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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 25

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 25

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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r' PAH CommQtit GLR.AIDINE- AUNT E.L3IL ANG0.0 PATR.I K- C-B SOCIETY HAPPENINGS ACTIVITIES I OF WOMEN na XI JL XL MONTCLAIR WOMEN'S CLUB IN 6-YEAR RECORD MRS. HOWARD ALEXANDER BROWN, who was Miss Dorothy Farran before her marriage to Dr. Brown last evening at a large formal nuptial service in St. Paul's Episcopal church. Habenicht portrait.

TWO BRIDES-ELECT ANNOUNCE PLANS FOR SUMMER WEDDINGS TT IS the age of agreements. Mussolini hag agreed with the ti ah: i 1 Clh Al rOMP SHMh Pint of agreeing with the Church. Even California, and Vyi rWVVlUl iA Arizona are finding things to agree on. Congress managed to agree on reapportionment and will agree on farm The By MARIE ELWELL ONIONS, denominational churches are patching up their differences and IN" LESS than six years of organization. Montclalr Woman's club has uniting for common action.

I he talkie and the radio quarrels Th I established itself in Eastbay clubdom and its record of achievement are beine geUle(J an(J their businesses are merging. Peace and mid-week' brings with It the announcement of the nuptial plans I rf two of the most prominent brides-elect of the Eastbay, Miss M.iry Chlckering and Miss Alice Marlon Quayle, both of whom plan Vth k- weddings for the late summer. Irs Chlckering is to become the bride of Mr. Harold R. Erdman of Honolulu on September 11 at a large formal service In Piedmont win go down in teaeration nistory as one-ricn in community service.

i- i When Montclalr club came into existence in October of 1923 the small cooperation are nearly as obvious policies now as war and corn-group of charter members represented a hill top suburb of Oakland, petition were once. Everybody has made this discovery, in every The women made their homes in the attractive O. Community church, to be read at 9 o'clock in the evening. i thine but international affairs. fiiSif ft! MmSmm.

liilill Her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Allen L. Chlckering of Sierra avenue, Piedmont, will send out invitations later in the summer to several i hundred relatives and friends of their family and of the Erdman family.

i Miss Chickerlng will have only two attendants at her wedding, her cousin. Miss Carol Jones, of Fresno, and Miss Dorothy Erdman, the sister of her Mr. Erdman is the son of Mr. and Mrs." John P. Erdman1 of Honolulu and with his parents and sister will arrive from the Islands about September 1 for the wedding.

Mr. and Mrs. Chickerlng and their family are leaving this week for their home at Summit In the High Sierra where they jvill remain 'until the first week In September. and everybody but America has most interesting questions just now made it even there are whether Helen Wills will wear made it even tliere. stockings, and whether Sir Esme M-cti ir .1 Howard will serve drinks.

The an-ObT important of all is the 8wer Beems to be that Helen will final settlement of Euro- and Sir Esme won't. It is a mere matter of good taste on both their pean reparations, lne dogged part8 otherwise, it should be no-persistence of Owen Young and body's business. i vi Secretary Stim'son was decidedly his associates has again enabled correct; tn eclding that thevAmerl. America to save Europe from a can government would take no ac- riaiB Tnridentallv we have tion and make no suggestions oh crisis, incidentally we nave the que8tlon of iquor." saved ourselves from the conse- The privilege of "diplomatic im- quences of that crisis. For the munity l8 one on whlcn the Tjniteet first time since the war, there is stateg hag been partlculariy tn9ist.

an, agreement in Europe voluntar- ent, Under Jt our representative lly entered into by all Its partes In, foreign countries are not subject A. IB- 0 131 ll tilt v. air bungalow houses which dotted the Montclalr hills and nestled in the canyon at only infrequent intervale. The club was the answer to their desire for companionship first of all and their was motivated by 'steady growth and needs of "their suburban munlty. i Mrs.

R. S. Floyd opened her home' for 'the initial meeting whien only eight women were present. It was decided they would, meet' once each month In their various homes, programs of social and literary culture. At the January meeting of 1924 at the home of Mrs.

Raymond Ford, now of Pasadena, nfneteen women were assembled and It was there that. Montclalr club was organized, these women becoming the charter members. Of these ten are now affiliated with the club: Mrs. E. S.

Hayes, Mrs. R. S. Floyd, Mrs. F.

M. Johns, Mrs. O. H. L.

R. Ratcliff, Mrs. M. Emerson, i Mrs. Stanton L.

Lore, C. E. Van Duzee, Mrs. S. Chown and Mrs: David Hendricksen.

Mrs. F. M. Johns was elected the club's ml. Atuvi.

i i ia Mr. Letts Oliver, II, at a large nuptial service to be read at 9 o'clock in the evening in St. Paul's Episcopal church by Reverend 1 and regarded Dy ail oi tnem as to the laws of th countries nor morally binding. That' all of them are dissatisfied with it is so much iJlllllllllllIllll ItJllill'. MRS.

r. A. HA8SAED. TK1BUNK photo. the better.

It" Indicates that the settlement is a fair one. The psychology of peace has at last replaced psychology of war. The agreement betweerfMusso-llni and the pope is scarcely less H. C. Shires of Christ Episcopal church in Alameda.

A reception for the closest friends of the young couple and relatives of the two families will follow at. the home of Mr. Oliver's parents, Mr. and Edwin Letts. Oliver of King, avenue, In Piedmont.

Mr. Oliver Is expected home Saturday from the east where he has been attending college. "Miss Quayle has named the members; of her bridal which will Include as the honor attendant, her sister. Miss Marjorle Quayle. The bridesmaids will be Miss Mary and -Miss Roberta Oliver, the sisters of her fiance.

Miss Marlon and Miss Doris Martens, Miss Martha Quayle, Miss Florence Pitt, Miss' Florence Davis, and Mrs. John Rossen (Zeller Finnell.) i obliged to' conform to their cus-' toms. How far. they -shall do so. voluntarily is-.

a matter of their own good Sometime our diplomats manifest that good taste and sometimes they do In tbe case of Sir Esme, Howard, good taste i is automatic." Whatever he we can be assured that he will do It, courteously and graciously. As much cannot be said some of our senatorial! attempts to first president. The year following Mrs. R. S.

Floyd took the chair, she extended the gavel to Mrs. S. W. Lore two-year term. It was during Mrs.

Lore's-administration that Montclalr was admitted important. It means peace ana' unity in Italy, and it may lead the into-the California Federation, of clubs arid si nce that time way back even to liberty. Alter nearly sixty years of quarrel be tween: politics and religion in Italy, necKie nim. 4 there Is now harmony. The Italian- it has been prominently identified with' every progressive movement of the state and national Mrs.

L. R. Ratcliff who served the club as president during' two of Its most active years has relinquished the gavel of executive, to Mrs. P. A.

Hassard who direct its program for 1929-30. Mrs. Switzer to3e-Hostess Saturday at people are united, and are ready for the next stage in their prog-. THIS whole' question--and ress. They have learned order and I jUJge trv the "blay-UD" ot Bridge lea ror Matrons and Maids efficiency under-discipline.

itn fh. news editors and the unani RS. FRANK EDWARDS SWITZER, will entertain next Saturday they may be able to continue them, 1 Club Interested afternoon at a bridge tea for a score. of the younger matrons and mous-consent' of conversation, it in the only -lnteTestlng subject has-made ome interesting, additions to in freedom. tt In Philanthropy maids at the home of her aunt, Mrs.

Alfred in Pacific avenue, in San Francisco. Mrs. Switzer has asked her' guests to meet Miss Alice Marion Quayle, RESIDENT HOOVER has none 0ur "Pergonal liberty" of the spectacular dramatics 1 of course It means booze. A "sane" of subject Is a "From the club s.beglnning," according to Mrs. Ratcliff "It has been Interested primarily In The club has given to' many city it has assisted the Improvement club of Roosevelt, but he seems to.

be equally efficient in securing re fcUV ilCIIVCV VI iUl, V. 11110.111 UCllS WHVCr XM-t ttllli. 1U1B9 lUrCIIUO XJUVIS, whose marriage to Mr. Merrtman Hummell another of the hostile view, and. a.

"sane.interpre--tation" of the -prohibition law Ma with Its -building, erected a waiting station, on Morago road and con- sults from Congress. The extra smart nuptial of the fall season. Mrs. Switzer is. the former.

Jane Gregory of Piedmont. 'i trlbuted $500 to the bulldinir fund of the Thorn Community session was called to. enaqt farm any interpretation-, that' daes" not church. i relief, reapportionment and "Um- JL "fanatical "Montclalr wag. also instrumental In putting In trestles; In.

that ited" revision, and to repeal dry" any citizen who agree with if ''ij "cowco in- the "nat onal origins" Con- President' Hoover that the law vicinity; It has worked for the erectionof new safety crossings, here- Breas 8tarted to erform a8 8h0uld be obeyed and enforced. A tofore dangerous for school children, and now It Is working with the The Senate made an exhibition of "liberal" la. a. defiant "Beer Miss Elizabeth Wright, 'the daughter of Mr. and.

M. E. Wright of Monte Cresta avenue, in Piedmont, entertained at a luncheon and luuai purem-ieacners ior me esiaDiisnment or a local branch of the itself on farm relief and the House and wine" means "Modiflca- publlo library. of. Representatives on apportion' tion' means the passage of a law bw f'l 1 1 mmmmmm wmmida itm wiiiiiiiiiiii bridge this afternoon at Claremont Country club.

Miss Wright has been a student during the past year at Mills college, and many of her guests of today have also studied there or at the University of California. Many of the group were former classmates of the hostess at the Ransom-Bridges School in Piedmont. Among those entertained this afternoon were Miss Catherine Lewis, Miss Frances Bragg, Miss Elena Blackaller, Miss Harriet Nelson, Miss Aubrey Kennedy, Miss Elizabeth and Miss Annette Dodge, Miss Mary Catherine Longaker and Miss Mary Atkins. ment. both by attaching which they knew' to be Good leadership by the President and in Congress, and the.

repercussion of public opinion, have cleared both those difficulties, and a sensible policy is coming but of a Congress of both Houses of which were IIIIMiS permitting that the Constitution forbids. And "Innocent" means that there waa, a comma wrong in the search warrant." 0 0 i IT IS not necessary to follow example- of the San Francises man who Jumped out ef the bent on foolishness. The tariff crisis Is at least with twentieth-story window because he time to meet it. The thing feared he was losing control of hie likely to fall the' "national temper. There are less fatal rem-, origins" repeal.

That makes a edles. But at least this, pretty batting average, had the Intelligence to realize that .0 0 0 a "temper" is a. sign ot weakness. OOME things are. doubtless lm- notiof and that not porta nt, but other things are control it is to be a failure.

Our. Interesting. Judging by head- worst offenders are- those' who are lines and conversation, the. two proud of their lack of self-control. ABOUT PEOPLE THINGS Farewells were said this morning to Mrs.

Frank Ernest Godfrey of Uiironado who has been the hoiiseguest for a short time of Mr. and Mr. Ernest D. Mendenhall of Mountain avenue, Pldemont. Mrs.

Godfrey left for Napa Soda Springs where she plans to visit during the slimmer. 1 As Miss Ruth Adams, Mrs, Godfrey was well known in social sett, jAt the Eastbay many years ago, and many friends have greeted her 'yii-iirnially flurlnj her visit here. ijlwt Helen Mauvuls entertained this afternoon at her parent's home, in the Kegillus apartments at a luncheon at which she honored Miss Marrk'. and Miss Louise Barrows of San Francisco. The two Francisco maids have recently announced their engagements, and are plaiinint- their marriages for the late summer and fall.

They are the Always a community club, Montclalr has. done-a great deal for the Industrial members of the district. It has taken, over the various family -problems for solution and looked after the needy children. Each year it contributes to the Community, Chest and from the club's general fund has gone contributions to the Pacific Coast Girls' Rescue Home, the Big- Sisters and the Lovlna Gibson Home, for The Babies' hospital In Oakland and the Veterans' hospital (n Llvermore have also been the objects- of their- philanthropy. The club soon became too large for home gatherings and In May of last year purchased from the Montclalr.

Improvement club Its building at the corner of Thorn road and Mountain boulevard. This property Is valued at $25,000. Last November fire partially demolished the club home. In November, 1928, a fire partially destroyed the hew club home and for many months. the members were again forced to meet in homes and church rooms.

They began their reconstruction, however, in May of last year. During the period of reconstruction they were forced again to meet In each others, homes and In the church rooms, in May of' last year they again took possession of their home and In the months intervening have grown to an organization' of 89 active members, "Community Service" will be In the program-for 1929-30 according to Mrs. Hassard who expresses her hope that Montclalr will follow very closely the plan of the General Federation of Women's clubs In promoting a constructive prpgram for making beautiful individual communities. Serving with Mrs. Hassard on the new executive board are' Mrs.

A. C. Stewart Mrs. James Lawson, second vice-president; Mrs, W. D.

McGarvle, recording secretary; Mrs. O. H. Darmsted, corresponding secretary; Mrs. E.

S. Hays, treasurer; Mrs. H. W. Alexander, parliamentarian; Mrs.

Cleveland Gray, federation secretary and historian, Mrs. Donald Clark, chairman of publicity. I 3 :FCAI.P.iDAR daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley.

Hill Barrows of San Francisco. Among those whom Miss Mauvals asked to meet the honored maids were Miss Gordon Leupp, Miss "Virginia and Miss Gertrude Kennedy, Miss Virginia Garrettson, Miss Betty Jane Cook, Miss Lillian TONIGHT! ITHEATERS Goldwater, Mrs. Alan Johnson, Mrs. William Gage, Mrs. Walter Lamb, Mrs.

S. McKee Thompson and Mrs. Stanley Donough. Miss Dorothy Farran Becomes Bride of Dr. Howard Alexander at Evening Church Service TRIBUNE radio broadcast.

Allendale "The Port of Missina; American Institute, Emerson Girls" school, 8 o'clock. Capitol "Case 'of Lena Smith." Contract bridge, assembly room, Century "South of Panama" Women's City club, 8 to 10 and "Metropolis." o'clock. Dimond "The Air Dianas bowling," Women's City Dufwln "Tfie'BIg" I IISS DOROTHY FARRAN became the bride of Dr. Howard M1 Large Tea Planned For Friday Afternoon Montclair'wlll re-establish its reciprocal relations wli li the presidents of Alameda county clubs at a large tea planned for Friday afternoon. Alexander Brown last evening at a beautifully appointed service ciun, ciock.

Eastmont "Wings." Golden Gate assembly, No. 62, Fern1 Gone United Artisans, Pacific building, Fox Oakland "Girls Wild." June 14, when Mrs. Hassard and Mrs. Ratcliff will be Joint hostesses, dance, Verbano circle, Companions nf Forest, whist, Golden' West hall. Pacific building, 8:30 I CLOSED the door.

AND HEARD the counting. FROM DOWN below. AND THEN the cry. THAT THE search wus on. AND THEN footsteps.

NEAR WHERE I was AND THEN a silence. AND THE footsteps gone. IN FURTHER search. AND HOW long It was. THAT I lay In there.

I NEVER will know. BUT ANYWAY. IT WAS very stuffy. AND VERY hot. AND MY legs were cramped.

AND I was praying. THEY'D OME iin.l find inc. AND THEN I heard. FlfOM DOWN below. THE CHILDREN playing.

ON THE ping pong table. AND I squeezed myself. FROM OUT of my, hole. AND WENT downstairs. AND WAS Informed.

THAT THE game had ended. SOME TIME before. AND THAT my clothes. WERE COVERED with AND MY face was dirty. WHICH WAS all quite true.

OJT SATCKDAY. night. IN THE great big house. WHERE WE had gone. FOR A week-end visit.

AND THE children akod. THAT I join with them. IN HIDE and seek. IN THE darkened rooms. ON THE second floor.

I SAID to them. THAT I was too old. FOR SUCH a game. AND THEY laughed at Hint. AND IT flattered me.

AND I Joined with them. AND OCR first WAS TO go in Hcarrh. AND HAVING searched. SUCCESSFULLY. IT WAS then our turn.

TO GO and hide. AND UP in a lmll. A NARROW buck hall. THAT WAS totally dark. I FOUND' a door.

ABOUT TWO feet square. THAT GUARDED a place. WHERE THERE was jut r-. FOR ME to Minimi. AND HIDE myseir.

AMONG H(lfK hats. AND DISCARDED shoes. AND HAVING climbed. Fulton "Courage." Golden State "Prep and Pep." Granada Footprints Satan." Grand -Lake "A 'Dangerous Woman." Hippodrome 7- Vaudeville a 4 TOMORROW Pictures. TRIBUNE radio Lincoln "Riley the Cop." Y.

M. I. whist, St. Joseph's hall. New Frultvale "The Wol ot Seventh and Chestnut, evening.

Wall Splash party, DianaB, swimming Or'pheum John Charles Thomaa pool, Women's City club, I p. and vaudeville.1 dinner in main dlnlDg room, 7 Palace "Case of Lena Smith." Mrs. William Lauchland of Lodi, retiring district president; Mrs. Luther Williamson, retiring county president' and Mrs. Edgar N.

Pickering, pant-president of Glenvlew and new Alameda. county federation leader, head-the list of honor guests for 'this final event of Mont-clair's club. year. Others who willbe guests are: Herman. Layer, University of California.

Mothers' club; Mrs. John M. Goody, second vice-presldent of Alameda county federation; Mrs', Wallace D. Meracle, Adelphian club president; Mrs. Agnes J.

Ilanlqn, Alameda County Art league; Clifford E. Lowell, Northbrae; Mrs. Walter Roble, Country club of Washington Township; Mrs. A. McVay, Frultvale; Flora Anderson; Alta' Mlra club of San Leandro; Mrs.

John Berger, Eastbay section, National Council' of Jewish Women; John V. Mrs. J. F. Rinehart, Mrs.

B. H. Smith, Foothill boulevard, president, Mrs. Leland Church Stearns, Lake.view president, Mrs. W.

G. Foster, Mrs. C. E. Wilson, Civic Center, Inc.

R. piade, Bay Cltlea Fresno club and William Mullina, of Rock Rldga club. 'The program for the afternoon will be" furnished by the pupils from: the, -Patricia' Reynolds'' studio, -and will feature pageant depicting "The Wedding of the Little Painted DqII." bowling, ana bridge; p. m. Parkway "Man.

Woman ana 20-80 Circle swim, swimming Wife. Piedmont "The Gh'osf Talks." pool, Women's City club, 10 a. m. to noon. Boy Scouts, eagle flight meeting-for all interested In eagles, Dimond camp, p.

m. Plaza "Power 'of the Senator "Strange D. "The. Valiant." Desert-. Song." Campus "Divine Lady." Lorin "Wild Orohlde." Oaks "The- Redeeming Sin." "LoVe( and the Devil." U.

C. "Innocents of Paris." attended by several hundred guests at St. Paul's Episcopal church last evening at 9 o'clock. A reception for 150 guests followed at the Claremont Country club. The church was elaborately decorated in pink and blue blossoms, delphinium, snapdragons, roses, stock, and gladiolus combined effectively in adorning the altar on which were arranged many tall Ivory tapers.

Ivory tapers lighted the centor aisle, and were arranged with clusters of flowers to each pew. The bride was given In marriage by uncle, Mr. R. O. Somner of Fresno.

She wore a gown of white made with princess waist and neckline, and a very full skirt, which on the floor in the back. 1 A long veil of filmy bridal tulle topped the exquisite veil of rose-point and duchess lace which was caught to a dainty cap of rosepolnt lace, about which tiny orange blossoms we're arranged. A prayer book of white kid was carried instead of the usual shower and Into the leaves of the book were tucked tiny sprays of lilies of the valley. i Mrs. Reginald Mansfield Farran was the matron of honor for her sister-in-law, and wore, pale pink point d'esprlt, mads with tight fitted bodice, and low-cut neckline In the back.

A large bow of lotus, blue finished the gown at the back and hip. Also of pink d'esprlt were the gowns' of the bridesmaids, cut similar to that of the honor matron, with low-cut necklines at the back; tight fitting bodices, lotus blue bow trims, but with arrangements of the very full skirts all of which were uneven In hemline. The bridesmaids were Miss Elizabeth Wilson of Miss Anne Kennedy of Mrs. Albert George Wallace; of Sacramento and Miss Edwlna of Piedmont. Mrs.

Farran carried a bouquet of blue delphinium roses, and the bridesmaids carried delphinium and pink snapdragons. Mr. Loring Wyllle of Berkeley was the best; man for his cousin, and the ushers were Dr. Harold Howard Muller, Dr. Jesse Lawrence Gapr, Dr.

Herbert Crall, Dr.J Burton Powell and Mr. Reginald. Mansfield Faran, a brother of the bride. The bride's mother wore a.gbwn of ChantHly with a corsage of flowers, and Mrs. Brown wore black chiffon and, lace.

Mrs. Somner wore lotus, blue satin with flowers. Dr. Brown is tfie son of Mr. and Mrs.

Alexander Brown of Contra Costa road, in Berkeley, and is' a University of California graduate of the class of '24. He was a member of Sigma Chi fraternity and of Nu Sigma Nu medical fraternity. Hi bride is graduate of the University of California with the claxs of '23, a member of Chi Omega She la the daughter of airs. Rose May 'Farran of Claremont. 20 YEARS AGOl June 12, 190? (The day was Friday), News Views AND ENTERED it.

I THANK you. (Oonyriglit. 1929. for Tli SAN LEANDR Grace' EuoanktYs-planning McCobb's. Daugh- ofWbmerL: to nav a visit to her brother.

W. hayward: Thompson at his ranch, near Mo- Hayward "Mawae." OUR CHILDREN W'ASHINGTON IP) 4n unobtruHVcyoung Woman with Dodge' Burtt will go" to, George-t, 1 1' 1 1 li- -f-'j'i town soon business. He has dih hair. every year reitores to araterul people million! of dpi- mininir interests at that place. LU lari ivfii i ,1 Mis Vivian Mize will visit TO.VIGIIT.

Kensington "Improvement club, friends near Geyservllle the early part of next month. She is Mw. Bertha O. Slierfy. of department of the Kensington' fire hall, 308 Arllng- United States treasury.

She has charge of the burned and mutilated Mr. and Mrs. Kooert, rneips are ELP' grownup children to the whole of it Is, a money division, 1 1 of comfort and certainty, of refuge 1. i- (.. l.

jnfl Jiff lea-A hnm. Katnre nevpr (iiicndcrf that 1 11 faiuilv and inspiration. But It Is not and should live toccther throughout It ought not to be the place on' the nation's currency, i. a lonK lifetlme. Each Individual where a girl may live.

and 'move p' fo everv all corners of the, country come planning to. take an automobile trip ton -avenue, o'clock, to Sunnyslde. Nomination of officers. Dale Simpson and Ferol Simpson I i i are In Tulare visiting their grand- Mutual Business' club, Oakland, luncheon. Election of of-' H.

L. Thurston will go to Mo- i i desto soon on a business trip. Hopkins Improvement associa- Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Patrice will tion, Laurel school, .8 m.

go to Fairfield soon to visit -with Rotary club. Hotel I Oakland." relatives. 1 luncheon. William G. Paden, presl Miss Carmeltla Theobald will dent of Alameda Rotary club and entertain a group of friends soon superintendent of schools of Ala- at her home In Alameda.

The af- Locating-of the First Ik to go out Inte the world and ana i 1 li cstabllHh himself there. There can never be happiness irt tragic of fires and other money losses-i-blaclt pieces, which once At least, he is to assure himself a home where the leadership is In were bank nbtes. -wads ot pulp rp- 'r- through experlence'that heis able question and If the girls have regentative money chewed up by to -sustain -himself apart from the alraa' lL mlV animals, of moldy old bills long She' redeemed only family. --i Miss Marian' Murphy to Wed Irwin Quihn of Eureka at St. Joseph's Church, Alameda, Saturday 1 would, make a special pica for 7 'T' TTnon fable.beslde Miss Sherfv of the-girls must-lead.

one iivji ucJai liucii, ,11 hi 1 11 111a, SATURDAY morning at a nuptial mass at 11-o'clock In St. Joseph's tne girls, morning at a nuptial mass at 11' o'clock in St. Joseph's me gins, whn I talked-with, ner was tne Ma.i, pM fair, which will be Informal In na Overland Trail From Mexico to what? SATURDAY in a ramiiy wnere tnere church. Miss Marian Murphy will become the bride of Irwin ar three daughter and orie son It iwh I not uncommon to find all worst case of money mutilation the tbem Into greenbacks again. Those ture, Is to be given in honor' ot San Francisco." Train the girls to look upon Avenue Boosters' Miss Mendenhall.

vui'iii i Aanvbtm tavlnr at hnm. In a iitfiuc no tiic iiiitcr 10 wiiicn they are to return bringing their treasury ever nasTeceivcu. cases are hopeless. There were four heaps of green Burned' money la easier to Iden- and yellow threads. They repre- tify than-buried money.

The lat- sented $1 In bills which had gone ter moldy and the bills stick to' through a fur cutter's machine. club, 1409 Twenty-third, aveuue, Eaatlake Klwanis Alpine 8:16 p. m. J. A.

Seyfeith, 'Human TCnplnrtnff Miss Elolse Edwards of Alameda, will have as a house guest next month Mlse Delta Watson, Portland society girl. Char-, lotte' Newman of Salt Lake City victories, tncir achievements their troubles If need be, but never a place of have heard mothers, and Julia Murphy as maid of A wedding breakfast and reception for more or leKK warfare. and intimate friends will be. held at the home of the bride on Weber street, th9 boy out doing for himself. Alameda, after the ceremony.

The girls must stay at home. Rev. J. Bernard Fraught, pastor of, St' Joseph's will officiate. Even though they are 30 or 40 Dr.

Claude Phelan of San Francisco will' be best man. years age. They are still girls Among the recent functions given In, honor of Miss Murphy was a are Btl" t0 stay at home. luncheon and 'bridge at the St. Francis Yacht club at which Miss to know 8he able to hold her own in the world The owner had signed aiiiaavus people have a disposition to will also be a guest of Ed- 50-60 club.

1441 Franklin street, wards at her Alameda home In the 6:46 m. Illustrated lecture thers say, 'The children are fill as to cause of mutilation and the Dury money. The women in; the amount of the notes. Miss Sherfy redemption division call these; Iteon VP HAW that he tOld the fa. Kill.

"kn.t mnnsv fa ken eyes saw that he told in faded bills "ghost in h.i. -li money He will get back, it The human, dramatic element is Henrietta erunnom nosirw. handed quKe ag much ag a the tlme buIdlng a barricade lest hov ti aaiIk thiif InnnrlpitcA uTifl ex. thft children esrane. th fim hnliHinB.

not all, of his money. strong In the redemption division T.nv ilk. i Half a dozen cases a nay come oi tne treasury, women woraers Mrs. Edward, ecnneiaei enioriainea at a Driage tea at ner noma in perience. near future.

under auspices of nsn game commission. ELSEWHERE 1 Berkeley Knighta- of. "Round E. E. Calvin, vice-president and Table, Hotel Durant.

6:45 p. m. general manager of. the Southern Optimist club. Hotel Oakland, Pacific, la preparing to into the luncheon.

mountains for a three months' Oaklund De Molay Service club, vacation. ii Athens Club taalldimr, Entertainment program. Erie street 'this afternoon in honor of her cousin. Miss Elizabeth She has just as much common Bohst, who will become the wife of Mr. Raymond Leisure on June 19.

sense, Just as high Incentives. city for the winter to take a course1 to the department from women are quick to respond to it. In music but I'm so poorly and "ho put their money in stoves for A dejected looking man carrying she's the only one we have left. eafe-keeplng while they went ehop- two tobacco tins appeared the day "I tell her she owes something to Ving or to bridge parties. before Christmas.

The us. We ought to have one child Pathetic charred remnants ari talned charred fragments of $1000 Among those asked to meet the bride-elect were the 'Mesdames: just, as strong a desire for power over life as tier, brothers have, perhaps more, and ought to be free to find her place. Some daughters get as far as the SPORTS. Frultvale Boulevard Whitney Tenney, Roy Govan, Stannis Hlnmann, Hyland Hinmann, Ray Dore, Herbert Rosa, Foster William Weeks, Earl Fischbeck, Clarence Hegerle, Marshal. Lovey, George Walter, George Close and Miss Laura Warnock.

'efi comfort our old age. 7h Melville Long. Maurice McLaugh- association. Thirty-third Hn and Georeo Janes will ko to and Foothill boulevard, mm the elder daughter got married of a life time when the frantic money could be restored by Christ- finishing school or the college. Then they must return to the as soon' as she-could.

Why make woman suaaeniy- rememoers i Newport to take part in the na- Seventy-third avenue and i tlonal championship tournament Fourteenth Improvement i on August 17. 1417 Seventy-third avenue, p. Or any child Mr. and Duncan Bradley of Portal avenue, In Crocker home next. Lucy the prisoner? done.

Pittsburgh lost S3450 In a fire But if there is a piece as big: as which burned hi home. Owing to a finger nail. Miss Sherfy can iden- the perseverance of Miss Sherfy tify the bills. and her assistants, .129.00 of the A Pennsylvania' woman recently amount restored. The- DiU put $1000 in an electric stove.

Most left the treasury with tears of gral- It waa too -badly -burned for- Jtude In hi eyes. Highlands, have as their guest Bradley's, mother, Mamie The fact that they have out- a home prisoner? Bradley who visiting here from Fort Garry Court, Winnepeg, grown it, that being there is Wean them from home and Manitoba. 1 virtually a prison sentence, is bliss, rejoice when they can go alone, Durimj th. forepart of the week, Mr. and Mrs.

Bradley and their tg0-01-- XZ.UltfT' rlt been jlalUng with Mr. and Paul Hutchinson', relative, Bot ITootU wVy.wa, oiding ts.FasadeMk oprrit, itst, for la tbwuh.).

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