN By Hershberger FUNNY BUSINESS ^ftCf*r ;• v3k^ \ ^*»y. J. ^ -~^''. —- By V, T, H ALLEY OOP MY STARS, \ AW.TH' DOPE! WHEN HE SAWJ—l IYEH-WELL, I'LL HAFTA AJLLEY,THE\ HIS MANSVOU CARPET>-/WELL7\TAKE CARE OF 'IM... GENIE'S / COME FLYIN' IN, HE X/VT LEAST \ VOU TWO SO ON KNOCKED /GOT EXCITED AM 1 / HE BANGED ) AND MEET OOOLA HIMSELF 4; LOOT HI5 HEA.01 J IT GOOD ANP/ AND FOOZY. OUT.' ^^_ ^*(£k PROPER! YEZZIR, I'LL TAKE. CARE OF'IM..,AND HOW! "You'll have to take him back—my wife's a Democrat!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosser By Michael O'Mqlley o CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer i CANT pyyve IANP T'M &OIN& 76 &BT ro raamsfflto- OUR HOP INSIPE, \COULDNT ... WITHOUT US- •WBKM EH, CHICKS? ANP M, K>K R&* PHVTHM- ROCKEP FOR \BK5 COME THE < WE WU2- HCJO. WHACKED/ GENTLEMEN .< OUR DATCS FOR By Golbroith

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